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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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things are clearing up and we'll get some sunshine throughout the afternoon. the average high, 74 degrees, we'll get there this afternoon, and a look at that willow glen temperature trend. you see it jumping up there as we go to the next hour. 2:00, we'll be at 70 degrees. we'll take a look ahead to the day, and the warmup on the way in just a few minutes. mike's updating a crash near sfo. >> that's right. just north of sfo, in fact, i have an updated location that came in just as i was leaving my desk. northbound 101 for slowing. we now have instead of multiple lanes, specific, three left lanes are blocked. it's no longer oyster point boulevard as the sensors have been showing. just north of airport boulevard. that's the slower section where the left three lanes are blocked by a trailer or a vehicle. there's slowing just north of 380 as well. chp is on scene so they hope to have that cleared 86ly but we'll crack it closely. minor injuries reported there. no major problems as far as speeds go, but 580, we learned about a crash near the dublin
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interchange. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> we're following breaking news out of d.c. just in the last few minutes, nbc news has confirmed russia is offering records of the meeting between president trump and the russian foreign minister in the white house. >> this is a story that's developing really minute by minute. tracie potts joining us live in washington with what we're learning right now. >> yeah, laura and sam. just minutes ago, this comes from russian president vladimir putin on a joint news conference unrelated. he's called what is happening here political schizophrenia and he said russia has a recording of that meeting between president trump, his foreign minister sergey lavrov, and their ambassador to the u.s., sergey kislyak. whether any secrets were divulged, he said absolutely not, but he is willing to turn over that audio to the u.s. congress to investigate and to, as they put it, put to rest
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these concerns about confidential information. this as a new memo comes out now about a conversation on russia between president tump and his fired fbi director. people close to former fbi director james comey say before he was fired, comey wrote a memo claiming president trump asked him to end the investigation of russian ties to former national security adviser michael flynn. >> he said that general flynn was a good man and that the fbi needed to move beyond the investigation of him. >> the white house denies that. sally yates warned them about flynn. >> there are serious questions about both the timing and the motivation of the president's actions. >> now, lawmakers want to subpoena comey's memo. >> he should come back to the congress and share what he knows. >> if the memo exists, i need to see it and right away. >> this after reports the president shared classified intelligence about isis with
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russia. information nbc has confirmed came from israel. >> what the president shared was wholly appropriate. >> mike pompeo on capitol hill last night explaining to nervous lawmakers. >> i think it would be helpful to have less drama emanating from the white house. >> i think it's something that's way blown out of proportion. >> capitol hill on edge. the white house on defense. the russia investigation ongoing. also new this hour from the white house, senior official there explaining that the president was not asking comey to back off the investigation as he put it this morning, that is just the way the president speaks when he was talking about flynn. also, questioning why if they thought or if comey thought the president was trying to get him to back off this investigation, the white house says, why did he keep that to himself? >> tracie potts live from washington, thank you very much. that story will continue to develop. >> this one is developing in the south bay as well.
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there's an alarming outbreak to tell you about. right now, the cleanup continues in san jose after more than 200 students came down with the stomach flu, and norovirus may be the culprit. today in the bay's bob redell joins us live at the hardest hit school, hacienda science magnet with what's being done to try to stop this from spreading. it could be a big problem. >> reporter: good morning to you. hacienda science magnet here in san jose has experienced the worst of this possible norovirus outbreak where 80 students alone at this school have called in sick. take a look at this video to see how the district is trying to handle this problem. people at the school have been using bleach to wipe down and disinfect chairs, desks, and countertops. ten san jose schools in total are affected, mostly elementaryt, at least one middle school, and 120 students at nine other locations who stayed home with stomach flu-like symptoms.
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a total of 200 students roughly in the district. no classes have been canceled of yet, but the district has stopped all extracurricular activities as well as after school programs. >> we encourage parents if their kids are experiencing symptoms to keep them home 48 hours symptom free after they stop showing symptoms without medication. that's sort of the baseline we're using for when it's safe to send their kids back to school. >> the district did notify the santa clara county public health department some time after the first case was reported back on may 4th. the schools have been wiping down playground equipment which in some instances is still off limits. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell. >> thanks for the latest there. >> today, we're expected to learn more about a suspected serial arsonist who is accused of torching several cars in the east bay. >> the contra costa fire department kuchb firmed it will release information about the 36-year-old suspect arrested over the weekend. he's facing 43 charges.
