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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> lost all the lunch business. >> yes indeed. >> a power outage is particularly bad for businesses in tall builds such as the law office. >> well our elevators are out. >> what do we do now. >> we have to go to the stairs. the 8th floor. so take a while to get up here. >> it did and the office was closed. >> very inconvenient for everybody. >> yes. because you know as a parallel we have court deadlines we're not able to use the internet which we weren't able to because of the power ouj we couldn't meet court deadlines. >> many workers including brokers and deal markers ted to make due with laptops for susan stephen sns interfaith power and light headed to washington, d.c. for national conference it's not quite enough. >> we often need wi-fi to be able to communicate with our email network and all of our contacts. >> where is the staff now? >> most of them are working at
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home, waiting. >> reporter: well with a bunch of the power being restored people many told us they may come back to work tonight if they have the energy. live in san francisco, robert handa nbc bay area news. long day for sure. the outage caused a lot of frustration at san francisco's federal builds this is what it looked like earlier dozens of people waiting to get inside and the courthouse shut down. lots of people surprised that there aren't backup generating. >> i'm traveling monday i need to get my passport. there is no time nigh airline ticket is nonrefundable. it had to be generators or some way to get the government to work. we are in the 21st century. >> some of the agencies in san francisco's federal pbld attention department of labor department of health and human services and the ud o sda and u.s. department of transportation. at union square the power outage brought business to abrupt who halt this is a spot pot for
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shopping not so today you can see signs on stores in windows saying closed explaining why they were closed or post-ed employees at the door to apologize and send people away. >> we mention that paigen fire and root of the at the. at the larkin street substation you can see it here. in fact you can see the smoke in the air. this was around 11:00 a.m. this was a facility supposed to be upgraded later this year too late the problems hit today p nbc bairn has been covering in throughout the day joins us from the emergency separations center in san francisco. raj at the height of this out j pg&e stay 80,000 customers were without power in the last ten seconds or so a representative told he just told me that all power has been restored. but they link this problem back to the larkin substation and they say there was a dom know effect. the trouble began at larkin and
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eddy san francisco firefighters responded to reports of smoke and explosion at a pg&e substation. they imblame equipment failure. >> a catastrophic failure of one of the circuit breakers when the circuit breaker failed it created a fire around the breaker. the insulation around the breaker burned. and that's what created the situation for us. >> reporter: it suddenly knocked out power to at least 88,000 customers. a widespread gas chromatography to public transportation, schools. initially 300 traffic signals were down. traffic was grid locked. >> >> about 120 a quarter of the city's traffic signals mostly focused in the northeast corner of the city but stretching out to richmond. >> pg&e restored power to more than 20,000 skpers and explained the larkin substation was part of $100 million upgrade but the equipment failed before completed. >> we identified it as a substation that needed to be the
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modernized. unfortunately we had the breaker fail. and it's from old equipment. >> san francisco police say for the evening commute they will assist with traffic control but expect a slow down. >> for those of you having to take the bridge to get to destination we are focusing efforts around the ridges to facility traffic as much as we can. >> reporter: now a spoke person for the mayor says that coming up next week he will be asking for an assessment of all pg&e substainings in san francisco. reporting live in san francisco nbc bay area news. >> kristy thank you. if you live work or just visiting the city you might have been caught in the grid lock this picture sent to us but yusuf you can see the montelongo street b.a.r.t. station jam packed when the lights went out initially earlier today. another viewer kelly hernandez sending this picture traffic piling up when the streetlights went out keep in mind essentially everything is a
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four-way stop sign when the lights are out. we want to see your picture and video you can tag on wirt or simply post to the facebook page. following breaking new in south san jose a call about a dangerous person ended with police shooting the person happened around 12:30 this afternoon near center and louis. police responded to the area after getting a call about a man with a knife. now at some .1 officer opened fire hitting the man at least once. that man now being treated at the hospital. not clear at this point how serious his injures are. the officer involved involved has been placed on routine leave while the case is under investigate. also breaking news ou the hayward sky ranger over the he scene of another involved shooting ner denisa park police say officers fired inside a home hitting a person. the officers say the victims wounds are not life threatening. at this point we don't know what led up to the shooting. following some breaking news right now in berkeley. police are telling people to
