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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  April 29, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> mike: backstrom off of oshie. ovechkin there. driven by orlov. and worn by kuhnhackl. it's sparred for. i think it's tangled in his paraphernalia. for that reason, they're going to call a penalty on him for delay. >> eddie: didn't make attempt to find that puck. he's hurt. >> pierre: he hurt his right arm. >> mike: trying to explain to the linesman across the way, here's why. >> eddie: when you're looking around, you kind of give the impression of you're looking to see where the capitals are. you know what i mean? he was looking to his center. looked to the left and to the right. he knew he had the puck. >> pierre: phil kessel is going to serve the penalty. he's going in to get his right arm looked at.
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>> rob: a >> mike: a lot of goals are serving penalties tonight. >> eddie: get control of this puck. get the extra attacker. try to get one in the first 30 seconds. >> mike: 3:38 to go. you need three. thrown back on by rust. it is ovechkin out there. along with kuznetsov. burakovsky, across the way, williams. and shattenkirk. those are the five right now. grubauer has it left. and a shot by ovechkin, not only broke his stick but caught the glass. came back on to williams. ovechkin has gotten another stick from the bench and wheels back in the play. and a shot, ricochetted off the pipe again. and sent back down. three minutes to go.
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brought back ahead by shattenkirk. weaves his way along. and stashes it back in. and along it comes, ron hainsey. for maatta. hainsey, able to pull in. has help nearby. sent back in by kunitz. still in the goal is grubauer. 58 to go on the power play. think they're waiting to see if they get a power play goal here and then pull him? >> eddie: must be. >> mike: johansson, throwing one in front. grubauer comes to the bench. thrown by ovechkin. and that went up high. and shaken up on that is hainsey. >> eddie: good job by the officials to realize that ron hainsey is in distress there. you have control of the puck in the offensive zone. >> pierre: reaching for his right ear, doc and eddie.
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>> eddie: ovechkin lets this shot go. see how hainsey turns his head there. it's easy to say from 150 yards away there. but you turn like that, you expose some areas that respect as protected, with the shield and the front part of your equipment. catches hainsey up in that head area. >> eddie: talked about the different things off the pipe. and here's kevin shattenkirk, shooting through a maze of players. changes direction and goes off the pipe. >> mike: mike fellerman, who has been used to giving injury
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updates, after 280 injuries, will be asked about the guys on the bench. there's room for the coaches and the equipment guys to sit on the bench. but those benches are only ten inches wide. it's more comfortable to stand. >> pierre: when you have all of the injuries, dak, players like jake guentzel get called up from the american hockey league and they get a chance. that's all they want is a chance. you think of a kid taking advantage of his opportunity, there's exhibit "a" jake guentzel. >> mike: grubauer, he comes to the bench. dumoulin up with it there. ricochetted back behind. and chased down with 2:10 to go. half a minute to go on the capitals power play. this is settled by williams. faked and ovechkin a shot. that blocked town. rebound is taken by oshie. a stick is lost by ian cole, handed to him by bonino. stray stick in the corner.
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moving in is shattenkirk. drifts one. and a hold by marc-andre fleury. >> eddie: kevin shattenkirk, between the legs of dumoulin. and marc-andre fleury has tone a really good job here tonight. in most opportunities of giving up a second chance opportunity. great rebound control. and one of the shot blocks, a little earlier, ian cole, having a big night in game one. there was a beautiful shot block in front of his goaltender. >> mike: at the hash marks is grubauer. and off this tieup, the penguins have it. cleared but not out. shattenkirk there. and grubauer to the bench. that is hand balled out to bonino, who comes to his bench for a change. this is taken by shattenkirk.
