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tv   Today  NBC  May 17, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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in the bay. we're back in half an hour with a live local news update. >> we'll also join you at 11:00. have a great one. good morning. obstruction of justice, a memo from james comey details president trump asking the then fbi director to drop the michael flynn investigation. telling him, quote, i hope you can let this go. top republican senator john mccain blasting the administration scandals, comparing them to the nixon white house. >> it's a watergate size and scale. >> other republicans demanding an investigation. democrats calling for impeachment. could this latest scandal be the most damaging yet? deadly and destructive, a tornado outbreak stretching from texas to wisconsin. at least two people killed, dozens more injured. this neighborhood in oklahoma looking like a war zone this
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morning. more violent storms on the way. stupid human tricks. >> guys, we've just made it to the top. this sin credible, to be honest. >> to teens climb to the top of the golden gate bridge and dangle off it by their fingertips. the shocking video part of a dangerous trend that could land two would be and foolish daredevils behind bars. and extra credit. high school students in the criminal technology class agree to be pepper sprayed by their teacher, quickly regretting it. >> oh, my god! >> the real life lessons that may have gotten a little too real. today, wednesday, may 17th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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good morning, everyone. i would have to have done pretty poolly on my last test to want that kind of extra credit. >> we all want an a, but i think that's pushing illustrate a little bit far. >> we're going to have more on that story coming up a little later, but we're going to go to washington for our top story. that bombshell memo by then fbi director james comey claiming president trump asked him to shut down an investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. >> a source telling nbc news this morning this is part of a paper trail that comey built to document what he believed was the white house's attempt to derail the fbi's investigation into trump campaign alleged ties to russia. >> that memo lead to go immediate action on capitol hill. the republican chairman of the house oversight committee is demanding the fbi turn over everything it has on communications between the president and mr. comey. of course, this isn't the only scandal facing the white house. we have complete coverage beginning with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, take it away. >> hey, matt and savannah.
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these days, the white house as you noted is lurching from one crisis to another. the latest word of this memo by james comey coming a week after the president fired and warned his former fbi director about tapes of their conversations. now as you noted, comey kept this paper trail of memos inside the fbi, documenting the president's stunning request a day after former national security adviser michael flynn was fired. >> mounting backlash this morning on capitol hill after the latest explosive allegation to hit the trump white house. >> the country is being tested in unprecedented ways. >> enough is enough. congress really needs to get to the bottom of this. >> democrats pouncing after it was learned ousted fbi director james comey detailed in a memo how the president asked him in february to back away from the fbi investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. multiple sources with firsthand
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knowledge of the memo confirming to nbc news, it said says president trump cold tommy, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. the "new york times" that broke the story reporting mr. trump praised flynn as a good guy, comments the president echoed in an interview with lester holt last week. >> this man has served for many years. he's a general. he's a -- in my opinion, a very good person. >> a u.s. official says the trump/comey conversation happened after a counter terrorism briefing inside the oval office. the times reporting the president asked comey to stay behind as the vice president attorney general and others left the room. late tuesday, the republican chairman of the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz demanding the fbi turn over all memos, notes, summaries and recordings by one week from today. >> but on the surface, that seems like an extraordinary use of influence to try to shut down
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an investigation being done by the fbi. >> the white house sfuting the account. in a statement, saying in part, the president has never asked mr. comey or anyone else to end any investigation. the white house also pointing out a comment by the acting fbi director at a senate hearing last week. asked whether comey's firing has impacted their work. >> the work of the men and women of the fbi continues despite any changes in circumstance, any decisions, so there has been no effort to impede our investigation to date. >> still several democrats are blast withing the president's reported comments as an obstruction of justice, even republican john mccain in an interview overnight with cbs saying the growing trump sag bat is bad for the country. >> i think we've seen this movie before. i think it's reaching a point where it's of watergate size and scale. >> while lindsay graham says he wants to hear from comey
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himself. >> if mr. comey alleging the president did something inappropriate, it's open invitation can tell us about it. i don't want to read a memo. i want to hear from him. >> this morning, white house aids are publicly questioning why, if it is true, comey didn't report this conversation immediately. a close friend of comey's tells nbc news that the former fbi director was disturbed by trump's suggestion about flynn, but didn't feel compelled to resign. instead, comey, according to the friend, thought he could manage the situation and continue to operate independently without notifying rank and file agents. matt and savannah. >> peter alexander at the white house on this. peter, thank you. >> we have a lot to unpack and let us start with nbc's justice correspondent pete williams. good morning to you. now we know members of congress want to see these memos. is it in their power to subpoena them? is it likely that that's what's going to happen here? >> it's certainly in their power to subpoena them. but as for whether it's
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obstruction, let's assume that the way mr. comey's memo describes is conversation is what actually happened. it sounds like what you would think is an attempt to impede an investigation. but the legal experts i've talked to disagree about whether it's obstruction. first, to prove obstruction requires proving the president knew he was doing something wrong. and it could be, framp, he didn't realize how inappropriate this was. second, apparently just two people in the room, so it's one man's word against the other. but an fbi director's notes would be credible. the fbi controls the custody of the memo. mr. comey may have a copy, as well. investigators in congress or justice may want to first get the comey memo. they want to see it for themselves and undoubtedly interview mr. comey himself and maybe even the president. but some legal experts say purely as a matter of law, even if the president did what the memo says, it might not be obstruction because, for example, all federal employees who work for him work for the president he can tell them what to do.
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ultimately, savannah, there is a political issue for congress. >> got it. pete, thank you. we are now joins by msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melbourne and chuck todd. there's a high hurdle to get over before you can start talking about obstruction of justice. however, if you combine the words the president used with director comey about i hope you can see clear to end this, you go two weeks earlier, i want your loyalty, which comey said, no, i'll give you my honesty. and then you go back to the fact that a day or two after that second meeting comey is fired, are you getting closer? >> you are getting a lot closer. this memo is by far the most legally convincing thing we have seen to hurt the trump administration since he became president. alone, it is probably not obstruction even though it looks bad. but taken together with the other pressure and the possibly reasons behind the firing which still needs probably a full investigation is the kind of thing that together could amount
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to obstruction. >> and a lot of people, from the white house, are saying wait a minute, if comey is sitting on this memo, if this happens way back in february, did he have an affirmative duty to disclose it right then and there to congress, to an inspector general, to somebody? why did he sit on it? interest probably not. indeed, the fbi's more responsible tack would be to say i'm memorializing this precisely for this reason, if more happens. the president certainly gets the benefit of the doubt in that time. he got it. adding to on other information now it is a memo on file that they can use. >> james comey is a cross the ts, dot the i's kind of guy. all you have to do is look at him. this is a guy that takes notes and keeps them. he's not a guy you look at in a real estate deal and overmaneuver him. >> when you have anger, both parties, you stand on a political ground in a different context. what james comey learned web probably learned from the bush
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administration. in his mind, he's always on the side of angels, he always takes notes. and to come out of a fight with the fbi or cia, with winning is near impossible for a president who has declared open war on the -- >> and you fire him and criticize him .now his friends are leaking this memo. >> and i think the way this went down, this goes back to being a bad winner, this goes back to being a bad firer. he fired him and then he taunted him. so at every turn, trump seems to tempt his own fate by picking fights with people he's either defeated or ousted. >> chuck, let's turn to you on the political track because this raises the specter over to you, congress. how serious are you about this? are they going to get their hands on that memo? are they going to let james comey testify? he says he will, but he wants it to be public. >> i think that, look, there are different barriers here that have to break in different ways.
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and i think one of the barriers has broken. you now have republicans this week talking about an independent commission or a special counsel. that was a conversation they did not want to have last week. democrats have moved the conversation to impeachment. republicans are saying we'll go to special counsel. the thing is, everything is shifting. the ground has completely shifted on capitol hill. so yes, you're going to have hearings. we know what the summer is going to be. it's going to be the summer of comey. after all this is going on at the end of the day, as pete pointed out earlier, this is a political decision for congress. and when republicans, when mitch mcconnell and paul ryan decide their majorities are at stake and the party could go down with trump, that's when they'll separate. i don't think they're there yet. i think that's what these hearings are about. >> nicole, let me end with you. we have to remember, we don't have a director of the fbi right now. we have an acting director. and the search is on to find a
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replacement. does donald trump have credibility right now to name a new director of the fbi? >> well, i wonder if he's going to take himself out of that process. john cornyn removed himself from that situation. i've talked to a couple of folks who have interviewed for that job. and other jobs at doj. and there's a lot of angst about heading down to main doj right now. >> can i ask one more question with of our lawyer here. i am a former criminal law professor quoted in the "new york times" saying the president is making what she called a beautiful case against himself and he needs a lawyer. do you agree he needs to have somebody who says to him, hey, the things you are saying have legal significance now and you need to watch out? >> yes, and at a minimum what we've seen in the sally yates issue and michael flynn is that the white house counsel is now involved in this, deeply. so he probably needs private counsel and he needs to understand that it would be best for him permanently as well as independent law enforcement to comment less about all of this.
