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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:02pm PDT

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that's going to do it for us on a wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. right now at 6: breakingn the east bay -- impacting thouands of bart commuters.. a right now at 6:00, breaking news in the east bay, impacting thousands of bart commuters. a four-hour standoff is over. threatening the jump, the man just came down to safety using the fire truck ladder. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm raj mathai. and i'm jessica aguirre. let's look outside, above the walnut creek bart station. for the past few hours we've seen trains rolling past the
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station but not being able to stop. now the distraught man who was holding up those stations is no longer hanging on the wall of the bart station and trains are back in service. nbc bay area cheryl hurd has more on the rescue, do we know what his beef was? >> reporter: well, it got a little tense for a moment there, but the good news jessica is that the trains are back on track here at the walnut creek station for about the next four hours. the good news the man who caused all of this is now safe. the contra costa fire investigators did what they do best. somehow they were able to gain his confidence while putting up the ladder. he thought about jumping on the side of it. but he didn't. he was put into an ambulance and taken away. this is the end result of all of this. a huge commuter mess at the lafayette station. you can see from sky ranger. it took place for about four
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hours. it caused a lot of frustration for a lot of people but some people took it all in stride. >> we got an alert saying that there was an incident on bart. so we left work a little bit early, got on a train and now we were dropped off at lafayette, and now we're going to another bus to take us to concord bart to get us to our cars. it has not been too bad. everybody is in a good mood, but as it gets later it could get a little more frustrating. >> reporter: well, check this out from sky ranger, you can see it didn't take long for the backup to diminish at the lafayette station. there could be delays at other stations but things are clearing up live. back here live there is another problem here in the parking lot. people are getting off the stations and getting in their cars. there is a bit of a backup. but this will soon are history and things are pretty much back on track. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd,
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nbc bay area news. lot of commuters there, that is for sure, let's look from sky ranger at the walnut creek bart station, as you can see the biggest backup is people trying to get out of the parking lot. we'll continue to follow the story on air and on line, and bring you more details at 11:00. our other top story, in san jose, for renters, late last night was the very close vote. tonight, the new impact of the vote that could help renters in the pricey and limited market. robert honda has more. >> reporter: robert, some crucial details with the ordinance, what do we need to know? we' >> reporter: i'll tell you, another fight could be looming, in the next two weeks or months which could leave many renters out in the cold. a celebration by the renters groups erupted by the attempt
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ordinance protection. the policy is designed to protect renters from no-cause evictions, get earlier notice and rent control when a housing apartment is demolished. but it could be as long as two months if not given urgency status. as they found out for rent control, a lot can happen in two weeks or two months. >> the last time there was a lapse, there was an increase in evictions and rent increases, so that is what we feel is going to happen again. >> reporter: the city housing director who spearheaded the ordinance agreed saying tenants whose leases expire during this time are very vulnerable. >> we're doing the best we can which is to come back with the urgency ordinance. >> there really is no way to protect them during this
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downtime? >> reporter: correct, because they're acting within their rights. >> reporter: actors say they will do the same the land lords. >> and if it does, we'll raise our voices loud and strong and let them know that that is not okay. >> reporter: well, today advocates tried to get the rules council to move up the ordinance vote a week next tuesday, but the committee made up of the people on the losing end of last week's vote rejected the idea. so the next vote will happen may 9th. and who knows what will happen between tenants and landlords before then. coulter campus controversy, ann coulter's visit to the university has been cancelled. uc berkeley's officials say they couldn't assure her safety or that of the campus. the campus republicans say she is coming. so which is it? >> reporter: well, there are really two sides to this story,
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jessica. as you said the school made it clear they did not have enough time to get proper security for an ann coulter visit. campus republicans say that is not true. they gave the school plenty of time and ms. coulter will, they insist, speak on april 27th. for decades uc berkeley's campus was famous as the birth place of free speech. but in the wake of the violent protests that cancelled the february talk by right wing speaker milo beyond yiannopoulo >> we were able to accommodate other high profile speakers because we had advance notice. >> reporter: in fact, berkeley said they didn't even learn about the talk from campus republicans. >> we learned about the invitation to ms. coulter by