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with a little over 100 to go. center, that wedges one. bounces off the outside of the cage. kuznetsov posted along. can be dropped back off. and kuznetsov is able to play it ahead. trying to force it through, maatta says no. they work for it. crosby is able to angle it back down. and because the power play is over, this becomes an icing with 1:09 to go. and offensive zone face-off for the capitals. we mentioned the goaltenders because the capitals have used two. marc-andre fleury has been marvelous. matt murray is not available. tristan jari ry is the back
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upgoaltender and has been since game one against columbus. >> pierre: what a year he had for wilkes-barre. tristan jarry has a tremendous future in the national hockey league. he really does. >> mike: depending on how the chapters are written. each game is a new chapter, rather than momentum carrying over. the capitals had the start they wanted. and they were overwhelming, 15-5 shots, in a scoreless first period. the penguins were strong at the start of a feelout first period in game number one. once crosby scored the two goals early in the second period of game one, they seem to be dominant. capitals surged late in game one. >> eddie: what we talked about before game one. we talked about it.
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you have the surge and the momentum, what do you do with it? are you able to put a couple -- can you put a crocked number on the board to give yourself an opportunity. and if you don't have it, you stop it. you have your big player in sidney crosby, make a play. get the momentum on your side. >> mike: final minute of play. ovechkin firing one. that one deflected up high. fed to the front and dug out by cullen. jake guentzel ahead. and he has scored. jake guentzel with his seventh of the playoffs. in his seventh stanley cup playoff game. and the score, now, is at 6-2.
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>> eddie: nice backhand pass from matt cullen. and guentzel put s it dead-center. >> mike: it is a familiar scenario, for the penguins and for the capitals. it is a best-of-seven. it is not over. but it is familiar. 6-2, in favor of the penguins here. and it is orpik in the last dozen. they had hoped to have the horn drowned out by the cheers of their fans. a meaningful silence, mostly, except for penguins fans. and the horn clearly audible. the penguins go up 2-0 games,
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with a decisive 6-2 victory. marc-andre fleury stopped 34 of 36 and was phenomenal especially in the first period. the stanley cup playoffs have been penaltied by geico. tomorrow, the second round of the stanley cup playoffs continue at 3:00 eastern on nbc. game three between the st. louis blues and the nashville predators. then, at 7:00 on nbcsn, the ducks and the oilers face-off in edmonton. coming up next, except on the west coast, it's your local news. for eddie olczyk and pierre mcguire, mike emrick saying good night, from washington.
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and we will build a wall as sure as you are standing there tonight. >> now at 8:00, the president doubling down on his boldest promises as he celebrates his 100th day in office at a rally. >> i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we're on with a special edition because of today's hockey game. instead of attending the white house correspondents' dinner tonight, president trump launched a scathing attack against the media during a rally in harrisburg, pennsylvania, and highlighted his accomplishments
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during his first 100 days in office. nbc bay area's marianne favro with more. >> he certainly didn't mince words. the president spoke before a crowd of supporters in harrisburg, he attacked what he called fake news and also made it clear he will continue his efforts to build a border wall and go after sanctuary cities that he accused of shielding dangerous criminals. >> reporter: president trump started off his speech slamming the journalists attending the white house correspondents' dinner tonight. then he launched into his list of accomplishments. >> in these first few months we've created 99,000 new construction jobs, 49,000 new manufacturing jobs, and 27,000 new mining jobs. >> reporter: he also talked about what he's done so far to improve national security. >> in just 100 days, we have taken historic steps to secure our border, imposed needed immigration control like you've
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never seen before. >> reporter: president trump says he's rebuilding the military and helping lift environmental restrictions to provide more jobs. but despite the president sharing his long list of accomplishments, political scientist larry sabato says the president has just one major accomplishment so far -- appointing neil gorsuch to the supreme court. >> just about everything else is either on hold or is in a very preliminary stage or hasn't even been attempted. >> reporter: he says during his first 100 days, mr. trump has failed in several key areas. replacing obamacare, having his travel ban blocked by the court, and firing his national security adviser after two weeks on the job. and the president's administration is under fbi investigation for possible ties to russia. but the president won praise from both parties for standing up to the assad regime in syria. the question now is, what will the president do during the next 100 days?
