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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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temperatures. a live look at the golden gate bridge this the working our way to warmer temperatures. a live look at the golden gate bridge as the bay area still waking up to cloud cover. in a couple days, the sunshine will be back in full force. today in the bay starts right now. bringing the sunshine back. that's a great thing. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. speaking of being back in full force, that's right. all four of us. >> the whole team. >> i know. a really nice break. >> greetings. >> do you know what sleep is like? it's amazing. >> i hear great things. >> you don't get it on this shift, but you do get great people to work with. good to see you, kari. and mike. >> i'm going to make sure you're
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going to have awesome weather in the next couple days because it's been really cloudy and at times rainy, but we're going to clear it out for the end of the week. we just have to get through a lit more of that as we look at the microclimates. heading outdoor in san francisco and the north bay, 52 degrees. as we go to this afternoon, expect highs to reach into the upper 60s. although we will keep the clouds and spotty showers, it won't be raining all day. hit-or-miss rain, kind of like we saw yesterday. a few sprinkles in san francisco, up to 63 degrees. we'll take a look aedto the warmer temperatures coming up. >> for folks who can't get off the mattress, avoid this in oakland. most of the bay shows you the speed sensors without problems. the same thing for the speed sensors westbound getting over to the bay bridge. it's eastbound where there may have been a quick traffic break. a mattress reported in the lane. the middle lanes there around park boulevard. you see the slowing through the
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area, again, indicating likely a traffic break in the last few minutes. wstbound from 580 and northbound for 880. the bay bridge toll plaza is clear now. >> thank you, mike. >> progress report of sorts. today marks exactly one month since the warm springs b.a.r.t. station opened up in fremont. >> it was a project decades in the making. how is it going so far? let's check in with bob redell. is b.a.r.t. happy with the number of riders using the station, getting used to it? >> good morning to you, sam and laura. in the month the warm springs station has been in uperation in f fremont, b.a.r.t. says they have had 2400 riders on an average weekday. the hope would be perhaps closer to 4700. they think it's a matter of time where they see the ridership number double as more people become aware of the station and
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adjust their commutes. the b.a.r.t. fremont station which used to be the end of the line, sees just under 9,000 rider exits a day. embarcadero b.a.r.t., close to 48,000. we spoke with warm springs riders who tell us the new station is saving them a significant amount of time in their morning commute. what does that do for your level of stress? >> drastically reduced. it's a lot nicer station, too. >> more relaxing, a better commute. >> i can actually finish breakfast with my family in the morning and just kind of have a little nicer morning. >> i'm not stressed out. now my commute, i have a routine, so i'm more calm. >> more calm. >> yeah. >> so what's next for those b.a.r.t. riders and others? b.a.r.t. is working on a ten-mile extension south of
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here. those are scheduled to open later this year. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you. >> 4:33. another story you'll only see on nbc bay area. was it road rage? this morning, san francisco police looking for a man accused of attacking a female construction worker. she was in the middle of the street doing her job when the attack happened. >> i told him the light is green. you can go through. he told me, it was like [ bleep ] this, [ bleep ] that. >> yeah. the cell phone video shows something like a street fight there as her co-workers tell us they stepped in to try to help the woman out. witnesses sdriek the man who started all this as an angry driver who exchanged words with the woman as she was directing traffic. after the exchange, she says he got out of the car and attacked her. >> he shoved me first. when i went down, i grabbed him by the t-shirt. after that, swing, swing, swing. >> there's the fight that broke
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out. people nearby as well as her coworkers wrestled the man to the ground. at one point, the video shows him being kicked in the head. he walked away before police got there. once out of the mele, the woman took a picture of the man and his car. police are using that information to identify the suspect. >> 4:35. the search continues this morning for suspects involved in a brazen attempted robbery in walnut creek. happened last week, but we just got these surveillance images. three men dressed as construction workers walked into the oc watch company. one of the suspects handed a clipboard to the owner of the store. when the owner looks down at the clipboard, the suspect pepper sprayed him. then the man broke into a display case with a bat. the store owner and a nearby customer managed to scare the men off before they got away with anything. >> 4:35 right now. come with us. let's go to washington as we head to capitol hill and time is running out on negotiations to come up with a continued
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resolution. some sort of short-term spending bill before the government shuts down on friday. a live loot
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welcome back to tuesday morning. taking you live at 4:38 this morning. a look at capitol hill as negotiations continue this morning on a spending bill that needs to pass before friday to avoid a government shutdown.
