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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 15, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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monday morning, we're coming off an amazing weekend. live look from san francisco as we get a pretty clear look at the golden gate bridge. a little haze out there, but that's okay. that's how mondays sometimes start. egins right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. you have to cler out the haze in your head usually on monday. >> we'll start our day. hopefully you had a great mother's day. kari, you had a good one? >> i did. i got to relax and sleep in. >> wow. >> yeah. >> so you're probably not sleeping in this morning. you're getting ready to get this monday starting, and it is going to be another gorgeous day. we do start out with cool temperatures and some breezy
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winds. in the tri-valley, 46. 50 in insouth bay. east bay, 52. and 42 in the north bay. wear some layers but it will be more comfortable later this afternoon with gusty winds in the peninsula up to 65 degrees. 61 in san francisco, and 72 in the north bay. and we will have a chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow. i'll talk more about that coming up. mike is already following a crash in the south bay. >> that's right. in fact, still following it. it happened about an hour ago, but still on the chp grid. the speed sensors are not an issue. northbound 280 as you're coming out of san jose and into the cupertino area, we're looking at that over on the shoulder. chp has one cruiser on scene so at least there's a distraction. the roadways are looking well for the$x rails and roads as w. a note for vta, there will be minor reroutes as the engine tour comes into the eastern edge of san jose this afternoon. you have something else as well going on in san jose.
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>> thank you very much. we are following developing news this morning. firefighters have been busy overnight knocking down a house fire in san jose. what you're looking at are live pictures from the scene. you can see police and fire monitoring the situation. that fire broke out at about 1:30 this morning. firefighters say the flames were on the first and second floors of the house, working their way up to the attic. nobody was injured but two people were forced out of the home. thome was in the process of being remodeled before the fire. >> we could learn more about a suspect connected to a string affaof arsons in contra costa county. >> investigators believe they have the guy behind at least seven car fires in the last week. good morning. >> reporter: correct, sam and laura. seven fires here in contra costa county. the fire protection district believes the suspect is connected to many more.
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that's why he is now going to be facing 43ko arson charges. today, we expect the contra costa fire protection district to release his name. what we know so far is he's 36 years old, lives here in the county. a special arson task force helped to arrest him early saturday morning at a mcdonald's in benicia less than a mile away just been set that morning. he sits in jail with bail set at $3 million. all the recent car fires have a common thread that connect them that suggest they were started by the same person, but what that commonality is, firefighters won't say. reporting live here in pleasanton, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much for the latest t(there, bob. >> 4:33 right now. grieving friends will hold a prayer service tonight in fremont for a high school senior killed in a crash that left her mother seriously injured. 18-year-old shanie mars elena was killed when police say a car driven by her mother struck
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another car while making a turn on fremont boulevard. it happenedn÷r early yesterday morning. friends say the jiems logan high school senior had just been picked up after the prom. la night, friends visiting the accident scene were overcome with grief. >> she was like the funniest person ever. i want her to be remembered as a person that will always help someone and a person that will be there for you no matter what. >> police say two men in the other car in their 20s suffered minor injuries. police have not made any arrests but they're looking into whether alcohol played a role in the crash. >> peoplenb in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood remain on edge after a chaotic rolling gun battle that played out outside of their doors. this happened 9:30 yesterday morning along polk street. it had people scrambling for cover. gunmen in two cars were shooting at each other as they were
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cruising down the street. nobody was hit but shell casings littered the street afterward. >> i heard what i thought was a fire cracker and then another one. 12 in total coming down polk street right here. >> as you see there, one shot did damage a parked car, hit the windshield there. so far, police have made no arrests. problems spawned by homeless encampments there. last year, a committee was started to tackle issues. they're considering income to cover cleanup costs and also looking at the idea of using tinies on wheels as a way to house the homeless. today's meeting takes place in san jose. it's 4:35 right now on your monday morning. up next, apple's worldwide developers conference is in a few weeks and this morning a peek into what the company is cooking up. we'll cover the ljo,atest produ
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be debuted. >> plus, an inspiration for women everywhere pursuing a career in s.t.e.m. and coming from the latest winner of the miss universe pageant, ms. usa, it looks like.
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good morning. i'm landon dowdy live alt cnbc global headquarters. wall street could start the week with green arrows. futures are higher this morning. global markets appear to be shrugging off the cyberattacks
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which have affected computer networks in 150 countries as well as the latest concerns about north korea. stocks coming off a mixed week with the dow snapping a three-week winning streak. you want to look for data on housing and manufacturing. on friday, the dow fell 22 points to 20,896. meanwhile, get ready for a new ipad and a possible siri speaker soon. they hold their worldwide developers conference in a few weeks. the mac blog and an influential analyst report the ipad will have a bigger screen. they also say apple has been working on a revamped version of sera for a while now that could be a competitor to amazon's echo device. and speaking of gadgets, nintendo may be bringing a link to your smartphone. the wall street journal reports the company is developing a mobile version of the legend of zelda.
