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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11: five hours and . it was horrible. i was in it for two hours. >> right now at 11:00, five hours and downing and still at a standstill. a deadly police shooting shuts down 10167. the question is when, when will this busy stretch of freeway reopen. the news at 11 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj matthai. a rough start to this weekend for a lot of people. and the nightmare continues at this hour.
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let's get you caught up on exactly what is happening here. take look. our nbc bay area sky ranger be that on the scene since the 5:00 p.m. hour. a deadly shooting right near the 101/92 interchange, near the san mateo bridge. look at this. gridlock. all the headlights coming towards you on the screen that's 101 north bound. cars are coming to san mateo at the hillsdale exit and they are being forced to exit. ian, what prompted the shootout? when will 101 reopen? we see you are standing right on freeway. >> reporter: yeah, raj both are great questions. we still don't know what led up to the suge. but we know the estimated time the reopen is around midnight. this investigation going on more than six hours now. investigators are still here collecting evidence as all
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northbound lanes on 101 towards san francisco remain closed. northbound 101 south of 92 completely shut down. drivers at a standstill, backed up beyond redwood city during a busy friday commute. the cause, an officer-involved shooting just after 5:30. three chp officers shoot and kilokill an armed man with a handgun outside of his car on the side of the road. >> the suspect was fattlely wounded in the officer-involved shooting. the officers are all okay. >> reporter: it's unclear what led up to the shooting, if there was a chase or if the suspect was stopped. only that the suspect allegedly got out of the vehicle and began shooting before he was shot dead. the chp, san mateo pd and the district attorney investigating into the night. >> we want them to get the clearest picture they can. once they are done they will we will be able to free up the freeway. >> reporter: traffic for more than five hours.
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side streets gridlocked. drivers stuck or slowed down. it might take a half hour to get to 92. this was two hours to get to 92, which we couldn't get to. >> reporter: once again, investigators are still here on the scene collecting evidence. the estimated time to reopen is mid night. though that has been pushed back throughout the night. the midnight time is the latest we've gotten. we will continue to keep you updated on air and on line. ian cull. erie to see ian there on 101 that's shut down. again, a live look from our nbc sky ranger overhead. all those people are in what looks like a parking lot. it is a been this way since 5:30 this evening. a lot of people getting home from work, going to the city, or going to the giants game. delayed at least a couple of hours. as ian said, no word when it will reopen, ho flee by
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midnight. we sent out a news alert on this story minutes after it happened that helped a lot of people avoid this traffic jam. you can get break news alert on our free nbc bay area gap. ann coulter modesto style. a mild mannered protest greeted the conservative speaker in california, not in berkeley but in modesto. her appearance on the heels the controversial and emotionally charged event that was canceled at uc berkeley. rick boone joins us live from modesto. tell us what she had to say about the event tonight and what she said about cal. >> reporter: she said quite a bit. quite a bit, jessica. in the event behind hyped me she didn't hold back her comments about being pushed off the berkeley speaker schedule. >> she was not confrontational or aggressive or anything of those things that republicans get called out as.
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>> reporter: this woman was one of the few to ask ann coulter questions why she didn't speak at berkeley on thursday. >> she said it was unfortunate that the birth place of free speech isn't free speech. >> reporter: the republican party paid $25,000 for speak at their modesto event. those here say they got their money's worth. >> she has a position, and there's a lot of people that agree with her. some points i agree with, some i don't. >> are you going to stand by -- >> reporter: outside thereof some heated debate. >> i will stand by him. freedom of expression. >> reporter: and the opposition didn't hold back. >> she promotes racism, hatred of other people, homophobia. >> reporter: outside the event, protests on both sides, unlike we saw at berkeley. but there was a heavy police presence here in the area. maybe that had quite a bit to do with it.
