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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ranked first last year and came in second this year. they rank quality, familiarity and the likelihood they'll buy food from that restaurant. >> right now, following breaking news out of washington, d.c. the what facing another bombshell, what vladimir putin is offering to release on the meeting between president trump and the russian foreign minister. >> plus, students sickened. the steps a south bay school district is taking to stop the spread of a bad stomach virus. >> and waiting to learn new details about the man accused of setting car fires across contra costa county. today in the bay continues right now. good wednesday morning to you. thanks for getting up early with us. >> i'm sam brock. a pretty mild start. that's going to change soon. >> enjoy today. it's still going to be comfortable. i think the best day of the week because it's been cool. we had clouds. well, today, all of that cleared
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up. and our temperatures warm up just a little bit. 46 degrees so it is a cool start. looking live from belvedere at that amazing sunrise, which is under way as we speak. as we go into the rest of the day, our temperatures reaching into the low 70s. oakland at 69 degrees. san francisco, 63. and napa today will be up to 77 degrees. coming up in about seven minutes, have a look at what to expect and the bus stop forecast coming up. mike takes us out there on roadways where we might be slowing down. >> the build is on around the bay. nothing dramatic, but i have a second crash in the last ten minutes in san jose. second crash i'm telling you about. the first one clears north 101 at mckie. we have recovery for that earlier burst. now this may be a problem, north 280. the commute direction, just past the 87 interchange, heading up and in through downtown, we may have one lane affected by the crash. nothing slowing on the sensors yet. mild slowing here for the upper
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east freeway. a great drive right now through richmond and to berkeley and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> thank you very much. getting to a developingy right now out of the south bay. hundreds of students sickened with some kind of stomach bug and there are concerns it could be the norovirus. >> bob redell outside hacienda science magnet, one of the hardest hit schools, to explain what the district is trying to do to protect students. >> good morning. hacienda science magnet here in san jose does seem to have experienced the worst of this possible norovirus outbreak with at least 80 students calling in sick to the school. take a look at this video to see what the district is doing to try to stop the outbreak. people at the school who have been using bleach to wipe down and disinfect desks, chairs, and countertops in the various campuses along with playground equipment which in some cases is still off limits. there are ten san jose schools effected, mostly elementaries, at least one middle school.
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you have 80 students here at hacienda and 120 more students at nine other locations who stayed home with stomach flu like symptoms. no classes have been canceled, but the district has stopped all extracurricular activities including after school programs. >> we really encourage parents if their kids are experiencing symptoms to keep them home 48 hours, symptom free after they have stopped showing symptoms without medication. that's sort of the baseline we're using for it's safe to send kids back to school. >> the district did notify the santa clara public health department some time after the first case reported back on may 4th. unfortuna unfortunately, insouth bay is not alone. in yolo county, a possible norovirus outbreak that has sickened more than 1,000 students. if you're not familiar, norovirus is not airborne. it's spread through direct
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contact with somebody who has the virus or something touched by those people. >> bob, thank you very much. it's 6:04 right now on your wednesday. happening today, we're expected to learn more about a suspected serial arsonist, including who he is. the contra costa county fire department confirming they're releasing more information about the 36-year-old suspect arrested and charged the weekend. he's facing about four dozen charges. last week alone, seven parked car were set on fire in the middle of the night. >> two wisconsin teens in a lot of trouble for pulling off a stunt, climbing to the top of the north tow of the golden gate bridge. >> those climbers are under investigation after this. 18-year-old peter and tom posted a video of this illegal climb. you can see them dangling off the cables. pretty scary there. at one point, they even start doing flips. happened about 3:00 in the morning last month. the climbers were able to evade
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security alarms and cameras. peter says they are experienced in these kinds of stunts. >> i have been climbing stuff my whole life, so i kind of know like tips and tricks to learn how to get around motion detectors and cameras and stuff. i don't want to disclose that in case like i said someone who would want to do harm or wants to re-create the stunt would want to do it. >> not surprisingly, officials say this is a horrible idea. that the climbers put their risks and the lives of other on bridge atisk. >> from high above the san francisco bay to way down below, fbi agents will be conducted an underwater exercise at fisherman's wharf today. it includes underwater vehicles. dive teams, and a full-scale crime scene in the bay. several federal, state, and local agencies will take part. it starts at 9:00 this morning. >> we're following breaking news out of washington, d.c. this morning. new breaking news within the last hour or so. nbc news has confirmed russia is
