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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we do have breaking news. you mentioned it, we'll get to bob redell in a second, but first, another look at the hot forecast with kari hall. >> that has raised the concern of high ozone levels today.çv'r& it's the first spare the air day for ér season. let's get a live look outside at fremont. this is one of the areas we'llg be offing for unhealthy air quality and the north bay peninsula, south bay will be moderate. it means you should take some public transportation if you can, carpool, bike to work, or also no wood burning as well. we're going to watch out for those high olevels as these temperatures rise. look at how hot it will be today for the inland areas and livermore, we're up to 91. 94 in con. north bay up to 90 degrees, and upper 80s for the south bay. we'll talk about a cooldown in the forecast. that's coming up in five minutes. mike just heard about a crash in the south bay. >> that's right. hearing about the crash on 237, and we're now seeing the slowing
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on our sensors. overall, the bays great right now. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. a spot we're tracking is the slowdown here, west 237 coming off of 880. passing mccarthy. reported at zanker, but you see the speed senses, the may be of the off ramp. we're tracking at least one lane that's blocked in the immediate moments after the crash and we'll get an update as chp arrives. we'll track the slowing out of milpitas, and we're looking at the east bay drive times. the build you expect for 680 through pleasanton and 880. that's the castro valley y off ramp there. >> thank you very much. we're following breaking news out of the south bay. just learning within the last ñofficer-involved shooting in san jose. >> bob redell just arrived in the scene in the east foothills of san jose. what's going on there? >> reporter: good morning. as you can see behind me, san jose police department has shut down the 1500 block of mt. frazier drive.
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san jose. not far from mt. pleasant and clayton road. sections. san jose police tell us around 11:30 last night, they responded to a home here about a couple homes down from where we're standing on the left side of the screen. u0round 11:30, responding to aúj family disturbance. without giving us details, police say that one of the officers ended up shooting an adult man who they describe as a he was hit at least once, taken to the hospital for treatment. no one else was hurt. we just spoke with a neighbor. he heard this man might have had a knife. that has not been confirmed by police. that officer will be placed on rue paid administrative leave, and is normal in a situation like this when you have an officer's involved shooting, the district attorney's office and san jose police department's homicide unit will be conducting a so-called joint criminal investigation. in the meantime, we do, as you can see here, have the investigation continuing on the 1500 block of mt. frazier drive. the san jose police department
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tells us their chief is expected to make a comment about the officer-involved shooting some time lateáz$ today. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, tt tt. >> clearly a very active there. thank you very much. 6:03 right now.ok we're tracking this latest heat wave hitting the bay area and there are real concerns about fire danger. >> pete suratos joins us live in pleasant hill to explain what firefighters are doing to try to prevent wildfires. might be a busy summer for them. >> that's right. good morning to you, laura and sam. yes,er expected to hit the 90s here in pleasant hill. of course, a cause for concern for fire departments. in fact, what we're seeing in the area, seeing the grass and weeds popping up really after that heavy rain. so that's why there is concern as things start to heat up. in fact, we'll show you video, we were able to pass by dinosaur park right up the street here. there hillsides like this, extremely susceptible to brush
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fires. you can see grass there browning already because of the heat we have seen. the nearby cities such as walnut creek and concord are also expected to hit the 90s as well, so the grass in those areas could be turning brown in no time, making it a big-time fireered. i did get a chance to speak with contra costa county fire, and they provided me with tips for the public as far as being safe around these types of areas. >> we always encourage people to be careful with smoking materials, parking vehicles on unabated grass and weeds like this. mowers that aren't designed for weed whacking because they can actually strike a rock and cause a spark and igniteñiñi a fire. >> reporter: we're only a few days into may, but contra costa county is already sending weed abatement notices to homes and you can see the weeds that are pretty tall at this point already. you're getting a live look. turning brown a little bit. clearly an issue thatú% ut
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departments will keep a close eye on this morning as things start to heat up around the bay area. live in pleasant hill, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> all that rain clearly behind you causing the weeds to sprout. thank you very much. >> 6:05. you can track the heat wave hitting had baymy area with th nbc bay area app. a really useful tool we all use. check out the hour by hour forecast for your neighborhood to see contactually when the heat will be at its peak. free down lode for iphone and android devices. >> closing arguments set to continue in the high profile sierra lamar murder case. the prosecutionm/o is expected wrap up its closerxd argument wn court resumes at 9:00 this morning. then the defense takes over. attorneys for antolin garcia torres are expected to question the way investigators collected 4zoeátk may also blame cross contamination for their defendant's dna found on the victim's clothing and in the
