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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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officers have right now at 11:00, the standoff continues. police officers have surrounded that car right there. a man inside, who could be linked to a murder in walnut creek where a woman was found dead. investigators are negotiating with that man at this hour. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us i'm raj matthai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. the standoff is unfolding about ten miles from walnut creek, from that crime scene where that woman was killed amount of man
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has been in his car for several hours. this is in martinez. jean elle is live in martinez tonight. jean, do we know what the man's connection is to the victim at all? >> reporter: we don't, jessica. police have not released that information yet. but we do know this standoff now is moving into nearly four hours. walnut creek police and the regional s.w.a.t. team are here. negotiators are talking to a man sitting in a silver car just on the other side of a chevron gas station from our view. let's look from sky ranger. you can see from above there is a residential area on the other side. people are being told to stay indoors while this all unfolds. police say the suspect is armed and dangerous. there are a lot of police officers in the area. they are shining a light at the suspect's car. he's sitting in the front seat. and we have seen him hold what looks like a gun to his head while showing police his other hand and talking to negotiators. this all started around 1:30 this afternoon. police say the man shot and
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killed a woman near larky park in walnut creek. the shooting led to a manhunt there. around 7:30 police found the man here, in martinez. they say right now they are focused on getting the suspect to surrender. we don't know the name of the woman killed or the name of the suspect police are talking to right you no. we also don't have information about their relationship for motivation for the shooting. we do know that police are very focused right now at having this standoff enpeacefully. they do not appear to be any hurry to get the suspect in custody. it seems like they are going the wait him out and talk to him hopefully to get him to surrender peacefully. reporting live in martinez, jean elle, nbc bay area. we'll keep you there throughout the news cast in case there are any updates fore us. new police story. police tactics or a no-show by violent protesters? whatever the case, all is quiet thankfully in berkeley today.
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earlier a different scene. hundreds of people gathering near berkeley high school. that was prompted by the cancellation of that speech by political pundit ann koultder. liberals, conservatives, and plenty of police officers in riot gear. cheryl hurd is live from berkeley. what was the difference tonight? >> reporter: i have to say the difference was a heavy police presence. becomely police were everywhere in this city. the violent agitators may have stayed home, but the police plan did work. a huge police presence at uc berkeley tonight. >> stay on sidewalk please. >> reporter: that same presence at civic center park, where conservatives and liberal factions stood their ground in the name of free speech. u.s.a.! u.s.a. >> make it clear, immigrant are welcome here. >> reporter: police also standing their ground in the name of law and order. >> i can tell you that today we did have a significant police
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presence in the city. several hundred officers here, perhaps the largest deployment i've seen in the 18 years i've been here. >> reporter: a precaution because the last several rallies in berkeley have become violent, especially in february when former breitbart editorianio minutopolis minutopolis's's appearance turned into violent protests. the majority of today's rally was peaceful even though five people were arrested. >> the police promised us at the beginning that they had us protected. and they would not allow what happened two weeks ago to happen today. >> reporter: i did ask police today if what they did today would be standard operating procedure for next time. they told me they could not answer that question. they would only say they were
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happy with what happened today. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. no more exposure, a weeks's long indecent exposure case on the peninsula has been closed. that's because police say they now have a suspect behind bars. police say the a 3-year-old was booked into jail last week. investigators released a sketch of the man they were looking for after the crimes occurred in march. officers say the man exposed himself to three women in daily city. one of the victims, a juvenile. a peninsula elementary school teacher arrested on the. police say the 33-year-old took inappropriate pictures of several of his young students. we are talking about girls as young as 8 years old. police say he each had a relationship with one child. nbc is in san mateo with how the school attempted to calm parents tonight. >> this private school holding a meeting tonight with parents which they are calling a healing
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session to reassure families this incident doesn't happen again. 33-year-old anthony sit reanno has been arrested and charged with counts involving inappropriate action with a child. >> on april 6th we received information from the school that one of their teachers had been involved in what they believe was inappropriate behavior. >> reporter: police say he encouraged several female students at st. matthew's episcopal day center in san mateo to wear tight clothing and pose for pictures in a sexual way. >> none of the pictures contained any children that were nude. however in the various photos that we discovered we saw young children wearing stockings and things of that nature. >> reporter: police don't believe there was any physical contact with students. investigators say the victims were between 5 and 8 years old and the district attorney says it's possible there could be more children involved. school officials released a