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matter of fact the officers were inside the crowd of the protesters to make sure everything moved smooth. so far, no major problems with the protesters and no arrests. more tension between the u.s. and north korea. north korea has carried out another ballistic missile test this afternoon. it appears to be the same type of short-range missile that was test launched earlier this month by that country. u.s. military leaders say it failed about 20 miles from the launch site, exploding in mid air. his 100th day in the white house begins tomorrow. president trump will mark the milestone with a rally in philadelphia. historically the 100 day mark is a chance for critics and supporters to review the president's performance. mr. trump did admit just this week that being the commander in chief has been harder than he answered. battle lines drawn between sunnyvale and city woerks. employees marched to city hall to permanently deliver a warning if sunnyvale doesn't give them a
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17% wage hike they will walk off the job on monday. the mayor contends the 10% wage increase on the table is generous enough. >> sunnyvale employees haven't had a raise in five years. in this market? in northern california? are you kitt kidding? >> the city has a great offer on the table. the classifications are already at parity with other cities each before we had an increase. >> the threat of a strike comes after months of negotiations. and people who live and work in sunnyvale could be forced to deal with water, sewer and garbage problems as well as unmaintained parks. some people believe they are the forgotten victims, children and teenagers who have lost their lives due to violence in alameda county. >> michael cole jr., 15. [ bell ] >> tonight, their lives were not forgotten. they were remembered, in a ceremony in hayward, to recognize victims dating back to 1994, when a 14-year-old girl was killed in her castro valley
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home. tonight 432 names were read alo aloud. >> we bring it to awareness to the light so you are able to deal with the problem and find a solution. >> now, there are two statues like this one in hayward to remember all the young people killed in alameda county. a man is accused of throwing multiple firebombs in fairfield in those attacks possibly may have been motivated by race. police say mau jones threw an explosive in his neighbor's apartment window last night. he was heard saying racial slurs to them a couple week ago. the device charred the ground but didn't damage the building. the bomb squad evacuated businesses homes this will morning after finding a fourth explosive. luckily, no one was hurt. an update now to our breaking news from last night. a peaceful ending today following a bizarre and dangerous standoff.
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this was the moment when a suspected murderer surrendered in martinez. gregly procope wits is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, rosalind pollee carpo in walnut creek yesterday. he was then pulled over five hours later in martinez. after 19 hours he finally came out of his car. thousands are expected to head to mission delores park in san francisco. but the crowds are creating a messy problem. jean elle is live in san francisco where a plan is in place to try to keep that park clean. >> reporter: it is, jessica. the park is expecting ining 7,0 10,000 people to come here to mission dolores park this weekend. they will have some company. people will actually be here telling them that the trash belong in the bins. parks often get trashed. >> it's going to be crazy.
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>> at mission dolores in san francisco thousands are people are expected to pour into the urban oasis do you go the sunny weekend. >> i'm going the come back to this park. >> a lot of people doing whatever they want. like paradise. >> reporter: on a busy weekend, 7,000 gallons of trash is generated here. lucyia has seen what litter bugs leave hyped. >> it's plouted. it's disgusting at the end of the day. >> reporter: park regulars say it is a sad scene. hoping to coop it clean, the park add more permanent bins. this weekend, anniko pop up with ecology will deliver dumpsters and staff to remind park-goers to toss their trash. >> it's not nice. you know, they fix it up. it's nice. we saw all be respectful and pick our trash up ourselves. i always make sure that i always pick up my trash. >> i mean, it's kind of sad,
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right, that people wouldn't even notice. like why would you leave your trash, obviously if you brought it here it's gross. want to leave a place how you found it, right. >> brecken park hopes they will prevent the lawn from looking like a landfill. there will also be park rangers on hand telling people to pack it out. reporting live, jean elle nbc bay area news. i'm meteorologist jeff ran erie. clear in san francisco right now. we'll let you know who goes up to 80 degrees this weekend. my forecast at 11:20 tonight. millions of americans mailed away their dna to trace their ancestry. but their genetic data could end up elsewhere. i'm chris gomorrah. nbc bay area responds to a south bay family's privacy concerns. also a group of whale watchers getting more than they bargained for. what happened on this local tour that experts say they haven never seen before.
