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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 23, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside...... sky over communications hill - san jose good sunday morning to you. it's 7:00 this sunday, april 26th, is it? i don't know what day it is, the 23rd, the 26th? 23rd. we'll get it right. a live look outside. the skies over communication hill in san jose looking absolutely picturesque and beautiful. thank you so much for waking up with us this sunday morning. we'll get a check of the microclimate forecast with vianey arana. we're just enjoying the weekend weather, but you were saying we might get a sprinkle or two. >> might get a few showers, but at least today it's going to be very calm. very seasonably cool and a nice combination of high and low clouds that make for very
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picturesque photos. if you have any, if you're a photographer, if you have an iphone, send those over to us. south bay, 54. peninsula, 42, and san francisco, 53. the north bay, 46, and the east bay, 57. you can kind of already see the skyline filling up with clouds. the temperature trend is showing a much cooler pattern than yesterday. today, we're not really expecting to see any 70s in the forecast. mainly going to be upper 50s and 60s for inland areas which is great weather to be outside. maybe a nice hike. today will definitely be something to do with the kids. maybe go outside. maybe to the beach even. it night be too close to the beach, but i think it's breezy as well. we're expecting a cool front that came in overnight. winds from the west between 15 and 20 plus miles per hour. today will be cooler, breezier day, but yes, on track to see more showers in the forecast. that could start as earl eas tomorrow. if you want to get a closer
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timeline of exactly when the rain is expected, where, and how much, well, then, we're going to want to tune frin the main forecast in four minutes. >> thanks. >> a large house fire in the south bay has firefighters warning neighbors to stay in their homes. it happened just after 7:00 last night at a two-story home in sunnyvale. the family who was inside that home at the time the fire started did make it out safely. firefighters say the fire may have ignited on the roof of the home. they were forced to fight the flames from their ladders because of the risk that the roof could collapse. firefighters say the smoke was so bad, they had to tell neighbors to stay inside. >> we actually went door to door, and just knocked on doors to make sure if anybody was inside, to tell them to stay inside, keep the windows shut because it was heavy smoke early on. >> firefighters did stay at the scene for several hours to watch for any other hot spots. a deadly shooting near california state university east
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bay. hayward police say it happened after 8:00 last night on fielding drive. that's just a street off college heights park. officers say when they arrived, they found a 21-year-old man who was suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital but he died just a short time later. according to investigators, no suspect is in custody and they don't have any leads in this case. this is hayward's second homicide of the year. suisun city police are looking for a gunman who nearly shot a 1-year-old child. that baby was riding in a car when someone opened fire. the shooting happened about 2:20 yesterday afternoon. you can see there, the back windshield of the silver car completely shattered. the gunman was in an orange camaro. police say the bullet went through the trunk and stopped just before going through the seat where the child was sitting. if you have information, call suisun city police. new details this morning about a story we first broke
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yesterday. in san jose, police are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting at a motel, about midnight saturday at the motel 6 on the alameda. someone called police after hearing gunfire. when officers arrived, they found one person dead and two others wounded. the hotel is popular with sharks fans coming into town for the game. >> i wish they would have told me up front when i asked, you know, what had happened. >> so far, investigators have not identified any suspects. a fire in vallejo yesterday morning, and this one was underground. it happened when an electrical ball under a manhole caught fire. this was the scene. firefighters say the electricity and flames were causing small explosions underground, and they had to use a special dry chemical extinguisher to put out the fire. several homes in the area lost power, but no one was hurt. another airline altercation. this time, between an american
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airlines flight attendant and a passenger at sfo. and once again, it was caught on camera. passengers onboard are telling us what they saw. today in the bay's tom jenson has been on the story since it broke friday night. >> this mother in tears after passengers say she was mistreated by an american airlines flight attendant. a man on his way to dallas jumped in, challenging the attendant. >> you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> a san francisco woman on the flight said the attendant violented yanked a stroller from a woman's hands come hit the mother and nearly hit a baby in her arm. new video obtained by nbc bay area shows the male passenger's reaction after the attendant tries to explain it was an accident. >> you almost hurt a baby. >> the attendant is suspected while an investigation is completed. they will work like most criminal investigations. >> we'll talk to the air crew, to the passengers involved. if they have known passengers
