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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 25, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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lowxd 80s inald. >> looks beautiful. >> we cq# handle it thanks for joining us as 5:00. lester holt next. tonight, fiercely defending her father, ivanka trump making her world stage debut to empower women, facing boos from the audience. what triggered the drama. she speaks exclusively to nbc news. up against the wall, president trump appears to back down in a fight with democrats. also, new fallout from the white house as a key republican says michael flynn may have broken the law. how it happened, new video of the moments before the united passenger was violently dragged off a plane. emergency sticker shock, patients getting hit with sky high bills because of confusion when seeking urgent care. tonight, the one word to look for that could save you money. and hollywood drama, a tinseltown showdown that could affect some of your favorite tv shows. "nightly news" begins
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right now. >> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening to our viewers in the west. first daughter and presidential advisor, ivanka trump felt the singe of the spotlight in her first trip abroad today. less than a month after officially joining her father's administration she appeared in berlin sharing the stage with some of the most powerful women in the world and faced uncomfortable questions about her dad's attitude toward women along with some scatters jeers. tonight, she's talk exclusively to nbc news. hallie jackson has details. >> reporter: ivanka trump in berlin to help empower women finds herself instead defending one man. >> he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families. >> reporter: a handful of hecklers hissing and booing her description of
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president trump. >> you hear the reaction from the audience. so i need to address one more point. some attitudes towards women your father has publicly displayed in former times might leave one questioning whether he's such an empower for women. >> i've certainly heard the criticism from the media and that's been perpetuated. as a daughter, i can speak on a very personal level, knowing that he encouraged me and enabled me to thrive. >> reporter: the moment partly overshadowing trump's trip to a summit on how to boost female entrepreneurs, sharing the stage with global power players like the head of the imf and german chancellor, angela merkel. president trump remains deeply unpopular here, his controversial travel ban at odds with germany's embrace of syrian refugees. ivanka trump going further than her father on whether
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those refugees should be let into the u.s. >> that has to be part of the discussion but that's not enough in and of itself. my father is focused on the top level issue how to counter terrorism, how to stop the issue that continues to happen rather than deal with purely the aftermath. >> reporter: for her, an intense international spotlight with one paper asking whether she will push the president to be more moderate or act as a loyal accomplice. >> i don't like the word "accomplice." in this context i don't know that that's productive. her curates ideas and likes to hear from people with divergent viewpoints. >> reporter: trump is promoting policies like supporting paid leave and expanded childcare, not just women's issues, she says, but economic ones. today on the world stage -- >> who's considering herself a feminist on the panel? >> reporter: feminist, first daughter and fierce defender of president trump. hallie jackson, nbc news, berlin. >> you can see more of hallie's exclusive interview with ivanka
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trump tomorrow on "today." tonight, facing the prospect of a government shutdown in just days from now, president trump appears to be relenting for now in a fight with democrats over funding to pay for his border wall. the president is also preparing for the big rollout of his tax reform plan. nbc's peter alexander has all the details. >> the wall will get built, folks, in case anybody has any question, the wall will get built. >> reporter: tonight, president trump digging in, vowing his highly controversial border wall with mexico will be built by the end of his first term. >> reporter: in your first term? >> well, certainly going to -- yeah, sure. we have plenty of time. >> reporter: the president insisting his position hasn't changed but he is backing away from his demand that a billion dollar down payment to build that wall be included in an emergency spending bill that must be passed this week to avoid a government shutdown. tonight, the republicans new spending plan doesn't include money for a wall construction making the odds of the shutdown that much lower. >> the fact that the wall is now off the table, americans
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should breathe a huge sigh of relief. >> nasdaq above 6,000 for the first time in history. >> reporter: with wall street booming, the president is preparing to unveil his brand-new tax plan tomorrow slashing the corporate rate from 35% to 15%. >> a rate reduction that high will cost above $2 trillion. and without a plan to pay for it, that will explode the debt. >> reporter: how to pay for that tax cut is still a major sticking point. house speaker paul ryan's proposal for a new border tax on imports getting poor reviews at the white house. and removing the tax break to contributions to 401(k) retirement plans. republican leaders in both the house and senate not ruling it out, arguing their goal is to increase the number of americans saving. but tonight skeptics caution major changes to 401(k) plans could discourage savings and put americans' future retirement security in danger. peter alexander, nbc news, the white house. word of another
