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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: no students are believed to be involved in the incident. it happened in the parking lot behind me and on the sidewalk. many students walking by this area, it's a busy area, say any time violence happens on or near campus, it's alarming. >> we try to go in groups. >> reporter: some san jose state students will take extra precautions at night about a brutal attack caught on camera. the fight broke out outside of jack-in-the-box across from campus. >> people are coming and it's bad for business. >> reporter: the owner of la victoria tackry a, he installed several surveillance cameras following a recent shooting in the area. this is what happened at 1:30 this morning. the victim appears to be the woman in the dark clothing. other women are throwing punches and at least one of the attackers was using a bottle as a weapon. about a minute into the attack, someone throws the woman to the
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ground behind the wall and several of them start kicking her. the victim was able to get up and walk into the jack-in-the-box. police showed up soon after but the suspects had taken off. >> we can't prevent it but we can help in helping them catch the person and prosecuting them and acceptedsend a message. >> they hope it helps to track down the women responsible. some we talked to don't feel safe on campus or downtown san jose. >> it's sad to hear. i'm used to hearing incidents like that, which is sad in itself. >> reporter: in addition to the fight, the police are investigating a possible sexual assault that happened in the area reported this morning. not releasing a lot of details about that case, but the university says the victim in that case was a former san jose state student. live in san jose, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. video is helping police
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identify a mob of teenagers who took over that b.a.r.t. train over the weekend and robbed the passengers. as we've been reporting about 50 teenagers poured on to that train last saturday night. b.a.r.t. police say they robbed 7 passengers and injured 2 others. today, we learned that surveillance video from inside the train has led police to the suspects. they're now in the process of tracking them down and arresting them. >> it's very disturbing for us when we look at the video to see what happened to our patrons. we care about our patrons like the general public. we are taking measures to try to mitigate and also make sure this doesn't happen again. >> among the measures, b.a.r.t. police stepping up patrols at the doll coliseum station. coulter is not coming to speak tomorrow. the cancellation seems to have generated as much controversy as the appearance was designed to do. robert handa joins us from the
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uc berkeley campus. supporters and detractors were fired up. robert? >> reporter: anne coulter and other officials blame each other for the canceling. there was a lot of loud free speech going on today to go with the finger pointing. >> free speech is a conservative right that's been oppressed. >> free speech was -- on the day ann coulter formally announced she would not be speaking on campus tomorrow. protesters demonstrated next to a news conference by republicans and its attorney vowing to proceed with a lawsuit against the school. >> it is not acceptable under the law to relegate ms. coulter to a lesser place, time or manner of speaking than other speakers are allowed to speak at uc berkeley. >> the school initially canceled the speech tomorrow, then tried to move it to next week due to violence last february that led to the cancellation of conservative media personality
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miloi milo yian i can't nop lis. >> she said i'm so sorry berkeley canceled my speech. i'm sorry yaf acquiesced in the cancellation and i'm sorry for free speech crushed by thugs. >> if ann coulter is willing to come to uc berkeley, the invitation is open, that goes for anyone else. >> what about her statement she felt she lacked the support of her allies. >> again, the university and the -- to safely host ms. coulter on campus. >> we wanted to make it work. at the end of the day, there wasn't a venue available. that's why we offered alternative dates. >> as we reported at 5:00, university officials say they believe there might still be violence tomorrow since some protest groups vow to show up each if ann coulter doesn't. live in berkeley, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, robert. whether coulter shows up or not
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at cal, we'll be there to see what happens and we'll update our website and digital platforms. count on us 24/7. not much money and now forced out of their home. a group of artists in san francisco was evicted from their converted warehouse. this comes after last year's deadly warehouse fire across the bay in oakland. nbc bay area scott budman is in san francisco for us this evening. scott, two sides to the story. safety versus affordable housing. what are the details? >> raj, this seems to be fallout from the ghost ship fire that happened in oakland. those living here got four months' notice before they were evicted. >> if you take advantage of people -- >> awe rough day for artist and dancer nathan cot tum. >> i've lived here for 2 1/2 years. >> he was formally evicted from their home in the bern al area of san francisco. >> a great atmosphere.
