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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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us showing up, shows that you can't silence us. if you want us to -- if you want to beat us, debate us. >> it's getting heated, the cal campus is preparing for a protest ann coulter pulls out of tomorrow's event. protesters promise they're going to be showing up on campus anyway. the news at 11:00, starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> we were on early because of the giants game right here on nbc bay area. they're bracing for what could be a nasty battle over free speech. tensions running high on the campus of uc berkeley this evening, after ann coulter's speech is kansed due to safety concerns again. tomorrow a free speech rally is taking place regardless. nbc bay area cheryl hurd tells us will coulter make an appearance? she says she is season the, but will she? >> this has been going back and
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forth, cheryl. >> reporter: they have been, and both sides are standing their ground. ann coulter will not be here on campus. officially, but her supporters and her detractors say that they're going to hold a rally here in berkeley anyway. >> you did not cancel? tell us what happened. >> ann coulter on fox network sean hannity show. very upset about her cancelled speaking agreement on thursday. >> my allies ran away, they gave in, and then i was -- there was nothing i could do. >> lock her up. >> reporter: coulter or not, supporters from across california showing up to cal's campus tonight. they had no plans on cancelling their trip to berkeley to support coulter and free speech. >> we're citizens we have a first amendment right to be here, this is supposed to be the home of the renewal of freedom of speech here in california.
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>> reporter: the university needed more time to make the campus safe. and everyone's ideas are welcome here. >> our commitment to the first amendment is unwavering and unshakable. so too is our commitment to the safety of our students. >> reporter: students and others that come to berkeley's rallies that often turn violent. vowed to show up tomorrow with a purpose. >> they've been humiliated, defeated and i think they're in disarray. everything they do is a fiasco, they're failing at what they're doing, and we're going to keep doing what we're doing. >> the city of berkeley and campus police say that they have contingency plans in place, in case there's a problem. the rally is scheduled to start at 2:00 tomorrow at civic center pla plaza. that rally is expected to move on here to campus sometime tomorrow. reporting live in berkeley, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. we're following developing news at this hour on the peninsula, an emergency at
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facebook headquarters. two construction workers were rushed to a local hospital. they fell from a cane in what's being called a catastrophic equipment failure. their safety harnesses broke their fall. this is all where facebook building 21 is being constructed. we're going to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them into our newsroom. an east bay teenager suffers serious injuries. this happened monday at granada high. why the school district is turning this into a teachable moment. >> lunchtime at grenada high school. >> she had a thing against the other girl, and it got pretty bad really fast. >> one girl allegedly started punching another girl. the victim hit her head on the ground and started convulsing, sent to the hospital with serious injuries. the large crowd around the fight was standing there filming it. one student who wasn't there,
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recalls the announcement the next day. >> we were told how serious this was, and how we were told not to post anything on social media. >> kids should not videotape things like this. they should be more responsible with social media. >> in a letter to students and staff, the principal wrote in part, the circumstances of the incident were heinous, what was equally disturbing is the reaction people have had about it. far too many people were crowding around and discussing it on social media afterwards. the victim is at home recovering, the suspect was arrested for fell annie battery, you is spended from school and could be expelled. ian cole, nbc bay area news. new video to show you of a landslide blocking traffic in mendocino county. a driver caught this on our cell phone. highway 101. you can see it rolling down that hill. construction workers close the highway earlier tonight. because of an unstable hillside.
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and then that waive of rock and dirt came pouring down. the workers started running down the highway, warning people to stay back. it's optimistic that one way traffic will be restored by the weekend. folks living along the caltrain tracks are in for some long nights, loud nights too. work begins tonight on what's called grinding the tracks. the project runs from san francisco to san jose. this is going to be really loud with this grinding that they do? >> it is, jessica. and caltrain crews tell me that grinder is in south san francisco making its way here to san francisco. it looks a lot like a normal railcar, but it makes a very different much louder noise. people living along the tracks are in for some loud nights, starting tonight. people who live near caltrain tracks say they get used to the noise.