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statement saying in part the former teacher's background check revealed no prior record. we continue to offer support and resources to our entire community, particularly the affected children and their families. another thing, the parents wanted -- -- none of the parents wanted to talk on camera tonight. as for the teacher, he is back in court next week. rick boone nbc bay area news. a gruesome discovery involving dogs. city leaders in vallejo in now taking action. investigators discovered several decomposing dogs near blue ridge trail last week. also discovered near the remains, gardening tools. because the bodies of the dogs were so decomposed they didn't know if abuse was involved. they are conducting an investigate. >> reporter: during an interview with the reuter's news agency mr. trump said he's hope rfl there will be a diplomatic
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resolution with north korea, but that all options are on the table. >> well, there is a chance that we could ep up having a major, major conflict with north korea. >> the president went on to president chinese president xi jinping for his efforts to try to reign in north korea. from north korea to saudi arabia, president trump complaining publicly about that middle east ally. he says the u.s. is losing, quote, a tremendous amount of money defending saudi arabia. he went on to say the saudis aren't treating the u.s. fairly. he confirmed he is in talks about visiting saudi arabia later next monday. the nfl draft kicked off tonight. many bay area products cashed. in it's not just about fame and fortune. it's about family. >> richmond, oakland, it was always my dream to play in the nfl. i'm here man. i completed the promise.
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>> reporter: this is mckinley, born in oakland, raised in richmond. he's holding a picture there, you can see it, of his late grandmother who raised him after his parents abandoned him in the east bay. he promised his grandma he would go to college and succeed 678 he just did. mckinley went to ucla and was drafted tonight in the first rounds by the atlanta falcons. raiders and 49ers also making big news. that story in 15 minutes. i'm feeling nobody help me at all. even police. even my company. no one help me. >> bay area women recorded in the ladies room at work. i'm vicky nguyen. up next, what happened after they reported the crime to police. we investigate. i'm meteorologist jeff ran erie. winds up to 37 miles per hour in san francisco today. i'll tell you how gusty and how much warmer in my forecast at 11:20 tonight. a surprise for shoppers.
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a mountain lion in a tree at a local strip mall. what made the big cat finally come down.
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♪ ♪ imagine being secretly record by someone you work with a. bay area woman turned the our investigative unit after discovering a hidden camera inside of a bathroom. >> a growing number of women by being victimized sometimes with little recourse. vicky joins us with more. >> reporter: you are watching video of women recorded at work by a peeping pervert. we found these cases are on the rise because cameras like these have gotten smaller, better, and cheaper. ms. hoong never imagined she would see video of herself recorded in the rest room at her job. she worked at elma electronics for the past 13 years. how many times do you think you may have been captured on video
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changing clothes or using that rest room? >> i have no idea. it could be, you know, so many time already. >> reporter: until this day, when a colleague discovered a tiny camera stuck to the towel dispenser. what did the camera look like? >> it looked like a hook. really small. >> reporter: the video showed both women using the bathroom. they called human resources at elma who called freemont police. according to the police report the officer took the camera and memory card as evidence. then she waited for more than two years for police to fine the peeper only to discover they weren't even looking. >> i feel really disappointed. >> reporter: we learned the officer closed the case just hours after it was reported. the company's hr director told him about a hundred people had access to the bathroom, but she says only 15 work on her floor. did the police talk to any of the other workers on your floor?
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>> no. >> reporter: why didn't the officer question any of the 15 or so people who work on the floor with access to that bathroom? >> we have to make sure we don't make this into some sort of witch-hunt. >> reporter: ricardo is at sergeant at freedom pd. >> way we had a burglary. by our explanation we would talk to every single neighbor in that neighborhood in order to just be figgoring out what occurred. >> reporter: you might talk to the next door neighbor or the across the street neighbor and the other next door neighbor. >> yeah. >> reporter: it seems like the officer dropped the ball and didn't ask anyone any questions. >> he did pursue what handled it. he did view it. when the human resources personnel told them there were over 100 people, he has to make a decision, what is it he can do to be productive. >> police don't do hr's job and hr shouldn't do their job. >> reporter: karen is the chief deputy district attorney in san mateo county.