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>> all right. chuck, nicole and ari, let's more to discuss. we'll have much more on all of this in our next half hour. the word on this came just after the white house was defending itself over claims the president revealed highly classified information to u.russian officials. andrea mitchell has that part of the story. good morning. >> andrea, good morning. right now, the white house is in turmoil, battling controversies on multiple fronts as the president is gearing up for his first overseas trip where he would hold meetings with nato allies and g7 leaders. he will also travel to israel, a key ally. and nbc news had has now learned the president did talk with prime minister netanyahu about all of this on tuesday. >> as donald trump prepares for his first visit to israel as president, three u.s. officials tell nbc news it was israel who provided sensitive intelligence
7:14 am
about isis. integs mr. trump shared with russia last week without israel's permission. he's saying they have full confidence in their intelligence sharing relationship with the united states. for his part, the president says he has no regrets. >> we had actually a great meeting with the foreign minister. but his team is struggling with another wound, sending h.r. mcmaster to try and stop the bleeding. >> that conversation was holy appropriate to the conversation. and i think holy appropriate with the expectations are of our intelligence partners. >> two intelligence sources tell the nbc thus they disagree and worry the president's conversation compromised a key source. and while what the president did is not illegal, some members of his own party are in disbelief. >> handling classified information is a critical thing. >> if it's accurate, it's very
7:15 am
concerning. >> and this latest information is putting foreign allies on edge. prime minister theresa may is deflecting. >> it's not up to me what president trump says to anybody that he's meeting and talking to. >> the germans are already unhappy about how mr. trump treated their leader angela merkel in march. now they are furious about him sharing secretes with russia. for years, intelligence sharing has been a powerful weapon in fighting terrorism. the fear now, allies will not want to share intelligence because they do not trust the president of the united states to keep secrets. and at the end of the week when the president embarked on that wide ranging overseas trip, starting with an arab summit in saudi arabia, he then goes to israel and rome. according to a new report in foreign policy magazine, neighbors are scrambling the tailor the meeting so it is more engaging for the president due to what they see as his short attention span. >> andrea mitchell, thank you
7:16 am
very much. >> now to the outbreak of deadly and devastating tornados, from texas up to wisconsin, entire neighborhoods wiped out. jake okay is checking out the damage in elk city, oklahoma. >> nine tornado necessary oklahoma alone. the most destrictive here in elk city where every street in this neighborhood looks something like this. it was all part of a severe weather system that brought big problems from texas all the way up through wisconsin. >> the debris scattered for miles in elk city, oklahoma, after take a direct hit from a tornado. >> we were in the cellar and we kept hearing the rain and the hail and then our ears popped. and we thought that wasn't about. >> one person killed in more than two dozen injured here. from mobile homes to massive estates, some 100 homes damaged or demrolished.
7:17 am
one woman had to rerescued from collapse. >> i am live at my house. this is nothing left. >> before the storm, that was a really positive thing. it gave people an opportunity to take shelter. >> driving conditions treacherous, motorists dodging golf ball sized hail. this pickup truck losing control, hard to see in real speed, but shocking in slow motion. in wisconsin, another neighborhood devastated by a twister, tearing apart a mobile home community and killing at least one person. winds up to 80 miles per hour tossing this tractor-trailer. >> it looks like it's moving east-northeast towards mcclain, texas. it's a pretty significant tornado right now. >> the storm system that started in the texas plains produced as many as 27 tornados that also tore through parts of oklahoma. kansas, nebraska and wisconsin.
7:18 am
a deadly and devastating reminder of mother nature's furry in the heart of tornado alley. many of the streets here are still impassable. a lot of the residents say they were only able to survive the storm, they say, because they were riding it out in their storm shelters, as you mietd imagine. the cleanup is only just beginning. matt, savannah, al. >> jacob in elk city, oklahoma, thank you very much. >> that sets things up nicely for you, al. what do we expect today? >> we have the next 48 hours where we have severe weather. tomorrow, even more severe weather than what we're expecting today. you can see storms firing up from the u.p. of michigan down to dallas, as well. right now, the bull's eye today, much of iowa. we with look for this scattered activity to make its way through the midwest this afternoon into this evening and this, the greatest risk will be tonight in the upper midwest and tomorrow take a look at this. we've actually got a moderate
7:19 am
risk. this is a very strong risk of storms. 26 million people at risk. tornados possible and as the afternoon moves on tomorrow into friday, you'll see those storms from omaha all the way down to dallas and heavy rain anywhere from 3 to 5 inches stretching from great falls, minneapolis, all the way down into wichita and oklahoma city. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. we have clouds from a leftover system moving out of the bay area. and now it's partly cloudy with temperatures as you get ready to head out the door in the low 50s and 55 degrees now in the east bay. you see the clearing in san francisco. it's 50 there with highs this afternoon reaching into the low 70s. a lot of sunshine, up to 73 in the peninsula. and the tri-valley, 74 degrees. east bay will also be in the upper 60s to low 70s. and 76 today in the north bay. >> and that's your >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much. still ahead, do all laptops need to be banned from the cabin on certain flights? the critical debate and what it could mean for you during this busy travel season. and some startling video. two teens dangling from the top of the golden gate bridge and the hot water they could be in this morning. but first, this is "today" on nbc. quin was crazy about curls.
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coming up, coming up, high school
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to help end child poverty. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. ==topvo== tr a very good wednesday morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. controversy at palo alto high school where parents are wondering why they were not told aubt student convicted of sexual assault. those parents packed a school board meeting last night demanding answers. the student was convicted in 2015 when he was 15 years old. he was later accused of assaulting another student. district officials said they couldn't release any more information about the case because the student is a minor. the student in question has now decided to leave the school. let's switch gears. talk about the weather. checking in with kari right now. >> it looks very nice. we see this clear sunrise looking live outside from berkeley and the temperature is at 55 degrees as you get ready to head out the door. later today, highs reaching into
7:27 am
the low 70s inland, even upper 70s for concord. oakland will be up to 69 degrees and 63 degrees in san francisco. north bay up to 77 in napa, and for san jose, expect a high of 73 degrees. our temperatures will warm up the next several days so we are going to enjoy this nice and comfortable weather while it lasts because we're looking at highs in the 90s by saturday. let's head to mike for an update on the road. >> pretty pleasant drive right here, but i'm going to zoom in to the south bay where the north and westbound commutes are your direction following the build, but i want to show you the camera that normally is trained on downtown san jose. we move it off 280, and near mclaughlin, we saw a large plume of smoke, but that just died down in the last three minutes. the traffic was slowing a bit past the scene. we no longer have a problem. do see flashing lights, but that's not affecting the freeway
7:28 am
anymore. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with another local news update in a half hour. see you then.
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♪ 7:30 wednesday morning. the 17th of may. out on the plaza, we have beautiful weather. enjoying what i like to call, the six days of spring we get here. we go straight to summer. >> wait a second. are we whining now? >> yes. >> you whined when it's too cold. and you're whining when it's about to get warm? >> you're right there with me. summer's over. >> some people on the plaza brought you cookies. isn't that sweet? i went out this morning. >> that is so nice. >> and one for al, too. yours is in here, too. they come bearing gifts sometimes. >> very talented. >> plaza cookies. perfect. let's look at the headlines this morning. cleanup under way from
7:31 am
destructive tornadoes, stretching from the texas plains all the way up to wisconsin. at least one person was killed east of minneapolis, where a mobile home park was leveled. another destroyed a subdivision, in elk city, oklahoma. fighting protesters outside of the turkish ambassador's residence in washington, d.c. the protests came on the same day that turkey's president erdogan met with the president at the white house. and the republican chairman of the house oversight committee is demanding the fbi turn over all documents about communications between president donald trump and former fbi director james comey. this, after a memo written by comey was leaked, claiming the president asked him to shut down an investigation with the former national security adviser michael flynn. the white house pushing back saying that was not a truthful
7:32 am
or accurate portrayal of the information. peter ahex derr joins us again. fill us in. >> reporter: let's reset things right now. the white house, again on this day, trying to fend off a series of crises this morning. the latest word, we've been talking about, word of this memo, by uousted fbi director, james comey. sources with firsthand knowledge of the memo, notes that comey wrote in february, that trump asked him to back off any investigation of michael flynn. the memo read in part, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. it was written after a private conversation between the two men in the oval office, the day after mr. trump fired mr. flynn. we're told in that oval office, mike pence, reince prebus before he asked to talk to comey one-on-one. the white house is insisting that president trump has never
7:33 am
asked comey or anyone to ask any investigation. republicans, as we've discussed, dismayed by the reports, as well. this is not the end of this. this morning, nbc news has learned that comey didn't just keep one memo, but many memos. in fact, keeping a memo after nearly every phone call and in-person conversation he had with trump, since the president took office. back to you. >> they're calling it a paper trail. peter, thank you very much. now, what could be the biggest change to the way we fly in a decade. officials are meeting in belgium to discuss banning laptops and other electronics on certain flights. this after intelligence has revealed a potential isis plot to smuggle explosives on to commercial planes with laptops. tom costello has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. homeland security secretary
7:34 am
kelly briefed last week. they wanted in-person briefing. that's why there's this meeting in rubrussels. yu need to be prepared to check any personal electronics larger than a cell phone. just weeks before the summer travel season kicks off, a major security upgrade could be coming soon. homeland security is set to prohibit passengers from carrying any electronic device charger than a cell phone, onboard flights leaving for the u.s. they would have to be checked with luggage, which undergoes th thorough explosive screenings. >> we're aware that bombmakers have developed techniques over the years. >> reporter: terrorists have used explosives to blow a hole in a plane over somalia. the new electronics ban would
7:35 am
expand a similar rule for flights coming from ten airports in the middle east and north africa. 50 flights a day. passengers required to check their laptops with their luggage. but expanding the order to european airports would affect 429 flights and 105,000 passengers each day. adults and kids relying on the plane's in-flight entertainment systems during 7-hour to 12-hour flights. no using laptops to work or surf the web during flight. >> my laptop would affect me. >> the seats are small. you're compacts. you already have all that discomfort. and having your electronics with you helps you just, you know, ease off the pain of a flight. >> reporter: in a statement, the u.s. travel association says, if there is a legitimate terror threat, the flying public needs to take it seriously and adjust to the new protocols as best they can.