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this is what you call friday night lights that you do gnat want. this is still the backup on north bound 101 in the peninsula after six hours of gridlock after a police-involved shooting around 5:30 this even. it is still bumper to bumper with the northbound lanes completely shut down. traffic is being taken off at hillsdale. again, this is miles and miles and miles of traffic backed up. at this point, the word is those lanes will be reopened around midnight. we have our reporter ian cull on the freeway as we speak right now with no traffic moving around him waiting for those lanes to reopen. of course we'll keep you updated on what happens throughout this newscast. >> tough way to spend a friday night. read the fine print. nbc bay area responds to a family in san jose concerned about popular dna test designed to tell you about your ancestry. >> they didn't realize how much of their privacy they would have
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to sign away in order to find their roots. >> reporter: the question can't get more personal. can you give up the rights to your dna data? the answer is yes. a visit to a cemetery. for generations cross-referencing tombstones and vital records was required to unlock your lineage. now you can easily uncover some of the mystery of your family tree with dna. thought it be would a good christmas present. >> reporter: he bought a kit for ancestry dna for his wife. >> she has been interested in genealogy. >> reporter: the dna test use as saliva sample to trace family history. here's how they say it works. >> a simple test can reveal an estimate of your ethnic mix, if you are irish or scandinavian, or both. >> reporter: for the couple it was supposed to be fun. but their curiosity twisted to suspicion when they read the fine print.
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to proceed they would have to deaf ancestry a perpetual license to use their dna. >> it just sound they left it open to do anything that they want with it. >> reporter: larry was concerned the transferable license could put his family's dna in the hands of an insurance company that could later deny coverage. >> you could get into some weird science fiction scenarios. >> that's not a crazy worry. >> reporter: this law professor teaches and writes books about the enter section of biotech and the law. we brought him larry's concern and ancestry's contract, do you go the per pet sul royalty-free worldwide transferable license. >> i think it was written by a lawyer getting paid by the word. >> reporter: he said the genetic imperfection none discrimination information act saves you.
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>> under current law they can't -- >> reporter: there is no guarantee the law will be on the books forever. in fact a controversial bill in congress right now would strip away consumer friendly parts of the gna law. >> our dna frankly isn't that exciting. i would much rather let you have my dna than my credit card records or google records. >> reporter: if that's the case, why do they require a dna license to join? money. greeley says medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies routinely need dna data to conduct tests. >> some of them get a revenue by selling the analysis of your dna. >> reporter: ancestry's website estimates it has 3 million people in its dna registry and
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boasts the largest dna database. we are unsure how large it is because the company is priftly held and isn't obligated to reveal how much it makes from selling dna data. in a statement it said we will not share dna data with third party marketers employers or insurance companies. ancestry's website currently says users they have a choice to later delete your test results or destroy your dna sample. ancestry also says it stores the dna sample without your name. those statements are posted on the privacy page. however they are not in the contract you sign. >> if it bothers you, offends you, if you are worried about what might be in there, then you shun sign this contract. >> larry didn't. he canceled. now the steps to tracing his family true might include an yoeld fashioned graveyard walk instead of modern computer analysis because handing over
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his family's dna to find his ancestors was just too much of a risk. >> five years from now maybe needle corp. or somebody like that decides to buy up all this genetic information. >> the professor noted that these dna tests are fairly cheap. perhaps fore a reason of the it's possible the low price that we pay today is subsidized by the future sale of our dna. >> is that something that could change? >> when he envisioned the dna tests of the future he sees variable pricing. if you want less protection and privacy, you pay less, you want more you pay more. >> interesting. thank you. >> thanks chris. >> you have a tip for chris call 888-996-tips. or accepted an e-mail to the unit at nbc bay our chief meteorologist jeff rain ear 'is here. it's friday night. we are almost into saturday and we have gotten the best forecast we have gotten -- >> in 218 days.
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>> the tally has been 218 days since we've seen weather like we are going to get this upcoming weekend. let's not keep you waiting any longer. micro cast brings in warmer air this weekend and throughout part of next week as well. wait until you see the seven-day forecast. i want to take you into the sky camera motorcycle. there are just a few nights of the year in san francisco you get conditions this clear. not only the transamerica pyramid is sparkling tonight. check of the out right there in the center of the scene. that's the golden gate bridge lights we can see from our downtown camera. currently checking in with obviously clear skies, and 58 degrees. and we'll see clear conditions through thoem morning. in fact for the entire bay area, sunny skies to start. we will look at 52 for the south bay, peninsula, 55. and the trivalley starts off with 50.
