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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the question now...will this turn violent? and will these protestors -- march toward the cal campus jess/boxes we have multiple reports for you tonight. let )s begin with nbc bay area s thom jensen -- live at civic
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these protests have impacted traffic -- and classes. not at cal -- but at berkley high. ===take vo=== many parents -- concerned about their kids ) safety. one dad -- took his daughter out of school this morning. he says he )s seen too much violence in recent protests -- and didn )t wanna take a chance today.. ===take sot=== oc: "fights, people bleeding, my daughter )s 15 years old, i dont want her witnessing nothing like that. that )s why she )s going to school, so we can get her away from here so she can go learn something better." runs :11 ===vo continues=== another man held a sign asking out-of-towners to "go home". many of the most violent protestoprs -- don )t live in te bay area. jess/1xvid berkeley city and cal police are still out tonight keeping an eye out on the protests
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related to the coulter )s cancelled visit. ==take live== nbc bay area )s sharon katsuda s live at sproul plaza to show us how the police presence and strategy definitely helped
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amid fears of violence -- there are signs of peace. literally. a small plane flew w/ a banner reading "don )t take the bait! fly above the hate!" ==raj/vo== and how about this guy? gabriel diamond came out to give hugs to people on both sides of this issue. he )s not attached to any group -- and decided to do it as a "spur of the moment" thing this morning. jess/hset-vo we )re seeing a lot of different videos and pictures from berkeley... from our viewers. )revati thatte ) shot this vido at the sproul plaza, on the u-c berkeley campus. for the most part, it was a very civil scene. ==take vo in h set== she also snapped this photo of a
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man with the american flag. he was heard shouting, "let )s have a meaningful dialogue!" ==take vo in h set== and this picture shows a student being arrested, because he refused to take off his mask. ==snipe== we want to see your pictures and video. you can tag us on twitter or post to our facebook page. ==raj/vo we )re also following breaking news in walnut creek. a rare violent crime in this community. a woman was shot and killed -- near a park -- in the middle of the day. =vo//addrail= it happened at lindsay wildlife park .. and right now police are looking for the gunman a few blocks away -- near buena vista e;lemnetary school. this is an active search -- for a man -- that could be armed and dangerous. offciers are warning people to stay in their homes. boxes nbc bay area )s scott budman is in walnut creek w/ the latest. scott? >> well raunl officers say they
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though very little about the woman or the man suspected of shooting her other than he is on the lose. we want to show you sky ranger footage just came in. this is the walnut creek p. d. hunting for the killer. as you've said they asked people in the neighborhood to stay inside for their safety. this is the city's first homicide of the year. officers said it happened right out in the industry when a woman was shot and killed not far from a park. it happened around 1:30 officers say they were able to get to the victim soon after the call came in but too late to save her life. >> officers arrived on scene two minutes later and found a female shot multiple times. officers and medical teams provided life saving measures. however the female passed away. >> now officers still searching they're asking nearby businesses and residences if they have any information or surveillance video to contact the walnut creek police department. again first homicide in this city since august.