7:36 am
but an expanded order would mean all the lithium-ion batteries could end up in the luggage hull, a fire risk. >> an extended ban is a huge impact, one that tsa takes seriously. that illustrates how serious this threat is. >> reporter: still to be worked out exactly how to handle the laptops that people forget to put in their luggage. they show up at the gate or the counter. the airlines may have to consider putting them into a special container and putting that container in the cargo hold. a lot of details still to be worked out. back to you. >> complicated and a hot issue right now. tom, thank you. let's get another check of the weather from mr. roker. >> speaking of hot, we are talking about some hot temperatures. for example, first 90-degree reads of the year. summer-like highs. average and the first 90-degree reads. june 22nd. raleigh, may 10th.
7:37 am
we may see those 90 degrees told. portland, you're going to be cool. new york city, baltimore, raleigh, cleveland and louisville, tomorrow hotter. portland, 89 degrees. louisville, 86. cleveland, 85. it will be toasty over the next couple days. the eastern-third of the country, severe storms in the northern mississippi river valley, all the way down to texas. and it's not quite spring yet in the rockies and part of the cascades and the bitterroot. we're talking snow. and some of it could be 6 to 12 inches in the mountains up there. that's wha good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine, some comfortable weather. it's 63 degrees. that will be the high today in san francisco and 66 degrees tomorrow. then we'll see some low 70s in time for the weekend as that dry weather continues. and it will still be nice along the coast, but the inland areas and the valleys are going to get very hot.
7:38 am
up to 92 degrees on saturday. 94 on sunday. that's after a start for today up to 75 degrees. and it does stay hout through the middle of next week. >> don't forget, check that weather anytime you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. coming up, the desperate search for four americans after their plane disappears over the bermuda triangle. first, dangerous selfies. the trend that has people going the trend that has people going to extremes and breaking laws ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] it's 7:42. we're back with a warning on a dangerous trend that in some cases has turned deadly. >> we're talking about people going to extremes to capture daring videos and sharing them online. the latest case, happening on top of one of the world's most famous landmarks. here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the breathtaking stunt. >> we just made it to the top. >> reporter: as dangerous as it was stupid. two climbers said to be teenagers, trespassing and scaling the golden gate bridge. dangling from the structure, with no safety equipment or regard for the lives of commuters below. >> we're just two kids. we just had a little fun. >> reporter: nbc news is not
7:44 am
identifying the trespassers. the california highway patrol calls the duo, who perform somersaults and never grip the cages, another example of social media risk takers going over the edge. the internet is plastered with senseless selfies, pictures meant to make a moment last, nearly becoming a last moment. in april, a sacramento woman taking a selfie from this dangerous, off-limits catwalk on california's tallest bridge, lost her footing. plunging 60 feet to the trail below. lucky the spill didn't land her in the ravine, much further down. >> you can stand right here and make a beautiful picture. you tonigdon't need to stand on catwa catwalk. >> reporter: in some cases, high-risk is taken to new heights. according to one study, 127-selfie-related deaths are reported worldwide. >> look out. >> from these teens in new york
7:45 am
central park, falling through thin ice, gathering for a selfie. to these daredevils in california, risks more than their own lives. >> if they slipped and fall, they would land on someone below them. >> reporter: worried that many of a scene like this, police are urging restraint, for those who risk their lives for a killer view. for "today", miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> where do you start with something like that? >> take it home to my kids. and another thing we're talking about this weekend. >> the tapes on the weekend. >> very busy these days. sx >> exactly. why a group of volunteers agree to be out of that plane? am i -- dead? you are alive because of what you brought on that plane. but what you have released...
7:46 am
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7:51 am
teens in the face with pepper spray, as a police officer stands by. the exercise, part of a criminal science technology class. the students, signed up willingness, getting extra credit for being sprayed. [ screaming ] >> reporter: as for their parents, they signed a waiver, sent by the chief of police that reads in part, each student will have the option to be swabbed or receive a quick burst to the facial area with this chemical agent. it will cause irritation and a burning sensation to the eyes and the nasal area for 30 minutes to one hour. this is a controlled and safe experience for the students and is completely voluntary. [ screaming ] >> reporter: that question of safety, now front and center, as the video of an experiment gone wrong goes viral. the video has been viewed thousands of times, sparking mixed reaction online. one post reads, no one should go through this. while another writes, i support
7:52 am
this method of teaching. it is very important to understand what you're doing to others, how long it takes the spray to set in, what they're behavior will be like. it's fair to say, we reached out to the school superintendent and the police department for comment and have not heard back. guys? >> hmm. >> remember for extra credit you got star bursts from the teacher? >> maybe clean the black board or something? i know. >> sheinelle, thanks. just ahead, is apple getting into the pizza business? the story behind the tech giant's surprising new ahh, sir?
7:53 am
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it's 7:56 on this wednesday morning, with some sunshine right now, taking a live look out there at the golden gate bridge. this is what we'll see all day long and temperatures warming up too. we're heading to the low 60s there and 69 degrees in oakland. palo alto and san jose up to 73 degrees. a very comfortable day with some light winds. and we will keep the sunshine over the next several days and some warming temperatures into the low 70s for san francisco on saturday and 72 degrees on sunday. early next week, it starts to cool down, but it will still be very hot for the inland areas. our temperatures warming up by about 20 degrees between today and sunday, up to 94 degrees. then still in the low 90s to start out next week. postally sunny skies and 86 degrees next tuesday. let's head to mike to see what's happening on the roads. >> well, we do have your standard build really kicking in for the south bay and also the
7:57 am
east bay. i start in san francisco, southbound 280 at monterey boulevard. the northbound commute was distracted for a few as this crash took place. looks like we have slowing developing south away from highway 101, and in the south bay, your northbound routes throughout the south bay itself really starting to kick in, north 280 at 17 and north 87 coming off 85, those are the slowest builds in the last half hour. back to you. >> thank you. south bay health experts trying to determine if a norovirus outbreak sickens hundreds of students at schools. a lot of children have come down with a stumming bug. what's being done to make sure the illnesses are contained. >> russia's president putin is now offering transcripts he says would clear up what president trump told russian leaders during last week's meeting in washington. on our home page, a closer look at whether the latest obstruction of justice accusations against the president are even provable. we'll have another local news update for you in half an hour. have a great morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. and coming up, white house under siege. both democrats and republicans now calling for an investigation into president trump and what he may have said to former fbi director james comey about the michael flynn investigation. >> enough is enough. congress really needs to get to the bottom of this. >> i think it's reaching the point where it's of watergate size and scale. >> as calls for comey to testify grow louder. >> i don't want to read a memo. i want to hear from him. >> we're live at the white house.te house. plus missing in the bermuda triangle. the desperate search for a mother, two children and pilot intensifies this morning after their plane vanishes into thin air as the coast guard and the
8:01 am
air force join in to help find that family. and a very miley morning. pop superstar miley cyrus stops by for an appearance youen won't forget. today, wednesday, may 17th, 2017. >> wake us up! >> good morning. >> you look good in the morning. we have cookies from new orleans, right? >> we have cookies for al and hailey. thanks,ly dis. >>. >> braellating my 50th on "today." >> happy birthday. >> what are you doing in new york city? >> we're on a road trip.
8:02 am
>> we're back at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 17th of may. it is a sensational day on the pla plaza. we just mentioned miley cyrus joining us. not performing today. something different. she will be back next friday. >> that's going to be big. >> we have so much to talk about in the music department. we are counting down to our next concert. new kids monday. zac brown on tuesday. friday, mary j. blige. takes our summer concert stage. >> what? >> and we have another big musical act. you know who is going to be here live on the plaza? rascal flats will be here. head to and get your passes. we have a bangup concert series this year, don't we? by the way, speaking of great music, i love your series,
8:03 am
"living legends" and you have a great one today. >> quincy jones. 27 grammys. had the number one hit in three-consecutive decades. he's amazing. >> all right. we'll have al's conversation with quincy coming up in a little while. let's look at the morning's top stories. busy news day. here's the news at 8:00. >> reporter: i'm kristen welker at the white house, where president trump is again under a cloud of controversy after a new explosive allegation. according to a memo written by former fbi director james comey, the president urged comey to drop the investigation into ousted national security adviser michael flynn. multiple sources with firsthand knowledge of that memo, confirmed to nbc news, that president trump told comey, quote, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. the memo documenting the conversation came a day after flynn was fired. the white house is disputing the account this morning, staying in a statement, the president has never asked mr. comey or anyone
8:04 am
else to end any investigation. still, appears backlash on capitol hill. jason chaffetz demanding that the white house turn over its notes. and john mccain making this stunning comment. >> i think we've seen this movie before. i think it's reaching the point where it's of watergate size and scale. >> reporter: republican lawmakers expressing concern over this week's other crisis. president trump revealing classified information to a russian foreign minister last week. the source of that information was israel. the associated press is saying that president putin is willing to hand over to congress records of trump's talks with the foreign minister. no reaction yet from the white house. matt? >> kristen, thank you very much. in other news, private chelsea manning was released from ft. leavenworth in kansas, after serving 7 of 35 years for her leaking classified materials to wikileaks.