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>> i've gotten used to it, but it's still a bother. not to me so much as the dog. >> zane and his dog are in for a long night in san francisco. that's where track grinding work begins around midnight. smoothing out the tracks is noisy work. it has to be done overnight. >> in order to get this work done, it takes hours of uninterrupted effort, it has to be done when train service isn't running. we do apologize to residents nearby. they will have some noise. >> the grinder will be running until about 4:30 in the morning. work will progress from san francisco to san jose over the next three weeks. in san francisco, hussein and his neighbors will do their best to sleep through the night. >> earplugs. i already wear the eye mask, so if anything, it just compliments my outfit for the night. >> i will close my windows, put my ear buds on and sleep with some white noise.
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>> reporter: work should be complete by may 19th, the good news for people who have to listen to all this grinding is the daily trains. once that work is done, it should be quieter. >> jean, thank you. there's a recovery happening in the bay. the coast guard is trying to pull up a sunken barth. the barge capsized three weeks ago during our stormy weather. this is during the bay bridge. crews are working now on rotating the barge upright on the sea floor. that will take several weeks, after that, they'll decide on how to move forward with this salvage. thanks to surveillance cameras, the mob of teens accused of taking over a bart train and robbing passengers. some 50 teens poured on to the train at the coliseum station last saturday night. they robbed 7 passengers, even injuring two others. today we've learned that surveillance video from inside the train has led police to some of those teenaged suspects.
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police are in the process of arresting them. >> it's very disturbing for us, when we look at the video to see our patrons, we care about our patrons, just like the general public. we are taking measures to try to mitigate. >> bart tells us police are stepping up patrols at that coliseum station. it's a violent beating right across the street from san jose state. those who live and work near the school are concerned. a fight broke out around 1:30 in the morning at a jack in the box. the victim is the woman in the dark clothing. what you see are other women throwing punches. at one point the victim is thrown to the ground and kicked. by the time police arrive, her attackers have run off. this just in, a race against the clock. president trump has agreed not to terminate nafta.
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the president did speak with leaders of both mexico and canada, and agreed they would renegotiate the deal. restructuring nafta is among mr. trump's campaign promises. he's rushing to get things done before he reaches his 100 days in office, which will be this saturday. the white house announcing a major tax cut plan. it's being billed as the largest in history, and would reduce the number of individual income tax brackets from 7 to 3. the administration wants to double the standard deduction for individuals and married couples, slash the corporate tax rate to 15%, and eliminate tax rates for special interests. it's a huge tax savings for the middle class and the plan would balloon our national deficit. >> if you say i can cut taxes without consequences, that's voodoo economics. this is a proposal that's incomplete at best. >> people working on the plan
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say more specifics will come at a later date. san jose flood victims are demanding answers. millions of tax dollars were supposed to be used to better protect neighborhoods. coming up, we investigate why homes throughout the city were left under water. plus, they took matters into their own hands. a bay area couple search for a stolen wedding ring, and how surveillance video may be the key to finding it. clouds remaining in san jose right now. i'll tell you about a big change in temperatures tomorrow, and when we could reach 87 degrees, coming up at 11:19 tonight. ♪
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wedding ring back. she )s hoping this surveillance video will help. a south bay womate all she wants is to get her wedding ring back. she's hoping this surveillance video will help. a south bay woman tells us her car was broken into in sfraensz
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and her ring was swiped. terry mcsweeney is in the city, valuable property, does she have any leads or clues? >> she has no leads, she's hoping maybe a viewer can help out. she has pictures of the ring, and has that surveillance video to help solve a crime that happened right here on golden gate avenue on franklin. now she's offering a reward to help get that ring back. >> i knew it happened right away, everything in the trunk was gone. >> carrie perez was running in the rock 'n' roll half marathon april 8th, this is what she saw when she returned to her car. >> three dufflebags and my purse, and that was the worst thing because my engagement ring and wedding band, which i can't run with were in my purse. >> this is the wedding ring. a sparkling symbol of her marriage gone. >> the bags are just things, but we only got married 6, 7 months
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ago, the ring is super sentimental, it means a lot. >> the thieves quickly racked up hundreds of dollars on her stolen credit cards. carrie is hoping someone recognizes them and calls police. here's her offer to anyone. >> no questions asked, if you could just get my rings back to me, i would not say anything, i would even reward anyone who could give me information into how i can get those rings back. >> if you recognize the krcrim l criminals, please call the police. if you are the criminals, carrie asks you send in the ring anonymo anonymously. it's not you she's after. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, thank you. the so-called speed cameras will not be coming to an intersection near you. the cameras would issue speeding tickets and mail them to you.
