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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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being convicted of the dea of odin lloyd. the patriots are headed to the white house today to celebrate their super bowl victory. though we are learning they are not planning on issuing a statement today. good morning. thank you for joining us here on this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. let's get back to what's important here at home. that is, of course, your weather forecast, because it's been rainy and folks want to know what about today. >> all different this morning. chilly and clear for most of the bay area. not raining for once. that rain was not far behind. we'll start to see it moving in later on tonight. especially for the north bay. but as we get a mainly clear start, let's go hour by hour as we start to see the cloud cover increasing. especially for the north bay and san francisco and the peninsula. south bay, still looking fairly sunny throughout the day. later on tonight, rain moves in. this will not be a significant storm, bringing the heaviest rainfall totals for the far north bay and we will be tracking the timing of that as we go into this evening.
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we'll talk more about this coming up in a look ahead to the weekend as temperatures warm up. vianey is tracking what's happening on the roadways. >> the one incident we were tracking, it looks like all lanes have cleared. the tow trucks have removed any vehicles involved in what looks like just to be a fender bender. just in time for the 5:00 hour. so we shouldn't see any backup from this, but we are seeing slowing in a typical trouble spot along 580 westbound. so far, chp hasn't reported any major accidents, but we will keep a close eye on that. a quick check of drive times. westbound 580, about 22 minutes. southbound 680 to vargas road, about 10 minutes, and westbound 84 to 680, about 9 minutes. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. >> 5:01 now. a developing story. an attempted assault on a jogger at san jose state campus last night. and students were alerted by e-mail. this morning, the search continues for the suspect. >> this happened pretty much right off campus. a very bold, bold attempt here.
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today in the bay's bob redell joining us live from san jose state university with the details on what happened. bob. >> good morning to you. what is frightening about this incident is that this suspect, this man seemed determined to catch this woman. fortunately, he failed. around 7:45 last night, this woman was jogging near the intersection behind me at southeast san fernando and south seventh street along the san jose state campus when this man lunged and tried to grab her. according to the campus alert, it was sent out to students, the woman ran away. her attacker, however, did not relent. he ran after her, chased her to parking lot 4, which is a few blocks away from this location. that's where she was able to get into a student's vehicle who happened to be passing by at the time. the suspect took off. last seen at the intersection of south tenth and east san fernando. according to the campus alert. police are looking for an african-american man in his 40s,
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a thin build, around 6'3", at the time was wearing a brown camouflage puffy jacket, blue jeans. one distinguishing feature about the person, he has a mole on the left side of his face. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you, bob. all right, narrowly contested last night, but there are major changes coming this morning for landlords and renters in san jose. last night, renlters fighting for their rights during a city council meeting. >> the crowd was deeply divided as the council voted on just cause evictions. and late last night, we learned it did pass 6-5. that means a landlord must now give a reason why a renter is being evicted and the reason must match one of the 12 criteria which includes not paying rent or nuisance violations. renters say this is a win. >> these landlords will survive. tenants need more protections in san jose. >> i think that that would do
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much better to serve this community without more ordinances. >> say new regulations will mean fewing units available in san jose, and they also say landlords will now screen renlters much more thoroughly. >> happening today, one east bay city is trying to help people facing rising rent. the concord planning and housing division is holding a workshop to talk about a rent review program. it would be presented to the city council on may 2nd and would allow tenants to receive rent increases of more than 10% in a period to request mediation services through the city. today's workshop starts at 1:30 at the city chambers. >> we have more changes to tell you about this morning. specifically for bus riders in palo alto. the vta is going to put more buses en route with more riders, which means fewer buses on less
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busy routes. it would get rid of route 88 and replace it with three new routes to help people traveling to gunn high school and the v.a. medical center. and the vta is scheduled to vote on the changes on may 4th. >> sanctuary city debate in dublin has a community split on what to do with undocumented immigrants. the city council voted no to policy providing predictions to undocumented people in march. the east bay times reports that last night during a council meeting, speakers criticized comments -- opponents of the policy made about immigrants. they said the comments were disturbing and it made the city seem hateful. a lawsuit was filed against landlords of a berkeley apartment after a couple dies of carbon monoxide poisoning back in january. that lawsuit was filed by one of the victims' mothers and it claims that the landlords failed to install detectors in the
