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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we'll take you inside comicon in san francisco next. ==ra c you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> you stay out of this. >> right now at 11:00, another confrontation on an airplane. this time it's american airlines at sfo. a mother in tears, holding her baby as a passenger squares off with that airline employee. tonight the airline is reaching out to us. the news at 11 starts right now. good evening, thank for being with us. i'm raj matthai. >> i'm jessica aguirre.
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american airlines on damage control tonight after troubling video surfaces involving a mom, a stroll her, and an airplane attend ant. confrontation happening on the tarmac at sfo. >> thom jensen is at sfo. what do we know. >> reporter: this is the same thing that happened 12 days ago on the united airlines flight. passengers quick to grab their phone and shoot video when they see something they think is abusive or unfair. the latest video is from american airlines flight 591, a woman with two small children and a male flight attend ant get into a dispute over the woman's stroller. two other airline employees seem to be skoaling the mother and a man on the plane demands to know the name of the attendant who took her krol stroller. then he steps back on the plane.
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>> you do that to me pile and' knock you flat. american airlines says we have seen the video and have already started an investigation to obtain the facts. we are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused the passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident. the airline also suspended the attendant while they investigate this. comes less than two weeks after a man was dragged off a nighted airlines flight. that cost millions of dollars as its stock value plunged when the video went viral. american airlines said it upgraded that woman and her two children to first class for the rest of their international trip. tonight following that vie help removal of the united airlines passenger, you remember that video, united now says its ceo will not move up to the board of directors as was
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previously planned. the company also revealed today that moving forward, compensation for executives will be more directly tied to improved customer satisfaction. for continuing coverage of this developing story go the our website. we have posted the full video. you can read viewer comments about it as well. tonight the light is shining through. san francisco is glowing after a dark and difficult day. but the questions remain, how did this all happen and how much money did those businesses lose? here's a live look over the city. nearly 90,000 customers were without power for much of the day. jean elle is in san francisco with some answers. >> reporter: this is the substation where the fire started and caused that massive power outage. pg&e workers are still here cleaning up. across the city tonight business owners are totaling their losses. >> now we are unstaffed because we had to let everybody go because we were losing people. >> reporter: a power outage in san francisco has lasting
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effects for some of the 88,000 pg&e customers impacted. many businesses closed for the day. thousands of workers went home early. super duper fired back up after missing what would have been a busy afternoon. >> everybody was knocking on the door, what's going on. >> reporter: a circuit breaker failed and started a fire at the larkin street substation. critics say the equipment failure is the result of failed maintenance. >> what they are told to do is something called wrun run to failure. which instead of upgrading the equipment and making sure it doesn't cause a problem it's just cheaper to get the money, not spend it on improvements, run the equipment until it fails and then deal with the failure then. >> reporter: pg&e disagrees saying it's in the process of an upgrade at the station. >> i disagree with that assess men. i believe that we have a safety first culture here at pg&e. everything that i have ever been
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a part of and i'm proud to be a part of says that. we are a safety first. >> reporter: the month street bart station will run on generator power to the end of service tonight to avoid another interruption. pg&e says once cleanup here is complete, the investigation into why that equipment failed begins. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. we will show you photos, we were flooded in the newsroom with our viewers. kelly sends us this photo of the pg&e crew crews all hands on deck trying to fix the problem. this photo, the traffic trying to get out of the city. you see all those people. many decided to head home early. bart was a mess. massive crowds, we mentioned the montgomery street bart station. we want to see your photos and
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videos. tonight the man accused of carrying out a mass murder at a small christian college in 2012 has been declared mentally competent. it was after a hearing on his mental health. he is accused of killing seven people in the shooting at okay owes university in 2012. records show he has been moved from a psychiatric treatment facility and to dublin where prosecutors will weigh their next move. is she coming or not? different answers from different people. berkeley says if ann coulter wants to speak on their campus it will be on their terms. the university saying today koultder is still scheduled to speak on may 2nd despite her demands to keep the original date, next thursday. she gave cal officials until 5:00 today to adhere to her demands. coulter's speech on campus was originally canceled due to public safety concerns.
