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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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eastbound coming down the decline, and the flashing lights we saw mostly cleared as folks are heading into oakland. out on the map, not a lot of slowing on the speed sensors there. no problems getting off the bay bridge toll plaza and heading westbound into the city. that's the bulk of the morning commute which is just getting started. a smooth drive for the rest of the sensors including san leandro. you had earlier activity, we were very concerned about that. still following that. >> new this morning that we're covering an early-morning crash, killed one man and blocked northbound laneoffs 880 in san leandro. it all started when a ford fusion hit a honda with enough force to send it into the center divide. a buick struck the honda, causing it to side swipe a big rig. the honda driver died at the scene, the buick driver was taken to the hospital. all lanes are just reopened after 4:00 a.m. >> 5:00 on the dot right now and a very busy morning already for san jose police who are investigating an overnight
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shooting that happened in a neighborhood right by a caltrain station. it happened on locust street in san jose a few blocks away from the guadalupe parkway and near the caltrain station. police say they found a man around midnight. investigators right now still looking for a shooter. also new this morning, a man found in his vehicle shot dead in a home depot parking lot in oakland outside the store on alameda avenue. police were called before 11:00 last night and found a man with a gunshot wound. the entire parking lot was blocked off during the search. >> happening today, may day rallies from san jose to san francisco. typically these rallies focus on workers' rights, but today, the rallies in the city are taking on a very different tune. >> given the political climate. pete suratos is joining us live from justin herman plaza. most of these are looking to be keying in on immigrants' rights. >> good morning to you, sam and
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laura. yes, where we're standing now, justin herman plaza in san francisco, that's where that rally, the immigrants rally, will take place later this morning. it will focus on workers right, and an added emphasis as far as rights go for undocumented immigrants. let's pull up a list of all of the events, but i want to focus on two in particular getting a lot of attention. that's the one at 8:00 a.m., a protest at immigrations customs enforcement building. that's a rally and street festival in front of the building. that rally bringing attention to current issues ranging from deportation to policies pushed by the current trump administration. then at 11:00 a.m., that's where we're standing, the rally and march at justin herman plaza, a day without immigrants rally. the focus is to show solidarity with undocumented immigrant workers and all workers in different communities who feel they're under attack. of course, as with most rallies in san francisco, we can expect to see a big police presence in
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different areas of the city. now, with this event at justin herman plaza, it will lead to a march that will go towards city hall that will take place at 2:00 p.m. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thanks so much. >> a day of action across the bay area. here's a list of some of the other may day rallies taking place. of course, san francisco, as we mentioned, san jose and oakland, expected to be the largest. >> demonstrations also taking place in mountain view, morgan hill, and concord. there's a full list there of all of those events. you can find more information on our website, going to be difficult to get help right now at sunnyvale city hall today. hundreds of city workers striking. that started at midnight. >> kris sanchez joins us live from city hall. who's on strike this morning and how do we expect this to affect city business? >> reporter: well, let's start by saying that fire and police and other critical city services will be unaffected by the strike. but at one minute after noon,
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all of the city's unionized employees will walk off the job in a strike, trying to get the contract that they say that they deserve. now, all of the union employees will walk off around noon time. 400 people in all, in all city departments except for emergency and garbage. the union leader says what employees want is fair given the fact they haven't had a raise in five years, but the mayor says the city can't afford more than what's on the table. >> mainly, we have not had a pay increase in overfive years. we have been without a contract now for two years. we have been at the table for two years. and we reached a stalemate and there's no more on the table is what the city says. it's not acceptable. >> now, if you live or work in sunnyvale, go to to link to the latest on the strike. we'll connect you with the city there. also coming up at 6:00, i'll show you the other departments that will be affected by the walkout of 400 or so employees.
