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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 26, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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he claims to be the greatest job creating president god has created. today he gets a chance to prove it on tax reform. >> a major blow to donald trump's get tough policy on sanctuary cities hitting overnight. late details ahead. traveling in berlin, the first daughter endures boos as she handletough questions about her father's treatment of women. >> wicked conditions from flooding in the south to fires out west and even a spring snowstorm. tornados could be on tap today. >> and the man they call junior announces his last lap. "early today" starts right now. good wednesday morning, i'm frances rivera. >> i'm yasmin vossoughian. let's get right to it this morning.
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president trump, the billionaire businessman who stormed his way into the white house, set to unveil his long-awaited plan to revamp the tax laws. zeroing in on a campaign promise ahead of his 100-day mark. enough to boost wall street sending the markets surging smashing records many there asking for the specifics behind the highly anticipated tax reform. nbc's peter alexander has those details. >> the nasdaq above 6,000 for the first time in history. >> with wall street booming the president's preparing to unveil his new tax reform plan slashing the corporate tax rate from 35 to 15%. >> a rate reduction that high is going to cost above $2 trillion. without a plan to pay for it, that's going to explode the debt. >> reporter: how to pay for the tax cut a major sticking point. house speaker paul ryan's proposal for a tax on imports getting poor reviews. also being floated, removing the popular tax break for contributions to 401(k) retirement plans.
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republican leaders not ruling it out arguing the goal to increase the number of americans saving. >> thanks to peter alexander for that. we should note that while the white house says their goal is get americans saving skeptics they caution major changes to 401(k) plans could discourage savings and put american future retirement in danger. a federal judge in san francisco has now blocked the trump administration's executive order denying federal funds to so called sanctuary cities. those locations like chicago, new york and san francisco limit their cooperation in federal immigration enforcement, instead electing to provide refuge to undocumented immigrants. the judge in his decision says the trump administration policy is likely unconstitutional, citing the president's own words when he called his action, quote, a weapon against those not complying with his strict immigration enforcement.
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the white house blasted the judge saying he is a quote unelected judge who unilaterally rewrote immigration policy claiming the ruling undermines faith in our legal system, calling it a gift to criminal gangs and cartels. and they made this claim against those sanctuary cities, citing the officials who authored these policies have blood of dead americans on their hands. the president this morning lended his voice to the opposition tweeting, quote, first the ninth circuit rules against the ban and now it hits again on sanctuary cities. both ridiculous rulings. see you in the supreme court. >> with the administration eyeing the 100 day mark it's russia and its connections to the president's former national security adviser michael flynn dogging the white house with the republican leader of the house oversight committee revealing flynn failed to reveal in 2015 he received $45,000 and he received more than $500,000 for lobbying on behalf of turkey and may have broken the law. >> as a member of congress and
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committee, the oversight committee, we find no evidence that actually general flynn complied with the law. you can't do this. you can't as a former military officer, nothing specifically mr. flynn or general flynn, it has everything to do with former military officers, they can't go and take money from a foreign government. >> now the white house under fire for not turning over the documents to congress on information about flynn's ties to russia. >> white house has refused to provide this committee with single piece of paper in response to our bipartisan requests and that simply unacceptable. >> the issue was brought up repeatedly in the white house press briefing room where sean spicer was on the defensive saying most of the requested documents including flynn's security clearance were handled under the obama administration. >> right now to ask the white house to produce documents that were not in the possession of the white house is ridiculous.
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>> all this coming as flynn is already the focus of two separate congressional investigations and an fbi probe into possible ties between the trump team and russia. flynn's attorney has offered his client's testimony in exchange for immunity and shot down by the republican leading the senate investigation. >> is there any way you give flynn immunity to testify? >> no. >> no way. >> no. today all 100 senators are invited to attend an unusual defense briefing at the white house. this comes as the u.s. military conducts exercises with japan and south korea. it's part of their own show of force. nbc's janice mackey frayer joins us. >> reporter: in south korea it
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was unannounced and in darkness that u.s. troops began installing the key elements of a controversial anti missile defense system. t.h.a.d. is strongly opposed by china. the foreign ministry reiterating its serious concern and asking washington to withdraw the plans. the u.s. is adamant that this system is necessary in order to counter the growing threat from north korea. we saw images today of kim jong-un presiding over the exercise. the regime has yet to follow through on the sixth nuclear test. that's been the focus of intense speculation and tension over the past several weeks. it raises the question of china's influence and whether economic pressure is being applied to pyongyang. petrol prices have apparently spiked in north korea, suggesting perhaps china has restricted oil shipments as it indirectly threatened to do. atms apparently running out of
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cash. air china which cut back flights to pyongyang says they'll resume next week. there's the sense here that maybe china is managing the economic lever in punishment-reward type basis to get the message to kim jong-un. >> china launched their first domestically built aircraft carrier. what's the significance of this? >> this is their first domestically built. the other was purchased from the ukraine self years ago and refurbished, it was soviet built. two significant points with this launch of the second aircraft carrier. first, it shows there's increasing capability and sophistication in china's defense industries. as well it shows the extent to which china wants to built its navy, project its naval power, especially as it's trying to reenforce its territorial claims in the south china sea. >> we'll see if that power and those capabilities grow.
