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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  April 23, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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as president trump reaches a milestone -- new poll numbers are out. the latest snap-shot of what americans think about his performance. ===peggy vo=== plus: bay area sports legends -- honored in a unique way today. how their legacy will live on at candlestick. ===terry vo=== but first: a day meant for love and celebration turns violent. why police had to be called to a wedding the oing to live on at candlestick. >> and plus a day meant for love god celebration is turned to violence. why police were called to a d ining in the south bay. >> the news starts right now, and thank you for joining us this afternoon. i'm terry bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney and what sas supposed to be a celebration turned into a bloody brawl after a wedding reception last night. >> and we have this report from the violent reception, and it is not what you want to are have happen at your wedding, maryann? >> absolutely not, pegly, and
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the reception was held here at this hall on 27th street in san jose and not far from downtown san jose. there were so many people involved in the fight that police a had to be called in. when the officers arrived they found dozens of people fighting at the reception call and pouring on to 26th and 27th streets, and several people covered in blood. it took the officers more than an hour to gain control of the area, ear point, they were thro glass bottles. one person had to be transer ported to a hospital. employees were surprised to learn of the fight. >> never had any issues and several events here. always pretty calm. the owners are calm, and so this is actually shocking to hear that it is the first time that something like that has happened. >> reporter: he says that the particular hall requires at
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least one san jose police officer off duty to providing security for the event, and even more if you have more than 100 people, and so he was very surprised to hear more about the fight. san jose police are investigating it and so far, they have not revealed whether they made any arrests at last night's reception that turned into a brawl. reporting live in san jose, marya maryann sabro. thank u. a new national poll is showing that most americans disapprove of the president's the tenure so far. the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll showed that 35% approve and 64% rated the start ay, to poor, and the poll released just before the wn.sident is facing a very ckallenging week ahead and talk about a federal budget that is needed by saturday or the government could face another shutdown. one of the sticking points here is that president trump's
4:33 pm plan including billions to pay for the wall along the mexican border. >> and when the president says that i promised the wall in the cam parngs i don't believe that he said that he would pass billions of dollars of money to the wall on to the taxpayers. >> and he tweeted that mexico would be paying for the wall in some form at a later date. the supports also say that a shutdown sun likely aft-- shutd unlikely following a a showdown between the republicans and the democrats. >> and now, another u.s. citizen has been detained in south korea. if is identified as a korean ng thran who was an accountant. and as of sundown, no report has been made about the e d tension, and if it is confirmed, it would mean that three americans are being held. a college student, a 62-year-old ominnessman and vice president mike pence said that a strike
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carrier would be off of the peninsula within days. and we have more on the tengs in north korea coming up on "nbc nightly news" and also the possibilities of more nuclear tests in that country. that is going to begin right after this broadcast. ut tand the bay area where people are soaking up the sun. clear skies over the bay as the boaters are hitting the the day g yes --ing day. a lot of the sunlight and very windy out there. things are looking to change for . you k week ahead. and meteorologist rob maeda joining us. >> yes, and usually the speed is going to pick up to 25 miles per hour and the view from bell va sdeen 64, and cool and breezy to san francisco and 61 into san jose as comic-con wraps up, and the folks out there are just having capes and costumes that are blowing around, too. those winds are close to 20 miles per hour in san jose. and a breezing evening in the
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bay area, and rain-free. and the now to widen out the view, it is an active pattern, and it is, except for the high pressure for the most part is going to take a lot of the heavier rain, and keep it off of the north of the bay area, and still close enough that we will see the shower chances ahead for the next three days. we want to emphasize that the we are talking about a little bit of rain ahead, and gusty winds and cooler temperatures to start the week, and we could see summer-like temperatures by the end of the week. and for the commute tomorrow, plan on seeing mostly cloudy skies, and hour by hour outlook at the rain chances ahead, and coming up in 13 minutes. back to you. >> and now, remember that you d petrack the forecast with the nbc bay area as you tap the on spe app to get updates and a time line. s will hthey have left enforgettableb memories and now the 49ers and the giants players
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ls... best of all time will al r streets named after them in the place that made them so famous. we are joined with the live briails from christy, and joe montana had an unusual request. >> yes, joe montana asked that his sign be changed to read montana clark drive to the recognize his good friend and a former teammate dwight clark who got his own recognition today. and the park may be history, but the names will be living on. >> a reunion of sorts at city hall as former giant and 49er greats getting their own street like jerry rice road. >> i never thought that i would have a street named after me, and aim sure that the other players feel the same way, and eddie and carmen, but, you know, it is a great recognition. i feel very fortunate.