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get with the plan or pay a price that's the blunt reminder from the justice department to sanctuary cities and areas. attorney general jeff session is in california on the hammering that message on behalf of the trump administration. sessions says cities and counties that fail to comply with federal immigration laws will be denied federal grants. basically, fed rat money. the message comes as santa clara county and san francisco have filed lawsuits against the president's executive order. bay area leaders say they will continue the provide sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. don't head to san francisco this weekend. san jose is going to be jam packed with tens of thousands of people expected downtown. so you have been warned. nbc bay area's ian cole joins us live from the san jose convention center. not many people out there tonight. but that's going to be very different tomorrow? >> reporter: yeah. jessica, around 140,000 visitors expected in downtown san jose. there is a sporting event. there's a street festival just a block away.
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all colliding with comicon through sunday. like the start of a comic book, the weekend ahead will pose a challenge to overcome. for drivers, at least n downtown san jose. but the ride will be worth it, says koz play characters at silicon valley comicon. >> i'm excited. it's just -- i call it a nerd frat party because it's like all the nerds come together and you have so much fun. it's like it's in the air. >> reporter: 100 expected over three years. characters left and right taking pictures. some with steve wozniak with new cars, even those used in blade runner and batman episodes. >> we are marvel fans. on top of that he grew up reading the comics, we are having fun dressing up and enjoying it. >> reporter: but it's not the only attraction downtown. the sharks will host game six of their playoff series at the s.a. performed center with a pregame rally at 4:30. sunday the sofa street fair on
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south first will host another 20,000 for its biannual festival until bars and art galleries. >> tomorrow is record store day, earth day. it's also the continuation of this festival in the park here. >> reporter: it may take longer to get around this weekend, but the journey is what it's all about. >> you just get to see all these new ways of doing stuff, and you learn from it. it's awesome. >> reporter: comicon starts back up at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. some celebrities expected to make some appearances, duz al bryn, john cusak and tom wilson, better none as biff from back to the future. we have an update on a shooting in south san jose this afternoon. police were responding to calls about a man with a knife near center and lewis roads that man apparently was threatening others and then stabbing himself. the man allegedly charged the first officer to arrive on
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scene. and that officer opened fire. the suspect is now being treated for serious injuries. a school placed on lockdown in berkeley today as police searched for a possible gunman. we brought you the story as breaking news at 5:00. the neighbor in the neighborhood of mckinley avenue and alston way was placed on lockdown. then officers with canine units searched the area. no arrests were made. the shelter in place was called off around k67 in the evening. >> reporter: the company behind the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley lost its license. the contractor's state license board says it is formally revoking the license of segue construction. that's general contractor that built the apartments on kid rich street. one of the balconies, you might recall, collapsed in 2016. six people were killed and seven others hurt when the balcony gave way curing a party.
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by revoking the license this essentially puts segue construction company out of business for five years. an emotional reunion for a teenaged girl and her loved ones after she was missing more than a month. elizabeth thomas is working to get her life back together after her teacher kidnapped her in tennessee. they crisscrossed the country evading police. they were found 50 miles northwest of redding in a cabin. a man recognized them and called 911 and police. the alleged captor is scheduleding to in front of a federal judge on monday. a daring cliff rescue in san francisco late today. this man stuck on the cliff with nothing but the ocean down below. the chp helicopter came in for the rescue, harnessed him, and then lifted him to safety. this is at land's end near sea cliff in the city. the man says he was hiking and lost track of where he was. does dentistry in california need to change? i'm consumer investigator kiss
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kim aura. nbc bay area responds to parents who say yes, next. plus he's one of the bay area's most notable athletes. tonight he is on the bench after an accident. an accident that has some fans outraged. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. this storm system set to cool our weekend. full details coming up right around 11:20 tonight. a visit to the dentist has