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suspect's car. >> we have an update for a story we have been following for over the man accused in the deadly shooting of his ex-girlfriend last week in wall nuktd is scheduled to appear in court today. gregory got into a xd19-hour standoff with police in martinez. that's when it started in the afternoon there. police say the victim was shot multiple times last thursday near larky park in walnut creek. the man is expected to be arraigned later today. >> in chicago, a massive manhunt continues this morning for a suspect who shot two officers last night. multiple people are beingt( questioned right now. police say the shooting happened as two plain clothes officers were conducting an investigation on the city's south side. that's when they say two vehicles pulled up and police say the suspects, quote, started firing indiscriminately at officers. the officers are expected to survive. some city leaders say they need better gun control laws. >> the continuation of the gang and gun violence that9/ we have
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seen is now hitting home. in ways that is impacting all of us that it shouldn't be. we have seen it impact our families. we have seen it impact our children. and now, it's impacting our policewo# department. >> investigators say the suspects used high-poweredznó weapons. a couple minutes ago you reported on the fact that san francisco, one of the safest cities for cyclists. nonetheless, they're look to change the rules of the road for cyclists. state lawmakers considering a bill that wued low cyclists in california to treat stopza0 sig like yield signs. in idaho, cyclists can slow down and keep rolling if there are no cars or pedestrians around. assemblyman says the change improves safety for cyclists in idaho, so it could work here. >> you force a bicyclist to come to an unnecessary stop, they have to spend over twice as much
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time in the intersection /m%exd to unseen vehicular traffic. that's the number one cause of bicycle. >> it should be noted thatkhfñ members of the law enforcement community worry about this potential law, that it might create some confusion at stop signs and it would be hard to in. that bill scheduled for a hearing in sacramento on monday. it is 5:08 on this wednesday morning. reaching the peak of the heat today, and we will be nearing some record high temperatures. looking live over the south qba, absolutely gorgeous sunrise. but then look at these temperatures we're expected to hit today in napa. we're up to 90 degrees, and the record is . san francisco might be one degree below the record high set in 2013. oakland will be a few degrees below, and we may tie the record in san jose of 90 degrees set in 2013. we'll keep a close eye on the thermometer and watch it go down for the next couple days. mike has an update on two crashes on the road.
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>> two more crash. these are in the tri-valley and east bay. we'll show you, we're still watching the crash on 237 and i'll bring you more details and a way around the backup as we follow that into south bay. in here, westbound 580, the t it's first street, as you travel through the area past spring town. it looks like the slowing starting to clear up a bit. another crash south 880 around a street that should be off the shoulder but the distraction will add to the slower drive as you head down toward the san mateo bridge. i want to also talk about the travel times for your transit system. no delays for any of these systems. i have marked ace because ace train number seven a couple trains from now, but the last train for the morning will have 106 students traveling to san jose. so i think ace train put that out as a note about more limited seating and maybe more noise. back to you. >> 6:09. thanks so much. spectacular crash. a plane plummets from the sky and onto the street. take a look at that coming up in
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three minutes, how the pilot's quick thinking saved lives. >> and apple is giving away more money. we'll tell you how to get it when today in the bay continues.
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it's 6:12. let's get this wednesday started. we have sunshine and it's going uñday. enjoy the nice weather now. the heat will be blasting, and you'll be blasting the air conditioner.
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at 10:00, we'll be already at 76 degrees. you want to get all of your errands run early. look how hot it will be this afternoon, into the low 90s. we're going to catch a break after today. we'll talk about that in five minutes. >> travel times are moving great. a little build for the upper east shore freeway. nothing dramatic. tracking a total of thirty-two o crashes and i'll show you the latest. >> nothing.o dramatic there, bu take a look at this. wild new video just in to our newsroom showing a plane crash in washington state. the small plane clipped power lines, raining fuel down on cars as it just plummeted to the ground yesterday. it happened just northf seattle. the pilot had taken off from a nearby airport when the plane lost power and crashes. amazingly, no one was injured. witness are praising the pilot for managing to land in an empty part of the street. >> miracle in seattle. seriously. imagine seeing that from the windshield of your car.