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units. while a detector was in place on the bottom floor, there was not one on the top floor where the couple died. it is another casualty here of all the storm weather that we have seen. crazy storm weather, essentially since january and february. new this morning out of half moon bay, a state parks building set to be demolished after years on the cliffside facing pounding waves. nbc bay area reporting on the building when storms damaged it earlier in the year. it will close part of the california coastal trail at least temporarily. they expect to trail to reopen by saturday. >> new this morning, 125 people are living in areas with unhealthy levels of pollution, which includes the bay area, though it looks quite beautiful outside this morning. bakersfield and los angeles at at the top of the list of unhealthiest places to live and breathe in the use, and they ranked in the top ten for
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particle pollution. all of this is on the state of the air report released this morning. cities have seen spikes in pollution because of wildfires, factories, and cars. the american lung association says those pollutants can cause severe asthma attacks and other health issues too. >> partical comugz, especially is risky for cardiovascular harm like heart disease, stroke, and it causes lung cancer. >> a lot of the cities with the cleanest air were on the east coast. >> it is 5:07. as you get ready to head out on this wednesday morning, it's very chilly out there. as we have seen in some spots, temperatures dipping into the mid 40s. compare that to 56 degrees now in oakland and 46 degrees in livermore. throughout the day, going to see highs very comfortable, reaching to the mid to upper 60s, even a
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few spot hitting the low 70s today and we will have sunshine before we get a quick moving shower later on tonight. so i'll talk about the timeline of that and we'll look at the temperature trend coming up in four minutes. vianey is tracking what's happening now. any slowdowns on the road yet? >> it looks like the roads are picking up. southbound and northbound 101 in san jose, more people are up and at it, but so far, the drive times, well, they're not off to a bad start in the north bay. northbound 101 to highway 85, 20 minutes. and your tri-valley drive times also looking like they're slowing down just a bit because of that slowing along westbound 580 to 680, about 23 minutes. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. >> 5:08. up next, a rare crime in a north bay suburb. the search under way for a suspect in a bizarre stabbing. >> a big business deal that makes you think it's 1999. we'll take a look coming up in business.
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it's wednesday morning. it's 5:11. as you get ready to step out right now in san jose, we have mostly clear skies. not raining like it was yesterday at this time. and the streets are dry. temperatures will be warming up at 9:00, as many more people heading out. it will be at 56 degrees. and lunchtime temperature of 63. all throughout the day, we're going to see highs warming up into the upper 60s today, which is about where we should be, then we see it go well above that for the end of the week.
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we'll talk about the temperature trend coming up in about seven minutes. and we're starting to see more of that 5:00 hour traffic in san rafael. 101, look at all those cars already out on the roads. although we aren't seeing any major slowing or backups at this hour. >> 5:12. a developing story this morning. police in healdsburg are looking for a man accused of stabbing another man in front of a community center. they're looking for this man, 22-year-old luis gonzalez. he stabbed a 23-year-old man in front of the healdsburg community center yesterday afternoon. that community center hosts an after school program for kids. there were not any children there at the time, though. the victim is expected to make a full recovery. today marked 22 years since the tragic oklahoma city bombing. 168 people, including 19 children, were killed in this 1995 explosion. and it was the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil until
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september 11th in 2001. timothy mcveigh was executed for carrying out the bombing and terry nichols is serving a life sentence for his connection to that attack. today, hud secretary ben carson will speak at a memorial ceremony. the department lost 35 employees that day. >> images we will never forget. this week's massive manhunt for the facebook live killer did end yesterday when he took his own life. now in the surveillance video, you can see steve stephens' car followed by police right after the spotlight, there it is, right after a mcdonald's dri drive-thru on tuesday morning. they tried to stall him. he was wanted for a murder after shooting 72-year-old robert godwin sr. stephens shot himself after a brief pursuit. they wanted him to stand trial. >> i wish this guy could have -- they could have got him in court, and he would spend the
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rest of his life or whatever would happen to him, that he would have time to think about what he did. >> well, godwin's funeral is set for this saturday. fox news may soon sent bill o'reilly packing. >> and o'reilly hasn't been on air for some time now. >> not been much of a factor on the factor, but he was on vacation, which is fortunate timing as the storm of accusations rolls over fox. fox news has had many accusations of sexual harassment in the past. but this time around, advertisers started to pull their ads, and "the new york times" says this morning the company board will meet on thursday to discuss o'reilly's future. o'reilly's attorney tells the times the accusations are, quote, a smear campaign being orchestrated by the far-left organizations bent on destroying o'reilly for political and financial reasons.