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inspired a call for ee the death of an albany boy after a visit to the dentist has inspired a call for sweeping change to state law. changes that could move forward next week. >> but there is a battle in all this. consumer investigator chris kim aura is here to explain how kids' dentist appointments could change and why some are against it. >> reporter: the debate is over anesthesia in the deposit test's office. some say reform is long overdue to save kids' lives but opponents claim that changing california law could harm needy
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children. 6-year-old caleb sears went to have a tooth pulled two years ago. he was put to sleep but never woke up. >> once we had the information about his brain and consulted with a neurologist, we realized that we had to let him go. >> reporter: caleb's dentist was legally do double duty, surgery and general anesthesia. but investigators found gross negligence. now lawmakers are considering caleb's law, which would require dentists to bring in annance anesthesia yolgs when they put kids under. opponents are putting up a fight claiming caleb's law would delay treatment involving dentia law. >> reporter: one mother tearfully told lawmakers approximate a child she claims died because he didn't get dental care in time. >> 4 years old and his death was
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completely unnecessary. this child died because he didn't get into your system early enough. >> reporter: we tried to contact this doctor to get more details about that child but she never returned our calls. the dire denti cal prediction ec echos others that oppose caleb's law. >> that will not make your procedures safer but instead could potent yacht a crisis in access to care for all californians, particularly knows most vulnerable, the poor, the dental phobic and our state's kids. >> it's not true. >> reporter: dr. kenneth pearson and his son run a dental surgery center near fresno. 95% of their patients are on denti cal. every one gets a separate denis andance anesthesia yolgs. >> every patient has a full team of five licensed professionals. >> reporter: the pearson's say their clinic is proof caleb's
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law won't destroy denti cal. >> would not impact us at all. >> reporter: dentists in this mill paid as office operate on denti cal patients as well. we wanted to reinvestigate the claims. >> please ensure other kids don't have this fate. >> reporter: we found only seven dentists offered general anesthesia. and five of them already operate with both a dentist andance anesthesia yolgs. as for the oral surgeons who predict closed doors under caleb's doors we found their doors might not be open to begin with. >> are you accepting new denti cal patients. >> reporter: we found 13% of all california's oral surgeons will accept a new denti cal patient right now. will the sears family push to improve anesthesia and force
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dentists to turn away needy denti cal patients? we asked the pearsons how many they expect to refuse? >> none, absolutely none. >> reporter: they say the real fear season a public health crisis. it is a personal financial loss. oral surgeons who do the frurs and general anesthesia get paid for both jobs. >> they would have to share the fee. >> reporter: the oral surgeon's association doesn't dispute that but insists using two dentists to give kids anesthesia is overkill. >> our anesthesia system is safe. >> reporter: pearson says teamwork is the safest way for dentists to give kids general anesthesia and state law should demand it. >> i'm not convinced it just needs to be for children. i believe that's the safest way for all patients.
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>> reporter: caleb's law will be heard and voted none a senate committee hearing next tuesday. fit passes it's another step forward. but supporters aren't on theist innic because the opposition is so politically influential. we'll let you know what happens. if you have a consumer tip for us, please call, 888-996-tips. or >> chris, our hearts go out to the family of caleb there. >> a tragic case. let's turn things over to jeff. let's talk about the weekend. it's finally here. >> it is. we have cooler temperatures coming our way. the good news, no rainfall saturday or sunday. it will be a nice change for us after a lot of on and off wet weather weekends in the past. let's get a live look right now in san francisco. still mostly clear skies. beautiful shot of that ever expanding downtown skyline. tonight all the lights back on. 57 right now. notice clouds will be moving back in once we hit 5:00 a.m. that's part of some larger changes with a storm system just
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offshore. there still continues to be no chance of any rainfall with this. you may get a little bit of drizzle near the coastline but the big impact for our weekend will be the cooler temperatures and also clouds increasing. not as sunny for tomorrow morning. i think we'll have patchy sun in the trivalley and 49. overcast and filtered sunshine and 50. north bay and san francisco, will start overcast tomorrow, and upper 40s to low 50s. this is not going to be one of the events where the clouds burn off by tomorrow afternoon. we can show you this extremely well in the future cast. you will see tomorrow the gray skies to start. check out the clouds that continue to push in at 2:00 tomorrow. we think things will start to clear out once we hit about 7:00 or 8:00 on saturday. then that will set us up eventually for better sunday. with this weaker system moving in on saturday, temperatures will drop ten degrees. so we are out of the 80s in the south bay. back down to 7 # in san jose.