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shares of nintendo jumping in japan on that news. the cost is unclear, but they charge $10 to download their mario mobile game. zelda has sold about 75 million copies since being released in 1986. >> the classics are coming back. landon dowdy, thank you very much. a new ms. usa was crowned and it is deja vu for d.c. >> it's the second year in a row the winner was from washington. >> district of columbia. mccull. she's a 25-year-old chemist ull. working for the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission. >> she said she wants to inspire kids to chase careers in s.t.e.m. fields like her. after this, she's moving on to compete for miss universe, and then the world. >> the world. the galaxy. >> the galaxy. kari hall joining us with a look at your monday morning forecast. how is it looking? >> nice and cool.
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if you're planning to head out to giants game this evening, it will only be in the mid 50, and those winds will be breezy. make sure you're wearing lots of layers and we'll talk about a slight chance of rain in the forecast coming up next. and this live look at the bay bridge. we had a couple cars waiting but now they're moving. a smooth drive down the east shore freeway and we'll see how things are shaping up for travel times. >> plus, north korea tests another missile. why this weapon is concerning many in the u.s. that's coming up. you're watching today in the bay.
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coming up right now on a quarter to 5:00 as we take a live look outside right now. 101 in palo alto, pretty light traffic at the moment. maybe some folks sleeping in today, coming off the mother's day holiday. >> you want it to continue. >> let the good times roll. >> mother's day month. >> mom day. >> it's always nice to go through your facebook feeds and see all the nice tributes everybody has for their moms. a lot of love going on. >> which is good. no one will ever love you like your mother. >> that's the truth. i don't doubt that for a second. kari hall, how are we looking? >> it's looking good. a live look outside at san jose
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with mostly clear skies. getting up and heading out the door. and it's cool, too. only 46 degrees in livermore. 42 degrees in napa and santa rosa. and 50 in san jose and palo alto. we'll have these high temperatures today reaching into the upper 60s for the south bay. still going to be nice and comfortable. up to 66 in milpitas and east san jose. for the east bay, up to 72 in concord and 74 in hayward. 62 in mato and in palo alto will have mid 60s. san francisco will be up to 62 in the mission district. we'll have 72 in santa rosa. this weather is so nice and perfect. but even though as we start out this morning you're looking out the window getting ready for the day, as we bring it into the closet, you'll definitely need the sunglasses this afternoon with all the sunshine, and a nice warm jacket as our temperatures will be cool to start. we will continue on with some sunshine today as we take it hour by hour and then going into this evening, we'll start to see
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clouds returning to the bay area. and even a few light showers early tomorrow morning. it doesn't look like a lot here. for the north bay, that's where we'll have the highest chance of rain, but it really doesn't look like it will amount to more than a tenth of an inch, even for the north bay. there will be some sprinkles in and anchd the bay area tomorrow. temperatures in san francisco reaching 58 degrees and then we'll see the temperatures warming up over the next several days. mid 60s for wednesday and then mid 70s by friday. this weekend is also looking fairly warm and really heating up for the inland areas, starting out the week at 68 degrees and up to 87 degrees on saturday. expect it to ramp up over the next few days. as we head to mike, no major problems. >> major problem i'm looking at is 87. we're supposed to be outside all day saturday. we're working over here toward the rest of the bay. highway 17, a box reported in
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the slow lane. that's what chp is working on now. we're working with a smooth drive. travel times to the bay bridge, no problems. under 14 minutes. 13 minutes right now for highway 4 over to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's incredibly light. we're looking at waze as well. let's say you're traveling around the bay, maybe from, for example, milpitas up to hayward. if that's your drive, obviously, the nimitz would be a great way to get there. you can cut over there off 680 via mission. maybe later on, you want to go farther north on 680. here's your options. your option on your phone, though, is to take waze and join our team, and we can help each other out. as you take your phone throughout the day, we can help you evaluate what's the best route and compare notes through the profiles. join our team, nbc bay area wazers and we can collect that data and share reports throughout the morning like i'll do today. >> we look forward to that. thank you. 4:47. new this morning, north korea says a new missile it tested can
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carry nuclear weapons a long distance. the missile was tested on sunday. the nation's leader kim jong-un promised even more tests and threatened the u.s. sxits allies in the pacific. the threats are not new but the progress is. some experts and officials in tokyo believe the missile may have the longest range in north korea's arsenal. >> president trump's controversial travel ban heads to court today. a second federal appeals court is set to hear arguments on whether to restore the ban on new refugees and new visas to residents of six muslim majority nations. judges must decide whether the ban violates the constitution. the ninth circuit blocked the first ban, and now a new panel of judges on the same circuit will consider this. >> california's budget will consider money for legal assistance to those facing deportation. governor brown is setting aside $15 million for legal counseling.