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last week alone, seven park cars were set on fire in the middle of the night. >> there's also been an arrest in a deadly shooting that happened in fairfield back in march. 20-year-old jefferson taro was arrested yesterday. police say the fairfield man that shot and killed 51-year-old raymond lee mcdonald outside a liquor store in the area of west texas street and pennsylvania avenue. fairfield police have not released evidence that links him to the murder. two wisconsin teens in a whole lot of trouble this morning for pulling off this stunt. climbing to the top of the north tower of the golden gate bridge. those climbers right now are under investigation. they're 18 years old. they posted a video of this illegal climb. you can see them dangling off the cables, even doing some flips right there. it happened around 3:00 in the morning last month. the climbers were able to evade security alarms and cameras. one said he's very experienced in these stunlts. >> i have been climbing stuff my
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whole life. i kind of know, like, tips and tricks about how to get around motion detectors and cameras. i don't want to disclose that in case someone who wants to do harm would want to do it. >> bridge officials say those climbers put their lives and the lives of others at risk by trying to pull this off on the bridge. >> well, from high above the san francisco bay to way below. the fbi agents will be conducting an underwater training exercise at fisherman's wharf today. it includes dive teams and a full-scale crime scene in the bay. several agencies will take part in the training. >> it's also the annual kids ocean day. kids encouraged to adopt a beach for cleanup. nearly 1,000 elementary students will be cleaning up ocean beach in san francisco starting at 10:00 this morning. after the cleanup, the kids will be making a human art formation, which is going to be seen from high above.
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this is the 24th year of kids ocean day. >> get out of school and go to the beach. >> live look at oracle arena where any doubt about the outcome of last night's warriors game evaporated by half time. >> yeah, this was not close. i don't know that many people were surprised. not a thriller in the way game one was. if you saw some of this, perhaps all of last night's game, the spurs could not mount a challenge before kawhi leonard, but let's give credit to the ws who came out dropping threes left and right. curry getting into the center of the paint for a layup. the ws were up by 20 points at half time. they cruise to their tenth straight playoff win. draymond green calling this just another day at the office. >> we always feel like we're capable of having a big game like that. you definitely don't come in the game expecting that, but if it happens, we're just not surprised. >> so at this point, the ws up
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two games to nothing heading to san antonio while boston and cleveland begin their eastern conference final series tonight. >> a warriors superstar is helping to plant the seeds for bay area hoop dreamers along with your regular ballers. >> kevin durant's charity foundation will unveil four fully renovated basketball courts today. the sar pony is planned for 2:00. after that, dozens of young people will take part in a clinic led by staffers from the team's basketball camp. >> it's 5:09 from basketball to golf. if you will be hitting the links today at half moon bay, very chilly to start. at least we don't have to deal with the fog. all clear, even along the coastline, and our temperatures trending to the low 60s later on today. maybe you'll be hitting the trails going hiking or just enjoying a day at one of the nearby parks. in the east bay, it will be 52 degrees at 7:00. 59 degrees, it will start to become a lot more comfortable as
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we go into the afternoon. mostly sunny skies and then some breezy ones later this evening. we'll take a look ahead to a warmup in the forecast in about three minutes. mike is taking us now to the tri-valley. >> i love that hiking forecast as well, by the way. we're over here, you're going to like this as well. the crash we were investigating over here near the dublin interchange, it cleared from the commute direction of 580. in fact, whatever slowing we saw only lasted about five minutes. we have now the crash on the shoulder, west 580, not presenting a problem. the distraction will stick around and we'll track that until it's cleared. >> on the peninsula, that crash still blocked multiple lanes north of 380. a look at the bay bridge. a smooth dry, but gusty winds so keep that in mind. no backup at the tolls. >> thank you. >> coming up next, tense moments all caught on camera. >> go forward. >> right in the eye of the storm. stunning new video just coming in to oursroom that shows what
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it's like to be in the middle of a fast moving powerful toro. >> speaking in the middle of the storm, wall street finally noticing what's going on in washington. we'll take a look when today in the bay continues.
