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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> this is because millennials spent most of their waking hours on the phone. they're a lot more accustomed to sharing information and making payments online or on the phone. >> turns out that men were also two times more likely than women to be scammed. >> right now, 6:00. breaking news in the east bay. shots fired in a tense standoff now in its tenth hour in martinez as police surround a suspect involved in a deadly shooting in walnut creek. we're live at the scene with details just coming in to the newsroom. >> can closing a chapter. the san jose office that's been helping victimoffs the historic san jose floods is closing up shop today. this as the city council dewhat the next step might be to prevent another disaster. the meeting about to get under way in a couple hours. >> plus, the weekend is finally within reach. will the weather cooperate? a live look outside at the bay bridge this morning. beautiful sight. kari hall has a look at our saturday and sunday forecast straight ahead.
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today in the bay continues right now. >> because after all, we are just in friday. even though we're looking at saturday and sunday. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a lot of people lump it together. friday, saturday, sunday. you're basically there. clear shot outside as well. >> you can take a look at that pink sunrise right behind us, and it's a beautiful start to this friday morning. get up, get moving. we have cool temperatures to start. but it doesn't end that way. looking a the forecast for san francisco, we're up to 68 degrees today. and it will be a windy one. still breezy tomorrow. and look at how the temperatures go up over the next few days. inland areas, it's going to feel like summer before you know it. look at the hot, hot forecast for the middle of next week. we'll be in the upper 80s, so get ready for that. we'll talk about more of what to expect in a few minutes. mike has though b.a.r.t. delays continuing. >> we still have b.a.r.t. delays because of the disabled train on the tracks somewhere between
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lake merritt and trying to push it to a service area around san leand leandro. that's why trains are having to slow and single track through a portion of the oakland drive and east bay drive. major delays system wide as a result. we hope to have better news soon. if you have to take to the roadways, the roadways are moving very well. the backup here minor because it's only at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems on the approach, through the maze, san mateo, or the dumbarton bridge, and the south bay shows just a little slowing. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> some breaking news now that we have been following since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. it comes out of conta costa county. we have obtained new video of a deadly shooting suspect opening fire. you see him stick his arm out of a car. this is during an hours-long standoff with police. >> the standoff is still under way right now. this unfolding about ten miles from the walnut creek crime scene where a woman was shot and killed. today in the bay's pete suratos has been talking with police all morning long.
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it's been ten hours now, pete. has there been any progress? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. still an active scene. i just talked to police. you see chp and martinez police are here on the scene. we're at the pine street exit off highway 4. it's still blocked off. we're talking about a ten-hour standoff. want to show you the scene right now. you can see the suspect still in the sedan. you see s.w.a.t. team there trying to negotiate with him as we go on the standoff in the tenth hour. as you mentioned, there is newio during the standoff when gunwere fired. as you can see there, the suspect did not direct those gunshots at anyone. his hands go up. he does turn over the gun to the s.w.a.t. team authorities in the area. woo were told at one point, residents in the area were told to shelter in place. let's give you a timeline of how we got to this point, show you
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video of the scene yesterday afternoon in walnut creek around 1:30 p.m. when police say that man in the sedan that we just showed you allegedly shot and killed a woman near larking park in walnut creek, and that led to a manhunt here in martinez. as he's been in the same spot since about 7:30 in that sedan. we're showing you one more time that suspect in the vehicle as s.w.a.t. team authorities attempt to negotiate with him. we still don't have identity for that man or the victim in all of this, orally what their relationship is. but as you can see, the standoff still continues here in martinez. we're live in martinez. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you very much, pete. we'll continue to follow that, see how it unfolds. 6:04. new this morning, three san francisco officers recovering from injuries after their vehicles crashed. happened about 11:00 last night, and according to officials, two police cars collided at 15th and mission. the officers were responding to calls for backup. all three were sent to the hospital but none have life-threatening injuries. >> 6:04 right now and the story