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>> moving forward, the president promised he will build a wall, repeal obamacare, and step up efforts against isis. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. happening now, the white house correspondents' dinner coming to a close right now. you see people milling about, the host stepped down about 15 minutes ago. as we mentioned before, president trump not there, pretty unusual move, the first time in 36 years that a president has missed the white house correspondents' dinner. these are live pictures of people exiting. the dinner began tonight with a video reflecting on the importance of first amendment and the relationship between the press and recent presidents. historians and past press secretaries were also interviewed for this video. in his opening address, the president of the white house correspondents' association called the press's access to president trump good and
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constructive. he also had a very clear message. >> we cannot ignore the rhetoric employed by the president over who we are and what we do. freedom of the press is a building block of our democracy. undermining that by seeking to delegitimize journalists is dangerous to a healthy republic. >> as you can see here, that brought people to their feet here in a standing ovation. several medians including muslim comedian hasan minhaj from "the daily show" headlined the event. find more coverage on the president's first 100 days on our facebook page and twitter feed. we're also asking you how you would rate president trump's first 100 days. as president trump celebrates his 100th day in office, protesters across the country are saying his policies are an assault on the environment. this is video of the people's climate march in oakland today. one of 250 demonstrations across
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the country. the gathering was peaceful. the protesters say the administration is making dangerous moves, such as opening up waterways to oil exploration. >> the fight is pretty clear. we have an entire planet that's in jeopardy. we're going to be seeing a lot of the effects of that actually impacting people all over the world. >> they say the administration is ignoring science and the health of the planet in the name of profits. the largest march happened in washington, dc. tens of thousands of people gathered in front of the u.s. capitol building and made their way to the washington monument. in denver, people marched through snow-covered streets. demonstrators held signs and chanted that climate change is real. in chicago, marchers gathered downtown in the rain, including members of the union representing the environmental protection agency. the president has proposed massive cuts to the epa budget. monday is may day.
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this weekend labor activists are gearing up for events set to take place across the bay area and across the country. in san jose, members of a janitors' union got together to make banners and picket signs. they're planning on marching on monday. organizers say more people are taking part because they don't like what the trump administration stands for. in particular, the union wants to send the president a message about immigrants. >> our immigrant communities need to be respected and valued as a wealth and resources here for our community. and that's what we want to led the administration know. >> may day is also a day known and celebrated as international workers day. new tonight, an earthquake rattles parts of the east bay. a 3.8 magnitude quake rattle contra costa county at 5:30 this evening. the epicenter was 900 miles east of the community of black hawk. people as far away as stockton
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could feel the quake. so far, no word of damage or injuries. hopefully you got outside today. it was a stunner, a beautiful day across the bay area. today, though, a little bit hotter than normal. it is a concern as we approach fire season. meteorologist rob mayeda is here. >> the hillsides are still green. but today was certainly warm and quite dry during the afternoon. notice these temperatures, san francisco 75 degrees. 82 in napa. oakland, 79 degrees. 79 in san jose. 80 in mountain view. we saw temperatures up to 83 in concord today. and close to 80 from hayward to livermore, fremont and morgan hill. the winds are starting to pick up a little bit. you can see it there, the flag atop downtown san francisco. 59 degrees. san jose still even at this hour close to 70 degrees. tonight with these clear skies, a little bit of a chilly start to tomorrow morning as the winds are somewhat out of the northwest. might bring in a patch or two of low clouds near the coast to start the day tomorrow.