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s forting live in walnut creek scott budman nbc bay area news. ng thank you scott. new at six tonight. wells fargo slammed with another sigd of accusations a bay area law firm is filing a class action lawsuit against the giant. de peofargo targeted undocumented immigrants by deceiving them into signing up t== runecessary accounts. petition persuaded people to )s whap for accounts in exchange for waiving check fees >> it was a corrupt corporate aftture that encouraged this type of behavior that didn't stop it. dollthat's what this lawsuit seeks to address. >> the suit comes a month after well fargs agreed to pay $110 million to settle a separate class action lawsuit involving fraudulent accounts as o, a well fargo released a statement today staying in part uae assertions are offensive because they run counter to the expectations of wells fargo and 9ers be a violation of policies we have in place to safe guard
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thenst abuses 7. this is a big night for the e ers on the raiders. the nfl draft is happening as we peek. the 49ers are in the spotlight evi )spulling off a notable trade. 49is is also a big night for stanford and kaylie football players. let's bring in nbc bay area colin resch joins from us levi stadium. colin take it away. >> reporter: hey guys, yeah i can't hear you guys hopefully you're hearing me kind of loud in here. the niners just informed me over 10,000 fans in attendance for the annual draft party. this happening right now. and from the 25 to 30 people i talked to it's a consensus, new general manager john lynch the guy deserves a plus fwrad for first ever pick with the franchise. now no surprise the niners traded the second overall pick. what is the surprise is what they got in return from the chicago bears the moved down one spot to third overall getting
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additional third and fourth rountd picks in this draft plus another third rounder next year with the third overall stanford defense every rubio lineman thomas the highest niners drafted a defense every player. this thomas is a beast. should give the niners a formidable front four for years to come. the key for the niners fan. the stock piling of picks. as we know, a two and 14 team last year they brought in a new coach, new gm guaranteed six-year contract they're going to build is back up slowly stock piling picks is way to go. later on we'll hear from these fans. as i said, almost all of them happy. i did pun o walk and turn person a little disappointed but her reason is justifiable. live at -- actually live at levi switcum colin resch nbc bay area. >> that's a lot of people there /vke you back there later. cash free cable cars the
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shameful reason for the possible switch and the impact it could have on tourists. police along the peninsula investigating a disturbing accusations against an elementary school teacher michelle roberts in smat owe what the school is saying about this. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri nothing but blue sky from the castro into downtown san francisco i'll let you know when upper yat upper 80s back in the forecast.
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disturbing accusations tonight -- against an elementary school teacher on the peninsula. disturbing accusations tonight against an elementary school teacher on the peninsula. police say that this man antingly took inappropriate photographs of students and had a sexual relationship with a child. nbc bay area michelle roberts joins us live outside the private school. this is a parochial school in smat owe where the crimes allegedly happened. michelle. >> reporter: yeah a lot of parents out here tonight are very concerned. there is a parent meeting that starts at 7:00. they will discuss what happened. we did talk to people who said he was a active member of campus. he was a coach, teacher worked with an after school program. 33-year-old anthony arrested and charged with more than a dozen felony could you tell us involving inappropriate acts with a child. police say he encouraged several female students at st. matthews day school in smat owe to wear
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tight clothing and pose for pictures in inappropriate or sexual ways. police don't believe there was any physical contact with the students. investigators say the victims were between five and eight years old and the district attorney says it's possible there could be more children involved. today school officials released a statement saying in part this former teacher's background check revealed no prior record. we continue to offer support and resources to our entire community, particularly the affected chirp and their families. . we did speak to several parents who didn't want to speak on camera today but they did call this devastatesing for the entire community. the suspect will appear in court next week. reporting live in smat owe, michelle roberts. >> thank you michelle. b.a.r.t. security the hot button smu at a board meeting take place right now. the meeting began at 5:00 at oakland. board members will talk about a problem we reported earlier.
