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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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following breaking news out of the north bay. pete suratos will bring us a live update momentarily. plus a freeway shooting crackdown, the steps law enforcement agencies are taking to prevent future crimes in the east bay. plus, a wedding day no one will ever forget but for all the wrong reasons. dramatic video showing a wedding reception brawl in the bay area. and san francisco's ferry terminal is expanding. the massive project getting under way today and how it will impact commuters. today in the bay continues right now. we've been on since 4:30, join us early. thanks for joining us now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i've found my deaf nation of early has changed. it used to be 5:00. now anything before 2:00 a.m. have changed? >> so has our definition of late. >> you get up early and you can enjoy the cooler temperatures, too. >> it will be nice throughout the afternoon so the early bird today doesn't get the worm
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because it will be nice into this afternoon and slightly cooler temperatures. looking live outside at tiburon. we will get peeks of sunshine. i want to show you the seven-day forecast and it will be in the low 60s in san francisco. cloudy skies but we'll have a slight chance in the north bay. high temperatures reaching low 70s inland. we'll talk more about the mother's day forecast coming up but mike is tracking a new crash in san jose. >> we're looking overall at the commute and it looks pleasant. we don't see a lot of backup. southbound 680 we had a crash around the shoulder. speeds are recover iing.
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we'll watch this whole area in general. back to you. >> 6:02 the, breaking news this morning. police locate a north bay man who was reported missing overnight. >> pete suratos joining us live from san rafael. pete, police just released new information on the search minutes ago? >> good morning. we're just getting that new piece of information police tell us they have found 71-year-old robert rich. he hitchhiked to the family's home. the wife just called police about 10 minutes ago to inform them he arrived at their home not too long ago. we're learning he was with his wife at the time and she went inside the center and when she came back outside he was gone with that car.
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now he was last seen on foot near san rafael city hall borrowing a passer-by's phone and we're learning from police that he used the phone to leave a voice mail with his wife. now, a witness told san rafael police that someone spotted rich last night here at san rafael city hall during last night's city council meeting and authorities were able to locate that car, a white toyota highlander several blocks away from city hall but rich wasn't in there. as we just reported, police say he hitchhiked to his home this morning. his wife calling up central marin police telling us that he's safe so the good news is that authorities have been able to locate him this morning and we're going to get another update as far as his condition this morning. nice to start with a happy ending. thank you very much. happening today, pushing for safer freeways in the east bay. a meeting is planned today to talk about funding for a camera network along interstate 80 and highway 4 after a string of highway shootings there in recent years. today in the bay's bob
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redell joins us live in martinez to explain how the cameras would be used to prevent future crimes. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you laura and sam. later today the contra costa county district attorney will meet with local law enforcement and an fbi task force to figure out where those video surveillance cameras should be installed along i-80 in highway 4 between richmond and antioch. is those are roads where many people have been shot or shot at. this meeting taking place according to the report by the east bay times. the chp report there is have been at least 85 shootings on bay area freeways since november of 2015, nearly half here in contra costa county. 21 people have been injured, eight people killed. the plan is to install three types of technology at these various points along the highways to stop the shootings from happening again. one technology surveillance camera a that can pin, tilt, and zoom, shot spotter microphones that can recognize gunfire and
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automatically direct cameras in the right direction and another camera that is constantly reading license plate numbers. the state pledged the money to cover the cost of the equipment which is expected to run between $1.5 million and $2 million. they report the new surveillance system could be rolled out once the cost is nailed down which is expected to happen over the next couple weeks. reporting live from martinez, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, job. authorities in fremont are no doubt looking at this video recently posted on social media showing exactly what happened during a massive wedding reception brawl. we told about the fight over the weekend that unfolded saturday night at fremont's royal palace banquet hall. dozens of guests were involved. we spoke to the event's photographer who believes the whole thing spilled out on to the parking lot after a fight on the dance floor. >> somebody beating somebody else on that side, somebody beating somebody else on that side so it was a pretty big
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fight. >> police made two arrests on the night of the brawl, more may be coming. the wedding photographer tells us via the bride and groom one of the men injured in the brawl is still in the hospital. teammates will be joining family and friends of a cal rugby player to pray for his speedy recovery for an on field injury that left him partially paralyzed. he was hurt during cthe game. he's paralyzed from the chest down. doctors say he faces a long and difficult recovery. go fund me page has been set up on his behalf. an east by a in n out remains closed affidavit customers had flu like symptoms after leaving there. it prompted the livermore in n out to shut its doors voluntarily. the county health department suspects norovirus but doesn't know if it's linked to the restaurant. inspections are ongoing. no word when the livermore in n out will reopen. 6:06.