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40s and 50s to start, but notice this ridge of high pressure not going anywhere for a while. in fact the warmest day still ahead as we head into early next week. a full look at the timeline on that warm-up in our full forecast, coming up in 12 minutes. >> rob, thanks so much. remember, you can track the forecast with our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to get updates on your neighborhood. now to a developing story. alameda police are investigating what they call a suspicious death after a woman found a body in the water behind her condo. thom jensen is live where firefighters pulled the body from the water. thom? >> reporter: the woman was shocked, as you can imagine. she was on her balcony when she saw this body out there in the middle of this lagoon in alameda. it was about 8:30 in the morning, and started out like any other saturday for marcella galvez. >> i was going to be prepare my
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coffee. and i saw the body in the lake. >> reporter: marcella thought it was a mannequin but had a sick feeling it was a real person. >> i don't see if it's a joke or it's real. but i call my wife, she tell i call the police. >> reporter: her fears confirmed less than an hour later when alameda city firefighters pulled the body of a young man, possibly hispanic, from the lagoon. her new neighbors assure her this is not a typical discovery in alameda. >> this is my question. it's usual? it's not usual. >> reporter: still a mystery out here for folks tonight. who was this man who was in the middle of the water here, in the lagoon, and where did he come from, how did he die? no reason for anybody to be on this water right now, it's not used for recreation, even on the best days. and the water way right now is
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marked as contaminated. alameda pd and the coroner's office are trying to find the answers. we're live in aillamedaalameda, jensen, nbc bay area news. coming up, 25 years after the los angeles riots, an anniversary is bringing closure to two people that were in the center of all that chaos. plus a hacker is threatening to release a possible netflix show early. what he's demanding and what netflix has to say about it.
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forever. on april 29-th , 1992 -- los 25 years ago today, a scene in los angeles changed our country forever. this is the scene on april 29th, 1992. that's when l.a. became the site of the most destructive civil disturbance in u.s. history. the beating of rodney king and the acquittal of the officers involved, and then the riots that ensued, became an emblem of the country's racial divide. reporter marin austin has the
8:25 pm
details. >> reporter: precious hayes brought 9-year-olds london and paris to the parade. but there's one piece of history she left out. >> i was hand in hand, slipping, falling, taking food, taking liquor. >> reporter: one of the liquor stores 20-year-old hayes broke into in 1992 was tom's. we discovered the owner of that liquor store, simon choi, was standing a few hundred feet away. >> somebody broke in, take all the merchandise out, whatever they need. >> reporter: that somebody was hayes. and her message for choi, she says, is long overdue. >> i was a partaker of the madness. and i'm honored to have the opportunity to apologize. >> oh, thank you very much. >> i am so remorseful. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: a well-received apology from choi, who has since rebuilt his store.
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>> who remembers 25 years ago? i am very happy today. she says we'll be friends again. >> reporter: a friend for life. and a lesson to go with it. >> people do things in the heat of the moment, but later you'll be sorry. >> that was marin austin reporting. rodney king drowned in his home in 2012. since then his family has tried to maintain his legacy. it took more than a decade for the lapd to change the way officers are changed and also recruited. you could say orange is the new hack. the hit netflix show is the basis of a security breach. a hacker got ahold of the new season of "orange is the new black." the hacker is demanding a ransom from netflix. netflix says a small vendor that works with major tv studios
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suffered that security breach. the fbi is investigating. now checking in with meteorologist rob mayeda. the temperatures coming up for the rest of the weekend. >> trending even warmer. if you like upper 80s, you could be pretty happy with the weather, at least the first half of the week ahead. right now we still have some mild temperatures outside this evening. clear skies. as we take you up to hillford. there is a cloud-free view into san francisco. winds have changed direction somewhat late today, now coming in out of the west at 59 degrees. at the giants game for tomorrow, early afternoon start, we'll see temperatures close to 70 and then cooling into the mid-60s by mid-afternoon. san jose right now 69 degrees. still 70 now after sunset, which is occurring now close to 8:00 in the evening. notice the temperature trend tomorrow, very similar to what
8:28 pm
