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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  April 30, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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people are saying, is he sane? i have no idea. obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. >> right now at 4:30, president trump marking the 101st day in office by pushing ahead his foreign affairs agenda. how the president is vowing to respond to north korea's nuclear threat. all blue and white-collar jobs are walking off the job tonight at midnight. >> press shutting down a south bay city and tomorrow and the impact it could have. >> preparing for may day rallys and how demonstrations could be much different. the news starts right now. good afternoon, thank you for joining us i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. cities are planning for
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tomorrow's mayday contribution to honor international workers but this year many are focused on the president. >> and christy, tomorrow's events could have a major impact. >> reporter: that is right. given the current political climate, this is expected to be a big march and rally here in san jose. it ends here near the sap center and one things that stands out is the diversity of groups involved. this restaurant is san jose is one of several businesses that plan to close on may 1st. workers here can instead join thousands of others in a march. >> the workers that want to participate, we made t-shirts with the logo and a couple of things like no one is illegal or black lives matter or love is love. >> reporter: this is video of last year's mayday march in san jose and this year will be the first under the trump
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administration. on international workers day, many plan to rally against his immigration polies and policies they say marginalize certain groups. today faith and community leaders talking about solidarity in a peaceful event. >> we march because we feel that we need to stand together. we have been placed together in a very difficult situation, with undocumented persons, with muslim persons, with lgbtq and we are here to tell donald trump that we're here today and to fight. >> and they stay groups are coming together, including students, labor and other groups. they are standing with the cause. >> that makes me really proud. and, like, it is just -- i feel like it is something that we have to do. >> reporter: many of those who will be participating tomorrow said for them it is not just about resistance or one particular issue, but a complete
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show of unity. live in san jose, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. tomorrow's mayday rally is expected to be much larger. this is a scene last year in oakland. there was about a thousand waving signs, holding banners up and they marched through the fruitvale district and this year there is a protest at the alameda county sheriff's office and long shoreman will shut down the port of oakland. going to be a day of action across the bay area. here is a list of some mayday rallies. san jose and oakland are expected to be the largest. and demonstrations taking place in mountainview and morgan hill and concord. find the list on our website at now with the strikes just hours away, the city of sunnyvale is working on a c contingency plan to the public and they are concerned about shortages and stoppages. marianne favro is looking into this. what could people expect during the strike?
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>> reporter: well, the city said the strike will not impact police, fire crews and dispatchers, but it will definitely not be business as usual tomorrow. some 400 people are expected to walk off the job, union employees say after years of negotiations, they have hit a stalemate with the city. and they will start striking at midnight. today the mayor of sunnyvale described what people can expect. >> an impact would be in our planning department, people that are getting inspections, if they are doing home remodeling, library services, people in the parked. >> mainly we have not had a pay increase in over five years and without a contract now for two years and been at the able tar to years and we reached a stalemate and there is no more on the table with the city and it is not acceptable. >> reporter: the city said it has a solid offer on the table, that includes a $6,000 signing bonus. today the mayor said the city is
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reaching out, requesting that the union come back to the bargaining table. but at this point, it doesn't look like that is going to happen. and the strike will not impact garbage service. live in sunny vail, marianne mav row, nbc bay area news. an alert sent out in stanford after police say a man exposed himself to people on campus. police say the three victims were on the east side of campus when a man got out of his parked car and exposed himself and then drove off. this is the second time this month police have investigated a flasher on the campus, on april 19th a man exposed himself to a tubd in front of the university residence hall. a day on the river turns deadly in sonoma county. a firefighter said a woman drowned in bill sulfur creek, a tributary to the russia river. a woman and her boyfriend were wading in the creek and were slipping and swept downstream. the man was able to climb out and the woman was not. firefighters say the rushing
