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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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did not kill sierra lamar. his defense team's argument, that she might still be alive. today in the bay continues right now. >> a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. oh, yeah, the warriors won last night, too. we'll get to that. >> in the meantime, hot temperatures and elevated fire risk right now. >> not only that, but we have unhealthy air quality for the east bay. that's hot we'll be watching as the thermometer rises going throughout the day. with mild head out the door. 65 degrees in the south bay, tri-valley, 61 degrees. it's 57 in the north bay. san francisco, 59. and 62 in the east bay. and those highs back in the 90s for the inland valleys. peninsula, 88. and 78 degrees in san francisco. a little bit of some relief there, and along the immediate coastline. we'll talk about that, the wind speeds, and looking ahead to
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cooler temperatures in about eight minutes. mike's checking on the drive for highway 17. >> we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic all around the bay. just 501 right now, so no major issues. we're looking at increased clearing inño' highway 17, had crew clearing from the southbound side, a tiny bit of slowing as you head down catching the catch. one cone in lanes, but a report the crew is also likely there. be careful whenever you see9- t cone zone. a smooth drive getting toward the bay bridge. no delays for the east shore freeway or oakland and the maze. back to you. >> thank you, mike. back here in the bay area, the heat is on. didn't even leave the bay area. a live look at san jose on the left side, dublin on the right, as traffic is picking up. these are two hot spots today as the temperatures continue to sky rocket. >> as the bay area heats up, fire departments are keeping a close eye out for wildfires. >> pete suratos live in pleasant hill with what firefighters are
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saying about the dangers right now. pete, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, sam and laura. yes, never too early to have those concerns about fires popping up around the bay area, especially in places like pleasant hill where we're standing. you can see the grass and weeds starting to pop up, really after the heavy rain, and it's left that area like this. and i want to show you an area we were able to pass by just up the street at dinosaur park. hillsides that are highly susceptible to brush fire, the browning of the grass and weeds taking place already. hit the 90s later today, it's going to be about 91 here in pleasant hill as well as in walnut creek and concord hittinñ the 90s, thew3 grass could3leñ brown in no time, making it a big time fire hazard. i spoke with contra costa fire, and they told me if folks aren't careful, there could be serious >> we always encourage people to be careful with[ñ smoking
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unabated grass and weeds like this, and be careful using lawn mowers that aren't designed for weed whacking because they can strike a rock and ignite a spark and cause a fire. >> very helpful tips as we deal with the hot weather over the next few days. contra costa county is already sending out weed abatement notices to homes in the area. you can see those weeds growing. they're going to be turning brown, of course, with all the heat taking place. so it's clearly an issue that fire departments are keeping an eye on around the bay area. live in pleasant hill, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest there, pete. >> 5:03 right now. breaking news this morning. north korea is finally acknowledging it is detaining an american citizen for allegedly attempting to, quote, commit hostile acts. kim duck, who also goes by tony, was arrested last month as he prepared to leave the cjtry. on the
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invitation of pyongyang university of science and technology to teach accounting. he's one of three americans held in north korea. >> we're following a developing story domestically this morning. a massive manhunt continues for the suspects who shot two police officers last night in chicago. multiple people right now are being questioned. police say the shooting happened at two plain clothes officers were conducting an investigation on the city's south side. that's when two vehicles pulled up and police say the suspects, quote, started firing indiscriminately at the officers. those police officers apparently targeted as they wear their are expected to survive. some city leaders say they need better gun laws in chicago. >> the continuation of the gang and gun vileants olence we haves now hitting home. in ways that is impacting all of us that it shouldn't be. we have seen it impact our families. we've seen it impact our
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children. and now, it's impacting our police department. >> investigators also saying this morning that the suspects used high-powered weapons to commit that crime. 5:05 right now. the man accused in the deadly shooting of his ex-girlfriend last week in walnut creek scheduled to appear in court later today. after that shooting, investigators say gregory procopwits then got into a 19-hour standoff with police that ended in martinez. the victim was shot multiple times last thursday near larky park in walnut creek. he's expected to be arraigned later today. >> 5:05. today, activists will call for longer walk signals in san francisco. been a deadly week on the city streets. two people have died. the most recent was on monday when a 56-year-old was hit on octavia street on ramp to highway 101 at 3:00 a.m. today's news conference starts at 11:00 a.m. >> in the meantime, changing the rules of the road for some cyclists. state lawmakers considering a bill to allow cyclists toym tr stop signs like yield signs.