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in sunnyvale, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thanks so much. it's 5:04. we are following a developing story. a woman is dead, seven injured following a mass shooting at a san diego pool party. it happened yesterday in san diego's universal city neighborhood. a group of adults was at a poolside birthday party. the shooter identified as 49-year-old peter solis, was drinking a beer at the pool before he opened fire. he killed one woman and injured six others. one man broke his arm just trying to run away. police say the party turned into chaos. >> from the screams you could hear that somebody or multiple people were hit. a lot of screaming. and i could see everybody on the balcony yelling to just ducking down for cover. >> officers shot and killed solis, and then when he pointed his gun at them. no word yet on a motive. 5:05. crisis averted for the time being. a deal to fund the government through september has been reached, happening late last night. that avoids a government
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shutdown. congressional negotiators have been working on this through the night. president trump backed down on asking for money to build a border wall, but he demanded billions of dollars for border security. he asked for $3 billion. this would give him $1.5 billion for border security. democrats also standing against funding cuts for so-called sanctuary cities. this includes an additional $12 billion in defense spending. that's less than the original amount asked, $54 billion by trump. >> happening in san francisco, tackling human trafficking. a discussion is scheduled for 8:00. the police chief and others will join in. it's part of the second annual organized crime conference hosted with the support of interpol by the state department diplomatic security service. happening at the federal reserve bank of san francisco. >> check before your burn. calfire requires a permit for
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open burning in certain areas. during times of the air with high fire danger, burning vegetation at homes is not safe. those permits will be needed in santa clara, sonoma, and napa county. >> the merced river in yosemite national park expected to go a foot over its banks in a few day. the incredibly wet winter brought the most rain and snow ever to the northern sierras. now with warmer temperatures and snow melting. forecasters say the merced river will swell over its banks by wednesday. it's 5:07. i have a feeling we'll see a lot of those rivers flooding near the sierra and flowing out of the sierra. as we take a live look outside at oakland, it's 55 degrees. already busy on this monday morning on the roadways. let me take you through the day as we look at the planner. we'll be at 59 degrees at 8:00, and lunch time, you want to take it outside. it will be in the mid 70s. a very warm afternoon. as you get ready to head home
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from work, in the low 80s, and temperatures dropping off the 60s by 8:00 tonight. the next few days are going to feel like summer. we'll talk about that and i'll have a look at the temperature trend for palo alto in five minutes. mike has a note for transit riders. >> indeed. the roadways, moving very well. no problems on the speed sensors aside from a little slowing out of the altamont and a fender bender on the shoulder. the note, may day march. san francisco and san jose have may day marches and vta announced they will have reroutes. check the website for more information on what they expect to be impacted. the transit expected to be impacted in oakland. be careful for everybody out there. right now, though, an easy drive down the east shore freeway. just 15 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. no backup at the toll plaza. >> it's 5:08. how the state's levees could be
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endangering our drinking walter. what our team is digging up next. >> plus, spacex has a secret launch. we'll fill you in coming up in business and tech. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec®
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it's 5:11 on this monday morning. we start out with clear skies and mild temperatures as we get a live look at palo alto. here's 101. as we go through today, the temperatures start out nice and comfortable. whatever you have to do, do it early, like going for a jog or
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running errands. this afternoon, temperatures making it into the low 80s today. definitely some pool weather. we'll have that report in the forecast in about five minutes. >> in the tri-valley, definitely going to see the temperatures kari is talking about as well. looking at a mild slowdown for the top number. 24 minutes, grant line road to 680. >> thank you, kari and mike. >> it is 5:12 on your monday. they may be out of sight but should not be out of mund. our investigative unit has discovered a serious threat exists to california's levees that could put our drinking water in risk. >> we have a preview of tonight's story. >> sea erosion, earthquakes and road are posing a threat to california's levee system. good morning. according to this latest report put out by the state of california, about half of all the levees that protect california's cities from major flooding do not meet modern
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standards. if a levee were to break in the wrong place, it could be catastrophic for all of us here in the bay area. we wanted to see the problem first-hand, so we went out with officials from the state department of water resources to take a tour of the most vulnerable levees. a levee failure there could destroy our roads, knock out our electrical grid, and contaminate ouring water supply, even threaten the infrastructure that carries drinking water here to the bay area and to southern california. >> a loss of revenue out here in the delta could lead to disruption of the water supply services elsewhere in the state that could be measured in months and years. >> this is serious stuff. >> very serious. this is why we take seriously the maintenance and the improvement of the levees out here. we have to protect them so that we can actually protect the drinking water supplies for millions of californians. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, we investigate the challenges facing california's levee
