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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 12, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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=runs 6= =kris/cont.vo= more fallout... reaction pouring in this morning after lestor holt )s by his own words, it seems that he fired -- more fallout and reaction after lester hold's wide-ranging interview with president trump at the white house. the answer as fueling the controversy over mr. comey's firing. we're live in washington to break it all down for you this morning. we are also inching or way towards the weekend. a live look outside at san francisco and the transamerica pyramid. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura. we know the lines for a mother's day brunch are so long. how should people dress?
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it. >> definitely with some heavier jackets and long sleeves, things like that. it will be cold, especially in the next couple mornings, as our temperatures continue to feel much cooler than average for this time of year. it's fairly mild, like oakland is 55, 42 now in santa rosso highs this afternoon, reaches into the 60s. concord will be up to 70 degrees. we'll take a look ahead to this breezy and sunny day. we might see some more slowing in livermore. >> we'll move over toward the men ton as you cut through highway 8 had. all way down that construction zone, but much more extensive than we typically see. now continuing to move around as far as how much slowing, so is there must be some equipment moving around. still, about ten minute from 580 over to 680, also track folks
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getting out of town. we'll trach that in a second. 5:01, we have some breaks news. the firebug strikes again in the east way, this time in lafayette and walnut creek. if you're keeping track here, that ups the number to seven times car fires we reported on this week. it's a string of car fires that keep popping up in contra costa county. a couple in brentwood. again that's just this week. bob, this is happening all over the county? >> reporter: good morning. this one happening around 2:17 this morning. that's when the call came in, where you can see that toy i don't thea suv was set on fire,
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burned, the fire department was able to put it out before it expanded from the engine compartment, where it looks like that's where the fire started. another fire just three miles away. this was in walnut creek. you're looking at was nita drive, where a sedan, a honda civic we believe, was set on fire. you can see fully engulfed and destroyed that car. we did speak with a fire marshal. he tells you that he believes these two new car fires this morning are related to at least ten other car fires, including the string of five fires from earlier this week, that they believe it's the same person or persons are responsible for this. they tell you -- the fire department tells us there's a common thread, but won't divulge what that is, does not want to taint the investigation. we will be talking with that
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fire marshal on cam what within the next 30 minutes. bob redell reporting, "today in the bay." we also have continuing coverage of this interview, the interview fueling strong reaction from both sides of the aisle, president trump explaining why he fired fbi director james comey to nbc's lester holt. he's contradicting his own white house staff. the new acting fbi director and other officials in the agency. "today in the bay's" tracey pots is in president trump telling his own story about why he fired the fbi director. >> look, he's a showboat, a
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grandstander. >> reporter: in an exclusive one on one interview with lester hold, contradicting what the white house first said about his firing james comey, as comey was investigating possibly tie toss russia. regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey. >> reaction from capitol hill. >> it is just appallingingly unethical, if not more. >> reporter: the president contradicted testimony from the new acting director. >> the fbi has in turmoil. >> director comey enjoyed broad support within the fbi and still does to this day.  >> reporter: mr. trump tells nbc that comey asked to dine with the president, then asked to keep his job. >> he asked for the dinner? >> the dinner was arranged. i think he asked for the dinner. >> reporter: this morning current and former officials tell us comey never asked for the dinner, the white house did. the president asked comey if he was under investigation.
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>> he said, you are not under investigation. >> by his own words, it seems to me the president fired mr. comey to end the investigation. >> reporter: but mr. trump insists he wants a full review. >> i want that thing to be absolutely done properly. if russia did anything having to do with our election, i want to know about it. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. to hear more, go to, click on the top story box to watch that extended clip. 5:06 today, later mourners will be say a final farewell to a husband and wife who were killed by their daughter's ex-boyfriend. they shot and killed last week. police later shot and killed the gunman, who was under a restraining order at the time to avoid the couple's daughter. happening now, the search is
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on for a flasher who police say targeted a mother and her toddler on a hiking trail. investigators released this sketch of the suspect. it happened wednesday afternoon at as that woman was walking with her child. police say the man was hiding in the bushes, and then exposed himself as the woman and child walked by. here's that sketch. you can find it on our social platforms the suspect is described as a whiteman in his mid 20s, but six feet tall with dirty blond hair newscasts in a bun. a ucsf skye psychiatrist behind bars. they say billy lockheart and his roommate had hundreds of photos and video and lockhart started his residency in the department of psychiatry last year spending one supervised month working with children. he also worked at san francisco general hospital action well. neighbors say they are stunned.
