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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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response. >> and demanding action. claims about what caused the deadly ghost ship fire. today in the bay starts now. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a busy news day to start here. although i guess every day seems to be a busy news day these days. >> a cold start to the morning. >> it is cool, and it's also because it's very humid. we have an approaching weather system and it will bring us a slight chance of rain today. it's the only chance of rain we have for who knows how long because we are going to see those clouds and that rain that we're seeing across northern california move in. as it moves into the bay area later on this morning, early afternoon, only a very slight chance of rain. looking at the temperature trend for cupertino, a lot of clouds. well below average temperatures. only reaching 64 by 3:00 this afternoon. and about 10 degrees cooler than average. we'll take a look ahead to that cooler air for now. quick warmup in the forecast, and now mike's updating that
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crash in san francisco. >> that's right. we're following this. a single crash we're really worried about because it affects highway 101, which is not a problem along the peninsula or for the north bay. it's right here, northbound side at duboce. both lanes blocked for a short period of time because the crash involved a busted tire and busted axel and one car still blocking one lane, but one lane is open again. minor delays at that scene. no delays to the bay bridge. easy clear for the east bay. back to you. >> thank you very much. new developments out of washington this morning. the white house officially in crisis mode once again, and it has to do with russia. while new reactions over reports that president trump revealed classified information to russian officials during a recent visit, the russian foreign ministry is denying this. and president trump just tweeting out in the last hour, quote, as president, i wanted to share with russia at an openly scheduled white house meeting, which i have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining, dot dot dot, and here's the second tweet, to terrorism and airline
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flight safety. humanitarian reasons, plus, i want russia to greatly step up their fight against terrorism. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are demanding answers and trying to find out if this is classified information the president shared. >> exactly, sam. now the president's calling them facts. "the washington post" and their sources called it classified information. and as you'll hear here, the national security adviser says there was nothing classified shared at all. >> i was in the room. it didn't happen. >> the white house scrambled to respond to a "washington post" report that president trump revealed classified information to russia's foreign minister and ambassador. >> at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed and the president did not disclose military operations that were not already known.
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>> the report claims the president talked about isis using laptops to smuggle explosive s oncht planes. intel from an intelligence partner so sensitive even our allies haven't been told. >> when people put their careers on the line for something like this, it's because they believe the public should really know about this. >> a source familiar with the conversation tells nbc it's much ado about nothing. democrats call it dangerous. republicans are more cautious. >> it's disturbing. let's find out what the details are. >> it's accurate, it's troubling. >> this comes days after the president fired the fbi director investigating the ties to russia. a story with new life this morning leaving the white house once again on defense. and leaving questions for intelligence allies about information that they share with the united states. the question here on capitol hill, can they be assured that information will be kept confidential, and if not, will
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they scale back what they're telling the u.s., and will that hurt our efforts to find out what isis is up to? back to you. >> tracie potts with the very latest. thank you very much. stay with today in the bay for continuing coverage on the story. scott mcgrew is going to dive more deeply into these allegations coming up in the next half hour. at 5:04, happening today, the next chapter begins in the sierra lamar murder case. opening statements by the prosecution and defense will start this morning for the penalty phase of the trial. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez is live at the hall of justice at this emotional and final phase of the trial is about to get under way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. at this point, we know it's very likely that antolin garcia torres will never be a free man again. the question for the jury today will be should he spend the rest of his life on death row or should he spend the rest of his life just in prison without the possibility of parole? in this penalty phase of the trial, both sides will lean hard on the motion. we have heard this repeatedly