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offering to release some sort of record of the meeting that pres trump held with the russian foreign minister. >> tracie potts monitoring all of the developments live in washington. what's going on now? >> well, right now, we're trying to figure out what type of record russia may have. an hour ago, i told you what the translation said, that it was some sort of recording of the meeting between russian officials and president trump. now, with a closer look at the translation because it was in russian, it appears they may have a transcript of the meeting. nevertheless, something they're willing to turn over to congress, as congress also wants to get its hands on a memo written by the former fbi director. people close to former fbi director jam comey say before he was fired, comey wrote a memo claiming president trump asked him to end the investigation of russian ties to former national security adviser michael flynn. >> he said that general flynn
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was a good man and that the fbi needed to move beyond the investigation of him. >> the white house denies that. former acting attorney general sally yates warned them about flynn. >> there are serious questions about both the timing and the motivation of the president's actions. >> now, lawmakers want to subpoena comey's memrow. >> he should come back to the congress and share what he knows. >> if the memo exists, i need to see it and i need to see it right away. >> this after reports the president shared classified intelligence about isis with russia, information nbc has confirmed came from israel. >> what the president shared was wholly appropriate. >> cia director mike pompeo on capitol hill last night explaining to nervous lawmakers. >> i think it would be helpful to have less drama emanating from the white house. >> i think it's something that is way blown out of proportion. >> capitol hill on edge. the white house on defense. the russia investigation ongoing.
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ongoing not only here on the hill with the senate and house intelligence committees doing their separate work and not only at the fbi, but now also in the courts. officials tell nbc that a federal grand jury has issued subpoenas in the russia case. >> all right, so many developments to keep track of. tracie potts helping us out from d.c. thank you very much. >> let's switch gears. 6:08 with a live look at oracle arena where any doubt about the outcome of last night's warriors game evaporated by half time. game two not as thrilling as game one. >> any time you basically double the other team's score before half time, that's not good for the other team. there's steph curry dropping in a couple points there. if you caught some of this game, maybe all of it if you are really a die-hard fan, this is a blowout. the spurs were not going to schalg without kawhi leonard. steph curry going off in this one. he had five fleas at half time.
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the ws were up by 28 at that point. they cruise on to their tenth straight playoff win. 136-100. these are video game numbers. draymond calling this just another day at the office. >> we always feel like we're capable of having a big game like that. you know, definitely don't come in the game expecting that, but if it happens, we're not surprised. >> well, the warriors lead two games to nothing over the spurs, and boston and cleveland are starting their conference final series in the eastern conference. that begins tonight. >> warriors superstar helping plant the seeds for hoop dreamers along with average players. >> we didn't hear about him in the highlights last night. he's letting his play do the talk on this courts. kevin durant's charity is unveiling four fully renovated basketball courts today in downtown oakland. a ceremony is planned for 2:00 this afternoon. it's the same kind of thing he was doing in oklahoma city as well. afterwards, dozens of people
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will take part in a clinic led by staffers from the team's b-ball camp. >> coming up on 6:10, getting a look at the sunrise. live pictures out of morgan hill at the anderson reservoir. beautiful sunrise and the clouds rolling out. as you get the kids ready, it will be cool heading out the door and clearing skies. at recess, warming temperatures and a very nice afternoon to get out there. our temperatures will be comfortable, reaching into the low 70s inland today and some 60s along the coast. in the three minutes, i'll have a look at the temperature trend and now mike checking in on the east bay slowing. >> we have a typical pattern in the east bay. see the build, it's mild right now. south bay, we're still monitoring the crash, north 280, but it hasn't proven to be a problem through san jose. we see the slowing into sunol out of pleasanton. got better. let me take you to reports for our mass transit system. b.a.r.t. has 54 trains, no delays. no problem for the oakland alameda ferry right now, but pier 41 service is cancelled midday and afternoon because of