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nearby who witnessed the situation, talk to them as well and determine what's the best course of action. >> these travelers say they're glad passengers are capturing incidents like this on smartphones. >> a video always helps to bring out anything to light, especially behavior like that. >> what you would expect from an attendant is customer service. >> they agree, among other things, it said in a written statement, quote, the video from an american plane is not representative of the work flight attendants do to de-escalate conflict and manage issues to insure the safe departure and arrival of tens of thousands of flights daily. >> continuing coverage of this story, go to our website, we have posted the full video and you can learn the latest on the investigation. police are searching for a brentwood teenager missing since wednesday night. 17-year-old cameron breesy was last seen in brentwood, but
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police got a tip friday she might be in the pittsburg area about 15 miles away. witnesses saw a girl similar in appearance at the dollar tree on bailey road in pittsburg. she was with a male companion. she's described at 5'5" and 185 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. >> much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, what president trump plans to do instead of attending the white house correspondents dinner on his 100th day in office. >> plus, free check-ups for those in need. the event on the peninsula drawing attention to a critical issue in california. stay with us. have assembled.
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your time now is 7:09. let's give you a live look outside at san francisco. absolutely goermsh. you see the golden gate bridge in the distance. we don't have a ton of fog to talk about. and it looks like you're going to have clears there today. vianey will be by in a moment to tell you when we'll get a few sprinkles in the forecast. nothing to freak out about, but we do have a few more scattered
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showers heading our way this week and then a really nice warm-up next weekend. >> president trump spent part of saturday carrying out a solemn duty. awarding the purple heart to a wounded soldier. the president remains in washington this weekend. he's preparing to present his tax reform plan. kelly o'donnell reports on the week ahead. >> this rain-soaked day at the white house seemed fitting for one solemn duty of the commander in chief. the president and mrs. trump made their first trip to visit injured service members at the national military hospital walter reed. for army sergeant alvaro, joined by his wife tammy, this was a special honor. >> president of the united states of america has awarded the purple heart. >> he was injured in afghanistan last month. >> i wanted to do it my. so congratulations on behalf of melania, myself, and the entire nation. >> from that personal expression
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of military strength to a global alliance. the vice president in sydney. >> good day. >> we he addressed specific concerns about north korea's nuclear program. >> the president and i have great confidence that china will properly deal with north korea. >> back in washington, the trump white house is managing expectations ahead of the 100-day milestone. >> also going to try to convince people that even if he hasn't gotten over the finish line on some of these big objectives, he's made a lot of progress toward that goal. >> eager for accomplishments, he surprised his own team by jumping to tax cuts. >> we'll have a big announcement on wednesday having to do with tax reform. >> advisers say expect a broad outline on tax cuts, not specifics. although the white house needs a legislative victory, like the promised repeal of obamacare, speaker paul ryan told house republicans in a conference call, the top priority is a
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government funding deal to avoid a shutdown by friday's deadline. repeal must wait. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. after announcing in february he will not be attending the white house correspondents dinner, we have learned what he be doing instead. he said next saturday, the day of the dinner, he will be holding a big rally in pennsylvania. that also happens to be the president's 100th day in office. details of the rally have not been released. still ahead on today in the bay, giving back to communities across the country on comcast cares day. the global movement and the impact here in the bay area. vianey. >> beautiful clouds overlooking walnut creek right now. using the weather underground sky cam, tracking a fairly cool day in the bay area, but also looking ahead for some chance of showers into the upcoming work week. all the details coming up right after the break. hill - sj
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let's give you a live look outside at san jose.