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>> 6:13ñi right now.q activists today will be calling for longer walk signals in san francisco. of course, this after a series of deaths on city streets. two people have died. most recent of which happened on monday when a 56-year-old was hit on the octavia street ym on-ramp to highway 101 at 3:00 in the morning. today's news conference on the subject starts at 11:00. >> san francisco supervisors holding off on considering a plan to add more electric cars. the examiner supervisor katie tang is proposing that change. it would call for gas guzzling cars in the city to slowly be swapped out for electric cars. the idea was a work in progress even before yesterday. at yesterday's hearing, supervisors decided to wait another week before discussing that measure. that's so tangk can provide mo cost analysis. >> even for a well established tech titan, something new, mick crosoft, is launching its first laptop. >> a shot at apple. >> microsoft's new laptop looks
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like the macbook air, and about the same price. this is actually the first time misoft has made a true laptop. had it a surface computer, that keyboard. the new one is $1,000 and aimed at college students. >> apple says it's selling fewer is. the company suspects that because people are waiting for the iphone 8, the tenth anniversary iphone. so why buy an iphone now? apple is increasing the dividend, the amount of money it paid shareholders. it's now the biggest dividend you can get anywhere. the fed sphinxes up its two-day meeting. we get the jobs number on friday. last month was unimpress, about half of where they should have been. >> california's largest independent internet service provider bringing super fast fiber to san francisco. right now, they're installing in the mission, they're going to expand, this is a company called
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son sonic. they'll expand to castro, dolores heights, glen park, petrero hills. sonic politically active company. they're fighting the changes to net neutrality protections that the fcc wants to make. >> also in san francisco, chariot drivers just voted to join the teamsters union, as other bus drivers have. chariot says its private buses, but anyone can use them with an app. chariot is one of those start-ups. there were whole bunch of private start-ups, but all sort of faded away. ford bought chariot, that's one of the reasons they survived. a lot of people like it. i have a new word of the day for you. you know what those are called, the private buses? >> a van. a minivan? >> no, jitney. jitney is the word to sdrien a privately owned bus. >> that's interesting, they have them in new york as well that will take you out to long island. >> try to use it in a sentence today. >> you know what. challenge accepted. thank you very much, scott mcgrew. >> we're taking a quick ride
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over to oracle, maybe we'll take the jit, oracle arena, the warriors picked up where they left off the last time we saw them play about a week ago. the ws a cool seven days to rest in between games. they swept portland in the first round and they came out swinging against utah. there's steph curry going for two of his ]iñ22. curry had a team high 22. the warriors won really without much of a challenge. curry didn't even play in the fourth quarter. they win it 101-94. coach mike brown said he enjoyed sitting in for steve 0lkerr. >> no, i still enjoy it. i'll keep enjoying it. i feel like i got one of the better seats in the house and i'm not even paying for it. so it's a good thing. >> up close and personal. as for steve kerr, who would like to be sitting in the seat here pretty soon, there's no word yet on when he might return. last night, the warriors did honor the we believe team from 2007. the whole team, everybody was there.
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ten years ago, that group won their first-round series as a huge episet against the mavs. they were a number eight seed at the time. they eventually, the warriors, lost to utah in the conference semifinals. >> we have been doing this show so long, i remember bob redell sitting there with the we believe t-shirt. hard to believe nrjm ten years. >> couldn't believe it had been 30 something years since -- it's a really cool moment because they were in a drought. that's been busted. now championship or nothing else matters. >> speaking of busted droughts, let's get over to the weather because we had a lot of rain, and now things are starting to dry out again. so the hills are turning brown, as you have noticed in the south bay and east bay. here's a live look outside at all of our microclimates. right now in the tri-valley, a live look outside from pleasanton. it's 58 degrees. you're winning. it's the coolest temperature there. now the north bay is. 57 degrees. 58 in san francisco. and the east bay, right now, looking live from our fremont camera, it's 61 degrees. going to see those temperatures
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quickly warming up again today. and it's going to be up to 93 degrees. hot day, peninsula up to 88 degrees. and 78 degrees in san francisco. so you do catch a little bit of a break right there along the coastline. and in the city, we're up to 83 degrees. so in the east bay. looking at some light northerly winds coming in. and this will not help us out at all. gives us that hot, dry air, but there will be just enough of an onshore flow by this afternoon into the evening to help cool off san francisco. just a few degrees below yesterday. but the inland areas won't get much help, but then the wind shifts tomorrow onshore and also with coastal fog, our temperatures will be much xd cooler, especially along the coastline where we'll see the temperatures dropping back xdin the 60s after several days in the 80s. here's a look at the fog as it develops tomorrow. once again, right there along the coastline, over the golden gate bridge, and we'll see an increase in cloud cover on friday, and we'll all be really