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>> we didn't know the extent and didn't know he was an aspiring doctor or whatever, with incredible credentials. he went to yale and everything. >> lockhart is on paid leave. both are facing felony charges. rallying for public education. assembly members will call for increased support for public education and for transparency and accountability out of the charter schools. the really starts at 4:00 in front of oakland tech high school, which faces program and service cuts from oakland unified. you're going to need a work-around. fruitvale and lake mohr i stations will be closed. the train will be running on sunday for the warriors game. >> all right. happening this morning,
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kris, celebrating the summer of love. >> the california historical society is opening an exhibition the summer of love was a social movement where thousands of young people rejected consumerism for art, music and values of community. >> just five bucks if you're not. it is 5:09 as you get ready to head out the door, and also some clouds passing by, but overall it's fairly cool. only 52 as we get a look at the san mateo bridge. for the north bay we'll see the temperatures starting out in the low 40s. school start, but also a cool day, seeing the high of 67 in the south bay and the north bay will be up to 65.
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in about three minutes, i'll have a look at the temperature trend. >> well, it's friday and early, so typically a lighter traffic flow tonight, but exceptionally light as well as the flow on the freeways. so we show you the roads. they're moving well. that lake merritt closure is only saturday this time. sunday they have reopened for the warriors. they want to make sure everything is oak for mother's day and transit riders to the game. over to the sierra still has plenty of snow. that will start. that snow will be will for a while. up next, change to your commute. >> the addition to union city b.a.r.t. that will make life easier for rider. uber is having a tough friday.
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we'll talk a look when we continue. mike traffic teas
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good morning, it's 5:13. as we see the clouds, and the temperature trend for willow glen will be cooler than average, only reaching into the mid 60s with breezy winds. coming up in five minutes, we'll take a look at the forecast for mother's day and a look ahead for rain chances next week.
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i'm sorry. i can only find green so far. nice travel times. a smooth flow of traffic. we'll show you how things are shaping up. it's friday, but there's still cars out there. >> never apologize for good news, mike. happening today union city b.a.r.t. station will unveil the new east entrance. that gives a direct line for homeowners in the district to the station. the city plans to build more housing in the station district as part of their long-term development project mayor ver nachi and b.a.r.t. director are co-hosting the grand opening, set for 11:00 this morning. also the vta's launches a new outreach program on thes danger of the third rail. there's no date yet for the extension to olympic, but the
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rail line is now live and could kill somebody if they touch it. all right. be careful. 5:14. east bay lawmakers are unveiling a new plan to keep the region he competitive. ten years ago the u.s. started developing national stem policies, now bay area representatives barbara lee and mark deso manile yay -- i'm going to get it right someday, the 2.0 regional action plan. they'll both by on site -- >> call him mark d. uber has taking a series of wrong turns. scott mcgrew the second time their behavior has attracted attention from the fed. >> you know uber is mired in the court case, which accuses uber
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of stealing the self-driving car secrets. it says that technology can be tracesed back to google's ideas. one, this case is going to trial, no arbitration lie uber hoped, and two, the judge in the case has recommended federal prosecutors take a look at that case. so this just went from just a civil case to potentially a criminal case as well. adding to uber's no good very bad day, the city of san francisco wants to be drivers' records. remember, san francisco requires uber drivers to hold a business license, but the city hasn't really cracked down on that until now. the markets eased back a bit on thursday. the nasdaq did not set a report for the first time in five days. the dollar is getting stronger. recently facebook announced it would add 3,000 employees to monitory videos to watch for the
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most awful of content, murder, suicide, pornography, and shut those videos down before they hit your feed. you have to wonder, is 3,000 additional sets of eyes enough? there are millions of video that flow foye and what a a did drudgery job. how can anybody do that? this week on our show press here, we talked to one of the companies that are in charged of screening videos. >> it turns out their outsourcedivities there is a particular reason. how philippines are alike to us rather than, for example, india. culture is different, religion is different, so to have one in the philippines view a picture or individually, they probably will be the closestest to what americans view. >> frankly they work for less
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money. that's after "meet the press" sunday morning. >> it's night to them talking about cultural sensitivity. >> yes, very similar to ours. how about this? >> rare colored diamond earrings, they'll set you back 50, 70 million, the jewelry is going up for auction, and the stones are the most valuable ever to be actioned. each piece will be offered to buyers. what do you do with one earring? >> i assume there's a matching color. >> one earrings for mother's day? >> i'll just wear my hair down on the other side. >> i'm sure you both could say you could spend $50 or $70 or less than that, and it's not about that, it's the thought that counts. >> and a chance to relax.