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this time from our camera on communications hill. you see some blue skies peeking through. we had clouds earlier, but it's going to be a nice day. a great day poobe outside because you'll have cloud cover. it won't get too hot. a good day to get out and get some exercise. >> 2,000 people who cannot afford dental care got check-ups for free this weekend thanks to a special program. the california dental association cares clinic took over the event center in san mateo yesterday. the program pairs people who don't have dental insurance with community volunteers who donate their time and skills. patients say they are extremely grateful for the service. >> i don't think i could thank them enough honestly. i don't know how to thank them enough. >> i lost my insurance a year ago, so i have been, yeah, struggling, trying to get a dentist. >> an estimated 30% of californians have trouble finding affordable dental care. many of them children. since 2012, they have provided
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more than $16 million in care to more than 20,000 people. >> and speaking of giving back, our way of giving back to the community. nbc bay area employees joined thousands of comcast employees across the country for comcast cares day. comcast is our parent company. >> elementary school in san francisco is one of hundreds of sites across the country getting a makeover. from sanding railings to painting murals to planting new flowers, getting your hands dirty has never looked better. >> this is the fun part of the day. >> it's all part of comcast cares. comcast nbcuniversal's way to help improve communities from coast to coast and convey the message somebody cares. >> kids are going to come back, school will be transformed or a garden may have been transformed. and you don't understand the impact that this has for kids
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who sometimes wonder and families that sometimes wonder whether the country is ignoring them, they're being left behind. >> we want to give you background about what's going on. this is happening all over the country. >> on hand to help kick off the day's events, friendly faces you see on nbc bay area news and state leaders. >> the most important thing we can do is be involved locally and make positive change locally and be strong. >> myra is the principal of sutro elementary, where comcast employees along with family and friends transformed the campus. >> new painting, all these garden projects. it's going to be incredible, and we get to bring the community together. >> we can make it pretty by painting it all up again. >> nice, think if we can do things for the youth, that's where it really starts. that's where change really happens. >> in san jose, volunteers at glider elementary discovered a fresh coat of paint can make a
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world of difference. >> everything was so faded before that you couldn't even see any of the white lines. now it's bright and colorful. >> comcast cares day is now the largest single day corporate volunteer effort in the nation. reporting from san francisco, laura malapert, nbc bay area news. >> it really was such a beautiful day out there. folks were in san francisco. we were down at glider elementary. rob and chris, and some of our folks off camera, too. eva, mark. >> perfect weather. i think the stars aligned for that and also so many people out and about for major events. there were huge events yesterday and today is a repeat of how beautiful it was yesterday, but with even better temperatures because we're slightly cooler. mt. hamilton, look how gorgeous this shot is. ucan see the clouds over the mountains. we're expecting to see a combination of sun and clouds yet again for today. the temperatures right now if you're waking up, still in the 40s and 50s in the south bay. 54 degrees. peninsula, 42. and in the tri-valley, 51
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degrees. san francisco, nice and cool. at about 53 degrees. that's because we did kind of have that cold front overnight and that's going to keep us nigh and cool for today. definitely on the cooler side. no 70s really in the forecast. livermore, 65 degrees. along the coastline, expect upper 50s and lower 60s, and inland areas like san jose topping out at about 68 degrees. we're expecting to see a nice temperature trend. another great day, as i mentioned, for events. and outdoor activs. today is the last day for the silicon valley comic-con, so make sure to head out to that. the weather is going to be gorgeous. by about 1:00, 66 degrees. i was out yesterday grabbing a bite to eat after work, and i noticed downtown san jose was absolutely packed. there were so many events yesterday. there was the sharks, autism march for science, if you're heading to the oakland a's game,
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a baseball hat is needed because the sunshine is going to be beaming. definitely remember to wear some sunscreen. in the forecast, temperatures in the 60s. we are expecting breezier conditions and i know winds and baseball, they're not a good combination. westerly winds will be at 15 to 20 miles per hour. through that early afternoon. so please make sure to go outside and enjoy a hike today as well. going to be perfect along the trails. by about 7:00 a.m., still in the partly cloudy skies. through about the 9:00 a.m. hour. if we fast forward through 10:00, about 55 degrees. 2:00, upper 50s. and then by 6:00, we'll see a cool coastline with an increase in cloud cover. now let's talk about this rain. as i was mentioning, yes, tracking a chance for a few showers. if you look ahead, by monday at about 1:30, we start seeing an increase in cloud cover. breezy at times today, and then if we fast forward, you look, by about 5:30, we see the majority of that system thankfully does stick off to the north.
