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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 1, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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holy cow. look at this thing. a massive texas tornado was part of a severe weather weekend that poured over large swaths of the country involving multiple states and claiming over a dozen lives in the process. today 80 million people are facing weather ris late trillion dollar deal to keep the government running as the administration works to get their message out as they hope to gain momentum to repeal and replace obamacare. russia racing forward with the biggest arctic military buildup since soviet union. that has u.s. officials on edge. >> frightening scene on 747. >> godfather reunion they
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couldn't refuse. "early today" starts now. >> i'm yasmin vossoughian. >> dozens dead after storms slammed the center of the country. this monster was caught on camera by storm chasers in east texas where it left a path of the destruction 35 miles long. killing at least four and injuring dozens more. the storm caused massive flooding in missouri and arkansas where floodwaters tragically swept away several small children. there were blizzard conditions in western kansas, the state hit by late season snow shutting down power. nbc's jay gray, what can you tell us on the latest deadly storms? >> reporter: this is the kind of devastation many are experiencing.
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ripped apart by raging floodwaters. >> look at this thing. >> reporter: a monster tornado. one of more than a dozen to strike this weekend part of a storm system that in other areas delivered flooding rains. >> some of the flooding we're seeing in parts of missouri has surpassed historic levels. >> reporter: soaking and swallowing entire communities. >> the power of water is something that people under estimate and so it is scary, you know, when it's taking people's homes. >> reporter: and taking lives. the storms have claimed more than a dozen victims across 16 states. >> very tragic. very traumatic. i never went through anything like this. >> reporter: at lose four ripped through this city east of dallas. trees pulled from the ground and tossed aside. homes and businesses chewed up and spit out by the violent twisters leaving survivors stunned and overwhelmed. >> i don't know how we got out of the house. >> reporter: now so many across the strike zone sort through the mess, wind and water left behind.
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>> a bunch of mud. a hole in our bathroom and some knocked over trash. >> reporter: still unable to let down their guard, with the chance of more severe weather in the forecast across the strike zone. whether it's debris like this or standing water, it's blocking not only roadways but even some highways here. there's a very real concern that more rain, more severe weather could be on the way. frances, we've already seen some spitting rain this morning. back to you. >> tough as people are recovering and trying to clean up from that tornado. jay gray, thank you so much. all right. a scary scene in bangkok this morning after a flight from moscow ran into severe turbulence 40 minutes before landing. at least 25 people were injured, later hospitalized. once the plane landed the the air flight said they were paying for medical costs.
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fourteen still treated. whether radar able to pick up the air turbulence the 747 experienced, so the passengers were not warned in advance about the turbulence. aero flight noted the flight crew were very experienced. the pilot and copilot had over 10,000 hours in the skies. new this morning a $10 million bill to fund the government according to an aide on capitol hill. negotiators have been working around the clock to avoid a shutdown hashing out complications on issues like health care benefits for minors, funding for puerto rico and defense spending. it comes after the president backed down on key campaign promises like the border wall and paying subsidies on obamacare. >> speaking of health care, if you have a pre-existing condition you're guaranteed coverage in the new health care bill, a guarantee made by the president himself. take a listen. >> pre-existing conditions are in the bill. and i just watched another network than yours and they were saying pre-existing is not
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covered. pre-existing conditions are in the bill. and i mandated it. i said it has to be. >> i'm not hearing you, mr. president, say there's a -- >> we actually have a clause that guarantees. >> excellent. >> mr. trump's remarks come as republican lawmakers have been working for weeks on a new health care overhaul that would undo obamacare after their first attempt failed back in march. the devil is in the details how those pre-existing conditions will be covered remains a mystery. for more let's bring in nbc's tracie potts. tracie, this guarantee of covering people with pre-existing conditions. is it actually in the bill from what you understand? >> reporter: it might depend where you live. like health benefits, it looks like lawmakers are together with the idea of giving states opt out so their insurance plans don't have to cover pre-existing conditions. in other words, where you live may depend on whether those
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pre-existing conditions are covered and those health bills are paid for. the language that's floating around capitol hill isn't quite as definite as what you heard the president say about pre-existing conditions being in this bill. we're expecting it could come up for a house vote sometime this week as congress considers whether to roll back health care, obamacare. democrats saying nonstarter for them although they are willing to talk to president trump about how to improve health care. yasmin. >> tracie potts for us. thank you. first daughter and assistant to the president ivanka trump can now add model to her current title after she was seen on this billboard in philippines promoting a new trump tower in manila. the timing is disconcerting after the president engaged in a call to president rodrigo duterte. a call the white house characterized as a very friendly conversation sub subsequently inviting duterte to the white house. according to the associated press and other news outlets the
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move immediately sent shockwaves with agencies and human rights groups across the world. the philippine president has a history of human rights abuses with the death of 7,000 people in the war on drugs. at one point he even admitted to throwing a man out of a helicopter. nbc news has reached out to the white house regarding the use of ivanka trump's image on that billboard in the philippines. but has yet to hear back. >> people hurt and one killed after a gunman opened fire in a residential pool in san diego. witnesses say 49-year-old peter sellers fired multiple rounds of shots with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other. three officers who arrived on the scene shot and killed him after he pointed his gun at them. in kansas another shooting left four men dead including the suspected gunman. it happened at a residence that provided care for special needs individuals. police say a fifth man suffered nonlife threatening injuries.