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reading about it in the newspaper. >> not true, say the republican group saying not only did they give the campus enough time to prepare but that ms. coulter will speak on the 27th. >> ann coulter, despite what the administration and agitators are trying to do, ann coulter will speak on april 27th. >> cal students have mixed emotions about the controversial speaker. >> there is definitely a danger that presents itself here, like speaking here, although i do believe in free speech. >> instead you should let the people speak. you're free to protest, instead of using your fists how about you have a dialogue with those people? >> reporter: ann coulter herself was speaking about it herself on twitter, saying no school that accepts funds can ban free speech. they're not talking where she will speak, at least for now. a lot of back and forth with
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this story, thank you, scott. he is already in jail accused of one crime, but there could be more in an east bay child molestation case. late this afternoon, detectives announced he may have molested more children, possibly in vallejo, richmond and fairfield where yancy lived. and san jose state, police are asking for the public's help, trying to track down a man who allegedly chased down a student and tried to grab her last night. nbc bay area's michelle roberts has more on how to woman got away. >> reporter: well, she was able to run and had to run several blocks. she ended up in this parking lot where she was able to hide in somebody's car. tonight many students are still on alert knowing that man is still out there. >> about 7:45 p.m., a female jogger was running in the area of south 7th street.
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>> reporter: every san jose state student received this e-mail from the university last night informing them of an attempted battery targeting a female student jogging along san jose around 7:30 p.m. last night. >> it's like also stepping out, and have my pepper stray and just like make sure you're aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: according to campus police, the suspect tried to lunge the woman and grab her, the woman ran to a university park and flagged down a fellow student, and hide in the car until the suspect disappeared and she was able to call 911. police say the attacker was a black man in his 40s, with a thin build about 6'3", with a distinctive mole on the left side of his face. >> being a girl you have to have somebody with you. >> reporter: last night's frightening incident comes two weeks after two other women were
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grabbed inappropriately by a man on campus. the suspect in that case has been arrested but today many students fear the instances will continue. >> really upsetting, with the campus, but more can you honestly do? >> reporter: last year there were 21 cases of sexual battery on campus, and so far this year there have been six incidents. reporting live, michelle roberts. more teams joining the search for a missing plane and the santa rosa couple on board. brenda richard was on the controls at the four-seater, her husband mark traveling with her. the plane is equipped with an emergency transmitter, but the authorities have not detected a signal. the plane was expected to land at petaluma airport in the evening. family members alerted authorities when the couple failed to arrive. radar and cell phone analysis have narrowed the search to a rugged area of the sierra
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northwest of truckee. okay, are you ready for playoffs? almost show time in oakland, the live look at the oracle arena. but the warriors will be without one of their stars, announcing no kd. >> no kevin durant will not play in game two against the blazers, nbc bay area's colin rush has more. i can see them practicing behind you, colin, how much of a blow is it not to have kd? >> reporter: well, it's a big blow, as you remember he had 32 point news ts in the game winni victory, he has not been gone long, they're used to him being out. and now it's to adapt without him. we're showing where else, the pre-game warmups. you got to think a lot of the scoring load will fall on him. the two-time reigning mvp. and also they will need a lot more production out of klay
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thompson, and look more for curry and thompson tonight. and suffering the second half of game one, a game in which as i mentioned he dropped a game-high 32. so steve kerr frustrated he can't play tonight. and hopefully a few days of rest will have him ready for game three saturday in portland. let's hear from the coach. >> it's not worth it. it's not worth it. you know, throw him out there, and he pulls it. out there for a few weeks. feel like an idiot. so we're going to err on the side of caution. and sit him out, and hopefully another few days of rest we'll get it right. >> reporter: back live, steph curry warming up behind me. as i said he will be key, 29 in game one, what will he be able to do here in game two, knowing