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remember the mob of teenage jumping the fare gates robbed riders. well the b.a.r.t. board president said the ideas they're discussing include making barriers higher upray grading security within the fare gates. >> happened again another came car conduct being accused of pocketing cash frommed riders this might prompt officials to make a change in how you pay for the ticket. this man appeared in court today charged with embezzlement and miss apprehension of public money. a we can ago a another conductor albert williams arrested on similar charges. tourists usuallily pay cable car chairs in cash. seven bucks a ride adds up. tell they say they'll look at a number of factors. >> cable cars are unique there is a lot of people come from all over the world, heavy percentage of riders. any change in the process needs to be vetted very carefully with
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not only with people that would come from all over the world to ride the cars but the local businesses, the hotels. there is a key stake holders. >> the two conductors were arrested after the agency noticed a disparity in fare collection totals. a peninsula man is visitingis attention police are asking for help finding him. he spoke to his wife last thursday and hasn't been heard from or scene since. . he was supposed to mees meet his wife if he orlando airport. there is no evidence he berded a played. i i drove away from home in his car. >> san francisco is plugged in mayor lee sign agnew law strengthenening the city as investment in electric vehicles. starting next year san francisco will have more charging stations to meet the growing demand for electric cars. in fact every new builds will have to equip at least ten% of parking spaces with electric
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charging stations. another 10% have tab cable of adding stations quickly. the rest of the spacings will have the conduit in place so they can be electrically equipped without touch expense. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri joins with us golden tie because it was a beautiful sunny day outside. >> i know. i know two people happy about this sunny weather come in. >> thousands of people. >> i know. it's definitely on tap as we head into the upcome saturday and saturday. low 80s upon across the interior valleys microclimate forecast right now mostly clear in san jose. downtown sky line looking good. 66 degrees and lowering humidity right now at 43%. and we'll stay mostly clear throughout the evening dropping down to chillier 57 at 10:00 p.m. the next thing i'm showing you is going to look broke. that's because it shows the clouds and also the rainfall. let me tell you this thing is operating in full working order
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but it's just the fact that we don't have anything moving in tomorrow that you'll see as we victim/witness the time line up at the top process. really little to nothing in the way of cloud cover and also rainfall in the forecast for friday. so we are looking at a mostly sunny day as we head into the friday forecast. temperatures will warm up in response. this puts us as 79 in santa rosa. 81 in concord warmest forecast. 76 in san jose np 68 in san francisco and 78 in morgan hill. on the extended forecast we are going to the low 80s again by the upcoming weekend as we head throughout next monday, 85 tuesday 87, potentially 89 degree heading into next wednesday's forecast. now, we're going to talk more about the allergy forecast and what could be floating out in the atmosphere. pull pollen update coming up at 6:48. >> thank you jeff. several months ahead of schedule the new time frame getting opening more the
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b.a.r.t. stations. happening now on twitter:
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==reveal== we continue to follow breaking news in walnut creek -- where police are actively searching r . happening now on twitter feed we continue to follow the breaking news in walnut creek positively searching for a homicide suspect right now np sky ranger is over the scene in the neighborhood. near lashingy park. the swat team is also been activated also fans buzzing with solomon thomas, the former stanford defensive lineman drafted third overall by the 49ers. hey allergy muddlers
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actually ahead of schedule tonight. . okay so b.a.r.t.'s expansion to san jose is ahead of skid tonight. construction crews on are pace to open the first b.a.r.t. station in santa clara county six months aerial end of the year. >> good news for a lot of people start seeing trains on the tracks in a few weeks. nbc bay area's chuck cup la. >> history the bay area's historically wet winter five years of drought gave construction crews more days to build they took advantage of the extra sunshine. the milpitas b.a.r.t. station at here at near king road in san jose carried b.a.r.t. ten miles deep inner the growing population centerers. is it it faster than driving. >> yeah. >> valley tran it authority
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which is overseeing construction says the drought helped construction crews work ahead of schedule. >> we had several years of sfreemly dry weather. allowed us to work straight lieu. >> the milpitas station has 12 oh oh parking spaces and potentially 120 charging stations for electric vehicles. there will be room for ten food trucks and retail space but they caution the late december opening could be delayed with oech work already done. the tracks and computers that run the trains still have to be tested. >> if there is one tiny detail that can't be verified we need to stop, figure out what the problem is, fix it go back and test the whole system again. >> environmental reports to extend b.a.r.t. through santa clara could cop come by the end of the year. >> the vta estimates the opening of the two stations in milpitas and the other one could draw as many as 23,000 slts commuters off the highways. >> thank you. big new support for may day