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last year her office filed 11 cases of peeping thomas up from just 1 in 2015. she says prosecutors depend on police to do a thorough investigation so they can bring charges. >> it's amazing what people know if they are asked the right questions. a lot of people may not even know they have information until they are questioned by a trained questioner. >> reporter: and you can't find a suspect if you don't ask questions. >> exactly. the message that the victim gets from that is that i was violated and nobody cares. >> reporter: we found suspects do face justice when police catch them. santa clara, alameda and san francisco county prosecuted 29 peeping tom case last year. they have seen cameras in restaurant trash cans, store dressing rooms even people recording roommates in a shared bathroom. elma company declined to answer our questions on camera. the company says it advised
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employees and continues to monitor all rest rooms for any suspicious activity. >> they didn't tell anyone. they don't tell any employees. >> reporter: meanwhile, ms. hoong, a quality inspector at elma says she feels little of that at her workplace these days not knowing if the perp who placed the camera till works there or still has videos of her. >> now i feel no one help me. even police, even company, no one help me. that's why i want to tell and let everybody know to be careful. >> reporter: the sergeant says he will speak with officers at the freemont police department about how this case was handled and review best practices with officers. investigators say be aware of your surroundings and if you see a camera or a phone recording you don't touch it or you will taint the evidence. instead, call police. >> thank you very much vicky.
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good advice there. if you have a tip for vicky or anyone if the investigative unit, call 888-996-tips. or if you have a video send i had to us. what exactly happened at facebook. we want to update a story we told you about last night at 11:00. cal osha is investigating last night's accident. two workers fell nearly 40 feet from a construction crane. it happened at the construction site on the new facebook campus in menlo park. firefighters say the safety harnesses saved those workers. they were taken to a local hospital but they are okay. construction on the campus has stopped while the investigation continues. literally a wild surprise in a busy santa cruz shopping center when shoppers spotted a sleeping mountain lion in a tree at the east cliff village strip mall this morning. the young male was calm. he napped about three hours. eventually he became anxious because of all the attention and
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all the people looking at it. eventually he was tranquilized and released back into the wild. >> stop look at me, i'm trying to take a nap here. >> trying to chill here. >> jeff ranieri is with us. 45 minutes away until friday. we made it. >> i think you guys are excited. >> is annie friday. >> lots of sunshine coming our way. the only problem is going to be the win. it's going to get a little bit annoying through the next 24 hours. then again, an awesome weekend coming our way. let's get a look at the win speeds. it was gusting up to 20 miles per hour here in palo alto. 24 in san francisco. 12 in santa rosa. right now 9 in san jose. the main reason why the win's picking up. a high pressure is moving closer to california. again, tomorrow will be the windiest day for us and then lesser amounts as we head into the weekend. tony morning's forecast, the biggest problem would be anyone commuting over the bridges, near
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the peninsula, 53, 49 in the friday valley. in the north bay, 50 and sunny. windy for commuters heading into san francisco on the golden gate and also the bay bridges. let's get a closer look at the win. at 6:30 likely gusting up to 26 in half moon bay. 13 to 20 miles per hour in san francisco. and 17 in san jose. as we head throughout the afternoon hours, i think everybody will be anywhere from 15 to about 25 miles per hour. now, the biggest problem as the gust move in is going to be the allergy. if you suffer from them, oak and pine in the high category. grasses in the moderate. take note. may need to limit outdoor exposure. micro climate forecast throughout friday. temperatures also warming u. close to the 80s in the south bay. 76 in san jose. also 9 79 in morgan hill. watch the humidity as well. you will notice the air is going to be dryer outside as it will drop anywhere from 20 to about
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25% range here for the interior valleys. 78 in antioch. 81 in concord. 79 in danville. peninsula, 75 in palo alto, and 61 in half moon bay. san francisco close to 70 degrees. the mission will come in at 69. the marina, a cooler 65, that's all due to the fact that you have got a little bit of a cooler westerly component with the wind. that's why you should not see any 70s as we head through tomorrow's forecast. up into the north bay, 79 in napa. 77 in novato. and 62 from paint gray. this weekends's forecast looks a lot better. less wind. sunshine stays. low 70s in san francisco. check it out next week. possibly up to 75 as we head into tuesday. sunny skies all the way in through next thursday. for the inland valley forecast, we have low 80s as we head throughout this upcoming weekend and then potentially by next tuesday and wednesday we are looking at upper 80s.