we had today, close to 80 by about 3 and 4:00 in the afternoon. maybe not so nice, the pollen count is high now for grass pollen and trees. no rain in the forecast. no help from the weather, knocking down some of that tree and grass pollen. 40s and 50s to start tomorrow morning. clear skies. relatively light winds throughout the day. wind direction a little bit different out of the west-northwest tomorrow. the coast and san francisco, that will likely lead to a little bit of cooling. highs at san jose, near 80 degrees. the same story at the tri valley and concord. mid-70s around the peninsula. low 70s around san francisco. north bay, highs this the low 80s for the afternoon. the outlook for sunday, close to 80. notice monday now, highs approaching the mid-80s. the warmest days, monday through wednesday. the tide turns stronger. then next weekend, stay tuned. for now it looks like some cooling coming in saturday and
8:29 pm
sunday, possibly some showers towards the sierra. here is your forecast. feels like summer at least through about wednesday. you see san francisco may even get close to 80 by mid-week. valleys, mid-80s to upper 80s on wednesday. and then we'll talk about next weekend a little bit later. temperature drops. but right now, the seven-day forecast is staying dry. >> enjoy it while you can, is what you're saying. thanks, rob. thanks for joining us here on
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this special primetime edition of nbc bay area. i )m terry mcsweeney. thanks for joining us here on this special prime time edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. we continue to follow our breaking news from last night, highway 101 in san mateo after a deadly police shooting shut down traffic, creating a miserable situation for commuters. and people now are speaking out about what they witnessed. nbc bay area's rick boone has more. >> i put my computer on the live version, we literally were sitting here watching what was
8:32 pm
going on on the other side of the freeway. >> reporter: the chp shooting practically in betsy's backyard. she could hear the police standoff moment by moment involving an armed driver. >> the cops telling the person to put their gun down, put it down, over and over again. just on the loudspeaker and then verbally, we can hear them shouting it. and then finally, just loud boom, twice. >> reporter: the shooting on friday evening backed up traffic for almost seven hours on northbound 101 and highway 92. three chp officers arrived on the scene and opened fire. none of them were hurt. >> what we do know about the at the beginning of this is there was a traffic incident that preceded this incident. when chp encountered this suspect, he was in the process of carjacking the second party's vehicle. >> reporter: drivers, frustrated about having to sit in their vehicles for hours, not being able to move an inch as police
8:33 pm
investigate the deadly shooting. >> a very complex crime scene that includes evidence that was scattered not only widely across the freeway lanes but also distance-wise. >> reporter: the highway finally open after midnight. for people who live just steps from the scene, they remain concerned about the deadly situation during the commute. >> absolutely, yes. pretty scary. >> reporter: rick boone, nbc bay area news. new tonight, an earthquake rattles parts of the east bay. a 3.8 magnitude quake rattled contra costa county at 6:30 this evening, nine miles east of the community of black hawk. people from stockton could feel it out there as well. so far, no word on any damage or injuries. now to complete coverage of the president's first 100 days in office. instead of attending the white house correspondents' dinner tonight, president trump launched a scathing attack against the media during a rally in harrisburg, pennsylvania, and also talked about what he's accomplished during his first 100 days.
8:34 pm
nbc bay area's marianne favro is here now with more on the speech mr. trump delivered. mary ann, it took a while for him to get the speech done, just under an hour. >> yes, the president spoke before supporters if harrisburg and attacked what he called fake news. he said he will continue his efforts to build a wall and go after sanctuary cities that he accused of shielding dangerous criminals. >> reporter: he launched into his list of accomplishments during his first 100 days in office, everything from creating thousands of new jobs to improving national security. >> in just 100 days, we have taken historic steps to secure our border, imposed needed immigration control like you've never seen before. >> reporter: president trump says he's rebuilding the military and helping lift environmental restrictions,
8:35 pm
provide more jobs, but despite the president carrying his own long list of accomplishments, political scientists say the president has just one major accomplishment so far, appointing neil gorsuch to the supreme court. he says during his first 100 days, mr. trump has failed in several key areas, replacing obamacare, having his travel ban blocked twice by the courts, and firing his national security adviser after two weeks on the job. but the president won praise from both parties for standing up to the assad regime in syria. >> tonight the president promised as he moves forward in the next 100 days, he will focus on building a border wall, repealing obamacare, and stepping up efforts against isis. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. for continuing coverage of the president's first 100 days, head to our nbc bay area facebook page and twitter feed. we're asking you how you would rate the president's first 100 days. a lot of viewers are already sharing their thoughts.