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honestly, for me, it was a stable place to call home. >> reporter: everyone who lived here chipped in to make the nearly $4,000 a month representative. it was an artist's colony in a converted warehouse. but ten days after the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland, the san francisco sheriff's department informed them of the pending eviction citing safety violations. shortly after that, some of the artists gave us a tour inside. >> it was a creative outlet for a lot of folks that lived here for their various different types of art. >> reporter: but the city went through with its threat and now most of the people who live here are looking for their next place to stay. >> do you have a place to go? >> i have someplace i can crash, yes. >> do you have a place to go? >> no. no clue. >> reporter: we reached out to the sheriff's department. they did confirm the eviction but said they had no further comment.
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reporting live in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. scott, thank you. we mentioned the ghost ship fire. that was about five months ago. it happened during a party in oak lapped. 36 people died in that fire. it's believed to have been caused by an electrical problem. the city of oakland had not inspected the building in three decades. survivors of a deadly apartment fire are suing the owner of the building and the so-called master tenants whose names are on the lease. the building on san pueblo avenue was a -- they described electrical, plumbing, heating problems. they say they had rats, cockroach cockroaches. but the biggest issue became clear when the fire broke out last month. the exits were blocked, there were no fire extinguishers and the sprinklers and the smoke detectors just didn't work. one woman recounted escaping the building with her children. >> i put my youngest daughter
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over my shoulder and my middle child over my oldest daughter's shoulder. we started to go towards the front door of my apartment. when i opened the door and looked in the hallway, it was pitch black. i couldn't see anything. >> luckily, we got out. the fire killed four people. the owner has yet to comment on that lawsuit. it's common nowadays. police are posting a request for help on facebook. this stems from a drive-by shooting in napa. prosecutors are expected to charge daniel -- with attempted murder. he fired a gun into a mobile home last month missing an 11-year-old child by just inches. police released a foe to have the car he was driving that night. it's been seized for evidence. they're asking now anyone with additional information on this crime to contact them. a bit gloomy for sure. live look outside. but it is not dampening the mood at the ballpark at at&t park. the giants ready to host the dodgers. >> ready for drama tonight?
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we're counting down to first pitch. you can watch the game here on nbc bay area from our ballpark cam. let's go down to the field level. bring in colin resch who is with us. colin, the jiepts need help in a big way. what's the buzz? >> reporter: they're getting some, raj. last place in the national league west. the giants are taking a wait and see approach to their 7-14 record. they're trying to be proactive. giants fans, you might recognize this face. michael morris is back in a giants uniform. fans should remember in 2014, he provided some key power in the playoffs when they needed it most. he's hoping his presence and attitude can turn the team's early season struggles around. >> good to see the guys again. a lot of smiles. we try to pick off -- pick up
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where we left off in spring training. >> any time a team goes through a rough patch, you bring someone in, his energy, the sense of humor loosen things up and bring some life to the clubhouse. >> reporter: bruce bochy hoping that his attitude is infectious with this club that is 7-14. they've lost 7 out of 9. denard spann placed on a ten-day disabled list. his shoulder bugging him for a couple of days. it's gotten worse. later in sports, the reason ty block hits dodgers ace clayton kershaw so well and madison bumgarner plays a key part in that. live at at&t park, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> kol incompetent, thank you. looks like it's a little misty out there, gloomy. >> because of the game, tp will
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air on cozi tv, law and order svu at 9:00, join us for a late newscast right back here on nbc bay area. i'm jeff ranieri, we're tracking a little bit of drizzle. the possibility of that for a first pitch at 7:00 and 56 degrees. the clouds hang out as we head throughout the rest of the game against -- here on nbc bay area at 7:00 tonight. meanwhile, in my forecast coming up at 6:20, i'll talk about this high pressure and when upper 80s return back into the mix. p police body cam video shows shooting -- how that video may set the suspect free. ♪
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a san francisco superior court judge has now dropped most of this case is not over. did sfpd cross the line? a police shooting in san francisco. it was caught on this police body camera in january. a san francisco superior court judge has dropped most of the charges against a metropolitanly ill man you see here who was injured by officers on his front porch. nshs nbc's bay yar a thom jensen has the developments. >> reporter: the judge in that case yesterday said 8 of the 10
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charges were dropped against the suspect because police were eventually trespassing because they didn't leave when moore told them to. today, moore's mother and the public defender's office asked them to release him and drop the other charges. there's no doubt that he was aggressive in his nearly 40 demand at san francisco police officers get off his front step in january. but his mom said it never should have come to this. >> he could have been dead. but he's here. he's alive. >> reporter: he was shot after being hit with a baton and after he hit and kibd tcked the offic the police were there for a -- they were trespassing, should have left when moore told them repeatedly to get off his stairs. >> he's got a mental condition. but the officers continued to