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that's going to hit or miss areas near santa rosa, point reyes, and the napa area, and even maybe san francisco. looking ahead towards monday night at about 9:00, we do see a few of these cells here and there kind of popping up throughout the entire bay area. monday into tuesday as well. now, we're going to see some spotty showers tuesday overnight. so a lot of these events happen overnight. as you're sleeping. they're definitely going to be spotty. no washouts here, but expect to see a chance for a few spotty showers mainly in the north bay and the coastline. south bay, might get a little chance. as we head into the next seven days, by tuesday, 63. i want to put your attention to friday and saturday. that's because by wednesday, we do start a bit of a drier trend and also a warming trend. and that's going to climb our temperatures up into the upper 60s by for inland areas and look at that, 73 degrees by thursday. friday, 76, and yes, that is an 80 on next saturday. so finally, we're missing the
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rain on weekends. i'm not missing it, but the rain is missing us on the weekends. >> i echo that sentiment. thank you, vianey. you're watching today in the bay. coming up, knowledge is power. meet the man who introduced the wonders of science to thousands in the bay area for more than two decades. it's a story that will make you bay area proud. and "hacker spaces" were all the
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rage, there was a place in san francisco that embodie long before maker fairs and hacker spaces were all the rage, there was a place in san francisco that embodied those ideals. over the past 25 years, thousands of young people have passed through its doors and been introduced to the wonder of science. gavin thomas has an inside look at the place and the man behind it in this morning's bay area proud. >> dan does not have an advanced degree in science. he's never gone to school to be a teacher either. you would think that would hold someone back from being a science teacher. not, dan says, when you waument
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to teach science the way he does. if we told you there was treasure hidden under san francisco's mission high school, what do you imagine it would look like? well, probably not this. or this. >> how are you guys? >> and certainly not him. >> good. remember my name? dan. >> still, for the past 25 years, dan has been the man behind the mission science workshop. an absolute hidden treasure of science education and exploration. >> it's called oxygen. >> the workshop was born a few blocks away a few decades ago in dan's garage. while he tinkered with electronics, he would leave the door open, and neighborhood kids would stop by. >> started, you know, finding out how much fun it was to explain this stuff. i was excited about it, and they were like, it's amazing, and they started bringing rocks to my garage, and i had all this crazy stuff. i started doing all this --
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because they were like, this was the hottest place on the block. >> what is that? >> dan immediatelied there was a need for hands-on science learning. and sought a bigger home for his workshop. >> science is really not about believing what somebody like me says. it's about doing experiments and believing in the experiments. do you see the difference? >> he teaches science to students from more than 30 different schools and the workshop is regularly open to the public for free. >> it won't hurt you but it's kind of unant. >> the rare kind of place for kids, one where it's okay to break stuff. >> something completely different that we typically wouldn't be able to do in the classroom. >> marisol first came to the workshop when she was in elementary school. she's now working toward a career in osteologist, the study of bone. something inspired by her time with dan. dan's latest project is assembling a horse skeleton, one that can be taken apart and put
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together just like a puzzle. he's already done the same thing with a whale. >> the oxygen did not disappear -- >> dan says while the work helps focus young people who don't have much, this is the kind of experience every child could benefit from. a chance to uncover the hidden treasures of science with their very own hands. the mission science workshop has been so successful, a couple years ago, they opened up another branch in the excelsior district. >> still to come on today in the bay, 000 march in the bay area with a strong message to president trump on earth day. also, millions of dollars collected. zero deliveries made. the bay area drone company that's come under fire for ignoring customer requests for refunds. take a live look outside......
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san francisco -- from emoryville your time now is 7:29.