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river there, waters are going especially fast right now. water safety a concern across the bay area with scenes like this outside. a lot of people hitting the beach and the shorelines around the bay area. a live look showing you the tower and alcatraz in the san francisco bay. it is beautiful. rob mayeda tracking the heat and another concern it brings. it is not too early to talk about this -- fire danger. >> we're seeing dry conditions in the hills and today high temperatures in the low 80s. not too hot for this time of the year but later on this week a different story. mt. diablo, green and 82, and 81 in son ol and along 680, 78 in san jose and still in the upper 70s around belevedere looking back to san francisco, nice day on the water but use waugcautio and water temperatures low. and 68 in soif and we get a return of the see breeze this afternoon. that is actually dropped some of
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our temperatures around the inner bay and coastline for today. but this pattern reverses in the opposite direction tomorrow. as we see highs for most of the valleys making a run at the mid-80s by 3:00 in the afternoon, mid to upper 70s around the bay, for tomorrow and the trend ahead toward mid-week could put some 90s in reach for the valleys. so things feeling a lot like summer as we start off may and then a big pattern shift ahead as we could be talking in the same stretch of seven days of sierra snow and showers. we'll let you know if that will impact your next weekend's plans in the forecast in about 13 minutes. >> thank you. you could track the forecast with our free nbc bay area app. just click on the weather tab to get updates for your neighborhood. fresh off a campaign style rally in pennsylvania to mark his first 100 days in office, president donald trump spent today at his virginia golf club. he chose to give a speech last night to supporters instead of attending the annual white house
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correspondents dinner. and today trump said he has vowed to stop the north korea buildup and recognizing their leader's ability to stay in power. >> people are saying is he sane? i have no idea. obviously he is a pretty smart cookie. but we have a situation that we just cannot let -- we cannot let what has been going on for a long period of years continue. >> democrats are promising a fight over renewed efforts by the trump to scrap obamacare. they are also fighting against the president's tax reform bill. they say that the attacks breaks are aimed at the middle class and those are welcome but the tax breaks for rich need to go. the first latina elekked to congress is is retiring. leanna rose lettinen has been representing florida since 1989 and said his time in congress has been a delight and honor but it is time to take a new step at the end of the term. her retirement will pave the way for democrats to take back that
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congressional seat in 2018. hillary clinton won that district by 20 percentage points in november. be sure to tune in every monday at 6:00, our nbc bay area political an lyft gives an in-depth look at the latest politics and the donald trump presidency. and this afternoon, deadly storms sweeping through the midwest. just incredible pictures coming in. also new video of this frightening weather to show you as the death toll from these storms continues to go up. and a much calmer view. 80 degrees in heldsberg and the temperatures close to 90 tomorrow and the start of a summer like week of temperatures around the area and how hot it will get in your neighborhood when we come back. and coming up late, commute changes coming to the bay bridge. but it is not for cars. we'll explain at 5:00. through texas yesterday.
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this video -- shot by a storm ch new video of a massive tornado that tore through texas yesterday.
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look at the size of that thing. it was caught by a storm chaser on video. officials say the tornado killed four people and injured about 50 others and the death toll from the series storms in the midwest and southeast has now reached 13. nbc's dan schanaman has the latest. >> holy cow! >> tornados touch down in east texas. >> look at this thing. >> reporter: the twisters toss vehicles around like toys, down power lined and destroyed homes. >> we were all okay. >> you walked away from that. >> every one of us walked away. but we had nothing left down there. >> reporter: the national weather service confirms three tornados touched down. two of them in van zandt county that left a path of destruction 35 miles long and 15 miles wide. >> the damage was extensive and in the effected areas and i've just driven through it and it is heartbreaking and upsetting to say the least. >> reporter: in the nation's mid section, heavy rains triggered
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flooding, missouri governor has already declared a state of emergency. >> in many parts of missouri, this will be a flood of historic proportions. >> reporter: part of the branson missouri water front was left under water and some that had to leave their homes returned to see what was left behind. >> a bunch of mud, a hole in our bathroom and some knocked over trash. >> reporter: weather is still a threat in the area and thunderstorms and flooding and tornados are possible for several more days. dan schanaman, nbc bay area news. an experienced climber died while preparing to climb mt. everest, he is the first person to die during this season. he fell in the everett reason of nepal, getting ready to scale the world's highest mountain. he climbed several. highest peaks and was quite accomplished and experienced and would be several awards for his climbing feats and hundreds gathered at the everest base camp through the march climbing