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it appears lawmakers are starting to make progress. >> still a major sticking point could be off the table. that of the wall with mexico. tracie potts has more from washington. >> reporter: a white house official tells nbc president trump will drop his demand for a billion dollars now to build a border wall with mexico and deal with that during the regular budget process this fall. to prevent a government shutdown tride. >> we feel very confident the government is not going to shut down. >> democrats oppose the wall, and key republicans are skeptical. >> i'm for a wall where it makes sense, but a 2200 mile wall doesance make a whole lot of sense. >> with no down payment on the wall, president trump approaches his 100th day without a big win. the white house is turning to plan b, health care, although final action is now not expected this week. plus, there's a major announcement on tax reform tomorrow. analysts say president trump is treating the presidency like a reality tv show.
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>> like ratings week, right? so let's throw everything at them and give them the razzle-dazzle and give them a great show and maybe that will move the poll numbers. >> his approval rating, 40%. a record low this early in the presidency. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thank you very much. >> 4:40 now. happening today, alameda county leaders will host a forum deziebed to education immigrants on their rights as refugees. it includes an update on the current immigration legislation. it will take place at 5:30 tonight at the berkeley adult school. >> a traffic alert. highway 35 will be closed this morning starting at 8:00 in the morning. a full daytime closure of the highway between gift and black road. caltrans will get work done installing draining facilities and they're going to repave the highway so it will be smoother. earlier this year, mudslides and washouts closed down the highway. >> come out this weekend.
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the san jose mountains will have lots of visitors. and nice weather later in the week. >> we will have that, and looking outside now, we have partly cloudy skies. a temperature trent will be very cool for this time of year, only reaching into the mid 60s, but there will be a little sun in the mix. we'll talk about the full-on sunshine and warmer temperatures coming up in the microclimate forecast. and it's a live look at the north bay, san rafael, of course. we'll talk about traffic getting in through san francisco coming up. >> and talk about moving out. mass migration? two minutes, we'll tell you what pattern the bay yaarea is leadi the nation in according to recent real estate data.
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welcome to tuesday morning. taking a live look outside. beautiful, glistening look at the lights along the bay bridge this morning. a nice start to our tuesday morning. 4:44. still a little early. >> i would say. i think 4:44 by most people's standards is very early. >> later than 4:43. >> later than we woke up, which was about 1:45 this morning. >> a nice day on tap? >> a good day, but there will be a little rain in the mix. we saw that yesterday.
