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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good wednesday morning, bay area. we start your day off here with a live look at downtown san jose. maybe a little helter-skelter here. >> i spilled my coffee. >/iy just one of many cities looking at 90 degree temperatures today as the '% summer-like heat sticks around. you're bringing the heat in the studio. >> i'm trying to be relatable. q ñ]iñmor? >> you don't even have to try. thank you for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.c we need to fix the coffee. all over the floor down here. >> i can smell it. >> let's go to the forecast. >> hopefully you're out the door and getting ready for a beautiful day. but it will be another hot one. maybe some iced coffee today. here's a livexd look outsidejf
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gñ%99ñ looking very busy already. at 4:30 in the morning, a lot of cars out there on the roadways. this is where the air qual)uf ñ beçó the most unhealthy w3 today, so they're advising you hitch a ride with a friend or all of those elevated ozone levels will make it unhealthy out there for breathing. low 60s and it will be a hot day, looking at high temperatures today in the 90s ñi inland. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike is tracking a report of a fire on the side of the road. >> that's right. with the spare the air day, to note also, talking about ñ#gís?ñbarbecue, liqui ctpáhwell. j have a report of a fire, and don't think it's a barbecue, but it's on the roadside. we're looking at smoth roadways overall, and it's by the 880 interchange. because it's off the roadway, but so close, we8ñ hear about cross the se, we8ñ hear about
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roadway as crews head out there to take care of what sounds like a trash can fire of some sort. very small, but we will track that. as wejf take a look from our towards the maze because of the reports of smoke. i wanted to see ifúj we could me anything out,w could not. mike. >> it's 4:32. now to an nbc bay area exclusive. this morning, the former supervisor of an oakland animal rescue center is under investigation for mistreatingxd animals in her care. >> in all, more than a dozen y they had to be rescued. sarah mcsweeney has the story you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> rotary nature center says on its facebook page, it's an (f, interpretive museum providing information about the natural 1r50ir789, but sources say the 13 rescue animals here have now been rescued again and they were abused. seven reptiles including
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anthony, the 62-year-old california desert tortoise, two guinea pigs, three birds, and a mouse. one source says they were starving, some in cramped spaces in their own fichies and the center has been a focus of two investigations. this patron is not surprised. >> unfortunately, they died off. probably within the last maybe six months. the snake went, then the spider went. >> the woman under investigation by animal control is former center supervisor stephanie ben aveeds, who said she would never mistreat the animals at the nature center where she's working for more than 40 years. >> i love my animals and my animals are taken care of. i put my life on that. >> she said she first came to the city's attention for living in a city van without permission. she said she doesn't drink or do drugs. >> we don't make enough money to support, even if i had a gambling problem, okay. >> an oakland city spokesperson
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addressed the problem and said personnel issues are being q addressed. >> at 4:33 on your wednesday morning, the battle continues today in contra costa county as five schools try to slip from the mt. diablo unified school dwiktd. a grouproh of parents are pushi for walnut creek's north gate high school and its five feeder schools to break off and form their own district. dozens of people came out in support and against the plan. at a county office of education meeting yesterday. that meeting continues today. parents who support the plan say they want more control. >> i have had neighbors and administrators tell me i'm just a bitter parent, i just need to get over it, that mt. diablo is making improvements. >> we have many students who will no longer have access to programs their families depend on. >> there's the unified superintendent who is against the split. there are concerns that creating the new district that is made of affluent neighborhoods would lead to unfair distribution of resources. state education officials will
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make the final decision. >> parents mad for a different reason in the sorth bay. they're reportedly supposed to meet tomorrow with leaders ipone school district that downsized the staff at a school there. more than 100 of the 520 students who attend luther burbank elementary school in san monday. about a fifth of the school population not there. parents are angry about a decision to cut employees that help in day-to-day operations. a recent audit recommended the cuts, but the news still taking parents by surprise. the district says the layoffs are still on track to happen. >> 4:35 right now. new details to share with you this morning on a story we fust broke right here on today in the bay. the community rallying behind a team whose snack shack burned down thursday morning. firefighters say it was intentionally set. boosters say $1500 has been raised to help the team. the former baseball player that
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ñ scout project was upset, of course, when he heard the news. >> let the emotions sit for a uppal minutes and started looking to the future and how can we rebuild it, let the people know that we're better. >> good attitude. the attackers also vandalized a shed and stole tools. >> an economic health check later today. key data on jobs. it could be a good indicator of whether the economy continues to hum right along. >> taking a live look outside, san mateo bridge this morning. a traffic problem there, look at that. only going on one side. we'll check in with mike inouye. he's always got the details for us. 4:36 right now.
