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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new england patrts we begin this wednesday morning with breaking news. convicted murderer and former new england patriots player aaron hernandez is dead. according to the massachusetts department of corrections, hernandez was discovered in his jail cell just after midnight our time. investigators say he hanged himself using a bed sheet. staff at the jail tried to save his life when they got inside his cell. he was then taken to a boston area hospital where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. >> this is the hospital where he arrived this morning. investigators say he tried to block his door from the inside by jamming it shut with items from his cell. just last week, he was found not guilty of murder in the shooting deaths of two men back in 2012.
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hernandez was already in jail serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder. coincidentally -- >> the patriots headed to the white house today. some of the team members will be there celebrating their super bowl victory and will no doubt be asked about the death of hernandez. >> thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. sorry about that. i got a tickle in my throat. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. you're good. we're going to get to a check of the weather with kari hall. a drying trend kind of starting here. >> we're going to be dry for a little while. as you get ready to step out the door, no showers coming down at this point. no need for an umbrella. the rain will be later on tonight. we are seeing a few passing clouds in san francisco right now as we take a live look and also going to see temperatures that will be cool to start. 56 degrees in oakland and san francisco at 52 degrees. 50 in napa, and look at that temperature trend as we go through today, as we take a live
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look outside at san jose. evergreen will see highs reaching into the upper 60s. it will be a nice day. but then showers won't be far behind. we'll talk about the timeline of that. vianey is tracking the roadways. >> it looks like we do have a couple early birds, but the speed sensor showing green, which typically means the traffic is flowing smoothly. we were seeing a crash along southbound at blossom hill, but it looks like they have cleared that out. the tow truck was on its way and it has moved to the side. that a great thing because we're not seeing any slowing. we take a quick look at the drive. san jose, everything flowing smoothly. back to you. >> all right, thank you. sorry about that, everybody. developing news this morning in abattempted assault near san jose state. campus police messages students last night that a man tried to grab a woman out on a jog. it happened around 7:45. not too dark yet. the jogger was near seventh
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street, the man lunged and chased that jogger, but she got away by hiding in a passing student's vehicle. we'll have more on this story at 5:00. >> happening right now, a community on the edge, really on the edge. an east bay retirement home, as you see, on the verge of being swallowed up by a landslide. >> pete suratos is live in pinole. we understand there are senior citizens there, still there. >> that's right. good morning to you, kris and sam. there's hundreds of residents still inside the bay park retirement home here, but there's concerns because of the landslide issue. behind me, this area is still fenced off. we'll show you video to give you a better idea of the damage we're talking about. you can see the hillside growing deeper with the retirement home right next to it. management said this may be due to the heavy rain we have seen of late. we talked to a resident. she said she's okay but she's
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worried about her neighbor. >> there are people with hearing and vision disabilities and mental disabilities and they get frightened very easily, so yes, there are people who are concerned. >> now, management has went ahead and closed off sections of the building that are close to the landslide, but no indication if they plan to evacuate the residents. we're going to continue to monitor the situation in pinole and bring you another update in the next hour. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you very much. >> developing story right now out of the central valley in just hours, we're expected to learn the names of the three victims who were randomly killed in the streets of downtown fresno yesterday. investigators say those killings appear to be racially motivated. they're now calling this a hate crime. the suspect, corey ali muhammad is accused of shooting at a u l utility truck yesterday killing
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a passenger. he then shot two other victims near a charity parking lot, that's where the crime scene tape it. he also yelled out god is great in arabic before being taken into custody. he also reportedly posted anti-white social media messages. all of yesterday's victims were white. and that was the scene in downtown fresno afterwards. last night, through song, members of the community coming together there to memorialize the victims and pray for their city. one of the organizers had this to say. >> i always ask people this question. what type of man, what type of woman do you think can do such things? you wake up in the morning, do you just decide you're going to kill somebody? >> the meantime, there is another clue in this case. muhammad was also wanted in the killing of a motel 6 security guard last week. he's now facing four counts of
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murder. >> pete suratos is in pinole on the issue of a landslide, but there are landslides causing problems in other parts of the bay area. a key bridge connecting contra costa and alt ameada county closed for safety. >> the vice president asserting american military might. what vice president pence had to say aboard a u.s. supercarrier in japan. ♪
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♪ if you grow up here, you really can be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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proudly caring for northern california, 4:38 now.cou a bridge connected part of contra coste county to alameda county is closed indefinitely because it could collapse. it connects the community of the canyon with the redwood canyon area. these are photos from the fire direct. the bridge was closed indefinitely last night after engineered determined it had too much structural damage after a recent landslide. it could impact commuters between moraga and oakland. >> as sea levels continue to slowly rise across the coastline, the california coastline, the marin county of public works is trying to decide what its next move is. today, there's a community meeting to discuss how vulnerable the shoreline could be. they're warning about rising sea levels for years now, saying it could have a disastrous impact in the future. >> former president vicente fox is waking up in the bay area once again this morning. fox spoke at stanford university
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and palo alto high earlier this week. today, he will visit san francisco and the uc berkeley campus. fox has been a vocal critic of president trump and made national headlines when he said mexico would not pay for the president's proposed border wall. he said leadership without compassion will fail. >> vice president mike pence is continuing his tour of asia this morning. today, he's heading to indonesia, after a quick trip to the "uss ronald reagan" in japan, where pence reiterated the white house's stance on north korea's nuclear threat. >> we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective american response. >> all right. you hear the applause. the vice president speaking to a crowd of representatives from both the japanese and u.s. military aboard the aircraft carrier stationed at a u.s. naval base south of tokyo.