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it didn't rain all day. as we take a live look outside again at san francisco, we do start out with some fairly dry conditions. in the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen, starting in the south bay, a couple sprinkles here and there. otherwise, we're in for some nice weather. as we start out with those temperatures now at 52 degrees in san francisco. we have 64 in palo alto or 54 in palo alto, and 49 now in livermore. as we go through the day, yeah, we'll be reaching into the 60s, up to 67 in east san jose. gilroy up to 68 degrees. and also some upper 60s for the east bay. but as we head through, we could see some of the temperatures reaching the low 70s. up to 65 today in san mateo. 62 in daley city and ingleside as well as marina district, and heading into the north bay, warmer there than yesterday. point reyes still cool, but you go inland and novato will be up to 68. looking at fairly quiet, dry
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conditions now. you want to make sure you're dressed comfort aenl this morning. maybe some long sleeves and some slacks as we will see the temperatures cool to start but then warming up. but you do want to wear some layers heading out to the ball game this evening at at&t park. 60 degrees at 5:00. first pitch at 7:15. tailgating will be nice and comfortable, but it does cool off as we go into tonight with temperatures in the mid 50s. then we have this weak weather system still well to the north of us. it's been keeping us cloudy and at times a little bit of rain. hard to detect or predict exactly when and where we'll see the rain because we have a steady stream of moisture moving in. that will stay with us throughout today and tomorrow as well. so it doesn't look really wet, but be prepared for times of light rain. could be moving in and does show spotty showers early tomorrow morning for the north bay, while the rest of the bay area will only see cloudy skies. looking at the next several days after getting that disturbance
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out of here, we will still have the cloudy skies tomorrow, but then the rest of the week turned mostly sunny. it will be breezy with highs starting to warm up in san francisco into the low 70s for the weekend. and then some low 80s for the inland spots. we're up to 84 degrees next monday. so after a cool start this week, next week is going to be more summer like than we have had recently. heading over to mike now, has that mattress cleared from oakland? >> it has been cleared. the traffic break we suspected has cleared from 580. on the other side of the bay, a fender bender. you saw the sensors all around the bay at green. a little slowing getting off the bay bridge, off the skyway westbound 80 just at 101. a crash reported. a fender bender. a couple vehicles moving to the solder. we'll track that in through san francisco. no major issues aside from right at the scene there. we'll show the same activity on waze. i hope you have waze on your phone as well. we'll talk about you joining our
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team. that's where the crash is reported. we're showing you the long live some folks have to take from antioch to the bay bridge. some folks commute farther. that's a 43-minute drive, the purple line. we get razzle-dazzle going on no matter which of the three ways you choose, only about five minutes. you could take more mileage, but why do that? make that choice when you leave your house or wherever you're departing from. go to waze, hit the magnifying glass, then click on your profile, select your team. make sure you're on our team, nbc bay area wazers. and we can leverage that power to help all of us. back to you. >> thank you. business and tech news. google maps has a new feature that will help you out when you're traveling. >> we'll check on that and the rest of the news before the bell. checking in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning to you. >> sam and laura, good morning to you both. laura, welcome back. wall street looks to add to
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monday's big rally. futures are higher, and stocks jumped on the results of the french election. all three rising more than 1%. that's their best day in six weeks. you want to look for data today on housing and consumer confidence and earnings from five dow stocks, 3-m, cat caterpill caterpillar, dumont, and mcdonald's. the dow rising, the nasdaq up 73, to 5983. apple has a normal routine when it launches a new phone. the company reveals it in september and shipped it later that month. but a well connected analyst says you may have to wait longer to get the iphone 8. he says production may not start until november or december because of significant hardware upgrades. one version is expected to have a high-end oled screen and a smart camera. and traveling the world but
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don't speak the language? google is here to help. they will translate into your native language. it will work with google search and google maps. googp has recently added handy features including location sharing and probable shortcuts. back to you. >> i love that. thank you very mump, landon. >> will you love this? another bay area record taking place. bay area has higher numbers of people migrating elsewhere than any other region in the nation. that's the conclusion of a study that found that bay area redfin users were the most likely to leave the location. new york was second, l.a. was third. this compared the nation's 75 largest metro areas. >> a new study. transgenders preschoolers at that age have a clear sense of their identity. transgender children were similar to their peers when it came to behaviors and stereotypes. for example, transgender girls
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who were born as boys like dolls and pink dresses just as much as other girls did. the only difference is transgender children were less likely to believe the gender always remains stable. >> giving thanks to the people who get kids to the school on time. mt. diablo unified school district marked today as school bus driver appreciation day. they'll be treated to special refreshments today and get a surprise as well. district buses transport more than 2,000 regular and special education students every single day. my bus driver's name was rolinda, and i have to dig it up, i have a picture of her from kinderga kindergarten. >> i bet you were nice to her? >> i loved her. i brought her flowers. 4:51 now. coming up, increases for you, benefits for lawmakers. a close look at side deals comes to the service after a
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controversial gas tax passes. >> we could see another writers strike. the writers guild of america voted to authorize a strike. the union wants a new contract with better pay and benefits. and a monkey is on the loose in central florida. it's apparently been hanging around a local restaurant, presumably looking for scraps of food. it has not hurt anyone yet, but we're following this. more news in 2 xfl minutes.