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janice mackey frayer, thank you. a former bachelor star is under arrest after a deadly car crash. chris soules was in a courtroom charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. police say he was driving a pickup truck monday when he rear-ended a tractor, both vehicles going into a ditch injuring 66-year-old kenny mosher. he died at a local hospital. police saying soules took off and was later arrested in his home. he was released tuesday after posting $10,000 bond. he was devastated by the victim's death his lawyer said and his thoughts and prayers they were with the family, he is best known for starring in season 19 of "the bachelor wrrk. to arizona, firefighters are battling the so-called cactus fire in maricopa county. wind gusts make containment difficult. in the east the national weather service extended their flood warnings for central north carolina through the day. and here's rapid city, south
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dakota, late spring snowstorm, look, nearly 6 inches of accumulation in that area. tough to watch with the trees all in bloom there. >> another big threat ahead. the possibility of tornadoes in arkansas and louisiana. nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking it all. >> good morning. it certainly looks pretty with the flowers and the snow. that's been the case in the northern plains. today the threat of severe storms. that could be one of the dangerous days, maybe the potential of a strong tornado. if it happens, likely in areas of arkansas or northern louisiana. shreveport to monroe to greenville is the area of concern. our mega moisture plume going from the philippines south of japan, continuous line of clouds for 6,000 miles into the pacific northwest. you don't need me to tell you how gloomy it's been t continue to
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see a decent spring is down towards the deserts of california. even l.a. on the cooler side. >> one spot in the northwest hasn't seen spot in 30 days in washington state. imagine that. >> put a call in to my relatives in the philippines about that system coming their way. >> we're pulling for you, washington. >> thank you, bill. just ahead a prominent news anchor a discrimination lawsuit. it might be one of the outlandish multimillion dollar heists we've ever seen. we'll bring you those details in two. comfortable you are in it. so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors.
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♪ ♪ ♪ that sounds and looks like something out of a hollywood blockbuster. it's not, cars burned to a crisp on the side of the road, but was too real in paraguay.
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gang members mounted a raid on an armored security firm launching grenades engaging in gun fights and torching over a dozen vehicles before attacking the security firm's building, getting away with up to $11 million. three suspects are dead, 10 others in custody. police seized rifles, drugs, cash, vehicles and even speed boats used as part of the getaway, calling the attack a well planned operation. it is the biggest heist in their history. >> leading the news, eight more people are suing fox news, the former and current fox employees accuse the channel's management of racial discrimination. specifically a fired financial executive and fox's chief counsel diane brandy. one of the plaintiffs is washington correspondent and former fox and friends co-host kelly wright. the law firm representing him put out a statement saying when it comes to racial discrimination 21st century fox has been operating as if it should be called 18th century fox.
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a fox spokesperson denied the allegations calling them copy cat complaints. >> and dale earnhardt jr. announced this will be his final season as a nascar driver. >> i accomplished way more than i ever dreamed. way more than i ever thought i'd accomplish. >> plagued by concussions in recent years he missed half of last season due to a head injury and hinted that health concerns played a part in his decision. >> kind of hard to quit, i tell you. that's all you do all your life and all you want to do. it's hard to walk away from. >> earnhardt will turn 43 later this year and will not be behind the wheel he says he wants to stay in the sport for many years to come. >> i'm sure a lot of fans are happy to hear that. a growing trend in emergency medical treatment, many patients are accusing freestanding emergency rooms with urgent care facilities only to be hit by sky high bills later on.
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fast forwarding into wednesday, today is denim day. when people around the world wear jeans in solidarity with sexual assault victims, the move as a response to a decision that overturned a rape conviction because the teenage victim wore quote very, very tight jeans. >> president trump plans to sign
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two executive orders, one at minimizing the role in education and the other to review all national monuments designated by its predecessor since 1996. and disney announced the dates for movie releases in 2019. "star wars" episode 9 hits theaters may 24, the lion king is due on july 19 and frozen 2 comes out november 27. get your kids ready, in two years. >> right now, market futures are higher ahead of president trump's major tax reform proposals. stocks led by the nasdaq soared into record territory. will the good times roll? let's check in with cnbc's landon dowdy. >> wall street will be eyeing washington today as the trump administration unveils the president's tax plan. the markets have rallied this week on earnings and relief over the french election.