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>> it is 4:40 now, and we have been talking about rain all week, and i think we may talk about rain a little longer. >> just a little bit, especially for the north bay later on this evening, but for mest of the day, bright and sunny as the temperatures reach into the upper 60s. 64, though, in san francisco. we'll take a look ahead to when and where that rain will fall coming up. and we may only be in the 4:00 hour, but we're still seeing plenty of life along san mateo bridge. so far, no major accidents to report. plus, the warriors continuing their push for a championship. but as you see kevin durant getting wrapped up there, are they at full strekt tonight? we'll take a look in two minutes.
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welcome back right now, 4:44 on your wednesday. oracle is going to be bumping tonight as the warriors are back in action. this is a live look right now at oracle arena ahead of game two of their first-round playoff series against the blazers. and right now, the ws have won game one. they're up 1-0, but there is trouble on the horizon. two key players could be watching from the sidelines. kevin durant ended up hurting
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his calf at the end of last game, and shaun livingston also injured his finger in the team's win on sunday. both players missed practice sunday. they're listed as questionable for tonight's game two. >> kind of bummed out. kari and vianey are wearing warriors blue. i thought this was warriors blue, but it turned out turquoise. >> that's sharks. >> you're closer to me. the sharks did win tonight. >> i'm riding the sharks high. >> and i have the forecast for the a's tonight. we start out this morning with chilly temperatures in san jose. we're looking at the shark tank. and it's all quiet this morning. after that win, as sam mentioned last night. and as you step out the door, it feels like, oh, it's a little cooler especially in livermore. 47 degrees. 44 in morgan hill. not too bad in oakland, 56. and 52 degrees in san francisco. as we go through the day, going to see those highs up to 64 in san francisco. santa rosa, 66. and then livermore today, 68
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degrees. it will feel better. we're talking about what will be happening today at the coliseum alt 12:35 is when the a's start, another game against the rangers. it will be about 62 degrees. going to see the temperatures into the upper 60s with all that sun coming down, make sure you bring the sun block or a nice baseball cap to shield your face from the sunshine coming in. we will start to see more clouds, though, reaching in out ahead of a storm system. still very well to the north of us as of right now. and then going to see the cloud cover increasing for the north bay. starting at 9:30 this morning. the rain holds off for the most part. there still may be spotty sho r showers early in the morning, early in the afternoon for the north bay, but the rest of the bay area will be dry, and then going to see the rain moving closer to santa rosa later tonight during our late newscast, and then will become very spotty. not all of the bay area will see this rain. this will be a quick one and
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done, and we'll still see a few lingering showers into early tomorrow morning, but not expecting anything significant out of this system. look at how much the models put down as far as how much rain we'll see. we'll measure it in a few hundred th of an inch for most f the bay area. looking a little more hefty there, and looking at the seven-day forecast, after this round of showers moves through in san francisco, we are going to dry out and see those temperatures make it into the upper 60s for the weekend. looking also for the inland areas to warm up into the upper 70s over the next few days. up to 78 degrees on friday, and that warm weather extends into early next week with some sunshine. looking good there. how is it looking on the roadways? >> not seeing as much rain, which is always great for commuters. right now, still looking at pretty spring-like traffic out there. although we're seeing, it looks like, reports of a crash along
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southbound 880 near high street, and it looks like a fenld fender bender, but it could be blocking lanes. so far, speed sensors not picking up anything major. a quick check of the bridge drive times. 8 mndz wealthbound 880 to the bay bridge. and so far, no metering lights. back to you. >> thank you. business and tech news now. and amazon may be moving farther into the fashion district. >> if you're looking for a good deal, this could make things cheaper. we turn to landon dowdy live from cnbc's world headquarters. good morning. >> hi, sam and kris. good morning. wall street looks to rebound from yesterday's markets. several disappointing earnings reports from the likes of goldman sachs, netflix, weighed on the markets. look for reports on the fed today on economic conditions around the country and also earnings for morgan stanley and
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american express. the dow falling 113 points to 20,523. the nasdaq down 7 to 5894. meanwhile, apple is making a bunch of its apps including i-movie available for free at the mac and ios app stores. and it's worth noting the apps are already free for people who bought a mac, iphone, or ipad after august of 2013. so this move affects anyone with an older device who never bought the apps. and amazon may be moving into the fashion world. the company won a patent to build a manufacturing warhouse for on demand clothing that includes textile printers and cutters and cameras to snap pictures to provide instant feedback. amazon applied for the patent in 2015 and there's no dpar tee they will actually move forward. >> i like the idea of alterations. we know that sometimes it makes all the difference in the world.