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in idaho, cyclists can legally slow down and keep rolling if the path is clear of cars and pedestrians. a proposal toxl allow the ñstop, so that's where the name comes from, in california. right now, is on the table for lawmakers in sacramento. now, assemblyman reynolds says the change improved safety for cyclists in idaho so it could do the same. >> you force a bicyclists to an unnecessary stop. they have to spi]end over twices much time in the intersection exposed to unseen vehicular traffic. >> it should be stated that the law enforcement community is against this idea. they worry that it would create confusion at stop signs. it would be hard to enforce. the bill is scheduled for a hearing in sacramento on monday. continuing the day's news. menlo park is beefing up its efforts to try to protect the community from future flooding. last night, in fact, city
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leaders approved to upgrade the chrysler pump station which is a few miles down from facebook's headquarters. it's the only city-run storm water collection facility. the go is to handle a 100-year flood event, defined as a flood that has a 1% chance of in a g1w >> it is 5:07 as you get ready to head out, taking a live look outside at fremont. this is one of the areas we'll be watching all around the east bay with unhealthy air quality today. and the north bay peninsula, south bay will still have moderate air quality. this means you should carpool, catch the b.a.r.t., or hop a ride with a friend. maybe ride your bike to work if you can. it's a spare the air day. the first of the season, and that means we'll have high levels of ozone. so ifñ you will be going out to some of theçó parks, hiking tras around thei/w south bay, arounde morning hours will be the best time to hike.
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look at that temperature, 61 degrees. throughout the day, heating up quickly. by 10:00, at 74. and 88 degrees. make sure you're drinking lots of water, and probably the time that you want to avoid being out there in all of that sunshine and hot weather. we'll talk more about this coming up. mike has some green speed sensors out there on the map. >> let me show you, well, pretty much all of them. we're looking at a great drive for most of your bay. the only thing other than green is over here out of the altamont pass. typical off 205 and 580, clearing by the time they get to north flynn road. we're looking at the north bay as well because a lot of folks drive through novato and san rafael. no issues there. travel times looking great throughout, including highway 37. the ride on the b.a.r.t. system is moving well. a note, ace train number seven will have a lot of students heading to san jose. the entire route, so there willx be fewer seats available. we'll get a quick look out there as well. dublin 580 shows a smooth drive, but good volume toward the
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dublin interchange. >> thank you very much. >> we're getting breaking news into our newsroom at 5:08, we're getting reports of -- finding out, we should say, of domestic disturbance that happened on monday night on frazier drive in san jose. >> an officer-involved shooting in san jose. they were responding around 11:30 last night. not frazier drive -- >> monday night. >> this is monday night, excuse me. and what happened essentially is they responded to a family disturbance. a man was shot. that person has been taken to the hospital for treatment. we don't know what his condition is, but the police officer involved is on administratorive leave right now. >> we expect to h!'iñ a news conference with the police department later today. we'll continue to monitor for that information just coming in to our newsroom. >> in the meantime, coming up next on wednesday, 5:09, the newly approved bus that could lead to changes for caltran. >> plus, terrifying moments. werers trapped after a tunnel5$. explosion in china. how the hours-long rescue came to an end this morning. >> and apple giving away more
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money than any company ever has. we'll take a look in business and tech.
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we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. good wednesday morning. it is 5:12. today we'll reach the peak of the heat. and as we take a live look outside at san jose, well, getting a little bit of light in the sky. really heat'c things up. looking at the temperature trend for los gatos, at 9:00, already at 71 degrees. noontime temperature, 85. up to 91 degrees today.