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that durant will not be able to play here, shawn livingston out with a bad knee, so the warriors playing shorthanded tonight. that is why they have all of these all-star, draymond, klay, steph. >> thank you, we see steph curry looking 100% healthy right behind you. still to come here at 6:00. who did he target and why? the new details that we're learning about the shooting spree yesterday. the big 4/20 pot celebration one day away at hippie hill in san francisco, still controls in place, we'll tell you what they aim to do. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, the updated time line in less than ten minutes. tomorrow thousands of pot
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smokers will descend on golden gate park for the annual and illegal trati so tomorrow, thousands of pot smokers will gather at golden gate state park for the annual pot party, known as 4/20. this year it will be different, while san francisco says it is not sanctioning the event, it will partner with some and help make changes. live from hippie hill, christie
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smith. >> reporter: well, first of all the entire area is fenced off. there are two designated entry points, the city says they're not okaying the 4/20 event but know it will happen anyway. the mayor chanlt erchants tryin the issues, say they're coming out to impress. >> reporter: and deb harm comes from utah to hippie hill every year. she heard restrictions are coming. >> i think too much controlling will change the event to make it not as fun for everybody. part of the whole thing it was the whole hippie culture. >> reporter: while it's unofficial and unsanctioned, each year thousands gather to light up. >> we can't stop everybody from smoking pot. i mean technically smoking in the park is illegal. but we realize you know this event as i said it's going to happen. >> reporter: last year an estimated 20,000 pounds of garbage was left behind, there
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were complaints about traffic, public urination and property damage. the city says this is meant to change all that, but some are skeptical. >> i don't know if it will succeed, it's like a bunch of teenagers. >> reporter: the city hopes they will sponsor food trucks and vendors. >> we want to continue the celebration and don't want it to go away like what happened over halloween. >> reporter: a group of merchants raised money for fencing, security and medical help and bathrooms. the city says no minors or drug sales or unpermitted successions outside. >> it would not be the worst thing if it were packed. >> reporter: now, there is a plan in place for a thorough cleanup on the day after and the city says in the past this event has cost the city more than $100,000. and they're hoping that by doing this it may bring down some of those costs. reporting live in san francisco,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. christie, thank you. well, the drama is not over in fresno, police describe yesterday's shooting suspect as proud of killing four people. also someone else may have walked away with the gun that was used in those shootings. police say kori muhammad admitted to killing three people in downtown fresno yesterday, as well as a man at motel 6 a week ago, police picked up the man at the scene of the shooting, police say one man running away after placing the gun in the box. meanwhile, muhammad is being cooperative. >> kori muhammad is not a terrorist, but he is a racist and he is filled with hate and he set out this past week to kill as many people as he possibly could. >> chief dyer said muhammad told detectives he has not been to a mosque in 25 years, and although
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he claims to be a muslim, he practices voodoo, he says also he prays to several different gods. and the area closed now indefinitely because of danger it could collapse, the view from sky ranger shows the canyon bridge which connects it with the city of canyon and the redwood area. the bridge was closed last night after engineers determined it suffered too much structural damage from a recent landslide. no word on when the repairs will be done. jeff ranieri is with us now, talking about beautiful skies behind us. don't tell me more rain is coming. >> a little bit more. the best news will happen when a lot of us are sleeping. and i think we'll be just fine getting through this storm system. let's look at the micro climate forecast right now. we'll get right to the time line, let's not waste any time. and you can see by 11:30 p.m., santa rosa, calistoga, middletown, getting moderate
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rain, maybe even an isolated thunderstorm. pushing to the south near san francisco, east bay at 1:30 a.m. this really falls apart as we head to 4:00 a.m., in downtown san jose, trace amounts, 2/10 of an inch. clear skies, drying out as we head throughout thursday setting us up with some awesome weather. check it out. 70 in concord, 70 in livermore. a cool 60 in san francisco. on the extended forecast we stay with these sunny, dry conditions on friday, up to 79, by earth day on saturday, 72, wondering about some earth day activities. well, we've scoured all of the events, this is a favorite, earth day at the marine science institute. check it out. maybe it's not earth day related but you want to help support a great cause. we have the autism speaks walk
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on saturday, starting at 9:00. dry weather and also sunshine. you want more on the seven-day forecast. don't worry, we'll have a longer look at this coming up at 6:48 p.m. okay, thank you very much jeff. bill o'reilly out at fox news, the stunning spinout for a tv power house. i'm janelle wang, the host fired while on vacation in italy, tonight, the host responds about the network that supported him for twenty years, next.