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it is sunday, april 23rd. you're looking live outside at san francisco from our camera in emeryville. you see the bay bridge there. looking like a beautiful sunday to get out and get some things done. thank you for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen woorb we'll get a check of the forecast with vianey. i know april showers bring may flowers. the showers in april seem to be sticking around, even though we have mostly clear skies, some sprinkles coming back? >> helping us keep the mountains green. like you said, the flowers beautiful. it's going to be a great day for a picnic. look at this shot of wood, looking absolutely stunning. today, we're expecting to see mostly clear skies, but we still might see aal clouds lingering here and there. temps remain in the 40s. palo alto, sfraev. san jose in the 50s, and along the coastline, in the 50s. today's forecast, though, well, slight lly cooler, but still seasonable. going to feel like spring. you're going to enjoy some nice
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weather. 60 degrees, the expected high in san francisco. concord, 69. napa, in the 70s. and hey, we have a couple events happening today if you're heading to the sofa street fair, today in san jose. you're definitely going to have the ideal weather for that. just make sure to pack any allergy medicine if you're going to be outside because we do still have a high tree pollen count out there. temps in the 60s. look at that, by 1:00, 66 degrees. the event starts at 2:00. this is a great day to be outside, enjoy it with family and friends. maybe a nice bike ride. maybe i'll do that. >> a nice barbecue. we did that last night. nice to be outside for a little bit. thank you. a large house fire in the south bay had firefighters warning neighbors to stay inside. it happens just after 7:00 last night at a two-story home in sunnyvale. the family was inside the home when the fire started, but they made it out safely. firefighters say the fire may have ignited on the roof of the
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home. they were forced to fight the flames from ladders because of concerns about the roof collapsing. firefighters say insmoke was so bad, they had to tell people to shelter in place. >> we went door to door and just knocked on doors to make sure if anybody was inside to tell them to stay inside, keep the windows shut because it was heavy smoke early on. >> fire engines stayed to monitor the scene for several hours making sure there were no hot spots. >> new this morning, a deadly shooting near california state university east bay. hayward police say it happened after 8:00 on fielding drive, a street off college heights park. officers say when they arrived, they found a 21-year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to a hospital but he died a short time later. according to investigators, they don't have any suspects in custody and no leads right now in this case. this is hayward's second homicide of the year. >> science in action. thousands of people turned out across the bay area to participate in the march for science. they joined demonstrators in
7:33 am
cities all around the country, many of whom denounced president trump's policies. today in the bay's christie smith reports. >> a rally at justin herman plaza true thousands of people ahead of the march for science. adam savage, former co-host of myth busters, came to speak. >> when we see politicians move away from the best data towards their own biases, that's not policy that benefits everyone. that's policy that benefits the few. >> organizers say scientists were moved to cutting the epa, climate research whatsoever, eliminating s.t.e.m. education investment in our schools, those are direct threats to our future. >> as the rally turned to a march, many carries signs about science and concerns about president trump's views on climate change and proposed science. >> funding for so many areas of science to me is just completely
7:34 am
unacceptable. for me, the science piece is important, but i'm going to be at every demonstration i can possibly make it to. i just can't stand what's happening in this country. >> in an earth day statement, president trump said my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks. >> science matters. science is real. it's more important than politics. it's more important. the world is heating up. we need to do something. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> nbc bay area responds to several consumers who share the same predicament. they each spent hundreds of dollars to get a new drone before it hit the mass market. they have been left empty-handed after waiting for as long as two years. they turned to answers and refunds. here is chris chmura. >> this is about a high-flying
7:35 am
dream thatted and burned, after, that is, attracting tens of millions in preorders that have never and will never be filled. this 2015 video touts the lily camera, a clever twist on the drone. lily, you see, follows its subject and records life from above. tech consulant stewart freeman saw lily online and pulled out his credit card to land one six months before everybody else. >> they got me where they wanted me. >> lily was advertised as autonomous and water proof as well. this is the brain child of two berkeley alums. their san francisco company blanketed social media, offered presales at a discount, and collected more than $30 million. financial feat lily touted to a website tech crunch. >> $30 million. >> $34 million.