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throughout the trial. the santa clara county district attorney's office will talk about the impact sierra lamar's kidnapping and killing has had on her family. >> this is no longer about guilt or innocence. this is now about emotion and the impact of this crime on sierra lamar's family. >> now, the defense's side, antolin garcia torres' lawyer will also lean heavily on emotion, talking about his childhood, including domestic violence and incest that happened at home, to play on the jury's sympathies. inmay or may not allow all of that. if a jury of six men and six women is to sentence garcia torres to death, it will have to be a unanimous decision. at 6:00, i'll show you what some of the court documents filed for today reveal about what's ahead. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. 5:05. another early morning van fire in contra costa county. this happened some time at 1:00 a.m. on railroad avenue in
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rodeo. the scene has now been cleared but you see what happened there. according to a photographer who was also on the scene, no fire investigators were called this time around. you'll recall authorities over the weekend arrested a man they believe is behind a recent string of car fires in contra costa county. >> developing this morning, atf agents are expected to join arson investigators looking into what is now the second fire in ten months at the same construction site in emeryville. this time, investigators may have more to work with in trying to crack this case. the $35 million retail and housing project at san pablo street was scheduled to open in october, but early saturday, it burned down again, like it did last july. no cause so far has been given for either fire, but folks in the industry believe that it's arson. >> this will have a chilling impact on lenders lending, on insurers insuring. and we have the worst housing crisis in the 35 years i have been in business. >> investigators do have something working in their favor
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this time around. developers installed surveillance cameras when they restarted the project. >> breaking the case. police say they have arrested lutitia malia for vandalizing a san jose preschool. the damage so bad the school had to be shut down for days. now, the transient is facing burglary, felony vandalism and tr(t&hác we brought you live breaking coverage of this two weeks ago. repairs cost about $10,000. >> stanford university is reportedly sealed a deal to expand housing options for its faculty and staff. the school has purchased an upscale apartment and retail complex not far from campus. it's on elcamillo real near page mill road. the complex has 167 apartments which a school spokesperson said will be made available to
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university staffers first. >> the problem of too few mid-level housing options in silicon valley taking center stage at a panel discussion happening in the south bay. you may not realize it, but this marks affordable housing week in the bay area and around the country. certainly a huge issue in the bay area. a way to raise awareness about the problem. they're hosting a panel discussion on creating housing solutions for middle income families. in the meantime, one bay area economist is warning that redwood city leaders should be prepared for slowed growth in the coming months. they report at a presentation yesterday, a consultant advised city council members expect less employment growth. that could lead to lower revenue for the city when it comes to sales and property tax. it is 5:08 on this tuesday morning. with some cool temperatures in parts of the bay area. also seeing a few clouds. 53 degrees in the peninsula, as we take a live look at the palo
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alto camera. 54 in east bay. north bay, 44 with mostly clear skies. that's also where we'll have a slight chance of rain. cloudy skies. the peninsula only up to 65 degrees. also 65 in the tri-valley. 64 in the east bay, and san francisco up to 60 degrees. today is our cool day. clouds and a slight chance of showers. we'll talk about that and a look at the temperature trend for evergreen at 5:12. now mike says there's a new issue for the peninsula. >> the first crash we were talking about in san francisco has cleared. and now we're heading down here over towards los alt oesh hills. there's an animal that may be in the middle of the roadway, it's a larger animal, and that would be an issue if you do come across that. we're watching for flashing lights if they will move it to the shoulder, and a smooth flow of traffic around the rest of the area. the only note for transit is
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pier 41, no longer service for the next couple days. >> it's 5:09. coming up, caught on camera. the shocking new video that shows the moment of impact after a plane smashes into the ground in new jersey. >> and yet more hacks. this time, the victim a movie studio. we'll take a look when today in the bay continues. [ whistles ]
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we're seeing some -- a few
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clouds over the south bay right now as we take a live look. and temperature trend for evergreen will be in the mid 50s at 9:00 this morning. it really doesn't warm up that much today with all of the clouds overhead, but the clouds clear out. temperatures warm up, and look at that coming up in about five minutes. and no problems. a little slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza. typical right now. a nice easy drive across the san mateo bridge, but chp says it may be gusty. >> happening today, new allegations expected to be announced in the oakland ghost ship fire that left 36 people dead. >> of course, that story now back in the spotlight again. bob redell joining us live with what we're expected to learn in a news conference later today. good morning. good morning to you, sam and laura. later this morning at alameda county superior court in oakland, an attorney