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legal setback for president trump's immigration agenda. a federal judge in san francisco blocked one of the president's executive orders that would withhold funds from so-called sanctuary cities, cities that limit their cooperation with federal immigration authorities. the judge's order will remain in place while a lawsuit over that executive order works its way through the courts. also tonight, russia and its connections to the president's former national security advisor move back on the front burner in washington. a house committee revealing general michael flynn failed to disclose payments from russia, potentially breaking the law. now questions over whether the white house can shed any light on those dealings. white house correspondent kristen welker has details. >> reporter: closing in on the 100-day mark, tonight, the trump administration forced to revisit a controversy from day 23. that's when general michael flynn was fired as national security advisor. now the white house under fire for not turning over to congress information about flynn's business ties to russia. >> the white house has
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refused to provide this committee with a single piece of paper in response to our bipartisan request. >> reporter: the committee says flynn may have broken federal law by not asking permission or disclosing that in 2015 he was paid nearly $34,000 to attend this dinner for a pro-putin russian television station, nor did flynn disclose his firm was paid more than $500,000 to lobby for the turkish government. nbc's kasie hunt speaking to the republican chair of the oversight committee. >> reporter: do you think michael flynn broke the law? >> it doesn't appear as if he complied with the law. >> reporter: tonight, the white house saying most of the requested documents were handled under the obama administration. >> to ask the white house to produce documents that were not in the possession of the white house is ridiculous. >> reporter: michael flynn was fired in february for lying to the vice president about a conversation with the russian ambassador. these new revelations come as flynn is already a focus of two separate congressional investigations and an fbi probe between
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possible ties between the trump campaign and russia. >> the fact that mike flynn did not fill out the forms are red flags, that he is concealing something about these payments. >> reporter: just last month he asked for immunity to testify before congress and the president supporting it. calling it a witch hunt. >> it is not only a nagging story but an explosive one that could detract the white house. >> reporter: saying flynn did brief the intelligence agency about the speaking event in russia both before and after it happened and he answered all of their questions. >> kristen welker, thank you. we have an update tonight on the health of former president george h.w. bush, hospitalized in houston. though he has recovered from pneumonia the 92-year-old continues to deal with effects of chronic bronchitis. he will be discharged the end of the week and monitored at home.
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there's new video and new information tonight about that violent episode caught on camera when a passenger was dragged from a united airlines plane to make room for airline employees. among the documents released, the security officer's reports of what happened, offering a stark contrast to what was caught on video. here's nbc's tom costello with more. >> reporter: the surveillance camera appears to capture a routine boarding for flight 4411. we see dr. david dao wearing a baseball hat walking on board. a short time later. >> two passengers are refusing to get off the aircraft. >> reporter: united airlines called airport security. >> any information? were they drinking or doing anything like that? >> no. something with they oversold. not volunteered, something like that. >> you overbooked a flight and this is a departing flight? yeah. >> reporter: minutes later dow allegedly suffered serious injuries as he was dragged from his seat and his wife is seen frantically running off the plane and back on again. soon after an ambulance arrives. in an incident report
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the security officer that grabbed dr. dao, james long, reported that dao refused to leave and folded his arms tightly and when he grabbed dao he said dao began flailing and fighting and said he injured his mouth on the armrest. dr. dao's attorney calls that utter nonsense. >> i am not going. i am not going. >> reporter: video shows dr. dao refusing to leave his seat before being grabbed but not being violent. four security officers have now been suspended. the united incident and another involving american airlines bringing scrutiny to the entire agency. >> announcing policy changes, several members of congress calling for a federal investigation even a new passenger bill of rights. tom costello, nbc news, washington. tonight, hollywood may be on the verge of a writers strike aas some 13,000 writers brace for a shutdown that could cripple television and film production. the union has not been able to agree on a new
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contract. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: some of the most popular shows on television could be forced to shut down production. members of the writers guild of america voting to authorize a strike that could come as early as next week. >> we could see an immediate dramatic impact on television. you will see lots of shows go into reruns right away and in the long term you can see delays and shorter episode orders. >> reporter: billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs at stake, a new contract with the alliance of motion picture and television producers, the industry's trade group, hit an impasse over pay and health benefits. nbc universal is a member of that group. a decade ago writers walked off the job for 100 days, losing nearly $300 million in compensation as los angeles county took a $2.5 billion hit. with most summer movies shot, the strike would largely
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cripple new television production. the industry already confronting the rise of streaming services while writers say shorter seasons have led to less pay. >> this writers' strike is so much bigger than just the writers, from catering to all sorts of camera equipment, all of them would be impacted. >> reporter: with both sides working to reach a last-minute deal, tonight, real life drama behind the scenes, in an industry still hoping for a hollywood ending, miguel almaguer, los angeles. still ahead, they're the growing trend in emergency medical treatment but many patients are confusing them for urgent care centers only to get hit later with sky high surprise bills. also a major announcement from one of the most popular drivers in nascar history.