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it's 5:13. we still have some clouds over the south bay as we get a live look from san jose and the temperature trend for santa clara. even though it's cool now, loot
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at the 11:00 temperature, 62 degrees. it's going to be in the low 70s today. we continue to warm up over the next few days. a look at the microclimate forecast and the weekend in six minutes. here you go. travel times approaching the bay bridge look great right now. the bridge, no problems at the toll plaza, but maybe some gussy winds there. we're tracking them all. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. it's 5:14 right now. california's fish and wildlife director is extending the current commercial rock crab closure. the closure is due to high toxin levels found in the crabs. commercial crabbers are allowed to fish south of the bodega bay. regular fishers are warned to avoid eating rock crab caught from certain locations. >> if you're planning on spending time outdoors this summer, be careful. a lot of ticks out there making
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your chance of getting lyme disease high. >> always a good reminder to cover up. 30,000 cases every year of those creepy looking ticks. but this year, that number is expected to double thanks to a mild winter. colder winters tend to kill lyme disease carrying ticks. the ticks can far and quickly. >> they stand on the end of a twig or a blade of grass with their feelers out. any animal that touches them, they grab on and go for a ride. >> well, a rash shaped like a bull's eye is the most recognizable sign you have lyme disease. symptoms can include muscle ache, fatigue, and even facial drooping. >> looks like wall street has finally noticed what's going on in washington. >> investors uneasy as the white house is roiled by controversy. >> no guessing about it. the white house can't push its plan to cut taxes and regulations if it's busy fighting off subpoenas, right? i have said day after day how
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surprised i was that investors seem so unconcerned about the future of republican fiscal plan. well, today may be the day. futures calling for a triple digit loss on the open. after former fbi director james comey nounlsed he had pages of memos documenting his meetings with president trump, including a recounting of the president asking comey to shut down the fbi investigation into michael flynn. that the markets have started to pay attention trump's future is significant. here's why. markets are really good at predicting things. if you get a large number of people to bet on something, the best of the crowd are often incredibly accurate. they're so good, in fact, there was talk of creating a futures market after the 9/11 attacks that allowed investors to bet on the future terror attacks. this was not some kooky idea. former national security adviser
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john poindexter proposed it. it never came to fruition, because let's face it, betting on people dying is incredibly distasteful, but you can listen to political reporters and pundits all you want, but if the markets say the white house is in trouble, that's your best indication there are big changes ahead in washington. back here at home, google will launch its big conference in mountain view today. io stands for input out. last year, google introduced their google home, their version of amazon's alexa, at the conference. speaking of google, they won an important victory in court over its name. google is still a protected trademark despite the fact that everybody uses it as a verb. i'm going to google that. google worried it would end up like kleenex or aspirin or frisbee. people use the trademark in the generic sense and that would allow people to use google in their own company names. so far, no, but there may be a
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day where xerox, frisbee, kleenex. >> all brand names. >> but they're traded, aren't they? >> some are, some aren't aspirin is not. >> that's interesting. >> thanks, scott. >> this is not your average day. this is what it looked like, a tornado from inside a car. new video from storm chasers taking yesterday in western oklahoma. the twister even damaged the windshield. the crew made it through, but the twister eventually killed a person. it has been a very long night in the midwest. storms and tornadoes moved through that region. another person sadly was killed as a tornado ripped through a mobile home park in wisconsin. officials there describing the scene as total destruction. a twister touched down in north texas as well. >> this has been one of the deadliest tornado seasons we ever had. so active. then when you hear about tornadoes in wisconsin. that's not one of those areas
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that normally gets that many tornadoes. for it to be strong is really troubling to see that. at least here in the bay area, as we think about our friends and family across the country, we are enjoying beautiful weather and it's going to be so comfortable later today. here's a live look outside at san francisco. it's all clear there. we're still seeing the clouds in the south bay, but this is the trend we'll see as we go into the rest of the morning. all clear skies and temperatures thereat feeling nice and cool. it's in the upper 40s in santa rosa right now. fairfield, 44 degrees. and livermore at 52 degrees. san jose at 54. as you get ready to head out, and looking at highs this afternoon up to 73 degrees in los gatos and morgan hill. 75 degrees, a light breeze kicking up as we go through the day as this weather system clears out. walnut creek up to 76 degrees and hayward today. for the peninsula, 56 at half moon bay and san mateo up to 67
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degrees. mission district up to 63. a little warmer than yesterday. thanks to that sunshine. 76 in santa rosa and mill valley will be up to 73. as we look at the temperature trend for san francisco, 54 degrees as you get ready to head out at about 8:00 in the morning. at noon time, we're at 61. so still a day for long sleeves but if you're going up to sonoma and enjoying wine, if will be in the mid 50s, cool to start. 69 at noon, and then comfortable later on today at 73 degrees. then we see our temperatures continuing to warm over the next several days. making plans to get outside, you want to be somewhere close to the coast or maybe in san francisco. then we see those inland temperatures make into the 90s. it's going to be very hot, so enjoy today. it's the coolest day of the next seven. let's head over to mike, still tracking that crash near the airport. >> i am. the rest of the bay looks great. here's the south bay, east bay, tri-valley, even the bay bridge
5:21 am
toll plaza is clear. we're looking to the peninsula side. north 101 shows slowing from about 380 or north of there up to airport boulevard where there is that crash still blocking the left three lanes. a detached trailer was the source of the original crash there. we still have the chp on scene. there's a slower drive right here. let's take you to the waze system. we're going to use that as an example. if you're heading from the san mateo hills up to the financial district in san francisco, about a half hour drive. 29 minutes, but even if you head over to 280, about the same depending on where in the hills you are. you can make a comparison for that route and we'll see if it affects your route. you can look at your route anytime you want to from your phone. you look at the magnifying glass, your name, and select the te team. you want to make sure you're on our team so you can share reports as well. >> thank you. going on at california's busiest airport. new photos showing the start of
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what is expected to be a major overhaul at l.a.x. new this morning...