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stocks fell tuesday. the dow was down 113 points. nasdaq lost 7. disappointing results from some of the companies reporting profits mostly to blame. later today, we get the beige look from the feds, an anecdotal look at business around the country and we saw the biggest e-commerce buy in the history of the internet overnight. a website that got snapped up that i have never even heard of. petsmart, the big chain store, is buying for $3.75 billion. the largest e-commerce deal ever. chewy sells pet supplies online. if you're thinking what i'm thinking, that's exactly what did the poster child of the dotcom bust. the peek of hubris in the late '90s, early 2000s. so pet supplies online is like the symbol of the end of the dotcom boom. and now it's also the largest
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dotcom purchls we have ever seen. i don't know what to of it. >> i do know i still have one of those -- >> is it like a collectors' item now? >> i think it's worth like $215. >> i'll give you $3. >> you got it. >> keep it away from your pets so it stays intact. >> we talk about the fact the sharks hadn't scored a goal in two games. you can forget about that now. a live look at the s.a.p. center this morning. quiet right now, but a few hours ago, it was roaring with fans excited over a historic playoff performance from the sharks last night. they scored this time around, seven times over. seven goals last night as they win this one 7-0. ties a franchise playoff record. the oilers couldn't even snag one goal. ha. take that, oilers. >> don't jinx it, sam. >> sharks were on fire. they move now to a pivotal game five. that's tomorrow in canada.
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and it takes four wins to get to the series. either way, they're coming back to san jose. >> but if you score seven goals, there's no time to get up to get a hotdog or beer. >> going back and forth. they could have saved some for the next couple days. let's save nice weather coming up today and definitely moving into tomorrow. >> we got it because the rain we'll see will be a quick one and done. it moves through during the overnight hours. moe of us won't even see that prrb for of today, we step out the door, it's all clear. that's what you'll throughout the day. let me get you out with what you'll feel as you step out as well. 46 degrees in the tri-valley, and 47 degrees in the peninsula. 47 in the north bay, while sfwran san francisco is at 53. we have a wide range in temperatures, but we'll close the gap later on today as we'll see most spots reaching to the upper 60s and along the coast, mid 60s there with mild temperatures also a mix of sun and clouds. here's our weather system that's still well to the north of us,
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bringing scattered light showers around ukiah right now, and as we go to later this morning, we will see the clouds starting to move in to most of sonoma county, but you'll still get peaks of throughout the day, and then later on tonight, through the evening commute, all dry, and we start to see the showers moving in. a or miss variety, and then it becomes even more scattered as it moves to the south. we may see a lipg lingering light shower or two tomorrow morning but it looks pretty good. our rainfall totals very light. we may be only measuring rain in a few hundredths of an inch. santa rosa, ukiah, up to a quarter inch there. we'll have more dry weather in the forecast after the quick round of rain. going to see the high temperatures in san francisco reaching into the mid to upper 60s. beautiful weekend on the way. no worries about rain in the inland areas warming up to the mid to upper 70s. as we head over to vianey, what's happening as you head out for the commute?
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>> i have only good news. still seeing the spring break light traffic. the speed sensors showing all green, which is good to go. a quick check of the tri-valley drive times since we don't have maj major accidents to report. westbound 580 to 680, about 24 minutes. that's because we're seeing delays, it looks like it may be a fender bender out there. southbound 680 through vargas road, 11 minutes. westbound 84 to 680, about 9 minutes. off to a good start. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. >> 5:19. coming up, your next burrito could cost you a little more. the price hike happening at chipotle. >> say it's not so. also, a bizarre crime caught on camera. what police say this man was doing inside of a preschool. first, a live look at the  golden gate bridge and it's looking a little clearer than we got used to earlier this week, right? we'll take a look at the forecast and how it proves toward the weekend. paying for your burrito.