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as the president celebrates his 100th day in office, protesters around the country are saying that his policies are an assault on the environment. take a look at this video here. this is of the people's climate march in oakland today. it's one of more than 250 demonstrations that took place across the u.s. the gathering here in oakland was peaceful. organizers say the administration has been making some very dangerous moves. most recently suggesting that trump would actually open up protected waterways for oil exploration. >> i feel like the science is pretty clear. and we have an entire planet that's in jeopardy. we're going to be seeing a lot of the effects of that actually impacting people all over the world. >> speakers say the administration is simply ignoring science and also the health of the planet in the name of corporate profits. the largest march happened in washington, dc. this was the scene as tens of thousands of people came out to gather in front of the u.s. capitol building.
8:37 pm
they made their way to the washington monument. also in denver, people here marched through the streets in the civic center park in the snow. demonstrators held signs and chanted that climate change is real. now to chicago, where marchers gathered downtown where it was poring rain. among those in attendance, members of the union representing the environmental protection agency. the president has proposed massive cuts to the epa budget. still ahead here on nbc bay area news, tracing ancestry. how privacy is becoming a concern for one family in the south bay. have assembled.
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jack vo: introducing my new munchie mashups. only at jack in the box. but there were still more than one hundred flights delayed at s-f-o. ==vo== no rain in the bay area today. there were still more than 100 flights delayed at sfo, completely not weather-related, obviously. the reason is this, construction again taking place on one of the airport's main runways. as of this morning, 108 flights were delayed. they were delayed around an hour. the runway work is affecting
8:40 pm
arrivals and departures. there's going to be several weekends through june 9th when one runway will be impacted on the weekends until that date. i was in a coffee shop today, i was at the grocery store, and people were buzzing about this weather. they couldn't stop talking about it. >> it put everybody in a good mood. around the bay area, we saw 70s around the coast, low 80s in the inland. it's going to stick around for a while, if not trend a little bit warmer early next week. right now, 5 degrees in cimarron, pretty view looking back to san francisco, no low clouds in the way. there's a gorgeous post-sunset view, san francisco looking west. the wind starting to come out of the west a little bit which will impact tomorrow's high cooling a little bit around san francisco. the view from mt. hamilton across the santa clara valley, clear skies. downtown san jose, 70 degrees. mostly clear, a few high clouds at times. tomorrow morning, with the drier air in place, especially in the valleys, we could wake up to
8:41 pm
some mid-40s. for your sunday you'll have to dress in some layers, especially around santa rosa. later by the afternoon, you'll see temperatures climbing back into the 80s. winds behaving a little bit differently during the day tomorrow. for the coast and for san francisco, this will likely lose to just a little bit of cooling to wrap up the weekend. wind directing, we think more west-northwest, down around half moon bay, even san francisco, may just get a little bit of cooling for sunday. then temperatures rebound monday through wednesday. san jose probably not as impacted. tri valley temperatures in the low 80s from danville into san ramon and dublin. pleasanton, 82 degrees. livermore, 83 in concord. the peninsula, you'll see the west-northwest breeze, 73 in san mateo. san francisco had mid- to upper 70s. downtown, tomorrow looks more like upper 60s and low 70s. north bay temperatures still in the 80s. point reyes, clear skies.