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happening now, the search continues in contra costa county for the driver who struck a six-year-old boy and proceeded to take off. it happened in oakley at o'hara avenue and francisco villa drive. the boy was crossing the street when a truck which appears to be a white ford ranger struck they boy. the driver took off, running a red delight do it. the boy was injured but he's expected to make a full recover. happening today, a ground breaking ceremony will take place in just a few hours in downtown san francisco, that will be good news for people who take the ferries to work. this is a rendering of the downtown san francisco ferry terminal expansion project. it will add two new entry gates as well as weather h protected canopies and a plaza south of the ferry building. officials say it will make response times fastener the event of a natural disaster. as part of the expansion, the sf ferry service will add stops to
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richmond and treasure island. people who take the ferry from jack london square in oakland to san francisco are happy to hear about the expansion. >> i think it's a great idea. the ferry ridership over the years has increased so much that it used to be it was hard to get on the boat. i'm all for expanding the ferry. i switched from bart two years ago and i haven't gone back. the more the better. a lot of people rely on the ferry systems after the '89 earthquake. this project will cost nearly $80 million and it should be finished in 2019. the ground breaking ceremony is set for 10:00 this morning. 6:08. getting ready for school heading out the door, walking to school or riding the bike perhaps will be in the mid-50s starting out. ae recess we'll see partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures but it will be
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cooler this afternoon as our temperatures will reach into the low 60s with breezy winds. a live look outside at san jose. if you're biking to work it will be in the lower 60s and then seeing temperatures making it into the upper 60s. it will be in the low 70s this afternoon. overall a very nice day, heading into a pleasant weekend. more on that in three minutes. mike is starting again with the tri-valley commute. >> again with the tri-valley because there's where we have the crash and the single portion of the freeway that has unusual slowing. the south bay is unusually clear after the earlier crash north 101. this on 680 has at least one vehicle on the shoulder which is a distraction from the earlier crash but the fact that chp is on scene is slowing folks down. as you're coming down out of pleasanton past highway 84. no lanes blocked but it's slow from 580 and we're looking towards your approach to the bay bridge. only 21 minutes, that's a
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tremendous light drive right now. a full court press to try to bring the olympics to the golden state. the reason l.a. mayor eric garcetti thinks the city is a perfect choice for 2024 olympics. >> reporter: i've got my helmet on. the weather is working in our favor. find out why thousands of cyclists are switching up their daily commute with the help of some energizer stations just like the pros. >> if you're not going to bike, how about flying? passengers' opinion of airlines are flying high. we'll take a look when today in the bay continues. ==mike/trx==
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(mike ad libs) 6:13, we're getting started in palo alto with a nice easy flow on the roads but you may want to make sure you bike to work today and you can't blame the weather because our temperatures will be perfect starting out nice and cool, low 60s by late morning, even upper 60s as we go through the day with the mix of sun and clouds. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend forecast which looks cooler than this in about five minutes. a look at travel times in the east bay, top of your screen, 680 southbound still holding at 25 minutes from 580 down past the scene of the crash
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on the shoulder right about highway 84. we'll track the rest of your commute coming up. mike, kari, thank you very much. appropriately enough, l.a. giving the full hollywood treatment to the international olympic committee. yup, they were treated like rock stars, ioc members arriving in los angeles for a three-day evaluation of the city's sports venues, its security and its traffic there as well as its financial operations. l.a. is up against paris to host the 2024 olympic games. the mayor of l.a. believes the city of angels would be an ideal setting. >> l.a. 2024 offers something creative and new, not simply more of the same. our eyes are set on the next 100 years, not the last 100 years and we think this is a differentiator. >> city leaders are touting l.a. in large part because it already has the sports facilities you would need in place along with
