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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at eleven. the investigation continues... and passengers who witnessed this dramatic disturbance at s-f-o are sharing right now at 11:00. the investigation continues. passengers who witnessed a traumatic disturbance on a plane at sfo now is sharing their stories and videos. we are following breaking news. >> the news at 11:00 starts now. thank you for joining us, i am peggy bunker. >> i am terry mcsweeney. first breaking news here in the south bay.
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a large house fire is warning people staying outside because of heavy smoke. live out there with marianne. >> reporter: there was a family inside and they were able to get out in time. it is an active scene you can see here. a lot of smoke pouring from the two-story home. to give you an idea of where we are. we are on the backside of fremont avenue near highway 85 here in sunnyvale. you can also see a ladder truck here. what firefighters have been doing is using this ladder truck to drop both water and foam on top of the roof. that's where the fire started. a family was inside this home when the fire broke out shortly after 7:00 tienonight. one person suffered a fire injury. it appears there is a fire in between the roof time. because the roof is at risk of
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collapsing. fire had to fight the flames from the perimeter. >> we went door-to-door and i just docked on door to make sure anybody inside, make sure they stay inside because it was heavy smoke and keep their windows shut early on. >> the fire did not spread to any other homes. firefighters are planning to be out here for a couple more hours. the big concern is that this fire in between the tiles will reignite. they're keeping a close eye on that. the thick smoke is pouring out of there. this is still a big challenge for firefighters. reporting live, in sunnyvale, marianne farvo. nbc 11 news. the child struck by a bullet riding in a car. the shooting happened about 2:20 in the afternoon when an gunman
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in the camiro opened fire. the gunman is still on the lose tonight. police are searching for the gunman after a deadly shooting. several police hearing the gunfire when officers got there, they found one person dead and two others wounded. shark fans coming ento town for a game, the motel guests were very concerned. so far investigators have not identified any suspects. >> we are learning more today about the altercation on the plane at sfo. all caught on video here. passengers on board are coming forward with their stories of what they saw. thom jensen has been on this story since it broke. the airline industry is supporting that flight
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attendant. >> reporter: yes, one group said this flight attendant did the opposite of what he was supposed to do. he added fuel to the fire. >> this mother in tears after passenger says he was mistreated by an american airline flight attendant. >> you do that to in and i will lock you flat. >> a san francisco says the attendant violently yanked the stroller and nearly hit the mother and the baby. the male's passenger reactions after the attendant explained it was an accident. >> the attendant is suspended while the investigation is complete completely. >> we'll talk to air crew and passengers involved if they have any -- and passengers near by
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witnessing the situation. >> a video always helps to bring out anything to light especially behavior like that. >> and not what you expect from attendant. that's customer service. >> it says in a written statement "the video from an american plane is not representative of the work flight attendants do to de-escalate conflicts and manage issues to ensure the safe departure and arrival of tens of thousands of flights daily. >> reporter: another tip from our aviation expert, he says you should always check with your carrier before bringing a stroller on board. some airlines allowed you to bring the smaller stroller on as long as they fit over head binsmebins. a lot of airlines do not let you
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check in. thank you very much, for continuous coverage of this story and see different videos from other passengers on that plane, head to our website on and get the latest details on the investigation. science in action. thousands of people turned out to demonstrate the march on science. many denounced president trump's policy. nbc bay area has more. >> adam savage came to speak >> when we see politicians move away from the best data towards their own biases, that's not policy that benefits everyone. that's policy that benefits the few. >> organizers say scientists removed to take action. >> cutting the epa, not funding any research what so ever, eliminating stem education
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investment in our schools, those are direct threats for our future. >> as the rally turns to a march down market street, many carrying signs and concerned of president trump's abuse on climate change and proposed science cuts. >> funding for so many areas of science to me is just completely unacceptable. for me, the science pieces are important but i am going as every demonstration i can make to. i cannot stand what's happening in this country. >> reporter: in a statement, president trump says requesth my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that lead to a better understanding of our environment and environmental risks. >> science israel. it is important than politics. the world is heating up. we need to do something. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. so a lot of activities today
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there. also, the march for science is honored here in the bay area. take a look at this video here where we see bill nye the science guy, he was there to speak to crowds talking about the importance of funding for scientific research. in chicago of 600 marches all across the united states today. a san francisco firefighter is in stable conditions this evening. the fire department sent out this video, firefighters say the plane broke out on the first floor. no word on how that firefighter is hurt. again, he's in stable condition right now. . >> this is the neighborhood off
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of columbus parkway and firefighters say electricity and flames are causing more explosion. a dry chemical extinguisher are p putting out the power. next, remembering the woman who played a lovable character in an iconic tv show. >> declining dinner. what president trump plans to do instead of attending the white house's correspondent's dinner. it is tradition. that dinner is taking place on his 100th day in office. an amazing video over seas a ferry out of control of a world look out. right now we are looking at san jose, 56 degrees right now and we are expecting this 60s on the way tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime, may we see a chance of showers early tomorrow morning. the answer when we come back in just a minute.