8:05 am
president obama granted her clemency during his final days in office. blake mccoy is there. blake, good morning to you. >> reporter: manning released here in the dead of night, with no fanfare, according to a u.s. army official. serving just 7 years of a 35-year sentence. president obama, in one of his more controversial final acts commuted the reminder of manning's sentence. he believed that 35 years was disproportionate to what other leakers had received. and he felt that justice had been served. shortly after sentencing, manning came out as a transgender woman. had a tough time here in palestinian, attempting decide twice. her attorneys have been hush about her immediate plans. only saying she will continue to appeal her conviction. about $140,000 has been raised to help manning start a new life. and we're told why that appeal goes forward, manning will remain a member of the military, eligible for benefits but not pay. matt?
8:06 am
>> blake, thank you very much. now, to the desperate search for a private plane that vanished over the bermuda triangle. onboard, a mother, her two children and their friend, who was at the controls. possible debris has been spotted. but so far, no sign of survivors. nbc's kerry sanders is at the coast guard station in miami. hello, kerry. >> reporter: the challenge this morning is finding not only the survivors out there, but the coast guard has to find two survivors who are young, very young, just 3 and 4 years old. the coast guard cutter "webber" deployed from miami beach, as positioned off of the bahamas. coast guard search teams joined by the air force, with all eyes focused on an area 15 miles off of the island of eleuthera. that's where they spotted a debris field. >> there was components of an aircraft. >> reporter: overnight,
8:07 am
mechanics who previously worked on the missing plane confirmed the debris is a match. missing, 52-year-old nathan ulrich, who was piloting the plane. his friend, jennifer blumin and two small children, only 3 and 4 years old. blumin and her family, featured on "open house nyc" in 2015. the last time anyone saw them, all four had climbed into this private plane. >> mitsubishi 2-0, november. runway 3-6, maintain 2000. >> reporter: ulrich, a one-time member of the coast guard auxiliary, at the controls. their plane left at 11:08 monday. destination, titusville, florida. but 2:22 into the flight, at an altitude of 24,000 feet, the plane disappeared from radar. the search falls in the area of the bermuda triangle. made famous when five navy planes on a routine training
8:08 am
mission disappeared. it was long believed navigational instruments would not engage properly in the bermuda triangle, leading to crashes and sinkings. the search area is inside the bermuda triangle. is that an issue? >> the coast guard doesn't take folklore or myth into our search and rescue missions. we're focused at the mission at hand, doing everything we can to find or locate the four individuals. >> reporter: the coast guard says this morning this is still a search and rescue mission. there are some favorable conditions for surviving at sea. temperatures of the waters in the low 80s and the sea state is relatively calm. devastated family members, hoping against hope, there may be survivors clinging to a piece of debris or maybe washing up onshore of one of the bahamian island there's. back to you.islands there. back to you. >> thank you, kerry. just ahead, a radical new approach on the war on drugs.y. we'll take you to the nation's c safe sites, where addicts are allowed to get high.
8:09 am
roman farrow takes a look this morning. and on "trending," how apple might be about to change the way you eat pizza. first, these messages. and packa. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams. they're handing us more than mail. they're handing us their business. and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country we never forget... that your business is our business. the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ lergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ]
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8:13 am
helped the company patten the box. this is the traditional on the table. this is the new one. old. and new. the apple box has a design that elevates the pie so the moisture does not get trapped. and allows steam to escape through the top lid. "wired" give us a look at apple's headquarters yesterday. while there, they discovered the pizza patenten. >> can you fit these in a trash can? >> no, you cannot. >> i got a question. texting in a movie theater, okay or not okay? >> no. >> a man from texas is suing his date because she would not stop texting during "guardians of the galaxy." he's asking for $17.31. that's the cost of the movie ticket. 37-year-old brandon told his
8:14 am
local newspaper it was a first date from hell. he asked her to stop. she refused. he suggested she text outside. and she did but she never came back. the film's director, james gun, he chimed in on twitter. why stop at suing? she deserves jail time. oh, yes. >> is the movie bad? or was he a bad date? >> i think the movie's okay. you travel abroad, you tend to notice things about other countries, right? did you stop to think about what people from other countries think about the united states? what they might find unusual or strange? well, a recent reddit thread asked foreign visitors about that. here's what they thought was strange about the united states. number one, the giant portion sizes. yes. >> i'm sorry, i can't talk, i'm eating pizza. >> number two, the vast number of drive-throughs in this country. and apparently, a huge number of
8:15 am
squirrels in this country. as compared to other countries. >> really? >> that's what they noticed. and finally, i think we can identify with this one, the gap between toilet stall doors. european bathrooms feature a full door. it goes top-to-bottom. european travelers and other people did not get the big space at the bottom of the door. you know why it's there. >> for a wide stance. >> you can see if someone's in there. is that our live bathroom? >> it is. >> it's the lady's room. >> do i ask? that was empty. that was our "today" show bathroom. sheinelle, you have "pop start." >> are you finished? let's begin with michael jackson. the first trailer for the king of pop's bio pick was released. and it focuses on the final years of jackson's life. >> he didn't want to be the king of pop. he wants to be mike. normal american dad.
8:16 am
>> raising these kids alone is the hardest thing i've ever had to do. there are good people in the world. and there's bad people. i'll always protect you. >> michael jackson is played by his well-known impersonator navi. the trailer shows intense conversations between investigators and dr. conrad murray. "searching for neverland" premipr premieres may 29th. miley cyrus, jimmy fallon was in the middle of his monologue when miley dropped by. >> miley cyrus. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you, jimmy. i want to let you and the audience know that tomorrow, i'm going to be popping up on a bunch of different nbc shows here in new york, to promote my single "malibu." >> of course. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, what better place to talk about "malibu" than in new york city. >> in fact, miley will be appearing on several nbc shows throughout the day, as part of
8:17 am
an nbc takeover. wonder where she will pop up next. maybe we should ask the control room. any idea? >> that was a great segment on al. great job, everybody. you guys are looking great. matt, i saw you eating that pizza. you have to share some. >> i will bring you a slice down. you like pizza? >> come on. what am i? of course i do. >> can you tell people when you're going to be back here next week? >> i believe i will be here with my entire family and for the "today" concert series. and can we roll that clip? i got all of the control now. ♪ >> looks good, miley. >> thank you, guys. >> all right. pop up and get some pizza, miley. >> i'll see you. >> thanks for stopping by. >> once again, miley will be back for a live concert, one week from friday. check it out.