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==vidbox== workers in new orleans have removed the third of four new this morning, workers in new orleans have removed a third of four statues tied to the city's confederate era past. it will go into storage along with the other statues now being removed until city finds a
5:25 am
suitable way to display them. general beauregard led the attack in south carolina that marked the start of the civil war. >> l.a.x. is finishing up its massive terminal switch this morning. it was a complicated six-day undertaking. the airport tweeted out photos of the big move last night. delta airlines moved all flights to terminals two and three. they wanted a bigger, more modern terminal. several airline husband to move into delta's former home. about a third of l.a.x.'s airlines had to relocate. >> an issue that claims lives. unapproved or bogus airplane parts for sale everywhere. >> stephen stock not only bought some of these parts, but he tweent a place that makes them to find out why they're still in business. >> this part is a part that's the focus of an faa cease and desist order. it's an e.l.t. two years ago, the faaered the maker to stop manufacturing it.
5:26 am
>> so we went to to huntington beach and located the company with a stack of boxes identical to the box we got holding the part in the internet. >> i want to know if you're making the parts. >> the faa says don't make the parts. are you still making parts? >> we also uncovered records that the faa found bogus parts on hundreds of commercial aircraft. >> you have something that's manufactured incorrectly, not per speck, it's going to fail. and have a failure, it's going to be a problem and could be a catastrophic one. >> at 11:00, we'll show you how all this impacts your saeflt when you fly and why that company in huntington beach keeps making the part that the faa ordered to be stopped. that's tonight at 11:00. >> we'll see how they explain it. thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> coming up, changes to your
5:27 am
commute. the proposed fare hike that could be coming to caltrain riders. how you can get your say. >> parents are outraged over what they say is a sexual predator on their high school campus. what the school administration knew and why they said they could not tell parents. [ whistles ]
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francisco a very good wednesday morning to you. halfway through your work week. taking a live look outside city by the bay.