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wow, take it easy. we'll have some cooler weather in the forecast coming up in five minutes. and travel times are pretty cool throughout the east bay an tri-valley. no major delays. a little slight build through the commute. i'll show you what's going on if you have to travel over toward oaklandfátoday. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. it's 5:13 right now. it is another crucial day ahead in the sierra lamar murder-9 c. after six hours of closing arguments from prosecutors yesterday, ñitoday, the defenses expected to have their turn. today in the bay's bob redell live at the courthouse with where the trial stands this morning. bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the prosecution still must wrap up its closing arguments. expected to happen when court resumes at the hall of justice in san jose at 9:00 this morning. then the lectern will be turned over to thet% defense team for antolin garcia torres. his attorneys are expected to question the way investigators
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collected ñrdna evidence. they may blame cross-contamination for their client's dna found on her clothes and his dna found in her car. some dna analysis was done without proper precaution, but it doesn't explain how his dna ended up on her clothes. the defense might try to argue the reason no one found her body is pause she's still alive, living a life elsewhere. prosecutor david boid called that defense absurd run away theory. boid played in court a video shot six days before+ the disappearance of lamar being a goofy 15-year-old girl, not someone about to run away from home. he also argues after garcia torres allegedly kidnapped lamar on the way to the bus stop, he had over five hours with no alibi. plenty of time to sexually assault her, kill her, and dispose of her body. if convicted of her murder,
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garcia torres could be sentenced to death. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest there, bob. it is 5:15 right now. tragedy in china. 12 people are dead they were trapped in a railway tunnel blast. more than 2,000 rescuers and medical workers braved the carbon monoxide and dust just to search for the trapped workers. rescueeration ended early this morning. all of the dozen of trapped workers died in that blast. an investigation is under way to find out what happened. >> if you happen to be passing through sfo today, you may notice pilots on a picket line. this is not part of a strike. instead, pilots from alaska airlines are holding a xdprotes at three west coast airports, sfo being one of them. alaska air recently swallowed uppen airlines. so far, the pilots union and the new airline have yet to sit down for new contract talks. not exactly a gravy train, but caltrain is apparently
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getting enough funding in the new budget to resume its electrification project. part of the budget deals includes money for that effort. it grunded to a halt when the white house withdrew funding for the upgrade. >> 5:16. san francisco supervisors holding off on considering a plan to add more electric cars. examer reports the supervisor is proposing that change. it would call for gas guzzling cars in the city fleet to be swapped out for electric cars. the idea was a work in progress, even before yesterday, but at yesterday's hearing, supervisors decided to wait at least another week before discussing that measure. that is so tang cani] provide me cost analysis. >> we're talking about being out on the road, in theúpn meantim we're buying fewer cars of any kind. >> scott mcgrew, the nation's carmakers are starting to trugal. >> they are. it could be a sign the economic boom is starting to fade a bit. carmakers reported their latest sales, and as we look over the
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numbers this morning, ford and chrysler are down both 7% year over year. gm down about 6%. part of this is just the shine coming off all-time records, but now it might actually be a good time to buy a car, as car dealers are a bit nervous. >> lots of people in san francisco don't buy cars. they use uber or chariots, those private buses. chariot drivers just2íñ voted t join the teamsters union, as other bus drivers have in the past. so the clock is winding down on that job. chariot and others say they are preparing for the day when buses just drive themselves. just this week, samsung became the latest company to get a permit from california to experiment with self-driving cars. uber will be back in federal court today, one of its employees is accused of stealing the technology that makes uber'' automated cars go. a federal judge in san francisco will consider an order that would stop uber from using its
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automated cars at all until the case is settled. >> the fed ends its two-day interest rate meeting today. we don't expect the committee to take any action. apple says its sales of iphones slowed. so many people are expected a super cool iphone in september, they're not buying a new one now. it turns out yesterday is a quarter trillion dollars. it's going to give some of the money back to+vx investors in form of an increased dividend. the largest dividend you can get from any company in history. but it's still enough money to buy tesla and ford and just enough to buy netflix as well. doesn't seem like apple is going to be buying any companies soon but it is giving money back to investors. >> will they see it soon? >> in the next quarter. >> but the stock price is going down because they didn't meet iphone expectations? >> why would you buy an iphone 7 when the tenth anniversary one is going to be super cool and made of gold. >> we will see.
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>> you can get me one. >> your birthday is not until january. >> great memory. >> speaking birthdays this morning, take a look at this. these are twin sisters, possibly on the same wave length. they say it happens. this takes it all to a new level. they coincidentally gave birth on the same day in the same hospital. they each gave birth to a baby boy last friday. they say it was no pre-emptive planning involved at all. >> growing up, it's so cool, we're going to raise our kids together, have families together. we never thought it would happen this close, never thought that would happen. >> that is amazing. the moms are already talking about joint birthday parties along with, of course, matching outfits, no doubt, those twin sisters grew up with a lot of that, too. there is a special bond with multiples. thalnaamazing. >> really is it could go one of two ways. you want your own identity or you spent your entire life together for so much time --
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>> i think it's a combination of both. i know i do that with my triple triplets. i sing happy birthday three times. they pick out their own clothes. >> we do that for you, too? >> that's true. >> perfect segue. what kind of clothes would you recommend today? >> short sleeves today, and shorts, flip-flops, all of that stuff because it's going to be hot today. we will have a lot more sunshine. near record high temperatures. we'll get to that. let's get a live look outside at san francisco as you get ready to head out the door. gorgeous start to this day. getting a little bit of light in the sky. sunrise earlier and earlier every day. this morning, it happens at 6:0011. as we start out, it's 65 degrees. now, in san jose, such a mild start. and no need for a heavy jacket. it's 62 degrees in oakland, palo alto, 63 degrees, and santa rosa at 57. as we go through it day, we'll see the highs in the south bay up to 89 degrees in morgan hill.