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representing some of the families of the victims who died last summer in oakland will fire a so-called master complaint in court. a complaint against the owner of the warhouse that burned down and killed 36 people and against the man who had been leasing the property. the court has appointed attorney mary alexander to represent the families of ten victims who died in the fire. after she filed in court, she plans a noon news conference at the courthouse during which she'll announce new allegations pertaining to the fire. previous lawsuit filings with the court have accused the owner and lease holder of being negligent and allowing the property to become a so-called fire trap. during its december 2nd concert in the warehouse, concertgoers became trapped inside. no issues were issued against the property despite multiple
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visits to the location. >> thank you very much. we have stunning new video to show you this morning of a learjet that crashes right near a jersey airport. a new jersey airport. look at this, surveillance footage capturing the moment of impact there, creating a large fire ball. two crew members onboard were killed in yesterday's crash. there were no other passengers and no one on the ground was hurt. quarter after 5:00. the world is recovering from one hack only to hear about another. >> scott mcgrew, here we go again. north korea figuring into all of this? >> the news is moving so quickly. let's start with that wanna cry worm. that's the one that put the red screens on puters all over the world over the weekend and into monday. well, cybersecurity researchers now say they have found links to north korea. and of course, links to our own government. the malware was reportedly stolen from our own national security agencies and then used by hackers. the head of disney this morning says his company has been hacked and the hacker stole a copy of a
5:16 am
movie. we thing it's the latest "pirates of the caribbean." now the hackers will release the movie unless disney pays a ransom, and disney says it won't pay. you remember, netflix fell victim to the same crime and it didn't pay the ransom either pirates of the crib nn 5, dead men tell no tales, stars johnny depp. johnny depp is set to play cybersecurity expert john mcafee in a movie. this according to variety magazine. mcafee's story is worth a movie. a millionaire moves to belize and is a person of interest in a murder. it's based on a story written by davis, he wrote stories about wars. >> belize is a tropical place. i'm going to have a relaxing experience. i'm going to recover from libya, and i end up in a situation
5:17 am
where i'm surrounded by guns, asas sassens, pimps, and prostitutes and it's mind boggling. >> he said his mother did not approve. >> the guns or james mcafee? >> mothers don't approve of any of those things. >> no doubt about that. thank you. >> we have a great story, you might this months ago. you remember april the giraffe who gave birth online? this was the birth the world was watching and waiting for for months. now you can see april and the entire family in person at the animal adventure park. all you have to do is troovl to harpersville, new york. 200 miles northwest of snorx. you might say that's upstate new york. the park officially opening yesterday. inside joke there, with thousands flocking to see the family. >> they're really getting up close and personal with that giraffe. >> selfies. the works. look at that.
5:18 am
>> i didn't know they were so, like, friendly. they just let you -- they rest their head on your shoulder? >> you saw the cameras there. >> all right, the zoo today, i don't know. it's going to be kind of cool. >> especially the san francisco zoo. >> really cool. breezy, too, and there may be some mist. spotty light showers moving through as we go the day, and it starts out fairly calm right now. here's a live look outside at fremont. you can see that it is fairly breezy to start out. temperatures are cool. we're in the low 50s for most of the bay area, but we drop down to the mid 40s for the north bay. highs this afternoon in the south bay reaching up to 65 degrees in east san jose and gilroy. and the east bay will be up to 63 in livermore and hayward, 62 degrees. for the peninsula, 56 degrees at half moon bay. palo alto, degrees. san francisco, only up to 60
5:19 am
degrees. outer sunset, 57 for the high temperature today. up to 67 in santa rosa, and that's where we'll have a better chance of some light rain. as we head through the day in oakland, the day planner at 8:00 brings us to a temperature of sd56 degrees. noontime temperature, 61. i think you'll be wearing long sleeves all day and we won't get much sunshine. as we go into this afternoon there will be a slight chance of light showers, gusty winds. overall, much cooler than where we should be for this time in may, and by 4:00, 5:00, we see green here indicating there could be green on the radar. we're watching out for that, but don't expect heavy downpours. whatever we do see won't last that long. once this clears out, we'll get sunshine over the next few days. low 70s by friday for san antonio. mid 70s for the weekend, and for the inland area, that's where we'll have the most dramatic changes in temperatures. from 66 today to 94 on sunday.