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the experience to put on a huge olympic size production. the ioc will make its final decision in september. as competition heats up in the meal in the box market, the players are expanding their repertoire. hello fresh is launching a wine club. subscribers will get six bottles of red, white or mixed varieties for $89 a month. they will also provide pairing suggestions, tasting notes and flavor profiles for everyone. rival blue apron has been selling wine for the past two years. >> bon appetit. with all the of the fights going on, disputes over seats, you would think people wouldn't like airlines very much. >> scott mcgrew, opinions at an all time high? >> the rest of us are flying unbloodied. j.d. power says passengers' opinions of airlines are higher than they've ever been. alaska airlines and southwest grab the top spots, best airlines but speaking generally, passengers think customer service is better than it's ever been. even the pollsters were
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surprised. while united airlines didn't score particularly well, it did improve in the ratings. san francisco's virgin america, which consistently gets high marks, wasn't included in the poll for the first time because it's been purchased by alaska. just a short time ago, macy's turned in numbers and they're terrible. macy's says same-store sales, which is what it sounds like, a measure of how much a store sold this year compared to last, fell almost 5% and profits fell nearly 40%. this is not so much a macy's story as it is a retail story. retail is in real trouble. shares in the company snap also in trouble today. snap is the parent company of snapchat. last night was the first time snap reported profits as a public company after its ipo in march. the company lost more than 2 ability in three months but that's not what investors are worried about. the $2 billion went to stock
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options so that's on paper, not a big deal. what's the big deal is the number of people using snapchat isn't growing very fast and facebook keeps copying every good idea they come up with and snap is nervous. snap came out with the sun glasses that could take pictures and if you're saying to yourself, i've never seen anybody wearing those, those numbers bear you out. snap says the sunglasses business is pretty slow. i've not seen that, i've never seen anyone using a microsoft -- that new tablet that has a kick stand except on the nfl. i not saying they don't sell, i'm just saying as a tech reporter i look around to see what people are using. >> close watchful eye, thank you. >> we have a follow-up this morning. the ac transit board announced they've reached an agreement with the oakland school district buss will keep running to skyline high and monteiro middle school. this comes after debt concerns caused the school district to stop paying the annual bus fee.
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the announcement worried many families whose children rely on the bus. the school district says they had to do some replanning but they found the way to keep the buses running. as for the bikes today, bike to work today. >> hop on and pedal on. thousands of people across the bay area expected to participate and stop at those energizer stations that are set up all over today in the bay's vianey arana is live with some of the resources available. oh, look at you peddling there! >> reporter: we got a scoop that they had doughnuts and coffee so i had to hop on the bike and come over to the apple campus over here in cupertino and i'm a little popped because that was a wrong ride from the station but joining me is mr. james lucas. he's one of the chairman for the silicon valley cycling area. tell us about today's big event. people are riding to work. tell me why.
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aside from getting good exercise, why is it important? >> there's over 140 energizer stations between san mateo and santa clara county in the valley. today is a great day to try cycling to work. there's a network of support you have so there's energizer station around the count yy we hear every year after the bike to work today people who tried riding and want to do it again. >> reporter: i'm a pro but there are volunteers setting them up, they have snacks and food and mechanics out here? >> a lot of stations have mechanics so if you have any issues along the way, forgot to get your bike tuned up, someone is there to help you out. >> thank you so much for waking up bright and early and don't forget, safety first, put on your helmet this morning, i'm going to ride back to the station or maybe take a tour of the city with this nice weather. i'll send it back to you guys.
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>> you can't beat it. >> she's a pro. >> i'm going to send her a text to reminder, apple's address is on infinite loop so she may never get out of there. >> she'll have several maps running at the same time. >> it's a nice morning and razz you head out temperatures have been in the 50s heading into the upper 50s, low 70s. no excuse not to ride the bike to work today. it's going to be breezy, too. look at these high temperatures this afternoon. 63 degrees in the north bay. now the only little hill here later on this evening giants are back home. coming off of a win and it will be cool and breezy at at&t park. first pitch at 7:15 and it will be many the mid-50s.
