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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 2, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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may starting off with a bang and a spike in temperatures. right now at 11:00, it is heating up in the bay area. may starting off with a bang and a spike in temperatures that might have you feeling a little sticky. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. it's the sizzling feeling of summer plopped right down in the middle of your may forecast. what is going on right now? you can feel the top story when you leave your house. >> yes, even at 4:00 in the morning. this is a live look from our camera in dublin, and it's going to be a hot one there, especially hitting the 90s. let's turn to meteorologist kari hall. usually i'm freezing when i'm out there in the live truck. today didn't even wear tight. >> you'll be freezing by this weekend. that's the kind of wild weather we'll be experiencing going into
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the next several days. santa rosa, one of the places we're watching where highs reach into the 90s and also in concord. already at 83 degrees, and look at all of of this sunshine. as we keep an eye on the thermometer the temperatures continue to claim. >> 73 in oakland and palo alto is 77 and 79 degrees in san jose. want to show you where we're headed as we go through the days with the highs reaching up to 90s, livermore, morgan hill. san francisco up to 82 degrees and 92 today in santa rosa. looking at some of the temperatures and we we may set record. napa, the record is 93 set back in 1966. other places are close and we may set a new record in richmond and livermore and san jose just a few degrees below the record high temperatures. as we go through today and tomorrow, really hot, and then it cools down and we'll talk
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more about that coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> we use that mobile radar on the app to stay on top of the rain. use it to keep track of the hot temperatures as well and also the cooldown later on this week. nbc bay area app is free, and if you get it we'll eel send you severe weather alerts based on your location. >> it's been such an incredibly long wait for closure, a five-year saga for friends and family members of sierra lamar. now the high-profile murder case of antolin garcia-torres is nearing a close. a few hours ago attorneys started closing arguments. nbc bay area's bob redell was in that courtroom and joins us live from the half justice in san jose. at this point, what's the main hurdle that the prosecution has to overcome? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. well, the prosecution has convinced the jury to convict antolin garcia-torres of murdering sierra lamar even though a body has not been foundch the defense might argue that the reason there isn't a body is that sierra lamar is still alive living a life
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elsewhere. that's why in his closing argument the prosecutor hammered away as he called the absurd runaway theory. he played a video from six days before her appearance of lamar being a goofy 15-year-old girl, not about someone to run away. boyd argued after garcia-torres abducted lamar he had five hours with no alibi. plenty of time to sexual assault her, kill her and dispose of her body in or around morgan hill. at one point boyd held up before the jury the clothes sierra lamar was wearing the day before she was kidnapped, sweatshirt, underwear and jeans before discarding them to the floor, the same way garcia-torres did when he stripped them off his victim. for the prosecution they have to overcome the very difficult burden of not having a body, not having a crime scene, not having a murder weapon, and yet telling this jury we believe that sierra
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lamar is dead and that antolin garcia-torres is responsible for her death. what you saw the defense do in their case and what they will continue to do in their closing arguments is chip away at the forensic evidence that the prosecution has put forward by saying that it was not reliably collected. it was not reliably tested, and that it cannot be used beyond a reasonable doubt to convict antolin garcia-torres. >> reporter: prosecutor boyd reviewed other physical evidence this morning for a jury that might link garcia-torres to her disappearance, including dna found in his car and on her clothes which were recovered in ma field near her home. at one point people in the courtroom began to cry when boyd played eileen lamar's initial 911 call, the call to report her daughter missing. she said, quote, we were worried she's been abducted, and then marlene broke into tears. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news.