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immigrants rights groups praised the plan calling it a victory for families. opponents question the use of taxpayer money. california right now facing a bit of an expensive problem. its driver's licenses no longer meet federal standards. now there's a 2020 deadline for the state to meet the standards. california is going to have to spent about $220 million to accommodate the changes. the governor's new revised budget includes money to revise that process. >> it's time to start filling potholes. they want homeowners in the richmond district to call out potholes by may 21st. she promised the holes will be filled in june as part of the fewer potholes month. public works filled more than 13,000 holes last year. that's actually double the amount from 2015. well, turns out much of the food wasted in the u.s. is full of important newt reenlts,
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lagging in many people's diets. >> a new study calculating the nutritional value of food wasted by stores, restaurants and even in consumers' homes. healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, seafood, and dairy products were the most likely things to be thrown away. they estimate that much of that waste could fill nutritional gaps in fiber, protein, vitamin d and potassium. >> it's 4:50 right now. coming up next, what if your doctor sexually abused a patient or made a serious mistake in the operating room. would you want to know? in many cases you're better off not knowing. we investigate just ahead. >> first, right now, the actor powers booth has died. he appeared in films like sin city and shows like agents of shield. he died in his house of natural causes. >> a prison is put into lockdown
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in chicago after morethy 350 cook county jail officers call in sick for work on mother's day. back with more news in two minutes. [ whistles ] internet speeds 20x faster.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside from the south bay this morning. nice, clear shot to start your monday morning. folks already out and about. hope you're coming off a great weekend. got a look at the forecast for the week coming up. 4:53. sexual assault and drug abuse. two of the many violations that land hundreds of california doctors on probation every year. >> we discover said your doctor doesn't have to tell you a word about it. here's bigad shiban. >> good morning. when it comes to investigating complaints about potentially
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dangerous doctors, the state has its own sort of government watch dog called the california medical board. but our past reporting revealed serious concerns about how california let some doctors off the hook. even when their errors might have hurt or even killed a patient. now we're revealing how you may be left in the dark even after your doctor is caught making a deadly mistake. of california's more than 110,000 doctors, 609 are on probation. their offenses include deadly medical errors, drug use, and sexual assault against patients. that information already gets posted to the medical board's website, but it's up to patients to find it. senator jerry hill is proposing legislation to require doctors to disclose their probation status directly to patients. top leadership at the medical board spoke out against the plan saying that would hard the
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doctor/patient relationship. just last month, the medical board softened its stance, saying they support doctors disclosing their stance to patients but only for the most serious violations. the board continues to face criticism over how it disciplines doctors. it's supposed to work alongside the attorney general's office to investigate cases but those involved say the partnership is failing. later today, lawmakers are scheduled to debate legislation to restructure the investigative process to make sure dangerous doctors are prosecuted. they also require a proposal to require doctors to tell patients whenever they're placed on probation, but the final vote is likely months away. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-96-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at >> some new fallout over the oroville dam crisis. the sacramento bee reporting former governor pat brown
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mislead voters about the cost of building the dam years ago and reportedlyño' ignored recommendations to delay construction. the former governor denied allegations that substandard materials were used to build the project. in february, a damaged spillway at the dam causes thousands to evacuate near the dam and in nearby communities. the mess was caused in parts by construct probllbv that date back 60 years. mi% tracking the monday morning forecast. >> it's going to be very nice. as you get out and enjoy, it's definitely going to be full of pollen in the air. a lot of sunshine, trees, and grass is high right now. i'm struggling. we'll talk about what to expect as we get a slight chance of rain in the forecast coming up next. you and my kids, kari, struggling with allergies. no struggles for the roads. 880 through fremont. i did see a little slowing. and another freeway shooting in the east bay.
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our pete suratos is following this developing story out of hayward. what we're learning about the circumstances coming up next. you're watching today in the bay.
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developing news overnight, shots fired on a bay area freeway. the search now for a suspect and
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for answers this morning in a live report. >> and cleaning up, firefighters canvas the scene of a massive construction fire in the east bay. the scary moments for neighbors as investigators try to find out what happened. >> plus, the next wave. the reason the worldwide cyberattack that began on friday could get worse today. today in the bay starts right now. and we are certainly happy you're here with us on this monday, post-mother's day holiday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight to the forecast. i think there are some days here we better enjoy. >> we had some nice cool weather and the weekend was so beautiful. but now we're getting ready for a few more days of some comfortable weather and then a big warm-up across the bay area for the end of the week. so let's get a look at some of the cool air still with us this morning as you head out the door. 49 degrease in san jose. 47 in fairfield and livermore. 50 in san francisco. highs today reaching into the
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mid to upper 60s for the south bay. east bay will also see some 60s. for the peninsula, 74 along the coast. san francisco today up to 62 degrees. we'll take a look ahead to that warmer air coming up in just a few minutes. mike's showing only some minor slowing now. >> only minor slowing and no surprises as far as where that's occurring. it's way out here. altamont pass. west 580 coming into livermore out of the tracy area. no crashes, no activity like we had on friday. the bad news is more traffic will be coming later on. the tri-valley speeds look great on these travel times and we'll show you the north bay. a live shot shows you how easy the drive is. no delays, novato through san rafael through the golden gate bridge. >> thank you very much. 5:00 right now. the hack attack that hit europe over the weekend could still hit computers here in the united states this morning. >> many americans w


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