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all clear skies as we go through clouds rolling in late. for oakland we'll start out in the mid-50s, mid-60s by this afternoon and by 8:00 we're dropping back into the upper 50s with breezy winds. we keep the breezes for tomorrow as well as saturday. temperatures will be cooler than average for this time of year, only reaching to the upper 50s. this weekend is looking nice. check out mother's day. it's going to be 61 degrees of san francisco. it does stay dry until our next chance of rain in the forecast comes in tuesday afternoon. as we head over to make, we're tracking what's happening as you head out if you're not biking. >> and even if you are it's very light but be careful through the school zones and for any bicyclists out there. we have this octavety on the shoulder. so there's a little more slowing than you might like.
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let's take you out toward waze. that crash reported by -- one of our wazers -- let me check the system. i'll get back to you. it's mr. waters, mr. waters is our wazer who first reported that crack. you're looking at travel times from vallejo to san francisco. easy light drive. you can check your profile, nbc bay area wazers, that's the team you want to be part of. coming up next on today in the bay, nbc bay area responds. >> a professional's handiwork fails costing the consumer hundreds of dollars. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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comcast business. nbc bay area responds. to a san jose woman who paid for plumbing repairs that 6:25, nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman who paid for plumbing repairs that didn't meet state code and she says a plumber wouldn't help her. >> so she tuned to the consumer team for help. chris chmura joins us now with her story. >> reporter: last fall, glena avila paid drain doctor $1500 to replace a leaky water heater. after the job was done, she paid $196 for a state inspection but the inspector told her the job didn't meet code because there
6:26 am
was damage to the floor that the plumber should have repaired, water damage. she called drain doctor and says the plumbing company told her it doesn't repair that kind of water damage so glena hired someone else for those repairs. she then paid another $196 for a second inspection, this time the work did pass code but glena thought drain doctor should reimburse her for the two inspection fees plus what she paid to fix the floor but she says the company wouldn't respond to her so she reached out to us. we contacted drain doctor and it cut glena a check for the amount she was seeking, $500. drain doctor said "we're sorry glena had to go through this." if you have a consumer complaint, let us know online at >> thank you very much, chris. 6:26 right now. safety concerns in the east bay after a series of car fires across contra costa county. up next on today in the bay, the reason neighbors believe an arsonist is behind these fires.
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>> reporter: the trump administration and the department of homeland security may ask travelers from europe to check their laptops into the cargo hold when they fly to the u.s. i have a video that shows you that one concern a lot of travelers have has nothing do with terrorism. right now at 6:30...
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we )re waking up to another cool morning in the bay area. taking a live look outside... downtown san jose. right now at 6:30, waking up to a cool morning across the bay area overlooking downtown san
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jose. good morning to you, thanks so much for starting your day with us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brook. the cool air will perk you up but as soon as you start exercising, getting on the bike, you'll be fine. >> but i think you'll have a hard time working up a sweat because it is cool as we head out the door and we see cloudy skies across the bay area that will keep temperatures down throughout the day. looking live at dublin getting busy on the roadways at 6:30. starting out with dry conditions there. 54 in napa, 54 in livermore and 55 in palo alto, highs reaching into the upper 60s to low 70s. also a slight chance of rain for the north bay. >> a look ahead to the weekend forecast in seven minutes, mike is tracking what happens as you head out on the roadways. >> we heard about bart the second before i came to the set in the west oakland station.