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stay in their homes. this is happening near berkeley high school. reports of a man with a gun in this area. you can see it here nbc bay area sky ranger bofr the scene again reports of a man with a gun in this neighborhood near perkily high what you're seeing teams of officers and investigators perhaps the swat team coming in at some point. right now looks like the officers there canvassing this neighborhood near berkeley high school. a couple of things if you're in the area urged to stay inside. otherwise try to avoid this area near berkeley high school where there are reports of a man with a gun. we're coping our sky ranger overhead on this the scene as we see the officers patrol and canvass this neighborhood we also have new details on the cross country manhunt that ended yesterday near redding. 15-year-old girl who had been missing for a month is back home tonight in tennessee. investigators say she was kidnapped in march by tad coupleens seen here. a teacher at her high school in tennessee he'll go before a
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federal judge in sacramento on monday. the search for the pair ended at that remote cabin we showed you a picture an hour from the oregon border the caretaker of the cab. called police ar recognizing coupleens. her family believes the brainwashed her they say that she is now in exclusion with trauma experts and therapists. >> we're going to have to figure out what kind of state of mind she is in of course and probably get her some help. >> coupleens has been fired from the teaching job and has which have wife of 33 years has filed for divorce. >> well the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley two years ago. but tonight there are new developments. the contractor state license board will formally revoke the license of segue construction that's the general contractor that built the amounts where the balcony collapsed back in genuine of 50u. you might recall six people killed and seven hourt when the fourth floor balcony gave way during a party. most of the students killedy
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exchange students from ireland. enough is enough that's what the u.s. attorney general is telling california and dozening of cities refusing to fully cooperate with federal immigration agents jeff sessions spoke today at the warning send ago warning letter to sanctuary cities nbc michelle roberts has more from san jose where local lawmakers are responding. >> people don't have a right to demand entry into the united states. and certainly not the right to come unlawfully and then commit crimes and then complaint about being deported >> some very blunt words of u.s. attorney jeff sessions spoke in san diego today hours after the department of just justice sent this letter it was sent to a handful of cities across the country chewing chicago and new york along with the california department of corrections. it clearly barns that failing to comply with federal immigration laws will result in withholding of federal grants. >> we've already spoken about the dangers posed by lax immigration policies that allow
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these gang members to return even after they've been deported. that ends now. >> sessions comments in the letter come as santa clair county and frist have filed a lawsuit trying to block the so-called sanctuary city punishment. outlined in a recent executive order from president trump. that order would withhold millions of federal funds from sanctuary cities and counties. >> if they're talking about federal money away what they're talking about is impacting our county hospital. that has over $800,000 visits a year. we are talking about taking resources away from forest children or senior nutrition program. >> santa clair cindy chavez says the county will continue to fly with federal will you but the county will fight for immigrants. >> this is just one other example of them trying to bully local government into making their communities less safe. >> reporter: santa clara county would lose estimated shh
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1.7 billion if the federal government took all grants to this county. reporting live in the san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> just have a seat. be nice. upclose look at how i.c.e. worse in california in my nbc news rode along with how they find and detained undocumented immigrants near the border you can watch the special report tonight with lester holt also a daring cliff rescue in san francisco. a man clinging for safety you can see him there with the ocean right beneath him ffrmt near lands end and the city's sea cliff neighborhood. you can see the chp helicopter actually maneuvering and getting the man to safety exceptionally risky rescue here. he is fitted with a harness and pulled up to the waiting chopper. at one point they hit the side of the cliff. the climber is thankfully on back on solid ground and being evaluate bid medics. >> i want to give you update on
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breaking news paralyzed much of san francisco to date. at the height 90,000 people without power. now we're hearing eight hours later all power restored in san francisco. again i want to stress all power has been restored in san francisco at the start of the newscast there was still about 3,000 customers without power after an 8-hour nightmare. but now the power is back up and running in a city that today saw itself sitting outside most of the day. our free speech faceoff in berkeley kar lfrmt author ann coulter i'll tell you who blinked in this case. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri a few clouds increasing hon mount hamilton sky camera underground talking about a cooler weekend coming our way. my esht forecast in less than ten minutes. >> scott budman speaking of cool we are in the coolest place to be with all sorts of movie