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authorities are investigating the victim's connection to the home. back to the weather that claimed over a dozen lives. meteorologist bill karins is here for a warning for 80 million americans. good morning. >> it's unusual this many people with the potential of severe weather. i say potential because not all 80 million will see the storms. it covers much of the eastern seaboard and huge airports, too. wind big threat, isolated tornadoes and maybe one or two of those could be on the strong side. that will be one story today. the other continuing story is the flooding. flood warnings indianapolis, st. louis, to tulsa, all the water collecting and heading to the big river a lot of major flooding ongoing. we are looking at mississippi river even having some significant flooding this upcoming weekend. that's how long it takes for all the weather to collect and
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seattle. still relatively cool on the coast. interior sections looking nice today. sacramento to fresno. we'll talk a little more about the pacific northwest. there's actually a warm-up coming for our friends in the northwest. a much deserved one this week. >> all this terrible weather we had in the middle of the country, guys, we need to lighten things up a little bit. the way to do that is with puppies in canada. they got a very special treat at a special occasion. they got to dig in to a dog friendly cake. 110th birthday, the pups chowed down to the delight of the crowd. the real frosting on the cake they were all adopted into forever homes. who would not want to adopt those puppies. >> the puppies making those families happy as well. just ahead daytime tvs most celebrated show. we'll tell you who took home the emmys. biggest russian buildup since fall of soviet union has united states watching closely. we can't stay here!
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>> so afraid to tell people. i just -- susan, i'm gay. >> the 20th anniversary of ellen degeneres coming out on her sitcom, she took home her 14th daytime emmy for best entertainment talk show. some of the other winners included general hospital, also dr. oz, "good morning america," jeopardy and entertainment tonight. former entertainment tonight anchor mary hart received a lifetime achievement award. >> congratulations to awful them. that's for sure. president trump seeks to open the waters of the arctic for drilling in the military, also the biggest push since the fall of the soviet union. lucy kafanov is the first to get access to the newly formed arctic brigade and takes us inside. >> it's a show of force like for
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other, arctic ambitions on full display. locked, loaded and ready for action. meet russia's arctic army, 80 rifle brigade forld two years a -- formed two years ago. men, machines, for might in one of the least hospitable places in the world. temperatures can drop to below 40 but these men at home in the frozen terrain. this is the first time foreign journalists have been allowed to this arctic military base and the message to the outside world is loud and clear. russia is staking its claim in the arctic. thanks to rising temperatures and melting polar ice the ocean is open for business. the arctic is believed to have an eighth of the untapped oil a gas. billions of dollars are at stake. it's a race russia is determined to win launching the biggest arctic military buildup since the fall of the ussr, bolstering
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its fleet of nuclear ice breakers, reopening abandoned soviet bases and building brand-new ones. but washington knows it has to catch up. >> what do you think russia is trying to achieve in the arctic with that massive military buildup. >> i don't know. >> lucy kafanov, nbc news, reporting from the base in the russian arctic. now to this with netflix. it appears the latest high-profile victim of a cyber attack is netflix. a hacker called dark overlord stole ten episodes of "orange is the new black" more than a month before the new season appears. they claim to make them available on sharing site because netflix refused to comply with ransom demands. nbc news has not released the files. find out who president trump praised as a pretty smart cookie. this is a live picture after
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it says you apply the blue one "ok, letto me. this.ce. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. 17 minutes past the hour. this is what's happening at cape canaveral where you've got space ex that again is launching a falcon 9 rocket from the kennedy space center. this is just moments ago here. we know this is happening after scrubbing sunday's scheduled
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launch due to a sensor problem. it's happening, rocket will carry classified payload for u.s. intelligence, essentially first spy satellite launched into space. the start of this morning here after scrubbing on sunday, this attempt had a two-hour window to try. as we're seeing here, breaking news, a success. >> yeah, absolutely. an incredible turnaround, too, 24 hours later. president trump paid an unusual compliment to kim jong-un during an interview over the weekend. listen to what he said. >> at a very young age he was able to assume power. a lot of people i'm sure tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else. and he was able to do it. so obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. >> after a phone call south korea says u.s. national security adviser h.r. mcmaster has given them reassurances on many front. kelly cob yay in seoul. what's the latest on tensions
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there. >> yasmin, good morning. the cia director is actually in south korea this morning. he's meeting with u.s. military and embassy officials talking strategy after that failed missile launch by north korea over the weekend. u.s. military officials say they first detected this in the early morning hours on saturday local time. two u.s. military officials tell us it was medium range ballistic missile which broke apart midair 20 miles from the launch site north of pyongyang, the capital. president trump is downplaying that missile launch, also saying once again he will not rule out the use of force against north korea. all of this happening as japan enters the fray sending its largest military warship into the region to apparently accompany u.s. supply ship aboard u"uss carl vinson." reassuring allies here the u.s. would stick to that deal to pay
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for the anti-missile defense system here in south korea. also reassuring south koreans that this alliance is a top priority. yasmin, frances, back to you guys. >> all eyes serial on that region. that's for sure. kelly cob yay, thank you. >> when they shot the movie, no one was a huge star, but a godfather reunion with an offer too good to refuse. that's next. contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost approximately 2-4x more weight than with diet and exercise alone. contrave is not for everyone. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults within the first few months.