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>> all right. that continues today. we will keep on top of that. marianne favro also in that courtroom. we are learning within the last hour that the oikos university shooter could be facing seven life sentences in prison. according he pled no contest to charges this morning. back in april goh was found mentally competent to stand trial for killing seven people in that 2012 mass shooting. last month also marked the fifth anniversary of the shooting. and new details we've learned the identity of the 5-year-old who was killed in an accident on highway 880. the alameda county coroner says her name is nevea brown from oakland. she was killed yesterday along with 23-year-old deion kristi. they were passengers in the back of a bmw that passengers say was speeding. the driver hit a disabled box truck and was hit by a ford when it came back on to the roadway. now to a story developing in the south bay that we've been
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covering all morning. a small fire with a big impact. a snack shack at a high school up in flames and the fire department says it might not have been accidental. a story we first broke this morning on "today in the bay." firefighters tell nbc bay news that the fire was suspicious because it started outside the door near a stoop and two sheds were vandalized and tools inside stolen. we've also learned that the lettic department estimates that about $10,000 damage was made to the structure, uniforms and snack inventory. the president of the sports boosters says thieves also hit the snack shack just last weekend swiping $200 worth of snack for fund-raising. >> parents have gotten talk by selling snacks and goods out of here and all it takes is an instance and that opportunity is
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go. >> the principal told us surveillance cameras should have been rolling at the time so there is a chance that the culprits may have been caught in the act. a milipitas family forced out of their home by an overnight fire this. happened about 2:00 this morning near milipitas high school. in a second you'll see the family members standing outside in blankets this morning as they were able to get out of the house. there they are, but they had to watch their home burns. we have calls placed to the milipitas fire right now. we're waiting to find out what because it had. new at 11:00, a former south carolina officer is pleading guilty to violating the rights of a plaque man who he shot and killed in 2015. you might remember the outcry when this video emerged showing officer michael flager shooting walter scott in the back as he ran away. the unarmed 50-year-old man was running from the officer after a traffic stop. flager was tried for murder, but the trial ended with a hung jury. state prosecutors were planning to retry him later this year,
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but the plea deal for the civil rights violations would drop the murder charge. flager faces a possible life sentence. >> have you seen this video yet? plane passengers duking it out in the cabin of a plane bound for l.a. video of this incident is going viral this morning, and we should warn you that you might find it disturbing. >> oh, my god. >> help. this guy is crazy. [ bleep ]. >> wow. it's not clear what led up to that fight, but after the exchange you see right there, the flight attendant trying to separate the two passengers. they were flying last night from japan on an ana flight. that was not the end of it. after a brief break the man in the red returns for more. his shirt is ripped and police eventually end up dragging that passenger off the plane and arrested him as they continue to fight there. he's believed to be an american, and police in japan say the man was allegedly drunk and choked an employee as well in the
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middle of all of that have. >> a disturbing crime on a bay-area campus. three boys are accuse of targeting a woman at san jose state. it happened around 8:00 around the west side of the student services center last night. a woman says three teenagers ranging in age from 12 to 15 rode by on bikes and one of them grabbed her. last month a man was arrested. he's accused of groping five women on campus. a vehicle that crashed, you can see the car there, into a santa rosa pet store, take a look at the damage. this happened monday night around 9:20 in santa rosa. ify officials say that car crashed into village pets and supplies on montgomery drive. thankfully no one was injured, and that includes no animals. the search is on right now for a rescue dog who was stolen from his owner's home in the east bay. police are asking for help. any help can you provide to help find the german shepherd called
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murphy who was last seen wearing a rhyme green color with id tags on it. rescued as a puppy and used to help mentor other rescue dogs and has his own facebook page called find murphy. >> the warriors continue their push for another championship and take on utah jazz in the first game of the western conference semifinals, so we'll let you watch during dinner. live look at oracle arena. in less than eight hours it's going to be rocking. nbc bay area's pete suratos has more from oracle arena. >> reporter: good morning to you. back in the newsroom. we can expect another crowd here at oracle arena for game one of the western conference semifinals as the warriors take on utah jazz. there's still tickets available ranging from 140 bucks in you want to see in the rafters or a little over $2,000 if you want the courtside seats. if you have the money, go ahead happened go for it all. all the fans tonight during the game will get a chance to honor that iconic 2007 playoff team known by a lot of fans as the we