8:18 am
mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> other thing that foreigners notice about us, we walk when we eat pizza. we look at showers and thunderstorms. and some are going to fire up strongly. we're watching right now, a risk of strong storms and enhanced risk for much of iowa. that's going to happen later this afternoon, into this evening. tomorrow, we've gtot a moderate risk from central oklahoma into central kansas. 26 million people at risk for tornados. and some would be strong. and a widespread area of one to three inches of rain. although, we could see upwards of five inches in some spots. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are seeing some clouds acrosser parts of the tri valley peninsula and the south bay. the temperatures are nice and cool in the low 50s and it is breezy in san francisco. 54 in the north bay and a lot of
8:19 am
sunshine. the sunshine will stay with us as we go into the rest of the afternoon. it is going to be so comfortable reaching 73 in the south bay peninsula, and in san francisco, 63. in the east bay today expect a high of 69. weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. going to turn to our special ongoing series, we call "undercovered." we look at battling addiction. >> roman farrow is here. he's looking at stories tied to the war on drug. you don't see these in the headlines. >> reporter: good morning. we're at a turning point how america addresses drugs and addiction. a few days ago, attorney general jeff sessions ordered harsher sentences for drug offenders. but some states and cities are pushing back with approaches that emphasize treatment rather than criminalization. america's opioid epidemic is claiming more lives than ever. often in public places. >> people are in doorways shooting up, dying and dying in
8:20 am
alleys. >> reporter: john is the sheriff of seattle and surrounding king county, where someone dies from an opioid overdose every 36 hours. and officials are going to try a radical response. >> take it off of the streets and put it in a safe environment. >> reporter: he's talking about safe injection sites where addicts can inject in a safe situation. >> they can talk to people about what their treatment options are. >> reporter: seattle and king county are looking at the crisis and acting on the recommendation. to open the first two safe injection sites in the country. what was your reaction when you heard this being floated? >> my reaction was, this is a terrible idea. >> reporter: what changed your thinking? >> the war on drugs, the fact it didn't work. what are we going to do differently? >> reporter: the war on drugs, kicked off by president nixon in the 1970s, started a trend of tough laws that lock up drug offenders. more people are incarcerated for
8:21 am
drug crimes than for violent crimes, disproportionately minorities and poor people. but addiction rates have stayed constant. >> we're just starting to quit looking at drug abuse as a police problem and look at it as a health problem. >> reporter: county health officer dr. jeffrey duchin is part of the task force. some will hear about this idea and find it crazy. >> we're considering this a public health crisis. it makes sense from a public health and medical perspective. >> reporter: he says safe injunction sites have worked elsewhere. in the heart of vancouver's skid row, officials opened up a safe injection site. every day, 700 user come in, get clean needles, choose one of the stalls and shoot their drugs. more than 4,000 people have overdosed. not one has died. >> this is a before and after picture of me. this is when i was actively using drugs. and this is my now. >> reporter: guy says he came here thousands of times. and overdosed five. >> this is where i overdosed
8:22 am
here the i was on this floor right here. a nurse, through her interventi interventions, brought bemac me to life the and i received treatment options and changed my life. >> reporter: today, he is four years sober and happily married with kids and a job. >> compassion is one of the greatest gifts of the world. >> reporter: similar sites are operated across europe and australia. and some experts say they're working. dr. sarah wakeman wrote, the case for supervised injection facilities in "the new england journal of medicine." >> we have promising evidence from sites and other countries to show this is a piece of the broader strategy. >> reporter: many think this is aed bad idea. >> what happens, is you bring more addicts to your location. >> reporter: gretchen taylor is a member of the neighborhood safety alliance of seattle. for her, this is personal. >> i'm the parent of an adult ongoing heroin user. >> reporter: what do you say to parents who say, you know, i,
8:23 am
too, fear for my child and i think this might save them? >> i want that to be true. and the truth is, i don't believe that is true. >> reporter: a new bill introduced in the washington senate, seeks to ban the safe injection site. state senator mark me loggia is behind it. >> they've legalized heroin use. safe sites are a bad idea. >> reporter: with jeff sessions pushing a tough law enforcement approach on drugs, there's questions about how they will react. the controlled substances act is against places like this where you have people using drugs inside. can you be asking your officers to enforce illegal activity here? >> i'm not going to let our efforts be dictated by what the federal government may or may not do. >> reporter: our new attorney general is all about law enforcement approaches to drugs and less about public health approaches. >> that's probably true.
8:24 am
i think it's a huge mistake. is it going to work? i don't know. but it's better than doing nothing. we've done nothing but try to put people in jail, which doesn't work. >> reporter: the department of justice did not comment on this story. likely to be on the radar soon, though. there's safe injection sites being considered in san francisco, philadelphia, massachusetts, new york actually appropriated funds for one whether we should have one right here. >> this could get a debate really going. there's a lot of different sides to whether or not this is a good idea. >> it works for saving lives, which we were discussing. but the broader impact on the communities has yet to be decided. >> there's going to be people who can't get their head around the idea of trying to stop people by doing drugs by giving them a safe place to do drugs. >> we have an administration criminalizing a tougher approach. there's people that say you just mitigate the down side. >> what do we have tomorrow? >> that's right. we're have a controversial one. you may find it surprising.
8:25 am
rehabilitation centers that are using marijuana to get people off of heroin or harsher opiates. >> we have doozies this week. just ahead, we're going to check in with our puppy with a purpose. charlie will show off one of his newest skills. very cool. first, your local news and a check of your local forecast. i )m ...
8:26 am
==topvo== south bay health experts are looking into whether a good morning. this is snag the parents want to keep an eye on, the parents are looking at whether a norovirus outbreak is behind the sickening of hundreds of students in the south bay. u hundreds of kids are coming down with the illness. and a massive cleanup is under way. over 100 students were sickened at the has ycienda high school. we are told that the classes are still in session, but afternoon programs are still on hold. >> and wall street is reacting what is going on in washington, and this is sampling of one of the markets of the dow jones
8:27 am
industrial average is down 243 points at about 1.25% down. we will be watching this throughout the morning. in the meantime, mike, as always, watching the roads. what do you say, mike? >> well, the volume is up, but it is typical of this morning. 8:27, 8:27, and the bulk of the south commute is kicking in. a situation on the south peninsula, is a crash there as folks are coming u off of the dunbarton bridge and then on the other side of the bay, a crash cleared from north 880 and high street. back to you, mike. >> that is going to do it for us, and we will see you in 30. (man) hmm. what do you think?
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ it is 8:30 now. it is a wednesday morning, may 17th. another pretty day here in midtown manhattan. you know, the prompter said thursday. and i wanted it to be thursday. but it is really just wednesday. >> it is. coming up, this little guy right here, our puppy with a purpose, charlie, is going to show off some of his new skills. eventually, he is going to help one of our nation's wounded warriors. we're so proud of him. he's such a great dog. also, in a little bit, al roker is going to catch up with 27-time grammy winner quincy jones. and he will talk about his legendary career. >> love him. and stake french fries, what's not to love?
8:31 am
we're going to show you how to make this restaurant favorite right in your own kitchen. first, look who is on our plaza? the elegant, the fabulous, jane krakowski. >> what's in the bag? >> it's the first time i've seen hoda since the baby. you might want to open it on camera. >> on camera? >> on camera for my 30 rock fans. >> tell me about season three. >> season three of "kimmy schmidt" is coming out on friday. and there's one more. >> that is adorable. >> hold on. let's see. >> i knew i loved your daughter. >> she has very, very good taste. >> thank you, jane. how is it? how is kimmy schmidt doing this season? >> it's great. season three comes out on friday. you can binge everything or take
8:32 am
your time, in one day. and we're thrilled about it. it's a fun-filled madcap season where hilarity will ensue. >> cameos. amazing people. laura dern. that's it. jon hamm. and of course, our friend, ellie kemper and tyrus bur s burgess. you can tell that she's been on our show a lot because al roker walked up to her and said, the krakster. >> thank you, everybody. now, i'm going to sing a little song. ♪ america, it's the "today" show and we'll see you after a break ♪ >> yeah. >> jane's here all week.
8:33 am
try the veal. "unbreakable kimmy schmidt," streaming on netflix. now, let's get a check of the weather. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by walgreens. get your red nose today, only at walgreens to help end child poverty. >> by the way, the krakster will be back at 9:00. >> see you later. >> a song as you leave? ♪ i love you al roker yes, yes, yes i do ♪ >> oh, yeah. all right. let's -- >> the end of my career. bye, everybody. >> i'm proud to have been part of it. let's show you what we have. record highs the eastern third of the country. severe storms in the upper mississippi river valley all the way down to texas. look for snow in the pacific northwest, right along the coast is going to be nice. and for tomorrow, severe storms, make their way into western new york, western p.a. a big storm outbreak for the
8:34 am
central plains. snow continues as we make our way into the sawtooth, the bitterroot and the cascades. it is a all nice and clear and the cool temperatures, too, with 54 right now on the peninsula, and 53 in the triv valley and 52 in san francisco with that sunshine breezy wins,s and it is starting out cool, but it is going to warm up as we go into the next several days. the low 70s in time for the weekend. and the for the inland areas, it is going to start to trend hotter today reaching into the mid-80s tomorrow, and mid-90s in time for sunday. >> and don't forget to the weather any time you need it with our friends at the weather channel on cable. guys? >> thank you so much. these days, we're more tethered to our smartphones than ever before. in fact, a recent gallup poll showed 60% of americans checked
8:35 am
their work e-mail outside of working hours. i'm surprised that number is not bigger. >> but responding to work e-mail 24/7 is bad for business. making people more stressed, distracted and less productive. now, some companies are stepping in, forcing their employees to unplug. here's nbc's jo ling kent. >> reporter: more than ever, seems like we're tied to our tech. it's hard to put our smartphon s s down, our heads up and connect with the real world. >> i'm for sure on my phone a lot. it's how society has trained us to be now. >> reporter: the average american is spending 90%s a day on their mobile phone. 23 days a year surfing and texts. the average worker sends 122 e-mails daily. now, businesses and governments are stepping in to unplug for us. in january, the french government adopted a new law, that gives employees the right the disconnect from work e-mails. >> life isn't about work.
8:36 am
>> reporter: and some american companies are making unplugging almost mandatory. >> be a person. get some rest. don't work to live. live to work. >> reporter: marina heard about unplugging by reading an article on her phone. and shared it with her boss. >> i was missing out on the experience of rocking my sweet, sleepy 1-year-old. >> reporter: it prompted her company to start a one-month contest, with employees. monitoring themselves to stay off of smart devices after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and all weekend. to spend more time with family. the prize, a day off to unplug. >> the challenge has provided this structure to do a lot about the things that i think we all knew we needed to be doing. >> reporter: at a consulting firm in philadelphia, ditching work e-mail on nights and weekends is company policy. called z-mail. no sending e-mail between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the week or on saturdays and sundays. the policy is in its fourthier.