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good morning. i'm courtney raegen with your top business headlines. >> futures pointed to a shiitely lower open. the fed is expected to leave interest rates unchanged but investors will be watching for any hints that the fed plans to adp will be out with pay roll numbers this morning ahead of the labor department's report on friday. services sectorsute this morning today. stocks closer slightly higher on
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tuesday. the nasdaq up three points to 6095. apple shares did tumble on disappointing revenues and weaker than expected iphone sales. the world's most valuable listed company said it sold 50.76 million iphones in the second fiscal quarter. it sounds like a lot but it's down from the same period last year. tim cook blaming leaks and rumors about the next generation of iphones for the slowdown in purchases of the current models. and etsy says it's ousting its ceo and laying off 80 employees or about 8% of its cost to cut costs. this as the company reported disappointing first quarter revenue numbers. the former head of skype, josh silverman, will replace chad dickerson as ceo. shares plunging on the surprising ceo change news.
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back over to you. >> a stock to track today. thank you. 4:40 right now. if you're sick and tired of traffic in downtown lafayette, you have until the end of this month to vocalize something about it. the city has put up a survey with 15 ways it's thinking about reducing congestion. it includes coordinated traffic signals, more signals and one people can vote and comment on the options they like. the winning options will be considered as part of the city's development plan through 2040. >> it's 4:41 right now. if your shirt did not completely stick to the side of you -- >> that sounds pleasant. >> there's an opportunity today. >> we're going to have a mild start, looking at the temperature trend for cupertino. 9:00, already in the lower 70s and head nothing to the upper 80s as we go throughout the day. more sunshine, hot weather, but there will be a break. we'll talk about that coming up ny9ñ and following up right here, the san mateo bridge, you see
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the traffic flowing on both sides. laura saw a break in the eastbound traffic coming toward us. no incidents, just a very light flow right now. >> i knew you would check for us. thanks so much, mike. take a look a this. a feeding frenzy at monterey bay. killer whales living up to their name the last couple weeks. attacking other whales. what to do? up next, how some humpbacks are fighting back.ñjr
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very interestingíoñ video t show you right now of a whale fight playing out right now in monterey bay. a pod of killer orcas have killed seven gray whales in the last couple weeks. these are actually humpback whales you're looking at that arrived in the area sooner than expected. rusee them jumping into the fray and trying to fight off the killer whales. experts say the humpback whales have not prevented an attack. they're just stopping orcas from feeding after the hunt. thisd video, a mother gray whale was able to save her calf from orcas on sunday. again, a lot of those humpback whales pushing back and trying to fight off the killer whales. going on in the maunonterey bay. a water war. >> you know what's so interesting is if you have been to the monterey bay aquarium, how many species we have of a lot of mammals and animals out there. really cool. >> and those jellyfish. >> i really cool. >> do some wail watching out
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there. >> yes. >> we'll stay clear of that one. >> if you're going to head to the beach today, an awesome place to be. maybe you'll see something like that happening. who knows? here's a live look outside at san jose. we start out with clear skies, a nice mild morning. at 4:46, as you get ready to head out the door, we have temperatures at 66 degrees. and wow, what a warm start. it's 63 degrees in palo alto. 62 degrees in oakland, and 58 degrees in santa rosa and in san francisco. here's a look at those high temperatures today. as we go around the bay area, in san jose, up to 89 there. in cupertino, heading through the east bay, 92 degrees in danville and walnut creek as well as 92 in antioch today. and the peninsula will be at 67 at half moon bay. that's going to be really refreshing. then you go on the other side, and we're at 85 degrees in belmont. it's going to be up to 78 degrees in the mission district today. and 90 in santa rosa. as you get a look outside the window and getting ready for the