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some chipotle customes are about to start paying more if 5:22. paying more for your burrito. some chipotle customers are about to start paying more if they haven't already. they bumped up their prices last week by about 5% in some locations. it's the first price hike for the company in three years sxufects more than 400 restaurants. chipotle has been trying to resales after food outbreaks that began in 2015. >> beef prices are dropping just
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in time for your grilling season. new data shows consumer beef prices were around $3.59 per pound last month. that's about 30 cents lower than last year. 60 cents lower than two years ago. >> more beef for your buck. >> all right, little know laws can save consumers big money. >> chris chmura is here with what? >> here's a federal protection for contact wearers that you know about. you don't have to buy your lenses in the same office that gives you the exam. the federal trade commission requires the doctors to give you your prescription so you can take it other places and around for the best price. send us your cure questions. 888-996-tips or online at >> thank you, chris. >> 5:23 this morning, new this morning, julia roberts is more than just a pretty woman. just minutes ago, "people" magazine named her the world's
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most beautiful woman for the record fifth time. the 49-year-old actress previously claimed the spot in 2010, 2005, 2000, and back in 1991. people's annual world's most beautiful double issue hits news stands on friday. >> she's so classically beautiful. 5:24. a woman is in court today for breaking into rapper drake's house and raiding drake's fridge. she found a way inside drake's l.a. home somehow when he wasn't there. deputies say she didn't take anything valuable. drank soda and water. she's charged with residential burglary. >> i think i might have hit his jewelry box instead. >> probably a lot in there. >> all right, in strange break right now at a preschool, causing some alarm for new orleans teachers. >> this is a weird break-in. the whole thing caught on camwithdraw. surveillance video showing this man entering clara's little lambs preschool academy through an unlocked window.
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happened close to midnight. once he was inside, ate food from the staff room, slept on a makeshift bed. after spending the night, the man snuck out the same window. we should call him goldilocks. >> people are hungry. >> yeah. >> coming up, breaking news we have been following all morning long. an unusual turn here. aaron hernandez dead. the investigation under way right now. >> a retirement home sitting on edge, threatened by a landslide. what's being done to protect the folks inside. also, look right now at san rafael, the s-curve, we do not see all of those rain drops that are darting the roads the last several days. things have cleared up, although kari hall is saying the north bay specifically may see a little more before we go into our drying pattern. much more after the break in two minutes.
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5:28 now. you're watching today in the bay as we look live the san mateo bridge. we can see all of those lights in the dist because it's not that cloudy out. we'll talk about the forecast in just a minute. >>. clear skies. calm, you didn't see the camera shaking. great day here in store for us. i'm sam brock.
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>> i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. today, let's talk about the forecast because you will need to plan for it as you leave the house. it's chilly. >> very chilly. everyone is kind of bundled up as the temperatures in parts of the bay area dip into the mid 40s. get ready for that. we do have clear skies as we take a live look outside at san jose and the temperature trend for santa clara will be 62 degrees at 11:00. lunchtime temperature at 65. maybe you want to take the lunch outside. take in the sunshine, too. we'll also see some rain moving in to parts of the bay area later on tonight. talk about when and where coming up in about seven minutes. vianey is tracking the impact on the roadways. >> not much of an impact. if this is usually the time you leave for work, you'll have a pretty good commute judging by the speed sensors. we were seeing a couple early morning fender benders but nothing major which causes backup, which is great news. northbound 101 to 85, 20 minutes.
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northbound 280 to highway 85, 8 minutes, 101 to highway 101, 20 minutes. there was a fender bender earlier, but it's been cleared off successfully. no major incidents to report. back to you. >> thank you. let's get right to breaking news that we have been following since the 3:00 hour this morning. that is convicted murderer and former nfl player aaron hernandez. he was found dead, according to the massachusetts department of corrections, hernandez was discovered inside his jail cell just after midnight our time, 3:00 eastern. investigators say he hanged himself using a bed sheet. staff at the jail tried to save his life once they could get inside of it. he was then taken to a boston area hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> these are aerials over the hospital this morning. investigators say hernandez tried to block his door from inside, jamming it shut with things in his cell. just last week, he was found not guilty of murder in the shooting
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deaths of two men in 2012, but he was already serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder. coincidently, the patriots are headed to the white house today to celebrate their super bowl victory. we're learning the patriots are not expected to comment on hernandez's death today. happening right now, a community on edge, quite literally. look at that scene there. that's an east bay retirement home behind it on the verge of being swallowed up by a landslide. >> pete is live in pinole with the details. we understand the folks who are affected here are senior citizens who might have a hard time finding someplace else to go. >> that's right. yeah, hundreds of residents still inside here at the bay park retirement home in pinole. you can see this area where thisslide issue is taking place, it has been fenced off by management. we can't give you a look so we're showing you some of the video to give you a better idea of the damage i'm talking about. you can see the hillside growing