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egg him on. >> the depp fi public defender says the officers should have left. >> it was so clear that the officers were trespassing and were asking illegally. >> pictures posted to facebook by the san francisco police officers association show the rookie officers who responded were injured in the fight with moore. >> let's go. come out. >> the public defender doesn't question that either but says that moore was acting in self-defense after being pepper sprayed and hit with that baton. >> reporter: this afternoon shall the district attorney's office told news an e-mail that early on a judge said there was enough evidence to charge and try moore on all of those counts. after yesterday's hearing, the d.a.'s office spokesperson told us this afternoon that its office is, quote, reviewing its options, end quote. a hearing on a motion to drop
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the last two charges is scheduled at the hall of justice friday morning. live in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, thom. we have a follow-up to the breaking news last night. one person has been arrested in connection with the shooting at east ridge mall in san jose. however, police are still searching for a gunman. the shooting happened in the parking lot behind the chili's restaurant. a lot of people were in the area. a man was shot but is is expected to be okay. bullets also hit a nearby car and window at a citi bank branch. investigators are looking through surveillance video in the parking lot. a shooting rampage at oikos university back in court today. he shot and killed several people because he wanted his tuition refunded and wanted revenge against an administrator. he was only recently deemed metropolitanly fit meaning he can stand trial for the killings. he was due to enter a plea today but that's delayed until
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tuesday. tragedy during a marine's training exercise in brentwood. a recruit suddenly collapsed and died at a local hospital. 17-year-old floyd burrell was unresponsive when paramedics arrived yesterday. he was a senior at pitsburg high. they september out condolence toss the family, friends and military staff. an autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death. the act of wearing jeans sy the state capital. the significance of denim dates back to 1998 in a rape case in italy where the suspect went free because the judge determined that the woman's jeans were so tight they impl d implied -- they want to bring the issue of sexual violence out of the shadows. >> every 98 seconds, an american
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experiences sexual exploitation. when you stop and think how many people were sexually violated just since we put on our jeans this morning, it's staggering. >> lawmakers are considering a bill to create domestic violence ij indication. >> could there be a strike in the silicon valley. it was a story from 11:00 last night. the sunnyvale city council is trying to prevent its workers from walking off the job. we've learned an injunction was filed today so essential city services wouldn't be disrupted. the employees association voted to strike. that means the union leadership can walk out any time. the union wants a 14% raise over four years. the city is offering 10%. speed cameras will not be coming to an intersection near you. lawmakers proposed the camera as a safety measure. pilot program was proposed for
6:20 pm
san francisco and san jose. but it was controversial from the start. not just among drivers. each some law enforcement posed the idea. if it passes this week, the support for -- wasn't strong enough, so he's pulling the bill to think about it some more and reintroduce it at a later point. giants and dodgers here on nbc bay area. any rain? >> maybe a slight chance of drizzle around the first patch. generally, the sun is coming out. that's good news for any fan with last-minute plans to go to the park. this is from belvidere looking towards downtown san francisco. you can see the marine layer and the fog and the clouds, it's beginning to break up. a little bit of moisture left here. at the ballpark, as you mentioned, there's a slight chance we could get mist and drizzle at first pitch. 56 degrees will keep at least
6:21 pm
mostly cloudy skies here as we continue thout the game tonight. that's right here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00. tomorrow's forecast, mostly sunny to partly cloudy for your morning. temperatures warming up 10 degrees. that brings us to 74 in sapt arose a. 70 in oakland. 72 in san jose and up to 64 in san francisco. on the extended forecast, dry weather through friday. it will be gusty, though. 15 to 35 miles per hour. low 70s or low 80s inland for the upcoming weekend. the biggest problem with the weather heading throughout the weekend would be the pollen. oak and pine in the high category, grass in the moderate. heading back to the seven-day forecast real quick, heading into next wednesday, up to 87 degrees. we'll have more on the forecast and i'll detail the gusty winds better at 6:48 tonight. we'll see you shortly,
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thanks, jeff sfwliefrmts bea. beast mode is back in the area. what the raiders had to give up to bring marshawn lynch to oakland. so far, no word on if there are
6:23 pm
any injuries. ==reveal== also on twitter: major changes at happening now, san jose firefighters spopding to a brushfire near 280 and the 101 connector. on twitter, we've posted cell phone video. on twitter, the sports broadcasting powerhouse laying off 100 employees.