7:36 am
>> 2015. >> that's about 60,000 units. >> that's a lot of units. >> they raked in more than $38 million from 61,450 buyers in 80 countries. >> but lily repeatedly pushed back its delivery date. leaving customers to wonder whether this drone-making start-up would ever get off the ground. >> when i initially made my purchase i was fully aware that it would be six months before i received it, we're sitting now just about two years since i purchased it. >> still don't have it? >> that's right. >> faced with delays and excuses, thousands of fed-up lily customers requested refunds and got them. including one who enlisted a response team at our nbc sister station in washington, d.c. >> never suspected it was going to take 18 months. >> but people like stewart and kieren and james and gobs of others who sounded off on social media did not get refunds.
7:37 am
>> never got responded to. >> stewart and others turned to us for help. we made multiple requests on their behalf. we asked where the $38 million went and whether customers would get their money back. but lily's response has equaled the numbers of drones it delivered, zero. the outlook was bad. then the situation got worse. the san francisco district attorney sued lily accusing it of false advertising and misleading representation. the suit claims lily's promotional videos weren't actually shot with a lily. some footage was allegedly shot by a competitor's drone, and according to the suit, lily failed to make any disclaimers regarding the true source of the video footage. the d.a. accuses lily of knowing what it was doing was wrong. the suit cites an internal e-mail that lily's cofounder sent saying we should be extremely careful if we decide to lie publicly. a lily lawyer declined to comment on the suit. stewart is stunned by all this.
7:38 am
>> i guess emotionally it's nice to see that there is some legal action taken. >> a source close to lily robotics tells nbc bay area the company's staff has dwindled from 30 people down to just four. the two co-founders plus two new hired people whose sole job is to shut down the company records show lily robotics has now filed for bankruptcy. a chapter 11 is often a bad omen for consumers, but this one right might offer hope. we found the company has told the court it has $18.7 million remaining. the seam search showed 31,800 customers awaiting refunds. that would average out to $588 per person, about the same amount stewart paid. lily's bankruptcy attorney told us the company has requested court approvals to bring full refunds to its customers. the court will sort out who lily owes and how much. it will then decide if consumers like stewart stand at the front of the line to get paid or the
7:39 am
back. >> the crazy thing about it right now is i have no idea whether it's a mad scramble. >> the d.a. is moving forward with its civil suit even though the company has filed for bankruptcy. for consumers who are due refunds, lily says it knows who you are, but its bankruptcy attorney told me if you moved in the past two years, you need to update your details to get your money back. there's a forum online. we have added a link to that's also where you can tip us off to other consumer stories or if you prefer to call, the number is 888-996-tips. today in the bay returns after a short break. coming up, the warriors went to portland short-handed for game three of their series against the trail blazers, and kevin durant wasn't the only important member of the team missing. while head coach steve kerr never left his hotel room. not only were the warriors
7:40 am
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missing three players from
7:42 am
their game 3 matchup against the portland tr not only were the warriors missing three players from their game three matchup against the trail blazers last night, including kevin durant, they were also without head coach steve kerr for what the team called an illness. mike brown serving as acting head coach for the night. the ws were down by as many as 17. that changed late in the third quarter. this break hammer by andre iguodala ties the game, and then draymond green lobs it up to mcgee for the lead. steph curry made big shots down the stretch and the warriors take a commanding 3-0 lead in the series. they win 119-113. >> there are reports that steve kerr has been fighting an unknown illness for several days. his availability for tomorrow night's game four is not clear. well, back here in the bay area, it was a different story for the sharks as they tried to stave off elimination alt the s.a.p. center. the oilers took a 2-0 lead into
7:43 am
the third series. the sharks cut it to one, and then joe pavelski almost ties it. he hit the crossbar. that was it, as close as it would get. the oilers clinched the win with an empty-netter and the sharks season comes to a close. they lose 3-2. today in the bay is back in two minutes. coming up, will she or won't she? dianne feinstein will become the state's longest runner senator if she runs and wins re-election in 2018. larry gerston joins us to give us a look at the candidates most likely to run. dianne feinstein has been a u.s.