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>> reporter: the developers decided to name the streets to go with the neighborhood candlestick by the former stadium. >> we are entering into a new era for the candlestick neighborhood. and we will always cherish the memories that we have with the amazing sports moments. >> reporter: hall of famer joe montana called the winning era a great time for the bay area. he asked that joe montana drive include his good friend dwight clark. >> i would like to share this with a very special person and i'd like to change this to montana clark drive. >> reporter: the formerer wide receiver who recently disclosed the als diagnosis is also going to be honored with the legendary play. >> i couldn't have done any of this without the people that
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were around me on that team. thank you all for being here. >> and a number of names recognized today including bill walsh and barry bonds, but it is unclear exactly at this point when they will be put up. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. and keeping to the local news, s - g to the proms with some special teenagers and some 49er players going to the children's atiental prom. the teen patients and they got to enjoy the prom that they would have otherwise missed because of the illness. they enjoyed the dancing and food, and a good time. >> it is always good to come out to the community, and me and my teammates to have a long push going through, but i am enjoying the first event and community event with the community, and i love the prom, and dress up and meet the young kids of the
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community. >> we just got him and signed him, and he has not played yet, and he is already helping out the niners. >> what a cool event. and the parking medians in san certcisco are not going to have to suffer the stress of getting a ticket anymore. they started a pilot program to make the practice legal only at certain times. the drivers have long used the legaan for extra practice for sundays especially for the church services ashsed on the use the park. while it was not heavily enforced it was illegal. but it is legal on friday night s and saturday mornings and from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. sunday. the enforcement of other times ntll continue. >> from a safety perspective. one or two of the cars might be left on the median until 10:00 or 1:00 in the morning, and now you have a single car that nobody is expecting to see there in the dark. we wanted to make it clear that it is not okay. >> this is a pilot program set to last about 16 months, but it
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could become permanent if rgerything goes smoothly. a search in the north bay -- to a pair of suspects who racked up thousands of dollars of fraudulent credit card charges and the marin county police department is hoping you can help to find them. on thursday they took the cards and them went on a shopping spree of more than $5,000. and so far, the suspects have not been found. >> it is nearly two years since sheryl sandberg's husband died on a stent, and saccident, and sharing her h story. ll aheow make sure that you hear her interview on "today in the bay. ""she will talk about grief and
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the life lessons that she has learned. >> still ahead, the people watching the polls in france and why the presidential election there in france is call eded a turning point for europe. >> and also, wildlife in action. "making scenes caught in r sperey bay. right now, sunny and 66 in san jose, and tomorrow, likely a different storstory. cooler temperatures, and a lot more cloud cover to bring some rain to the dry radar right now, and we will talk about the rain ahead in a big warmup in the seven-day forecast when we come back. tonight --
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surprising results so far, in nc and now no the developing story that we are following overseas. surprising results so far in france's presidential election. the voters there snubbed the country's establishment and dhuzing marine le pen a political outsider, and emanuel macron to face each other in a runoff. this is is watched by many as a race that is seen as a litmus test of the spread of populism,
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and also to help determine europe's future. this is the first round of poll s, and they have been surprising so far. they set up a duel with a young electoral candidate with no experience and a woman who remade the image of a party tainted by racism and anti-semitism. this is an election that is drawing sill lair tis to what happened here in the u.s. >> well, did you see what happened to the united states? the same could happen here. it is, you know, it is the political system. it is -- it needs to be addressed all of the time. don't let it sag. >> they say that the one issue driving the e llection is natiol security and terer errorism, and france has been riddled with terrorists attacks. just wednesday, three police f officers were shot and one killed after an attack that isis claimed. the olympic committee is in l.a. evaluating the city's bid
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to hold the 2024 games. and the ioc is going to be there today through tuesday, and this visit is going to be determining a crucial bid of whether the u.s. will get the bid or budapest. the ioc will be visit iing them next month, and the final decision announced february 13th. >> and now, some scenes from the florida wildfires.
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. rain. evacuation orders were lifted some help for firefighters battling the wildfires in florida. it came in the rain, and evacuation orders for thousands. the governor is warning everyone to remain extra cautious. >> the state is still dry. there is no reason to start fires in this state. don't throw out cigarettes and be very, very cautious.
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the lee county fire was started by a cigarette butt. >> several homes have been detroyed this the fire, but thankfully nobody has been killed. >> it is something that we have witnessed for the last couple of years. >> yes. and at least we are going to be talking about a little by of rain, and the rapid change over the next seven days. you saw one of the changes today, cooler air with the clearing skies into the bay area, and looking at the camera in san francisco bouncing around, and thanks to the white caps across the bay. and emoryville, and clear skies and breezy. and over to dublin and san jose, currently 6 # 6. tween now and 8:00 tonight, we will see the gusts up to 35 miles per hour around half moon bay, and san francisco airport, around san francisco staying breezy overnight, and the
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temperatures are the upper 40 and 50, and by dawn tomorrow, the areas north of san francisco, and the chance of finding a few showers and tomorrow, we will have more clouds and more or less temperatures for the 60s and the mid- to upper 66 660s, and a c to see a few showers at times especially for the afternoon, around san ma tau oteo and belm and santa rosa and sonoma tomorrow likely to see rain. but this system right here, and later tonight, we will drop down the coast, but for the commute tomorrow morning a chance of 8:00 north of the golden gate to see a few showers. by the evening commute or early afternoon, you will see it scatter around the south bay, and monday, it is the best chance for the south bay to get any showers. as we head into tuesday, most of the chances from the morning to the afternoon will be north of san francisco. again, the rain totals here will be higher in the north bay.