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demonstrators in afternoon add mexican heritage plaszcz, the organizers announced google and other companies will not punish workers had who want to join in the rally. the rally is traditionally show support for labor rights but this year demonstrators will protest president trump's policies. >> the policies that have been coming from the federal government have been affecting a variety of us. the people that are affected come from different backgrounds whether pure a top engineer or somebody that's a subcontractor worker still accretaed by the policies. >> the may day rallies and protests are expected across the country. next monday. the local rally in san jose will start at the mexican heritage plaza. san jose flood victims are demanding answers. millions of tax dollars were supposed to be used to better proceed neighborhoods. bigad shaban we vgt by homes throughout the city were left under water. >> tracking breaking news out of
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walnut woo creek, a shooting near the lindsey wild life museum. bring you the latest after the break. an update now to our breaking
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news in the east bay -- where police are actively i want to give you update now on the breaking news in the east bay. positively searching process walnut creek neighborhood. looking for a homicide suspect they were ton sand ramon please police, b.a.r.t. police, helping out in this search. the neighborhood they're focusing on is right near larky
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park near the lindsey wild life museum. the buena vista community. this is what we know. a suspect is wanted after a deadly shooting of a woman early this morning right on first avenue. again this is east of 680 right off the treat boulevard exit. also now at 6:30 police have been representing all day for what could have been violent protests in berkeley protests between conservative and liberal demonstrators. but so far throughout the day .protests have been peaceful. of course this evening now is the newest concern. despite all the plans drawn out by both sides so far peaceful. >> just a lot of spirited speech pch nbc tom jensen spent the day in berkeley where one side of the often violent dispute decided to stay home at least during the afternoon. >> reporter: wearing and waiving the nation's colors, hundreds of pro president trump supporters gather in what they say is a battle for free speech. >> not only will we keep winning
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the battle in berkeley but we will win the war for berkeley. >> despite violent exchanges in recent weeks organizers they they say they come back here becauses it center of liberalism wsh row are with conservatives are shouted down by what they call the fake media. >> we need to support our right-wing brethren in the cities. this is the battle is at. >> a washington man whose nose blood idea annual broken during a melee last week is back because he won't be pushed out a city. >> i'm not going to be bullied i'm not going to legal my brothers and cities. >> tom jensen reporting for us. s it ironic many say auc berkeley the birth place of free speech same place that berthed that free speech movement during the fall of 1964 the campus at kal was thrust in the national spotlight after the school tried to crackdown on political groups
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passing out fliers. when police arrested of an activist thousands of students block the squad car. niece are iconic photos. the movement was featured in depth about in the documentary series bay area revelations. >> when we took over the police car that was very spontaneous. we had moved our tables on to the center of sproul hafl want jack went berg wagon arrested and someone yelled sit down we sat down around the police car. it was very spontaneous. >> and the history of berkeley changed after that. she was one of the students sitting there 32 hours in the end students and the university reached a deal to allow the free speech movement to continue. changing the course of history. >> in the south bay no charges three sunny vale cops will not face any charges after they shot and killed a man. the man was shot 12 times in 2015 after officers responded to a report that he tried raping his half sister.
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the man was reportedly drunk and suffered from bipolar disorder. he allegedly grabbed a 13 inch knife and did not put it down despite being told to do so 40 times by officers. the officers demands could be heard on one of the body cameras. tempers are sure to flair tomorrow. flood victims finally get a chance to face the people they say are parly to blame for the recent san jose flood. >> millions of tax dollars collected over the years to protect this area from floods. we the discovered there hasn't been a single fix. bigad shaban broke the story. laurms are siting his investigation as they demand answers. >> reporter: the santa clara water district is a half billion dollar agency in charge of reducing the risk of flooding for neighborhoods across the county. the recent flood left san jose with sleeft $75 million in damage members of the city council have tough questions for
6:33 pm
counterparts with wre at the water district including why did taxpayers shell out millions of dollars for flood protection own only the to watch homes go under water. >> everything the water touched has to go. >> gary johnson's home is still unrecognizable more than two months after flood waters recreed. >> it's mind bow bog willing. >> slr flooding 20 years ago left some of the city as very smam neighborhoods under water. ever since taxpayers have handed over more than $36 million to the santa clara valley water district for flood protection. of that nearly $11 million were spent on plans and designs. but our recent investigation revealed the millions still haven't amounted to a single fix. >> we have in good faith given you money to do something and you didn't do it. you're either really dumb or a criminal. there's not much in between.