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props, all sorts of comic books and all sorts of cool costumes welcome to silicon valley comic con, take you inside coming up. violebce
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leaders and u-c berkeley and police -- are taking every working to make sure that kind ever violence doesn't happen again leaders in u.c. berkeley police taking every precaution before hoefting another controversial speaker on
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camp .back and forth continuing between ann the coulter about her appearance at cal. the man who started the controversy from the beginning mileo yin oppose now says he is coming back to berkeley too. nbc bay area rick boone joins us on the campus with latest developments. >> the latest development i'll read them here in cell phone. we learned cal now stands by the decision to move ann coulter speaking date from next week to early may. but with that said coulter team now saying on that decision they'll take cal to court. zblooltd my team is working on a lount a. ann coulter says her client is being punished by perkily for being a conservative. >> she is not being allowed to speak in the same way and manner as other student groups are allowed to bring speak zbleers coulter had an april 27 the scheduled speech set but this we can the university first cancelled the speech then tried to move the date to may 2nd citing safety and security
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reasons. >> coulter's attorney respond wtd four page letter threatening legal action if the dated is moved. now student want koult are banned ulgt altogether. >> this is not a free speech smu. >> those calling for ban say koult err would bring nothing but chaos and violence similar to the near right before a planned speech bemileo in february. >> she does not need an extra platform to spew her hateful stuff. >> coulter's team and supporters say free speech applies to all viewpointing not just those from liberals. >> reporter: and the story continuing on we're also hearing from coulter's spokes people that she does in fact plan on being here next week on the 27th. as to where that's a big question. also new developments just about an hour ago we're hearing that mileo will be here in berkeley possibly in this area on may 5th. with the two controversial individuals coming to down there are a lot of opposition groups
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and they say they plan to stop them by any means necessary. live in berkeley rick boone. >> rick keep you where you are just a few blocks from with your our nbc sky ranger is there talking about this a fup minutes ago. there is a police presence there in berkeley next to downtown what's happening here is they're looking for a man possibly armed with a gun in this neighborhood. here is what's happening. this is near downtown berkeley near the downtown b.a.r.t. station close to berkeley high school. this is on ban kroft and alsteen, a lot of plofrz can't as vazing this neighborhood look for this man possibly armed with a gun shelt ner place meaning if you're in the area stay in this door if not in this this area try to avoid the area. you can see some plofrz down below. we're staying on this story throughout the evening as well. also new concerns this evening a man who killed a police officers in paris may not have acted
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alone. careem jumped out of a car and started firing a machine gun right along the champs elysees. before officers shot and killed him. investigators say he had a criminal history, spent years in prison, tried to attack police in the past. isis claimed responsibility for this attack. now a note, defending isis fell out of the gunman's pocket last night police raritiesed three family meps. >> the court appearance fresno man accuse of killing female in cory al muhammad after he yelled let black people go. he also predicted that natural disasters will strike americans. a judge ordered muhammad to undergo mental evaluation. he faces live in prison and possibility the death penalty for killing a security guard and three other people in random attacks process. big news one of the bay area as most famous madison bumgarner has been injured in a dirt bike riding accident. bumgarner might be out up to two
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months. he got hurt in this accident in denver during the giants day off yesterday. manager bruce bochy made the announcement this amp bumgarner was briefly hospitalized actually but it back with the team not in the ball park tonight in denver but at the team hotel. well in a dirt bike riding accident he hurt ribs and shoulder. this could be a big injury for the giants. first time ever he has been on the disabled list. this comes as the last place giants continue to trueing. . this is big new are to mad bum. we hope quick krefr. best known superheroes. did he sending on the san jose convention center. it's a lot of things going on in san jose talking about the comic con. scott budman at the san jose convention center. where is the outfit. >> you're not dressed up scott you look so square. >> reporter: it's a lot of fun i'll tell you moua i people are here of course the back to the
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future booth we found marty mcfly. all sorts of things happening here all sorts of people famous people famous shows and good causes terrie holler here from the fox foundation tell me how you're helping out. >> fund rising for the. even with marty's truck. >> come on by we also have terminator to my right. all sorts of movie props here. you can find it all night until about 9:00. it opens here at san jose convention center .steve wozny yack here signing autographs a lot of the cast from various star trek shows reporting live from san jose scott budman nbc bay area news. sfl? >> you're walking around san jose and you see everyone dressed in back to the future war or star trek. >> good weather for that. >> what a friday. >> so nice. this weekend we are going going to see some changes no rainfall