8:37 am
and the company's founder says it's a success. >> if something is urgent, call or text. >> reporter: why did you make this a human resources policy? stwl st >> we want our employees to live a healthy, well-rounded life. i believe that will build a successful company. >> reporter: how does it help the bottom line? >> it helps it. >> reporter: how much? >> long-term sustainability. >> 75% of health care costs in the states are stress-related and preventable. >> reporter: arianna huffington founded thrive global to help companies set digital boundaries. >> it's hard. >> but it's doable. don't try to do everything overnight. set small, achievable goals. >> reporter: employees say stepping off the hamster wheel of constant e-mail is life-changing. >> it gives you a sense of peace that permeates the rest of your life. >> reporter: americans turning
8:38 am
in the phone for some real-life facetime. for "today," jo ling kent, nbc news, philadelphia. >> sign me up. >> i'm getting better. >> really? >> a little better at disconnecting. it's hard but i am. >> from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. >> yeah. >> you mind your happy place. >> if i'm snoring, i'm not texts. up next, al's eye-opening conversation with an icon in the music industry. quincy jones. they talk about everything from working with michael jackson to the motto he now lives by. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
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8:40 am
♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. ♪ we're back, 8:40, with "today living legends." and al spent time with a real legend, quincy jones. >> my gosh. you talk about music history. if you've rocked out to a song on the radio in the last 70 years, as i have, chances are pretty good that composer quincy
8:41 am
jones has something to do with that song? the story to the song is all in his home. here's the grammys. you talked about a gold collection. that's pretty good. >> i feel like i'm just getting started. >> reporter: you're just getting started? >> oh, yeah, man. i really do. >> reporter: 84-year-old quincy jones has had his fingerprints on seven decades of song. garnering him 79 grammy nominations and 27 wins. >> music is a freaky little thing. it's the same 12 notes is all we've had for 710 years. ♪ the first time i saw you >> reporter: the music legend collaborating with artists from aretha franklin, stevie wonder, ray charles, and michael jackson. tell me about "thriller." did you know when you're listening to this stuff, how good it is? >> you have to.
8:42 am
you don't go accidentally in someo something like that. went through 800 sole judngs to. >> reporter: 800 songs? "thriller" was the most successful album of all-time. putting jones on a short list of producers to have winning records in three-con sengtive decades. >> a great song can make the worst singer in the world a star. a bad song can't be saved by the three greatest singers in the world. i learned that 50 years ago. ♪ we are the world >> reporter: action and jones would also imagine the chart-topping single "we are the world." what was that like, having all that talent in that room at one time? >> could be a nightmare. we had an amazingly diverse group of people. when they saw each other, i didn't have to say leave your egos at the door.
8:43 am
they got it. >> reporter: a huge event in your life. '74, two brain aneurysms. >> i thought i was going to die. the good news, is you lived through this one. the bad news is, you got another one. we have to go back in two months. oh, my god. >> reporter: how did that change your life? >> oh, man. it made you realize, how to appreciate life. >> reporter: is that your motto? >> motto is, empty the cup every time, and it comes back twice as full. >> reporter: like "the color purple." here's a movie, not only did you co-produce, but you wrote the score for. >> everybody saying, who the devil does he think he is? going after a $5.5 million director, steven speeg berg to direct the movie. he did it for $84,000. we were like brothers, man. >> reporter: after the aneurysm, you gave up the trumpet. you became the first american
8:44 am
male to be a record executive. what's your advice to young folks coming up in this business? >> work. >> reporter: work? >> the dictionary is the only place you find success before work. and that's alphabetical. >> reporter: as you've gotten old, how have your priorities changed? >> every decade is a different heem bei human being. in the '20s, you think everybody knows everything. and in the '30s, you have a chance to make a lot of mistakes. >> reporter: are you still learning in your 80s? >> absolutely. every day, man. >> good words of wisdom there. >> i'm telling you. >> go back to that video of "we are the world." that could have been an ego nightmare. and everybody said, it was his personality that kept that moving in the right direction. >> only man who could have gotten all those people in one room and kept them in check. it's incredible. >> he hasn't slowed down.
8:45 am
has opened up a jazz club in dubai. all about paying it forward, nurturing artists for his thri l philanthrop philanthropic foundation. >> the house was nice, too? >> just a little bit. >> we all ask. what was it like? >> unbelievable. we have chef michael white here. he's going to share his secrets for the ultimate steak and potatoes dish, something w call e
8:46 am
8:47 am
all right. it is chef's choice on "today's food" where some of our favorite chefs cook up their favorite dishes. michael white is sharing a great recipe for his delicious stake frites. good morning. >> nice to be here. >> let's talk about ingredients. >> not complicated. doing grilled steaks today. a few sauces. we have a red wine sauce.
8:48 am
we have thyme, mushrooms, bay leaves. >> you're using boneless steaks? >> they happen to be prime. but any kind of steaks. choice would be the better one. we're going to season and we're going to grill. we're grilling on a pan here in the house. make sure to have the fan on. with the warmer weather coming up, we're cooking outside. we're going to mark those, three to five minutes on each side. and allow them to rest. >> people may have noticed on the ingredient panel, you have cut up tenderloin also. >> that's going to help develop the base sauce we have cooking right here. we have the trim from some top round, or scraps from the beef. we're going to take and turn that down. we're going to have a little garlic and shallots. we have a little oil, the scraps. we're going to go in with some shallots. this is a flavor enhancer. >> are you making a stock here?
8:49 am
you need liquid? >> we are making a stock. we're going to cook this about four to five hours. very, very slowly. we're going to deglaze. and we're making the base or the foundation. >> you go to the supermarket. there's a section when they have stock. and that's right on the shelves there. could you do that if you didn't have the time? >> what's going to happen, is a little of that stock is okay. but if you buy reduced veal stock, it gives viscosity to the sauce. that's what we're left with right here. you can see how rich this is. it's cooking, reduced down. what you're left with, is this sauce right here. >> did you get a shot of that? we have our tasting table downstairs. we have pizza this morning and now, steak frites. >> you have the sauce with the fat floating in it. >> we bring this back to
8:50 am
temperature. >> you put the peppercorns in there? >> the peppercorns are already inside. we're going to go over here. we're going the make the foundation for bernaise. >> it's a warm mayonnaise. this is wone of the children of hollandai hollandaise. we're going to bring this down, boiling, reduce it. we have a little vinegar when e this comes down. drizzle in here. we're passing it and left with what we have right here. >> explain me -- why do you put it in another bowl with ice cubes in it? >> we want to chill it here. we want to apply it to a traditional hollandaise sauce, which is egg yolk and melted builter. it sounds complicated. but it isn't. stand back. i almost shocked myself.
8:51 am
all joking aside. we have this running. >> seriously, i will stand back. >> i will start going. we have clarified butter, all right? this is a faster way of doing it. the traditional way would be a trouble-boiler, water. if you have the temperature of the butter, in the recipe on you reduce it down and you can emulsify without having a double-boiler. >> you have meherbs here. >> we're going to finish with thyme, parsley, ander t er thta. >> i don't want to put them on a spot downstairs. guys, do you like the poirve or the beanaise.
8:52 am
but frites are great. it's not good for the waistline, either. >> going to the restaurant is not good for the waistline because everything is great. it's fantastic. michael, thank you very much. >> awesome. >> guys, nice job. well done, you handled your roles very well. >> thank you. >> all these recipes are on again. they sound complicated. it works well if you follow along. this is "today" on nbc. [ whistles ] internet speeds 20x faster. at&t fiber sounds amazing. wait a sec, i'm not done yet. less than 12% of at&t homes actually qualify.
8:53 am
huh... hold on. everyone else gets our other, slower internet speeds. but no one reads this stuff anyway. except for the old guy with the binoculars. huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes.
8:54 am
we're back. right where we need to be, back at 8:54 with "today puppy." our music superstar, in the house. >> of course. i heard there was a puppy here. if there's a puppy here, i'm here. >> that's charlie. he's working with us and working with america vet dogs and olivia, his puppy razoiseraiser. >> service dogs can help in a variety of ways. and sometimes a combination of ways. charlie could be a service dog that helps with hearing dog tasks, as well. we introduced him to a mechanics, of alerting to a sound, getting his handler's attention. and taking the person to the sound. it's useful with a phone. but it could be life-saving with a smoke alarm or things of that
8:55 am
nature. >> i'm going to make the phone call and see how this goes. all right? i'm calling someone's phone that is over in the studio. >> carkar charlie's phone. >> it says charlie. >> you have to give me his numb number. we'll text. >> see if we're getting it here. it says calling mobile. >> our wireless isn't the greatest in here. >> is the ringer on? >> it's still calling mobile. >> it's going to work. >> come on. >> moving around. >> can you hear me now? he here we go. >> we can talk about what it looks like. >> if i stand over there and go bring, bring. >> christine, is your ringer on? >> this is awesome. >> check the phone. >> we need you back in the control room. >> it's on silent. >> oh. >> okay. >> i have a missed call from matt lauer. let's try it again. >> do you? >> now, it's going to work.