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cool and heading into the weekend, there will be a few weak weather systems passing by the region that could bring us a slight chance of rain starting out on sunday afternoon and into monday as our temperatures will go from well above average to much cooler than average as we get a look at the seven-day forecast. san francisco, 78 degrees today. then some lower 60s for the weekend. more clouds, a chance of showers late sunday. slight chance. today. then look at the weekend, it's going to be a nice one, but don't expect it to be bright and sunny. we'll see a lot more clouds rolling in. as we head to mike, the crash is clearing quickly. >> pretty quickly. i think it's because of the great work by chp and also because of the lighter volume of traffic all around the bay. we see this from the spring break all the way into the end of the school year and to the summer as well. 580, the crash at the shoulder. 880 southbound, that one nearly clear from the roadway. we'll take you down to the south bay where just a minute ago, a couple minutes ago, we got word
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that westbound 37 lanes had cleared. but still, there's a distraction. and some slowing. let's look at waze because we have some help on this as well. we're looking at options. you have that lanes, you might try a different option if you're driving from fremont to sunnyvale. the purple line shows you if you take that, it's 23 minutes. we did get different information from one of the wazers out there. if you want to join our team and give us information and get information from us as well, go to the waze team, hit your mag nuing glass and in your profile and team, select the team nbc bay area wazers. and be careful when you select the name that you would like to know us as because i can't say all of the names on tv. pick your name carefully. it reflects you. back to you. >> like romper room. say your name at the end. 6:21 right now. seeking damages. coming up after the break, in two minutes, the explosive statement from prince william as three photographers are facing
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trial for taking nude pictures of his wife, kate. >> another goalpost in sight for our consumer team. i'm investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. hey allergy muddlers
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welcome back, everyone. it's 6:24. in an explosive statement, prince william compares nude pictures taken of his wife to
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the harassment of himother around the time of her death. the full statement was read out loud in a french court today. the royals were not there. the nude photos were taken by photographers at a private french resort in 2012. they were published by a french gossip magazine. the royals are suing the owner of the magazine and the photographers for millions of dollars. at 6:25, nbc bay area responds, and it is approaching a milestone. >> our team has recovered nearly $725,000 for viewers. chris chmura is here with the tally. >> as of this morning, we're just cinching from $725,000. our total stands at $748,918.70. since we made our debut at the end of may last year. so far, we have collected 5,430 complaints. some of the recent cases, we helped conner, an online travel agency that was ignoring him. we made contact anded him
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$1,000. thomas, a website was charging him a monthly fee for a service he wasn't using. we wouldn't give up on him so we got him $750 back. russell had an insurance dispute with a shipping company. russell received $8,600. he says he was due. perhaps we can help you. call 888-996-tips. or visit >> and chris, thank you very much. we know you work very hard, you and your producer. no doubt you'll be get aglot more interest and quests for help because chris chmura will be live at 6:00 and 5:00 for the first wednesday street fest in down tt nukt. that event takes place on the first wednesday of every month on cypress street. live entertainment, arts and crafts, shopping, and of course, chris chmura. >> say hello. he's a really nice job. >> the former supervisor of an east bay animal rescue center
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accused of mistreating animals. >> we speak to her exclusively to get her side of the story on this. >> also in the east bay, segregation or local control? the battle over five walnut creek schools that have parents picking sides. you're watching today in the bay. right now at 6:30...
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we )re tracking another hot day across the bay area-- with t right now at 6:30, we're tracking another hot day across the bay area with temperatures in the 90s in some spots.
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taking a live look this morning over downtown san francisco. the sun is already up and warming things up. good morning to you. hope you're getting up this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. this is the kind of day where you talk to your and say let's take our office meeting at the beach today. santa cruz in the 70s. >> and san francisco too. it will be cooler there. a very weak onshore flow will bring down the temperatures along the coastline, but the inland areas, no help at all. and palo alto will be another hot day. we're taking a live look out there now. 101, hey, at least the roads are moving. then as we look at the temperatures, it's already 63 degrees in san jose and palo alto. upper 50s in fairfield and napa as well as santa rosa. looking at the highs today reaching the 90s for santa rosa, napa, 90 degrees there. 94 in concord, and 89 degrees today in morgan hill. we'll talk about what to expect as we head through the forecast, as it does cool down. we're getting ready for the weekend already on this.