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insiders say it comes more as people are relying on the internet for sports coverage. back with more. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. good news about steve kerr. ==take vo== today -- general manager )bob myers ) says he fully expects waiting for news on two fronts. the warriors are wait to go see if they play the clippers or the jazz and good news about steve kerr, their popular head coach. bob meyer says he expects kerr to return to the sidelines at some point. people close to kerr say the pain he's experiencing is excruciating, intense headaches because of complications from back surgery. he's back where he belongs. beast mode in the east bay. oakland native, marshawn lynch is officially an oakland raider. the former cal star at oakland tech alum was at raiders headquarters today. take a look at that photo. and the subsequent video meeting with his teammates and coaches.
6:26 pm
they had to make a trade with the seahawks to get his playing rights. they gave up a 5th round tripic next year. this is along milpitamilpitas. a billboard, welcome home marshawn. tom rothman will be forever immortalized. jeb york made the announcement. he was with the organization for 23 years. as a player for 15 years. assistant coach. vital part of the niners when they won the super bowl following the '88 and '89 seasons. >> what an amazing honor to stand up here and to say that i'm the 27th inductee of the edward j. debartolo sr., sports hall of fame. it's very special to me. >> the 49ers will have a statue made and placed in the museum at
6:27 pm
levi stadium. will you be saving money on your taxes next year? we'll tell you who benefits the most from president trump's tax proposal that was just unveiled today. it's never easy putting down the family pet. it's one of the worst pains, in fact. i'm peggy bunker. why the ashes you get back from the vet might not be your pet's after all. tax-day protests like this in
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
more than a-hundred u-s cities did not move president trump. through a spokesman, he )s re-iterating that he has no plans
6:30 pm
to release his tax returns.... but the president is revealing a right now at 6:30, more than 100 u.s. cities did not move president trump. the president reiterating he has no plans to release his tax returns just yet. however, the president is revealing a major tax overhaul that could change returns for millions of americans. it's one of the most dramatic tax overhalls in u.s. history and critics are wasting no time in blasting it. >> democrats are saying it's not viable. it would put america billions of dollars deeper in debt. as blayne alexander explains, the white house is expecting criticism. >> proudly dubbing in the biggest overhaul in history, today the white house unveiled a sweeping tax reform proposal. >> what this is about is creating jobs and creating economic roads. >> for individuals, the proposed plan would eliminate most tax deductions. >> we're going to eliminate on
6:31 pm
the personal side, all tax deductions other than mortgage interest and charitable deductions. >> tax brackets would be reduced to three. for married couples, no tax on the first $24,000 of income. tax benefits to help with child care and eliminating the death tax. >> we're going to cut taxes for the american people, especially low and middle income families. >> but businesses would see big breaks, too, with rates dropping from a current 35 to 39% down to 15. affecting everyone from major corporations to small mom and pop shops. but already, questions about how to pay for it. >> we'll beattacked from the le and the right. >> it would come from closing loopholes and economic growth, not increasing the deficit. critics say that's not realistic. >> this idea that somehow growth can pay for these huge tax cuts is operating in fairy land.