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everything coming up in san francisco this morning. a nice shot. nice way to start our wednesday morning. we can get through it. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i'm sam brock. was that a self pep talk? >> i think it was. come on, laura, you can do it. >> good motivation to get outside. it looks really nice out there. >> nice but also cool. make sure ifio rr about to head out the door, you have long sleeves and grab the sunglasses too. bright and sunny, unlike yesterday. as we get a look at all of our microclimate right now, 52 in the tri-valley and peninsula. 54 in the south bay. still seeing clouds farther to the south, but look how it's clearing to the north. san francisco at 51. 48 degrees in the north bay. and you can see from that camera in tiburon that those clouds are getting out of there. and we're going to see highs today several degrees warmer. seven or eight degrees warmer than yesterday. up to 74 degrees and also 76 in the north bay and in the east bay. 69. so we'll talk about some eve
5:31 am
warmer air in the forecast and i'm getting you ready for weekend. that's in about seven minutes. mike is now updating the crash on the peninsula. >> better news from chp just over the last two minutes. we're showing you overall, the sensor build, a light build for the east bay, and looking over here where we have recovery. northbound 101, the crash at airport boulevard has been cleared as well as presumably the box trailer in the middle of the lanes as well. a smoother drive, a little slowing north of 380 that should clear up quickly because traffic is light right now on the peninsula. meanwhile, the bay bridge toll plaza shows you traditional backup as the metering lights were turned on at 5:30, and 5:31, the lanes are filled. >> nice sunrise out there. >> 5:31 right now. developing story, parents at palo alto high school demanding answers after a student districted of a sex crime was allowed to stay on campus. >> kris sanchez joining us live from the high school with the reason why parents were never
5:32 am
told. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. as we know from our reporting duties, the law is very specific about what can be reported regarding the crimes committed by a minor, even if they are felony sexual assault crimes. the school district here in palo alto cannot change that, but what they have done is changed their own policy regarding sexual assault and reporting. the superintendent explained to parents and the school board that because the junior who was convicted of sexual assault is a minor, he could not notify parents of that 2015 off-campus incident, norof a second alleged assault. this one reported on campus in october. >> we need to know when we have an active predator around so they can be aware. >> my daughter has two classes with the in question. he has acted inappropriately toward her. and i don't know what's going
5:33 am
on. >> in a statement, the student's attorney wrote although the district attorney's office has declined to file anything against the student other than consensual underaged sexual activity as a of the conduct on campus, the student has elected to complete the school year not on campus. now, the board changed the palo alto unified sexual assault policy that includes an independent review which will continue and they will create a new administration to handle reports of sexual assault and harassment and they want renewed educational efforts for students and for staff. part of that review will include how the administration handled these reports and the notification of parents. we'll show you how the superintendent is responding and what he had to say to parents later on at 6:30. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest there. >> it's 5:33 right now. we are inching closer to learning the punishment for sierra lamar's killer.
5:34 am
the same jury that convicted antolin garcia torres of kidnapping and murdering the teenager must now decide if he should receive the death penalty. we're hearing from sierra lamar's close friends about the impact her disappearance had on their lives. >> ever since she went missing i had nightmares. just the things that could have been done to her and feeling like the helplessness she must have felt. >> during opening statements of the penalty phase, garcia torres' attorney told jurors he grew up in poverty, lived in shacks and had an alcoholic violent father. he said a life sentence can still be fair and just. >> 5:34, and new this morning, developing overnight, chelsea manning the army private convicted of leaking a trove of military intelligence records to wikileaks, has been released from a kansas prison. 28-year-old manning entered prison about seven years ago as bradley manning but since has announced she's transgender.
5:35 am
she was convicted and sentenced to an unprecedented 35-year-long prison term for copying hundreds of thousands of classified files and leaking them in 2010. she had access to the files while she was working as a low-level intelligence analyst in iraq. here's her attorney. >> wanted to give information to the american public that she believed they deserved to know. >> former president barack obama commuted her sentence, saying that the punishment didn't fit the crime. manning's conviction still stands. she's appealing that ruling. she's not been officially discharged from the military, but it's highly unlikely she'll be called to serve. >> one of the most popular bands in the world is coming to levi's stadium today. as we take a live look this morning. all lit up. vta will be running later to accommodate those u2 fans. roughly 50,000 fans expected to crowd into levi's for the concert tonight. vta estimates about 6,000 of them will use public
5:36 am
transportation, an extra service will cost about $50,000. during the santa clara city council meeting last night, it was decided the management company that runsserts will have to pay for the extra service. caltrain will also run a single northbound train after the concert. it will leave either 75 minutes after the concert or when the train is full. also happening today, getting the public's opinion. caltrain will hold a meeting to discuss fair and parking increases. they want commuters to crime in. >> pete suratos is in san carlos with details on caltrain's proposal. >> good morning to you. in the studio, and caltrain passengers will get a chance to weigh in on the proposed changes during the public outreach session slated to take place, and the changes could kick in as early as october. let's pull up a list of changes being proposed by caltrain. there would be a zone fare increase of 25 cents for
5:37 am
passengers. also the monthly pass would be changes to 15 days instead of 13. the monthly parking would increase from $55 to $82.50. also an elimination of the discounted eight-ride ticket and also the go pass fares for employers would increase by 50% from about $1 noint to $285. these proposed changes would create a pilot program for discounted fares for weekend and evening riders as well as cover the cost of the operating system. now, caltrain is expecting a budget short fall of about $10 million, but that public meeting will take place later this afternoon at caltrain headquarters in san carlos at 4:30 p.m. in san carlos, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> pete talked about caltrain. we'll talk about it in a second. meanwhile, the roadways look great after that crash cleared just by sfo. just about at speed, 101 just north of 380 over here, a little slowing for the tri-valley for