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the on going manintenance, and caltrain has extended their service because of the concert. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> a terrifying close call and all caught on camera. >> take a look at this dramatic video. coming up next on today in the bay, what prevented a truck from colliding into oncoming traffic after losing control during severe storms. >> wall street seems to have notice what's going on in washington, and boy, is there a lot going on in washington. we'll update you coming up when today in the bay continues. [ whistles ]
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(mike ad libs) it's 6:14. taking a look at a clear sunrise from los gatos. our temperature trend will still be in the mid 50s by 9:00. a light jacket needed earlier. as you go through the day, a lot of sunshine, warming the temperatures up to feel very comfortable in the low 70s. it's really warming frup the rest of the week. a look at how hot it gets inland. that's coming up in five minutes. >> and a very pleasant drive right now. you're looking at travel times for the north bay. highway 37, just 26 minutes from sonoma boulevard to lake villa highway. we usually see traffic jammed up. today, it's flowing well. we'll show you the rest of the bay coming up. >> it is going to be beach weather this weekend. and on that note, the annual
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kids ocean day. kids are encouraged to adopt a beach for cleanup today. nearly 1,000 elementary school students will be participating in this from across the bay area. they're going to be out cleaning up beach in san francisco. that starts at 10:00. after the cleanup, the kids make a human art formation this marks the 24th year of this tradition of kids ocean day. >> california's fish and wildlife director is extending the rock crab closure stretching from bodega bay north to the oregon border. the closure is due to high toxin levels found in the crabs. commercial crabbers are allowed to fish south of bodega bay and the closure does not apply to recreational fishers but they are warned to avoid eating rock crab caught at certain locations. uber has updated its android app to start showing train and bus schedules near where passengers are being dropped off. it could help commuters dealing with the so-called last mile in the area from where they're dropped off to where they need to go. info is available in about 50
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locations for now, including the bay area. >> pretty neat there. >> 6:15. we have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. now it looks like wall street has finally noticed what's going on in washington. >> scott mcgrew joins us. investors uneasy as the white house royals in controversy. >> the white house cannot push its plans to cut taxes and regulation if it's busy fighting subpoenas. i have said day after day right here how surprised i was investors seems so unconcerned about the future fiscal plan. today, futures calling for a significant loss on the open. it may not happen, but that's what they're betting. that's after james comey announced he had pages of memos documenting his meetings with president trump, including a recounting of the president asking comey to shut down his investigation of michael flynn. that the markets have started to pay attention to trump's future is significant, and here's why
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you care even if you have never traded a stock. markets are really good at predicted things. if you get a large number of people to bet on something, the bets of the crowd are often very accurate. they're so good, in fact, there was talk of creating a futures market after the 9/11 attacks that allowed investors to bet on future terror attacks. this was not some kooky idea. former national security adviser john poindexter first proposed it. it never came to fruition because betting on people dying is incredibly distasteful, but the point here is you can listen to political reporters and pundits all you want, but when the markets say the white house is in trouble, that's your best indication there are big changes ahead in washington. facebook is struggling to decide how to handle an order from thailand preventing the service from showing video of the king of thailand walking around in a half shirt. here here is in the mall. facebook has to strike a balance between sharing information and complying with local law.
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thailand has threatened to shut down the service in the country entirely. hire in the bay area, the city of san francisco may ban sidewalk delivery robots. the supervisor is worried the robots can get in the way of disabled people or children and even there's an odd theory they can be used to carry bombs. you guys reserve chris daily? back in 2002, he led an effort to ban the segway scooter on sidewalks in san francisco. because he was worried about the same sort of thing, that it would get in the way. we covered that and i remember he handed out signs to seniors to carry in front of city hall saying stop the segway slaughter. this is before segway even came out. i understand this idea of being careful. but there is some point where how many robots are there? >> or segways. >> it's interesting to look at the liability of that. who would assume it, the city, the robot company? >> we may have been a little ahead of the curve there.