6:34 pm
>> what's becoming more apparent that the fault the water district had in being annual to handle this. >>ss city councilman saw our investigation and says i plans to direct tough questions and harsh criticism at water district official when he and other counts members take part in a meeting. >> $11 million hasn't amounted to anything. first thing you have to do is admit where you went wrong floored to fix it. unfortunately i don't think sweef sienna from the water district. >> you saw it as a way of them trying to avoid responsibility zbro from the interview you conducted i didn't see much owning of responsibility. >> it was last month when we spoke with melanie richardson an interim chief operating officer at the water district. >> we can only protect a limited amount of people and not even the most limt vulnerable spots. >> we nirmd with remedy
6:35 pm
documented that show plans to provide better flood protection for the area had been put on hold in order to research other option that is could include construction projects furtherup stream by anderson dam to the lessen the amount of water flowing into neighborhoods downstream during another major rain event. >> we felt like waiting pausing and looking for a solution that could perhaps solve a greater problem and protect more parcels was a better use of money. >> that means some of the multimillion dollar designs now have to be redone. and we learned the new planning process isn't expected to produce any results until 2025. >> so for an area that just flooded, had similar flooding 20 years ago, they may have to wait another 8 years before getting better protection. >> you're right that is not acceptable. >> how do you look people in the eye who live in the communities right now and tell them they may have to wait eight more years.
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>> it's very difficult and i feel so bad for them. >> our lives changed in short time. >> gary johnson says it could take four months of construction before he is able to move back in. he is not interested in empathy. what he really wants is accountability. >> there is no politicsle will and no oversight. we gave you money so this wouldn't happen. and then it still happened. so the question is why and who is responsible? >> the water district tells us it hopes to speed you up planning process and implement short-term fixes. but major improvements could be years away. meanwhile the public meeting is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. this friday petition water district headquarters in san jose. >> thank you very much bigad. of course we'll continue to follow this if you have a tip for bigad or anyone on the investigative unit. call at 1-888-996-tips. you can send an mooel at >> we want to clarify something from a story we ran last night
6:37 pm
but pet creamer to yums our story was about a fablt in month ray county allowsing you to witness the creamation some of you may have come away from the ashes from other facilities might might not be those of your intent that was not our intent no reason to doubt if you had your pet kreemted individually that you received the proper ashes from bay area creamer to yum pps. some facilities lie adoby will allow to you witness the process if you choose. >> after posing for some photos for some three hours on a tuesday a a mountain lion was safely relocated are far from the santa cruz shopping center he was apparently visiting. shoppers were stunned to see in the lie 199a tree near the east cliff village at least the lion was napping but grew anxious as attention increased. wild life officers trang which willized the lion fitted him
6:38 pm
with a tracking collar and released him. >> what happens to you if you pay off a loan that you never took out? a woman in pleasant hill calls our consumer investigative center and we get her results. we'll show you next.