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system. and we explore exactly what the state plans to do about it. that's tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> thank you very much, steve. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> shrouded in secrecy, just a short time ago, spacex launching a rocket. that's about all we know. >> this was a secret mission. >> a classified mission for the national reconnaissance office. i think we can say a lot of confidence we are talking about a spy satellite. it was supposed to blast off sunday, but the launch was delayed literally at the last minute, so it launched this morning. this is a big achievement for spacex because this is the first classified mission it's performed for the nro. president trump planning a new summit of tech leaders, the tech blog axiose was the first to report it. it will be called the american
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technology council and will be led by jared kushner who is also in charge of bringing peace between israel and palestine at the same time. on the campaign trail, trump promised to have a blue ribbon security team in place led by rudy giuliani no less than 90 days into his presidency. that plan, though, seems to have fallen by the wayside. speaking of cybersecurity, if you look, you can find the new season of "orange is the new black" available online available for download because it was stolen from netflix. netflix refused to pay a ransom to a hacker so the hacker put the latest season of the series online for anybody to download. probably little chance anybody is going to try to pirate the new movie "the circle." it bombed in the box office. second time in a row for tom hanks. the movie is about a fictional tech company, google mixed with facebook, invading people's privacy. started as a book written by a
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celebrated california writer. it got 17% on rotten tomatoes. chicago sun times said it's one of the most crushing letdowns of 2017. rolling stones says ripped from yesterday's headlines. what's really kind of the big story is a bollywood movie did better than "the circle." it came in third. we searched for clips of that, we can't find it, but good on them. >> does that mean you're going to dance for us? >> coming up. >> who wouldn't stick around for that? >> tats a deep tease. thank you very much. >> 5:16 right now. it is be nice to animals week. doesn't that happen every day? well, here's how you do it. you let the dogs loose on a large sheet of cake. they say that cake is dog friendly. >> that's the key. the canadian humane society threw this dog party to celebrate the 110th birthday of the society in edmonton, alberta. you think there would be more dogs there. each of those puppies found a new adopted home before the
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party was over yesterday, so they had their cake and ate it, too. >> there you go. frosted paws. >> dog friendly. >> going to feel like the dog days of summer really quick. >> crazy the way we'll see the temperatures swinging over the next couple days. i'll show you examples of where we go and where we're headed as we go into the weekend. let's take a live look outside right now, getting a little light in the sky. the sunrise happening earlier and earlier every day. here we are at 5:17, taking a live look outside at san jose, and we start out with temperatures in the upper 50s, heading up to 85 degrees. where we are now, we'll flip the numbers. as we geinto the day after the nice start, it will be a warm afternoon, and over the next couple days, the heat will be peaking on wednesday before it does cool off. we're at 55 degrees right now in oakland and palo alto. 54 in fairfield. napa, 50 degrees to start the day with high temperatures this afternoon reaching 86 in los gatos and also 86 in east san
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jose. for the east bay, up to 87, in concord and walnut creek as well as vallejo, and san francisco also 78 degrees. and 86 degrees today in mill valley. feeling like summertime, if you want something nice and cool, maybe you want to hit the lijs at half moon. that's where our temperatures will be starting out in the low 60s. we stay in the 60s throughout the afternoon. nice little breeze, too. and we talked about those temperature swings. and the melting snow along the merced river coming down from yosemite. you see why. a lot of that snow is melting. temperatures will be in the low 60s over the next few days. then there will be a chance of rain and no snow in the forecast over the weekend. so here's a look at how temperatures go up and back down. up to 78 degrees today in san francisco. 82 on wednesday. and a very nice thursday headed our way as the temperatures come back down, we'll also see some light rain just to the north of
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us. but we're going to get the cool air and in time for the weekend for the inland areas we go from 90 degrees on wednesday to 66 degrees on sunday. crazy to see how much we'll see those temps changing as we go through there week. you want to keep checking in for those updates. and mike has a mild start to your commute. >> i do. i don't have the number jumble that you have on the forecast for the week. over here, mostly speed limit numbers. look at the green, just a little slowing out of the altamont. typical pattern. even moving up to the upper east shore freeway, and through the north bay, for san rafael and mill valley. let's take you out to the wise application. you can have that on your phone. you probably do. let's take a look. from hayward to the peninsula, around the pallo alt ow area, you can get across the dumbarton bridge with no delays. and notice the fact instead of 28 minutes, it's 37 minutes.