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window as they prepare to climb the 30,000 foot summit. well still ahead, no questions asked. >> the new rules announced for a south bay library system that could help people deal with guilty consciences. right now, 78 degrees if san jose and by this time tomorrow, should see highs approaching the mid-80s as you see a similar like start to the week but equally as impressive is the complete reversal of weather conditions likely to set in as we approach next weekend. the details in your seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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let's face it, we've all been this person. i am this person, actually. >> a confession. >> oh, boy. the san jose library wants those long last books back. they announced that late fees will be waived starting tomorrow in the first ever fine forgiveness program. now this program is going to run for the entire month of may. so you any where they are. the dvd without the cases an the books that you feel too bad to bring back, this is when
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borrowers could bring back the library materials no matter how long you've had them. they don't need to be returned to the same branch that they were checked out. this is the san jose library system, not the one that i am direly in debt to. >> this is a confession. people know who you are, and they know that you've got those books. >> they are coming for me now. >> hello kitty dvds. >> to be honest. and they are way overdue. >> maybe you could bring back your book to san jose even if they are checked out somewhere else. >> i'm going to try it. >> we'll look into it. after rain, a weekend filled with warm sunshine is absolutely welcome. go out on a boat. enjoying some rays. a lot of people in the bay area. beaches were packed. how long will the beautiful weather be here? let's check in with rob mayeda. nice day for a bike ride. that looks like down on the embarcadero. >> and we're stuck here. >> i know. yet again. >> on set. >> yesterday and today. >> today would have been the good day to be live out at santa cruz. >> for the next three days that is the case.
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we're seeing temperatures climbing a few degrees tomorrow. and possibly close to 90 degrees, maybe by wednesday. ocean beach right now, speaking of beaches, looks like there is some folks out there, 68 degrees. the wind has turned on shore, northwest breezes. so not seeing 70s right now. 68 degrees there at ocean beach. 74 in emeryville looking back to san francisco with hazy skies. dublin right now 82 degrees and into san jose temperatures in the upper 70s. but very likely this time tomorrow, should see mid-80s around downtown san jose. so wind speed and direction somewhat of an on-shore breeze. so the coast and inner bay, i saw temperatures drop a little bit compared to 24 hours ago but we think winds will turn out of the north and trend off shore setting the stage for dryer weather and warmer temperatures in the middle part of the week. in the morning, dress in layers. upper 40s to low 50s for morning and by 10:00 those temperatures already climbing into the 70s
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inland. look at the temperatures for the santa clara valley tomorrow, mid to upper 80s possible from san jose approaching gilroy 87 in the forecast. 82 in milpitass and you could see pleasanton and concord and wall net at 78 degrees and temperatures rebounding, mid to upper 70s tomorrow, 80 closer to palo alto and downtown san francisco having temperaturing in the mid to upper 70s for your monday. notice the north bay, close to 90 around santa rosa and sonoma and 86 in mill valley and 71 degrees at point rayes as we begin to lose the sea breeze. so both the inner bay and in our valleys we'll see a warm-up. mid to upper 70s around the inner bay and mid-80s inland. check out tuesday's forecast. upper 80s possible by 3:00 in the afternoon and then wednesday probably adding a couple of more degrees to that forecast. those temperatures climbing as high pressure will strengthen through wednesday, so just as soon as it begins to feel like we're locked in with summer-like
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temperatures, almost the exact opposite pattern could be setting up for friday and saturday. a cold trough of low pressure dropping down the coast. here is the key. if it drops over land it may not have a lot of moisture in that scenario, showers should stay over. but some of the computer models trying to bring it more do you know the coast to scoop up more moisture is for now we have to call for i chance of scattered showers and air that cold enough for snow in the sierra, possibly down to 6,000 feet by next weekend. so look at the roller coaster ride ahead for places like san francisco. could be close to 80 for a couple of days and then low 60s toward next weekend. so stay tuned to the toer-- the forecast there. 80s for tuesday and wednesday and then possibly upper 60s as we approach next weekend. i do want to show case that sierra forecast for you, because they'll see a reversal there, too, from the 70s mid-week to 40s and possibly snow by next sunday. so there you go.