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but mike has a new crash on one of our bridges. >> i do. you showed palo alto, indeed. that's representative of most of our commute, very easy drive. especially on the peninsula. the south bay, the crash, and there may be a second crash at 237, just reported so i'll check it out once again, but i'm worried about highway 92. at the high rise reports of a crash across that critical connection because it's just starting to see the build. we may have a few more folks heading down to the dumbarton bridge which is clear right now. a live look from our camera around the toll plaza shows it jamming up, now we have a slower drive from the high rise all the way down overxd to the hayward side. you may want to use highway 84, the dumbarton bridge is an option. even the bay bridge, which is looking pretty good right now. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. >> right now, we're staying on top of breaking news out of the south bay. news we first broke on today in the bay in the 5:00 hour. an officer-involved shooting in san jose. >> here's a closer look where it
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happened on mt. frasier. bob redell joins us at the scene. what have you learned since we last checked in with you about 30 minutes ago. >> good morning to you. it looks like the san jose police department, at least their crime investigator unit, they're getting ready to wrap up their part of the investigation. this is the 1500 block of mt. frasier drive. it was around 11:30 last night that the officers of the san jose police department responding to a homoon the left side of the screen to a report of a family disturbance. the police department has not given out too much in the way of details, but they did say that one of their officers ended up shooting an adult man who they describe as a suspect. this man was hit at least once. was taken to the hospital for treatment. no one else was hurt. we did speak off camera with a neighbor. he said that he heard that this man had a knife. but that is not information we have been able to confirm yet with the san jose police
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department. the officer will be placed on routine paid administrative leave which is normal in a situation like this. also, normal is the fact that the santa clara county district attorney's office and the san jose police department homicide unit are conducting a joint criminal investigation. that's routine when you have an officer involved shooting. the san jose police department indicated its police chief eddy garcia is expected to make a statement about this officer-involved shooting some time later today. reporting live here in san jose, ñ today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest there, bob. it's 6:33. one of the largest school districts in the country soon split into two districts. a public meeting scheduled for today to talk about the plan. >> on top of the one yesterday, we talk to kris sanchez live for us in walnut creek this morning to4f,zlwñ explain why this idea causing quite a bit of controversy. >> reporter: hi, there. well, this is one of five walnut creek schools that are part of the new proposed school district, all five are
6:34 am
predominantly affluent, predominantly high performing and predominantly white. that's why a lot of opponents of the school breakup say that this smacks of segregation of years gone by. safe to say we expect the same kind offence at today's meeting as we saw yesterday. it was packed, it was passionate. the mt. diablo district has 32,000 students. the proposed north gate would take less than $5,000. opponents say because they're among mt.t( diablo unified most affluent schools, the secession takes resources away from the less advantaged students. however, parents say breaking away from mt. diablo means more local control and more local accountability. >> preparing yourself to pass under performance is not the way the world works. >> we tracked that we'll have many students who will no longer have access to programs that their families rely on. >> all right, if you are a mt.
6:35 am
diabloxd unified school distric parent or youtylive in walnut creek, here's where you can find tonight's meeting. it's 6:00 at the gardens of heather farms in walnut creek. the proposed new district has to make it past county hurdles, also hurdles toward the state, in the state, but we did -- we do know that the city of walnut creek has weighed in on the issue and they say it really should be up to voters to decide. in walnut creek, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you for following that for us. >> 6:35 right now. happening now, live pictures at uc santa cruz as we move in, pish in on the glass doors there. you see students inside of the building. they have taken over the main administrative building on campus. these are live pictures you're looking at. students lying there, and occupying that building. we have been watching the pictures of students sleeping on the floors. there are nearly 200 inside. this isinized by the african black student alliance and it was a demonstration that started yesterday afternoon. students are asking the
6:36 am
university to provide housing for african and black students at the rosa parks house. that protest started yesterday. the chancellors on meeting with the group tomorrow. >> it's 6:36. now to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. the former supervisor of an oakland animal care center is under questioning for mistreating animals in her care. this is after sources say they were starving and some left living in small cages in their own feces. they include seven reptiles, two guinea bigs, a bird and a mouse. the woman is the former center supervisor. we spoke to her and she says authorities have it all wrong. she says she would never mistreat animals. >> i love my animals. and my animals are taken care q of. i put my life on that. >> she is homeless and says she first came to the city's attention for living in a city
6:37 am
van without permission. an oakland city spokesman confirmed the investigation. >> a disturbing crime in pleasant hill. police releasing this sketch of a man who they say walked up to a teenage girl, lifted her skirt and took off running. it happen yesterday afternoon while she was walking near mo l morello avenue. if you recognize this man, call pleasant hill police. >> anyone who happens to be passing through sfo today might notice pilots on a picket line. this is not part of a strike. instead,ts from alaska airlines are holding a protest at three different west coast airports and that includes sfo. of course, alaska air recently swallowed up virgin america airlines and so far the pilots union and the new airline have yet to sit down for new contract talks. welcome back. we're looking over here towards traffic flow. westbound 92 shows the slowest drive. we also have a crash in the south bay. we'll focus on both of those for this report. west 92 at the high rise,
6:38 am