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>> thank you. >> it's 6:18. this is pretty dramatic new video. take a look at that. a close call for drivers caught in some severe storms in oklahoma. so a truck hit a wet spot in the road, loses control there, spins out, slides into the median, nearly colliding with an oncoming vehicle. this is just some of the severe weather slam the midwest yesterday, even overnight. at least two deaths are blamed on the storms. tornadoes were also reported in several areas. >> yeah, kari, you were saying this was a particularly bad and unpredictable tornado season. >> really bad for the midwest. that video was shot by a storm chaser. those are the things you just want to try to avoid by staying off the roads when the weather is bad. we don't have to worry about that today because it's all nice and clear. looking live from tiburon this morning. beautiful sun rise and cool, too. we had temperatures in the upper 40s, low 50s, and look at the
6:20 am
clouds in sunol. they haven't quite cleared out there yet. it's 51 degree degrees. we will all get clearing as our temperatures in the 40s, 53 degrees now in oakland. look at these high temperatures today. perfect, i don't think it gets better than this. 74 degrees in east san jose. milpitas, 72 degrees. east bay in the upper 60s in oakland and 75 in antioch. for the peninsula, 70 degrees in belmont. san francisco to 62 on the embarcadero. and 74 degrees today in novato. as we go through the day in oakland, our temperature trend starts in the low 50s, and at lunch time, 63 degrees. you might be warring the long sleeves all day, but you need the sunglasses as it will be beautiful, bright, and sunny. as you get out there to enjoy the sun, a lot of pollen in the air. we still have a high amount of tree and grass pollen. mostly olive, juniper, and pine trees that have been the worst. as we go through the next
6:21 am
several days, temperatures in the low 60s in san francisco, making it into the low 70s in time for the weekend. inland areas will see a high of 75 today. but a 20-degree temperature jump by sunday, up to 94 degrees. and still hot to start out next week. as we head over to mike now, looks like the commute is very comright now. >> very calm right now. don't wake up the commute. we're looking over here to the roadways and starting to see more traffic for the tri-valley and east bay. kind of holding steady for hayward, and even the south bay with the crash north 280 at seventh blocking one lane and not presenting much slowing as you head past downtown san jose. a build for the maze and west 580 approaching the toll plaza. we'll look at the waze, examine the waze around the bay area. we're looking for oakland to san francisco. the purple line on the other side of the screen, 43 minutes getting across from downtown oakland over in toward the city. if you leave 15 minutes early, you can take the blue line
6:22 am
across the richmond bridge because it's about minutes longer. go to your mapping system on your phone and you can fire up waze, you can fire up our team as well and do that by going to your profile and selecting nbc bay area wazer. having trouble saying that now, but you should see it fine. go to your app and select our team. >> thank you, mike. >> appreciate tat. >> airlines don't always handle delays and cancellations the same way. >> consumer investigator chris chmura says choose wisely if you're jetting across the atlantic. >> european airlines are held to far stricter standards than u.s. airlines. in the event of a delay, cancellation, or baggage mixup, you could have reaccommodation that u.s. airlines aren't required to provide. send us your tips. it )s an issue that has caused
6:23 am
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6:25 am
airplanes to crash and 6:25 on your wednesday. it's an issue that has caused airplanes to crash and people to die. unapproved or bogus airplane parts for sale everywhere. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock not only bought some of these parts but he went to one place where they make and sell them to find out why they're still in business. >> this part we bought over the internet is a part that's the focus of an faa cease and desist
6:26 am
order. an emergency locater transmitter, two years ago, the faa ordered the manufacturer to stop making it, so we went to huntington beach to the company and found it still open for business with a stack of boxes identical to the box we got holding the part over the internet. >> i want to know if you're making the parts. the faa says don't make the parts. are you still making parts? >> we also uncovered records showing the faa found bogus parts on hundreds of commercial aircraft. >> you something that's manufactured incorrectly, not per spec, it's going to fail. and you have a failure, it's going to be a problem. and it could be a catastrophic one. >> at 11:00, we'll show you how all this impacts your safety when you fly and why that company in huntington beach keeps making the part that the faa ordered to be stopped. that's tonight at 11:00. steven, thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail
6:27 am
as well to the unit at >> 6:26. emotional testimony coming up next on today in the bay, the impact sierra lamar's disappearance had on some of her closest friends. >> palo alto unified school leaders gottane earful from parents over their handling of a convicted sexual offender on camp. what the administrationgue and why they say they couldn't tell the parents and students.
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right now at 6:30, tracking a cool morning right now, but then things start to heat up as we head into the weekend. taking a live look outside. a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. welcome to wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it looks so nice and so inviting outside. it is. just remember, bring your jacket. >> to start out the day. later on, nigh, comfortable, looking at a lot of sunshine. it does feel cool. let's get a live look outside at fremont. starting to get busy. a lot of clear skies overhead, and highs today reaching into the low 70s inland. 69 in oakland. 63 in san francisco. and 62 today at half moon bay. i'll have a look at the forecast. i'm getting you ready for the weekend in eight minutes. mike now talking about a slow' down in the south bay. >> slowdown and new crash in the south bay. that's the only thing we're watching because the rest of the commute just starting to gradually build.