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a helicopter airlifted thousands of feet of pipe into the berkeley hills today. and you )re looking at the morkt air lift the thousand of feet of pipe in the berkeley hills today. looking at the operation unfold right there. east bay mud crews used a helicopter to pick of up dozens of pieces of pipe and take it to staging area for water main project. the crews flew 20 trips back and forth. the probability will replace some 7,000 feet of water
6:41 pm
pipeline. the follow up to the story we told but last night at 11. kaylie observera says investigating an accident in menlo park where two workers fell 40 feet from a construction crane. happened at the site of the new facebook campus. firefighters say the haeft harnesses did save the workers but where a taken about the hospital for checkups construction on the campus voluntarily stopped. the skies may be getting friendlier the unltd airlines reaching a settlement with the man dragged off the plane a couple weeks ago. comes on a day the airline says it's making changes. we don't know how much he received. he signed a nondisclosure agreement. he had claimed the officers knocked out his teeth and broke his nose. today united also unveiling plans to approve customer service it says it will never again take someone off a freight unless it's about at safety and security issue. united will also offer passengers up to 10,000 bucks perhaps in credits to give up
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seats. >>. well the weather is certainly changing as well starting to see some sunshine come. >> potential of upper 80s in the extended forecast take a live look outside. a lot of sun in santa froos from the weather now working 69 after a high of 74. i'll talk more about when upper 80s return in about five minutes. >> someone else's bad debt staining her credit record. consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds. next. ♪
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raj/2shot she turned to our consumer team and nbc bay area responds respondent to pleasen hills woman who was told to play pof a
6:45 pm
loan wasn't even hers. our investigator chris chmura is here with another success story. can't wait to hear the explanation. >> christinas thompson received a score her score drapd. en the balance on the loan was $2900. but christina said that account wasn't hers. she contacted the lender. net credit financial. and it did insist the loan was christinas. she did everything she could think of to prove otherwise. she turned over her bank statements to show she never received funds from the loan. she even filed a police report. but net credit financial didn't budge. it even turned her over to a debt collector. late fees and penalties later pushed the balance up to $320 oh. so christina asked us to call net credit financial. and we did. we we did it removed the loan from her credit report. which is great news. it also called off that debt collector. the company said it linked the
6:46 pm
error to fraudulent activity not a mistake it had made. and in a statement it said it was sorry that miss thompson was targeted by these criminals. net credit it went on to say takes seriously the possibility to prevent, combat and vgt fraud. if someone demands you pay off a debt, you have a federal right to first make them prove that obligation in writing. start by sending them a letter. can we help you too call us the number is 81-888-996-tips or log on to cued ohs for kristine pacing attention to credit. it's not the number it's the report it's the details it's the history that matters. okay thank. >> thanks chris. follow up to one of the investigations today federal agents arrested eight people in miami for posing as irs agents scamming thousands of people including some people living here in the bay area. you may recall that people like kayla an east san jose woman,
6:47 pm
received phone calls from many scammers possessing as irs agents threatening to arrest her if she didn't pay a bog us tack bill. the scammers told her to pay off the bog us tax bill using iphone gift cards today the treasury eighths charged eight people. the department believes eight suspects are responsible for defrauding at least 7,000 victims out of nearly $9 million. >> that is a lot of money jeff ranieri back with us. we feel the sense of something new coming. something warm. >> yeah it's going to be getting hotter. i talked about 217 days since we've in weather like this last night. my forecast when well i have mosh specifics on that. it has been that long again 217 days since we will have seen at least six keays of 80 degree weather or warehamer that was back september 23rd into the 29th. not only just a few 80s, again
6:48 pm
the potential of maybe upper 80s in that extended. the main reason we're starting to see things change is high pressure builds off shore. brings in wind but the largest thing is the huge and drastic shift in the extended forecast. this means no problems as for me 49 in the trooil valley 3r5 in the peninsula. south bay a clear 51. also looking at sunny skies in the north bay. san francisco and the east bay and low 50s. temperatures on a fast rise as we head throughout the day microclimate forecast south bay, another 5 to 7 degrees warmer. that should put us in east san jose to 77. also 79 in morgan hill and 75 for loss gat ohs. head through the microclimate humidity lower 25% in the south bay. and winds 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. east bay could see the humanity drop into the teens. you may need a little bit extra