6:32 pm
that doesn't work. >> the administration has said tax reform will work if obamacare is repealed and replaced, a major factor in cutting spending. >> on health care, some encouraging news for the president. some of the most conservative republicans now say that, because of changes, they can now get behind this plan. you could see a vote as early as friday. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. shining a spotlight on sexual assault. that's the message from san francisco's d.a. he took the stage on how to make nightlife safer in san francisco. specifically pointing to drug induced sexual assault. helping bartenders and servers identify potential victims. >> raise everyone's awareness to protect one another. >> if they can prevent the attacks. april is sexual awareness month. a man says he was attacked
6:33 pm
by a teenage mob. it happened yesterday evening. the man was taking in the view at the lake. four teenage boys punched him in the face while the others grabbed his camera. no clear description of the suspects. about to get quieter for people near cal tran tracks. cal tran launching a noise reduction project. the work involves grinding the rails to smooth out defects. the result of smoother and quieter rides. the gripeding, which will be loud it set to end in the south bay in three weeks. the only thing for cal train, the grinder will run from 10:00 at night to 4:30 in the morning. it was in but now it's out. follow-up on that proposal for a new in and outburger in the south bay. the developer withdrew his application citing too many kerps from neighbors.
6:34 pm
it was scheduled to be built and second in walnut creek. a lot of people said it would bring more traffic to an already congested area. a giant rabbit died in the care of united airlines. a 3 foot long giant rabbit was on track to outgrow his record setting dad to become the largest bup i. the breeder shipped him from london to chicago. he died soon after in a holding cage. the owner is blaming the airline. in a statement, united said we're sad to hear the news. the safety of all animals that travel with us is of utmost importance to us. we're now reviewing that matter. if you've ever had to do it, you know how gut wrenching it can be to say goodbye to your family dog or cat. some get the ashes back from the
6:35 pm
vet. are those really your pet? >> let's bring in peggy bunker. >> you and me both, raj. we're not alone in this. pets are family. it's heartbreaking having to put them down. most people would be surprised to learn that the ashes back from the vet likely are not their pets but a blend of many animals. you go to one bay area crematorium, it offers owners the chance to have just their pet, each if it's a horse, cremated alone. >> it's a beautiful peaceful place but a garden of grief. this grassy green hillside watered with decades of tears from grieving families to bring their beloved pets here when they die. >> i came down here and looked around, it felt like the right thing to do. >> jail roberts owns monterrey bay loves pets where they do what almost no one else will, save for your pets cremation and you know that you're getting
6:36 pm
your pet's ashes back. >> typically they're cremated in a group and the ashes are a mix of that group. owners here are create just their pet and if they want, can witness the final step. >> some people want to be involved. some don't want to come back here. >> after a humg equestrian need, they became the only crematorium to take an entire horse. >> most horse owners, they care. the horses are older than the owners. or the horses are older than their kids and they're the best friend. >> jim roberts was a successful commercial real estate broker in santa cruz when he got a listing for a foreclosed pet cemetery. he ploolooked for a buyer for t years until he got one.
6:37 pm
>> yeah, me. >> it was a surprise to me too. >> his employees will tell you, it's not an easy business. >> we do have people who are just out of their minds with grief and those ones are a little bit more difficult. >> but the staff understands their customers' grief. just ask roberts about his own dog, gus. >> i've got his parents. sorry. and their parents. i've got three generations of this one jack russell. i don't want to think about it. >> each he can't think about it. monterrey bay loves pets does group cremations as well. they're the only place that lets you attend your pet's cremation. it's sad work but also rewarding. because people get to say goodbye exactly the way they want to. >> never easy, jess. >> no, it but it will bring some solace. the reason red app loney on the decline.