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>> a little tailoring here and there. i'm with you. >> thank you very much. right now, 4:49. former california attorney general and newly elected senator kamala harris speaking out about a recent trip to the middle east. harris visited with syrian families at a refugee camp in jordan. here's some of the pictures from that trip and visit. she says that all of those families are families the united states should be welcoming. but harris' top concern right now is north korea. >> an administration that wants to kind of outdo a dictator who we know is unpredictable, by having some tweet storm going back and forth. that's irresponsible. and potentially very dangerous. >> well, senator harris is hosting a town hall friday in los angeles. and she's going to be taking some questions from facebook. b.a.r.t. is losing out on millions of dollars because people jump the turnstile. the way b.a.r.t. hopes to stop those cheaters. >> first, happening right now,
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44 people have died after a bus goes down a george in india. officials in the country say the bus went off the road, straight down into a river. there are only two survivors. plus, here in california, it could be more difficult to discipline officers accused of lying. a southern california lawmaker wants to raise the standard of proof in cases where officers were accused of lying. the assemblyman of los angeles says the current rules allow agencies to unfairly target police officers who simply make mistakes. back with more news in two minutes.
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welcome back. right now at 4:53, a beautiful shot there of the san francisco skyline and the towers sticking
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up, just hovering above every building in san francisco. pretty clear start here. 4:53. a school district proposal under fire for alleged racism in walnut creek. a proposed unified school district would cut out five schools from the unified school district. during a city council meeting, critics argue the plan is racist because they say the new plan would support white affluent districts. they said the district would help students whose needs have been ignored. >> no tickets, no rides. b.a.r.t. plans to crack down on fare evaders as the losses from the lost fares stack up. the board of supervisors said yesterday that dodging fares cost b.a.r.t. an estimated $25 million. b.a.r.t. doesn't know the exact number of people catching rides without buying tickets, but the idea to stop is, including building taller physical barriers and upgrading ticket
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gates. >> other transit news and big changes to public transit in san francisco. according to the examiner, muni's oldest trolley buses will be replaced by 2019. transit agency brings in 185 new buses starting at the end of this year. the older buses are responsible for about 40% or so of the mechanical issues that cause service delays. >> 4:53. pg&e wants customers to call in before trying to fix storm damage on their own. they want to prevent people from damaging the underground pipes while they're digging. pg&e says this last year, it happened more than 1700 times. the company says it wants to find and mark underground lines that customers homes before they start digging to replace trees, fix damage, maybe upright the fences. >> safety first. this morning, the san francisco fire department is holding a community safety fair. the activities are aimed at teaching people how to prepare properly for disasters. this is at fire station 38 in
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san francisco. at 9:00 in the morning, it goes until about 1:00 in the afternoon. medics will be there offering cpr lessons. visitors can also get free smoke detectors while supplies last. >> mayor ed lee will cut the ribbon for daggett plaza earlier this morning. now, it has a one-acre park with play areas, public art, and even a fenced dog park for our furry friends. it's also designed to be environmentally conscious with rot resistant trees and landscape. >> a second ago, we took a shot of the bay bridge, a clear vista. but it changes here from 24 hours ago. >> compare that to what we had yesterday, stepping out the door. it's also cooler, too. only at 46 degrees in the tri-valley and 47 in the north bay. we'll talk about when and where the rain will come into the bay area coming up on the other side of this break. >> hey, there. you know what else is looking clear? the roads.
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look at this shot overlooking palo alto. a smooth commute early on. so far, no major incidents to report. plus, former nfl star aaron hernandez found dead. the details on his death just weeks after he was acquitted of a double murder.
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we begin right now with breaking news that w)v coming up on 5:00, and we begin with breaking news we have been following during the last hour. convicted murderer and former new england patriots player aaron hernandez is dead. according to the massachusetts department of corrections, hernandez was discovered in his cell just after midnight our time. investigators say he hanged himself using a bed sheet. staff at the jail tried to save his life. he was then taken to a boston area hospital where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. >> these are the aerials right now over the hospital where hernandez was taken. as you mentioned, investigators say he tried to block his jail door from the inside by jamming it shut with items. that did not work, obviously, they were able to get inside. just last week, he was found not guilty of the murder of two men in a shooing, but he's already serving a life sentence in jail,
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being convicted of the dea of odin lloyd. the patriots are headed to the white house today to celebrate their super bowl victory. though we are learning they are not planning on issuing a statement today. good morning. thank you for joining us here on this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. let's get back to what's important here at home. that is, of course, your weather forecast, because it's been rainy and folks want to know what about today. >> all different this morning. chilly and clear for most of the bay area. not raining for once. that rain was not far behind. we'll start to see it moving in later on tonight. especially for the north bay. but as we get a mainly clear start, let's go hour by hour as we start to see the cloud cover increasing. especially for the north bay and san francisco and the peninsula. south bay, still looking fairly sunny throughout the day. later on tonight, rain moves in. this will not be a significant storm, bringing the heaviest rainfall totals for the far north bay and we will be tracking the timing of that as we go into this evening.


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