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that's about seven minutes longer. that adds on a whole bunch more time. you can make your choices and choose from your departure whenever, wherever that is. go to your phone and make sure you're joining our team. click on the profile by clicking the magnifying glass and your name, then select the team, ba ba wazers. we like to leverage the community. if your friends use waze, have them use that team. >> so easy. thank you very much. coming up, nervous about returning an overdue book? it's not a problem in one bay area city. where you can check out a one-time reprieve. concerns over immigration law
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and deportations are 5:23 on your monday morning. happening today, concern over immigration law, deportations are prompting pittsburg city leaders to take action. they'll consider a community outreach program and a possible open letter to the community discussing the importance of diversity. tonight's meeting is at the civic center. >> nbc bay area responds to a livermore man who was paying for a monthly fee for an account he says he never signed up for. >> the money added up because he was paying for four years without realizing. he finally reached out to us for help. >> last fall, thomas noticed a charge on his credit card for $15.99 from after docking around a little
5:24 am
bi, he found he had been paying that monthly fee for four years, totaling $751. thomas says he's never used and doesn't remember signing up. he called and asked for a full $751 refund, but the company only offered to refund him $300. he didn't think that was acceptable, so he reached out to us. told us thomas' wife might have opened the account by accident. not realizing she had committed to a recurring monthly fee. so thought a $300 refund was fair. you can certainly argue, a refund going back four years might be unreasonable, but after we reached out, agreed to a full refund of $751. the company declined our request for an official comment. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-996-tips or logon to
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all right. check the credit card statements, right? like every month. >> 5:24. san jose wants the long-lost books back, and it's willing to forgive borrowers. >> who knows how much money that would have cost you over the years you kept those books, but it doesn't matter because the library announced late fees will be waived starting today in a first ever fine forgiveness program. program runs for the entire month of may. borrowers can bring back library books, dvds, cds, any materials, no questions asked. >> you can still drop them off and run just to be sure. >> for the shame, yeah. >> 5:25. coming up, uc president janet napolitano in the hot seat and will be grilled by lawmakers. the large amount of money found and questions about it.
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good morning. live look outside right now, down san jose this morning. one of several cities in the bay area where there are going to be may day rallies here on this first day of may. we'll be covering all of that for you. and we're happy you're starting your work week off with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. when i remember may day, it was when you baskets of flower for people on the doorsteps. exactly. >> how things have changed. >> my goodness. yes, they have.
5:29 am
but spring has sprung, and say hello to summer, it feels like. >> yeah, going to be really hot today. if you are going to be out there in the sun for a long period of time, make sure you're prepared and a lot of water with you. as we're going to start out with some nice cool weather. it's 52 in the tri-valley as we take a live look now at pleasanton, and 52 also in the north bay. but san francisco starts out at 56 degrees. here's a look at the high temperatures today. we're up to 87 in the tri-valley and the south bay. the peninsula, 82 degrees. and 78 degrees in san francisco. the north bay is up to 88 degrees. we'll talk about the heat, when it peaks and when it's out of here. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike now has a problem on the bay bridge. >> i do, a slow roller. a slow moving vehicle traveling west in towards san francisco. now, you see that the cars over here on the san francisco side of treasure island are moving at a quicker pace than the ones here on the oakland side. they may have cleared that off over there on the san francisco exit toward harrison. let's look at the map and show
5:30 am
you what it is having on the speed sensors. i see a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. they should have turned the metering lights on seconds ago anyway, but that may increase the backup. we'll track that crossing carefully, but the rest of the bay moves very lightly. again, watching the bay bridge, a slower vehicle across that span. back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> it's 5:30. may day rallies happening across the country with many right here in the bay area. >> a hectic day specifically at the port of oakland for starters. in just a few hours, workers and protesters plan on shutting down the port, one of the busiest in the country. >> rick boone is there. this is part of a larger may day rallied for oakland. >> reporter: it is, and right now, the port is under some operation. i don't see protests or rallies or anyone in front of gates at this time. trucks are going in, coming out at this point. hundreds of dock workers are normally taking themselves off
5:31 am