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==reveal== we continue to follow breaking news in the east bay -- where just
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a short time ago -- the walnut happening now, we continue to follow the breaking news in the east bay where just a short time ago the walnut creek bart station reopened. now for several hours a man was threatening to jump off the wall there causing a major delay for commuters. we put a video of it on our website. also, new satellite image from nasa showing just how large the snowpack is this year. >> stay connected to your world, wherever the world takes you. fired. his show cancelled ...
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after growing accusations of fox news start bill o'reilly fired. his show cancelled after growing accusations of sexual harassment. the show was the cable network's biggest money maker, but fox news conceded to mounting pressure. more on the latest including a statement from the tv host himself, janelle. >> jessica, o'reilly fans have been loyal, but the network not standing behind him any more.
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the tv network calls the claims unfounded. last week when fox news star bill o'reilly was going on vacation, it appears he thought he would be coming back on the show. >> i'll have a full report when i return. >> reporter: today, o'reilly at the vatican meeting the pope. as fox news says they're parting ways with the tv host. >> they want a clean break, again, don't want the optics of these allegations when he comes back. >> reporter: o'reilly released a statement saying in part it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to unfounded claims. but that is the unfortunate reality we look at today. the news comes after a report that fox news settled fire harassment claims involving o'reilly for $13 million. and now there are more allegations that the 67-year-old
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sexually harassed women. in addition to protesters outside the headquarters in new york city, the o'reilly factor had lost more than 60 advertisers. >> companies don't like to be associated with someone who is in a negative light, particularly about sexual harassment. they have female clients and female employees. they don't want to be crossing that line. >> reporter: fox news founder rupert murdoch said the company made the decision after a thorough and careful look at the allegations, he added the work environment is one built on trust and respect. thank you, well, the biggest star in tennis will be a mom. serena williams posting this picture showing off her baby bump. williams just won the australian open back in january, engave ga
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the co-founder of reddit. >> and a major development following nbc's investigation, a u.s. veteran deported to mexico may now be coming back to the united states. i'm steven stock, tonight weçó talk to the man at the center of our story now living in tijuana, mexico, who just learned he got executive clemency from california's governor. an update now on the breaking
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news we )ve been tracking all afternoon. =jess/topvo= bart is back on track tonight - after the walnut creek we have an update on the breaking news we followed all afternoon, bart is back on track after this. the walnut creek station closed for several hours because of that man you see right there. he attached himself to the drain pipe and then threatened to jump on the platform. this went on for hours, starting at about 1:30 in the afternoon forcing the station to close, finally causing a huge backup. now this is a live look at the lafayette bart station from nbc's sky ranger. people trying to get out of the station at this hour. during the four hours they had to take a bus bridge to get to pleasant hill. finally this afternoon, the station reopened. the man walked down the fire truck ladder and is now being held on the psychiatric hold. the trains are rolling again through the stations and the afternoon commute is back to normal. well, it never happened before. a person deported from the united states later granted
6:32 pm
citizenship. but now after governor brown recently granted clemency to three deported u.s. veterans it may actually be happening. >> steven stock has been following these vets and their fight to return to the u.s. for the past five months, steven? >> jessica, this is the actual clemency from governor brown. these men were legal residents who say they were promised u.s. citizenship when they joined and served in the military. but after leaving the service they each committed a crime and were later deported from the very country they fought for and were willing to die for. now these three men have a shot of realizing their dream to come home. >> reporter: the veteran in tijuana, mexico, barajas learned he would be granted clemency on facebook live. >> pardon from the california of governor, wow! yes. >> reporter: barajas had served 13 months in the prison in the
6:33 pm