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day, you pretty much have the same thing you needed yesterday, the sunglasses and flip-flops and then also the t-shirts and shorts. but don't wear the same thing you wore yesterday. maybe change it up a little bit. we are going to have some very warm weather, and then we'll be putting on the layers once again with more clouds moving in. we'll start to see the fog returning to the coast, and that will help provide us with some relief over the next couple days with an onshore flow. by friday, we start to see clouds in the mix, but itok doe stay dry on saturday also some partly cloudy skies. on sunday, we'll have a few spotty showers in the forecast. on sunday as well as monday, as a few weather systems pass by the region, but it doesn't look like we'll see anything really significant, no heavy, measurable rain, but we are going to put the chance of rain in the forecast as the temperatures come down. we're up to 78 degrees today. 64 degrees tomorrow in san francisco. and a cool rest of the week with highs in the low 60s.
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and then look at the inland area as we gooofrom 92 today to 86cn tomorrow, and then by the weekend, we'll have more clouds and highs only reaching into the upper 60s. we'll talk more about that, but let's head over to mike. you have something reported now in oakland. >> that fire we talked about, the roadside fire off 880 and 980 in oakland. let's look at your sensors all over the bay. as you would expect at 4:48, very light, easy flow of traffic. right there, that's where we had reports of a little fire, and it's gone from the report. no problems and no incidents involving structures or injuries. we'll say it's all clear and so is the maze. that's a good flow of traffic. now, you have a smooth ride on your transit right now. but ace train did say ace train number seven, fourth trine of the morning, they're going to have 106 students traveling from central valley over in towards san jose. i think they're warning there will be a lot less seats than
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you would ex. so that's the note. take one of the earlier trains if you can. the noise might be an issue. we're looking for waze. look at waze, we showed you an easy drive down the east shore freeway. some folks make the drive from the north bay down into oakland at this time of morning. moving very smoothly. just 27 minutes for the purple line. later on, the east shore freewañ might get busy so you might want to head to the benicia bridge, but right now, that's about ten minutes longer. so don't do that, stick to the east shore freeway, and stick to waze and our team. you have waze likely loaded on your phone. if you had it for years. you might be a member of a different team. go to your profile and select teams and then you make sure you selected nbc bay area wazers. that's the team to join. be a part of this community so we can help each other. back to you, laura. >> thank you very much, mike. >> 4:49 right now. charges dropped. surfer will not face charges in connection of a death of a man near the boardwalk. prosecutors say there wasn't
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enough evidence to connect him to the death. they got into a fight on saturday night. investigators found lee dead and callahan was sleeping about 100 feet away. callahan admitted to the fight but says he did not kill lee. quite a change in reception last night. a standing o for the orioles adam jones at fenway. this, you see fans there, cheering for the outfielder. that was not the case on monday night. that's when some boston fans taunted jones uéy racial epithets. jones says he was called the n-word numerous times and had a bag of peanuts thrown at him. >> i don't want no love and support. i don't need all that stuff. i just want÷ fans to beg and enjoy themselves. be cheering on your team, but be respectful of where you're at. >> yeah, there was widespread rebuke for that,(qyunderstandab. the mayor of boston weighing in saying the behavior was unacceptable. the red sox organization released a statement saying in part, that it was sickened by the news and has zero tolerance for that kind of behavior.