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90 in east san jose, and 91 in los gatos. east bay, 92 in danville. 84 in san mateo. san francisco and the mission district, 78 degrees. and santa rosa today up to 90. we may have some new records set today. napa, expected to be just two degrees below the record high. san francisco, one degree below the record high. oakland will be very close as well as richmond. livermore up to 91, and the record is 94 degrees. san jose may tie that record of 90 degrees. but we will see a shift in the winds, and that will bring in cooler temperatures. the i/kseven-day forecast shows the i/kseven-day forecast sh up today in san francisco, but cooler down for the rest of the week. slight chance of showers for the end of the weekend. inland areas go from the low 90s to the upper 60s by the end of the weekend. let's head over to mike now. the commute still looking good? >> looking great right now. the tri-valley shows only signs of slowing. that's for highway 84 as you're
5:22 am
cutting through the construction zone. over towards stanley, and no surprises. and maybe a disabled vehicle also for 580. we'll talk about that in a second. let's talk about the south bay, peninsula, and even the north bay. they're all at. just give them a shout out. west 580, there may be a disabled vehicle around livermore avenue. i don't see any slowing here, but let's look at waze. some folks, the perspective drive from dublin to the oakland area, a no-brainer. you'll use 580 and take 580 or 80 depending on where you go wrorb you see the routes and the times. you can see on your phone as well. maybe you're leaving from work or home. make sure you're on our waze team and do that by clicking on your profile, the magnifying glass takes you to your name, which takes you to the profile where you select a team, nbc bay area wazers, help get the network of all of us on the roadway, and we leverage that information we get as one solid report. to you. >> nice. we are a team.
5:23 am
thanks, mike. >> also a catchy name. something else that's catchy, throwback tuesday. the way the warriors honored the we believe team of 2007. >> plus, meeting the doctors of tomorrow. the program that's helping east bay students prepare for a career in the medical field.
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5:25 right now on your wednesday morning. a live look at oracle arena
5:26 am
where the warriors picked up where they left off in thes nba playoffs. the ws had to wait seven days between games. no problem. that was of course after they swept the trail blazers in the first round. they came out strong against utah. game one of the western conference semifinals last night. steph curry going on for two of his team high 22. the warriors won without much of a challenge. they win 106-94, and interim coach mike brown stepping in for steve kerr says he's enjoyed sitting in. >> no, i still enjoy it. i'll keep enjoying it. i feel like i got one of the better seats in the house, and i'm not even paying for it. so it's a good thing. >> still no word right now on when kerr might return. last night, the warriors honored their we believe team from 2007. there's baron davis. ten years ago, this group won their first round series as a number eight seed upset. they eventually lost toñi the se utah jazz in the mjiconference semifinals. >> some of the bay area's
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doctors of tomorrow are getting an up close look at their possible futures. kaiser peraniente hosted an innovation lab. students0 treated an imaginary car crash victim. kaiser says it's a great way to get people started on a path to a career in medicine. >> up next, another round of heat coming to the bay area. kari hall tracking hot spots for us. >> we also have our first spare the air smog day for the bay area. especially in the east bay where the air quality will be the most unhealthy. some relief for fresh breezes in the bay area up next. also, east bay parents say they want more control and accountability over their public schools, but it's how they're going about it that has other parents and educators saying it sounds a lot like segregation. hey allergy muddlers
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are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. 5:30 wednesday morning. we start right now with a live look outside at bay bridge. all lit up and look at that light sky. ing brighter earlier and earlier, and it is getting hotter and hotter this week. san francisco might be one of the only areas in the bay that is not go to be in the 90s. i exaggerate a little bit, but not much. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. all right. kari, a lotl/ of people not a f of this hotñr weather so soon. >> yeah, it's been very early. then we're talking about the
5:31 am
possibility of some parts of the bay area near record high temperatures. and then we catch a break. let's talk about it. let's look at now, san francisco's seven-day forecast, up to 78 degrees today. a little bit of a break there, and then we'll have 60s the rest of the week. and then inland yeahs, stillñ1 making it into the low 90s today and then it starts to come down as we go through the rest of the week. this weekend looks really nice, but it won't be as bright and sunny. we'll talk about what to expect with that slight chance of showers in the forecast. but as we head over to mike now, your usual changes at the bay bridge. >> no surprises for the commute right now. and a nice pleasant drive because we can focus on the heat, i guess, that we're preparing for. a smooth flow of traffic all around the bay. that disabled vehicle has not been a problem for 80. i'm waiting for the all clear from chp over north livermore. a smooth drive for the drive times. as expected, the metering lights
5:32 am