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we're back now with a new kind of healthcare facility popping up around the country. they're called free-standing emergency rooms where people who need medical attention right away are treated. some patients are confusing them with urgent care centers. that can lead to a big surprise when the bill arrives. nbc, stephanie gosk, has details. >> reporter: ginger pine knew her daughter needed to see a doctor. >> she was coughing a lot and she was running a fever. >> reporter: she thought she was taking her to an urgent care center until she got the jaw dropping bill. >> this was coming up to almost $1700. >> reporter: nearly $1700 because pine
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took her daughter to something called a free-standing emergency room. >> it was in a strip mall next to a nail shop and phone repair place. it just -- it doesn't seem like an emergency room. >> reporter: it's an emergency room not physically attached to a hospital but still charging close to the same prices. those prices are generally much higher than urgent care clinics according to a colorado report. just compare the costs for these common medical issues. bronchitis is nearly ten times more expensive at an emergency facility than urgent care and means patients, even those with insurance are on the hook for more money. still, the free-standing emergency room is a new trend in healthcare spreading to 35 states and really catching on in texas. >> we can provide all life saving stabilizing care. >> reporter: dr. carey demore runs three free-standing emergency rooms in the dallas area providing,
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she says, an alternative to overcrowded hospitals. >> we get people in immediately. >> reporter: the center is open 24/7 with a staff trained in emergency medicine. >> this is our lab. ct scan. >> reporter: more sophisticated equipment than a typical urgent care. >> it's more expensive to order a filet mignon than hamburger. it is two completely different types of care. >> reporter: the doctor says the patients at her clinic are told the prices are different and are referred to an urgent care center if they don't have an emergency. a lawsuit filed this year accuses a different company, adeptus, the largest in the industry, of an unconscionable failure to disclose its fees, a business model of tricking patients. they would not comment on the lawsuit. in a statement they said, we actively work to educate patients including using highly visible patient emergency signs in a business model. just last week, adeptus filed for bankruptcy. >> reporter: it seems to me that patients in this environment can
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easily be taken advantage of. >> i think that's possible that they could potentially be taken advantage of. for any business there can be bad actors. >> reporter: in other words, buyer beware, look for the word "emergency" on the sign and ask questions. >> if we had gone in and said, is this an emergency room or urgent care center. it's the only way we would have known the difference. yes, it's labeled "emergency center." to me and my husband, we're educated people. we don't know that means it's considered an emergency room. >> reporter: there are important takeaways for patients and parents. look for the word "emergency," ask questions so you know where you are. understand your insurance plan. do you have a high deductible, and is a free-standing er covered in the plan. follow those tips. you can save money and hopefully avoid aggravation. >> really important distinction. thanks very much. back in a moment with a disorder in court, the awkward moment today for one justice at the supreme court.