8:56 am
[ phone ringing ] >> oh. >> where is it, buddy? where is it? that's it. good boy. >> oh, my god. >> oh. hello, did you see that? >> thank you. >> good boy. that was worth the wait. >> it was. >> i )m ... ==topvo== south bay health experts are looking into whether a good wednesday morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. health experts are trying to figure out if it is a a norovirus outbreak that is sickening hundreds of students. schools are reporting children coming down with a stomach illness. there is a major cleanup and sterilization going on. and more than 100 students were
8:57 am
sicken sickened at a la hacienda magnate school. classes rat the time being are in session, but many of the afternoon programs are on hold. no exact word on the cause of the outbreak. and right now we have a reporter there to speak to the school officials and the principal, and we will have that on our noon newscast. and on our home page, new details about the killer of anthony gor see ya torres, and an item that the jail guards recently discovered that raises questions about his demeanor. >> and on video two thrill seekers are doing wild stunts on the golden gate bridge and questions off how they got up there, and as a result, the authorities are investigating. that is goer to do it for us until our noon news.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
>> since we learned that maya is america's top monster. >> my father wants to keep this off of the books. jake's there to make sure it stays that way. >> i'm not even here. i'm in boca playi inin ining pe with my parents. >> my mother made it crystal clear how she feels about me. we're just steppingstones on her way to a paycheck. >> all right.
9:02 am
and you directed it? >> i directed. we have a two-hour finale. i did the second hour. the fainale of the finalfinale. lots of crazy stuff happen. >> as if crazy things aren't happened already. and you're going to top >> really? >> on scandal. >> on scandal. yeah. talk about art imitating life. so, they've announced that the scandal will be ending after next season. >> right. >> how does that feel? >> say it ain't so. >> we're all bittersweet about it. shonda said this would never be one of the shows that runs eight, ten years. she wants to go out strong. so, she last week, called us all up and said, we need to talk. she said, we're going to wrap after next year. >> i don't know how i feel. i know it's not all about me. >> it's all about you.
9:03 am
>> the people at home -- >> you are -- >> i can speak for all of the gladiators. a couple things. first of all, we talk about the ending. i don't know if olivia should end up with fitz. >> what? >> it has to be -- >> you got me on this show. >> she thinks you should end up with her. >> okay. >> i am olivia. but i'm so torn on how she -- she says she knows how it's going to end, right? >> shonda sauys that. >> you're going to be together or you're not. do you want to end up with olivia? >> i see things from fitz's point of view. i think they're ultimately meant to be together. i have friends out there who agree with me. >> i think so. but i feel like that would be too -- >> let's say next season happens. and the show gets even bigger. would they come back to shonda and say, you know, i know you wanted to end it now. >> i bet they would.
9:04 am
>> i think shonda would agree to that, i don't know. out of my wheel house. >> whennin something is working how do you walk away from it? >> and kudos to kerry washington, who tweeted me after we did our bit. we'll remind people about the bit. here it is. >> come back to me. forgive me. i love you. >> please, please stop. you're getting my hopes up. just stop. >> i can't stop. i won't. olivia. >> i'm not a toy you can play with when you're bored or lonely. i'm not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. i'm not a fantasy. if you want me, earn me. until then, we are done. >> ooh. snap. >> oh, yeah. >> you look good. >> in my head, did that happen? that happened. >> what did kerry tweet you? >> she tweeted, this is
9:05 am
fantastic. well done, sheinelle jones. the guy you're acting with, could have been better. but you're amazing. >> i think you should come on the show and do a scene with me, kerry. okay? let's bring this up. >> challenge. i like that. >> i can outfitz fitz, okay? i can spitz with fitz. come on. >> there you go. >> kudos to the whole cast. you guys have changed the game. i can't think of any way to say it. the character as olivia pope. there's so many that wanted to be olivia pope. people wanted to dress like olivia pope. and you, too. embody, you're the president. wherever you go -- >> not really, sheinelle. >> you're president fitz. >> that makes our producer, gavin, your secret service. we're in big trouble. >> can we to some secrets from the set? that might be fun. >> we have to. it's a little game. one of gavin's games he likes to do. we want you to spill secrets from the set. jerry will bring our popcorn box
9:06 am
full of questions. >> are you prepared? >> i'm ready. i don't promise anything. here we go. this says, have you used your presidential privilege in real life? >> you honestly think i would reveal that? that would make me look so bad. but the answer is yes. okay? >> what did you do? >> i'm not going to tell you that. >> i have a family, al. next one is, you voiced disney's "tarzan." if the opportunity to do the loin cloth, would you take it? >> the what? >> the loin cloth. >> i was happy it was an animated tarzan. his level of fitness, is something i wouldn't touch. are we keeping going here? >> oh, yeah. >> this is like eating popcorn. >> without the calories. >> what's the one thing you've already stolen or will steal from the oval office of the "scandal" set. >> i haven't stolen anything
9:07 am
yet. >> what would you like to take? >> i've been thinking about this. this sounds really dumb. there's a battleship on my desk, on the resolute desk. it would be hard to steal. a big battleship. that would be cool. >> you should take the whole desk. >> the whole desk? >> they wouldn't notice the battleship is missing. >> i would do that. maybe i can get them to give it to me. >> it is a replica, right? >> no. is it a replica. >> he doesn't need it all the time. we work out the schedule. >> i'm talking about the design. the set design. >> it is the real thing. >> that version is so much better. >> i give up. one more? >> a few more in here. >> you know what i meant. >> okay. when was the last time you watched "ghost," and did you cry? >> that's a good question. i watched it -- i don't know how
9:08 am
many years ago. about six or seven years ago. my youngest child, tess, younger daughter had never sat through the whole movie. i've seen some of it. no, you're going to watch this. it's really good. we sat down and watched it and i did cry, yes. it's a good movie. >> it is. >> it holds up. >> you watched together? >> and more importantly, she did. >> nice. that was a great "secrets of the set." >> i hope you get your battleship. >> i hope secret service doesn't come after you for the real resolute desk. so, jerry seinfeld. we love jerry seinfeld, okay with jokes. since you have a finale coming up in a year, he likes jokes about how the seinfeld finale left a little to be desired. he asked about julia louis-dreyfus poking fun at the finale. if it's a good joke, i'm into
9:09 am
it. >> look at that. all these years later, seinfeld being asked about the finale. you have one next year. do you feel pressure about that? >> i don't. luckily, it's not on me. i think there is pressure. the way i feel about it personally, there's some shows nail it on the finale. other ones take a lot of heat. you look at the entirety of the show. there was criticism of "the sopranos" finale. and "the sopranos" one of the greatest pieces of work on television. i try not to put too much weight on that. >> do you leave it with a question? with "sopranos", i wasn't sure. it went black. will it be vague? like fitz/olivia, we tonight know. >> maybe, that's a question boff my pay grade. >> shonda, give us a call. coming up, and the oscar
9:10 am
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with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. and we're back with more of "today's take." with guest host tony goldwin. >> we were surrounding him. >> swarming him. >> i've backed away. >> i gave away nothing. >> he's good. like a vault. we didn't have to wait long to find out who is next year's oscars host. it was announced, jimmy kimmel will be returning to the stage. of course, i thought he did a great job last year. >> i did, too. >> he got overshadowed by best picture announcement controversy. >> just a little. >> i think everybody thinks this is a good idea. >> it was the right balance. the right balance of being funny. he dig on people but it wasn't mean. >> he has an edge of irony. and yet, he's not mean. so, that's -- when it gets too
9:14 am
mean, all of a sudden, everyone is superuncomfortable. >> not funny. when it's too soft, it's boring. >> like a little edgy. >> we like it. we have spoken. >> so, do you go to starbucks and preorder? do you use the mobile app? >> i just heard about that. i will be, now. >> i have seen it. i didn't know people used it. >> if you're in line at starbucks, somebody walts up and gets their coffee, they mobile ordered ahead. and starbucks are expecting to reach $38 billion by 2020. >> i believe it. my thing is, when you get in line, you're ready for your latte with soy, don't you have to wait even longer? >> doesn't it make lines shorter? or the people in line have to wait because so many people are ordering? >> like tsa pre. everybody is on tsa pre. does it slow things um? >> i would have it no other way.
9:15 am
tsa pre, has made it so much better. with starbucks, you know what you're going to have. sometimes when i go into a restaurant, i don't want to predecide. i want to go, what do i feel like? >> and if you change your mind. >> that's key. there's people who are nostalgic, thinking that starbucks do it, restaurants will do that. are we losing the old time thing when you look at a menu and say, what do i want? those days will be done. >> when you get behind that person who is like -- >> exactly. >> move it along. i don't know what they have already. >> except for the unicorn frappuccino. >> did you try that? >> i never tried it. >> colors that don't exist in nature. and it tasted very odd. >> it was a hit for some. >> that's why you have a menu.