reports that one lane is blocked. haven't heard about any injuries. that's the news. the bad news is the bridge is going to have a tougher time getting there because things are starting to back up on the flat section. hopefully they can use the service lane. that's why it was augments a few years ago. over here, a second crash of the morning or it sounds like a second crash at the same spot, west 237. this crash involves a. checking on injuries, but we see a slower drive developing here. we have this report and some details from wazer mini cooper 007. that's a cool name, isn't it? bet i know what kind of car that person is driving. join our waze team. >> the mini cooper or an aston martin. we're halfway through the week now. it's wednesday. just zipping on by, right? >> yeah, whatever it is. i think you're going to need a convertible and lots of sunscreen. >> for today, yes. absolutely, this weekend, you'll be closing the convertible because the temperatures will be dropping. it will still be nice on saturday. we'll have a cloudy start at
6:39 am
9:00 in the morning, inland, and 56 degrees. 70 degrees by the afternoon. on sunday, a little bit cooler. and there will be a slight chance of rain. especially late sunday evening. we may be wrapping up the weekend with some light rain. heading out to cinco de mayo fest in san francisco, the mission district. on saturday, 56 degrees at 10:00 in the morning. a cool start, and then only seeing the high temperatures in the city reaching 60 degrees. what about the a la carte and art fest happening in mountain view on castro street. it will be at 55 degrees starting out in the morning, but reaching into the upper 60s as we go through the day. so nice and comfortable. here's a live look outside at kirkwood as the sun rises and this weekend, yes, they'll get some snow. that will be happening on saturday and sunday. maybe the last snowfall of the season, if you want to catch it. but looks like it will be a very light snow. we'll talk about what to expect, our temperature trend in san jose. that's coming up in four minutes. >> thank you very much, kari.
6:40 am
6:. the heat hitting the bay area right now. creating some concern about fire danger. coming up in three minutes, the steps firefighters are taking to try to prewildfires. >> speaking of heat, hillary clinton and donald trump back at it again. we'll take a look. >> and maybe the biggest news from the stock markets this morning, apple stock down. it's plummeted about 2% so far ine trading, as we check out the dow joins industrial average. that has dipped 36 points at 20,913. apple actually ended up beating earnings expectations but didn't sell as many iphones as expected. that's why the stock is dropping. we'll keep an eye on that. back with more news in two minutes.
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it's 6:43. bright sunshine as you wake up this morning. getting ready to head out, looking live over our san jose camera. it will be another hot day. starting out at 76 degrees at 10:00 this morning. and then we'll be in the 80s throughout the rest of the day. eventually peaking at 91 degrees for parts of the san jose area. as we head into the next several days, much cooler temperatures. some relief is on the way. we'll talk about it coming up in five minutes. >> and mass transit has no delays now, but ace train number five just left stockton, taking the next train, number seven, i have to warn you, there's a group of 106 students that's going to take that train all the way to san jose. you have been advised. >> a lot of people just rerouted
6:44 am
their commute this morning. thanks a lot, mike. >> 6:43. this is a live look this morning from pleasant hill where it is expected to hit 91 degrees today. and with the heat hitting parts of the bay area this week, fire departments keeping a close eye on the areas like this, that dry brush that are susceptible to fire. because of the recent rain, a lot of grass and weeds are growing in places like dinosaur park in pleasant hill. it with make for a really big fire hazard. a spokesperson for contra costa county says people need to be careful around dry land. >> if weather conditions are right, a cigarette butt could ignice this material. once it's ignited and weather conditions are bad, hot, dry, windy, then a fire can carry quickly through this kind of material. and ignite brush, trees. and even homes. >> contra costa county has started sending weed abatement notices to homes in the area. residents are asked to comply by mid-june. >> we're learning of a deadly
6:45 am
suiciding near the u.s. embassy in kabul, afghanistan. four people were killed, 22 others wounded. that blast hit a nato coalition convoy during the morning rush hour there. the attack follows a threat by the taliban that targets foreign forces as part of the spring offensive. >> also new this morning, the city of palo alto may drop plans for a transportation tax, at least for now. they're reporting the city manager is recommending the city council push the tax plan beyond next year. the city appointed a committee in december to look into taxing businesses for transportation projects, but the city manager says the staff is currently busy and may not be able to support the committee without compromising current projects. >> this morning, we're learning about an who was injured in an assault at an east bay b.a.r.t. station. this actually happened on sunday morning at the concord b.a.r.t. station but we're just learning the details this morning. police say a man assaulted someone and then the victim held his attacker down until police arrived. a citizens arrest, when an
6:46 am
officer approached the attacker, he resists. the officer, the victim, and the attacker all suffered minor injuries. the attacker eventually was taken into custody. >> barack obama and michelle obama are visiting chicago. they're there to talk about their planned library and museum. they're hosting a roundtable discussion to update the community on the progress of the obama presidential center in jackson park on chicago's south side. the obama administration has said almost half of the exhibition design work for the museum is going to be performed by minority and women owned businesses. >> new this morning, the u.s. launched an unarmed missile capable of sending a nuclear bomb across the world. this is new video of the launch just in to our news room. an unarmed minute man 3 missile blasted off just after midnight. the test was planned and is designed to check the readiness and accuracy of a weapons system that is part of the u.s. nuclear
6:47 am
force. it comes amid rising tensions between the united states and north korea. >> north korea is finally acknowledging it's detaining an american citizen for allegedly trying to quote, commit hostile acts. the man was arrested last month as he prepared to leave the country. he was in that country on the invitation of pyongyang university of science and technology to teach accounting. one of three americans held right now in north korea. >> speaking of north korea, tensions continuing to grow between washington and pyongyang. >> scott mcgrew has tough talk, not from the president but usa today. >> the headline writer at usa today feeling a bit grim this morning. take a look at this headline. world war iii, nuclear tensions spark fear the end is near. pretty extreme. president trump and russian president putin spoke on the phone about north korea on wednesday. today, president trump will be meeting with the palestinian authorities, mahmoud abbas.