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i think that's the most important thing. >> i would say. >> totally. speak of the mama bears, they're going to have to bundle up for the weekend. >> it's going to be cool. we've had some cool weather. and here's a look live now at san francisco. we can see the clouds rolling by overhead. all of that is clearing out. overall a very nice start to this friday morning. it's 53 degrees to san francisco. oakland 55, and 53 degrees in san jose. highs this asp reaching into the upper 60s. we should be in the low 70s, but i think we'll take 68 degrees in gilroy, up to 68 in danville. fremont 67 degrees, and in san mateo 63 there. san francisco will barely make it into the 60s do. the embarcadero will be up for 59. 63 degrees today in mill valley. when you combine the cooler temperatures with gusty winds, sustained winters from about 10 to 15, at times up to 20 in san
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francisco, and then those guests close to 30 miles an hour today so make sure you keep the arms down and hold on to the dress. i issue a skirt alert. we have a mix of rain and snow happening right now. a few more snow flurries before this moves out. it will be in the upper 60s on mother's day. the bay will be up to 65 degrees in the coast at 56 degrees. temperatures in the low 60s for the next few days as san francisco once again today will be a windy day, and then the showers moves in on tuesday. inalready's in the of 0s, and we'll be watching out for that rain chance to next week. a great start to your friday commute. >> also a great hashtag now, skirt alert from kari hall.
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>> i know it's early. that's probably the toughest part, the hour that we drive around the area. a minor slowing at the bay bridge. let's look farther east on the waze systems. a report of snow major crashes. that's good news. let's sighy concord over to richmo richmond. the purple is only a half hour, but this green route that's only four or five minutes longer, so very clear roadways. go to use you are baze application, and you join -- i keep wanting to say facebook. i have the information on facebook. you know what? you look at that animation, check out our facebook live, i posted it at the top. >> i'll move mine to the top, too. so coming up, taking amazon to court. the sweeping accusations
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pittedty online giant after a man's private information was leaked. keep on going, america. keep on giggling... and goofing. keep on grooving... and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too. scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll.
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it is 5:24 right now. a north texas man is taking amazon to court, accusing the online giant of a major breach of his privacy. >> a former employee leaked his personal and confidential information, and why?