the job today, taking part in this, all part of a negotiated day. this is a video of last year's march and rally in the fruitvale district. organizations are meant to highlight working conditions, but in recent years, especially this year, may day rallies have taken a political turn, focusing immigration and living wage and a protest of trump. as you said, this is a huge port, one of the largest in the country, and this could have a trickle down effect because with this protest and dock workers not showing up for work, it could cause backup of trucks and cripple a lot of activity here at the port. back here live at the port, also another issue is going to be getting around this area, if the workers don't show up. there won't be traffic going here, if they block the entrances, that will be a problem because the truckers will be working today. that could be a huge backup in this area around the port of oakland, you may be in traffic jams yourself. a lot to watch out for, major
5:32 am
trickle-down effects from the may day protests and rallies all throughout the bay area. live in oakland, rick boone for today in the bay. >> definitely something we'll be tracking. thank you very much. you mentioned the activity across the bay area pretty much everywhere. >> hundreds of thousands of people will gather across the country. that includes a full slate of protests here. here's a list of some of the other may day rales going on locally. san francisco, san jose, and oakland where rick mentioned, are expected to be the largest. demonstrations also taking place in mountain view, morgan hill, and concord. you can find a complete of rallies on our website, also happening today, teachers across the bay want to show support for immigrants students. things kick off at new highland academy in oakland with a rally at 7:00, and another at noon at the santa clara county office of education. immigration awareness rally happened at 12:15 at antioch high school, and at 3:30, march starting at bj's restaurant in
5:33 am
newark. >> more reports this morning of a man exposing himself to people on stanford's campus. police say the threes were on the east side of campus about 2:00 sunday morning when a man got out of his car and exposed himself. he then drove off. this is the second time in recent weeks police have investigated a flasher on campus. >> happening today in alameda county, the existing plastic bag ban is expanding to include all retail stores, all restaurants and food trucks. it was first adopted back in 2013, specifically to include grocery stores at first. since that law was implemented, the county has seen a more than 40% reduction in plastic bags found in storm drains. stores as an alternative charge you ken cents for a paper bag. >> the final high-speed rail meeting on the san francisco to san jose leg of the project. the portion will run from the san francisco transbay transit center to their geardawn
5:34 am
station. their meeting is 5:00 right there monterey road. >> oakland kicks off small business week today. 25 events and workshops are planned throughout the week. here are just a few happening today at city hall. 9:00, a panel will be held on the role small business plays in a city's economy. at 1:00, another panel on finding and hiring local talent. and at 5:00, mayor libby schaaf hosts a reception celebrating the legacy of family-owned business. >> deadly storms tore through texas on saturday, at least four people were killed, and more than 50 hurt in the small town of canton. >> it's about 16 states right now, violent storms have killed more than a dozen people. >> holy cow. >> holy cow is right. that's one tornado that struck. the national weather service says there were four of them confirmed in just texas. the winds were powerful enough to demolish buildings and rip trees right from the ground. >> happened really fast. i don't remember much except
5:35 am
just watching the walls of the house fly off and everything around me being gone. >> as people try to recover what's left, they're also preparing for another round of violent storms that could be on the way. >> right now, 5:36. i wanted to show you where the storms are now, continuing their progression off towards the southeast and along the south. we're also going to see them approaching the mid-atlantic coast today. keeping an eye on this area, they may have more severe storms there. we're all clear here in the bay area as we take a live look outside at san jose. a nice and mild start, and the temperature trend for los gatos. look where we go from the mid 60s in the morning to the upper 80s today. we're up to 87 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. plan accordingly. we're well above average. and we will continue to see this warm weather in the forecast for the next couple days before we will have a cooldown heading into the end of the week. we'll talk more about that. i'll have a look at the forecast
5:36 am
coming up in less than five minutes. mike has now a new crash in oakland. >> i do. it sounds like a very serious situation. we had a deadly crash in san leandro that cleared and a crash on the bay bridge that looks like a slow moving vehicle cleared from the bay bridge. we thought we were moving well for the last few minutes but we got an update. crash here at north 880 at fifth through downtown oakland, does sound like there's a deaths as a result of the crash on the northbound side. the southbound side distract by all the activity going on, and sounds like everything is in the middle of the freeway. still trying to get details on how many lanes are open, but westbound 580 is a good alternate as you're planning your waw way into oakland. i'll let you know what chp reports, but a deadly crash, north 880 is causing a problem there. as you get in toward the maze, the rest of the approach from the upper east shore freeway and the north bay toward san francisco and the peninsula are all moving clearly right now. back to you. >> pretty tragic in oakland this morning. thank you very much.