6:48 am
the president says he wants peace in the middle east. so his first few moves alarmed the palestinians. trump saying america does not necessarily support a two-state solution. that's an idea he quickly walked back. the white house is on the defensive this morning about the 2017 budget. there's so little in there that president trump wanted no funding for the wall. sanctuary cities still get their money, so, too, does planned parenthood. the cuts he wanted to make in foreign aid and health research, not there. that's led a lot of reporters to say trump lost. and that evoked an angry response from his budget director, mick mulvaney. >> the president delivered on his promises and got his priorities funded, and that's what the democrats don't want you to know. they want you to think they won, but they don't want you to know that the american people won here because the president simply outnegotiated them. >> speaking of winning and losing, hillary clinton spoke wednesday about losing the election. she said she took full
6:49 am
responsibility for that loss for a moment, and then blamed other factors like fbi director jim comey, who had a bizarre last-minute announcement he was reopening the investigation into her e-mails. that set off president trump, who said on twitter, fbi director comey was best thing that ever happened to hillary clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds. it's extremely unusual for a president to publicly criticize his own fbi director. more pucukeural still because comey is investigating the white house and its investigations to the kremlin, and he will be testifying today in front of congress. this is one those cases, sam and laura, where maybe the president shouldn't poke the fbi director, not today. >> yeah. timing is not the best. thank you very much, scott mcgrew. scott, of course, examines our president's tweets, executive orders and speeches each and every morning. and he says it's a two-way street. you can reach scott easily
6:50 am
enough,@scottmcgrew on twitter. >> let's talk about the weather, shall we? rr been pretty warm across the bay area. another day on tap. >> another hot day. today we the peak of the heat for the inland areas and then we start to see things cooling down for the rest of the weekend. i'm so ready for that. as we get a live look outside right now, you can see the hazy conditions over dublin, and this is where we'll be watching for the poorest air quality today. it's a spare the air alert day. that means you need to carpool, catch public transportation and try to limit the time outside as well during the hottest hours of the day, as the ozone levels will be unhealthy, moderate for the north bay, peninsula, and south bay. and we will have the hottest times during the afternoon, but right now, it's nice and refreshing. want to step outside now and get everything done. it's 64 degrees in the peninsula. 58 degrees in the tri-valley. and 57 degrees in the north bay. as we get a live look from our belvedere camera. we're into the low 90s today for the south. tri-valley, 93 degrees.
6:51 am
east bay, up to 83. and san francisco, expect a high of 78. so we could be nearing some record high temperatures today. especially for san jose. we may tie the record set in 2013, but everywhere else, we'll be very close. only two degrees below that record high in napa today. and we'll be one degree shy of the record high in san francisco as we see those high temperatures reaching 78 degrees. it will be cooler, though, tomorrow, for san francisco. reaching 64. a cooler onshore flow, and we stay in the 60s throughout the week. a slight chance of rain late sunday into monday. and for the inland areas, we go from 92 today to 72 on friday. and 69 degrees on sunday. so we are going to catch a break from this heat. we're not going to summer just yet. as we head over to mike, a bigger backup for the san mateo bridge. >> a crash still blocking one lane of westbound 92 at the high rise. that's the one section of red you see. we also have slowing for 237 and a build for the south bay.