6:31 am
we'll see more slowing for hayward coming up. meanwhile, i show you this. this change in the last seven minutes northbound 101 jams up toward capitol expressway. sounds like one lane blocked by a crash that just happened at capital expressway. scheep is arriving so that's the distraction and slowing. meanwhile, the travels to the bay bridge where the metering lights are on just now, half hour to the bay bridge, not bad at all. more slowing at 580 off the end of the maze. >> thank you. developing this morning, real concern among parents at palo alto high school demanding answers trying to figure out why they were not told that a student there was convicted of sexual assault and then allowed to remain on campus. >> kris sanchez joins us outside the high school with new developments in the case and reaction from angry parents. good morning, kris. >> good morning, sam and laura. the law is very specific about what can be revealed about a minor when they are convicted of a crime, even if it is a felony conviction. that was the case here in the
6:32 am
palo alto unified school district. the district said they can't change that part of the sexual assault policy, they can change how they handle it going forward. this all stems from a 2015 report on campus in december, a student now a 17-year-old junior, was convicted of that felony count of forced oral copulation stemming from an off campus incident. the student was allowed to continue in palo alto high. in october, was then accused by another student of sexual assault. this time on campus. parents understandably are o outraged but the superintendant said his hands were essentially tied. >> we need to know when we have an active predator around so we can be aware. >> my daughter has two classes with the person in question. he has acted inappropriately toward her. and i don't know what's going on. >> we can't disclose anything about minors. we can't disclose anything regarding contact with the police, with the juvenile
6:33 am
justice system. we can't even tell you if they're in school today. >> that was the superintendent of palo alto unified. the student's attorney wrote although they have declined to file anything against the student other than consensual underage sexual activity as the result of the conduct on campus, the student has elected not to complete the school year on campus. the board changed the palo alto unified school sexual assault policy. it will continue with an independent review and they created a new administrative position to handle the reports of sexual assault and harassment on campus and it board wants renewed educational efforts not only for students but also for staff. now, part of the district's review will include how those administrators handle this incident of sexual assault and the reporting of it. in palo alto, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> it's 6:33 right and we're inching closer to learning the punishment for sierra lamar's
6:34 am
killer. the same jury that convicted antolin garcia torres of kidnapping and murdering the teenager must now decide if he should receive the death penalty. we're hearing from sierra lu's close friends about the impact her disappearance had on their lives. >> ever since she went missing, i have had might nares of just the things that could have been done to her. and feeling like the helplessness she must have felt. >> obviously very hard. during opening statements of the penalty phase, garcia torres' attorney told jurors he grew up in poverty, lived in shacks and had an alcoholic, violent father. he told jurors that a life sentence can still be fair and just. >> happening today, stanford university breaking ground on its first real satellite campus. here are some of the renderings of what it's going to look like when it's done. that campus is going on 35 acres of hand formery known as midpoint technology park, located about five mimes from
6:35 am
stanford's palo alto campus and the first phase is expected to be done in 2019. today's ground breaking takes place at 9:30. another ground breaking going on for new state of the art classroom facility at san ramon high school. three story building going to contain more than classrooms. a $64 million project funded by voter approved bounds. it will open in fall of 2019. >> 6:35. your ride on caltrain could get a bit more expensive. they're holding a meeting to talk about proposed fare and parking hikes. >> pete suratos is at the station for us this morning to break down the proposed changes and how they could impact commuters. >> good morning to you. in the studio, and passengers with caltrain will get a chance to weigh in on the proposed changes later this afternoon, and those changes could kick in for riders as early as october. now, let's talk about the
6:36 am
changes. one of them would be a zone fair inof 25 cents for riders on caltrain. also the monthly pass changed to 15s instead of 30. and there will also be an elimination of the discounted eight-ride tick sxt the go pass for employers will increase by 50% from $190 to $285. i had a chance to talk with some of those passengers this morning about the proposed changes. >> people who spend money every day, that's like $75 to $100 a week if they pay $7 or $8. that's really expensive. i think they should lower it or keep it for a few years before they raise it up. >> this is going to happen. this was brought up a couple years ago. get over it. >> as for those proposed changes, they would create a pilot program for evening and
6:37 am
weekend riders. caltrains is expected a budget shortfall of about $10 million, but as i mentioned, riders will have a chance to weigh in on the proposed changes during the public meeting that will take place at their headquarters in san carlos at 4:30 p.m. in san carlos, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thanks a lot. 6:37 right now. taking a live look at levi's stadium morning. that place will be rocking tonight. one of the most popular bands in the world is coming to levi's tonight. should be exciting. but that means vta will be running later to accommodate fans. yeah, the fans of u2. roughly 50,000 of them are expected to crowd into levi's for that concert tonight. vta estimates it's about 6,000 that will use public transportation, and the extra service will cost about $50,000. it was decided the management company that runs concerts will have to pay for that extra service. by the way, caltrain will also run a single northbound train
6:38 am