5:37 am
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as we get ready for the school day, we have a nice and clear morning, and as you get the kids ready, keep in mind it will be warming up quickly today and our high temperatures this afternoon reaching into the 80s with a lot of sunshine. i'll have a look at the microclimate forecast, including the warmest day of the week and a look ahead to the weekend coming up in five minutes. we're looking at the bottom of the screen here. northbound 880 from san leandro in toward the bay bridge. 29 minutes and growing right now. there is a deadly crash. we have confirmed that northbound 880 at fifth. showing a big slowdown. we'll talk about your options coming up. thank you very much. kari and mike. 5:40 right now. southern california beaches expected to reopen after a woman was attacked by a shark. she's in the hospital now, thanks to the work of beachgoers nearby. leann eriksson was swimming in san diego county when a shark bit her on the thigh on saturday. people nearby rushed to get her
5:41 am
onshore and tried to stop that bleeding. >> used the tourniquet and just brought her to shore as quickly as possible. with as many people as we possibly could get as many towels and apply direct pressure to the wound as we can to try to isolate it. >> her mother set up a gofundme page saying she's a single mother of three. she's expected to go through several surgeries and a lengthy recovery. >> 5:41. uc president janet napolitano on the hot seat tomorrow in skrament. this after a state audit found office allegedly hid tens of millions of dollars. the new state audit reportedly found the office of the president accumulated secret reserves of $175 million. there are reports the office also interfered with a previous audit. the uc head now is going to face a panel of state lawmakers in sacramento tomorrow. napolitano was first appointed head of the university of california four years ago tasked with getting back state funding lost in the recession.
5:42 am
5:41. a chaotic scene in south korea. this is video of hundreds of people protesting the thaad missile system. the u.s. moved that system into place last week. it can intercept missiles from north korea. some 300 people came out yesterday to protest the system. they took over the road to block u.s. army trucks, many protes r protesters were arrested. >> vice president mike pence says that president trump has signed more legislation during his first 100 days than any other president since truman. >> pence made those comments on nbc's "meet the press" yesterday. president trump has signed 28 bills into law. more than any other president going back 70 years. most political pundits say the legislation is largely not significant. most of it calls for reviews of existing laws. in the meantime, congress seems to have come up with a compromise budget and it contains very little of what the president wanted. >> scott mcgrew, that bill does keep the government running through september, though.
5:43 am
>> it does at a cost of a trillion dollars. what's astoning is how few things president trump wanted and even promised are in that budget. the budget does not have money for the wall. it does fund border security to the tune of $1.5 billion. there's more money for defense, president trump wanted that. but there's also money for planned parenthood, something the president wanted defunded. there's money, it adds money for the national institutes of health. mr. trump wanted to slash that budget. it doesn't defund sanctuary cities. and of course, there's no money for the wall. at his rally in pennsylvania over the weekend, the president said the wall would get built no matter what we're telling you. >> if the media's job is to be honest and tell the truth, then i think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade. >> now, on sunday, president trump said the newest version of
5:44 am
the republican health care bill would include people with pre-existing conditions and the premiums would go down. again, what the president says and what the media and congress believe are not matching up. >> the big talk this morning is president trump's phone call to the president of the philippines inviting him to the white house. rodrigo duterte is accused of low allowing or encouraging extra judicial death squads in his fight against drugs. "the new york times" says the state department was completely unaware of this invitation. >> critics point out two things, importants. one, if duterte wasn't the leader of his country, he probably wouldn't qualify for a u.s. visa. and number two, president trump has business interested in the philippines including brand-new luxury condos. sam and laura. >> thank you very much, scott. >> scott, of course, examining president trump's tweets, executive orders and speeches each and every morning, and he would like to hear from you. you can share your thoughts with
5:45 am
scott on twitter. his twitter handle @scottmcgrew. >> just in to our news room, we're getting word a strike has been averted in sunnyvale. a tentative agreement was made early this morning between the city and sunnyvale employees association. workers have been saying they had not received a raise from the city in more than five years. this is a breaking news story. we'll you a live report at 6:00. >> a sunny weekend, too. let's take a moment to remember just how amazing this last weekend was. and it's only going to get better from here. definitely hotter from here as well. this was a weekend with no rain in sight. just bright, warm sunshine. that's the scene you're looking at now. you see the main strip in sausalito. beaches were also packed. >> everybody was out and about. now we have to pay for it. everybody heading to work this morning. live pictures from our emeryville camera. also looking pretty good and feeling great out there, kari. no sweater needed?