5:38 am
southbound 680, just around bernal. i want to talk about the transit lines after i show you no problems toward the bay bridge toll plaza and your backup is what to be expected coming through the area, going underwater, no problem for b.a.r.t. either. the ferry system, the oakland to alameda ferry, that will not be in service at pier 41 for the midday and afternoon lines because they're doing that maintenance work still. you can get off at the ferry building. a note, the bottom two, caltrain and vta, pete is talking about caltrain's budget but we're talking about their service. they're having a special train after the concert, and vta suggests you do that. >> kind of crazy getting out of levi's, let me tell you. >> i don't doubt that. i think you have strategies for getting out of there. >> you jump in someone'ser. >> exactly. >> make anyone's car an uber. >> don't do that. >> nice to meet you. >> we're going to be hitting the weekend coming up. it's about to get real up in
5:39 am
here with the temperatures. >> you'll want to enjoy today. you'll see the highs in the 70s inland and it will be bright and sunny. all of that sunshine by the weekend will be heating things up. so some cool temperatures still along the coast. at 71 degrees this saturday. and the inland areas up to 69 degrees. starting to feel hot, and then on sunday for the coast, we're at 73 degrees. a lot of sunshine. bay will be at 88. and 92 in the valleys. we'll have dangerous heat as the high temperatures reach into the 90s for several days. and it officially kicks off summer with the bay to breakers on sunday in san francisco. we'll have awesome weather for this. we will be in the lower 60s and at 66 degrees by noon if you want to hang out and people watch, the mid 70s later on in the afternoon. here's a live look at heavenly right now. can you believe it's snowing? and yes, we do have some snow there, some fresh powder as we go into the next several days.
5:40 am
temperatures reaching into the mid 60s. that leads us into a warm weekend. for santa barbara, heading farther to the south, the upper 70s by friday. saturday, 80 degrees, and 79 degrees on sunday. and if you want some hot weather, you may want to head to paso robles, it will be in the 90s there too. mostly sunny skies throughout the weekend. we'll take a look at the forecast, the day planner for san jose in three minutes. >> we look forward to that. >> coming up next, calling for a do over. the reported mistake forcing more than 100 area students to have to retake their a.p. tests. >> and another day, another startling bit of news. this time, claims coming out of the kremlin. we'll update you when today in the bay continues.
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5:43 now. we see the clouds rolling out of the south bay as we take a live look outside at san jose, and the roads are still nice and quiet too. we're going to see the temperatures starting out in the mid 50s at 9:00 to 66 degrees as you take the lunch outside. it will be in the low 70s throughout the day. make sure you enjoy this nice mild weather. it's going to warm up another 20 degrees by the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in five minutes. well, fortunately, these travel times haven't changed as dramatically. we're looking at a smooth drive for the tri-valley. 20 minutes to the dublin interchange. we'll show you the rest of the
5:44 am
bay coming up. >> thank you very much. 5:43. we have been talking about the severe storms in the midwest. they led to rather unusual video. this is a phenomenon going on. that right there is not a tornado. this is video of what weather exare calling a dustnado. it's ground based wind that briefly formed on the leading edge of the storm. if you're looking for a comparison, this is like the wind surge that sends a plastic bag swirling only on a much larger scale. this one crossed a farm field 50 miles east of omaha and didn't cause any damage. gustnados can reach 80 miles per hour. >> happening here today at home, a march in san francisco supporting more affordable low income housing. organizers believe san francisco could create a sanctuary housing fund that would not only help immigrant families but also low income minority families,
5:45 am
seniors, and the disabled. >> a simple tweet has reportedly led to some north bay high school students need to retake their a.p. test. that's because the first time around, the president of kentfield marin catholic high school tweeted a photo of students seated for their exam. that photo caught the attention of the college board because the tables were too close together. as a result, 177 students will now have to retake their test next week. >> i think i still have nightmares to this day of my a.p. spanish test. i can only imagine what they're going through. >> californians could soon buy a new license plate to fund women's clinics including ones that perform abortions. the mercury news says hannah beth jackson came up with this idea. as you can see, there are three different plates with the naral or national association for the repeal of abortion laws on them. it will cost $50 the first year and the senator says this is a way to fight back against the republican congress and president trump's attack on
5:46 am
women's health, her words. >> just one day after the was accused of giving away top secret information to the russians, he faces accusations he tried to quash an fbi investigation. >> each day, it seems like brings a new controversy to the white house. >> this is the most serious of them all, laura and sam. the word impeachment is on the front page of both "the washington post" and "the new york times" this morning. there's a lot to get to. first, the kremlin says this morning it knows donald trump did not reveal secret information to the russian foreign minister and the russian ambassador because the crem nn has what it describes as recordings of the private meeting inside the oval office. one of the things we're trying to nail down this morning is when the russians say a recording, do they mean a recording by writing it down or by taping it. writing it down would be routine. recording it, that would be a shocker. trump, as you know, has been accused of revealing top secret
5:47 am
information about a terror investigation to the russians. information gathered by the israelis that could put an undercover agent in danger. nbc news has confirmed president trump made a call to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu just a short time ago. meanwhile, the other big scandal of the week, and keep in mind, it's only wednesday, is that the former fbi director james comey claims to have detailed memoranda documenting his conversations with the president. he says the president asked him to quash the fbi investigation into michael flynn's meetings with the russians. that would be obstruction of justice. and would be the most serious accusation against the president yet. also the first time we have seen a true republican revolt. john mccain last night said the scandal has reached the scale of watergate. utah's jason chaffetz, head of the house oversight committee set a let toor the fbi asking for all of comey's documents about the meeting with the president.