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if you are bored with our weather, around the bay area, you'll see a little bit of everything and in that seven-day forecast moving forward. >> weather whiplash. >> it is. >> rob, thanks very much. so it is no surprise that california universities rank among the best in the country. >> but they might also be a good bargain as well. new rankings that will have some parents celebrating tonight. ==peggy/rail== u-c berkeley students are apparently getting the best
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bang for their buck. ==take vo== forbes magazine ranked u-c b uc berkeley students are getting a deal. a good bang for their buck accords to forbes, the best valued college in america for the second year in a row. 300 schools were ranked in six categories including quality of education, alumni earnings and median student debt.
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several other california schools also rank among the best values. ucla coming in second and stanford made number seven and uc irvine and davis coming in eighth and ninth. well it is a prime piece of water front land in san francisco. it is slated for new development. but progress at the hunter's point naval shipyard has been pretty slow due to problems with the clean-up there. >> liz wagner has a preview of her investigation into new allegations of contamination. >> our series of investigations have exposed a lot of questions about the clean-up of the one-time super fund site. a former worker is speaking up again raising even more concerns about radiation. this time he is pointing to contamination on the section of the shipyard where he didn't expect to find any. an area that no longs to the city of san francisco, next to land that is currently being developed. he told the navy about his concerns nearly a year ago. >> do you think the navy should be moving with some sense of
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urgency here because this specific parcel of land is so close to where new construction is already happening in. >> because we've looked at this particular area very closely, and we don't believe that there is any current risk, we have time to do a thorough investigation. >> tonight we sit down with the navy official who is overseeing the clean-up. we investigate why the government isn't concerned even though the whistleblower said he found radiation at levels well above the navy's own clean-up standards and you could catch the full investigation tonight at 11:00. separation underway in san jose for a mayday march and rally. tomorrow, given the political climate it is expected to be big. and some businesses plan to join in and shut down. i'm christie smith, i'll have that story. a much-anticipated day on the boy bridge, in a live
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report, why it is not just good weather that has them smiling. >> 68 in san francisco, tomorrow likely climbing through the mid-70s but could see 80s, even possible in san francisco as things heat up. how long the heat will stick around in the forecast when we come right back.
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-- the diversity of people coming together to say we are one community. >> right now at 5:00, gearing up for a day of action. why workers in the south bay say this year's mayday march will have a different tone. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. it is a day when workers across the country come together to fight for their equality. we are talking about the mayday rallies, taking place tomorrow as they do every year on may 1st. >> but with the trump administration tomorrow's events will be a little different. nbc bay area christie smith is
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in front of the s.a.p. center with more on that. >> reporter: activists say they certainly plan to voice their concerns about immigration and also they say groups they believe are being marginalized under the trump administration but they also point out that in their opinion, what is a little bit different this year, is this has brought together a diverse coalition of groups and made them allies who will be represented tomorrow. now some businesses plan to close in solidarity, including mendoza's restaurant in mckie. and we're told that their workers can participate in the march in san jose, there are signs up around town, calls for a general strike and today faith and community leaders talked about peaceful participation and showing their support. >> it is a attack on the middle class and an attack on migrants, there are too many ways that people are using other minorities as scapegoats to our country's economic woes but it is time that we rise up and fight for economic justice.
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>> reporter: now they say they expect to see people concerned with not only immigration but women's rights, labor, renters will all be represented. in the past the march has drawn thousands of people and this year it is expected to be one of the larger events. it is begins at the mexican heritage plaza heading toward the s.a.p. center. live in san jose, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. as she mentioned, tomorrow's rallies expected to be larger than usual. this is the scene last year in oakland. about a thousand people turned out for that. waiving signs and holding banners as they marched through the fruitvale victdistrict and year a protest at the sheriff's office and long shoremen will shout down the port of oakland. it is eventful across the day tomorrow. and san francisco and san jose and oakland expected to be the largest but dom oin administrations in morgan


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