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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 5, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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inutes with instant moisture from k-y ultragel. returning home. the president back in new york for the first time since taking office. the reception was anything but warm. >> shame on you. >> shame on you. >> house republicans make good on over 7-year promise to repeal obamacare. while opponents protest, the victors celebrate. fake news and hacking arrests dominate the french presidential campaign. historic rains affecting millions. are you ready for the kentucky derby? we are with mint juleps in hand. the girl whose new look made her a hit at the school and around the world.
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"early today" starts now. good morning. happy friday. i'm yasmin vossoughian. frances has the morning off. it was a feat republicans promised for over seven years, and this morning they are a step closer to making the repeal of obamacare reality after their plan passed in the house giving president trump a major legislative accomplishment. as he took a victory lap ot the white house, senate democrats and a few republicans said the celebration could be premature. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: president trump taking a victory lap. >> this is a repeal and replace of obamacare. make no mistake about it. >> reporter: it's only a first step, but mr. trump turned it into a made-for-tv celebration flanked by republicans in the rose garden. >> how am i doing? i'm president. hey, i'm president. do you believe it. right. i don't know. i thought you needed a little more time they always told me.
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more time. but we didn't. >> reporter: the event came after a dramatic vote in the house that went down to the wire. >> the ayes 217, the nays 213. >> reporter: republicans say the bill will lower premiums, but democrats lashing out, warning people could lose coverage. >> i guess their desire to give a tax break for the rich just trumped everything. >> reporter: on the house floor some even singing and waving good-bye to house republicans saying they'll now be voted out of office for vosupporting the bill. outside chants of shame. >> shame, shame. >> reporter: what does the bill do? republicans say it will lower the price you pay for health care, two popular obamacare provisions remain. children stay on parents plan until age 26 and caps are still prohibited for annual. what's changing, scraps the individual mandate meaning you are no longer required to have health insurance. it changes the way people with pre-existing conditions are covered. states can opt out of requiring insurers to cover people with
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pre-existing conditions, $8 billion in federal funds will help pay for increased costs. the controversial medicaid expansion which would be frozen immediately. instead, each state will get a fixed amount of money to help pay for lower income americans. >> under this plan the winners are younger, healthier and higher income people. the losers are those who are lower income, have pre-existing conditions and older americans. >> reporter: the gop vowed to overhaul obamacare for seven years. their first shot failed spectacularly in march. >> we did not have quite the votes to replace this. >> reporter: since then republican lawmakers faced fierce backlash from angry constituents at home. >> obamacare saved my life. >> reporter: the president one step closer to making good on the pledge that helped sweep him into office. >> thank you to kristin for that report. the president took his victory
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lap from washington to new york visiting he was in office. he was originally scheduled to trump tower, he elected to go to the intrepid honoring veterans of world war ii. the first face-to-face meeting between both world leaders, while turnbull gave trump a warm reception demonstrators in the big apple were far from receptive. >> donald trump has got to go. >> as if all that were not enough mr. trump made more news announcing his first trip abroad as president set for later this month. >> my first foreign trip as president of the united states will be to saudi arabia, then israel, and then to a place that my cardinals love very much, rome. >> the president is set to meet with pope francis when he visits rome. a senior official described the trip as, quote, a mission
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designed to reverse america's disengagement from the world. voters in france are anxiously awaiting sunday's election which could make or break the direction of not just their country, but the entire eu. emanuel ma krone and marine le pen duke it out with less than 48 hours before the polls open. with insults, allegations of fake news and even a hacking arrest dominating the last hours of that campaign. nbc's matt bradley is in marseille. we're hearing about a very surprise endorsement. >> reporter: a very rare endorsement of a u.s. president for a foreign election, almost unprecedented according to scholars quoted in the local and american press. it's unlikely to really tip the scales of this already very heated election. that's because marine le pen successfully cast herself as an outsider candidate going up against macron's establishment,
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a globalist mentality that he projects along with angela merkel. having barack obama weigh in on macron's side is unlikely to help push anyone away from the le pen camp and towards macron. remember that barack obama went to britain last year and actually endorsed the, quote, remain camp before the brexit referendum. that didn't go his way either. we'll see how that all ends up. this campaign is starting to look more and more american. that's what people here are saying, showing the trappings of the boisterousness and bitterness in the debate wednesday night, shocking for so many people to hear the amount of anger shown by both candidates, really unprecedented in the press here, commenting on that for the past several days. we'll see how this ends up tonight admit night on friday, the campaigns are supposed to halt and it's going to leave this very quiet ahead of sunday's vote.