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we have been watching all week long. protests bubbling up at berkeley comes to an end rather peacefully. five people were arrested, and that was it, compared to 20 at the same location a couple weeks ago. these rallies were sparked by the expected appearance and then cancellation of conservative commentator ann coulter and her visit of cal. it was supposed to happen yesterday, but safety issues forced her to stay away. 00offs protesters did show up yesterday. our crews were there with some of them. we have been following this since our midday news cast. liberals and conservatives were marching midday to last night. >> not a question of free speech. this is a question of fascism happening right here, right now. and it's a question of whether people are going to stand up against it. >> the police promised us at the beginning that they had us protected. and they would not allow what happened two weeks ago to happen today. >> so two weeks ago referred to civic center park. this is actually from several
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weeks ago, what you're looking at right now, violent clashes on berkeley's campus. the biggest one, this video, happened in february when former breitbart editor milo yiannopoulos speaking engagement was shut down by protesters. yesterday, again, things remained relatively calm. >> happening this morning, a san francisco man shot by police will be in court for a hearing. police shot shaun moore at his home in january. moore, who is considered mentally ill, became aggressive when police wouldn't leave his home. officers were called there for a restraining order violation. a judge says police should have left when moore told them to. public defender jeff adachi is urging the judge to drop all charges against moore. happening today, where do things stand now? a major flood meeting in san jose today. this meeting includes leaders from the santa clara valley water district and the san jose city council. it includes an overview of water issues, but this video, the
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historic cicreek flooding, is also going to be addressed. this meeting is this morning at 9:00 at the santa clara water district's office. in the meantime, san jose office that's been assisting with financial help for the victims of that historic flooding is closing today. we take a live look at city hall from our cam. that's where the office is located. victims can apply for certain kinds of help. the deadline for property damage assistance is may 19th. and for economic injury applications, those will be accepted all the way until december. low-interest loans are available to homeowners and renters. also happening at san jose city hall, it's spring. nature is back on track there at city hall. >> kind of cool. we do this story every year, but the falcons on top of the building have three little ones joining them this spring. triplets. mom, dad, claire and fernando, had four eggs, but the fourth never hatched. the other ones hatched earlier this month. today, researchers will climb to the nest and brand all three
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chicks. but as you well know, it's the face branding. they do it every year for research. everyone invited to watch. it starts this morning at 8:00. we like that falcon cam. pretty cool. >> all right, right now at 6:08 as you get this friday started, here's a live look at san jose. we're starting out with sunshine that sticks with us throughout the afternoon. let me take you throughout the day on the planner. 8:00, 54 degrees. it will be a cool start. then look at how warm it will be already by noon time. in the upper 60s. and then some 70s in the forecast for the afternoon. so you can make plans to get out there, go to the park, go to dinner, and take your lunch outside. this is a very nice spring-lime weather, and then it gets warm next week. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike is tracking what's happening now with those b.a.r.t. delays and the roads too. >> the roads are great. b.a.r.t., not so great. we have major delays still reported system wide, and we still have not yet gotten the all clear for that train being
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pushed over to a service area right around the san leandro area. until that happens, we still have to say there is a train that is stopping the southbound tracks from servicing fully down toward warm springs out of oakland. looking at the roadways and looking great. no major issues over here, and the tri-valley times, look at that, 23 minutes from grant line to 680. that's great, but it's friday. back to you. >> yes t is. wn has forgotten that. 6:09 right now. quitting the industry. >> coming up, the alarming new study that details while tech workers are leaving their jobs. >> lousy economic news, and a fictional tech company wants to take over the world. we'll take a look in business and tech.
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==mike/trx== (mike ad libs) full oakland 6:12 as we get a live look outside over san jose. it will be a beautiful day. more comfortable weather after a cool start. a look at the temperature trend for los gatos. 59 degrees at 9:00. at lunch time, 68, and mid 70s today. we'll continue to see the temperatures warming up. we'll talk about that and a look at the giants forecast in five minutes. and right here, you have a live look at the oakland coliseum b.a.r.t. station.