5:20 am
yeah, that will be dangerous heat. you want to make sure you're already making plans to have somewhere nice and cool to try to relax for the weekend. as we head over to mike, no major issues right now, right? >> no major issues. things moving pretty well, but we give you a look here from the south bay up to san francisco. the only incident i'm tracking is south 280 at page mill, still addressing that animal that is over there off southbound 280, and getting to the maze, no major slowing. some minor slowdowns just past the toll plaza because you have to pause to pay cash for some. let's take you to the waze system where we're talking about the drive over here for tri-valley. this is the only slowing we see on the map, for 580 off 205. so waze is suggesting heading to dublin, jog over to 580 instead of the backup at 205. that's a no-brainer. not any other good alternates. if you have your waze app, go over here, fire up waze and come down to the magnifying glass here. your name at the top, that's
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your profile, and select teams. make sure that nbc bay area has a checkmark because that's our team. nbc bay area wazers is the team to join, and that's the team we have for you here. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> coming up, a mystery in the bay. the scramble to find out why dozens of leopard sharks are washing up dead on bay area shores. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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welcome back. 5:23 on your tuesday. a bit of a mystery right now. marine biologists trying to find out what's causing leopard sharks to die off in the san francisco bay. >> the marin ij reports as many as 1,000 have died since march. many washing up on beaches in san francisco, hayward, and berkeley. scientists suspect they are being killed by a fatal brain infection linked to a fungus that may have spread due to all the rain we had. scientists continue to look into that issue. leopard sharks are docile spotted animals. they don't eat people. >> construction of the new phifer canyon bridge continuing in big sur this morning. traffic will be impacted in the area as crews deliver construction material. the bridge is about 50 miles south of monterey and was heavily damaged in the winter storms. >> they richk their lives to keep us safe, often hiding the emotional pain caused pie their high-stress jobs. >> we dive into an industry that
5:25 am
has long struggled to admit when they're workers are struggling. >> we all know first responders are exposed to ongoing trauma. sometimes over 30-year careers. but our investigation the stress is taking a toll more than you might realize. we take you inside the mind of a local firefighter who responded to last year's tragic ghost ship fire. he describes the moment he knew he needed help. >> the injury was kind of like a punch to your heart. couldn't really file the information and get around certain things. couldn't explain some of the stuff that i saw. >> he's still on the job and now he's doing better, but to learn how common this is, we developed a confidential survey. we heard from more than 700 firefighters. some of their responses might surprise you. tonight, we take stock of the resources in place to help struggling firefighters and examine new efforts to bring the conversation about mental health out of the shadows. that's tonight at 11:00.
5:26 am
we'll see you then. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail. >> coming up next, a mixed bag of weather heading our way. i think kris sanchez called this the weather buffet. >> we have a little something for everybody. it starts out cool this week, and today, high temperatures reaching the low to mid 60s. by the end of the week, we'll be pushing the 90s. we'll talk about that coming up. a cloud of smoke still hangs over prop 64 despite voting approval. huan one city is doing today to decide its future.
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good tuesday morning. let's take a peek outside right now and see how things are moving or not moving in downtown burlingame this morning. all quiet, but going to be a nice day to get outside. thank you for joining us here on this tuesday. i'm sam brock. >> wake up, burlingame. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. i forget, were you a cheerleader in high school? >> yes, i was. is it coming out? >> ready, okay. >> we have to move around to get warm this morning. it's cool. >> it's going to be cool all day. not going to see much of a
5:30 am
warmup thank to the cloud cover and rain around the bay area. looking at the temperatures heading out the door to the tri-valley looking at our pleasanton camera. 51 degrees. 53 in the peninsula and south bay. 44 now in the north bay after this cool start. well, you get a little bit of comfortable weather for the inland areas, into the mid 60s, and san francisco will be up to 60 today. we will talk about that chance of and also a big warmup, and i'm getting you ready for the weekend. that's in six minutes. mike has an easy start to the tuesday commute. >> i'm also always ready for the weekend. a smooth drive for the tuesday commute. traffic tuesday, we watch for big bursts of traffic. it has been pretty easy over the last week or so. here, just the start of the slowing for the tri-valley, no surprises here, and the bay bridge toll plaza, our live look shows you they affected the metering lights in the last five minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. >> happening today, the future of marijuana in an east bay city. a special meeting will take
5:31 am
place in nukt to decide how the city wants to handle the legalization of marijuana, and the people seem to favor it. >> pete suratos joining us with what city officials could decide later today. good morning. >> good morning to you, sam and lara. the city of walnut creek are going to decide in a city council meeting how best to implement prop 64 in the city which voted overwhelmingly for it in november. but this follows a months-long effort of outreach to residents to see where they stand on it today. part of the effort included an online survey where 1600 people took part. some of the numbers that stood out is that 60% favor outdoor and indoor commercial marijuana cultivation, and 62% favor reasonable regulations regarding this issue. 60% oppose banning stores that exclusively sell marijuana. as i mentioned, walnut creek voted overwhelmingly in favor of prop 64 at 61% in november. and that legalizes the adult use of recreational marijuana.