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>> 4:50. is apologizing for the way her officewk1 handled an audit tha found uc administrators hid millions of dollars from the public, all while tuition increased. napolitano testified before state lawmakers yesterday. the audit revealed her office hid reserves of $175 million. napolitano has disputed the dollar amount but agreed the office should keep clear brujt records. >> just ahead, how the return of rain and snow in the sierra this winter is leading to a flock of tourists along a popular river. along the truckee river. first, happening right now, france on heightened security alert. this weekend is the second round of the presidential election there. 3500 soldiers will be patrolling paris while people choose between front-runner sen trn emanuelçó macron and marine le
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pen. >> the border patrol needs about 5,000 new agents. recruiting after president trump asked for more money for border security. back in two minutes. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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"a"tuátáqpv morning. a veteran and a former musician says he almost died after being neglected while in the care of c local sheriff's department. >> now he's speaking to bigad shiban about what happened in sonoma county. >> good morning, guys. bryce lemon says he hit rock bottom when a shoplifting charge landed him in jail. he says what happened next really turned his world upside
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down. medical records show lemon suffered from hypothermia just before getting locked up. he says the condition caused him extreme pain in his legs and feet, and he says he complained about it to medical staff at the jail. but lemon tells us those complaints were ignored for days. he ultimately had to undergo amputation that left him unable to walk. >> they told me what had to happen, i couldn't stop crying. i just sat there and just like, my god. you know? i mean, i don't wish that upon anybody. >> at the end of the day, he had to undergo amputation. who should be responsible for that? >> well, that's a good question. that's going to have to be answered in court. >> lemons is now suing the county. coming up at 11:00, we uncover internal documents that raise serious questions about medical care at the jail. and we'll tell you what all of this has to do with the private company that has ties to communities across california. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call.
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888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to >> turns out california's ban on displaying conupápáe flags on prive government property doesn't include private works. this was stopped from being displayed at the big fresno fair. it shows soldiers fighting in the siege of atlanta. the artist sued and that case was settled on monday. the flag case was settled in 2014, but people are able to display it on private property. >> when it comes to river water, sight seers are getting a sight in the sierra.i+ r(t&háhp &hc waves of rushing water are causing excitement. locals along the truckee river impressed with the water flow, especially after so many years
4:57 am
of drought. >> it's going to be higher as >> time right now is 4:56. the surge of sunshine melting the snow across the bay area. it's a mini heat wave. how long will it be around for? >> a little while longer. also blowing around a lot of allergens in the air from tree to grass, pollen, very high on the report right now. and we will have some better air quality, better temperatures too, coming up next. and we're looking over here. this is palo alto. a nice easy flow of traffic, light volume around most of the bay. i have an incident i'm tracking for the santa cruz mountains. plus, hot weatherfá back in the koforecast. and that's now raising concerns about fire. the dangdcous spots fire crews are really worried about.i/k let's go, she's a dog.
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[ whimpers ] find ping-pong. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing! as kari hall has mentioned all morning long, going to be a hot one around the bay area. in fact, where i'm standing right now is going to be 91 degrees. why firefighters are staying on alert this morning before you head out the door. >> this is an active senseless gun violence shows we need to do something. >> officers ambushed. the extensive manhunt under way this morning after two chicago police officers were shot late last night. an toln garcia torres's last chance to convince the jury he
5:00 am
did not kill sierra lamar. his defense team's argument, that she might still be alive. today in the bay continues right now. >> a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. oh, yeah, the warriors won last night, too. we'll get to that. >> in the meantime, hot temperatures and elevated fire risk right now. >> not only that, but we have unhealthy air quality for the east bay. that's hot we'll be watching as the thermometer rises going throughout the day. with mild head out the door. 65 degrees in the south bay, tri-valley, 61 degrees. it's 57 in the north bay. san francisco, 59. and 62 in the east bay. and those highs back in the 90s for the inland valleys. peninsula, 88. and 78 degrees in san francisco. a little bit of some relief there, and along the immediate coastline. we'll talk about that, the wind


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