have been turned on, so there's. your backup. back to you. >> thank you very much. we're staying on top of breaking news we first brought you about 20 minutes ago. an officer-involved shooting in san jose. we're learning this happened late last night just before midnight in the 1500 block of mt. frazier drive, in the east foothills. investigators say an officer shot a man one after responding to a report of a family disturbance. the man was taken to the hospital to be treated. the officer is placed on paid administrative leave, which is routine after an officer-involved shooting. we have a crew heading to the scene. we'll bring you a live report as soon as they arrive. a battle is brewing in the east bay. all over a controversial proposal that could break up one of the largest school districts in our state. >> a lot of parents way weighing in on this. we're talking about mt. diablo unified school district made up of 32,000 students. but this new proposed district you're looking at the map right now, what it could look like,
5:33 am
would have only 4,600 students. critics say it would only be kids from wealthies. kris sanchez is live in walnut creek with where this proposal stands this morning. >> good morning to you, sam and laura. people are passionate about their public schools, so we expect that attendance at tonight's public hearing will be the same as it was last night. and last night, it was a packed house. and it was a passionate crowd. as folks gathered to weigh in on this. the fate of a lot of students are in the balance. also, the fate of the taxpayers. the mt. diablo school district, as you said, has 32,000 students. the proposed north gate district take less than five,000 students, but five schools that would be take -- breaking away, are among the most affluent, which opponents say would take resources from less advantaged students. parents though, say breaking north gate away from mt. diablo means more control and accountability. >> preparing yourself to pass
5:34 am
underperformance is not the way the worlds. >> we will have many studentswl who will no longer have access to programs that their families rely on. >> the second of two district meetings on the proposed secession is 6:00 tonight. the gardens at heather farm is where that's going to happen, that's in walnut creek. after today's public meeting, a contra costa county committee will review the petition on nine different criteria. if those are met, it goes then to the state. there will be a lot of public meetings between now and then. at 6:30, we'll tell you how the city of walnut creek weighs in on the matter. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. >> happening now, a new video just coming in this morning from uc santa cruz, where students have taken over a building on campus. locking themselves inside in protest. nearly 200 students have taken over hall, demanding the university give back the rosa parks house to students by this
5:35 am
fall. they also want the building painted trual african-american colors and diversity training for all students. the african black student alliance organized the protest that started yesterday afternoon with a march. then they took over the administration building by blocking the doors. the chancellor plans to meet with the group on thursday, but the school has not commented publicly. we have a crew arriving in minutes. we'll bring you more later this morning. >> 5:35. now to a story you're only going to see on nbc bay area. the former supervisor of an oakland animal center is under investigation for mistreating he. 13 animals have been removed he. after sources there say the animals were starving and that some of them were left in small cages in their own feces. it includes seven reptiles, two guinea pigs, a bird, and a mouse. woman is under investigation by animal control is the former center supervisor.
5:36 am
we spoke to her, she says the authorities have it all wrong and that she would never mistreat these animals. >> i love my animals. and my animals are taken care of. i put my life on that. >> a little snippet of our conversation. she is homeless and she says that she first came to the city's attention for living in a city van without permission. an oakland city spokesperson confirms that investigation and says personnel issues are in the process of being addressed. >> a disturbing crime in pleasant hill. police releasing this sketch of a man who they say walked up to a teenage girl, lifted her skirt, then took off running. it happened about 2:30 yesterday afternoon while she was walking near morello avenue. if you recognize this man, call pleasant hill police. >> if you are sick and tired of traffic in downtown lafayette, you have until the end of the month to actually do something about it. the city has put up a survey loib with 15 ways it's thinking about implementing to reduce congestion there. they include coordinating
5:37 am
traffic signals, more signals, and one way onlies. people can vote, comment on the options they like, and the winning options will be considered as part of the development plan put in place through 2040. we have seen a lot of heat in the last few days. actually felt it a lot, but don't be too concerned if you smell fire in vallejo. there will be a large-scale fire training happening today and tomorrow. the training will take place in a building in the heart of the city in carolina street near the shopping center. >> it's 5:37. as you get ready to head out this morning, all clear skies and mild temperatures. get ready for a hot day. grab the water bottle. you'll keep refilling it as the day goes along. you want to stay hydrated. 62 degrees. looking live from our peninsula camera at palo alto. 61 degrees the tri-valley. 67 xddegrees looking from belvedere in the north bay, and we will have a lot of clear skies, sunshine, warming things up again today. we're up to 90 in the south bay. looking san jose.