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71 in lass gatt owes and 69 in cupertino. from the low 80s as well here in the east bay. 71 in antioch 70 in voyage and 67 in oakland. peninsula, 60s across the board. upper 60s in palo alto and low 60s in daily city. san francisco, more jacket weather in place. heading to the marina, 62 degrees, winds out of the west at 12. in the north bay, 68 in mill valley. 71 up towards napa. really the better day in the weekend if you want to be outside with some sunshine, holds out. it's going to happen on sunday's forecast. we'll stay dry on monday. spotty showers possible on tuesday and wednesday. models are bringing in trace amounts to .2 of an inch. that's the good news. dry weather next thursday and friday. interior valleys we will see the same scenario when it comes to upcoming rainfall chances. and eventually we will see more 70s return by the ends of next week. nice weekend ahead for news we
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are going to focus on the sunshine and not the rain. >> yeah. >> thanks, jeff. sure. up next a massive breach at major hotels. how cyber thieves are targeting when you travel. and we have jimmy. hey guys, mike is here tonight. plus we have sal ma high yek. music from clean bandit. and czarra larson and thank you notes. do not change the channel. happening now, rap star young jeezy is facing a lawsuit based on a shooting in 2014. police never identified a suspect but now the family of the victim killed says witnesses can point to young jeezy as the killer. we posted that story on our website. =raj/cu=
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the vacation is over.
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after spending weeks in french polynesia -- president obama will make his first public appearance since leaving the vacation is over. after spending wooks in french poll indonesia, president obama will make his first public appearance since leaving office. tomorrow mr. obama will participate in a town hall style event with young adults at the university of chicago his adopted hometown. it's focused on community organizing and civic engagement. it will mark the first in a series of public events including a stop in boston to receive the john f. kennedy profile in courage award. warning before you get to that next vacation or business trip. hackers are targeting hotels. last fall hackers infiltrated holiday inns, hotel indigos, and others. they installed software to steal credit card numbers swipds at the front desk.
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>> when you use a physical card has a point of sale terminal, if it is an older system that information about your credit card is transmitted unencrypted between one point and another. that's where cyber criminals can steal it. >> the best advice is to use a credit card instead of a debit card because it increases your chances of a refund. and always check your statement for any unauthorized charges. it could be a long couple of months for the giants. what next after that bizarre mad bum charb? crash. ♪
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what's going on everybody? in the sports bay area studios. madison bumgarner has yet to get a win. he will have to wait a while to get one. he injured himself in a dirt bike accident and has been placed on the disabled list. he suffered bruised ribs and a grade one sprain in his shoulder. the incident occurred on a day off while in denver. he is out of the hospital and resting at the team hotel. buster tweeted the giants fear madison may be sidelined over two months. >> if i was there, sure, i
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wouldn't have let him on that bike. i'm sure looking at it now, i wish madison wishes he wouldn't have gotten on it. very remorseful. i'm talking to him. unfortunately, you know, accidents happen. our focus is more on just getting healthy. >> any day he miss is hard for us. we will get a better idea of how long he will be out and how bad these injuries are when we get whack to san francisco next week and he gets a chance to see our team doctor. any time you lose a madison bumgarner to a dl it's not a good day. the warriors are in portland tomorrow night for game three of their first round series with the blazers. coverage begins at 6:30 on nbc bay area. make sure you tune in. that's it for sports. more news after
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china )s biggest carmakers -- rethinking the name of one of iar familiarly tonight at 11:00, what's in a name? one of china's biggest car makers rethinking the name of one of its cars that's about to be sold here in the united states. the car is called -- well, take a look.
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trump chi. they didn't mean to name the car after president trump. they are contemplating changing the name after receiving criticism at the detroit auto show a few months back. >> interesting. all right. so pretty sunny this weekend. and we are starting to break up that pattern. we had a lovely day today. >> i know, it was so nice today. the thing tomorrow is we have high clouds moving in. temperature also drop about ten degrees. sunday i think is going to be the sunniest day of the weekends. don't worry, only a slight chance of showers next week. >> the weekend is here. an joy it. thank you for joining us on this friday night. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- salma hayek, mike bir


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