5:48 am
comey says he documented every single meeting including one in which the president proposed the jailing of american reporters. not clear why comey is just now revealing the existence of these memos. we may have a case of what the president claims against what comey says. he said/he said, but keep in mind two things. one, an fbi agent's notes are admissible as evidence in court, and comey is or was the king of all fbi agents. two, trump has hinted he's recorded conversations of the oval office. if that's true, laura and sam, he'll be able to disprove what comey says. just amazing. every single day. today is wednesday. one week since that meeting. >> scott examines our president's tweets,ative orders and speeches every morning. >> i'm curious what we're going to find out in the next hour. scott would like to hear froum you as well. let's change the topic. >> let's talk about the weather. >> it's going to be very pleasant today.
5:49 am
a lot of sunshine. we have the clouds all day yesterday, and it started to rain a little bit. >> a little ominous. >> yes, and now we're done with that. it's clearing out, going to be a beautiful day. that makes it easier to get out of when you know it's going to be comfortable. we'll have 9 and a lot of sun in the forecast. this 52 degrees right now in the tri-valley and the peninsula, 54 in the south bay, and the east bay and fremont you can see on the camera, the flag still waving. a little breezy. it's sdoiv degrees and 48 in the north bay. looking at the peninsula and palo alto, the high today will be up to 73 degrees. 76, looking live from tibron, a very nice afternoon. san francisco up to 63 degrees. as you're looking out the window, you see the clouds, and it is cool. well, here's how to get ready for the day. a little bit of a tip here. you will need long sleeves. maybe a jacket to start. you'll take it off later today as the temperatures warm up, so some short sleeves, but you will need a jacket heading out to
5:50 am
at&t park. temperatures in the low 60s, upper 50s. and after the chilly morning, the clear skies warm up temperatures at recess, and it will be very nice to get outdoors later today. our seven-day forecast shows we'll be in the 60s. low 70s for san francisco this weekend. no more rain in the forecast, going from 75 today inland to 94 degrees on sunday. let's head over to mike now. a crash in san jose. >> we just heard about a crash which sounds like everything is on the shoulder. a bad time as we're looking at the bay. a good time for the drive, a bad time for this crash over here, northbound 11, right around mckie. that's the only spot we see the slowing, it's starting to ease up after the first burst. but we show you the live camera and see the traffic starting to move better but still slow, north 101 all the way up past the scene of the crash. we'll also show you waze. the area toward the bay bridge, if you're heading in from let's say hercules or rodeo to the
5:51 am
city, the purple route, across the richmond bridge, that's the fastest route. it beats the bay bridge by about ten minutes because of slowing in berkeley and the toll plaza. that will change throughout the afternoon. you'll check that whenever you're going to leave, waze helps you plan the route and even plan your departure time. click the magnifying glass and your name and select us as your team because we also help each other plan by sharing the information, and we can also share your information on tv. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> 5:51 now. coming up next on today in the bay, we investigate. >> the injury was kind of like a punch to your heart. >> firefighters risk their lives to keep us safe. often hiding the emotional pain caused by their jobs. i'm liz wagner. up next, we reveal the results of our six-month investigation that shows that stress is taking more of a toll than you might realize. >> but first, happening right now, learning about a mid-air
5:52 am
fight. mid-flight, really, that led an air canada flight to be diverted. a passenger attacked the flight crew with a coffee pot and then tried to open the cabin door. crew members and passengers were able to jump in and restrain the passenger using zip ties. >> also, just in, senator thom tillis of north carolina has collapsed during some sort of d.c. race. he was given cpr and taken away in an ambulance. as soon as we have an update on his condition, we'll bring it to you.