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there's police activity that's not uncommon to hear about but we'll follow this to let you know if it's beyond any minor delays there. the roadways, minor slowing in most of your usual spots, looking toward your travel times, coming off of 680, we're about 25 minutes from 580 past the scene of the crash. meanwhile, getting over toward the bay bridge, a smooth easy drive as well woe've just now the hit the half hour mark and the metering lines are on. breaking news just into the newsroom. we are getting word of yet more car fires overnight in contra costa county. this is the latest in a spring throughout the week. both of them happened in bended radione -- brentwood near summerwood park. it appears to be cars in driveways. the scenes were one mile away, we just got off the phone with
6:32 am
investigators who say they are calling the incidents suspicious, it's not clear if the fires are linked to similar scenes in contra costa county. speaking of which, it comes a day or so after this, investigators looking into new leads on these fires that might have been deliberately set in walnut creek, martinez and lafayette people who live in the neighborhoods say it's suspicious enough for them that they're taking precautions. >> this is a very quiet neighborhood so to wake up and see a car on fire and find out it could be arson is quite scary. >> that makes five car fires in the last several days. we're told investigators are looking into the fires as arson but they have no clear evidence of that. major changes could be on the way from people from europe to the united states. the department of homeland security could announce a plan to expand a ban on laptops on
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commercial jets. >> today in the bay's christian says joining us live at san jose international airport with the impact this could have on u.s. airlines this morning. >> reporter: forget about the conversation over safety, passengers are talking about productivity and the fear they may have to replace valuable electronics in they check them into cargo and they're stolen or lost or damaged but today we know the department of homeland secretary is supposed to have a classified briefing with senators talking about the potential threat and the reason behind this proposed expansion of the laptop ban there's already a a ban for passengers flying into the u.s. from eight countries in the middle east and africa but banning those devices in can bins means putting them in the cargo hold and you might recall we have reported on a number of laptops that have exploded midair because of the lithium ion batteries. this is faa video of the test to see what happens when the batteries explode in the cargo
6:34 am
containers loaded into the belly of the plane where perhaps no one would know there was a fire until it was too late. the department of homeland security spokesman tweeted "no final decisions made on expanding the restriction of large electronics the devices however it is under consideration. travellers are responding on twitter, this one writing "concentrating 300 plus lithium batteries in every airplane cargo hold is extremely dangerous, negligent and puts many lives at risk. another writes "honestly, i'm willing to go through additional security so i don't have to check my laptop on a 36 hour international flight." from a work angle this writer says "mow is this supposed to work if companies don't insure electronics material if baggage or s lost or damage." and we have reported on instances in which tsa officers themselves have taken things from people's checked bags so i want to hear what you have to say, weigh in on this conversation.
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i put a poll on twitter, you can find me, my handle is krisnbc. tweet me what you think or weigh in on facebook, you can find us there as well. in san jose, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thanks for the latest, kris. 6:35 right now. we are expected to find more as to why an employee with the cruz office of education has been ar raes -- arrested. the identity of the person hasn't been released but we know they worked as a part time aide at the outdoor science school. a letter was sent to the cupertino union school district about the arrest, it's not clear why but there is a public meeting tonight at 6:30. happening today in contra costa county, fogging for mosquitos that could potentially carry the west nile virus. it started at 4:30 and goes to 8:30. crews will be using trucks to fog bethel island and parts of oakley around the island there.
6:36 am
the fogging is aimed at adult mosquitos. >> napa county launching an awareness campaign to fight the threat of an insect that could devastate grape crops. the idea is to buy inspected plants only from local nurseries to avoid the threat of the glassy wing sharpshooter. those little pests will bore through the woody pulp of plants and suck out the water the plants need to thrive. >> well, we're looking toward the bart system. the roadways are moving well, light traffic flow and on the rails we had a delay reported out of the west oakland station. often times we hear about this when there's a fare jumper. it sounds like it was minor and we're getting a recovery through the station, no delays for the rest of the system or any other system. the roadway is similar. we have slowing but it's not major, even 680 where we continue the recovery from an earlier crash. the distraction is on the shoulder. the south bay moves well as
6:37 am
well. let's get a live look toward the san mateo bridge. we see haze in the air. not a problem for visibility. it's a smooth drive getting over to the peninsula where we're just now seeing traffic build up for 101. >> so back to work today, and friday eve -- >> this is the smoothest thing to say all morning -- it is fridayee. we're getting there. >> let's get a look at the weekend forecast. >> as we start out today we have cool temperatures, more clouds and high temperatures today reaching into the upper 60s to low 80s. we'll see -- upper 60s to low 70s, rather. we'll see more of the same as we head into saturday. breezy winds along the coast. partly cloudy and 57 inland. 68 on mother's day. maybe you're taking her out to brunch or going a picnic or
6:38 am
relaxing and enjoying time outdoors, it will be in the upper 60s inland and for the coast 59. very nice weekend. also on saturday if you want to pick up gifts for mom head to the jack of all trades market in oakland. we'll be at 60 at 10:00 and highs reaching into the mid-60s with mostly sunny skies and sunday it's courageous kids day, 600 kids will get a gay away from cancer. an amazing event at great america and it will be in the upper 50s to start out but you see this sunshine as highs reach up to 69 degrees. we'll take a look at the day planner for the willow glen area in three minutes. back to you. >> it's 6:38. a bizarre new addition to walnut creek's downtown. the new statue about to be unveiled that may surprise some people. the fallout over the firing of the fbi director continues
6:39 am
and why donald trump never thought you would see that picture. and the dow jones dipping a bit so far in early trading. we keep a close eye on the markets. it's down 31 points at 20,911. the big news out of wall street this morning is snap is down 20% after reporting its first quarterly earnings yesterday. we'll be back with more news in two minutes.