6:52 am
let's outline the san mateo bridge with a live look and show you the flat section, very slow. coming off the toll plaza, so things are starting to move a little now. they may have cleared one lane, but let's take you to waze and give you options as you're having to travel across the bay. there's that blue drive. 1:30 almost from hayward over to the san car and palo alto area. you can take the other options that waze has outlined yorb can save about 20 minutes if you use the purple route across the dumbarton bridge, and getting to milpitas area, a slower drive coming past the crash, backing up 880. all of your routes are still delayed, but waze shows you your options. join our team by going to your app and selecting our team called nbc bay area wazers. i talk to you about it before. you might be tired of it, but if you're a longtime waze user, you're probably not on our team. join us, help us get this information like carter mini 007 did. >> thank you. coming up next, a look at the
6:53 am
top stories in the bay, including a major step forward in the sierra lamar case. how the defense team is preparing the argument that he's innocent. >> france is on heightened security alert. this weekend is the second round of the presidential election. 3500 soldiers will be patrolling paris people choose between front-runner centrist emanuel macron, and marine le pen. >> plus, looking for a job inthe border patrol needs to fill about 5,000 positions. the agency is aggressively recrueltying after president trump demanded more money for border security and got it. back with more news in two minutes. before you head out the door -
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6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay... . /l welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay. >> we start with a story we broke earlier this morning. san jose police say an officer shot a man before midnight last night, so an officer-involved shooting. these are live pictures of the scene. this is all happening, this investigation, at mt. frazier drive. officers reportedly went to the home on of a family disturbance. that's when a man was shot. he was taken to the hospital, we're waiting for word on his condition. and we're expecting to hear from the city's police chief later this morning. attorneys today will continue their closing arguments in the high-profile sierra lamar
6:57 am
murder case. prosecutors are expected to rest their case shortly after the trial resumes 9:00 this morning. that's when the defense will take over. it is likely attorneys for antolin garcia torres will focus on the handling of dna evidence and arguing sierra lamar's body has not been find because they believe she's still alive. >> the man accused in a deadly shooting of his ex-girlfriend last week in walnut creek is expected to appear in court later today. after the shooting, investigators say the man proceeding to get into a 19-hour standoff with police in martinez. police say the victim was shot multiple times last thursday near larky park in walnut creek, where it all started. he is expected to be arraigned later today. >> in chicago, a massive manhunt continues this morning for the suspect who shot two officers last night. multiple people are being questioned right now. police say the shooting happened as two plain clothes officers were conducting an investigation in the city's south side. that's when two vehicles pulled up and police say the suspects,
6:58 am
quote, started firing indiscriminately at officers. the officers are expected to survive. also, a live look at walnut creek's north gate high school where there is a split possibly brewing between walnut creek schools and the mt. diablo unified school district. tonight, county education leaders are holding the second meeting in a row to determine if north gate high school and four feeder schools can break off and form their own new school district. families who support the plan say the current district is too big. anlts say the plit would hurt many schools in the current district. >> coming up next on the "today" show, what you need to go about the highly scrutinized conversation between president trump and russia's vladimir putin. >> the warriors celebrating. rust? what rust? after a one-week layoff, they go on to cruise against the jazz. there's curry there with two of his 22 points last night. the warriors won this without much of a challenge. 106-94.
6:59 am
>> going to feel like 106 in parts of the bay area today. >> but it's not going to get that hot. fair will be up to 100 today. 101 yesterday. it's going to be really hot. and it's going to be nice and comfortable in san francisco today. we'll bring it down a few degrees with a weak onshore flow that will bring the high to 78. 60s for the rest of the week and a chance of showers by the end of the weekend. it will be cooler. we just have to get through one more really hot day. >> trying to wait it out here. thank you, kari. providing the streets don't melt, you're tracking a couple problems on the road. >> so far, that's not reported. most of the bay moving wem. west 42, a bridge crew has arrived to hopefully clear that crash. the dumbarton bridge is a great option for you because of lighter traffic through the area, and a disabled vehicle, north 280 and bird. it looks like it may have just cleared. >> we'll be back with a local news update with a half hour.
7:00 am
>> and we'll see you for the news at 11:00. join us then. have a great day, and try to stay. see you then. good morning. still at war. overnight, president trump hits back at hillary clinton on twitter, after she takes a few jabs at him during an appearance. >> he should worry less about the election and my winning the popular vote than doing some other things. >> as the president's new bid to dismantle obamacare hits new roadblocks. is his second attempt on life support already? spectacular crash. a small plane plummets from the sky on to a busy street, clipping power lines and sparking two massive fireballs. several cars damaged, but no injuries. how the quick-thinking pilots saved lives.


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