8:42 pm
82 for santa rosa. the futurecast doesn't show a lot of low clouds. that's kind of the big story, less of a marine air influence as high pressure strengthens as we get into monday and tuesday. a little bit cooler towards the coast and san francisco. monday, 3:00, more spots climbing into the mid-80s inland. tuesday and wednesday, likely trending a little bit warmer as the high pressure responsible for the dry weather this weekend reaches its peek intensity we think around wednesday, where we could see 80s from seattle down into san diego. there's a pretty large ridge of high pressure. that's going to kind of back up and away from the coast with everything into friday and saturday. so the seven-day forecast, a bit of a roller coaster ride. as things stand right now, it looks like a lock for showers in the ssierra, could involve some snow, an indication of how chilly next saturday and sunday will be, just beyond the seven-day forecast. meantime, next five days look
8:43 pm
pretty mild, warm. even around san francisco, could be close to 80 degrees on wednesday. more clouds, cooling into friday and saturday. stay tuned for the chance of showers. the bigger headline will be going from 87 on wednesday possibly to 67 by next weekend. so this is still the time of year we still get a chance of showers, less frequent, but these roller coaster rides are common in the seven-day forecast. >> on the coast, then bring them back out. >> thanks, rob. we'll be right back. area responds to a family in san
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
jose -- concerned read the fine print. nbc bay area responds to a family in san jose concerned about a popular dna test that's supposed to be telling you about your ancestry. >> it's very popular. but this family didn't realize how much of their privacy they would have to sign away to find out more about their roots. nbc bay area investigator chris chmura has more. >> can you give up the right to
8:46 pm
your dna data? the answer is yes. >> reporter: a visit to a cemetery, for generations cross referencing tombstones and vital records was required to unlock your heritage. now you can uncover some of the mystery of your family tree with dna. >> i thought it would be a good christmas present. >> reporter: he bought a kit from ancestry dna for his wife. >> she's always been interested in genealogy. >> reporter: the $99 dna test uses a saliva sample to trace family history. >> a simple test can reveal an estimate of your ethnic mix like if you're irish or scandinavian or both. >> reporter: it was supposed to be fun. but the couple's curiosity twisted to suspicion when they read the fine print. to proceed, they would have to give ancestry a perpetual royalty-free worldwide transferable license to use their dna. >> that entire phrase, perpetual
8:47 pm
royalty, sounds horrible. continually sounds like they've left it open to do anything that they want with it. >> reporter: larry was concerned the transferable license could put his family's dna in the hands of an insurance company that could later deny coverage. >> you can get into some real weird science fiction scenarios. >> that's not a crazy worry. >> reporter: stanford law professor hank greeley teaches and writes books about the intersection of biotech and the law. we brought him larry's concerns and ancestry's contract including the perpetual royalty-free worldwide transferable license. >> i think that was written by a lawyer who was probably get paid by the word. >> reporter: greeley explains a federal protection called the inject information nondiscrimination act safeguard the public from your dna being used to be against you. >> under current law, they can't deny you health insurance because of dna information. >> reporter: but he says that doesn't apply to life insurance or long term care insurance. and there's no guarantee that
8:48 pm
g.i.n.a. will be on the books forever. a controversial bill in grows right now would strip away consumer-friendly parts of g.i.n.a. still, he says human dna doesn't reveal as much as you might think. >> our dna frankly isn't that exciting, for the most part. i would much rather let you have my dna than my credit card records or google search records. >> reporter: then why do many companies require a dna license to join? money. greeley says pharmaceutical companies routinely need dna data to develop new products. and companies that have big dna databases like ancestry sell it to them. >> some of them get a fair amount of revenue by selling the analysis of your dna. >> reporter: ancestry's website advertises it has 3 million people in its dna registry and boasts the world's largest consumer dna database. we're unsure how lucrative that data is, because the company is privately held and isn't
8:49 pm
obligated to report how much it makes from selling dna data. we asked ancestry for an interview. they declined. they said in a written statement, we will not share dna data. ancestry's website tells people users have a choice to have ancestry delete the results or destroy the sample. ancestry says it stores your dna sample without your name. those statements are posted on its privacy page. however, they're not in the contract you sign. >> if it bothers you, if it offends you, if you're worried about what might be in there, then you shouldn't sign this contract. >> reporter: larry didn't. he cancelled. so now the steps to tracing their family tree might include an old-fashioned graveyard walk instead of modern computer analysis. because handing over his family's dna to find his ancestors was too much of a risk. >> five years from now, maybe somebody decides to buy up all