after the concert that will leave either 75 minutes after the concert or when that train is jam packed full. >> covering your traffic, whether the streets have no name or not. we're looking at a smooth drive. talking about caltrain, that is in place for the evening, but also we have an issue for the ferry riders. oakland, alameda for the midday and afternoon lines. pier 41 is canceled because of maintenance there. there's a note from a number of the transit ageensess. a crash at north 101, we still have middle lane affected. slowing from helier road to the scene. that's it for the south bay. light traffic otherwise. then we get you to the peninsula. heard about this crash at north 101 at peninsula avenue. there was slowing, it also involved a poik. the rider up and walked his or her bike over to the right shoulder. with warmer weather, we see more motorcycles so again, we give
6:39 am
that warning as things get warmer, nicer weather, harder to see thor vehicles. >> they're going, with or without you. >> you, too? >> love is a temple and we respect that. we have a whole u2 thing on tonight, the appetizer for the weekend. bay to breakers on this weekend. >> a lot of things going on. you may be hitting the road, but today, you want to stay in the bay area because it will be perfect. high temperatures reaching to the mid 70s inland and along the coast in the low 60s. as we head to saturday, we will keep that sunshine and temperatures warming up, and we're also looking at some low 70s near the coast on sunday. 8088 degrees for the bay, up to 88 on the bay. you know the inland valleys are going to be hot. this is the kind of weather we'll also see on saturday. so dangerous heat possible. but if you are going out to bay to breakers, it will be nice. starting out in the low 60s and then as we go into the rest of the morning, by 12:00, 12:30, 66
6:40 am
degrees. still nice jogging weather, and later on throughout the afternoon if you're hanging out around the city, it will be in the mid 70s with sunshine. and here's a look at kirkwood. a live look. can you believe they had light snow in parts of the sierra earlier this morning? well, now it's all clearing out. and then we're heading into a nice and mild weekend with highs reaching into the upper 50s for both saturday and sunday with some sunshine. carmel valley will be in the low 80s. mostly sunny skies. the warmest day will be on saturday, up to 83. on sunday, not bad either, 81 degrees, and high heat for paso robles. low 80s for saturday and sunday. that's the kind of weather in the valleys asual. looking at san francisco with the highs reaching 73 degrees on saturday and 72 on sunday. i'll have a look at the temperature trend for evergreen coming up in three minutes. laura. >> that heat-up is apparent. thanks so much.
6:41 am
>> 6:40 right now. coming up in three minutes, the step school officials are taking after hundreds of students are sickened. >> the white house faces crisis after crisis. what's ahead for today? we'll update you coming up. >> and scott, you have also been talking about the fact that wall street is feeling the weight of what's happening in washington right now, and here is exhibit a, the dow jones industrial average down 159 points so far in early trading, and 20,820, the nasdaq and s & p have dipped. it's the 225th anniversary of the new york stock exchange. we'll be back with more news in two minutes. ==mike/trx==
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
(mike ad libs) it is 6:44. a nice clear sunrise as we get a live look outside at san jose right now. a great start to this wednesday morning and also cool. by 10:00, we're up to 59 degrees, and noon time, 66 degrees. up to the mid 70s today. much warmer than yesterday, and the sunshine is back. we'll take a look at how the sun heats up those temperatures and what we're expecting heading into the weekend coming up in five minutes. >> and we're looking toward the tri-valley, east bay. look, very mild. castro valley y not seeing a lot of problem, but seeing the build, and we'll give you the latest for the peninsula. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. >> it is quarter to 7:00 right
6:45 am
now. these are live pictures from san jose's hacienda science magnet school where there's a big cleanup happening morning after dozens of students became sick with the stomach flu and norovirus may be the culprit. this is happening at nine other schools in san jose, in fact. in total, about 200 students became sick. the first case was reported about two weeks ago. no on the cause of the out pmbreak. >> l.a.x. finishing up its massive terminal switch this morning. this was a complicated six-day-long undertaking. the airport tweeted photos of the big move last week although this is video of jetblue. >> delta airlines moved all flights to terminals two and three because they wanted a booger, roomier, more modern terminal. several airlines had to move into delta's former digs. all told, about a third of l.a.x.'s 70 airlines ended up relocating. >> happening today, a march in
6:46 am
san francisco to tell you about. it's for supporting more affordable and more low income housing. organizers believe san francisco should create what they would call a sanctuary housing fund, it would not only help immigrant families but also low income minority families, seniors, and the disabled. the march is scheduled for 11:30 this morning andp happening in civic center plaza. >> a tweet has led students to have to retake their a.p. test. first time around, the president tweeted photos of the students taking their exam. that caught attention of the because the tables were too close together. as a result, 177 students will now retake the tests next week. >> sounds like fun. >> 6:46. all new this morning, chelsea manning, the army private convicted of leaking a trove of military intelligence records to wikileaks has now been released from a kansas prison. this happened about 2:00 a.m. eastern time. former president barack obama commuted her 35-year-long
6:47 am
sentence saying the punishment didn't fit the crime. manning was convicted back in 2010. 28-year-old manning entereden as bradley manning but has since announced that she's transgender. manning's conviction still stands butt appealing the ruling. she's not been discharged from the military. >> the head of the house oversight committee says he wants to read everything james comey has written about his meetings with the president. >> scott mcgrew, jason chavts is asking nicely for now. >> yeah, with a simple request to the fbi, but he's ready to issue subpoenas as well if he has to. at issue are memoranda that former fbi director james comey says he has written about meetings with the president. detailed accounts about what was said. comey says one of those memos documents the president asking him to quash the fbi investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn.