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believe team. let's show you a picture of members from that team that you can see on left side of the screen. montae ellis and jay harrington and jason richardson wearing the wee believe t-shirts after the team's historic playoff upset of the dallas mavericks. lifelong fans love that team because they broke a 13-year playoff drought for the warriors. we're told many teams from that team will be here for event, and the team is asking fans to believe once again and that's because current coach steve kerr is expected to miss his third consecutive playoff game in a row. we had a chance to speak to steph curry about the situation and how the team feels about it hating into tonight's big game. >> i know for coach it's important for him obviously to get 100% healthy before he comes back so he's not doing that, you know, i'm here or a day or two and then, you know, away for a day or two kind of situation. wants to come all the way back and be ready to go. >> this marks the tenth
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anniversary. we believe team and would go on to lose the utah jazz in the second round and ten years later the warriors are taking on jazz in the second round. tonight, of course, we're hoping for a better turnout. tipoff for tonight's game is at 7:30 p.m. in oracle arena, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> yeah, maybe getting a little revenge. >> thank you very much, pete. a red light for uber. up next at 11:00, a new lawsuit the city of san francisco filed against the ride-sharing company and the way it could keep drivers off the road. >> and airline ceos get the top middle seat in front of congress. that's ahead in business and tech. ad-lib numbers
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well, there is definitely confetti for the nasdaq composite this morning as the nasdaq getting an intraday high today, and apple moving up as
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we're waiting to are that company's earnings. we'll keep you posted from that. >> the ceos from some of the nation's largest airlines faced congress this morning to explain their policies on overbooked flights. >> it was, of course, an overbooking that really led to this badly handled pr disaster for united airlines. now scott mcgrew is joining us, and united's ceo was there to apologize. scott? >> reporter: right, apologize once again. oscar munoz has been apologizing to anybody who will listen, and, of course, united settled with dr. david dao dragged off that flight. munoz and other ceos were before the house transportation commit they morning. we don't expect any new laws to come out of this. it was an opportunity for politicians to show their displeasure and airline ceos to take their lumps. here's munoz. >> first we called on law enforcement when safety or security did not exist. that should never happen, period. second, we rebooked crew at the very last minute. we created a situation at our own doing that we should never
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have done, and, third, we didn't offer enough compensation or incentives for any of those customers to give up a seat. >> reporter: and employees didn't have the authority, just to use their own common accepts. other news. cupertino's apple's reports profit. the company is expected to say it has a pile of cash that continues to grow. more cash than any company has had in the history of company. more cash that the gdp of chile. you could buy uber and tesla and have $65 billion left over with the amount of cash we expect them to announce and you'd be a billion short of buying netflix. speaking netflix, the company will add a warning to the series that deals with "13 reasons why." parents were warned not to let them watch or let them watch alone. netflix sells "variety" magazine and the warnings will appear
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before the show, called cards, will be very strong. the show is rated tvma which is the tv equivalent of rated r. >> just need to know what the kids are up to. uber is taking san francisco to court. the ride-sharing company does not want to give the names and addresses of its drivers to the city but attorneys for the city say that it needs to do that in order to tell the drivers to get business licenses. uber says it wants to protect the drivers' privacy, and the company plans to file a motion to end the subpoena today. well, a developing story right now, kris. china urging the united states and north korea to de-escalate rising tensions right now over the communist country's nuclear program. meantime, a contentious u.s. anti-missile system in south korea is reportedly operating and can defend against north korean missiles. nbc's kelly cobiella reports from seoul.
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>> reporter: china is urging today the u.s. and north korea to re-establish contact as soon as possible. that message from china's foreign ministry today as the u.s. continues to carry out military drills with its alice south korea and japan. yesterday the u.s. sent two bombers over the korean peninsula in an exercise with the south koreans. the u.s. military says this is a routine exercise and not directed at any one country but the south koreans say it was a deterrent and a response to the threat of the north koreans missile an nuclear program. the u.s. military confirming that the anti-missile defense system here in south korea or thaad is now up and running and is able to intercept a missile from north korea. it's a controversial system here in south korea and in the region. china objected strongly when it was deployed saying that the radar is so strong it could be used to spy on them. north korea has also objected calling it a provocation.