u.s., after pleading guilty to illegal distribution of a firearm. he now runs a shelter in tijuana, where vets can get advice and legal services. >> oh, yeah, a pardon means i don't have a criminal record. it's gone. >> reporter: the clemency now clears his criminal record, paving the way for possible citizenship and new hope that he will be reunited with his 11-year-old daughter living in the san gabriel daughter. >> i miss my daughter and the united states. >> reporter: nbc bay area's investigative unit visited barajas in tijuana last january where he has been fighting for morni more than ten years to return to the u.s., the country he served. that law served out deportative crimes, from serious violent crimes to what may be considered minor offenses, such as drug offenses and failure to appear
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in court. even non-citizen veterans who cross that legal line can be deported under this 1996 law. >> legally it can't be used any more for immigration, they can't oh, you have this crime we'll deny you because of this crime. so it's huge. >> reporter: two more deported veterans were also granted clemency by governor brown. but another honorably discharged veteran who was deported, enrique solas, who we also visited in tijuana, was not. barajas vows to continue fighting for his brothers in arms like salas, who will remain overseas for now. >> we'll expand. >> reporter: barajas was hoping to return to the country he was willing to die for, but later deported him, soon. he has been offered a job in the u.s. with a roofing company and hopes to share a burrito in this country with his daughter. >> it was unfortunate, but i had a little piece of paper.
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>> but these are only three veterans who gained new hope all because of governor brown's clem clemency. our investigation first uncovered 300 veterans like enrique salas who served in the military now have been deported after committing crimes after getting out of the military service. a new bill pending in congress would grant citizenship to all of those men and allow them to also come home. we'll stay on this story. back to you. >> okay, thank you, steven, if you have a story and would like to talk to steven directly you can call our tip line. or send an e-mail to the unit at nbc bay area. and tonight attorneys call for a thorough investigation after a former nfl star and convicted murderer was found dead inside of his jail cell. aaron hernandez was found hanging inside his cell in massachusetts. prison guards discovered him
6:36 pm
about 3:00 a.m., they say he tried to block his jail cell before tying his sheet to the bed. >> it was more shocking, you would think there would be people paying attention, watching what is happening. >> reporter: hernandez was the star for the new england patriots, behind bars since 2013 when he was arrested and convicted in the shooting death of his friend. his death comes a week after he was acquitted in a second double murder case. tonight, the trump administration is signaling it may be thinking the iran nuclear deal, as blaine alexander shows us, this comes as the administration faces questions on the strike group set to be heading to north korea. >> reporter: today, secretary of state rex tillerson looked at the deal. >> whether it is assassination attempts, deploying stabilized
6:37 pm
militias, iran spends its treasures and time disrupting peace. >> reporter: they looked at the negotiation by president obama, a deal that president trump has repeatedly called weak. >> we buy them off for a short period of time and then someone has to deal with it later. >> reporter: this as the white house faces tough questions over war ships that were reportedly heading towards north korea. the president telling fox business news last week? >> we are sending an armada, very powerful. >> reporter: but now revealed the strike group was actually going in the opposite direction of australia. >> what part was misleading. we answered the question on what signal was sent. i'm not the one who commented on timing. >> makes it look as though the united states didn't have intent or follow through. it did not have determination. >> reporter: back at home, the president claims victory in georgia's highly watched congressional race, tweeting
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glad to be of help. the democratic challenger winning 48% and forcing a june runoff in the deep red district. democrats call that a win. blaine alexander, nbc news washington. and more details about the inauguration, google chevron and charles schwab raised 100 million. and documents were filed with the federal election commission. more than double the record set by president obama in twoo2009. and a new apple store under construction in walnut creek, there was questions about what it was, the grand opening is next year. the broadway store will replace the current one on south main street. still ahead here at 6:00. staying in the south bay, we're there with dmv investigators as they try to catch drivers who
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should not be parking in those spots for disabled people.