5:53 am
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country-- more firefighters took their own lives than died in the line of duty. in the last two years just in that timeframe, more firefighters took their own lives than died in the line of duty. >> so sad. the rash of firefighter suicides puts a spotlight on the ufec mental health challenges they face. liz wagner looks into what help is to these people who protect us every day. >> good morning. we wanted to learn more about the emotional toll this job takes on first responders so with the help of industry group called the california professional firefighters, we designed a confidential survey. we heard back from more than 700 firefighters across the state, most here in the bay area. 77% say their stressful experiences caused unresolved emotional issues.
5:56 am
as for how the stress impacts them, more than three quarters said they had unwanted memories, 14% had thoughts of suicide. the results also show overwhelmingly stigma creates a barrier to seeking help. our survey found even when they know of services available to them, many don't find them helpful. they're trying to raise awareness and get their arms around the problem. our investigation takes you inside the mind of a local firefighter who responded to last year's tragic ghost ship fire. he's speaking out, hoping it will help others. now, to watch our complete story, head online right now to back to you. >> liz, thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> there's hope for people with sleep apnea. about 18 million americans have the disorder which causes them to stop breathing while they
5:57 am
sleep. now a revolutionary device is helping people who aren't able to use the traditional method for relief. a cpap machine is the standard, but almost half of patients can't tolerate it. the new device is implanted under the skin, turned on every night with a remote. it senses when breathing slows down and sends an electrical pulse to the tongue. a health care explains. >> looks like a pacemaker. >> it's the same technology just adapted to stickulate a nerve in the neck. >> insurance doesn't always pay for the device which can cost $20,000. >> all new this morning, kind of an interesting story, pet stores across california could be banned for selling pets for profit. a new law passed by the sacramento city council that bans the -- they have to partner with animal and rescue shelters to offer space for adoption, but a similar bill is making its way
5:58 am
through california's legislature which would ban commercial pet sales across california. >> thousands of birds that would gour to be used in illegal cockfighting have been seized. more than 7,000 bird were seized in a raid. it started on monday. being called the largest raid of illegal cockfighting in u.s. history. several people were detained and not immediately arrested. cockfighting is illegal in every state. >> we're expecting a plea for help from a mother of a boy who has been missing for nearly a month. the boy was last seen leaving disney land with his father. today, his mother will join sheriff's deputies to make a public lee for information on her son's whereabouts. >> a mountain lion soithding in the north bay. a woman walking on trails in
5:59 am
northeast subastple said she shaw a mountain lion and two cubs. mountain lions can be dangerous and aggressive, especially when they're protecting their young. >> san francisco, the first and only city in the country where everyone lives within a ten-minute walk of a park. that's according to news released for the trust for public land as part of the parks score. get your exercise in. it's an assessment of the 100 largest cities in the country. san francisco has invested $355 million in parks and open space under mayor ed lee. nearly $85 million has been set aside for parks and rec projects in the upcoming two-year budget. >> it is official, five guys is the best burger brand of the year. that's according to the harris poll's annual study. i'm not going to make a lot of friends with this, but i like five guys better than in-n-out. >> you're supposed to keep your opinions to yourself. >> that's true. but let me say this, in-n-out
6:00 am
ranked first last year and came in second this year. they rank quality, familiarity and the likelihood they'll buy food from that restaurant. >> right now, following breaking news out of washington, d.c. the what facing another bombshell, what vladimir putin is offering to release on the meeting between president trump and the russian foreign minister. >> plus, students sickened. the steps a south bay school district is taking to stop the spread of a bad stomach virus. >> and waiting to learn new details about the man accused of setting car fires across contra costa county. today in the bay continues right now. good wednesday morning to you. thanks for getting up early with us. >> i'm sam brock. a pretty mild start. that's going to change soon. >> enjoy today. it's still going to be comfortable. i think the best day of the week because it's been cool. we had clouds.


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