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today north korea is responding to those bombers sent over the korean peninsula yesterday saying the u.s. is pushing the region to the brink of nuclear war. north korea is not responding to those comments by president trump that he would be honored to sit down with kim jong-un, the north korean leader, under the right circumstances. kell el cobiella, abc news, seoul, south korea. >> back in the bay area now, a string of side shows in san jose over the weekend have left behind a lot more than just some tire marks. this video here shows you dozens of cars doing burnouts and doughnuts in a parking lot right near city hall. part of an early cinco de mayo celebration. police say at least three side shows were reported and another one at san jose plaza forced businesses to shut down early. >> doing burnouts. a little bit scary, ended up police had to come in and shut down the plaza, and we ended up
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closing business. >> the san jose police say they have not made any arrests so far in connection with the side shows. >> as temperatures heat up in the u.s., the wildfire risk is rising. forecasters say that risk is significantly higher for parts of california and nevada as well as the southwest, florida and georgia. experts say heavy winter snow and spring rains can delay some of the worst wildfires. according to call fire wildfires last year burned close to 150,000 acres in california alone. we need to be a little more than concerned about it especially as we are here on may 2nd and you're tracking potentially record high temperatures. >> yeah, it's going to be really hot. we're talking some 90s for today and tomorrow and inland areas. then it starts to come back down and we have to deal with it for a little while longer. three of the microclimates, looking live at the peninsula where it's 79 degrees and that's where the palo alto camera and over at the south bay it's 79 degrees looking over at san
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jose. 75 in san francisco and the east bay from our fremont camera it's 72 degrees and already 83 degrees in the north bay. this is where we're headed. 90 in gilroy and east san jose. high temperatures will reach in the low to mid-90s and concord today up to 94 and oakland up to 85 degrees. 86 in belmont today and san francisco can, the embarcadero up to 82 degrees and lower 90s for north day bay. santa rosa looking at a high of 92 and napa today a high of 11 degrees. in the south bay, all of the sunshine and the temperature trend, we'll be hitting our high temperature by 3:00 this afternoon and very slowly coming down as we go through the evening. even at 7:00 we're still at 80 degrees and then this evening after sunset dropping into the low 70s as you finally take the dog out for a walk with milder weather. if you want slightly cooler
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temperatures, heading to the beach, santa cruz will be a nice place today in the upper 70s throughout the afternoon. hotter for spots like downtown santa cruz, hitting the low 90s but along the immediate coastline you'll get enough of a breeze to keep the temperature down into the upper 70. the breeze, the wind speed will be picking up at least for coast as we go through the day. enough of an onshore flow in san francisco with the winds at about 20 miles per hour, but already a very warm day, and wind speeds for the inland spots at about 10 or 15 miles per hour, calming down tonight, and there will be a slight shift in the wind speeds at least for the immediate coastline to bring just enough cooling for san francisco and spots like half moon bay where the temperatures will be coming down and the inland areas another had day with not much of a wind. fog will build along the coastline for wednesday and
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thursday and until then some very hot temperatures and over the weekend a slight chance of rain, warm in san francisco and only 76 tomorrow and 60s for the weekend, and after a couple of hot days inland in the 60s for saturday and sunday. a look at what's happening in the sierras including the snow melt. that's coming up a little bit later. >> thanks. coming up next, women and children reported on camera in the bathroom of a local restaurant. the details we're learning about the suspect and how he got access toss that bathroom. but first, happening right now, we are continuing to follow the house transportation committee hearing that scott just told us about. it's warning u.s. airlines to shape up on its policies for overbooking. again, that's at that hearing going on this morning. meantime, the trump gain, team there anyway, telling and
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criticizing cnn for not airing an ad of the president's first day of 100 days-ins hour. cnn refused to air that ad unless the part about fake news was removed. that )s how a peninsula
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restaurant owner describes a devastating violation. that's how a peninsula restaurant owner described the actions that sent one of his employees to jail. >> kris, investigators say that an employee at jersey joe's used his cell phone to record women using the bathroom. nbc play area's michelle roberts has more from half moon bay. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says 27-year-old pedro geronimo gonzalez put his cell
11:27 am
phone on record and hid it in the women's restroom. >> today the owner was brought to tears thinking of the four women and two children who detectives say were recorded on saturday evening. >> to just have something like this happen in a small town, sorry. >> reporter: a customer saw the camera and alerted the manager on duty who called 911 immediate will you. gonzalez was arrested shortly after. he could now face several charges, including child exploitation and wiretapping. >> we're victims, too, but the people who were videoed, i think it must be really devastating. >> reporter: today the customers say the disturbing images will make them more aware before they use a public restroom. >> it will make me more cautious every time i use a restroom in a restaurant or anywhere actually. >> the suspect was booked into the san mateo correctional
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facility. no word yet on when he'll be in court but we'll be thereby >> a question being looked at today, should five east bay schools be allowed to split from their current school district and form a new one? the contra costa county board of education is taking up that issue. there's a big push from advocates to separate the school districts. backers of the plan say the districts have ignored needs of the school. the mt. diablo unified school district is against the idea saying they want to carve out the most affluent portion of the district leading to racial discrimination and unfair distribution of resources. regardless of what the county decides, the state will have the final say. coming up, more than half of the levees that protect california's cities from major flooding are at risk of failing. we investigate what that could mean for us here in the bay area. >> folks, before we go to break i want to show you how to join
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our community on the waze application. go to the waze app on iphone or android and in the bottom corner there's a magnifying glass. click on that and click on name at the top, your profile and scroll down to see team and pick nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community. that's how we help each other out. back with more half this break.