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we're coming up on 6:42 and all clouds across the south bay as we take a live look outside at san jose and the temperature trend for willow glen at 10:00, low 60s, upper 60s by early afternoon and hitting 70 degrees which is just a little below our average high of 72. in for cooler weather this weekend but sunshine returns. i'll talk about that at 6:49. >> look at this. travel times an easy drive although there's the build northbound. we'll show you what's going on for the upper east shower freeway. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. new video into our newsroom this morning. a historical change in the city of new orleans overnight. crews using a massive crane and kruk to remove a controversial statue of a former confederate president, jefferson davis. the crews were wearing masks to
6:43 am
hide their identities. it's the second of four confederate-era monuments to be removed. the process to remove the monuments started in 2015 but court challenges tied up the removals until now. >> a developing story to tell you about in davis, the police department launching an internal investigation into a large brawl that involved three undercover officers, it unfolded during uc davis' picnic day. dash cam video released yesterday shows an unmarked van making the u-turn you saw towards a crowd blocking the road. the officers get out and you see what happens. a melee ensues. two officers were injured, one is seen getting kicked in the head repeatedly. an outside investigator hired to review the case says the video only tells part of the story. >> >> video evidence is persuasive but it needs to be buttressed by context and by information that goes along with it that shows what took place.
6:44 am
>> part of the controversy involves the initial police report which suggested the car was surrounded and officers were clearly identifiable. it also says someone in the crowd simulated pulling a gun. the video released yesterday contradicts those statements. oakland schools have found their next superintendent and they didn't have to search very far to find her. board members selected the interim superintendent, kyla johnson trammell. she's an oakland native who worked in the district for 18 years. the full board has to approve to make it official. she succeeds antoine wilson who left in january for a job in washington, d.c. come this summer, people living in palo alto could pay more in city fees. >> and a lot of fees, more than 100 of them. the palo alto weekly reports the city is considering raising more than 100 different fees in july. that includes fees for residential parking permits, employee parking permits could increase by nearly 280% in some
6:45 am
parts of palo altoment now it's up for the city council to take up that issue in june. turns out cracks could have played a role in the failure of the main spillway at the oroville dam. you remember the huge hole that opened up forcing thousands of accusations. now independent forensic experts told state lawmakers they're looking at 24 potential factors in the failure of the spillway. some state senators are asking for $100 million for repairs of other dams and levees throughout the state of california. >> we know what's coming and we want to be certain that we can repair what was damaged when oroville spillway was damaged but also to get ahead of things because we know there's more to come. >> nearly 200,000 people had to be evacuated when the spillway showed vulnerability. the spillway was able to hold up enough until lake levels go back down. >> governor jerry brown will
6:46 am
release his revised budget plan. his original plan called for $179 billion 234 spending. budget watchers believe president trump's policies may restructure the budget. lawmakers will have five weeks to approve a budget plan. if it's not done by june 15, they must forfeit pay. immigration advocates have notified the u.s. congress, if you are reviewing deportation cases, do them quickly. congress can review and rule on individual cases known as -- what's known as private bills, i.c.e. holds the individual until the congress decides. but now the agency says it will only hold people for a short time unless asked. immigration advocates say i.c.e. is trying to shorten the review process which hurts the chances of bills passing before people are deported. there is a lot of confusion over who's responsible for the firing of former fbi director james comey. >> scott mcgrew, at first the white house says it was not
6:47 am