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we will find low 50s from the north bay also into the east bay. on the micro climate forecast as we head to around saturday, the only thing that may be annoying is the win. breezy, 10 to 15 miles per hour. et cetera a all about the direct of the win. it will be coming out of the north. that will keep our humidity warm. it is a dryer wind. temperature us up to 81 in san jose. warmest weather around will be in east bay. we talked about the potential of 86 degrees. that forecast is in concord. if you want the hottest weather, head over the concord. walnut creek at 83. plesan ton 80 and oakland 75. peninsula, sunny weather and 80 in palo alto. san francisco, warmest spot, the mission, and 70. take notes, if you are here visiting and you go up towards the marina, a cooler 65 degrees where you might need a light jacket. in the north bay, 80 in novato. 84 in napa. and a cooler 67 in point reyes.
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we talked about how great it looks the rest of the week. up to 75 by next wednesday. cooler on thursday and friday. inland valley forecast, all good this weekend, low 80s. and potentially 88 degrees as we head into next wednesday's forecast. you may have to push that up to about 90 degrees. right now i'm totally cool with all of these warm 80s coming our way. >> i like the play on words. he is totally cool with the warm temperatures. >> that was on the fly. >> thanks jeff. have a good friday night. >> you too. the kid breathing life back into giants. the newest member of the team that's quickly becoming a fan favorite. another fan favorite. we have jimmy. >> hi guys. martin short is my guest tonight. and jim me glick interviews donald trump. do not change the channel. have assembled.
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okay. this is an update on the breaking news. a standstill from the air. you are looking at live pictures from sky ranger. this is 101 northbound. still no one going anywhere after almost six hours of gridlock because of an officer-involved shooting on the northbound lanes. i will show you a ground shot of what it looks like right now. the investigation is still going on. live pictures right now. this happened with an officer-ininvolved shooting around 5:30 this afternoon. details of that shooting still sketchy at this point. you can see a lot of heavy police presence there as the investigation continues into what happened. the hope is that 25 minutes from now they will finally reopen all northbound lanes and traffic will be able to move. but this has been a backup that
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is now almost six hours going and files and miles and miles of just headlights. >> biologists in monterey say they have never seen anything like. it take look. killer whales interacting with gray wyles whales. this was shot boy a drone last week. this week whale watchers on a tour boat got front row seats of a pod of nine orcas playing in the water. and then hunting. they ended up killing a gray whale calf. it's the group's fourth kill in seven days amazing to see that. up next, guess who, the rookie lighting up at&t park tonight. we will show you what happened in the giants game. giants fans goin ) wild
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tonight... as the21 year-old rookie -- is th well, the kid has done it again. giants fans just going wild on the as the 21-year-old rookie is a hero. he is so young. >> his iz valid. he might be enjoying the san francisco night life as we speak. at the ballpark now. giants and padres. bottom of the 8th inning. christian arroyo. game tied at 3-3, not anymore. the rookie crushes this. the game-winning home run. his second homer in just five games since being called up from the minor leagues. giants beat the padres, 4-3, the
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rookie comes through, christian arroyo. the a's lost tonight in houston. as for the nfl draft the newest millionaires arrived at 49ers headquarters today. and -- they like each other. the 49ers first round draft picks, solomon thomas on the right side from stanford. and ruben foster from alabama. 49ers getting rave reviewed during their draft. within the past hour, the nba announcing the schedule for round two of the playoffs. here's what we know. the warriors will host game one of the second round at the oracle next tuesday night. but they still don't know who. >> we don't know? when will we know. >> we will know by sunday. it's either going to be the utah jazz or l.a. clippers. >> i think we should know soon. >> we'll know by sunday night all right. back in a moment. =raj/live=
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(adlib) want to get back to our breaking news now. rarely, rarely do you see 101 shut down like this on the peninsula. more than six hours. in fact we are approaching seven hours now. live chorp there over the scene.
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people parked there like a parking lot a. crime scene near the 92 interchange. getting to san francisco or the san francisco bridge is very problematic at this hour. this is northbound 101. they are hoping to reopen the freeway within the next hour. we are going to keep our crews on the grounds level. we'll also keep our chopper up for you and monitor this on our website and twitter feed through the night and into our morning show which starts at 7:00 a.m. >> let's hoping it is opening at midnight. jeff says it's going to be sunny. enjoy the weekend. >> good night. thank you for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin short, britt robertson, jess


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