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the woman best known for her role as "joanie cunningham" on "happy days" ....has died. sad news for the entertainment world, the woman known as -- in "happy days" have died. erin moran dies at age 56. autopsy is being conducted. fans are taking to social media to share their many memories. new development from the white house tonight. the trump administration is
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asking surgeon general to resign. >> his deputy will step into the role until a permanent replacement is made. today president trump awa awarded a purple heart to a veteran in afghanistan. he was joined there on the first lady. >> he pinned the medal on the sergean sergeant and he shook his hand. after announcing in february that he will not be attending the correspondent's dinner. next saturday, the day of the dinner he will hold a big rally. it is his 100th day in office as
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president. details of the rally has not been released. a scary commute in paris today. this is video before they arrested a man wielding a knife. travelers are running away. no one was hurt. officers were able to arrest the man right away. it happened two days after a police officer was shot and killed in paris. a final good-bye today of a man's sense less murder was posted on facebook on easter sunday. a memorial service for the victim robert goodwin senior, the man was out for a walk and returning home from easter dinner when he was randomly targeted. today he was remembered by his friends and family who said he was gentle and a loving man. he survived by ten children and many grandchildren and some
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great grandchildren. ism mike pence and austria prime minister are joining forces on the issue of north korea. the two leaders met in sidney today. the air of strategic patience is over and all options are on the table now. >> continuing on the path of the world been on over the last 25 years is unacceptable. >> the vice president said an aircraft carrier will be in the water off the korean peninsula and they are urging china to do more to pressure north korea to drop its nuclear weapon program. president xi is working on this as well on the issue. several people are taking to the hospital after this ferry crash in spain. this is a video of the crash as it happens yesterday. >> it is not going to stop. it slam in the seawall and crushing part of that wall to collapse point a dozen people were hurt.
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the company lost the electric power and causing the boat to crash. spanish government says crews rai raced to the board to clean that mess. our rob mayeda is joining us now, we are half way through the week, it is nice. >> pretty nice. clear sky finishing and we'll repeat the trough over there across the bay area across san francisco. >> 57 degrees and the camera bouncing around through the winds out of the northwest close to 17 miles per hour and san jose right now of 56 degrees. partly cloudy skies and speaking of the wind speeds right now. napa and fairfield up to 20 miles per hour. winds out of the northwest out of san jose. winds part of the story tomorrow and at least for the early morning hours before 7:00 a.m., you may see a few sprinkles.
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the afternoon, mostly sunny skies and clear skies around san jose and 68 degrees. northwest winds though in the afternoon. tri-valley mostly sunny. 72 degrees in pleasant ton and livermore. you could see gusts close to 30. in san francisco, look at the winds. north bay highs upper 60s to low 70s. now, this little system here will bring clouds, we don't think it is going to bring much in the way of measurable rain. it is there and gone by 9:00 tomorrow morning. you notice how fair skies should stay about 10:00 tomorrow night. looks like north of san francisco and maybe the best chance to find rain this week for 6:00 and monday evening as
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the rain chance going south bay. on tuesday, looks like most of the chances are going to stay in the north bay as high pressure off to the west. deflecting a lot of that energy. that's going to be the case until wednesday morning and the same high backup and over the west. friday and saturday. that could give us gusty north winds at times and especially thursday afternoon. we'll have to watch out for that. breezy and dry. the winds backup next weekend. very likely see 80s, most of the valleys and possibly mid-70s. plus, san francisco, warm temperatures on the way. in the meantime, we may have to see a few showers to start the workweek. we got temperatures the 60 in san francisco. >> low 70s on saturday and right now upper 70 by next sunday. stay tuned for that. >> for areas north of san jose, best chance of showers is 70s and second half of the week, 80s
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and mid-80s next sunday. >> we'll take the new weather forecast coming our way >> that's pretty great. >> i know you are excited about it. >> i like the new one. >> thanks rob. we had a crazy sports night here in the newsroom and everyone is watching the rain. >> jim, are you there? >> it has been a busy day in bay area sports. i have watched every game. i will bring up the best. >> warriors in portland and sharks and eliminations in game six. straight ahead from the sports' desk. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up! with playoff games tonight. the warriors were in portland trying to take a 3-nothing lead in their series. the sharks needed a win to keep their series alive with edmonton. would we have a happy i am jim kozimor. warriors and portland.
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edmonton, we have happy evening for both teams. >> again, in the tank, sharks spoiler breaking away the goals in the second period. the goals came 56 seconds apart. 2-0, boilers at the end of 2. patrick marlowe and the season ends for the sharks. they lose 3-1. warriors game three, steve kerr and warriors. >> game tied at 83. a few moements later with draymond green and it is late in
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the fourth quarter. you know who we got to see in stephen curry. warriors go onto win 119-113. finally, athletics one for the fifth times in a row. jie giants they lost. rockies beat them. that'll do it for sports. i am jim kozimor. >> thank you, back to you terry. >> i am still bummed about the sharks though. >> we'll be right back. what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop?
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what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance. ==terry/take vo== nbc bay area employees joined finally tonight, it was all about giving back to the community here at nbc bay area today.
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>> comcast cares day. >> out at the elementary school in san francisco, standing and painting and sanding. coast to coast getting a make over. >> it is really incredible and bringing the community together. >> we can make it pretty by painting it all up again. >> certainly our volunteers, our own rob mayeda. comcast cares day is the largest single day that corporate volunteers have this huge upper across the country. we are proud to do that. we have some good weather out there today. >> yes, right there. >> i had to work on my paint. [ laughter ] >> weather. >> how is it looking? >> well, not too bad as we wrap up the weekend. low 60s and 70s. windy though. at times of northwest winds or
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showers and next weekend, 80s. a great day tomorrow. thank you very much, thank you for joining us tonight. >> "saturday night live" is next. good night.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. good evening. i'm chris wallace. and welcome to the third and final presidential debate. tonight is going to be a lot like the third "lord of the rings" movie. you don't really want to watch,


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