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the pilot program was proposed for san francisco and san jose. sponsor david chau said support wasn't strong enough for it. he's going to reconsider and maybe reintroduce it later. tempers are sure to flair this friday. flood victims get the chance to face the people they say are partly to blame for the recent san jose floods. >> we discovered tax dollars were collected and there hasn't been a single fix. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district is a half billion dollar government agency, that's in charge of reducing the risk of flooding for neighborhoods that left the county. it left san jose with $75 million in damage, the members of the city council have tough questions for their counterparts
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at the water district. including, why did taxpayers shell out millions of dollars for better flood protection, to watch their homes go under water. >> everything that the water touched has to go-go. >> gary johnson's home is still unrecognizable. more than two months after floodwaters receded from san jose. >> it's mind-boggling. >> similar flooding 20 years ago, left some of the cities very same neighborhoods under water. ever since, taxpayers have handed over $36 million. to the santa clara valley water district for better flood protection. of that, nearly $11 million were spent on plans and designs. but our recent investigation revealed those millions still haven't amounted to a single fix. >> we have in good faith given you money to do something, and you didn't do it. you're either really dumb or you're a criminal. there's not much more in between. >> what's more apparent is the
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faults that the water district had in potentially being able to handle this over the last 20 years, right? >> raul per ailess saw our investigation and says he plans to direct tough questions and harsh criticism atwater district officials. when he and other councilmembers take part in a joint meeting with the water district this friday. >> $11 million that hasn't amounted to anything in 20 years is shocking. >> first thing you have to do is admit where it is you may have went wrong to fix it. unfortunately, i don't think we've seen that yet from the water district. you. >> saw it as a way of them trying to avoid responsibility. >> from the interview you conducted, i didn't see much owning of responsibility. >> it was last month when we spoke with melanie richardson at the water district. >> we can only protect a limited amount of people and not even the most vulnerable spots. >> she confirmed what we discovered in documents we obtained from the water district. that show plans to provide
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better flood protection from the area had been put on hold, nordt to research other options. that could include construction projects further upstream by anderson dam to lessen the amount of water that would flow into neighborhoods down stream during another major rain event. >> we felt like waiting, pausing and looking for a solution that could perhaps solve a greater problem and protect more parcels was a better use of our money. >> reporter: that means some of those multimillion dollar designs will now have to be redone. now we learn the new planning process isn't expected to produce any results until 2025. >> for an area that just flooded age had similar flooding 20 years ago, they may now have to wait another eight years before getting better protection? >> that is not acceptable. >> how do you look people in the eye that live in those communities right now and tell them they have to wait 8 more
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years. >> that's very difficult. i feel so bad for those people. >> gary johnson says it could take at least four months of construction before he's able to move back into his home. but he's not interested in empathy, what he really wants is accountability. >> there's no political will and there's no oversight. we gave you money so that this wouldn't happen. and then it still happened. so the question is, why and who is responsible? >> the water district tells us it hopes to speed up its planning process, and implement some short term fixes by the end of the year. major improvements could be years away. meanwhile, that public meeting is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. this friday, at the water district headquarters in san jose. >> we will be there friday as well. thanks. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, regarding this story or any other story, give us a call. or if you prefer, send us an e-mail to the unit at let's bring in jeff rainer h
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theory. we just need to get through the next 24 hours and then there's sunshine? >> you said it right, and much warmer temperatures that i know is going to please everyone especially as we hit saturday and sunday's forecast. let's get you right into our micro climate weather. we're going to start off with your morning forecast. it looks really great. you'll probably need the sunglasses as you get out and off on that morning commute. we'll have a partly cloudy sky to start. for the south bay, 53. san francisco some early clouds, but eventually you'll get some sun in here, 52 for the north bay, and the east bay at 53. the big difference from today into tomorrow is high pressure, it's already starting to build in out in the pacific. it's going to bring a little bit of wind, but i think the larger impact for thursday's forecast will be the warmer temperatures and again that increased sunshine. let's take a look at that micro climate forecast in the south bay, couldn't get more perfect than this.