7:44 am
7:45 am
senator since 1992. if she is elected to -- and completes-- a sixth term next dianne feinstein has been a senator since 1992. if she's elected to and completes a sixth term next year, feinstein will become the longest serving u.s. senator in california history. yet there is some uncertainty whether she will run and if she would win. larry gerston joins us this morning. feinstein is really an institution in california,
7:46 am
larry. >> she is, and for good reason. she's got quite a pedigree, if you will. dianne feinstein is a key member of the u.s. senate by virtue of her seniority and her appointment to select committees. the appropriations committee which determines spending commitments, the judiciary committee where she's the ranking member and opposed recent supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. what a combination. she's also been a leading advocate for women's rights, gun control, and long-standing opponent of torture of suspected terrorists. feinstein is the longest serving and old member of the u.s. senate, which really speaks volumes for her experience. and knowledge of the political process. yes, an institution, and she is a pro. >> all around, many would agree she has a stellar record. yet, some are questioning whether or not she will run next year. what's behind the speculation? >> three factors come into play
7:47 am
here. look, her health, which was highlighted a few weeks ago when she rsked a pacemaker. her position as a democrat, which these days might be too conservative, especially for environmentalists in a state where the issue of environmentalism looms large and activism. and her age. feinstein is 83 years old. some people are worried about her seeking and completing another six-year term. check out the results from the university of california institute of governmental studies poll released earlier this month. look, if you look at what's going on, if you don't mention her name, it's almost even. once her age is cited, it's a whole other story. her popularity dropped considerably as a potential candidate for the senate. combined, these three factors could cause trouble. >> given her stature in the state and in the nation, really, who could challenge her? >> yeah, as i understand right now, a few democrats of any
7:48 am
notoriety would oppose her if she runs. republicans would be pressed to take her on in the overwhelmingly blue state. you have to think that. but if she does, there are a lot of things to think about. >> you talked about some of the weaknesses, let's call them. who might side to run then? >> let's look into this. some possible democratic candidates include representative jackie speier, right from san mateo county. eric garcetti, and adam schiff, who by the way, has gained some massive notoriety as the ranking member of the house intelligence committee currently examining alleged ties between the trump inner circle and the russian operatives. great exposer for him. >> what does the republican party look like among gop candidates, who are you talking about that might be available? >> it's a short list, but among republicans, swearinger has high
7:49 am
name recognition, but once again, remember, this is a pretty blue state. >> any predictions from crystal ball, larry? >> we know that broke a long time ago. but here's what we might look for in the coming months. feinstein's fund-raising efforts. how active will they be over the coming months. noises from potential opponents. will there be any exploratory committees. that's usually a first step, and feinstein health as well as that of her husband, richard blum, who also has his own health issues. this is stucky stuff. power and political office is necessary to get things done. it's also intoxicating. and sometimes an elected official has a hard time stepping down because of a vacuum that might be left in his or her place, and frankly, trying to figure out where he or she goes on for the rest of their life. several years ago, when u.s. supreme courts thurgood marshall
7:50 am
was asked while he was retiring from office, he answered candidly, because i'm old. that's what he said. fair or not, age may be a consideration for feinstein. and if that's the case, the would-be challengers in the coming months to come might have something to think about. how important is all this? that remains to be seen. >> as they say, age is just a number. it will be interesting to watch and see how this plays out and what her decision will be. >> she would be 90 years old if she completes a sixth term. >> that's incredible to think about. >> quite a record, too. >> absolutely. thank you. well, stay with us. today in the bay is back just after the short break. life lessons in the great outdoors. the unique outing that paired law enforcement officers with hundreds of kids. >> and we're looking forward to a very nice sunday. cool temps, but we're tracking showers on the way, and when can the bay area see a chance for some 80s in the forecast? i'll have that answer coming up right after the break.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> it's 7:53. sunday is off to a pretty good start. we're talking temps in the 50s,ly clear skies. very nice weather. tri-valley, 51 degrees right now. peninsula, 53. a nice combination of sun clouds in the south bay at 54. san francisco is also on the cooler side at 53 degrees. now, we're seeing more cloud cover in the east bay at 57, and the north bay, still trying to catch up in the temps at about 46 degrees. now, today's forecast is