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you can see it here, not a lot on the map, and loft places around the north bay may be a quarter inch or more in santa rosa. and so with the flat ridge of high pressure no the west, the systems are trying to spill over the ridge, and then thursday a high build. you will have to watch out thursday night, and friday and with some gusty north winds, and that going to set the stage for the big time warmup where we can see the 20 degrees of warming for monday and get into the weekend and for san francisco, cool and breezy and a chance of showers to get into tuesday and the north bay and the inland forecast, and the slight chance of showers from north bay to wednesday and the winds pick up, and if that is not enough get into the 80s. >> and everything there from the forecast, and the wind is going
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to be the bigger story possibly into the wind. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, a perfect goal. >> the way that a bay area woman is going to be bringing some happiness to the syrian refugees, and a way to make the bay area proud. as the team is in the hunt for
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an nba champns it is an exciting time for the warriors' fans and the team is on the hunt for the nba championship. >> and they could do it. that is right. before the team's first playoff game, head coach steve kerr delivered ad message with little to do with the game. he urged everyone to bring joy and goodwill to the world. >> and a woman here has been doing that. we have this story with the bay area proud. >> speak of basketball, it is something that alexandria crisp has e plaided since she was a -- she has played since she was a little girl. and this is a key to giving back. >> it has a little bit of air.
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>> reporter: for pretty much her entire life alexander crisp has been serious about playing soccer can, but still she has not kicked the soccer ball with as much purpose as these days. she is test iing them to see whh ones is the best fit for her ultimate goal. >> i am one person with an idea, and the action is to snowball into a beautiful project. >> reporter: it happened at a thanksgiving under table a few years ago. the syrian refugees had been in the news a lot around that time. a crisis half a world away, and alex thought u until her mom put it in perspective. >> and mom said that if your dad did not come here as a small child, you could be one of those refugees. >> and she saw them as strangers from a distant land that needed
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her and help, but how. >> i just asked what i could dox and then soccer entered my mind, and i said, ki bring them soc r soccerle balls. this is the first ball. i said bright colors. >> reporter: alex knew from her previous travels around the world that soccer balls can break down barriers and spark joy. >> these are going to go to the camps and the kids. >> reporter: so she rounded up donation, and ar arranged for 750 soccer balls manufactured in pakistan and delivered to a hotel room in greece where she and some friends would personally deliver them to the refugee camps. it is a lot of planning that the alexeis ultimately went just according to the plan. >> we just started to play together for an hour, and a bunch of the boys came over and the coordinator and we started laughing and playing and it is great. >> reporter: alex understands that soccer balls are not necessary for a refugee's
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survival, but still, they can be essential to their lives. she is already planning her next, and her next donation. >> i want something that is soft and durable. >> reporter: as soon as she finds the perfect ball to do the greatest good once on the ground in greece, she learned of other needs that the refugees and the children have. so next time she return, she is bringing books adds well to donate no the local schools. garvin thomas, bay area news. and not the way that you want to remember your wedding day. i'm maryann, and i will tell you why the police were called out to a wedding reception in san jose. >> it is a windy finish to the weekend as seen from bellverdere and we will track some rain making a comeback for midweek forecast. the world watching the polls in
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a tense election taking place -- right now sh, 5:00, the wor is watching the polls in france as a tense election is taking place and it could have ripple effects around the globe. good evening to you and thank you for joining us. the news starting at 5:00. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney, and tonight, eye opening election results with the voters snubbing the country's establishment, and choosing the populist marine le pen, and also emmanuel macron, and the race is seen as a litmus test for the spread of populism, and the results set up a dual between the young candidate, and absolutely no political experience, and plus a woman who has remade a party that she says is tainted with racism. and the same similarities of what happened here in the united
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states they say is rim nis sent. >> and keeping an eye on the bay area, and keeping in a look at this election, it is a reaction that many are comparing to our election. >> yes, and like you said, many people here are expressing deep concerns about the polarization of france and they did liken it to what happened here in the united states. >> they did good. that is the question. i don't know. >> and frederick who moved to san francisco from france 15 years ago said that terrorism led many voters to vote for marine le pen and caused the division in france that he has never seen before. >> it is very similar, and people are actually concerned with the tourism, and they want to put america first here, and they want to put france first there. >> he says that the family and friends back home say thath


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