8:50 pm
this genetic information. >> professor greeley noted dna tests for genealogy are fairly cheap. perhaps there's a reason for that. the low price consumers pay today might be subsidized by the future sale of their data. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. >> that's a good point. also so few people read that little fine print. >> it's a lot to read. >> it certainly is. but with mindy, you never have to read the fine print. >> especially if you have these, you can see it clearly. >> there you go. >> things are going really well for the warriors, the 49ers, the raiders, the a's, the earthquake. not so much the giants. they're certainly struggling. this weekend was all about the nfl draft. with a new coach and a new general manager in place, the 49s made a lot of noise. we'll have a full report from santa clara, next in sports. right now in their quest for an
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
nba championship. the golden state warriors are playing the waiting game in their quest for an nba championship. to the oracle arena. tuesday night, the warriors will either take on the utah jazz or the l.a. claimers. jazz and clippers have a deciding game 7 tomorrow. whichever team the warriors play, their fans cannot get enough. new team store open in walnut creek. warriors dancing was there to help kick off the grand opening. >> all kinds of conversation about what would be more beneficial, clippers or the jazz. let's turn it over, with that note, to nbc bay area's mindi bach with the headlines. >> steph curry will tell you what he thinks about those in just a moment. john lynch has been busy over
8:54 pm
the last three days. the 49ers first time general manager drafted ten players and made six trades which also netted them a veteran running back from denver. lynch caught the league's attention right way in the first round with sullivan thomas and rubin foster. >> usually i think the philosophy is, if you trade, then you usually don't get as many players. and so if you would have told me we traded six times, i would have been, dang, we didn't get ten players, what did we give up to go get whatever players we wanted? what surprises me when it's all said and done to know we traded six times, the goal was to get ten players, and he with still got ten players and plus out of the second and third from last year. if you would have told me all that, i would have been very surprised. usually, when you trade, that means you go into a draft with ten picks and only get six
8:55 pm
players. >> the 49ers 2017 draft class is a well rounded group, featuring six defensive players and four offensive players. our insider matt has more. >> reporter: the general manager pulled off six trades, made ten draft picks, and even acquired a veteran running back in a trade with the denver broncos, kapri bibbs. they also selected joe williams from utah, giving kyle shanahan's offense some very nice chess pieces. the 49ers also made a move on saturday to select a tight render george kittle from iowa. someone who teamed up with the quarterback they took the previous night, c.j.bethert. look for the competition at tight end to be intense. the 49ers tried to trade vince
8:56 pm
but couldn't find any takers. they need to increase the competition, that's what kyle shanahan wants, that's what he's going to get. >> whether the warriors play the clippers or the jazz tuesday when they open their second round playoff series, no matter. steph curry says defense will carry golden state. >> rarely are you going to be outsource. you can get enough stops, it doesn't matter. if you shoot 30%, 40%, especially for us, you're going to put yourself in the game and give yourself a chance to win. that's the fun part about it. it's like an avalanche, a snowball effect, to dominate defense. we had that ability to do that every night as a team. and hopefully that will carry us where we want to go. >> things looked good early in the bottom of the fifth, basis
8:57 pm
loaded. brandon bell brings in two runs. the giants take a two-run lead. but top of the sixth, austin hedges singles to center. tied this one up. san diego at three runs later in the inning, will meyer, ouch, puts sting in the cut. that put the padres up 9-3. they added another three-run home run in the seventh. they currently lead 12-4 in the eighth. but the a's broke their five-game losing streak with a with two-run win. earth equation win in minnesota 1-0. so terry and peggy, if i take off my glasses, maybe the giants' score will look a lot smaller. because 12-4, ouch, no good. >> i don't like the giants' score but i do like you in the glasses. >> looking good, mindy. >> we'll keep 'em on. >> all right, mindy. he will be wearing the silver and black soon, but
8:58 pm
before lynch comes, he took out an ad in the "seattle times," saying he's a class act. the seahawks traded him on wednesday. lynch is an oakland native who is coming home. he was a former star at cal. nice move. thanks for joining us. we'll be back at 11:00. hope you can join us then. >> good evening.
8:59 pm
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