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the trouble he says started with a date last month that a woman that the texas man went out with got an amazon employee to dig up his personal information using his phone number. he ran it through the system and was able to pull up a bunch of information about me. >> the man's lawyer says the proof is in the screen shots sent by the employee to his date. amazon fired the employee, and criminal charges are being considered. >> wow. trader joe's is pulling an ice cream off shelves over peanut allergy concerns. it is a single lot of mochi ice cream. the treat may have peanuts, but it doesn't list it as an ingredient. the retailer says no reactions or illnesses have been, the code lot 09017, you can return it for a full refund. more developments of the same sort of story breaking
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overnight, another night, another car fire. the investigators under way at two more fires are sparked against in contra costa county. we're live from lafayette with what firefighters are saying about the latest batch of flames. with ridership declining, b.a.r.t. is looking at way toss clean its atmosphere. what passengers are saying may be the biggest problem. nbc bay area responds. we recovered over $500,000 for our viewers. if you said help, call us our visit us. ad lib live pictures-- san
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carlos good morning. it is friday morning, and this is a live look from our camera in san carlos this morning. those twinge ling lights looking so lovely. blue sky there, though we do have clouds floating around the rest of the bay area. thank you for joining us. >> you know it's a small nicety, but i love all these little downtowns, palo alto, san carlos, the lights. >> and a lot of them are l.e.d., so low energy. >> a win-win. kari, it's going to be cold still? >> a little cool. you may by wearing a jacket or sweater all day long. when the winds kick up. it would add more of a chilled. out the door, it's 49 degrees. 42 degrees from tiberon, looking
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at the north bay, and 55 degrees in the east bay. heading into this afternoon, expect the highs to reach into the mid to upper 60s. at time gusting up to 30. i'll like at that and the mother's day weekend. mike says your delay is right on schedule. >> right on schedule. speed sensors all around the bay are pretty much green, a little slowing shows up in the dublin area. where? let's look at the live camera. the bay bridge backup is right on schedule. no problems, though. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. breaking news just into our newsroom right now. two more car fires in contra costa county overnight, this time in walnut creek and lafayette. >> these latest flames are just one or some of a handful that have popped up in the area just in the last four, five days.
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you're looking at the map of all the locations where this has happened. neighborhoods in martinez and brentwood have also fallen victim. today bob redell is live in lafayette is what fire investigators are saying about the latest fire. this seems to be something connecting these cases? >> reporter: there is. they do believe these fires, seven now this weeks, are related and they are arson, the most recent taking place here in lafayette. this fire started around 2:17 this morning and about several minutes prior to this, there was another car fire, this one in walnut creek, just under three miles away. the fire marshal tells that you there is a common threat between all these fires, but won't divulge what it is. i'm not talking about the fact they happened overnight within
5:32 am
the same neighborhoods. it's just that there's something else, just didn't want to taint the investigation. >> there's a whole bunch of things that can be common, but you know, we have seen various thing that lead us to believe that either the same person or the same group of people are responsible for igniting these fires. on. >> reporter: yesterday morning there were two car fires in the driveways of homes in brentwood, the first around 3:30 in the morning, the second one less than ten minutes later about a mile and a half away. and a second one about 15 minutes later, and just over two miles away in lafayette. very similar to what we're seeing. >> and monday morning, a car fire outside a home in martinez. in all instanceses no one was hurt. all the homes escaped serious damage. this is surveillance video from a neighbor's home in brandywood near one of the car fires that happened yesterday. you can see someone walking through the frame.
5:33 am
authorities say that might be a person of interest. bob redell for "today in the bay." we would look to get to some breaking news out of the ohio. those are the images from kirkersville, ohio. you see helicopters surveying, as there's a possible active shooter situation at a nursing home there. to give you a sense of where this is happening. kirkersville is -- as you can clearly see, there's a huge law enforcement presence there on scene as the situation develops. it is not clear at this point if anybody has been hurt, but again we are learning of a possible active shooter at an ohio nursing home. this story is breaking news. we are going to stay on top of it all morning long. as soon as we have more information to report, we'll bring it to you. b.a.r.t. is looking into possible solutions to the problem. "today in the bay's" feature is live in fremont with the reason
5:34 am
that b.a.r.t. officials think that they are losing commuters, and it's a tough one, pete. >> tough indeed, good morning to you, kris, this is what we're getting from a report from sfgate. it's starting to become a problem for passengers, and as a result you're seeing an overall hit to b.a.r.t. currently ridership at roughly 432,000 during ha weekday commute, but that's a 3% drop from last year. some of the complaints from passengers including overcrowded trains, which we hear a lot about, as well as unreliable service, but the concern is the homeless problems, specifically at the downtown san francisco stations. b.a.r.t. is working is sfmta as well as homeless outreach groups. they want to add more workers to the cleaning stations at b.a.r.t. stations, as well as get the homeless to shelters. that will be the work being done with the outreach groups.