5:46 am
>> i don't think so. especially with temperatures in the upper 50s. as you head out, make it to the car, the bus stop, the train, you're good. we're all clear this morning, going to see nothing but sunshine as we go through the day, and it's going to be a warm one. you don't have to lug around that jacket throughout the day. here's a live look outside at san francisco. they just turned off the lights at the bay bridge. i was just looking at the lights just a few seconds ago. and looking now live in palo alto, we're getting a little busy on this monday morning with some clear skies and temperatures in the upper 50s to start. we're 57 in palo alto, 54 in fairfield, and look how warm it will be this afternoon. up to 87 degrees in napa. 79 in santa rosa, san francisco, 78 degrees. and san jose up to 85. we'll also see 85 today in livermore. so as you start out the day, you're looking out the window and getting ready for the day, it will be a day for the
5:47 am
sunblock, a bottle of water. you can keep refilling, and also sunglasses and flip-flops to stay nice and comfortable. also, just to stay nice and cool, a t-shirt and shorts. especially if it's a casual day and you don't have to head into work. now, we are going to see more weather like that over the next couple days. and all of that sunshine, dry weather, making the pollen count just go really high. especially for trees and grasses. we're seeing mostly some pine and cedar for the tree pollen type. if you do want to plan to head somewhere nice and cool, you will get a breeze in santa cruz, but look how warm the temperatures will be in downtown santa cruz. 88 at 4:00 this afternoon. it will be a touch cooler right there along the beach. then looking out over the next several days. in san francisco, we see temperature trends going up and then back down. we're up to 82 degrees on wednesday. and all sunshine in the forecast except for the weekend, where more clouds move in. we'll see cooler air and there
5:48 am
will be rain to the north of us. but it allows for some of the cool air to make it into the bay area this weekend coming up won't be as warm and sunny as the weekend we just had. but i think we'll take it considering that on wednesday, we're hitting 90 degrees for those inland areas. we'll talk more about that. let's head over to mike, an update on a full freeway closure. >> all lanes of 880 are closed because of this deadly crash. this is the third deadly incident we heard about over the course of the last couple hours. but this is the one that affects traffic right now, of course, they all affect lives and we follow safety first on the roadways. take it easy even though your roadway may be clear, definitely not clear for 880 northbound at fifth. all lanes blocked heading intoten. the backup for north 880ing to build up from the coliseum. 580 westbound is one of your alternates. the approach to the bay bridge is fine, but the metering lights are on.
5:49 am
slowing through oakland, jammed up at the fifth street off ramp and a slow drive into san francisco. let's check the live camera to see how things are shaping up at the coliseum. we see slowing just north of high street. going to slow down as far back as the coliseum. let's use waze to help you get around this perhaps. waze reports if you take 880 from san leandro to san francisco, it's going to take 1:30. but look at this, if you use the san mateo bridge, even though there's a build through hayward, right now, it's going to save you half the time. only 48 minutes. and if you do use 580, you can save 20 minutes through that route. so plan on using your waze system this morning. stick with us as well. we'll give you the latest on the deadly crash in oakland. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. >> it's 5:49 right now. star wars fans, get your wallet out. there's a new collector's item in time to celebrate the release of the very first film. >> it's gold. like actually made of gold. a darth vader mask that is going on sale today in japan.
5:50 am
life-sized mask of the star wars villain is up for sale for more than a million dollars. the 24-karat gold mask wassed by a tokyo gold jeweler to mark the 40th anniversary of the film's release, which was the fifth of may. >> coming up, we investigate. a former worker at the hunter point shipyard is blowing the whistle on possible radiation again. up next, we investigate the navy's response toaligations about contamination near new construction. but first, at 5:50 right now on your monday, scary and dangerous moments for people on flight from moscow to bangkok. at least 27 people were injured on the flight when their boeing 777 hit an air pocket. several people had to undergo surgery as a result. plus, a new deal to report for hollywood writers. the writers guild of america and the major studios appear to finally have an agreement that would avert a strike.
5:51 am
that deal includes a significant increase to the writers health care fund. back with more news in two minutes.