6:48 am
here's chavts's letter. keep in mind, he is a republican and a conservative one at that. vladimir putin caught everyone off guard this morning after he said the kremlin would be willing to turn over recordings of that meeting between president trump and russian foreign minister suergey lavrov and sergey kislyak. we think putin meant records and not recordings, slight difference in the translation. russia claims the president did not reveal confidential information during that meeting and they have proof. our side wrote down what happened in that meeting and that's how the world came to know about the release of sensitive information. the memo, our memo, was released to intelligence agencies and they were alormed by what they say. it's alleged president trump put
6:49 am
an israeli agent in danger because of what he said. today is just getting started. we know paul ryan, speaker of the house, will hold a press conference at 7:00 a.m. just a few minutes from now, we don't know what it's about. yesterday, sam and laura, i walk you through the past two weeks. people really reacted to what we had to say so i'm going to do it again. not to pile on, but just to get the sense of how breathtakingly fast what's happening in washington is. a week ago monday, yates testifies that the white house was warned about flynn. tuesday, comey was fired. wednesday is that meeting with the russians. the controversial one. thursday of last week, the president says comey's firing was because of russian investigation. monday, just yesterday or two days ago, there claims trump revealed secrets to the russians in that meeting. tuesday, that's yesterday, we hear about the comey memos, the fbi director asked to quash the
6:50 am
russia investigation. it's phenomenal how fast this is happening. >> i don't think the "saturday night live" writers can even keep up with this one. scott examines the president's tweets, executive orders and speech speeches. so much information, he would like to hear from you as well. share your thoughts with him on twitter. >> get your cooler ready. something to keep your kids occupied, hopefully. it is road trip time. the unofficial start of summer is expected to inspire a huge amount of travel. >> with the memorial holiday weekend right around the corner, aaa says the number of travelers will hit a 12-year high. under 40 million of us will travel, the majority by car. >> i took a road trip with laura. you were a great road trip buddy because you let other people control the music. >> was in the back seat. i couldn't reach it. >> you would want to control the air conditioner in the car.