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deeper, creating a massive hole right next to this home. now, a resident we spoke to was has kept a close eye on this erosion says management tells her it's all due to the recent rain. >> what they're telling us is that the soil there is clay. and when clay gets too full of water, it becomes incredibly slippery. >> now, management does not plan to evacuate residence from this retirement home, but they have closed off sections near this landslide. we'll have more on this developing story in the next hour. we're live in pinole, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you, pete. >> it's 5:32 now. a developing story out of the central valley where in just hours we're expected to learn the names of the three victims shot at random on the streets of downtown fresno. investigators say the killings appear to be racially motivated and now they're calling this a hate crime. here's what we know at this hour. the suspect is corey ali
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mohammed and he's accused of shooting a utility truck yesterday morning killing a passenger. police say he then shot two other victims near a charity parking lot. authorities are also saying that muhammad yelled out god is great in arabic before he was taken into custody. he also reportedlied anti-white messages on social media. all of yesterday's victims were white. ♪ >> last night, through song, members of the fresno community gathered to memorialize those victims and to pray for their city. one of the organizers had this to say. >> i always ask people this question. what type of man, what type of woman, do you think can do such things? you wake up in the morning. do you just decide that you're going to kill somebody? >> meantime, another clue in the case. muhammad, seen here, was also
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wanted in the killing of a motel 6 security guard last week. he now faces four charges of murder. at 5:33 right now, a developing story on the cal campus this morning. 22 members of a sorority were forced to leave the sorority after the discovery of a private instagram account. the account featured topless pictures of women in the sorority, and also pictures featuring bottles of alcohol in the sorority house which is a rule violation. >> while we're breaking rules, we don't think we're in the wrong. entire greek system is set up in a very sexist manner to begin with, and we don't feel our actions were wrong. we feel we're being punished for them unfairly. >> and the expulsion from the sorority does not affect the students enrollment at cal. >> 5:34. new this morning, police in concord are looking for this woman who they say was vaufrbed in a series of robberies in northern california and also
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nevada, including one in concord. 23-year-old sierra mathis stole items from a walgreens store and then pushed an employee who tried to stop her. another woman was arrested after she was identified from surveillance pictures like this one. >> pinole police are reaching out to the public for help catching a man who robbed a pizza hut restaurant monday afternoon. they're releasing this surveillance picture of the suspect. the clerk at the restaurant told police the man demanded money anded he had a gun in a bag. the suspect then ordered the clerk to lay down on the ground and took off with cash from the register. anyone with information is urged to contact the police. >> 5:35. with b.a.r.t. experiencing money troubles, no ticket, no ride. b.a.r.t. planning to crack down on fare evaders as their losses stack up. the board of supervisors said yesterday that dodging fares cost b.a.r.t. an estimated $25 million the agency doesn't know
5:36 am
the exact number of people catching rides without buying tickets but ideas to stop this include building taller physical barriers and upgrading ticket gates. >> changes to public transit san francisco. muni's oldest trolley buses will be replaced by 2019. the transit agency is bringing in 185 new buses starting at the end of this year. muni official said say the older buses are responsible for about 40% of the canical issues that cause the service delays that drive you nuts. >> safety first. happening today, this morning, the san francisco fire department holding a community safety fair. the activities are aimed at teaching people how to prepare better for disasters. this is happening at fire station 38 on california street at 9:00 this morning. it lasts until 1:00 p.m. medics will offer cpr lessons. visitors can also get free smoke detectors supplies last. >> san francisco is opening a brand-new plaza today. ed lee will cut the ribbon at 11:00 this morning.
5:37 am
we'll cover it during nbc bay area news at 11:00. it used to be daggett street before the makeover, but now it's a public park with public play areas. public art and a fenced in dog parng. it's designed to be environmentally conscious. it has drought resistant trees and landscaping. >> the dogs will be out at daggett. >> pg&e wants customers to call in before trying to fix your storm damage. the company wants to try to prevent people from damaging their underground piping while they're digging around. pg&e says that last year, this happened more than 1700 times. the company wants to find and mark underground lines at customers' homes before the customers start digging around to try to replace trees or fix up some of the damage. >> 5:37. now, a bridge connecting part of contra costa county to alameday is closed indefinitely because it could collapse. a live look at canyon bridge in moraga this morning which connects it with the community of canyon and the redwood canyon
5:38 am
area. that bridge was closed indefinitely just last night after engineers determines it just had two much structural damage from a recent landslide. could impact commuters between moraga and oakland. >> sea levels continue to slowly rise across california's coastline. the county of public works is trying to figure out what the next move will be. today, there will be a community meeting to discuss just how fullneural the shoreline is. scientists have been worried about sea levels rising for years now, saying it could have a disastrous impact. >> it is 5:38. you may have seen this on your timeline. an asteroid will be flying uncomfortably close to the earth later on this evening. you'll be able to view it with a binocular or a telescope. i have also posted this information on my facebook page. it will be speeding by at sunrise and again later on tonight.