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that's a southbound train. and we did get word that they hope to have that train cleared off the tracks, the disabled train, in just seconds. we're learning the latest on that major delay. >> all right, mike and kari, appreciate those updates. 6:13 right now. happening today, we expect to get a better understanding how hof san francisco is handling a hot topic, evictions. they're holding a meeting on new residential laws that include owner move-in evictions. our investigative unit dug into this very issue and found that the city had a 200% spike from five years ago in owner move-in evictions. see our full investigation, go to our website, and just click on the investigative unit tab. >> expensive as it may be, there's been a lot of home buying and selling in the bay area. sales for the region hit a five-year high in march. looking more closely, alameda county saw a 10.6% increase from last year. while santa clara county sales
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jumped 8.4%. in san francisco, sales actually dropped, march numbers were down 5.3% last year. median home prices in the bay area also creeping up to match last year's prices which were at all-time highs. bad workplace culture in the tech industry has workers ditching their jobs. unfairness or mistreatment was the top reason, according to a study released yesterday by the center for social impact and harris poll. workers also said they were unhappy with their job environment, while minorities and women say they experienced stereotyping on the job. >> all of that bad news for the trump administration. white house reportedly startled by lousy gdp numbers. >> scott mcgrew joins us, just days after president trump made fun of president obama's record. >> on gdp, and then he got worse numbers. just a few minutes, ago, we got those numbers showing gdp growth in the first quarter. the worst it's been in three years. i will say, first quarter gdp is
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notoriously hard to measure. the number could get a lot worse because it does not include some key tail data, and it could be revised downward once we get the data. it's the last trading day of the month. the dow is set for its best month of the year so far. stocks have been treading water in the last couple days. that tax plan was a lot more vague than inners were hoping for. the nasdaq closed near record, though. 6048. a moviet( silicon valley has be waiting for hits theaters today. the circle is based on the book from the same name. it's about a giant tech company, think google combined with facebook, called the circle, that's taken over people's lives. >> we will see them. we will hear them. we will hear and see everything. if it happens, we'll know. we're calling it seechange. >> now, that book was written a couple year uz ago, at this point, may be a bit dated
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because it warned us of a future in which we may already be living in. this sunday, we'll take you inside one of the strangest all hands meetings in san francisco at the office of calm, an office that made a cult hit iphone app by the same name. sales are up and employees are downward dogging. michael smith is the head of it. >> are you a knight? >> no, i got an obe. >> what's the difference? >> i think a knight is when you get the queen putting a sward on either side of you. >> this is the order of the british empire. >> that's cool. he says his mother is very, very proud. >> i bet. wow. very nice. >> sunday here after "meet the press." >> great story to tell you about. a little boy is hailed as a hero he helped to save his father's life. that's 5-year-old aiden who was riding in the car with his dad shane when their car
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hidroplained, blue a tire, and rolled down an embankment. aiden climbed out the busted back window, up 20 feet to try to find some help. all of that with his own broken leg. neighbors were able to free the father before ambulances arrived. >> he was climbing out the window in panic, and he turned around and looked at his daddy and was like, you're getting out of the car one way or another, dad. then he took off up the embankment. >> he nodded, yeah, that's what i did. shane is now recovering in the hospital from a few broken ribs and an injured leg, but his son saved his life. >> and all the kapdy and ice cream he ever wanted. or cartoons. >> sure. >> like these natural survival skills. he's only 5 years old. >> a mini macgyver. >> exactly. we're fashioning putting together all kinds of things as we get to the weekend, and we're almost there. >> we have awesome weather.
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nice and comfortable for the next couple days. then it continues to warm up. so we're in for some summer-like weather as we get a live look outside from emeryville. looking towards the bay bridge. look at that temperature, only 49 degrees a cool start this morning as you head out. right now at 6:18, we're going to see the high temperatures warming into the upper 70s. how about that for the tri-valley? 77 degrees. 81 degrees in concord, and 79 in napa and santa rosa. along the coast, we're into the upper 60s. and as you get up, get the kids ready for school, don't forget the light jacket. you won't need it as we go through the day as it warms up quickly at recess. they'll enjoy the time outside, and it will be a nice and sunny day. also the winds will be kicking up, too. as we take a live look outside at san francisco, the at&t park, you can see the seagulls already out there flying around. we're getting ready for another game. so for this evening, it will be a nice and cool one, but with those breezy winds at first pitch, at 7:15, expect it to be around 63 degrees.
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if you're sitting in areas that are all exposed, not in the risers but you're more in the bleacher section, it can go to be very cool out there. as you get out and about, don't forget that we have still have a lot of pollen in the air. it's definitely time to wash the car, too, with that coating of pollen on there, and some dry weather in the forecast. we do still have a moderate level of tree and grass pollen and it continues to be that way over the next several days. as you make weekend plans, maybe you're going to santa cruz for tomorrow. as you start out early in the morning, we'll be in the 60s. then as we go into the afternoon, into the mid70s. it's going to be a this one. not only for santa cruz but also for san francisco with highs in the 70s and staying in the mid 70s as we go throughout next week with some more dry weather as we will see some of the temperatures warming up for the next few days. it will feel more like summer for tuesday and wednesday. we're talking upper 80s, and it wouldn't be surprising if we hit 90 for the first time this year.