6:51 am
even though we say it doesn't start until memorial day, the temperatures will say otherwise this weekend. it's going toto be hot. we're enjoying nice spring like temperatures thanks to clouds rolling in. it's partly cloudy as we get a live look at downtown san jose and 52 degrees looking at daley city, and 44 from healdsburg and later on today, our highs reaching into the low to mid 70s. not bad. it's going to be very nice. up to 63 degrees in san francisco. and the east bay looking live at our fremont camera, up to 69 degrees. so as you're looking out the window, you all of that sunshine and it's also fairly cool. don't forget the jacket before you head out, but later on, a day for short sleeves as we warm up into the mid70s. and getting the kids ready for school this morning, it does start out chilly. don't forget the sunglasses. driving them to the drop-off line, and then at recess, the
6:52 am
kids will enjoy warming temperatures outdoors with all of the sun, and it will be a great day to get outside also after school. and also, a great day to enjoy some baseball at at&t park. a breezy wind, but sunshine brings the high temperatures in the low 60s as we go throughout the day. we going to see some low 60s today, but then some low 70s for the weekend. and i think san francisco, the coastline, that's where you want to be. if you want some cooler weather. but if you like it hot, we have some pool weather for the inland valleys, 90s. up to 94 degrees on sunday. you'll want to make sure you're making plans to do something to stay cool. as we head over to mike, updating us on all the slowdowns on the roadways. >> we have a couple spots we're watching. the rest of the bay moves very smoothly. we do have that build over the san mateo bridge. so coming out of hayward and across 92, now popular place to be. we'll show you on the peninsula, we have a nice smooth drive, but still, no lanes blocked but activity on the shoulder, north
6:53 am
101 at peninsula, talked about the motorcycle crash. that's clearing now. reports from nurse katrina on our waze system, also came in for the area, so thank you for reporting that. also looking at the south bay where we're seeing the speed sensors slowing as well in the northbound direction. pretty mild, but here, that crash at capitol expressway has cleared. we'll show you to get around the crash, and the slowing that occurred earlier, you still want to take the purple line from 101, the best of the three routes. if you want to go like nurse katrina, join our team, go to the profile, on the magnifying glass and your name and select our team, nbc bay area wazers. because nurse katrina doesn't have her own team, so we can join this one. >> it sounds like she should have her own show on nbc. >> thank you very much. coming up next, a look at the top stories we're following on today in the bay. that includes major developments we're expecting today as investigators look into a series of arsons in contra costa county. >> first, happening now, we're
6:54 am
learn about a midair fight that led an air canada flight to be diverted. authorities say a passenger attacked the flight crew with a coffee pot and tried to open the cabin door. crew members and passengers were able to restrain the passenger using zip ties. >> and this just in this morning. senator thom tillis of north carolina collapses during a d.c. race. he's given cpr and taken away in the ambulance. the senator just tweeted a photo saying he's doing well. we'll be back in two minutes. before you head out the door -
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6:57 am
here are the top stories on today in the welcome back on your wednesday morning, before you head out the door, here are the top stories obtoday in the bay. >> we begin with live pictures from palo alto high school where many parents are asking why they were not told about a student convicted of sexual assault. parents packed a school board meeting last night demanding answers. the student was convicted in 2015 and later accused of assaulting another student. district officials said they couldn't release information about the case because the student is a minor. the student in question has now decided to leave the high school. , we are expected to learn more information about a suspected serial arsonist, including who he is. the suspect is accuse said of torching several cars in the east bay. contra costa county fire
6:58 am
department confirmed it will release information about the 36-year-old suspect arrested over the weekend. he's facing 40-plus charges. last week alone, seven parked cars were set on fire, all in the middle of the night. >> pet stores across california could soon be banned from selling pets for profit. a new law passed by the sacramento city council bans the commercial sale of dogsering cats, and rabbits at pet stores. instead, businesses have to partner with animal and rescue shelters to offer space for adoption. a similar bill is making its way through the state legislature. >> caltrain passengers could pay more to ride the trains and park at the stations. they're holding a hearing today to hear how people feel about the proposed hikes. monthly parking passes would increase from $55 to nearly $83. >> a live look right now at levi's stadium this morning as the sun comes up and roughly 50,000 fans are expected to go there tonight for a u2 concert.
6:59 am
vta estimated about 6,000 people will use public transportation. vta will run later to accommodate all of the extra people, and it should be a beautiful day. >> it's a beautiful day. if you're lucky enough to go to the concert, light jacket, what do you think? >> i think so. it will be cool and we're starting to see the temperatures, what we're feeling as you head out the door will be most likely what you feel again after sunset. 63 for the high in san francisco, and low 70s for the weekend. for the inland areas, that's where we have the most dramatic shift and temperatures warming up. >> warming up that's hot. >> hot, hot, hot. >> you're tracking a new issue in the south. >> a potential problem for folks as it builds throughout the milpitas and san jose area. overall, the commute looks great, but west 237, a disabled vehicle reported in the middle of that highway, so that will be a problem coming off 880 there. reminder, u2 tonight. >> just in case you forgot. >> that's what's happening today
7:00 am
in the bay. we're back in half an hour with a live local news update. >> we'll also join you at 11:00. have a great one. good morning. obstruction of justice, a memo from james comey details president trump asking the then fbi director to drop the michael flynn investigation. telling him, quote, i hope you can let this go. top republican senator john mccain blasting the administration scandals, comparing them to the nixon white house. >> it's a watergate size and scale. >> other republicans demanding an investigation. democrats calling for impeachment. could this latest scandal be the most damaging yet? deadly and destructive, a tornado outbreak stretching from texas to wisconsin. at least two people killed, dozens more injured. this neighborhood in


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