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we have 13,000 miles of levees in california, and if placed end to end, they would stretch from san francisco to new york city and back again. >> all right. that's quite the visual there. they are also, by the way, vital to our lives. they were built about 100 years ago. many of them are remaining at high risk for failure. senior investigative reporter stephen stock has the exclusive report. >> reporter: well, according to
11:32 am
this latest report put out by the state of california about half of all the levees that protect california cities from major flood doing not meet modern day standards and if a levee of were to break in the wrong place it could cut off drinking water supplies to the bay area and beyond. >> here's my house. >> reporter: the polaroids and newspaper clippings date back nearly 50 years. >> it took our house down. it was awful. >> reporter: but the traumatic recommend miss remain as fresh today as back in 1969 when a levee of break washed away her sherman island family home. >> the logs that have come from the other end of the island were already in down underneath, and you could hear them ramming and ramming and just shaking and weakening it, and down it went. >> reporter: today thousands of miles of levees still guard against flooding throughout the
11:33 am
sacramento and san joaquin valleys. much of the levee of system was built in the 1800s to preserve farmland, and much of the system has not been properly maintain or modernized. >> here you can see the cracking. >> reporter: michael mears served with the department of water resources. >> levees were design and constructed and conceptualized over 100 years ago but we haven't been paying the true cost of maintaining levees out here. >> reporter: if you think this sounds like someone else's problem on a farm far away from the bustling urban bay area. >> these levees protect our water quality, our water spry, our transportation corridors, our power grid, our electric utilities come through here. >> reporter: according to this five-year survey issued by the state last december, 60% of all non-urban levees like this one are at high risk of failure from
11:34 am
underseepage or boils, structural instability or erosion. that's about 1,230 miles of leveeses that are the at risk and two-thirds of all drinking water for the bay area and southern california travel through aqueduct systems guarded by those levees. this is what they call a boil, what engineers say is a boil. it's water coming from the riff are on the other side of the levee of and boiling up on other side. too much force, too much flow, and there's a real problem that this levee of could wash away. why is this especially important here? well, look behind me. in the distance that's the drinking water supply for the entire east bay flowing through those papers. >> we depend upon the integrity of the levees in the delta to allow us to move that water from north to south. >> reporter: mark cowan just retired in february as manager of director of water resources and says it could cost $3
11:35 am
billion or more to fix the problematic levees. >> the threat of levee of catastrophe is significant. >> this is literally jeopardizing our drinking water in san francisco and l.a. if we don't do anything about it. >> and that's probably one of the facts that i would love for more californians to understand, so it's not just the local areas that's at risk. are the santa clara valley water district, home of silicon valley, gets about 40% of the water from the delta >> you never know when it's going to happen. >> reporter: bruna says the levee of collapse that ruined her home is always on her mind, but it's the possibility of a future levee of collapse that really haunts her. >> because it affects everybody. once the levee of breaks, i mean, it's not just the people would live on the islands now. i mean, it affects everybody. >> reporter: one solution to this, put the drinking water pipes underground. in fact, san francisco's water utility has done just that, burying most of the pipes
11:36 am
carrying fresh water from the reservoir. governor jerry brown wants to build similar pipes or tunnels under the delta to carry drinking water to southern california. that would cost $17 billion and right now is very controversial along the delta. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us us an e-mail at >> there were big turnouts in san jose, oakland and san francisco and at largest may day demonstration took place in oakland. about 2,000 marchers taking to the streets of oakland with messages of solidarity and immigrants' rights before they
11:37 am
rall eeld at san antonio park. earlier in the day as we reported at 11:00, four people were arrested after they chained themselves to the door of the al immediatea government building to protest on behalf of undocument the immigrants. >> some businesses were damaged in the city's downtown area in the protests and a police car was also destroyed. in washington state nine people were arested in violent protests there. a man accused of killing a woman in walnut creek and leading police on a 19-hour standoff could be officially charged later today. that killing happened last thursday, and the suspect eventually surrendered peacefully to police on friday
11:38 am