president trump's idea. >> that's right, it was something that crossed his desk -- >> you know what? we're having trouble hearing you. you're saying what crossed his desk, a memo from the deputy attorney general. >> i've run out of batteries! >> scott mcgrew can never run out of batteries. >> he runs out of batteries, he never runs out of steam. >> the first time in 20 years, maybe, we'll check back in just a minute coming up. let's move on. tonight we want to tell you lester holt is sitting down one on one with president trump. you can watch that exclusive interview, how timely, that's tonight on "nightly news" at 5:30. happening today, some may call it genius, others may call it bull, but whatever your take might be a new work of art is making its debut in walnut creek. >> it's a life-sized bronze statue called bull man with bulldog. it was created by contemporary artist gerald heffernan. you can stand next to it on the
6:48 am
corner of mt. diablo and main street. the city will unveil that at 4:00. there's a sneak peek. >> beauty is in the eye of the bow holder. >> or the beast. >> i think we'll find today's weather beautiful, though as we will have more comfortable temperatures starting out with a cool morning and cloudy skies. we'll get clearing later today. 65 in the peninsula and south bay. 54 and cloudy in the tri-valley as we get a look at the pleasanton camera. east bay, up to 57 and 52 in san francisco with highs today reaching the upper 60s to lower 70s. so we'll bring you down a couple degrees from yesterday. 63 in the north bay because of clouds and spotty light rain but this should not ruin your outdoor plans. temperatures are in the 50s around the bay area and at recess for the school day the kids will enjoy partly cloudy
6:49 am
skies and warming temperatures and it will be slightly cooler this afternoon compared to yesterday around that time and breed breezy winds picking up as the sun comes out so getting ready for the day it will be a day for a hat and some long sleeves. not only will it be breezy but it will be cool as we are going to see some slightly cooler-than-average temperatures. partly to mostly cloudy skies hour by hour and then we see the rain approaching northern sonoma county. it breaks up and a lot of moisture will be drying out so that's the reason why we're expecting spotty light rain in the forecast today and clearing out mostly clear skies by tonight with fog along the coast so in san francisco expect a high of 62 and gusty winds tomorrow behind us. this system stays breezy on saturday and heading into mother's day a high of 61. for the inland area 72 today and we continue to see the cooling trend with gusty winds, all dry
6:50 am
until tuesday when we will have the chance of showers that may linger into early wednesday morning. more updates on that but now mike is tracking a crash on the upper east shore freeway. >> i am. we're talking about an incident on westbound 80. the rest of the bay i want to show folks. the south bay does have a build. it's subtle but kicking in now. we'll see that change over the next hour. in the tri-valley a smooth easy build is still flowing south off of the dublin interchange. over here i expected to see more of a backup because a crash was reported. west 80 at willow avenue but it looks like things are moving well. that crash is off to the shoulder and not a major distraction so we don't have a problem coming off the bridge but we have another crash. this crash thanks to wazer sr 49 cool, great name. let's take you to waze and we'll talk about the adjustments through sunol. waze has been adjusting its at
6:51 am
gnats and a subtle change in your route. instead of taking 680, this purple route takes you through pleasanton and that can save you 20 minutes. be cool like sr 49 cool and report to us and share with us. we're looking at your waze profile. you can do that by joining our team. cl click the magnifying glass. your team will be nbc bay area wazers. that's how we share information any time anywhere. back to you. >> sam and i are going to look up our names. we don't know our waze names. >> i think it's something boring. >> me, too. >> we'll take a quick look at the top stories on today in the bay. that includes technology law enforcement has at its disposal to try and prevent more shootings on busy freeways. tesla taking orders for its solar roof. buyers can put down a $1,000 deposit. the roof looks like traditional
6:52 am
shingles but they gather energy from the sun. plus, a huge cleanup on mount everest. four tons of trash have been cleared from the iconic mountain, discarded oxygen tanks, tents, bottles, climbing ropes. they have to transport it off the mountain by more than 100 yaks. we'll be back here in two minutes. [ whistles ]
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here are the top stories on today welcome back, just a little bit before 6:55 on your thursday morning before we head out the door. here are the top stories on today in the bay. breaking news, two more suspicious car fires overnight in contra costa county. just the latest in a string of similar-looking scenes throughout the week. both of the latest fires happened in brentwood near summerwood park. the fires were just eight minutes apart and the scenes were about a mile away from each other. it's not clear if the car fires may be linked to three other fires in martinez, walnut creek and lafayette. contra costa leaders meeting with the fbi talking about where to install freeway cameras following dozens of shootings in recent months. the east bay times is reporting the plans are to put the cameras along interstate 80 and 4 between richmond and antioch. the chp says there have been at least 85 shootings on bay area freeways since november of 2015. eight people have died as a