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they want to put up the higher barriers to prevent fare evaders as well as community officers to patrol those stations. b.a.r.t. is in the early stages of implementing this strategy, but the hope is to add this to the upcoming budget which best gins in july. we're live in fremont, here for "today in the bay." b.a.r.t. directors for the first time are also reportedly laying out a plan on what they're going to do with billions of dollars. >> most of that money will boost infrastructure. most of it will cover a cost for a power system. about $500 million will go to repairing tunnels and other structures. an emergency meeting is about to get under way, and it is to discuss a grand jury's recommendation to fire the district attorney. . yesterday a grand jury announced that mark peterson should be ousted for misconduct.
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jurors dpermd that he spends campaign money on himself over 1e6r8 years. he admitted to miles, clothing, movie tickets and such when he was serving as the treasurer of his own reelection campaign. an east bay high school that's reportedly seen a recent surge in racism is taking steps to combat the property. the chronicle reporting that a handful of piedmont students have been suspended recently. it apparently prompted a student assembly. the school is developing an action plan for the next year, include a on -- also in our schools, after-school programs will start costing san francisco families. the examiner reports that san francisco unified skewed district plans to charge parents for enrolling kids in after-school and summer programs. those programs were before
5:37 am
federally funded, but the district faces a 3.3 million $loss in funds. those fees will cost families between 50 to $500 based on their income. oakland homeowners charged for fire inspections they never actually received. it was a mistake by the fire department. the "mercury news" reporting that dozens of rents were invoiced for the inspections. the homeowners saying they never happened or at least were never told about them. the city plans to extend the payment deadline while it figures out who does or does not have to actually pay. heading out this morning it's also cool. as you get the kids ready for school, maybe sure you grab a sweater. it elbe a breezy day at recess. heading home from school, we'll have gusty winds, highs in the
5:38 am
low 60ss today, we'll take a look ahead for mother's day forecast, and in three minutes i'll have a look at the temperature trend and mike is now checking in on the tri-valley. >> i am. aside from this lovely green, we did see something other than green right there at the dublin interchange. we have a camera not far from the interchange. it does show just for a couple seconds a burt of traffic, but no incident. it's cleared in and out the. i trust those sensors will bring it back up it. look at that beautiful sunrise. also no delays for the transit systems, but b.a.r.t. changed the disclosures. and 20 to 40 minutes delays. sunday with the warriors playoff game midday, they're opening up again. >> thank you very much. up next sweeps manx.
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the headaches you might face the next time you fly into l.a.x. the day after that big interview with the president. washington is abuzz. we'll bring you up to speed when "today in the bay" continues. =mike/trx=
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mike traffic tease it's 5:41. cupertino will be any upper 50s, and average high in the low 70s, but we only make it into the mid
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60s. grab a sweater. we'll take a look ahead to the mother's day forecast coming up in five minutes. and look, a great drive down the eastshore freeway. you have a few more cars showing up and the metering lights are on, though. with eyes on the community. mike, kari, thank you very much. this is a very active scene out of ohio in kirkersville, ohio, we're getting word that an officer may be injured after reports of that active shooter that's cropped up at that ohio nursing home. you see all of the police cars and ambulances. we're still following this developic situation. >> what always makes these unnerving is it could be any
5:43 am
community where we are here in the bay area. this is in ohio, right where that is happening there's a local elementary school on lockdown. large law enforcement presents there on the scene. a this point it's knotts clear why the active shooter may have targeted a nursing home, but we are trying to get to the bottom of that. we'll bring you the breaking details as we get them. nasa is still checking the prep work for this morning's space walk. those were preparations delayed because there was a leak in the hose connected to the spacesuit worn by jack fisher. it's called an umbilical hose. nasa says the suit is fine, but the leaky hose had to be taken out of commission. astronauts are to perform that landmark 200th space walk at the international space station as soon as they can resolve that problem. back on planet earth rear, 5:43. about a quarter million hatchery
5:44 am