5:32 am
i hadbm4 a chance to speak to interim city manager as well as a local marijuana doctor about the results from the survey. >> 61% of the population did prove prop 64. generally, we're picking up on that survey that we have the same support for retail and commercial sale. >> there's definitely a population that's looking to use marijuana medically, but do they want the dispensaries in their communities? do they want the plants grown in their communities? that's sort of a different story. >> now, city council also will vote tonight to extend the moratorium on the commercial sale of marijuana as well as adding marijuana to the city's current smoking ban ordinance. that's something residents in the survey overwhelmingly support and that meeting is set to take place at 4:00 p.m. at city hall later today. we're live in walnut creek, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thanks for the latest there, pete. >> just in, a man arrested for drug possession at a b.a.r.t. station in the east bay is now
5:33 am
behind bars for murder. b.a.r.t. police arrested the man early this morning at the bay station in san leandro. investigators say the man lied about his name. after they ran his fingerprints, they discovered he was wanted in seattle for murder and failing to register as a sex offender. >> a rash of recent bank ropries in antioch has many in contra costa county concerned right now. three separate banks have been hit in a string starting on april 17th. followed by wells fargo on deer valley road on may 10est and the most recent at the u.s. bank on lowe tree way. police are only giving us the details about the latest incident, saying it involve a suspect who was masked and armed. so far, arrests. and more trouble to report now for a mother in the east bay. you'll remember, last year, the woman was arrested in a dui crash that killed a 3-year-old boy. now, she's been arrested again.
5:34 am
malahan, who is from pleasanton, was arrested last friday for public intoxication. she's also the wife of an alameda county sheriff's debty. as for the crash that killed the child, the district attorney has not filed charges and it's not clear if they're coming. >> 5:34. friends and family are remembering an east bay high school senior who was killed in a crash on mother's day in fremont. they say shea mars elena wassed with grace and beauty. dozens of friends and family came out to honor her short life. an event was held at st. ann's catholic church in union city last night. she was in an early morning car crash on sunday, just hours after she attended her senior prom. her mother was driving the car and suffered major injuries. >> coming home from prom. a night that was supposed to be fun, and to enjoy mother's day with her mom and to have that change in an instant is something that is heartbreaking. >> i try to talk it out with friends. but everybody has their own way
5:35 am
of grieving. >> mars elena attended logan high school and was expected to graduate with honors next month. police are looking into whether drugs or alcohol played a role in that crash. happening later today, there's a concert that's going to be held to help the victims of february's historic coyote creek flooding. it's going to be tonight at 7:00 at the theater on san pedro square in downtown san jose. the show will feature local bands and artists. tickets are $35. 14,000 people were affected directly by the flooding. talking about concerts, a big rock concert set to take place tomorrow night at levi's stadium. there's also major concerns about transportation options into and out of levi. u2 is performing. the vta is warning people to go to the concert that there are no
5:36 am
plans for expanded event service before or after the show. this is subject to change. and tonight, santa clara city council members are picking up a cost that would cover last-minute vta service. >> a treat for bay area cycling fans. they saw a thrilling finish yesterday. the second leg of the amgen tour of california. the race ended in san jose's motorcycle county park after starting in sacramento. winding through, up and down mt. hamilton. today's stage three covers the central coast. it will start in pismow beach and end in morro bay. >> back at it. a live look at oracle arena this morning. bound to be packed with pumped up fans tonight. the warriors facing off with the spurs for game two. right now, we still don't know if head coach steve kerr will be in the building, but he was at practice yesterday. it was the fourth straight day kerr had been around the team. he's been battle back issues. he hasn't coached a game in more than three weeks. we're hoping for the best for kerr and of course the team.