6:56 am
result. nearly half of the shootings were in contra costa county. a ground breaking ceremony for the downtown ferry terminal expansion project. it will add two new gates to the ferry building as well as weather-protected canopies and a new plaza south. the project will cost nearly $80 million and should be finished in 2019. the ground breaking ceremony is set for 10:00 this morning. a live look at san jose mineta international airport where an additional travel ban may soon become reality for international flyers. homeland security leaders are expected to recommend laptop computers be banned in the can bins of incoming flights from europe. travelers would have to pack the laptops in the cargo hold. this would widen a security measure in place already from eight different countries to the middle east and africa. authorities in from are month looking at this video posted on social media showing what happened during a massive wedding reception brawl. it unfolded start night at
6:57 am
fremont's royal palace banquet hall. dozens of guests were involved. the wedding photographer believes the whole thing spilled into the parking lot after a fight on the dance floor. police made two arrests and more may be coming. now to the white house and d.c. and all the foulout after the firing of former fbi director james comey. a spokeswoman for president trump is suggesting that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will be selected to take over the russia investigation. rosenstein, who roe the memo justifying fbi director comey's firing, there's the back story. in the meantime, the republicans are yes r rejecting democratic calls for a special prosecutor to look into russian interference. up next on the "today" show, what former director comey had to say about leaving his long time position and how president trump responded. shining a light on a fire hazard. about 37, 000 night lights are being recalled.
6:58 am
they are made by a.m. conservation group after 14 reports of the night lights smoking or smoeltderring, the night lights were given away in energy conservation kits by various companies from last november through march. today is bike to work today. taking a live look at the apple energizer station in cupertino this morning. folks getting fuelled. this is one of the stations set up for this annual event. you can grab water, snacks, towels, check out healthy tips as well. thousands of people are expected to participate in bike to work day today. the students were biking yesterday and were pretty healthy. good weather. >> it's not the 80s and 90s from last week, 60s and 70s. >> it's going to be so much more comfortable. as we get a look at the forecast for the revs versus the giants. it will be 55 degrees so bundle up, make sure you're wearing
6:59 am
lots of layers and looking live -- looking now at our temperatures for san francisco, cloudy skies, gusty tomorrow as temperatures dron drop behind a system that will bring a slight chance of rain. for the weekend we are looking at high temperatures in the upper 60s, mother's day looking amazing. 67 degrees and a lot of sunshine. >> always a lot of sunshine for those moms and wannabe moms. almost 7:00, you say you have good news for the tri-valley. >> finally. we have been struggling with this crash on southbound 680 at highway 84. overall not a bad commute but this has been one sticking point for the tri-valley. the crash has finally cleared and speeds are improving now through pleasanton. that's good stuff. south bay 87 it's been a tough drive for the last week and a half and continues to be the toughest spot. a reminder for folks in fremont where my kids go to school, it's bike to school and work day.
7:00 am
they're combining it so a lot of kids on the road. >> we'll be back in a half hour. we'll see you for the nbc bay area news at 11:00. be safe on the road. see you soon. good morning. it is done. first words from former fbi chief james comey on his firing a late night farewell letter to his staff telling them not to dwell interest. democrats aren't about to drop it. >> it may well produce impeachment proceedings although we're very far from that possibility. >> this morning reaction from sand and trump's controversial confidant roger stone. mother of all storms. a nor'easter headed up the coast with 53 million people in its path. heavy rain and flooding on the way just in time for mother's day and al is tracking it all. >> chilly reception. >> at her grave site. i am moved


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