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as we head over to mike now, some improvement for the b.a.r.t. report? >> that's right. we got it, ckari. we got the train cleared from the tracks. south down through san leandro. the southbound trains are now in full recovery mode. no other issues far as the b.a.r.t. system or the other transit systems. that's great news. we also have a smooth flow of traffic along the roadways. no major delays for traffic flowing around the bay. it's friday. we'll look at the waze system because later on today, afternoon and evenings we'll see a lot more traffic and even late in the commute. if you're traveling from hayward to mountain, it looks like 45 minutes on the purple route. but pretty much you can pick any of the east/west connectors, 237, dumbarton or estimasan mat bridge and they're taking about the same amount of time. if you are hitting the roadways, check your waze system because again, this afternoon and evening, going to get crowded out there. waze will help you pick your departure time, forecast your
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drive time. join our team and we'll help you as well because you can share the information you get out there and there's a chat function as well with folks who have the same route. >> thank you very much. 6:21. coming up next, a sigh of relief from muni riders. the changes coming to a popular transit line. >> it's cheaper than ever to trace your family history with dna, but is there another cost? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. and a live look outside right now, downtown san francisco. clear skies today on this friday. beautiful look there of the bay, the transamerica building and all of the parts of the city skyline. we'll be back in two minutes. good news, muni riders -- the j-
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church line is back to normal good news. the j church line back to normal on mondays. riders no longer need to transfer during late-night rides. it was saltered so muni could a section of tracks and test new light rail vehicles. the first set of new vehicles should arrive in 2018. >> muni also wants a better way for riders to plan out their bus and train rides. sf examiner reports the agency will vote to extend its contract with next bus in january, a conflict with at&t left muni riders unable to plan out their routes on next bus for half the month. the age aents wants a new
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version of the system that will avoid the issue by acting on a different network. >> from planning forward to looking now back at the past. nbc bay area responds to a san jose family who wanted to find euá more about their ancestry using a popular dna test. >> but they cancelled and called us. chris chmura explains why. >> good morning. the family's curiosity about their heritage almost immediately turned to suspicion. larry says he was shocked to discover that signing up for one company's dna test required him to give the company a transferrable license to use his family's dna forever. he was immediately fearful an insurance company could get its hands on his data. >> you could get into weird science fiction scenarios. >> can a simple search for ancestors put your dna in the wrong hands 124 and what do they plan to do with it anyway? we're taking those questions to stanford law tonight at 11 lack. your rights under current law and how some protections might be changing. larry called us and so can you.
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888-996-tips or i'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> thank you very much, chris. >> 6:26 on your friday. all new this morning, thousands of child backpack carriers are being recalled because of a fall hazard. that recall involves all models of the poco, poco plus, and poco premium child backpack carriers. manufactured between january 2012 and december 2014. osprey has received four reports of children falling throw the carriers leg openings. one received a skull fracture. >> students at risk during an earthquake. the alarming safety concerns at a bay area elementary school and the reason school officials are thinking about closing it for good. another internet scandal at albany high school and the immediate steps the new interim principal is taking. that's story coming up. and a live look outside right now at the bay bridge toll
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plaza, as mike inowe way likes to say, you have plenty of friends out there. we'll have a full check of weather and traffic and an update on b.a.r.t. problems we have experienced this morning. you're watching today in the bay. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing!
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disneyland resort. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at hero up! coming up on 6:30, and breaking news we have been following through the overnight hours and certainly since we came on air this morning. a standoff situation still going on in martinez right now, since
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7:30 last night. this is all connected to a deadly shooting in walnut creek. the suspect in that car, and as you can see, s.w.a.t. teams talking to him. all new this morning, weise also obtained video of the man opening fire overnight from inside the car. pete suratos is at the scene talking to police. we'll bring you an update and show you new video in about 15 minutes. busy start here on your friday. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's friday morning. people looking forward to the weekend. should be nice weather on top. let's in with kari right now. >> we start out with a nice morning around the bay area. as we're looking at a beautiful sunrise, just take a peek out the window right now. as we take a look at three of our microclimates and the current temperatures, right now, the tri-valley and pleasanton, looking at that camera. 43 degrees, and gift in the south bay, in the east bay, looking out from emeryville, 49 degrees. and highs this afternoon reaching into the low to mid 70s. it's going to be very