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traders say stocks and bond yields are rising. tax reform will free up cash and pave the way for more spending by individuals and businesses despite the lack of details on how tax cuts will actually be paid for. president trump and canada's prime minister spoke by phone last night, a day after the u.s. escalated trade tensions by imposing new tariffs on canadian lumber. justin trudeau says the countries are economically interconnected. he says millions of u.s. jobs depend on the smooth flow of goods and services across the border. get ready for non-stop live video on twitter. the company plans to air content 24/7, building on the more than 800 hours it aired in the first three months of the year. during that period twitter aired the oskars pre and post shows and inauguration day events, twitter lost the nfl contract to amazon but tells buzzfeed it could add ufc fights which is a
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big one people tune in to. >> they want twitter up on the phones and computers 24/7. first daughter ivanka trump endures boos. details of that next. mmm, you know what that needs? hey, l'eggo my eggo. uh uh. not c-c-c - cause i have the and i - i. that's a lot. raisins. really? what just happened here? you know the rules. i make the rules. know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. i'm doing this for you, dad. thanks son.
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berlin to help empower women finds herself instead defending one man. >> he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families. >> reporter: a handful of hecklers hissing and booing her description of president trump. >> you hear the reaction from the audience. i need to address one more point. some attitudes towards women your father has publicly displayed in former times might leave one questioning whether he's such an empower for women. >> i've certainly heard the criticism from the media, and that's been perpetuated. as a daughter, i can speak on a very personal level knowing that he encouraged me and enabled me to thrive. >> reporter: the moment partly over shadows trump's trip to summit on how to boost female entrepreneurs, sharing the stage with head of the imf and angela merkel. president trump remains deeply
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unpopular here. his controversial travel ban at odds with germany's embrace of syrian refugees. ivanka trump going further than her father on whether those refugees should be let into the u.s. >> that has to be part of the discussion, but that's not going to be enough in and of itself. my father has focused on the top level issue, how to counterterrorism, how to stop the issue that continues to happen rather than deal with purely the aftermath. >> reporter: for her, an intense international spotlight with one paper asking whether she'll push the president to be more moderate or act as a loyal am dock police. >> i don't like the word accomplice, because in this context i don't know that's productive. he curates ideas and likes to hear from people with divergent viewpoints. >> reporter: his policies like paid leave and expanded child care, not just women's issues, she says but economic ones. ♪ minutes old. ♪
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welcome back. your travel forecast today, unfortunately more clouds and damp weather, pacific northwest, even northern california, even maybe a few showers around san francisco. dry from santa barbara down to los angeles. denver cool at only 59, very chilly in billings and boise. some of the mountains picking up snow. as we take a sneak peek into tomorrow, more of the same. the weather pattern still unsettled in the rockies. still watching the big storm system with the severe weather today in the middle of the nation. so far, knock on wood, done pretty well as far as tornadoes. president trump addressed holocaust remembrance day on tuesday. he condemned holocaust deniers and promised to combat attacks on jewish people. >> this is my pledge to you.
4:27 am
we will confront anti-semitism. we will stamp out prejudice, we will condemn hatred, we will bear witness and we will act. >> president trump also promised to stand by the state of israel tuesday's remarks in contrast to a january statement on international holocaust day which prompted backlash for failing to mention jewish people at all. >> an awkward moment at the u.s. supreme court, the justices in the middle of oral arguments, hearing a case, when suddenly a cell phone started ringing. here is the thing of it it's a big no-no at the court where they are not allowed in the gallery. cameras are also not allowed. so you can see from the sketches the culprit is there, justice breyer, he apparently forgot he had it with him. >> turn your phone off. fda is issuing warnings to 14 companies for pushing what they call fraudulent cancer
4:28 am
treatments. falsely claiming their products can prevent or cure cancer. not only do they not work, some may be dangerous and none of them have done gone through verifying process necessary to legally make such claims. the companies are listed on the fda website. >> looking dirty without actually getting dirty. here is what we're talking about. nordstrom is selling these jeans covered in fake mud meant to show, quote, you're not afraid to get down and dirty. guess how much they are? $425. if you're really hard core, you can get the matching jacket for $425. if you prefer a cleaner look, how about see-through look. plastic jeans by topshop. the clear ones are a bargain at $800. have to make sure you wear leggings, boxers. >> they would have been good yesterday in the rain. thanks for being with us on this wednesday on "ea
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good wednesday morning. life look right now at san francisco this morning. okay. i guess that san francisco is beneath that blanket of clouds, covering up the city skyline. even a little light rain outside before things finally clear up. today in the bay starts right now. good morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. so let's try to clear things up on this now wednesday morning with kari. good morning. >> halfway through the week. you're just trying to find your way through the fog in san francisco and the north bay. and it is going to be kind of misting and drizzling throughout the morning, and part of the afternoon as well. as we still have this weather system overhead that will not get out of here until later on today. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's 57


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