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in the forecast saturday or sunday. but do expect cloud cover to move in at least for saturday's forecast. here is the storm system that we're tracking and this is a close call. but by all accounts wet weather to the north not only clouds but also cooler temperatures. tomorrow morning's forecast it will be filtered sunshine for san jose and 50 have the overcast sighs for peninsula and trooil valley patchy sun and 49. gray start more north bay and san francisco. so you might need the light jacket. you'll see on the future cast it's not going to be one of the events where just burns off. we'll hold to the clouds morning hours. right throughout the afternoon. so more of a partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky on saturday. then eventually by the evening hours clear out. microclimate forecast for tomato with the system moving over we will see temperatures drop about 10 degrees but again a dry forecast the south bay. and 72 in san jose for the east
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bay also going from the low 80s today down to 69 in vallejo and 70 expected in danville. the peninsula looking at 60s across the barred toward san francisco, 64 in the mission and a cooler 62 for the marina north bay 68 in mill vafl and a milder 71 in napa. the extended forecast does have a better scenario as we head into sunday. that's the best day to be outside on your weekend forecast. if you're looking to get a few raies of sunshine you can see the increased sun here on san francisco's forecast. dry and monday then chance of statered showers on tuesday and wednesday. it doesn't last too long we'll see it dry out thursday and friday of next week. interior valleys also see some increased sunday for sunday's forecast. a little bit of rain next tuesday and wednesday. and then potentially warming back up to 74 throughout next friday's forecast. all in all a little speed bump here and there.
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pu at least we can deliver on a totally dry weekend coming our way. >> what are we going to do. >> go outside. >> i'll give you a list. >> thank you jeff. we'll be right back with update on the situation in berkeley. we mentioned the freak injury to
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giants star madison bumgarner. and now -- even more problems. the team bus backed happening now we mentioned the freak injury to giants star madison bumgarner now even more problems the giants team bus processes are back into a car on the bay to ball park in denver ton no injures but story on at which time need home page dmt of public health finding four homeostasis in the bay area for causing injuries including a hospital in redwood city. back in a moment. breaking news in berkeley.
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police are telling people to stay in their homes near i want to give you update on the breaking news in berkeley. live picture over there from sky ranger what you're looking at ofrsds and canine patrols going behind homes near berkeley high school. literally going to look for a man that was report of a man with a gun. they're combing that area checking behind builds and homes to see if they spot anything. we'll have a trace of the man. again they're also asking people to stay indoors while they do
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this. and to avoid the area during these patrols on the ground. >> okay this is not far from the downtown berkeley b.a.r.t. station again near berkeley high school mckinley street alsteen way and grant street you can see the officers and canine units going door to door looking for the man possibly armed with a gun. on the story last 30 minutes we'll continue on it and be back in just a moment. stay with us.
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still following the breaking news near downtown berkeley and berkeley high school what you're looking at is heavy police presents on several streets next to the downtown b.a.r.t. station. possibly an armed man in this neighborhood. initial reports say a man jumped out of a car and appeared to be hiding a handgun when first spotted. you can see several officers down below chewing canine nunts. >> jeff last word upon the beautiful sunshine and how people pouring into the streets to feel it. >> pretty nice out there tomorrow difference filtered sunday partly sunny skyment sunday sunnier day of the week maybe spotty shower by next tuesday and wednesday. >> enjoy the friday evening beautiful outside.
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thanks for joining us see i at six. >> nightly news is next. always find us online at nbc tonight, knocked out. power failures hit major cities on both coasts, triggering commuter chaos, rescues and a struggle to get back online. what caused it? massive tax cut. president trump's new promise as he nears the end of his first 100 days, a benchmark he once embraced but now calls ridiculous. moment of terror, dramatic new video of an isis inspired attacker opening fire in paris. tonight the american family who looked him right in the eye. life on the run. new details in that alleged teacher student kidnapping. the victim finally headed home. hotel hackers, a massive breach at major chains. how cyber thieves are targeting your vacation and business travel. and the puzzle


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