6:49 pm
lotion on hands tomorrow, chap stick, fire danger weather has the humidity starts to lowerer. concord goes up to. oakland 74. at the. we get soun in half moon bay cool 61 belmont and palo alto get the temperatures to warm up in the low to mitt 70s. san francisco close to 70 degrees. go to the mission, 69. up towards marina 65. north bay we have napa 79 degrees, 77 in novato and 79 in santa rosa with the wind starting to kick up for tomorrow, the biggest problem already allergy sufferers. the pollen is off the charts still again for oak and pine grass is also in the moderate category. this stays probably uncomfortable through the next seven days but at least we have the sunshine and warmer temperatures even in san francisco. low 70s expected this weekend. possibly the warmest
6:50 pm
temperatures by next tuesday and 75. and then we'll get a little bit of a cool down by next thursday with 67 degrees. for the inland valleys if we have 70s in san francisco you know that means 80s -- low aets here the upcome weekend 87 by tuesday, possibly 89 on next wednesday's forecast. 217 days since at least six days of 80s. in this seven-day forecast. felt good to put it in it there not a cloud in sight. >> all sun. >> jeff counting 216, 217 we got it. >> very compressive jeff rarn i a lot of smiles sending out the colin resch 49ers draft party levi stadium, colin. >> reporter: the niner faithful 10,000 strong here tonight. going home happy for many reasons. we'll tell you why. next. in the bay area. tonight is the
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nfl draft. the 49er . well this is always fun. we have new million aires here in the bay area. tonight is the nfl draft. the 49ers, raiders and even stanford in the spotlight right now. >> colin resch joins from us the the 49ers draft at levi stadium. a lot of excitement. >> reporter: hey, guys i'm thinking this is the ultimate sales job by new general manager john lifrmg why else would the chicago bears tried up one slot give them a third overall pick and third and fourth round back and a third round pick by 2018. quite a coup by john lynch this
6:54 pm
is the when the 90ers made the overall selection rousing selection for the defensive lineman solomon thomas. more than 10,000 faithful except for the woman we just showed you mouthed oh no everyone seemed ecstatic she is a season ticket holder she had a reason for her reaction. >> i was actually hoping for some offensive guys like leonard foreignette but we go defense and he is good i'll take him. >> they need the pick thp they need to rebuild the entire time. any got the guy they wanted from all the rumors. >> what the 90ers just did trade ago second yet the third stockpile pick. >> it's beautiful. it's what i projected that we can trade the second and still get the guy that we want and then stockpile. and i mean, how much better can you get? i mean that was like perfectly orchestrated to what we need.
6:55 pm
>> john lifrmg's first being pick at gm you grade it how. >> a. a plus. >> there he is thomas holding up the one jersey in philadelphia with roger goodell thomas the newest niner. fellow stanford store he christian mccaffrey he goes to carol that panther weal here from the man who pulled the trigger. new gm john lynch as well as kyle shanahan. thank you colin. >> the raiders will be picking their first pick in about an hour from now. baseball and the sunshine giants and dodgers who is that in kerch durant. >> my gosh. >> hanging out. >> he was sitting couldn't see how tall. >> kd and wear years have time on et last night just like we go to extra innings the dodgers
6:56 pm
come out on top l.a. scores four runs in the tenth inning. dodgers win 5-1 split the series. >> bay area women recorded in the restroom at work. what happened after they reported that crime to police? we investigate. tonight at 11:00. >> jeff back with us now we saw the sunshine and everyone at at&t park all weekend long. >> stay with us. see on the extended forecast 80 extended on saturday. possibly 87 by next tuesday. 89 on wednesday. may have to revise that put in a few low 90s a smidge cooler heading into next thursday's forecast. looks great. >> this is a pina collada weather. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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nick cannon on the hot seat about mariah. are they secretly back together? >> now on "extra." >> nick and mariah, what's really going on between the famous exes? >> are you and mariah still sleeping together? >> wendy williams goes there today. >> i think he got me in trouble. >> the new kardashian family feud. kim and kaitlin's falling out. >> i'm sorry she feels that way. lisa rinna keeping up with the kardashians. the bachelors getaway driver. the mystery man who drove chris soules away from his deadly hit-and-run. two former bachelor stars sound off on the scandal today. >> there was a camping


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