5:38 am
88 degrees will be the high in the peninsula. and the east bay from our fremont camera, will be up to 83 degrees today. a little bit cooler for san francisco, but still very warm, and hot in the north bay. up to 90 degrees. we'll take a look at the temperature trend for evergreen coming up in three minutes. mike has an interesting note for the rail. >> we have this on twitter, so first we'll show everybody the easy drive on the roadway, starting to see a little build in your typical spots for theq tri-valley. th bay bridge toll plaza, of th course. no delay for the b.a.r.t. system or any of the other rails including ace. not right now. ace train number seven coming down to san jose later on this morning, they sent out a noteat and it says 106 students will be riding on ace train seven. i think that just means fewer seats available, just that note. we're looking toward san jose where we did see someone tap on their brakes that caused a ripple back. starting to smooth out again. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> right now we're learning of a deadly bombing attack near the
5:39 am
u.s. embassy in kabul. the developing details just coming in. >> and parents taómoking a stan. the reason some san jose students aren't going to school this week. >> hillary clinton and donald trump back at it again. we'll take a look when today in the bay continues.
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5:41 am
it's 5:41 on this wednesday. h"át peak of the heat today. and we start out with clear skies looking over san jose. the temperature trend for ts r(c
5:42 am
evergreen will be in the low 70s already by 9:00 in the morning, which is close tox÷w3 our avera high temperature for the day.=)ñ wyljeññ]iñ continue to get hott from there? sunscreen, sunglasses, and lightweight, light colored clothing needed today. we're into the low 90s, but thei it does cool down the rest of the week. at 5:47. it's 5:42 right now. and look at the travel times. great down the east shore freeway and approaching the bay bridge. where the metering lights are on. we'll point out a couple choices you can make right now. >> mike, kari, very much. 5:42 right now on your wednesday. new this morning, learning of a deadly suicide bombing near the ñkabul, afghanistan. four people were killed, at least 22 other people wounded. that blast hit a nato coalition convoy during the morning rushó hour there. the attack follows a threat by the taliban to target foreign forces as part of a springfá offensive. >> turns out california's ban on
5:43 am
displays confederate flags on government property does not;v< apply to private citizens. that's a ruling from the attorney general's office. it comes after this artwork seen q" from being displayed at the 2015 big fresn fair. it shows confederate soldiers fighting in the 1864 siege of atlanta. theht1eñ artist sued. the case was settled monday. the state's confederate flag ban went into effect in 2014, but now it's clear that individuals are still free to carry, display, or sell theco( flag on government proüi9ñ a contract dispute right now francisco qvlschools, butñ.' reportedly, took on a questionable turn last week when the chronicle reports teachers at an elementary school in san francisco sent a letter home to parents explaining the situation and asking for their support. they say that move blatantlye violated state law. they're now reviewing the
5:44 am
potential legalus of all this. >> parents are peeved,jf they'r meeting tomorrow with leaders in one san jose school district that made staff cuts at a school there. the mercury news reporting more than 150 of the pnk students wo attend luther burbank elementary school didn't showt( up for cla on monday. so more than 20% of the student body not there. parents are angry about a decision to downsize staffing and day-to-day operations. the district now says no jobs will be lost, but a recent odd lt recommendedñ rolling back staffing and thers÷ news is tak panchts by surprise. >> ÷ñ5:44. president trump is speaking out this morninj9 after his one-ti opponent hillary clinton made a rare appearance. ñ the winner nor the loser seem ready to let this election go. >> no, president trump to this day reminds us he won. we think that's fairly self-evident. hillary clinton reminding us she got more votes. therádemocratic candidate for president back in 2016 made a rare public appearance on
5:45 am
tuesday. where she took full responsibility for her loss to donald trump. for a moment. and then said others were at fault, too. >> but i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. >> clinton is referred to fbi director jim comey in his bizarre last-minute announcement he was reopening the ñ e-mail, only then to close it back down again. clinton's claim that she could ñ the president, who tweeted last night, fbi directoruáátk was the best thing that ever happened to hillary clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds. the phony trump russia story was an excuse used by the democrats as justification for losing the election. perhaps trumpxd referring to himself in the third person,
5:46 am
just ran a great campaign. you would expect mr. trump to react. what's surprising is how he tweaks his own fbi director, who remember, is investigating the white house and its connection to russia. not a hard and fast rule that's written down anywhere, but generally don't make fun of the fbi guy who's investigating you or call his investigation phony. today, president trump will meet with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. early in his presidency, he said he did not agree with america's. two-state policy and said he would move the american embassy to jerusalem. both a slap in the face to palestines, only to quickly back down on both of those things. president trump has said he would like peace in the middle east, but they're struggling to figure out what his positions are because they're changing soo rapidly. >> scott, of course, examines our president's tweets, executive orders and speeches every morning here on tb and he enjoys hearing from you.