5:39 am
and it's 1.1 million miles away. and this is the closest an asteroid this large has been in 400 years. and the next one will be in 500 years. kind of a rare viewing opportunity as we go into the next couple days. and we'll also have some clouds moving in. i'll talk about that as we head over to vianey. now we see that there's still some smooth flowing around the bay area now. >> i have to get my binoculars ready. metering lights are on, and there it goes. there starts the backup, 5:39, seeing a of cars on the road. let's check out the drive times. all in all, it looks like it's not too bad. westbound 580 to richmond bridge, 8. to the bay bridge, starting to see slowing at about 10 minutes. towards san mateo, 12 minutes. >> thank you, vianey. >> coming up next, remembering cesar chavez, the preparations under way for the pilgrimage to
5:40 am
lupaz in honor of the civil rights icon. >> plus, what will you see on this day 90? =mike/trx=
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mike traffic tease as you get ready to step out the door, we have temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. a very cold start. at least it's not raining. skies are clear. it's 53 degrees in san francisco. 56 degrees in oakland. as we go into the day, going to see the highs reaching into the upper 60s. so it will be a very nice one. and then we'll see some rain
5:43 am
moving in later tonight for parts of the bay area. a look at where and the timeline coming up in seven minutes. and the metering lights are on. a quick check of your bridge drive times westbound 580 toward richmond bridge, 8 minutes. westbound 80 towards bay bridge, 10 minutes. and westbound 92 towards san mateo, about 12 minutes. >> it is 5:43. a school district proposal under fire for alleged racism in walnut creek. the proposed north gate unified school district would cut five schools out of the mt. diablo unified school district. during a council meeting, critics argued the plan was racist because the district would most serve affluent white neighborhoods. supporters disagreed saying the district would help students whose needs have been ignored. a live look right now at pictures of a preparation under way for the pilgrimage to la paz
5:44 am
to honor cesar chavez. that's where folks will be meeting before heading out to chavez's grave to pay respects. when they will, they'll be visiting the chavez family ranch, when president obama designated as a national landmark in 2012. >> happening later today, former mexican president vicente fox is waking up in the bay area. he spoke at stanford university and palo alto high school earlier this week. today, he'll visit san francisco and the uc berkeley campus. fox has been a vocal critic of the trump administration. he made headlines when he said mexico would not pay for the proposed border wall. he said leadership without compassion will fail. >> a developing story. former president george h.w. bush is back in a houston hospital this morning. being treated once again for pneumonia. a spokesman for the 92-year-old says that he was admitted because of a cough that
5:45 am
prevented him from sleeping. the pneumonia has been treated and he's expected to stay in the hospital for just a few more days. vice president mike pence continuing his tour of asia this morning. today, he's headed to indonesia. this after a quick trick to the "uss ronald reagan" in japan, that supercarrier, where pence reiterated the white house's stance on north korea's nuclear threat. >> we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective american response. >> all right. applause there for the vice president who is speaking to a crowd of representatives from both the japanese and u.s. militaries aboard that aircraft carrier. stations at a u.s. naval base south of tokyo. >> 5:45 now. president trump, meanwhile, taking some heat over a different aircraft carrier. scott mcgrew takes a look at the trump presidency every morning, and the white house at odds with
5:46 am
the navy this morning. >> it is. a pucukeural situation. the white house and secretary of defense told us last week that the president had directed "uss carl vinson" and the rest of its battle group towards north korea. a real show of american firepower. this raised fears by north korea and china that the u.s. might launch a pre-emptive strike against northa. president trump said we're sending an armada to the sea of japan. the vinson task force left singapore, the white house said, headed for korea. in fact, the navy said it was actually headed south, which is the wrong direction if you're trying to get to korea, taking parts in a prescheduled training exercise with australia. where it gets sticky is the white house is pointing fingers at the navy saying the navy misinformed the white house. the vinson is now headed, we're told, towards north korea. you know what a rorschach test is? you look at an ink blot.