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welcome to full frontal's not the white house correspondent's dinner. i know it looks like we have a cash bar tonight but as i promised you in the invitation at a later date i will get mexico to pay for all your drinks. >> how do you like me now? i'll be honest i never liked you guys in the press. you always sneaked up with me with gotcha questions. why are we going to war. gotcha. i wish somebody would tell me all you have to say fake news over and over again. you know. that could be your answer for everything. >> will ferrell bringing back signature george w. bush. samantha bee not the white house correspondent's dinner. full of one-liner and skits for celebrity guests. that's a whole lot of back and forth when it comes to watching zingers. >> i want to keep watching and watching it, so many good clips, also the correspondence dinner. the not the correspondents' dinner and real one as well.
4:24 am
brought together the cast of one of the most influential movies ever made and one of our favorites here "the godfather. ." stars and director gathering, even revealing behind the scenes secrets from oh so long ago. >> he says, yeah, i tell you, i'm thinking of using you as michael corleone. >> i'm thinking as an actor does, gee, it's not a good role, sonny is the part to play. >> what? he didn't want to play michael, he wanted to play sonny. >> that was the role, michael corleone. >> inside a casket at a u.s. border crossing. license and registration, these twin toddlers adorable run-in with the law. before we hit the beach, i've gotta hit the loo. we can't stay here! why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean!
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welcome back. after a cool weekend, another storm system with some light rain is just off the coast of the pacific northwest. it has been nearly five months since seattle has hit 70 degrees. imagine going five months and never being up in the 70s. well, they are going to try to get there in the days ahead. today is a cool day, we're going to try to forget about this in the days ahead. jump to 59 tuesday, wednesday, thursday, going to be much closer to 70. the pacific northwest has had a very chilly period and it continues. >> thank you, bill. border patrol agents made a highly unusual discovery after stopping a hearse at an immigration checkpoint near tombstone, arizona. they opened up the casket. what it was carrying was pretty interesting. they found 67 pounds of
4:27 am
marijuana worth well over 33,000. the marijuana bricks mixed with several bags of manure in an unsuccess attempt to mask the sale. they arrested the driver for narcotics smuggling, a 28-year-old u.s. citizen. first elected to congress ileana will not seek re-election in 2016. she tells "miami herald" it's time to take a new step. caps decades career in government. house speaker paul ryan quick to recognize. he tweeted this, a voice for the voiceless and vulnerable. first hispanic woman in congress. such a privilege to serve with her. >> i showed you the puppy video, which is our daily dose of cute. i have a double daily dose of cute. twins toddlers took first spin in manhattan because what 2-year-old doesn't have a range
4:28 am
rover. then they got a big surprise from the police department. >> oh, man. license and registration. >> of course you see the officers are deciding to play a prank on these boys. they had the lights and sirens and handed over that awful orange ticket that new yorkers hate but it was all in good fun apparently. you're never too young, though, to feel the strong arm of the law. that's for sure. >> never too young to roll the new york streets in a ranger. too cute. royal fans getting a new look at prince william and kate middleton's daughter charlotte, duke and duchess of cambridge put it out ahead of her second birthday tomorrow. the princess was photographed outside at the royal family's home. they thank everyone for their well wishes for their daughter. look at those eyes. >> so cute. she looks like kate. >> too sweet. >> happy birthday to her. >> thanks for watching "early today." i'm yasmin vossoughian. >> i'm frances rivera.
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lysol. what it takes to protect. good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we begin debreaking news out of the east bay. all lanes in san leando have opened after a deadly crash. >> live at the scene right now with details on what happened. rick. >> reporter: yeah, this is kind of a chain reaction type of accident, but sam just hit it on the head about the traffic right now. all lanes have opened just as we arrived here, here on 880. this happened south of marina. crews cleared the wreck involving multiple vehicles that began a chain reaction of events. a vehicle with a


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