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information that might help prevent a problem. ==take pkg== ue contractor disputes commonly across the desk of our response team. >> chris chmura has a piece of vital information that might help prevent a probable lenl. >> california law gives contractors who might redo your kitchen for example, zero wiggle room to demand a lot of money up front. they can take 10% of the cost or $1,000. which ever is less. if they ask for more money, ask
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yourself, do you really want to do business with a company willing to break the law? accepted us your consumer complaints. 888-996-tips or visit okay. uc berkeley has done it again. for the second straight year, cal tops forbes list of the best value in higher education. the goal was to find the university with the most meaningful return on your investment. ucla is at number two. princeton, stanford and uc irvine and uc davis. serena williams was caught off guard. she accidentally shared the photo on snapshot to show her baby bump. she metropolitan to save the personal photo to her phone and pressed the wrong button and shared it publicly. she plans to continue her career on the court after becoming a mom. the father to be, is alexis --
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the founder of red dit. >> you got to be careful what you snap. >> jeff ranieri is here. it's a little gloomy. >> a little? >> you know, tomorrow we're going to start to see -- right now, there's still clouds lingering over the south bay. we have a few breaks of sun as it's setting right now and 6 approximate. i'll talk more about hotter weather and when upper 80s return in about five minutes. they don't look like a traditional ab loney. >> a delicacy on decline. the moves by local researchers to reverse a disturbing trend. conditions have left the
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
population dwindling. jess/2shot nbc bay area )s joe rosato jr.
6:45 pm
shows us what a group of bay for hundreds of years there's a sea forward delicacy. but changing ocean conditions left this population dwindling. >> joe rosato jr. shows us what a group of scientists is doing to try to save them. >> it's an annual rite of the sea. abalone divers risking life and limb to haul in these strange marine snails known as red abalone. >> people have been free diving for them forever. >> the ocean is changing. >> a lot of the models show that things are going to change very quickly in northern california. >> scientists say ocean acid levels are rising because of pollution and in some places they've already impacted red abalone population. >> they're smaller, developing more slowly. >> super tiny.
6:46 pm
>> researchers are studying how rising ocean acidity is impact the it. >> each one of these cups, we've added 300 baby ones. >> the tiny specks are babies. >> researchers daniel says they're experimenting raising them in current day ocean conditions as well as the conditions predicted in the next 40 years. >> kind of a time machine. we're going into the future. >> our medium size class. >> they can move pretty quickly. >> some areas with higher acid levels have seen population wiped out. at the same time, some abalone have done just fine. >> some diversity where some families don't do as badly as others. this is all the new growth. >> because of declining numbers, california wildlife manager shortened in year's abalone diving season by two months.
6:47 pm
>> it's in the interest to preserve the populations that are still doing well. >> the scientists say one possibility is raising populations of abalone that have shown a resistance to the acidity. may not be the prettiest in the ocean but on a restaurant table, the most expensive. >> tasty as well. >> joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. they're doing some good work. >> all right. gloomy one day more maybe. less gloomy and then sunshine. >> gloomy, definitely moving away. yes. >> gloomy is gone. >> parting the skies right now. >> sunshine building in as we head throughout thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. did i hear a cheer from the studio? the tvs at home? >> a live look at the ballpark camera. they were out there raking the clay, getting it nice and smooth. this is a live photo. take a look here. stands start to go fill up right now. camera lens a little bit wet.