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chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. a milestone for san francisco -- whern it comes ot the environment. ==live pic== mayor lee announced today that san francisco has surpassed its goal for reducing a milestone for san francisco when it comes to the environment, mayor ed lee announced san francisco surpassed its goal on the emissions, greenhouse are twenty percent lower than the levels from 1990. at that time the numbers boomed because of the city's spike in numbers, they dramatically reduced the numbers from what they are today. and the latest casualty, miramar beach near half moon
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bay, near the state park ranger's house being torn down because it was literally hanging off the cliff. the ranger was supposed to move in. crashing waves quickly eroded it this winter, park rangers say there is no plan to rebuild that home. and amazing images from nasa tonight of a close call. what you see is grainy gray photographs of a dumbbell shaped asteroid that is moving towards earth. it is millions of miles away, but considered a near miss by nasa, if it did strike earth, experts say the asteroid would leave a crater six miles wide. >> i'm glad those scientists were looking at the data so we know it will not hit. man. tell us jeff, about the weather here. >> a bit of rainfall coming our way, you can see on the doppler
6:43 pm
radar lining up. i'll have the full track of it in about five minutes. dmv investigators crack down on drivers in san jose, abusing their handicap placards, why some had theirs seized. you big money.
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==jan/2shot== consumer investigator chris always pay attention to the fine details, little known laws can save you big money. our consumer investigator is here with one of them. >> here is the federal protection for contact wearers that few know about. you don't have to buy your lenses in the same office that gives you the exam. the federal trade commission requires the doctor to give you the prescription so you can take it to other places to shop around. send us your questions at nbc
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bay area. and cracking down on people abusing disabled person's parking placard, today, the dmv searched for violators in downtown san jose. and it comes on the day that they looked at whether or not the people should have them. >> reporter: the crackdown focus on a four-block area in downtown san jose ended with dmv investigators seizing several handicap placards. today, the dmv combed the street looking for people who may be abusing the parking placards for disabled people. if you have one of these not only can you park in a handicap zone, but can use it for free. and today, investigators claim this man used his father's temporary blaplacard so he coul park close to class. that was seized and the student
6:47 pm
could pay up to $2,000, mike said he didn't realize his dad had to be present when using the placard. >> i do feel guilty, at the same time i felt they should have explained it a little better. >> reporter: the dmv investigators took this from this woman's car claiming she abused it. she said she was using the placard to transactions poport , but her mother was not in the car. today's regulations are part of enforcement operation. >> we issue these placards so it's our responsibility to ensure the spaces are open for people who need them. >> reporter: but a state auditor found the dmv is not doing enough to make sure the cards are not abused. auditors looked at a sample of 96 approved laplacard
6:48 pm
applications, but found a percentage of them did not qualify. the dmv is looking at recommendations made by the state auditor, including collaborating with medical boards, including training for staff and the effort to report the placard abuse. but it's up to the investigators to make sure once someone received the placard they don't abuse it. the dmv issued an infraction to a driver who went in to get lunch. a spokesperson said the driver is a contractor and they have spoken with his company about his unacceptable behavior. in san jose,ñr marianne favro, c bay area runews. okay, all the rules we learned in first grade, just learn about parking. and we'll have sunshine tomorrow. so that is the good news.