5:47 am
this is a plit rorschach test. it depends on what you see, what side of the political fence you're on. either there was a huge victory for democrats in the special election in georgia last night, or the republicans came out with a big win. 30-year-old john ossoff, a democrat, almost won that special election last night in a republican district. had he gotten 50% of the vote, he would be the next congressman from georgia. but he got 48%, which means he'll run again against the top republican vote getter who only got 20%. they're going to face each other in june. it's a win for democrats because of that big vote, but it's a win for republicans because he didn't get the seat. and republicans split their vote amongst 11 candidates. they're unlikely to split it in june. the seat is likely to stay in republican hands. >> president trump signed a symbolic order to hire and buy american in cinosia, wisconsin,
5:48 am
tuesday. shortly thereafter, cal train got snarky on twitter. the trump administration cut off funding for electrification of caltrains. they said we want to hire 9,000 americans for american infrastructure, but someone is holding up the jobs. someone. can't figure out who thadwit be. >> scott will be examining all of the president's tweet, executive orders and speeches every morning. he'd like to hear from you. you can share your thoughts with scott on twitter. @scottmcgrew. >> it is 5:48 now. and warriors are back in action tonight, looking live at oracle arena where it's all quiet now ahead of game two of the first round playoff series against the blazers. right now, the ws lead the series 1-0, but there's trouble on the horizon. this is the reason why. two key players could be watching from the sidelines. kevin durant hurt his calf last
5:49 am
game, and shaun livingston hurt his finger in the team's win on sunday. both players missed practice yesterday. they're now listed as questionable for tonight's game. tonight's tip-off, by the way, is at 7:30. >> took 19 games to get kd healthy, and now he could be injured again. that's definitely something to keep an eye on. >> in the meantime, happening today, earth getting a pretty close encounter. kari hall was talking about this a few minutes ago. an asteroid as big as the rock of gibraltar is going to be passing earth at a safe distance. emphasis on safe. nasa says there's no way it could actually hit earth, but it's till going to fly close for an asteroid that size. >> kari said we could see it with binoculars, so vianey is polishing hers up. >> it's been cloudy in parts of the bay area and may be cloudy as you try to get out there and
5:50 am
view, but you may have a couple days to view it zooming by. we're looking at mostly clear conditions right now in san francisco. and as you step out the door, also some chilly temperatures. as we go throughout the morning, we're going to go from the mid to upper 40s into the 60s today. looking at today's high temperatures. 66 degrees in santa rosa. 68 in san jose and morgan hill, and san francisco up to 64 degrees. as we get a live look outside in san jose, beautiful sunrise, and you can tell it's all clear. and trying to figure out how to dress for today, don't forget the sunglasses. you will get a lot of sunshine, but it's chilly, so heavier jacket or a coat needed for at least the start of the day. then as we go into this afternoon, going to see a storm system farther to the north moving into the north bay. and this will also bring in a few more of those showers. as you head out to the oakland coliseum today at noon time, it will still be bright and sunny. the clouds still well to the north of you.
5:51 am
at noon time, we're going to see the temperatures in the low 60s into the upper 60s later today. and then for the warriors game at oracle arena, it will be cooler as we head into the evening. we'll go from 61 degrees down into the upper 50s by the time you leave the game, and notice the clouds start to roll in. we'll also see that as we go into the hour-by-hour forecast for the morning into the afternoon. a few spotty showers picked up in the north bay. elsewhere, dry until this evening and later on tonight, we'll start to see the rain becoming very scattered. this will not be a very significant system. not all of us will see it. definitely for the south bay, a very slight chance of seeing the showers. i don't think we'll see much of that or measure any rain. as we go into the forecast for tonight in san francisco, or for today, rather, in san francisco, a high of 64. looking at some more 60s in the forecast as we return to some drive weather for the next
5:52 am
several days. and the inland areas, look at those temperatures, in the upper 70s by friday. it's about to feel more like late spring rather than early spring. vianey, how are the roads this early morning? >> so far, we're still off to a pretty good start. overall, a wide look shows a little yellowing, but it's a pretty typical, easy morning commute. still a lot of people doing the spring break light traffic, but we're still seeing the trouble spot, westbound 580. typical slowing for this hour. may be a fender bender, but a look at the north bay drive times will also see slowing along westbound 37 from sonoma boulevard to lakeville highway. and the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza, they are on. the peninsula drive time not looking too bad. taking a live look right now at the to plaza. you can see people up and at it. i'm very grateful i don't have to ever be on this early this morning. back to you.