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comfortable. and windy in san francisco with a high of 68. we'll take a look ahead to a warmer weekend, and mike has an update for b.a.r.t. riders. >> may still have some delays. we're still watching oakland recovering from the earlier problems at the lake merritt station. it's open and in full service. no problems and no delays. not like yesterday. we'll get a quick look. we have our camera over at the oakland coliseum b.a.r.t. station. we have seen trains traveling northbound and southbound. the southbound would be trains closest to us. no major issues. the folks have what seems like a typical schedule. if you want to avoid b.a.r.t., there's a lot of opportunity to carpool with folks. and we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic. i mean typical spots, south bay and hayward. back to you. >> thank you very much. new this morning, another reported instagram scandal at albany high school in the east bay. >> this time, a social media
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discovered with sexual photos of students on it. chuck coppola is following it for us. he joins us live right now. tell us what is potentially the second scandal to rock the same high school in the last few months. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, sam and laura. the pictures of students on instagram are described as sexually exit. a new interim prince pal wai waist'ing wasted no time in reacting to this after his predecessor was reassigned over last year's protest over racist pictures posted on instagram. the outrage then made its way all the way to the district superintendent. >> what was made clear from these separate but related actions is that our student body stands tonight in this message that our school stands for inclusion. >> reporter: now, parents of students at albany high school
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have received a letter yesterday from interim principal ron rosen bomb reprinted in the east bay times that, we are encouraging students who may have more information to immediately contact me or one of our assistant principals. the letter adds that police were contacted and had students have begun to receive counseling. albany police meanwhile say there is no indication at this point that the two scandals are connected. reporting live in albany, chuck coppola, today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest there, chuck. >> 6:33. an elementary school may close after a recent investigation revealed it's not safe during earthquakes. an investigation showed donald lamellmentary sits on soil at risk of completely collapsing during an earthquake. east bay times reports the school could be closed by the end of this year or 2018. >> parents on edge at a peninsula school after a teacher is arrested for taking inappropriate pictures of young students. police say that this man,
6:34 am
33-year-old anthony satriano even had a relationship with one child. a phone call to the school led investigators to him. police say he encouraged several female students to wear tight clothing and pose for pictures in, quote, a sexual way. here's lieutenant ryan monahan. >> none of the photos contained any -- any young children that were nude. however, in the photos, in the various photos we discovered, we saw young children wearing stockings and things of that nature. >> right now, he's facing more than a dozen felony charges. he's expected to be in court next week. 6:34. in the south bay, more officers are ready to hit the streets in san jose. today's city police academy holding a graduation ceremony. it's at 1:00. mayor sam liccardo is expected to attend. all right, happening right now, a lot of very excited
6:35 am
parents, certainly, and fan base people after the nfl draft, all the fans of the niners and raiders seeing who their team got. here's a live look at the philadelphia museum of art where round two picks are about to get under way here on friday. the san francisco 49ers selected stanford defensive end solomon thomas, going with a local guy, with the third pick in the draft. they traded down one spot. the niners picked reuben foster at the end of the first round. as for the raiders, they picked gareon conley, an ohio state corner back, a buckeye, and the falcons picked up a bay area native with an incredible back story. >> i was ghetto richmond, ghetto oakland. i'm going to live my dreams, play in the nfl. and i'm here, man. i completed the promise. >> man, that is takkarist mckinley. born in oakland, raised in richmond. you see him holding a picture of his late mother who raised him after his parents abandoned him.
6:36 am
he promised his grandmother he would go to college, succeed, and become a pro player. last night, those dreams were realized. >> amazing. >> 6:36 right now. going to be a great weekend. we have been talking about it, all looking forward to it. kari is standing by with her forecast. first, we're heading outside. already enjoying it. the point reyes birding and nature festival is kicking off today. lots of events planned including some bird watching. the festival raises money to protect wildlife habitats. point reyes national seashore just north of san francisco in marin county. california says sea levels may not just rise. they'll rise higher than we thought. on wednesday, the ocean protection council revised projections it gives to agencies to help them plan for climate change. by 2100, the ocean may rise at least a foot, but that number could actually go up ten feet depending on how fast ice caps melt. the rising sea could threaten low-lying communities. all right.
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we're looking over toward the b.a.r.t. system. this has been the big story for the morning. a diassembled train. that train cleared and operational, and delays reported system wide as they recover. that's the only major issue going on for the transit and commute this morning. roadways have been moving well. mild slowing through hayward and also northbound for 101. a little glitch on the map if you look closely. a smooth travel time. under 20 minutes to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. a quick look at the san mateo bridge. a slower drive right here on the flat section. this just started slowing. at least we have a nice sunrise. the road ahead of them is clearly visible. >> a nice sunrise to start. beautiful weather, and it's friday. >> let's start the weekend or at least start to think about it. >> well, i have been thinking about it all week.