salmon that survived the or oy will dam couldn't survive a pump failure. the baby fish were trucked to a nearby annex where a pump failure left them without enough oxygen. the salmon are not considered endangered and not expected to impact the industry, but certainly sad to hear. >> yeah, it is. beginning saturday there will be major changes for california's busiest airports. >> nearly two dozen airlines are changing terminals at l.a.x., and that might have you hustling if you head down south. the 21 airlines will move as a plan to upgrade the terminals. the most noticeable change you might see will be that delta, which is l.a.x.'s largest carrier is moving. during that relocation, delta may operate out of four different terminals. if you're transiting through
5:45 am
l.a.x., make sure you give yourself plenty of time. the world watch as nbc's lester holt posed tough questions. >> scott mcgrew, his answers have washington abuzz. >> they do. the president tweeted just moments ago the fake media is working overtime today. let me say we're just on our regular shifts this morning, but we're going to show you exactly what the president said as he spoke with lester hold last night about the firing of fbi director james comey. a startling number of things came out of that conversation. there are three of them i want to get to this morning. the first is that the white house has had any number of explanations as to who decided to fire comey. president trump late last night said it was his decision and his alone. that goes counter to what white house spokesperson sarah
5:46 am
huckabee sanders and vice president pence have said. they have said, in fact they have insisted the idea started with the justice department, and the deputy attorney general. pence has said this over and over. the president tweeted an explanation this morning. as a very active president with lots of things happening, it's not possible for my surrogates to stand at the podium with perfect accuracy. we assume he's speaking of huckabee sanders, but the vice president has said the same thing several times. if he's talking about pence, president trump is saying the president of the united states does not have time to inform the vice president why he fired the director of the fbi. the second thing was an explanation why the president thinking he's not under investigation. he says he asked the fbi director, the man in charge of that investigation specifically, once at a dinner, twice by phone. >> did you call him? >> in one case i called him and
5:47 am
in one case he called him. >> did you ask him if you're under investigation? >> i did. if it's possible, will you let me know, am i under investigation? he said, you are not until investigation. >> the president said in the case of the dinner comey was asking him at that dinner if his job was secure? then the president asked if he were under investigation. you can see where that will raise alarm bells with legal types. lastly the president said he fired comey because the investigation was made up. take a listen. >> knowing there was no good time to do it, and in fact, when i decided to just do i said to myself, i said, you know, this russia thing with trump and trisha is a made-up story, it's an excuse by the democrats for having lost an election that they should have won. the reason they should have won it is the electoral college is almost impossible for a republican to win, very hard, because you start off at such a
5:48 am
disadvantage. everyone was thinking this could have won the election. this was an excuse for having lost an election. the president would later say in that same interview he did want the investigation completed. lester hold will have more with his interview on the "today" show. kris and sam? >> thank you. he'd like to hear from you as well. you can share your thoughts with scott on twitter. the twitter handle is right there on the screen. we were shocked to hear there's a skirt alert here, kari. [ laughter ] >> yes, it's going to be windy today. i have this flowy skirt going on i realize what's the male version of a skirt alert? [ laughter ] oh, mike. all right. let's start out with in forecast, where we do have some
5:49 am
clouds moving around the bay area, and we are going to see some clearing. here is the -- getting this friday started as head out the door. it's clear there, also some cool temperatures, 49 degrees now in livermore. 42 degrees in santa rosa, though there's some schooler spots, as you get ready to head out. a look at the south bay high temperature today up for 64, milpitas and 66 in cupertino. 64 in hayward and antioch. we'll be up to 65 in belmont. cool along the coast. san francisco will be in the mostly upper 50s today. the mill valley area, 60 degrees. as you're getting a look out and getting ready for the day, and we are going to have one of those daze, yeah, just put the skirt away, maybe a hat to control your hair and nice warm
5:50 am
jacket ago well, at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. if you're heading to the giants game this evening, it will be a chilly one, dropping back to 52 by the end of the game. i'll have another look at the microclimate forecast, but mike says a crash has been reportd for santa clara. >> an expressway, but not a major free way. no may crashes on the freeways. we do have san tomas at monroe, a minivan was involved, no injuries reported from what i can tell, but we are looking at the accident right there on san tomas two central expressway and el camino real. let's take you to the waze system, including your two bridges, and a big difference between the drivetime across the dumbarton bridge, and it's about 12 minutes longer, but why would you do that?