5:37 am
>> nice to hear his presence alone is enough to calm the team and reassure them. it reassures us he's on his feet. i assure you traffic flow is as smooth as the sensors go now. we'll take you to the tri-valley with minor delays developing. this has formed over the last ten minutes. a lot more slowing, maybe even stone ridge. starting to tap the brakes a bit heading to sunol. we'll give you a look at san jose as we see the traffic flow is starting to slow down a bit. this is the first burst we see north of 680 and the only spot where the sansers will start to change. we don't even see this on the map yet. >> all right. people getting out this morning. i tell you what, i will be curious to see what it looks like on highway 17 this weekend because the temperatures are going only up. >> that's right. that will be an improvement over today. a cool start to the day, but the weekend looks good. >> only going to see the temperatures in the low 60s. cloudy skies, and then as we
5:38 am
head into saturday, a much different picture. we'll see the temperatures in the low 70s along the coast. low 80s for the bay and inland, we'll be up to 88 degrees. sunday's forecast, bright for the coast and warm for the bay, and dangerous heat for the valley. up 92 degrees. make sure you plan accordingly. for some, it's not summer until memorial day. for others, it's not summer until we have beta breakers. that's this sunday in san francisco. and you may see a pink ape running down the street, costumes, people, it's a sight to see, and our temperatures will start out nice and cool, reaching into the mid 70s. but still fairly comfortable for the runners heading out there to san francisco. we'll take a look at the forecast for the next couple days and the temperature trend coming up in a few minutes. laura. >> thank you very much. coming up next, a jarring warning for parents. >> it wasn't a car crash that took his life. instead, it was an energy drink.
5:39 am
too much consumed in too little time. this morning, a message from grieving parents to others. >> a white house in damage control after the president is accused of giving the russians classified information. rr fill you in when today in the bay continues.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. 5:41 now. you see the clouds over the south bay, and we will keep these clouds throughout the
5:42 am
afternoon. looking live at san jose and the temperature trend, it is now 53 degrees. heading up to 64 with highs only staying in the 66. at 62 by 1:00 this afternoon. it will be much warmer as we head through the end of the week. i'll talk about the spike in temperatures coming up in six minutes. and no delays for the transit system. the reason why that yellow is there for the ferry, the oakland alameda service over toward pier 41 is canceled through midday afternoon lines for the next couple days. check their website for adjustments. all right, mike, thank you very much. talking about mass transit. antioch leaders right now are asking commuters who use b.a.r.t. stations to provide some insight for an ongoing study they're doing. the north concord antioch b.a.r.t. access study is looking into new pedestrian, bike, and car links. b.a.r.t. is seeking feedback for the north concord and pittsburg bay point stations along with
5:43 am
future stations down the road. >> a warning to parents this morning. a teenager's death is being blamed on aeen overdose. >> medical examiners believe a 16-year-old south carolina boy died last month from a heart attack brought on by excessive caffeine consumption. the coroner said he drank the following. a large diet mountain dew, a latte from mcdonald's and some type of energy within two hours of his death. the boy's parents are speaking out trying to warn parents about the dangers. >> i stand before you as a broken hearted father in hopes that something good can come from this. >> well, doctors recommend adolescents not consume more than 100 milligrams of caffeine per day. that's less than the usual amount you might find in one cup of coffee. >> new this morning at 5:43, bill cosby speaking public ely for the first time about sexual assault allegations he faces. this is in an interview on sirius xm radio.
5:44 am
>> the piling on, so to speak, is a way, and certainly an oppressive way, to get public opinion to come to the other side. >> are you telling me that they're all lying? >> you know better than that. >> well, this marks cosby's first interview in more than two years. cosby denies he drugged and sexually assaulted more than 50 women. a criminal trial right now tied to three of those cases is scheduled to begin next month. the "today" show will air more of the interview. that story will air in the 8:00 hour of the show. almost quarter to 6:00. a member of congress calls it one of the most serious accusations ever leveled against a u.s. president. donald trump accused of giving classified information to russia. >> scott mcgrew, president trump is defending himself this morning on twitter. >> of course on twitter, right. trump says he can tell the russians whatever he. and from a legal standpoint, he probably is right. as the president is the
5:45 am
authority in the united states and if he wants to reveal the most top secrets of secrets to the russians, he can. now, whether he should is a different matter. a host of newspapers including both the times and "the washington post" have confirmed trump shared classified information with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and ambassador sergei ky kislyak. information so secret, we had not told our own allies. the information was sensitive enough after trump told the russians, the white house conducted a special smeeting with the senate intelligence committee to alert them. this is lavrov, kislyak is the russian contact everybody is so upset about. meetings with kislyak got jeff sessions into trouble, got michael flynn fired. the russians denied the president gagave them classified american information. the president tweeted this morning as president, i wanted to share with russia at an
5:46 am
openly scheduled white house meeting which i have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. humanitarian reasons, plus i want russia to greatly step up their fight against isis and terrorism. even the times and post didn't know what the information was about, but apparently it's about terrorism and airline safety. the president says he can release top secret information, but here's candidate trump. >> we also need the best protection of classified information. that is the worst situation. hillary's private e-mail scandal, which put our classified information in the reach of our enemies, disqualifies her from the presidency. >> white house officials quick to defend the president. here's the national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. >> at no time, at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed, and the president did not disclose any military