5:47 am
you can share your thoughts with scott on twitter. >> talk about a rush, when it comes to river water, sight seers are getting a thrill in the sierra. the recent snow melt causing excitement thanks to waves of rushing water. locals along the truckee river impressed with the water flow, especially after so many years of drought. i would imagine it will be spectacular. >> getting under the bridges, you have to duck down. >> yes. >> i'm not going to bother trying that. white+ water rafting on the truckee river. >> this has been a crazy week of weather. we're now talking, you wereiv% earlier, about possible snow again in the sierra. >> you can see that this weekend, spaelths on sunday, a slight chance of rain in the bay area after such a hot start to the week, we can end it on a cool note. as we look at dublin as the sun rises this morning, already getting busy out there, and we all are enjoying a nice cool
5:48 am
start. but then it will be warming up. look at where these temperatures are now. in napa, we're at 61 degrees, and 62 in oakland. palo alto at 63 and 58 degrees starting out in morgan hill.q/ looking at those high temperatures today in the upper 80s to low 90s. up to 94 today in concord, and palo alto, 88 degrees. san francisco will be touch cooler today at 78 degrees. it will be in the low 90s for santa rosa and napa. as you get up and about to wake the kids up, getting ready for school today. it's also teacher appreciation week, so make sure you bring something sweet for the feature today. it's going to be sunny and comfortable. at recess, make sure the kids have sunscreen and slather it on. it will be a hot day with a lot of sunshine. you want to make sure that you stay hydrated as you head out of school today, as the temperatures reach into the 90s. a live look outside at san francisco. getting ready for the day and
5:49 am
as you get ready, make sure you grab the sunglasses and the flip-flops to stay nice and cool and protect your eyes. and we also need some light colored clothing.çoi something nice and íu%ol. some short sleeves and shorts today. we'll be putting on more layers by the end of the week. we'll talk about that cooldown, but looking at the wind speeds. winds coming in from the north throughout the day, and it will be just enough of an onshore flow for san francisco. wind speeds at 15 miles per hour throughout the evening, to help cool things down just a couple degrees from yesterday. and then we'll have a strong ocean breeze heading into tomorrow. so looking at some cooler temperatures the rest of the week. inland, we go from 92 xddegrees today to 86 tomorrow. and then 72 degrees on friday. so you see how those temperatures drop. we'll talk more about that, but mike says the commute is starting to show up in the east bay. >> it's starting to show up on our sensors and we know the cars out there.
5:50 am
just a blip for 101, no problems th north bay. we'll take you to the east bay and tri-valley where we see south 680 through pleasanton and sunol. speeds are dropping just a tad i bit, but nothing dramatic. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are o0>y let's show you waze. there's no waze this morning. we're getting back to my system here. i want to tell you if you have waze, it would tell you which route is best for you. departing whenever you do, now or into the future, a function where you can actually determine what the best time to leave might be based on historical data. you can help them and us gather data and join our team, nbc bay area wazers. that data is used to help update everyone's report. it doesn't identify you, it identifies the problem. back to you. >> it's really accurate on timing, too. >> we love our waze. thank you very much mike. up next, yes, hot weather, we mentioned it's back in the bay area. it is really raising concerns
5:51 am
right now about fire dangers. spots that fire crews are really looking at. >> but first, happening now, france is on heightened security alert. this weekend is the second round of the presidential election. 3500 soldiers will be patrolling paris while people choose between front runner emanuel macron, and marine le pen. plus, looking for a job inthe border patrol needs to fill about 5,000 positions. the agency isgressively demanded moreko money for bord security and got it. we'll be back with more news in two minutes.