5:53 am
>> you're up really, really early instead. >> that is true. it's 5:52, and breaking news we're following this morning. former nfl player and convicted murderer aaron hernandez now found dead overnight. the details on his death just weeks after he was acquitted of a double murder. first, happening right now, 44 people have died after a bus goes down a gorge in india. officials say that bus went off the road, straight down into the river. there are only two survivors. plus, it could be more difficult to discipline police officers accused of lying in california. a southern california lawmaker wants to raise the standard of proof in cases where officers were accused offing. assemblyman of los angeles says current rules allow agencies to unfairly target police officers who simply made mistakes. we'll be back in two minutes.
5:54 am
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our san francisco welcome back, folks. a beautiful look outside from our san francisco camera on this morning where it's finally starting to dry out for the morning commute. throw there could be more rain moving in tonight. not for everybody. find out who that rain is coming for in just a few minutes. kari hall is tracking the timing coming up in just two minutes. meantime, it is 5:56 on your
5:57 am
wednesday morning. uc berkeley is going to be paying out more than a million dollars to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit with an employee. that employee says a former law school dean touched her inappropriately from 2014 to 2015 and that the school did nothing to stop the dean's behavior. part of the setment, she'll be paid $8,000 a month for the next ten years. >> 5:57. continuing coverage of the sierra lamar murder case. we're learning the man accused of killing the morgan hill teenager, will not testify in his own defense. his attorney told the judge that his client will not take the stand. prosecutors say he killed the 15-year-old, though her body has never been found. if convicted, garcia torres could face the death penalty. kris, california's former attorney general and newly elected senator, kamala harris, is speaking out about her recent trip to the middle east. harris visited with syrian families at a refugee camp in
5:58 am
jordan. she said all of those families should be welcomed here, but her top concern now is north korea. >> an administration that wants to kind of outdo a dictator who we know is unpredictable by having some tweet storm going back and forth, that's irresponsible and potentially very dangerous. >> senator harris is hosting a town hall on friday in los angeles where she's going to be taking questions from facebook. >> you can already buy clothes on amazon, but now, amazon may be moving into the fast fashion world. the company won a patent to build a manufacturing warhouse for on demand clothing. that would include textile printers and cutters and cameras to provide instant feedback on alterations. amazon applied for the patent in 2015. there's no guarantee it will move forward on the plan though. >> amazon clothing, sounding like it could be amazing. we'll have to see. >> at 6 cloox:00, you nee drier
5:59 am
clothes right now as a little bit of rain hanging around, but most moving out of the bay area. >> we'll see the rain returning later on tonight. but most of the day, we're looking at dry conditions as you head across the golden gate bridge. a look at when and where we'll see that rain in the microclimate forecast. plus, breaking overnight. er nfl star aaron hernandez found dead. the circumstances surrounding his death. and new overnight here in the south bay, a woman jogger attacked near san jose state. the actions that led to her escape. today in the bay continues right now. >> a good morning and thanks for joining us on this wednesday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is the middle of your week. we're glad you're with us, and this really is kind of a transitional day on the weather front, kari. >> yeah, because we have seen the dry conditions. for the past couple days, or rather the wet weather to start out the morning for the past
6:00 am
couple days. this morning, it does start out dry, and let me show you the hour-by-hour forecast because we'll start to see sprinkles in the north bay. an increase in cloud cover for the afternoon. especially for sonoma and marin counties as well as napa county. and look at overnight, we start to see a quick moving round of some scattered showers moving through. and then it kind of breaks up as it moves elsewhere across the bay area. there may be one last round of some wet weather overnight. we'll talk about that, how much rain it brings coming up as we head over to vianey, now tracking the road conditions and your morning commute. >> yeah, kari, it looks like right now the maps aric looking pretty good until ten minutes ago. unfortunately, chp is reporting a crash on northbound 101, and it looks like a lane may be blocked. it looks like this may be a vehicle involved with a motorcycle. it looks like the rider may be down. hopefully, everybody is okay. we will keep a close eye, but seeing some of the backup along that area out there. the drive times right now in the south bay,


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