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4:54 on your tuesday morning. lots of folks moving in from the tri-valley this morning. taking a live look outside at dubl dublin, as traffic starting to pick up before 5:00 this morning. partly cloudy today.
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kari will have more on your forecast in minutes. >> an amber alert out for a 1-year-old girl allegedly kidnapped by her father. take a look at these photos. lexi was last seen monday around 5:40 at night in rancho cucamonga in southern california. the sheriff's department says daniel kidnapped her. he's considered armed and dangerous. the department said he threatened to kill himself and lexi after an argument with her mother. police add the relationship between the two is unclear. 4:55 right now. the state of arkansas continuing with executions last night, putting two more men to death. the state, of course, on a deadline right now as the lethal injection drugs will expire very soon. last night, jack jones, convicted of raping and killing a woman, was executed first. marcel williams, another convicted murdering and rapist received a temporary stay which was then lifted. both men were executed less than two hours uz part. >> this is significant because
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at no point in modern american history has any state attempted to carry out so many executions in such a short period of time. >> eight were planned but four received stayed. the state of arkansas has met legal challenges to the rapid pace of executions and has been able to move forward with three now. the next execution is scheduled for thursday. some new details we're learning this morning. passing california's controversial gas tax may have included nearly 1 billion in side deals. east bay times reports funding for a handful of transportation projects came up in a separate bill leading up to the april 6th vote. the project benefitted representatives who all voted for the tax. republicans blasted the deal as vote buying and democrats say the projects are worthwhile. >> we have new details on the state of the oroville dam. two reports from independent experts yesterday, the reports urge officials to completely replace the upper stretch of the damaged spillway this summer
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instead of just trying to repair it. the experts also recommend replacing the damaged backup flood relief spillway with a full concrete chute complete with flood gates. >> is this too soon to talk about the weekend weather? no? >> all about living for the weekend, working for the weekend, kari. >> it won't be too bad today. a mix of sun and clouts. only a slight chance of rain, and highs reaching into the low 70s inland. we'll talk about 80 in the forecast, yes frrx the weekend. that's coming up next. and the san mateo bridge, we do not see that sign which warned of high winds yesterday. but i do have a note for another bridge coming up. plus, the controversial speaker is on her way to berkeley, but will ann coulter be allowed to take the stage? the fight over free speech. kris live tease
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=laura/vo= a major deadline for victims of the coyote creek flooding. the money on the line for folks looking to get back to normal. mob mentality. the new clues we're learning about the investigation into a violent robbery heist on a busy b.a.r.t. train. >> and debating public safety over free speech. new fallout this morning on the ann coulter controversy at uc berkeley. today in the bay continues right now. and a very good tuesday. glad that you're back with us.
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you as well as my dear friend here laura garcia-cannon. >> yay. >> welcome. >> thank you very much. it was nice to be off for a little bit. >> rest, relaxation. sunshine, all of that. >> trying to treasure it. >> hours this week. >> it was amazing. amazing. >> and coming back to some decent bay area weather. >> yeah, but i'm going to make it better for you because -- >> something special for you. >> a little cloudy and drizzly at times raining. we're going to wipe that out by the middle of the week, but we do still have cloudy skies to start this morning as we take a live look outside at san jose. 50 degrees and heading up to 68. we'll feel better today. a little warmer. we will have some times of light rain moving through. especially for the north bay. but then as we go into this afternoon, times of sun and then for the rest of the week, we'll talk about the clearing and warming trend as we start out a stretch of some dry weather. more on that


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