morning. police say 38-year-old shot and killed a 37-year-old woman last week. the contra costa d.a.'s office says the suspect could be arrested later this afternoon. we're learning more about a teenager shot to death yesterday in san francisco and the 15-year-old has now been identified at rajon jackson from daly city. the san francisco police are trying to figure out why that teenager was targeted. it happened on sunset at kirkham during the lunchtime hour which is usually a quiet spot in that neighborhood. nbc bay area's jean elle has that story. >> we went to the corner and saw the young boy just laying there. didn't know if he was alive or dead and thought it was a car accident. didn't know it was a shooting. >> reporter: rose was stunned to know that someone shot and killed a 15-year-old as he drove
11:39 am
south on the boulevard and and you can see bullet holes. >> it's kind of scary. you don't think that's going to map. >> a 16-year-old team was not injured and it's believed the gunman targeted the driver. police say road rage is a possibility. investigators are hoping to find surveillance video of the car that explains what was behind the shooting. >> especially with cars when they are moving, they continue to move so where a game sooenl started and where it ended it's before i tomorrow say at time. >> someone wonder why someone gunned down someone so young. >> sad that it has toss happen
11:40 am
at all. i mean, guns. >> that was jean elle. not much is being told to us about rajon. he lived in daly city. >> more tragedy to update you on. new details on the san diego mass shooting. police say the shooter might have been distraught over a recent break-up. one person was killed and six others hurt by gunfire on sunday when peter selis started firing during a poolside party. police say he called his ex-girlfriend and told her what he was doing as the shooting was happening. is ellis' victims were all . a rattlesnake bit a san jose man climbing mission peek in fremont yesterday. he was on a trail with his wife and took a seat to rest for a minute, and he got bit. the chp chopper was nearby and was able to rescue him. >> he was a 47-year-old male
11:41 am
from san jose whorp went to sit down after hiking on the peak and put his and down and was bitten which a rattlesnake. >> the bite was bad enough he had to be taken to the hospital. >> i've hiked mission peak before. it's beautiful but check your surroundings while you're up there. >> you won't want to hike mission peak today. kari is tracking the weather, and it is a scorcher. let's go, she's a dog.
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he welcome back. nbc bay area responds this morning to a san jose man who needed help recovering more than $8,000. >> that's a lot of money. it all had to do with damage done in shipping where no value was declared. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with his story. >> reporter: russell maynard sold a high-end sewing machine on ebay for $8,600 and shipped it to his buyer using fedex and in doing so he asked fedex to the paperwork to declare the value of the machine. he was nervous, after all, because it was a very expensive item. he says the clerk at fedex said there was no such paperwork and russell trusted her. that machine ended up arriving badly damaged, so the buyer returned it to russell who had to refund the entire purchase. next russell filed a claim with
11:45 am
fedex. about a week later fedex issued russell a check for $241. he was shocked because that's more than 8,000 short. he said it's because fedex told him he didn't declare the value of the pack and at shipping and russell explained what happened when he shipped the machine and was shuffled around to a few people within the claims division and in the end fedex stood its ground and russell reached out to us for help. we contacted fedex and they agreed to cut russell a check for $8,600. in a statement they didn't explain anything but did say they regretted the delay in resolving mr. maynard's claim. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips or logon to the award goes to southwest airlines and marriott. the two companies once again won
11:46 am
the coveted program of the year titles. more than 4 million frequent travelers voted. you want to get away? i want to get to the beach. 92 degrees in downtown santa cruz. >> that's hot. >> and the coast a mile away and it's 70 something. >> you'll want to get away to the beach and right there along the cove line, no need for a flight. we are going to have some hot weather around the bay area. the farther inland the hotter it will be. right now in fremont it's already 73 degrees and we're seeing all those cars driving by most likely with the air conditioner on full blast with all of that sun beaming down. live look outside at san francisco and getting out and about on this tuesday, looking at san jose and, hey, maybe, a southwest flight. we do have very hot sunshine coming down right now and it's already up to 79 degrees in san
11:47 am
jose. it's 80 in livermore and 83 degrees in fairfield while oakland is at 13 degrees and look at san francisco, still a nice comfortable 70 degrees. we'll head through the day, and we're going to see the high temperatures into the low 80s for san francisco. 75 at half moon bay and in livermore 90 degrees and napa and concord are up to 93 degrees, so if you're looking for somewhere cool to go, how about inside. that's going to be some expensive air conditioning, but it is going to be a great show tonight at 7:30. tipoff. it will be 72 degrees as you head into oracle arena, and then by the time you head out maybe a light jacket needed as the temperatures dropped down into the lower 60s. if you're looking for somewhere cool to go how about the sierra. talk being about the snowpack there, and it's doubled the amount of average for this time of the year in central sierra and statewide we're at 196% of
11:48 am