6:48 pm
we still may have a slight chance of drizzle at first pitch. we're coming in with 59 degrees and we should drop three more degrees once we hit 7:15 for tonight. again, that game is right here on nbc bay area. stay tuned. i'll get your chair locked in and get your snacks ready. going to be april great night at the dodgers and the giants go at it. on the radar, a few spotty showers near the golden gate bridge off to the bay bridge. otherwise, relatively quiet. i think it's going to be a clearing trend through tomorrow. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. great way to start your thursday morning. tri-valley 50. 55 in the peninsula. a mix of sun and a few clouds for the south bay and 53. north bay at 52. san francisco 54. the biggest change as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast is high pressure building in. not only is it going to bring warmer weather like usual, it helps to push in gusty winds throughout all of northern california at least for the next
6:49 pm
two days. i want to focus in on the wind tomorrow. it's going to be breezy for the morning. 5 to 10 miles per hour. it will pick up more once we hit thursday evening, maybe up to 26. half moon bay, 15 in san francisco. 15 in santa rosa and possibly 17 in san jose. temperatures also on the rise as we get the wind and the sunshine building for tomorrow. we'll go back up to 72 in downtown san jose. 73 in east san jose and 74 in morgan hill. contra costa, alameda counties, usually the warmest. that's the way it goes tomorrow. up to 76 in concord. 75 in walnut creek. each a mild 70 in oakland for the peninsula. 70 in palo alto. cooler, 66 in san mateo. 67 in the mission. in the north bay, 74 in sonoma. 74 expected in santa rosa. extended forecast gets better. if you can put up with the wind on friday, 15 to 30 mile per
6:50 pm
hour gusts, we'll see 68 in san francisco. low 70s this weekend and dry weather right through next wednesday with sunshine. interior valleys, we are looking at 82 by sunday. on wednesday's forecast, 87 degrees. we may actually see a few isolated low 90s on that day as well. i'll wait to give that final judgment as we get closer. upper 80s, i think that sounds good. >> upper 80s, that's fantastic. >> all right. >> thanks, jeff. from the weather out to at&t park. colin resch joins us in front of the giants dugout. colin? >> reporter: the giants have scored just 16 runs in the last nine games. in desperate need of offensive help. they're getting it. that's coming up. nbc bay area.
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jess/boxes colin resch rejoins us from the ballpark. colin, what )s the you ready for the drama? there's always drama when the dodgers come to town. >> colin resch joins us from the ballpark. what's the buzz? what's the drama? what's the beef? what's going on? >> reporter: a lot is going on, jess. make it seven losses in the last nine games for the giants after falling 2-1 last night to the dodgers. in that nine-game span, they've been outscored 41-16. bruce bochy, bobby evans, they know it. they're making moves trying to stem the tide. it started monday when they called up a. christian arroyo, a rookie. a familiar face back in the
6:54 pm
clubhouse. michael morse. he's been called up from aaa for tonight's game. instrumental in the world series run in 014. he was loved by teammates back then. his energy, infectious back then. hopefully it will be for the second go round with the team. >> if there's one thing i can bring here is a little fun. a little excitement. a little relaxed atmosphere. get that giants feeling back. it's not like they don't have it. it's just -- it's a reminder of who we are and what this team is capable of doing. >> reporter: morse expected to come off the bench and play outfield and first base. in the absence of madison bumgarner. got a hit off kershaw. he kreds its bumgarner with sage advice. >> he was good yesterday. he said pitches were low and away. look for something up and in.
6:55 pm
>> hoping that you see -- >> i don't know about that. i'd like to catch bum. he's got four hits. he made sure to let me know that last night. >> reporter: the giants currently 7-14. three of the wins with johnny cueto on the hill. he'll be on the hill tonight for a preview of the matchup. let's go upstairs to the guy calling the matchup on nbc bay area. john miller and mike krukow. >> the giants and dodgers, game 3 of the series. johnny cueto, the right-handed ace is going. he'll be against the tricky left-hander, alex williams. mike, johnny cueto, the giants always look at him as a guy who gives them a win when they need it and they need it. >> yes, they do. they need it big time. johnny cueto, before he was with the giants, he didn't have a great lifetime win loss record. but last year, the first year as
6:56 pm
a giant facing the dodgers, he went 3-1. his e.r.a. in the 2s. he knows the team well, likes throwing against them. just need a couple of runs to make it stand. >> john miller, mike krukow, back to you. >> reporter: thanks, gentlemen. the first two games of the series 2-1 contest. split. game one won by the giants obviously last night by the dodgers. let hope for offense tonight on nbc bay area. live at at&t park, colin resch. >> cool to have morse back with the big team. thanks, colin. >> we're ready. a programming note because of the giants game. nbc shows will air on cizo. come blind spot is at 8:00, law and order svu at 9:00 and after the game, we'll be here. nbc bay area. give you updates on everything that happens. >> let's accepted it out to the ballpark. mike krukow, john miller, take it away from at&t park.
6:57 pm
giants, dodgers. good night.
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