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we may actually have to revise next wednesday and add in some 90s. but for right now, the clearest and sunniest forecast in 217 days. i'm going the wear out that statistic. >> 217 days. he keeps mentioning it. >> just in case you are counting. >> just in case. we are going to enjoy this weekend. thanks jeff. coming up here at 11:00, a haunting new movie base. >> announcer: the south bay. recognize that house? a look at the world famous actress playing sarah westchester. and we have jimmy. >> emma watson is here. oh, remember, camel bell, the jersey pizza boys, and stand up comedy from the lucas brothers. do not change the channel, it's good. happening now, in an interview about his first hundred days in office president trump said he thought being the president would be easier. we just posted that story on our twitter feed. more news after the break.
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bart as it relates to crime. tonight bart police announcing a 22% spike in crime in the past three months. mainly from robberies and assaults from robberies. the update comes after a mob of teenagers jumped the fare gates, hopped on a bart train, and robbed passengers just last weekend at the cole see yum bart station. a second cable car conductor is accused of pocketing cash from riders. it may prompt officials to make a change. david reyes was in court today charged with imbezelment and most appropriation of public money. a week ago another conductor was
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arrested on similar charges. riders usually pay in cash, $7 a ride, and it adds up. they will look at ending that cash option. >> cable cars are unique in that there is a lot of people who come from all over the world. a heavy percentage of riders. so any change in the process needs to be vetted very carefully with -- not only with people that would come from all over the world to ride the cars but the local businesses, the hotels. there's a key stakeholders. >> two conductors arrested after the agency noticed a disparity in fare collection totals. how did the raiders and niners do this draft night? a report from levi stadium. a and a little bit of controversy for the raiders top pick. stay with us. ♪
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okay. it was a party at levi stadium tonight. did you know about 10,000 people showed up tonight. >> they were cheering wildly. >> crazy. >> the 49ers didn't disappoint. they wheeled and dealed and smiled at the end. collin refresh joins us from niners draft hq. >> reporter: in his first draft as the new general manager of the 49ers, john lynch held nothing, about, wheeling and dealing until the end of round
11:29 pm
one. the result, two coveted first round picks. and the stockpiling of additional picks. >> to be able to go through this draft and in the first day actually add some picks which was a huge goal of us and to get two players of the caliber we did was exciting. >> reporter: instead of picking second overall they picked third taking stanford defensive lineman solomon thomas who in a conference call said it was the surprise of my life. then it was ruben fosser with the 31st pick. >> when i think of solomon, i think of speed and quickness and disruption. ruben foster, he's my kind of player. he plays sideline to sideline. and he will hit anything that moves. >> reporter: fans, they don't care how lynch did what he did today, only that he did it. >> how much better can you get? it was perfectly orchestrated to what we need. >> reporter: the fellow stanford star christian mccan havery went eighth overall to the carolina
11:30 pm
panthers n. santa clara, collin risch. as for the raiders, their first round pick was controversial. they lekd slekd gareon conley of ohio state. he is talented but he was accused of sexual assault earlier this month by a woman in cleveland at a hotel there. he denies all charges. the raiders are saying tonight they have complete confidence in his character on and off the field. one more time just in case you missed it there. christian mccaffery, the last two or three years electrifying stanford fans with his explosiveness on the field. tonight going to north carolina as the eighth overall pick. congratulations to all the newest millionaires from the bay area. >> back in a moment with sarah westchester.
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world famous actress helen mirren bears a striking resem lance to sarah winchester. the film is in production right now. some of the film was shoet last month in san jose at the
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winchester mystery house. the movie will be released next year. it will be very exciting. lots of mystery. if you go there, you go up the staircase that never ends. guys to nowhere. >> just comes to a wall. >> little tiny staircases everywhere. 123450 and the movie comes out this year, next year. >> in the fall. >> we need to send you to the premiere. red carpet access. >> totally have to go. i have been to the winchester mystery house like 17 times. >> thanks for joining us here on this thursday night. have a great friday. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma whatson, w. kamau bell,


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