5:47 am
operations that were not already publicly known. >> reporters were quick to point out that mcmaster didn't deny the accusations that were made in the paper. he said methods and sources were not revealed, but noenchd ever revealed the president of that. if it feels like a bit of a whirlwind lately, take a look at last week. last monday, yates testified. on tuesday, comey was fired. on wednesday, that's when the russians visit the white house and the oval office. thursday, the whole comey story falls aduring a trump interview on nbc news. friday, trump implies he's bugged the oval office. weekend golf. monday, congress threatens subpoenas, and tuesday, the president of the united states is accused of giving top secret information to the russians. sam and laura. >> all right. >> all right, scott, thank you. good thing we have you here to keep all this stuff in check. scott examining the president's tweets, executive orders and speeches eefrb and every
5:48 am
morning. you can share your thoughts with scott on twitter. his twitter handle easy enough, @scottmcgrew. >> this next story is so bay area. san jose and san francisco among the fittest in america. >> guess we are working out. san francisco grabbing the third spot. san jose coming in fifth. this year, the number one spot went to twin cities minneapolis and st. paul. that knocked washington, d.c. out from the top spot, which it held for three years in a row. the annual report looks at heart disease, diabetes rates, smoking, and availability of farmer's markets and whether cities are investing in natural areas where people can get out and move and exercise. >> and the park nearby my house just installed one of those outdoor gyms so there you go. >> sprauting up all over the place. today would be a great day to use it. >> anything you want to do later in the week will be in the morning or late in the evening. today, you can get out there all
5:49 am
day long and go for a walk or a jog. enjoy the cooler weather and you won't have to turn on the air conditioning today. also a little light rain. as you take a live look at the temperatures and our camera, 51 degrees in the triy. it's 44 degrees in the north bay, looking at the tiburon camera, and also mostly clear. then we'll start to see more clouds moving in. palo alto, the peninsula seeing a high of 65 degrees. a slight chance of rain. also a spot shower in the north bay with a high of 67 degrees. looking live at san jose. looking out the window, and getting ready for the day. we bring you into the closet to make it easier. you'll need a coat because it will be cool the day. also breezy and some jeans to stay nice and comfortable. also warm, too. we'll start to see more clouds moving in by 7:00 or 8:00 this morning for the whole bay area and then a little light rain moving in at times. this will not be a however downpour and this weather system will have more of an impact to the sierra, bringing them some rain and snow. for us, spottily light showers
5:50 am
even into later tonight before this clears out and then we'll be warming up ahead. here's a look at squaw creek. you see the clouds. beautiful start to the day. temperatures around 30 degrees. they're looking at about a one to two-inch, maybe three-inch snowfall for the next 24 hours and then we clear things out in san francisco. highs in the low 60s and reaching the mid 70s for the weekend. for the inland areas, a drastic change in temperatures, from 66 today to 94 on sunday. i'll talk more about that, but mike says there's a pretty mild slowing right now. >> pretty mild. a tuesday, so we expect a little more traffic than yesterday. but really we're getting in toward the summer pattern. we have seen a number of graduations for colleges, for example. there's a little slowing we talked about here in the south bay. i showed you the live camera a few minutes ago, and right here, north 101 is where we get the first burst. we see more traffic on 87 and 85. we'll watch the trend for the south bay. we see things ease up and kick
5:51 am
in around 6:30 again. over here, slowing through pittsburg, in through bay point. there is a crash around lone tree. let's take you to the waze system. a smooth, easy drive. we have a lot commuters. maybe oakland, take the one-hour route. we have a couple other options for you on waze. and a lot of options for you on your own phone using your waze from wherever you're going to leave and then wherever you're going to go, that's your route. that's your team, nbc bay area wazers. select that, folks. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, a mother's warning about her son's death. >> ever since he passed away, my whole goal was, i want to take this bad thing and make something good from it. >> up next, we investigate the rise of a deadly new drug in the bay area. but first, happening now, just in to our newsroom, the
5:52 am
syrian is denying accusations that a crematorium had been built at one of its prisons. u.s. officials toreium could be used to dispose thousands of bodies from mass hangings during syria's six-year-old civil war. >> a dallas uber driver wounded in a shooting this morning. an unusual story. police say the passenger who had been drinking showed the uber driver a he was carrying. an army dret driving by saw the gun, thought someone was in danger and fired. the driver was hit once but should be fine. we'll be back with a lot more news just ahead. ♪
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decisions, decisions, decisions. lease the c300 sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. a powerful and lethal drugft welcome back. we have a new warning to bring you this morning about a powerful and lethal drug that is often disguised as a pain killer. it's called fentanyl. dealers are mixing it with pain pills and street drugs with deadly results. >> vicky nguyen explains how the drug is flooding the bay area. >> good morning. the astronomical profit made from fentanyl is fueling its rise. drug forcement agents say for $3500, dealers can buy just one kilogram of fentanyl over the internet, get it delivered by u.s. mail to their doorstep, and turn that into $10 million worth of pills. it has quickly spurred a new drug crisis in northern california.