6:38 am
and there's so many events going on. i have a lot to cover here. let's get right to it. here's a live look out there, not live. this is a look at san francisco, and what we're expecting as we go into this evening, for the giants game at at&t park at first pitch, it will be 63 degrees. but by the third inning, we're in the lower 60s. make sure you're dressed for also some breezy winds and cooler temperatures for this evening. and looking at the forecast for the weekend in the peninsula, we'll be at 76 degrees tomorrow. 78 degrees on sunday. and it will be nice and sunny. looking at san francisco, low 70s for the weekend. and in the south bay, expect it to be in the 80s. 80 degrees tomorrow and 82 on sunday. the east bay will be in the upper 70s for the weekend. and for the north bay, we have the butter and egg days happening in petaluma. the parade starts tomorrow at noon. it will be at 68 degrees and making it into the mid to upper 70s the day. be prepared for a lot of fun and a slot of sunshine and warm
6:39 am
weather, too. in san francisco, we have the cesar chavez parade happening at 11:00 tomorrow in the mission district. and the temperatures will be in the mid 60s, rising into the low 70s as we go throughout the day. and we have botball for the peninsula at the nasa research center. this will be a fun event for the kids. making those robots and it will be in the 70s as you head to the research center and also 80 degrees. in oakland, we'll have a lot of sunshine here, too. a dance festival happening at jack london square, and temperatures in the mid 70s. and then on sunday, we have the pacific coast dream machine show. this will be cool, happening at the half moon bay airport. and it's going to be nice and comfortable there. we'll take a look at the forecast for the rest of the weekend into next week coming up in just a few minutes. thanks so much, kari. we look forward to that. >> 6:39. coming up, breaking news we
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continue to follow at this hour. a standoff nearing its 11th hour, in fact, in the east bay. the frantic efforts under way to coax a deadly shooting suspect out of that car in martinez. we'll take you back live to the scene with up to the minute developments coming up. >> president trump warning of major, major conflict with north korea on this, day 99. >> scott, you mentioned this earlier in the show. pretty weak gdp data out today. the markets reacting right now, not hugely. so far, the dow joins has dropped 21 points to 20,960. corporate earnings this week have propped things up. really good numbers out there. stock markets on whole up throughout the week. back with more in two minute. ==mike/trx==
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(mike ad libs) we take a live look outside at the sunrise over palo alto. you may have the heater on inside the car now, but you'll have the air conditioner on later on today. let's look at the temperature trend for cupertino. 9:00, 56 degrees. lunchtime, we're up to 67 and it continues to go up from there into the low 70s for the afternoon. beautiful day, and then it really heats up for next week. we'll talk more about that coming up in five minutes. and over here, we do have a little slowing for the south bay, north 101, north 87, and no surprises for waze. seeing the slower drive. show you what's going on if you have to make this drive. >> coming up right now on 6:44.
6:44 am
we want to take you back live to a situation we have been following since we came on the air. breaking news out of contra costa county. live pictures of a standoff in martinez. yes, that is a s.w.a.t. team next to a guy in a car who was a suspect in a shooting. this standoff has been going on now for over 11 hours. >> police are trying to communicate with the man inside that car. they believe he shot and killed a woman in walnut creek. at one point during the standoff overnight, the man opened fire from inside the car. here's a look at that new video. now, eventually, he turned the gun over to a robot controlled by authorities. you see it there. so far, we have no word on the man's identity or the victim's identity or even the nature of their relationship. today in the bay's pete suratos is there this morning gathderring updates. he's been there since 4:30. he's posting new information as well on twitter. a late-night rescue team
6:45 am
found two people lost on mt. tam and brought them to safety. this happened on wednesday. marin county search and rescue found the couple in their 60s off the trail. according to the team, they were hypothermic and far from any safe trail. luckily, they found them. the team hiked them down before boating them out eventually off alpine lake. >> very lucky. a happy ending there. 6:45 there. continuing coverage of b.a.r.t. crimes and numbers to back up what we have been seeing. we're learning there's been officially a 22% spike in crime on b.a.r.t. in the last three months. that's according to b.a.r.t. police. that was information disseminated in a rare b.a.r.t. board meeting last night. the crimes mainly includes robberies and assaults stemming from robberies. this comes after a mob of teenagers, about 50 of them, jumped the fare gates recently, hopped on a b.a.r.t. train and robbed passengers last weekend at the coliseum station. >> let's go to national news now and happening at the moment,
6:46 am
most certainly crunch time here on this friday in washington, d.c. this is a live look at the capitol dome from our nation's capital. a government shutdown still looming, the prospect of it. lawmakers and the trump administration have until nite tonight to reach an agreement on a short-term spending bill. exbelieve lawmakers will be voting today on a one-week continuing resolution to keep the federal government going for now. >> president trump this morning is warning the situation in north korea may turn to war. >> scott mcgrew, pretty frank talk from the white house this morning. >> the most bellicose we have heard so far. president trump says there's a chance we could have, in his words, a major, major conflict with north korea. the first time in american history that a president has openly discussed the possibility of war with the nuclear hp armed opponent. north korea showing off its artillery in a drill. there are hundreds of artillery pieces pointed at seoul, south korea, that can level the city with conventional weapons.