5:51 am
make a good choice by checking waz emplgt go to your app, and i can thank you if you go to your profile, hit teams, and then select nbc bay area wazers. if i use your report on the air, i will hit thank you, it's a thumbs up. >> i haven't gotten one of those yet. he's courteous, too. thank you, mike. thousands of californians are in for a refund after a major insurance company overcharged its customers. how much money you could be getting back? first, another scorpion reported on a united flight. the plane from houston to ecuador was delayed after a scorpion was spotted. this is the second time this has happened in less than a month where one of those stinging insects has been reported. airbnb says latin-american
5:52 am
is the fastest-growing market. it says it will be collecting and remitting taxes, the first such arrangement in latin-american. open for business. we'll be back in two minutes.
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)robert paylor ) is making progress-bu the community is coming together for a player that's -- robert payreport is making progress, but he's still at the trauma center. he was paralyzed from the chest down in last week's match. they were gathering for a private prayer service last night. those who attended spoke with us about the sense of family really inside. >> our sons played rugby. we're a rugby family. we know how the game goes, and we've all been sure at times. so far it's raised thousands for the expenses. a new video showing an extensive damage as it swept over oklahoma. the national weather service is trying to confirm whether a
5:56 am
tornado actually touched down in the authority-central part of the state. there were trees uprighted, roofs damaged, but no reports of injury. millions are bracing for a nor'easter today. >> loved ones will be saying good-bye to the engaged doctors that were killed. joint services will be held in south boston for dr. richard field and dr. leena bolanos. police say they were brutally murdered shortly after one of the doctors texted a friend asking for help. please found the suspect till in the condo when they arrived. he's there receiving medical treatment. investigators believe he was trying to rob the couple at the time. also happening today. the former michigan state university sports medicine physician will be in court on
5:57 am
sex abu charges. draft larry nasser was charged involving nine victims. he also served as the usa gymnastics team physician for four olympics where he was accused of inappropriate touching. if your knees crack or pop it could be an indication of early even if they don't hurt. they looked at the knees of some 3500 participants over a period of four years. one in five developed aches and x-ray evidence of that arthritis. sports medicine special cysts say a first good step is to lose some weight. for every pounce you lose, 400% return, anti-inflammatory diet, lots of oil, minimize processed sugars. >> doctors say foot exercises and walking are also good for
5:58 am
preventing arthritis in your knees. >> good on all of that except for sugar. that's my weakness. new this morning, a popular east bay restaurant is reportedly closing. "east bay times" reporting that "the vine" will be serving the last moo el on sunday. a new owner took over the built just over a year ago and has not renewed the restaurant's lease beyond this month. happening today, an nba bay area fire station is opening its doors. it's going to be open to the public. in the meantime everyone is welcome to stop by and see exactly the inner workers of the emergency operations center. you can check out -- emergency medical service will run -- also happening today lieutenant governor gavin newsen
5:59 am
will deliver the commence mitt address. that starts at nine this morning on the cal campus. if you have insurance through state farm you could be getting some modern back. they will split more than $13 million. that's about $55 per person. ordered the refunds because of the overcharges that happened between december 8th and february 13th. kris, you request grab a free cup of joe at peets coffee. lord knows we need as many as we can get. the coffee chain is any beverage at any size for free. it's a kickoff event for the summer season. >> why am i drinking home coffee? >> i don't know. right now, we are following breaking news out of the east bay. two more car fires in contra
6:00 am
costa county overnight. the reasons that firefighters think they could be -- >> plus safety concerns, the warning from police this morning and why police are looking for this man. >> moving forward with plans for expand b.a.r.t. to the south bay, the maybe step that b.a.r.t. is taking today. today in the babe continues right now. =sam/4shot= and i )m sam brock (toss kari) ==wx/cu== =wx/wsi full= ==w good morning, thanks for joining us today. >> we should say we are following breaking news out of the state of ohio, an active shooter situation. we'll have an update in just minutes. first we want to get to the forecast. >> mother's day, you have to make sure you do some extra-special for mom this weekend.


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