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back now with that surprise news from one of the biggest names in sports saying he's calling it quits at the end of the year. tonight, dale earnhardt jr. is speaking out about what's behind his decision that stunned so many fans. kevin tibble has those details. >> reporter: after 18 years of chasing the checker, number 88 is pulling into the pits for good. >> i'm a little spun out up here. sorry. >> reporter: dale earnhardt jr. himself, the son of a racing legend, today announced this season would be his last. 26-time race winner and 14-time most popular driver. >> all i wanted to do was make a living driving cars. >> reporter: junior remains a nascar nation favorite. i'm proud of my great friend, dale jr for everything he's done for this sport. tweeted driver tony stewart. nothing but respect
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from chase elliott. the 42-year-old missed much of last season with concussion complications. still, the man known as "the king," says it will be hard to climb out of the driver's seat. >> it's kind of hard, when that's all you wanted all your life and want to do and hard to walk away from it. >> reporter: junior lost his father to an accident at daytona 500 in 2001 but kept the earnhardt legend alive. >> i accomplished way more than i ever dreamed, way more. >> reporter: victory lane and the sport may never be the same, kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. an awkward moment today at the supreme court, the justices in the middle of oral argument when suddenly a cell phone started ringing, a big no-no in the court where they're not allowed in the gallery. cameras are also not allowed. you can see from the sketches, the culprit, justice breyer who apparently forgot he had the phone with him. when we come back the big idea behind this restaurant that
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customers are really embracing. inspiring america next. next at 6: we )re following
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breaking news. ===take vo=== a man shot in the parking lot of a south bay mall. we )re live on the scene. ===peg oc=== plus, rental car upgrades. nbc bay area responds to a man who says he was charged for something he thought was free. ===next close=== next. peggy/vo right now at 6: breaking news in san jose. finally tonight, great folks serving up great food in a restaurant with a unique mission. it's called hugs cafe.
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the community has greeted it with open arms. nbc's rehema ellis takes us there in our inspiring america report. >> reporter: it's the lunch hour rush at hugs cafe in mckinney, texas, and the orders are coming in fast. here the food is served with a side of hope. >> it's a place of joy. you see these wonderful people accomplishing something that they've never been able to accomplish before. >> how are you? >> reporter: on the verge of retirement, ruth thompson had the same dream two nights in a row. opening a restaurant mostly staffed with people with special needs. but there was one problem. >> we had never started a business, never run a restaurant. >> reporter: that didn't stop ruth. her dream created jobs for 22 people, including calen bradley, who has down syndrome. >> how does working here at hugs make you feel? >> really good. >> reporter: how good? >> really great. >> reporter: for many people with special
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needs, there are few opportunities for rewarding work. >> it has given calen a sense of purpose, a sense of self-worth. >> reporter: and a chance to nurture her love of baking. >> one day, i want to open my own bakery. i would like to hire other people with special needs. >> reporter: on this date, the line stretched out the door. nicole brooks often brings her son, wyatt, who has down syndrome. >> at hugs he sees people being valued by their community. when he gets older, that's what we want for him. >> reporter: it's an idea this community has embraced one sandwich at a time. >> no one has ever walked out of the doors in a bad mood. >> reporter: a restaurant that lives up to its name. rehema ellis, nbc news, mckinney, texas. that will do it for us on a tuesday night. i'm lester holt for all of us at nbc news. thank you for watching and good night. breaking news in san jose.
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a shooting in the parking lot of the east ridge mall. the new details we )re learning at the scene -- as police search for the gunman. ==peggy/2-shot== the news at 6 starts now. thanks for joining us. i )m peggy bunker -- in for jessica aguirre. ==raj/2-shot== and i )m raj mathai. multiple shots fired. we )ve ben tracking this story -- on air and online -- for the past 90 minutes. raj/vo here )s what we know: a witness sent us these pictures from the mall parking lot. you can see crime scene tape in front of a car and the paramedics on site. this is right at the chili )s restarant. boxes nbc bay area )s terry mcsweeney is at the eastridge mall. terry -- that chili )s isa busy restaurant. any evacuations
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at this hour? peggy/rail new det tonight about the visit conservatve


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