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5:54 am
welcome back. it is 5:54 right now on your wednesday ño'morning. a veteran and,í former musician says he almost died after being neglected while in the care of a local sheriff's úéq(artment. >> now, he's speaking to big about what happened in sonoma county. here's more. >> good morning, guys. lemon saysq he had hit7sñ rock bottom when a shoplifting charge landed him in jail. he says what happened next really turned his world ñ&rupsi down. medicalnb records show lemon suffered from hypothermia just before getting locked up. he said the condition caused him extreme pain in his legs and feet and he says he complained
5:55 am
about it to medical staff at the jail. but lemon tells us those complaints were ignored for days. he ultimately had to undergo amputations thaet left him unable to walk. >> when they told me what happened, i couldn't stop crying. i sat there like, my t-god. i don't wish that upon anybody. >> at the end of the day, he had to under go amputation. who should be responsible for that? >> that's a good question. that's going to have to be answered in court. >> lemons is now suing the county. coming up tonight at 11:00, we uncover internalq documents th raise seriousjo, questions abou medical care at the jail. andi] we'll tell you what all o this has to do with the private company that has tiesfáwnk to communities across california. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> happening right now, there's a that's still going on for the person involved in what seems to be a random stabbing in the east
5:56 am
bay. berkeley police released sketch of the suspect they're looking for. the stabbing happened on friday night on san diego road in nort berkeley. a man was walking near his house when he was stabbed. they say the victim did not know the attacker and there was no clear motive in thisi/k attack. a sad day for theúj oakland a's organization, they're mourning the loss of one of their own. casey thomas, a prospect, had died. he was drafted last year and playing on7sñ the a's extended training squad. he spent last season in the rookie arizona league. his father is a pro scott. missouri, could crest at any moment now. take a look at that. in the past few days, flooding has overwhelmed the small city of eureka. that's near st. louis. streets have been inundated with water. volunteers have been distributing hundreds of thousands efñ sandbags to prevet more damage. >> happening today, a solemn
5:57 am
moment for sure, remembering officers who have fallen in the line of duty. the oakland police department is holding its 21st annual opd memorial ceremony to honor those who have died in the line of duty. ann kirkpatrick will be speaking at the event along with alameda's district attorney. that ceremony starts at 11:00 this morning. >> injustice department has decided not to bring charges a high-profile police shooting that was caught on camera. alton sterling was selling a dvd outside a convenience store with the permission of the store clerk when police responded to a call about a man with a gun. the shooting was all caught on cell phone. this is the first time the justice department has publicly declined to prosecute officers for possible wrongdoing in a high profile case. >> technology news now at 5:57, and add another one to the list. another autoer teaming up with a tech firm to develop self-driving cars. this time it's peugeot and
5:58 am
nutonomy. they plan to road test a fleet of autonomous vehicles in singapore in sment. >> there will be soon parking protected bike lanes. the lanes will be on a mile long stretch between octavia. fire officials were against the project saying it could be difficult to access burning buildings, but muni unanimously approved the project. san franciscofá was among the largest cyclists in the u.s. san francisco ranked sixth on for the only other california city to make the list was davis which was ranked third. bellingham, washington, was ranked number wo#one. the mag looked at number of cyclist deaths and infrastructure and programs for cyclists. >> here's an aunjz for late-diners. taco bell is entering the
5:59 am
chicken nugget business. they're called naked chicken chips. [lñ set to launch ne next thursday. they come with nacho cheese dipping sauce. that's the cherry on top. taco bell's follow up to its naked chickennof chalupa, whichd a shell made of all white meat chicken. >> so 6:00 thisfá morning, and we'reñ&r following breaking new has been an officer-involved shooting. >> plus, another bay area heat wave. the steps firefighters are taking to prevent wildfires as we get ready for another hot day across the bay. >> plus, the last chance for defense lawyersxd to convince a jury that antolin garcia torres diz not killcáñ sierra lamar. how the defense team plans to argue he's innocent. >> and changing the rules of the road. the new bill that would allow bicyclists to roll through stop signs. today in the bay continues right now. a very good wednesday
6:00 am
morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we do have breaking news. you mentioned it, we'll get to bob redell in a second, but first, another look at the hot forecast with kari hall. >> that has raised the concern of high ozone levels today.çv'r& it's the first spare the air day for ér season. let's get a live look outside at fremont. this is one of the areas we'llg be offing for unhealthy air quality and the north bay peninsula, south bay will be moderate. it means you should take some public transportation if you can, carpool, bike to work, or also no wood burning as well. we're going to watch out for those high olevels as these temperatures rise. look at how hot it will be today for the inland areas and livermore, we're up to 91. 94 in con. north bay up to 90 degrees, and upper 80s for the south bay. we'll talk about a cooldown in the forecast. that's coming up in five minutes. mike just heard about a crash in the south bay. >> that's right. hearing about the crash on 237, and we're now seeing the


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