7:54 am
expected to be a very nice one, but definitely cooler. seasonable temps in the upper 50s and lower 60s along the coastline. high of about 60 in san francisco. the north bay expecting highs in the upper 60s. nappy, about 70 degrees. livermore, 65, and san jose, 68. now, are tracking a flow coming up from the north that's going to bring weaker disturbances in towards the middle of the work week. today, nothing short of beautiful weather. if you're heading over to the oakland a's game, we're expecting a lot of sunshine, perfect weather for a baseball game and a baseball cap. by about 3:00, 64 degrees, and i know first pitch is at about 1:05. 62 degrees. the only thing we have to look out for is a light breeze with winds from the west between 15 and 20-plus miles per hour. that might be a little bit of an issue, but the winds aren't expected to pick up beyond that. we should be okay. if you're heading over to sonoma or napa, the temps are also going to be pretty nice. 59 degrees by 11:00. forward to 2:00, 62 degrees.
7:55 am
we are expecting to see an increase in cloud cover in the napa area. because of the system that we are tracking. santa cruz, the beach is also temps in the upper 50s and 60s. we'll see a little cloud cover and overcast skies as well. expect the winds to pick up just a bit along the coastline. especially later on in the afternoon. so definitely keep in mind that pollen report for today. seeing tree, pollen count. weeds, grass, and mold. a low pollen count, and hopefully weaker disturbance coming in from the north, hopefully that helps clear out some of the pollen. doppler radar, you can see the northerly flow sitting just offshore. and that is expected to bring a chance of a few scattered showers, but they're mainly going to be sticking off to the north bay. we're not expecting widespread showers. if you look monday by 1:30, we seeing an increase in cloud cover and you can see that system just up north, fast forward to 5:30, we notice the
7:56 am
cloud cover going to the south bay, and then at 1:30, we see a couple rain chances in santa rosa, point reyes, the napa area. overall, there will be a chance for light rain later on that afternoon. by about 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, we see a few pop-up showers here and there. mainly along the coastline. and then by tuesday, we do see some showers, but those are definitely going to stick off mostly to the north bay. we're definitely not expecting to see too much rain, but we might get spotty showers. over the next seven days, a quick check of what you can expect. rain chances for tuesday. as we fast forward through thursday, we notice a drying trend and a warming trend. we starting warm air moving in and by saturday, 70s in san francisco. and in the inland areas, we're talking 80s in the forecast by saturday. about 81 degrees. 60s overall. we're definitely expecting a pretty good day today. so definitely head outside. the weather will be absolutely perfect. i already know exactly what i'm
7:57 am
going to do. i decided. >> don't leave us in suspense. >> bike ride with binks, my puppy, in the basket. >> thanks. >> sometimes all it takes is bait and a hook to teach kids important life lessons. more than 300 students were paired with adult mentors for a day of fishing and fun. the event is organized by the santa clara county sheriff's recruits volunteering to help these kids. >> at the end of the day when they leave here and they're smiling on the bus and some of them have caught a fish, even if they haven't, they had a wonderful time. their parents and siblings come along. we feed them a nice lunch and they have a good time, and that's what it's all about. >> great park out there in milpitas. after fishing, a booarbecue for everyone. looks like they're having a blast. i wonder if it was the first time fishing these kids.
7:58 am
>> we'll have more local news for you tonight at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00, and all day at have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. this sunday president trump and the first 100 days. he is rejecting the deadline calling it ridiculous and at the same time rushing to meet it. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. >> no vick toik like tory like obama care. >> but he got his man on the supreme court. >> the most important thing is appointing people to the united states supreme course. >> plus, our brand new nbc news wall street journal poll. whth


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