5:52 am
food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
5:53 am
i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. developments out of missouri this morning.. we have been reporting on severe weather across the country. we continue to follow the latest wrrbs this is out of missouri with communities around st. louis are preparing for more flooding. right now, people as you see
5:54 am
there packing up their stuff. they're leaving their homes behind after being urged to evacuate due to a rising river. the river normally stands at about 16 feet, but it's expected to crest at roughly 43 feet by wednesday morning. missouri's governor activated the national guard weekend to help out in various parts of the state. >> a deadly trip to the river in sonoma county. firefighters say a woman drown this week in big sulfur creek, a tributary of the russian river. investigators say the woman and her boyfriend were wading in the creek when they apparently slipped and were swept downstream. the man was able to get out. the woman was not. firefighters say the river water is really rushing right now, so proceed with caution. developing story this morning. a suspicious death investigation is under way in alameda. after neighbors found a dead man floating the water behind their condos saturday morning. neighbors describe it as a jarring sight they will never
5:55 am
forget. >> it's just really odd to find a dead body, but i think as a community, we just want to know more. >> it's still unclear how the young man died. alameda police say his idepty has not been confirmed but they believe they know who he is. >> there are more questions this morning about the cleanup of the hunter's naval point ship yard, the former superfund site in san francisco that is now slated for new development. >> new allegations of radiation at the shipyard, again calling into question claimed by federal officials that the land is clean. >> good morning. a former worker tells us he detected an elevated level of a radioactive element called cesium on an area of the shipyard where he did expect to find it. he said his boss told him to keep quiet about it. this is back in 2009. the land in question now belongs to the city of san francisco and it's closed to new construction. you may remember this whistle blower. he first revealed to nbc bay area claims that supervisors ordered workers to switch
5:56 am
contaminated soil samples with clean ones. claimser confirmed, but a nuclear regulatory commission. he told the feds about a hot spot of cesium a year ago and wants it to be tested. the navy is still investigating whether it's necessary. they say there's no risk to the public because soil was removed from the area and level of cesium the worker claims to have found is normal but our investigation finds the level the former employee says he detected is above the navy's own cleanup standard. you can check out our full investigation tonight at 6:00 or right now on our website, >> thank you very much, liz. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> happening in the last hour or so, spacex just launched another rocket. the original launch was scrubbed on sunday.
5:57 am
that's because a sensor wasn't working properly. there's special significance for this launch because it represents the first time spacex is doing business with the u.s. department of defense. >> we're headed into high school graduation season. for some graduates, receiving a car as a gift could do more harm than good. according to new research, parents are not giving their children the first car. the insurance institute for highway safety recommends getting teens cars with less horsepower and stick to a base model. bigger, heavier vehicles are also considered safer for teenagers and electronic stability control is essential, but experts say it's not all about the car. it's about the person behind the wheel. >> drive with your teen. ride with them, even after they get their license because they're still inexperienced and they still need you to coach them. >> head to the insurance institute for a full list of the safest cars for teenage drivers. >> if you had to work over the weekend, you're not alone.
5:58 am
a recent survey shows our weekends are being invaded by work. almost 7 in 10 american workers putting in a full work day at least one weekend a month. 63% say thafr employers expect them to work over the weekend, and 67% say they have a hard time not thinking about work over the weekend. >> a long-standing franchise working out for producers. this weekend, the fate of the furious took the top spot at the box office. it continues to rake in money. the movie brought in more than $19 million domestically to remain number one in the u.s. but the bigger piece to all this, it's now topped a billion dollars in ticket sales worldwide. how to be a latin lover came in second with $12 million. >> right now at 6:00, a violent night across the bay area. the investigations under way this morning after two separate shootings including one at a busy east bay shopping center. >> may day rallies are taking place across the bay area this
5:59 am
morning. where you can expect to see thousands of peoplering as one voice against the trump administration. >> plus, turning up the heat. a live look right now at san francisco. hot temperatures are about to wash over the bay area here in the next couple days. don't get too used to it. kari hall has a look at the weekday forecast straight ahead. today in the bay continues right now. >> a good monday morning. thank you so much for joining us and starting off your work week here. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. want to check in with kari with a look at our forecast for today. a great weekend. >> such a beautiful weekend. it's going to be a little warmer, especially for the inland areas. if you have a pool, a friend with a pool, a neighbor, you might want to make friends, to have some place to go and cool down. as we're starting out with some nice temperatures this morning, this is the time to get out there and run the errands. a live look outside at palo alto and the peninsula, 56 degrees. also 56 in san francisco.
6:00 am
look at these high temperatures today, reaching into the upper 80s inland. a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up and mike talking about all the lanes closed in oakland at 880. >> the nimitz freeway northbound, your commute direction all lanes of the northbound direction are closed at fifth. this is our shot from the coliseum. look at high street. traffic jammed up. folks trying to get off the freeway between here and that deadly crash that we're reporting in downtown area. we'll show you the map, as we look at most of the freeways, looking good. through hayward this morning from an earlier crash, that may affect some folks traveling south to the san mateo bridge to avoid having to go north to the bay bridge. again, westbound 580 or westbound 92 are your alternates to get across to the peninsula side. back to you. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. >> breaking news to our north. we're learning a strong earthquake just struck british columbia near lask. it was a 6.2 magnitude quake, hitting abou 7


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