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macron is expected to win by about 20%. as we know, populist insurgents like marine le pen have surprised pollsters in the past. yasmin? >> matt bradley, thank you. turning to weather. areas of the south and the midwest remaining under water as torrential rains led to massive flooding in the region affecting millions of people. at least nine flooding related deaths have been reported and hundreds of homes have been destroyed or damaged. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest from hard-hit missouri. >> reporter: parts of flood ravaged missouri and arkansas remain under water, relentless rain prolonging the agony for homeowners like john shu, he's keeping faith the water will stay back. >> the river is half a mile away. >> yeah. >> and now? >> now i got lake front property. >> reporter: basement after basement flooded, 90 state highways shut down in mission sorry alone. in arkansas, breached levees
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sent thousands of residents fleeing to higher ground. severe storms have also toppled trees across the south. satellite images show the incredible ground saturation these storms have caused. flood records are still being broken. in eureka, missouri, this is what it looked like as volunteers scam bld earlier in the week to protect homes and businesses. this stretch of the merrimac river has finally begun to recede >> on this side water was to about here. >> relief for one town as swollen rivers creep ever so slowly south. >> thank you to blake for that. i want to go now to bill karins. we've seen the soggy forecast in missouri, but there's more ahead it seems. >> a lot of that rain going to the east coast. we have a new storm system in the west coast. the middle of the country getting gorgeous weather over the weekend and they need it as the rivers start to recede. even thunderstorms overnight. may have heard some collapse as you went through washington state and also into areas of
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central washington. in the seattle area, it missed a little to the southeast. the weather pattern weekend, the storm that showed all the problems it caused with the flooding as it moved to the east will stay very unsettled. now a blocking weather pattern, a slow moving weather pattern. what you see is what you'll get for at least the next week. that includes the west with the dip in the jet stream. a little cooler and we'll see a chance of showers out there. the coolness hasn't made it to phoenix where it will be 106 as we g throughout tohe eureka with a chance of showers. fresno, a nice 86. 80 in sacramento. >> complete weekend forecast coming up, yasmin. los angeles hear i come, 71 degrees. looking good weekend. just ahead, another shocking airline incident to tell you about, plus uber under a federal
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it's super saturday - only at kohl's! on sunday former president obama will receive the profile in courage award at the john f. kennedy library in boston. kennedy's daughter caroline kennedy and her son will present the award which recognizes displays of courage by public servants. msnbc will have live coverage of the event beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. the aclu will not be suing president trump over his religious order executive order after all, despite threats to do that. the reason the organize says mr. trump's order is essentially toothless tweeting it turned out the order signing was a photo op with no discernible outcome.
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mr. trump signed with great fanfare vowing to give our churches their voices back. the action was to make good on campaign promises to allow religious organizations greater freedom in political speech. and the justice department is launching a criminal probe into uber and its alleged use of a tool used to evade authorities. the tool called gray ball was used in cities where the ride sharing service was restricted. it has acknowledged it would identify and block rides to regulators trying to clamp down on the service but said the software was used exceedingly sparingly. uber has not commented on the investigation. now another public relations mess for the airline industry. they are having a tough couple months, aren't they? it's based on disturbing video. delta outrage in the past month bumping a family with two toddlers on a flight from hawaii to los angeles and even threatening to have the parents arrested and children stoent foster care. nbc's tom costello has this. >> ryan shear's wife captured
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the incident on video posting edited portions online. >> i paid for the seat. i bought the seat. >> the family bought a ticket for their teen son but put him on another flight. they claim agents agreed and scanned the ticket. on board with other passengers on the standby list, delta agents said the toddler could not stay, then threatened with arrest for not obeying. >> you and your wife could be in jail. >> then another employee said incorrectly that faa rules don't allow 2-year-olds to sit in car seats. >> we cannot sit in a car seat. that's the purpose. he has to sit here in your arms the whole time. >> not true. the faa encourages small children to sit in car seats, there is no age restriction. the sheer family then told to leave. >> i got two infants, nowhere to stay, there's no more flights. sleep in the airport? >> at this point you guys are on your own. >> when you're a mother and you have your 1-year-old and
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2-year-old and they threaten to take your kids away from you, it made my heart drop. i was shaking the rest of the time. >> they ended up paying for a hotel and another flight home. in a statement delta apologized for the unfortunate experience and said it's reached out to them to refund travel and provide additional compensation. it's the latest viral incident giving the airline industry a black eye and on the second day of congressional hearings. >> if we required all executives to fly on their planes in the back of the plane, the consumer experience would be much better. >> the latest mess coming weeks before the start of the summer travel season when millions of families will try to fly together. hoping for friendlier skies. tom costello, nbc news, washington. just ahead double the stars, double the fun on the hollywood walk of fame. how one of the most popular shows on television could become four. you're watching "early today." ouch! ♪ skin-flex™, anna! sit! new band-aid® brand skin-flex™ bandages. our best bandage yet!