6:47 am
north korea has not tested its latest nuclear device yet, and america's made it clear it will attack if north korea does. why president trump brought up the specific possibility of war now in an interview with reuters, not clear. he calls it, again, major, major conflict. there is a lot of movement on the diplomatic front as well. secretary of state rex tillerson, seen here with the vietname vietnamese foreign minister the united states is willing to negotiate person to person with north korea. this is a change to u.s. policy up until now, we have insisted other countries take part. as recently as last month, tillerson said direct talks were not possible. >> and the united states has called for a meeting of the united nations security council today. america will not be asking for any kind of resolution. rather, we're told, ambassador nikki haley will brief other countries and once again ask china to step in and convince its ally north korea to back
6:48 am
down. >> now, there's so much happening here. it's astonishing what we have to gloss over. president trump yesterday completely reversed himself on nafta, one of his major campaign promises was to tear it up. but he said the of mexico and the pm of canada talked him out of it. and jeff sessions this morning said he would recuse himself from any prosecution of our former national security adviser who is accused of taking money from the russians. sessions will be on the "today" show announcing that coming up in just a minutes. >> as he ends his first 100 days, president trump in that interview with reuters on thursday said this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it, the presidency, would be easier. something most presidents, even the best prepared, probably have thought as well. >> thank you very much, scott. scott, of course, examines the president's tweets, executive orders and speeches everying on today in the bay. he says it's a two-way street. he would like to hear from you. share your thoughts with him on
6:49 am
twitter @scottmcgrew. >> something we're excited about happening later today. recognizing the great who volunteer in santa clara county. that's the picture from last year's event. more than 500 people are going to be attending the san jose junior league volunteer recognition luncheon. these are volunteers who have very generously given their time and energy and their skills to improve the lives of others. >> you can see how long i have done this event because all of my different hair styles. you know what? it's always a great event. they do such work. we'll be emceeing that event at 11:30 this morning at the santa clara convention center. >> always a fun event. yes, you have highlights in your hair as well as a new addition this year. mike, you have an event too. >> at the same time, i'll be at the fairmont in san jose celebrating the 150th anniversary of uplift for family services. helping foster kids and helping people to recover. proud to be there as well. >> i love it. the bay area is such a giving community, such a wonderful spirit here.
6:50 am
wonderful weather, too. >> this is perfect weather. >> perfect and then it's going to go from perfect to it's hot. that's what we're going to see over the next few days. and it's nice and cool this morning. we've got it all in the forecast. here's a live look outside at san jose. starting out with a busy morning right there on 101. mike is going to update us on that. as we get a look at the temperatures, though, it's cool. you might have to wear a long sleeved shirt or jacket as our temperatures have started out in the low sgiflts for san jose and palo alto. 43 degrees in livermore, and in napa, starting out at 45 degrees with highs today reaching into the upper 70s. it will be very nice out there, and warming up with some breezy winds. morgan hill up to 79 degrees for the high temperature today. heading to the east bay, we're up to 76 degrees in pleasanton, and fremont looking at a high of 75 degrees. the peninsula, half moon bay still cool there. you can go on the other side of the hill and we're in the mid
6:51 am
70s in palo alto. in san francisco, up to 68 degrees on the embarcadero, and the north bay up to 78 degrees in sonoma. as you wake up and get the kids out the door, a light jacket once again. but at recess, they'll probably take it off. make sure you have the name on the tag. those temperatures warming up quickly. and then by the afternoon, heading home from school, it kill be a sunny day and breezy. a great way to kick off the weekend. as we look at san jose and we're bringing it in, getting ready for the day, grab a hat because it will bey today. that will help to keep the hair down in place. and also some short sleeves as our temperatures warm up, it will be a warm u.n. in napa, today we're up to 77 degrees. then temperatures warming into the low 80s. if you want cooler weather, yosemite will be in the lower 40s today. lower 50s by the end of the weekend, and the seven-day forecast shows ourtures will be in the low 70s for the weekend and some mid into next week. and this is what i was talking
6:52 am