5:56 am
san jose parents bob and shelly mincy say they have never heard of fentanyl until it showed up as the cause of death for their 21-year-old son shaun. drug agents say dealers are cutting fentanyl into fake prescription pills like oxycodone and xanax that look real. along with street drugs like heroin. we have learned that since 2015, at least 130 deaths in the bay area were linked to fentanyl. a rise trend in several counties here. see the effects of this crisis in our full report tonight at 6:00 or right now on our website at if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at it's 5:56. right now, a norovirus outbreak in northern california is apparently getting worse, and health officials are warning people to take extra precautions. there's now more than 1,000 cases in justiolo county. health officials say people
5:57 am
should be washing their hands throughout the day, and exhibiting symptoms of the virus, which would be things like cramps, vvomiting, and diarrhea, should stay home from school or work until that clears. it's highly contagious. >> in fact, you need to stay home 48 hours after your symptoms are gone. because even though you're feeling better and you don't have all those symptoms, you still have the virus in your body and you could still spread it to other people. >> the norovirus is not airborne. ids it's spread through contact with an infected person or something they touched. the outbreak started a month ago, and right now, 40 of the 65 public schools in yolo county are impacted. >> a warning concerning mosquitos. the state department of public health is urging people to get rid of standing water around your homes and businesses. you hear it every year and it's important every year. it prevents the spread of zika and west nile virus. vector control officials are
5:58 am
going to be doing mosquito fogging tomorrow around noon in san jose. >> we're getting a look at newly released video this morning showing how law enforcement responded to the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando. the video coming from a helicopter that was flying overhead. >> start getting these injured out. we have a lot down in here. trapped in the bathroom. >> people can be seen running frantically out of the nightclub about 2:15 in the morning, not long after the first shots were fired. a few hours later, a an armed vehicle is seen ramming the wall of the club. eventually, the video goes to black, redacted by investigators. it's during that timeframe that the s.w.a.t. team got into a shootout with the gunman, omar mateen, who was eventually killed. >> happening today, there is a pretrial hearing scheduled in the philando castile shooting case. a minnesota police officer shot and killed castile as he was sitting in the passenger seat of
5:59 am
his car. the officer had stopped castile's girlfriend. the woman, of course, used facebook live to record the tense moments after the shooting. >> shifting tones. a very different kind of story, a traffic jam to tell you about. just in to our newsroom. a large alligator stopping traffic in an eastern north carolina town. as you can see, the cars were in no hurry to go until he left the road. stopped in both directions letting the gator make way across the road. a family screaming at what they're looking at, caught that scene. they captured it on video. they said they have seen the same gator swimming in ponds around a golf course in that area. >> take a look at this. two ramps have been installed along the capitol reflecting pool to helpal duck families who live there. the pool's duckling population is spiking because of the warmer temperatures, but the pool's slanted edge is rounded and makes it difficult for them to get the to the water, so the
6:00 am
architect held a design contest to find the best solution and came up with those little ramps. >> give the ducks a boost. right now, we have new allegations, new complaints that we're expect from the attorneys representing the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. >> plus, the next chapter in the sierra lamar murder case gets under way in a few hours. how defense attorneys are going to argue that antolin garcia torres should be spared the death penalty. >> and a bombshell report says trump revealed highly classified intelligence to russian officials. the response from the president coming in this morning. today in the bay continues right now. >> a very good tuesday morning. that you're with us on this tuesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's cooler. you can tell things are going to warm up by the weekend. >> you better enjoy today if you like the cooler temperatures. if you waubltd warmer er


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