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welcome back. you see it right there. time to break out the fancy hats and the seersucker. don't forget the mint jewuleps. tomorrow the 143rd running of the kentucky derby and jay gray is live at churchill downs with a preview. looking good, jay. >> reporter: good morning. i'm looking like something. i'm not sure good is the word. i apologize to the viewers at home. the problem is not your set. the blazers look like this. the owners, trainers and jockeys say this is the biggest event in their sport. for fans, the derby's not just a race, it's a two-week festival and the ponies, they are only part of the show here. it's about horses, hats, the odds, and all the hype. >> it's high energy. i think it's the history of it all. i mean it's a magical event. our super bowl. >> reporter: kickoff for the kentucky derby isn't until
4:23 am
saturday but the excitement and party here builds all week jockeys say even the horses can sense during training. >> they are pretty fired up when they step on the track. you know they feel the energy. >> reporter: energy from a crowd that is not always focused on the track. >> the horse racing part is secondary. it's a place to see and be seen. >> reporter: and what you see is, well, unique. >> there is so much pageantry and tradition. >> tradition, topped off by a hat. at the derby bigger is always better. >> you need something that's larger than life, whether it's like the size of it, or you know, or like the color of it. you need something that's going to pop above like your normal everyday. >> reporter: there is nothing normal or every day about the run for the roses.
4:24 am
the hats aren't only for the ladies anymore, though i'm not sure, yasmin, they're for me either. >> come on, jay. don't undersell yourself. you look fantastic. >> he needs a feather. >> where is your mint julep. it's never too early for a mint julep. don't miss the most exciting two minutes in sports. coverage begins tomorrow 2:30 eastern here on nbc. all those women wearing the dresses and hats, they want nice weather. here is bill with good news? >> average. cool, only 60 degrees for louisville this time of year is kind of chilly. i don't think the track will be sloppy. >> thundersnow is my horse. >> there you go. bet on thundersnow. >> don't bet on my horse. >> this is "early today." back in a couple.
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time for your weekend forecast. we have been dealing with a little rain and thunderstorms moving through interior sections of the northwest. that's about over with. today is very hot. we'll start to see the storm system moving out to seattle. definitely much cooler, not like the 70s you enjoyed earlier this week. maybe a chance of showers in southern california. notice phoenix, you go from, it's incredible, 106 to the 90s to only 73 on sunday. it's a big cooling trend throughout much of the west. >> we would take 73. >> not 106. >> that's a little rough. venezuelans took to the streets again on thursday in violent clashes with police, leaving a 33-year-old student death. the death toll of the month-long
4:27 am
protest has reached 37. proesters demanding an immedica for a rewrite of the country's constitution. you have to love this next video. a little girl in britain can join in on the fun on her playgrou playground, thanks to her prosthetic leg. classmates surrounded anu as she showed off her pink leg. they congratulated her with some lugs. she had to have her leg amputated shortly after she was born. now she can run around with all her friends and worry about being a little 7-year-old girl. i just love the innocence of little people, little kids that accept each other no matter what. the latest chapter in prank wars between ellen degeneres and matt lauer. so good. >> we're just not cope settic in terms of music at all. it seems to me --
4:28 am
>> oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> it's so petty. it's so childish. you promised. now i wet my suit. it's the only suit i have. and i'm wearing your underwear in this suit. >> i'll give you some new underwear. that was one of my favorite -- that was my favorite so far. >> you can't really trust ellen degeneres there. >> i'll be on your show, but no more pranks, right? >> the thing is, i feel like he must have known something like that was going to happen. she's known for those pranks. >> but not there. >> then you're on tv, very
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a look at san francisco and the bay bridge as you start your happy friday morning to you. look at san francisco, the bay bridge, as you start your day. you'll notice a big change from yesterday. a lot of clouds hanging around. today in the bay starts right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. getting up early. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i think it might be been changed on a prompter, but initially it said happy friday. >> people probably planning their weekend. you can feel the cooldown. >> it's going to be so nice this weekend to not have to deal with temperatures in the 90s. it will be cooler, but we trade that in for some clouds and a slight chance of rain. as we get a look out there now, starting out friday morning,


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