about. that summertime weather coming in to the bay area for the inland valleys. up to 89 degrees next wednesday. and now as we get an update from mike, we see what's happening now with b.a.r.t. >> just let us know that even though the delays continue, they're talking about less than 20 minutes reported system wide. likely effecting it for the trains traveling past the lake merritt station which is in full service. no delays for any of the other transit agencies. on the roadways, not much of a problem either. metering lights on at the bay bridge, and a light build for your approach to the east shore freeway, and a little slowing for hayward, both directions of 880, and the south bay. let's use wadz to show you the south bay commute. slower 101, 87, and 280. 85 coming from almaden valley into mountain view, if that happens to be your route, 85 looks great now. just about 26 minutes. we'll show you all of the routes. if you go through the slower
6:53 am
drive we just showed you, you're adding eight toen ten minutes. you make your decision now, later. you go to your app any time of day or night and make sure you're on our team by clicking on the magnifying glass, your name, and then teams. you select nbc bay area wazers and select that because we get to share that information with you, and you share your information with us. back to you. >> really a collaborative process. thank you very much, mike. at 6:53 right now, coming up, late-night crash in san francisco involving police. the incident that led to two cruisers colliding, and an update on how the officers are doing this morning, next. first, happening right now, later today, president trump expected to sign an executive order that could eventually open up millionoffs coastal acres to offshore oil and gas drilling. this order is one more step in the president's attempt to essentially dismantle president obama era environmental protections. breaking news as well to tell you about out of asia. thai police have obtained an arrest warrant for the heir of red bull, accused of a deadly
6:54 am
2012 hit and run accident. we're back in two minutes.
6:55 am
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here are and welcome back. 6:56 on your friday, before you head out the door, here are the top stories today on today in the bay. >> new this morning, three san francisco officers recovering from injuries after their
6:57 am
vehicles crashed. it happened around 11:00 last night. according to officials. two police cars collided at 15th and mission. the officers were responding to calls for back-up. all three officers were sent to the hospital but none have life-threatening injuries. new this morning, a live look at albany high school, currently embroiled in another scandal involving social media. this time, explicit photos posted on instagram. thursday afternoon, the interim prince pal there told parents of an instagram account containing sexually explicit pictureoffs students. this is the second scandal. the first one also involving instagram and an account where racist photographs were posted. albany police right now are investigating. >> happening today, major flood meeting san jose. this includes leaders the santa clara valley water district and the san jose city council. topics include the historic coyote creek flooding. the meeting is this morning at 9:00 at the santa clara valley
6:58 am
water district office. tongue tied there. in the meantime, san jose police -- san jose office has been assisting with financial help for victims of the flooding is closing today. the victims can still apply for help. the deadline for property damage assistance is may 19th. and injury applications will be accepted until december. loans with low-interest are available to homeowners and renters. >> dry weather for san jose. and also san francisco. and pretty much everywhere here in the bay area today as we take a live look at thes behind the transamerica building. this forecast is definitely going to be one to look forward to. >> that's right. especially it's the weekend. >> it is the weekend. and look at that. i mean, does it get any better than that? as you get ready to wake up and head out the door, it's nice and cool. we'll have more cool temperatures for the morning hours and look how warm it gets today in san francisco, 68, and
6:59 am
then going to continue to see the temperatures warming up next week. inland areas, that's where you feel the heat the most. upper 70s today with some gusty winds and some mid to upper 80s next week. going to feel like summer. >> upper 80s. 89 there. >> yes, make sure the air conditioner is working, and just crank it up. clean the filters. it's that time. >> for weekend, it's the go goldilocks forecast. just right. >> let's see the forecast for the morning commute. >> i'm forecasting some folks may have to wait on this morning a little longer because we're recovering from the problems we had at the lake merritt station. that disabled train has been cleared from the tracks. recovery mode, 15 minutes at max. be prepared for a little delay. roads moving well. the only issue we have is north 880. we heard about a stall in the middle of the freeway. >> there you have it. that's what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back with a live local news update at 7:25.
7:00 am
>> we're excited we're doing the volunteer recognition luncheon today at 11:30 for the junior league of san jose. hope to see you there. have a great day. good morning. trump's view. the president, sounding off on one of the world's most volatile hot spots. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> also, the war with isis. >> i will say, there is an end. and it has to be humiliation. >> and being president. >> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> this morning, we'll talk to the president's attorney general, jeff sessions. potent storms. severe weather set to slam the midwest and south today and into the .


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