average after could go all the surveys yesterday. doing mike greenwell. we're up to 68 degrees in heavenly. skiing with short sleeves on, in the low 70s for the next couple of days and a live look outside at kirkwood. temperatures dropping in time for the weekend. look at this weekend's forecast. sunny and 53 degrees and then a rain-snow mix for saturday into sunday. yeah, another round of snow possible, and we could have another round of rain, but the rain chances here will be very slight. we start to see the clouds and fog returning to the coastline tomorrow, and that helps cool us off and then on friday more clouds and then some -- a couple of weather systems moving in. it will bring us a slight chance of rain for the bay area on sunday into early monday as well while there will be a rain-snow mix happening in the sierra, but it does help bring our temperatures down significantly after a very warm start to the
11:49 am
month of may and as we go into the weekend it will be much cooler. we go from 80 to today in san francisco to 60 on saturday and a chance of the few spotty showers to moving in. right now rain chances look slight going from the low 90s around to upper 60s for saturday and sunday with more clouds in the mix so this weekend won't be nearly as warm as last weekend that we just had. kris and sam. >> or certainly the last couple of days, thanks very much. a family with two young babies trapped in floodwaters seconds from drowning. hear their amazing story of survival. >> and before we go to break want to show you how to join our waze community. go to the waze app either on iphone or android and in the bottom corner there will be a magnifying glass when you fire up that app. click on that and click at your name at the top. that's your profile and scroll
11:50 am
down to see teams and pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community. that's how we help each other out. we' we'll get back to you right after the break. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now,
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it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. survival, good samaritans rush to save a texas family from a potentially now a remarkable story of survival. good samaritans rushing in to save a texas family from a potentially deadly accident. >> today we're hearing more from those at the center of a dramatic rescue all caught on rescue. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in dallas with that heartwarming story. >> need some help. >> this morning philip and emily are thankful that they and their two children survived a taroting nightmare when think truck flipped over in a raging flood. >> give me the baby. >> grateful almost beyond words for good samaritans like jaime martinez who rush to the rescue. >> thank you so much. >> their baby, 4-month-old
11:53 am
marshall unconscious when he was pulled from the truck and 18-month-old addie still strapped to the car seat. virginia marshall first on the scene provided the prayer. after she started praying that child started to come around. >> as a mom what's going on through your mind at that time when you see your kids like that? >> help them and give them life before you try to help me. >> they say if it wasn't for the bravery of those total strangers, their young family would not be here to share their story and their gratitude. the 4-month-old boy little marshall has just been discharged from the hospital here in dallas. his sister, 18-month-old addie, remains in intensive care but she's now breathing on her own. her parents and their rescuers now sharing a special bond. dave gutierrez, nbc news, dallas. >> there's more good people than
11:54 am
bad. >> i was going to say the exact same thing. >> people are good. >> we'll be right back. new video this morning out of
11:55 am
11:56 am
minnesota. it looks like the yellow brick road---but it )s a truckload of new video to show you out of minnesota and get a load of this. >> what is that? >> that's a truckload of corn and it looks more like the yellow brick road. that started when a semi rolled on to its side on a highway. it took about three hours to clean up all the corn and then to flip the truck over. no word on whether the driver was injured in the accident.
11:57 am
certainly we hope they are okay. that's quite the scene there in minnesota. >> if that happened here today, it would be popcorn because the roads are hot. >> oh, my goodness. >> yeah. let take a look at those temperatures. i don't know brm popping kernels here but it's going to be very warm here in san francisco and nice and refreshing heading into the weekend. we'll bring winter back. highs in the low 60s, going from summer today and tomorrow and 92 degrees and some possibly record-setting temperatures here and then for the weekend we'll see more clouds and temperatures in the upper 60s inland. >> we talk about microclimates in the bay area and how different it is depending on where you are. one is 90 degrees and then it's raining and snowing. >> yeah. if you haven't uncovered the patio furniture, don't do it now. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> what an incredible carpet, rihanna shutting down the white and blue carpet last night at the met gala. it is the super bowl of fashion. everybody living up to that. i mean, definitely a show stopper there. how in the world did she go to the bathroom? we've got questions. our style expert is here. >> i can't answer how she went to the bathroom nor how she ate. this is a gala dinner. you sit down and eat. what do you do? she's still got to be at a able. i'm glad we opened up with her.


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