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72 in san jose, 74 in morgan hill. note the wind, breezy, northwest at 19 miles per hour. wind will be up a little bit for the east bay, and temperatures going to 76 in concord. even oakland at 70. throughout the peninsula, a little bit of everything, you have 59 in half moon bay, palo alto 70, and san mateo 76. san francisco close to the 60s, not quite there. in the north bay, 70 in mill valley, 75 in napa. on the extended forecast, it looks warmer each and every day, right up into the weekend. you can see on friday's forecast, 68 in san francisco, that will be the windier day where gusts and hills could be 35 miles per hour, low 70s this weekend, and dry and sunny weather all the way into next wednesday. keep your eyes on the upcoming weekend. but by next wednesday, happy to deliver that.
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87 degrees expected as we head into parts of next week. i did the math earlier, it's been 217 days since we will have seen a sunny and warm forecast like we have coming up. >> how many? >> 217. >> someone's a mathematician with all of this. >> it took me a while. >> we love that. thank you, jeff. up next, an unforget habl night at at&t park, the kid, the rookie with the home run, his parents were celebrating. dodgers were not celebrating. we're live at the balance park next. dr. phil and leslie jones are here. we have music from rick ross, featuring -- great show, do not change the channel. oakland native )marshawn lynch)
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is officially a member of the oakland raiders. =vo= the former cal star -- and oakland tech alum -- was all smiles at raiders headqute marshawn lynch is officially a member of the oakland raiders. former cal star and oakland tech alum. all smilers at raiders headquarters. lynch comes out of retirement and joins the raiders after sitting out last season. this billboard already popped up. welcome home. the warriors front office is remaining positive about steve kerr, no one knows for sure when or if he'll return. bob meyer says he fully expects kerr to return at some point. people close to kerr say the pain he's experiencing is excruciating with intense headaches likely related to complications from his back surgery. the warriors are still waiting to see who they're going to face in round two of the playoffs. it's either the clippers or the
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jazz. ready to go back to the ballpark? >> back to the ballpark. we're going to show you the scene after the game. colin resch joins us next. the best game of the season so
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far. right here on nbc bay area...the giants w/ a extra it had it all. drama, extra innings, lots of
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people yelling, lots of excitement. >> where did everyone go. colin resch is still at the ballpark, the kid, christian arroyo or the old man. this was awesome to watch. >> it really was the young and the old, right? >> this was the most entertaining win of the young season for the giants. johnny cuedo. christian arroyo's first major league home run. a slider he hit. michael moore helped them win a world series, he's back. that looks familiar. pinch hit blast, we're tied at 3, game would go to extra innings. hunter pence does what he needs to do. tag from third, and he's going
11:30 pm
to score with ease. >> as i was sprinting around first base. i looked up and -- >> that was pretty awesome, just what this team needed. the biggest part was the way we came back and won. >> that's a little -- yeah, moore said earlier today, he wanted to inject some fun and energy into this team. i think he accomplished that tonight. big win for the giants, live at at&t park. >> he injected a lot of fun, thank you, colin. no such luck for the a's now, down in anaheim, a bright spot of the game. alonzo with the towering home run, the a's couldn't muster much else from there, angels win it 8-5. the best bang for your buck, and a bay area college is the one topping your list. that story is coming up next. have assembled.
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=vo rail= for the 2nd straight year "cal" tops forbes ) list of the best value in higher education. analysts say their goal was to find the university with uc berkeley does it again for the second straight year. cal tops forbes list of the best
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value of higher ed. the university with the most meaningful return for your investment. ucla came in in second, prison ston 3, stanford in 7th. uc davis 8 and 9. we have to get our kids into those schools. >> yeah, is san diego state on that list? [ laughter ] >> shouldn't laugh. that is a fine university. >> my topped one of the best party schools. >> florida is excellent. >> florida is excellent. thanks for joining us here at 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dr. phil. leslie jones.


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