6:49 pm
but a little bit of rainfall, sandwich in between, it's not a major storm system, just enough to get the roads slick in the early morning hours, so let's look at the micro climate forecast right now. you can see the storm is moving closer and closer, top thing you should know about this is the heavier rainfall is moving way off to the north as we zoom in to get a closer look at the doppler radar, the one thing i'm concerned about right now is the current view is not matching up as well with the forecast model data that we're seeing across on all fronts. so bottom line, i do think this wet weather that is developing in the pacific will move in tonight. so everyone should expect the chance of rainfall, but it looks like the north bay will definitely have the best possibility. we can show you on the forecast model data. you will see at 8:30 p.m., showers near middletown and calistoga, moving through the north bay by 11:30 p.m. and it continues to fall apart as it moves down to the
6:50 pm
peninsula and east bay at 1:30 a.m. on thursday, and 4:00 by saturday. the commute, we're drying out from this and the sunshine will start to return. so i don't think you're going to have any problems as you head out on thursday morning. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. 53 in the south bay, 54 in the peninsula, and the tri-valley 51, clearing out under mostly sunny skies for the north bay and 50 san francisco, san francisco, 53. as we bring you back in the future cast just want to reinforce there will be no shower chance after 7:00 a.m., you can see by 1:01 a.m., we're mainly looking at mostly sunny continuing. so as we look at the forecast for thursday, we have some awesome weather down in the south bay. 71 expected in downtown, maybe even 72 in gilroy, only problem could be the winds, breezy at 14, we'll kick around the pollen again, so allergy sufferers
6:51 pm
certainly need to think about that. oak, pine and sycamore, the top three problems, and 73 in walnut creek, slightly cooler in the bay, throughout the peninsula, 61 in half moon bay. warmer here for san mateo, and 67. san francisco, 64 along the embarcadero, and cooler 60 for engineleside. 67 in mill valley, and 67 in santa rosa, and the forecast keeping the dry weather and sunshine for friday. warming up to 68 in san francisco, and maybe a possible shower next tuesday. not a big storm system. but we're going to keep our eye on this very, very closely, dry weather to next wednesday. for interior valleys, the bigger difference by friday, we may have isolated 80s in the forecast, little bit of cooling for the weekend but still looks fantastic. so next tuesday again maybe a speed bump coming our way, i
6:52 pm
don't see a big storm system but we'l÷r continue to follow that think you did a pretty good job on getting things to line up on this one, most of us will be sleeping. great timing just for you guys. >> all right, from in here in the studio, let's go courtside. colin rush is at the oracle before tonight's tipoff. >> reporter: hey, guys, we know that kevin durant is out tonight. we'll discuss it coming up in sports. ♪
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all right, let's turn things
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over to colin rush. kd out? >> no kd, no problem, or so we hope. colin joins us again courtside from the oracle game two. >> reporter: yeah, no kd, no problem, let's sure hope so. steve kerr erring on the side of caution with kevin durant, why wouldn't they? still two months for the playoffs, he will be out with the calf strain he suffered in the second half of game two. he will sit, but so will shawn livingston with an injury, it's about adapting, said steve kerr. >> it's about injuries that happen and things happen. you just have to play with whatever you got. just like portland is doing now without their starting center. and so we'll go without our guys, we'll see how we can do.
6:56 pm
>> in game one, oakland native damion illeglilliard the warrio cannot allow that to happen tonight. >> reporter: they can beat their guy at any moment, and then obviously being able to make shots from all over the floor, being able to get down hill at the rim the way that they do makes them very difficult. and their team is designed for them to score and go get it. so they have got to continue to be our focus. >> a busy day and night at the coliseum complex. a's and rangers this afternoon. texas manager jeff banister gets the heave ho, fifth inning, his seven's home run of the season,
6:57 pm
rangers take care of the angels tonight. steve kerr keeping things close to the vest. we'll find out just before tipoff. we'll be back tonight with highlights and reaction from game two. live at oracle arena. colin rush. >> we'll see you at 11 clock, watching this game as well. and bumgarner on the mound, greatest moment, pitching to the game seven win to the 2014 world series. taking a quick lead, right now royals lead 1-0 bottom of the sixth inning. >> so many exciting things happening in the bay area. >> sharks plaufr s playoffs as well. >> and sunshine, coming basketball,back, a little bit of rain as well of
6:58 pm
t the. >> see you at 11:00.
6:59 pm
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visiting the pope as the news broke. his first words today. >> now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra the king of cable news dethroned. bill o'reilly's stunning exit. >> what now? all new details from inside fox news. >> how it went down behind the scenes. and did he get a golden parachute? oprah's secret vacation with the obamas, tom hanks, and bruce springsteen. >> tom hanks is the funniest person i know. >> her new hbo movie, her incredible weight loss. >> counting those points, baby. julia roberts people's most beautiful woman. the "pretty woman" opens up about landing it for the fifth time. >> what she has hidden under her bed. >> it's in a box.


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