9:16 am
some like it, cosome don't. how about the weather? >> we're worried about severe weather, later today on into tomorrow. an outbreak of tornadoes yesterday. and today, we're looking at more of the same. looking at strong storms, especially in iowa today. that's the best shot at tornadoes. tomorrow, we have a moderate risk of severe weather, stretching from central oklahoma into central kansas. 26 million people at risk. could be seeing more strong tornados. damaging hail and wind, and stretching from the dakotas to texas, and as far east as the u.p. of michigan, three to five inches of rain. that's what's going on good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. starting to feel a little bit milder outside. our temperature still in the 50s. looking at the south bay it's partly cloudy and 59 degrees and 56 degrees in the tri-valley. we see all the clear skies in san francisco and the north bay
9:17 am
and temperatures now into the mid to upper 50s, heading up to 63 degrees today. 66 degrees tomorrow and our temperatures continue to warm for the weekend. low 70s for the coast. inland areas will get very hot, up to 94 degrees on sunday. your latest weather. coming up in next, the countdown to memorial day is on. our shape-up con tetestants wil find out if they lost weight this week. and joy and obi, sharing tips for you. >> i have relatives that are following them. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you. [burke] and we covered it, november sixth, two-thousand-nine. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
9:18 am
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now, for our summer shape-up check-in. back with us this morning, "today" nutritionist, joy bauer and obi, author of "the cut." >> following the program are three amazing viewers. lisa, a mother of three from new jersey is on joy's diet plan. ruben is on obi's exercise plan. and charlene, a new mom from maryland, has been on joy's and obi's plans. >> see how you did this week. i have relatives that are watching. this is so relatible, joy. >> you are going to be blown away. >> let's start with lisa. >> when lisa weighed in, 185 pounds. two weeks following just my diet plan. >> you didn't workout. just diet. >> lisa is down a total of seven
9:22 am
pounds. [ applause ] >> just 14 days. >> great job. >> that is amazing. how do you feel? are you hungry? >> i really -- i feel fine. i mean, i'm making the recipes. they're easy to make. it's been great. >> how hard has it been? what's the hardest thing for you? >> one of the hart dest things, when i go out to eat. we went to the olive garden with some friends. i love the bread sticks. and they're so good. they're so good. who doesn't love the bread sticks. unlimited bread sticks and salad. i was able to make healthy choices. they have healthy options on the menu. portion control. and the way tretitress was grea. i told her to bring the salad plain. she did. >> ruben, you're a busy guy. >> ruben started at 283 pounds. two weeks of just doing the
9:23 am
exercise, obi's exercise plan, he is down a total of eight pounds. >> love it. >> how are you found it, ruben? you're a busy guy. you have a busy schedule. you work 4:00 p.m. to midnight. >> 4:00, the afternoon shot. >> two kids? >> two kids. >> you're a busy, working dad. >> real busy. >> i find it hard to make time to workout. >> when you follow obi's plan, it's real nice and short. you can find time during the day. i found two friends in the afternoon, my days off, when i could, do it with them. we go to the park, started training. it's good. it works out. >> buddy workouts are really helpful. charlene has the toughest task. she is following obi's exercise
9:24 am
and the diet plan. after two weeks, charlene has lost ten full pounds. >> yes, yes. >> i feel great. it's amazing. i do feel a difference. and just as both of them mentioned, lisa and ruben, fi finding the time to workout, is really easy. you think of 15-minute inskremts. and eating out was my challenge. looking at the menu and finding beautiful, good options was a challen challenge. but i made it through. >> you exceeded my expectations. you make me look like i know what i'm talking about. >> in terms of eating out, too. i told the ladies, it's nowhere you eat, it's what you eat. and they are learning. >> we're going to help with that next. a nice transition. coming up, joy will show you how to eat out, without ruining your diet. and obi has the two workout moves, just two, we should be
9:25 am
doing every day. but first, your local news. you guys have inspired us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ has the bad breath germ-killing power of this... [rock music] with the lighter feel... of this. [classical music] for a whole mouth clean with a less intense taste... ahhh. try listerine® zero alcohol™. also try listerine® pocketpaks for fresh breath on the go. this i can do, easily. i try hard to get a great shape. benefiber® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! "got a minute? new aveeno®...r you." ...positively radiant® 60 second in shower facial. works with steam to reveal... ...glowing skin in just one minute. aveeno®
9:26 am
"naturally beautiful results®" ==topvo== breaking news: just confirmed in the last few minutes -- santa clara county )s health deparment says hundreds of san jose students (did contract the norovirus. it )s spread to a total of 12 schools... 10 of them are in san jose unified. there are also another two schools outside the district...with students sickened by the virus. a major cleanup and sterilization effort is now underway. there's also another two schools outside the district with it is vir virus. in the worst case, more than 100 students were sick in the hacienda science magnet school. the virus emerged a couple weeks ago, and most students are in classes now but certain projects had to be put on hold.
9:27 am
pal oe ho alto high school parents are wondering why an unidentified student was accused of assault and was allowed to stay at the school. district officials told parents last night they could not release any information blt cab the case because the student was a minor and they were bound by disclosure laws. the student now has been asked to leave the school. stocks have taken a huge hit as political chaos continues to churn in washington with fears this could derail the tax reform in washington. they've dropped nearly 60 points this morning. we're back with weather and traffic coming up right after this break.
9:28 am
good morning. a lot of sunshine and nice,
9:29 am
comfortable weather today. in san francisco we're into the low 60s and then into the 70s in time for the weekend. inland areas are really going to be heating up. join today, up to 75 because we'll have some 90s in time for the weekend. now let's head over to mike for an update on the roadways. the south bay does show that slowing, but much easier than a half hour ago. we have much less slowing, although we had a second crash in the area. the 105 still has cars on the shoulder. jammed up northbound 101 right by the airport, but 807 looking much better than earlier this morning.
9:30 am
♪ back now, with our summer shape-up challenge to get us all fit by memorial day. we have celebrity train esher o and joy bauer. they've been helping our three viewers for three weeks. we're going to start with obi, who is going to give us great exercises and things we should do this week. >> absolutely. the first exercise, suicide. like a cardio boot camp move. very simple. have two cones. two reference points. you're going to start here. run from one cone to the next. i want ruben and charlene to do them behind me. like a little dance. 20, 15 seconds in your living
9:31 am
room. you have space in your living room or the park. >> how many times? >> three to four sets, 15 to 20 seconds. take your time. >> you don't have to go fast? >> no. go at your own pace. feel good? second exercise, is body squats. women want to have the bootie, the squads, the hamstrings. shoulder length apart, 90 degrees, and body squats. you can't go 90 degrees, just go like this, if you have bad knees. go all the way deep. take your time. 12 to 15 seconds, three to four sets. >> how many times a week? >> three to four times a week. ruben and charlene doing four to five times a week. you guys love them? that's why they're dropping weight. >> this woman has lost ten pounds. and eight pounds. i'll have what you guys are having. you're not doing the diet. let's do this. you talked about the fact, eating out. a little challenge.
9:32 am
>> just a little bit. >> i'm going to put you to the test. it is tricky. and again, it's not where you eat. it's what you eat. we're going to play a little game over here. start with appetizers. i'm going to show you teleoptions and you will pick what you think is the most slimming selection. most slimming. here we go. the first thing, when it comes to appetizers, which do you get? going to get the salad with vinaigrette? a shrimp cocktail or the minestrone soup? >> my guess, would be the shrimp cocktail. >> really? >> it has protein. >> i was going to say soup. >> salad with vinaigrette. >> why are we whispering? we're like afraid to say it. >> i would say the soup, as well. >> so, the first thing to point out, these are all terrific options. and they all bring a lot of health to the table. but when it comes to the skinniest, it's going to be the shrimp cocktail. >> you were right.
9:33 am
>> why did you say that? >> there's no oil. >> this is a pure protein. and dunked in the cocktail sauce, this is going to weigh under 200 calories. the minestrone is variable. and with the salad, the dressing jacks up the calories. when it comes to the main course, grilled chicken or fish with vegetables will always win. here's your three options. are you going to go for the whole grain pasta primavera. lots of vegetables. or the turkey burger on a bun with sweet potato fries? or th the steak with butter? >> you threw in butter. >> what's it going to be. >> i'm going to do the first one. >> the pasta primavera. >> and i would say the steak, probably.
9:34 am
>> and you -- >> you would be two for two. >> oh. >> yes. >> again, protein. >> this is why he's president. >> yeah. >> and a little shady sometimes. so, sirloin stake is a really lean cut of steak. the reason the baked potato isn't that bad, there's only one pad of butter on there. that's one teaspoon. you can take one teaspoon of butter or sour cream. this blocks in at 500 calories. the other two, more than 1,000 calories. >> yeah. >> sweet potato fries. fries. cocktails, what is going to be the most slimming cocktail? is it going to be a glass of wine? or a 12-ounce beer. or a gin and tonic? >> glass of wine. >> the wine.
9:35 am
>> president? >> i'm going gin and tonic. whatever the calories. >> we got him this time. it's a glass of wine. here's a really good tip. when it comes to wine, always choose red because it's more full-bodied. and you will sip it slower than white. >> thank you so much. this was fantastic. cheers. >> we'll see you next week. i should say, to get more workout moves from obi, head to for a live workout. up next, one of our favorite funny ladies, jane krakowski, has a sneak peek of "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt." you help ensure that children in the u.s. and around the world are safe, healthy and educated. this red nose day, swing by walgreens and get your noses on
9:36 am
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and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be. tony-winning actress jane krakows krakowski, first became a household name as elaine on "alley mcbeal. and she followed that up playing jenna maroni on "30 rock." we're loving jane as socialize jacqueline white in the netflix come comedy, "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> it's back for a third season. here's a taste of what to
9:40 am
expect. >> i guess you forced my hand. i know i came here to apologize. but since that kiss, i can't stop thinking about you. >> you're both crazy. i'm a married woman. but if i were to take a lover, you're both exactly my type. how could i ever choose? dance for me. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's so good to see you. >> you're so great on this show. >> you are so sweet, and i'll pay you later. we worked together years ago. i'm happy to be reunited with tony goldwin. >> we were young lovers. >> we were. >> look at both of you now. >> by the way, looking at the clips of you from "ally mcbeal" to today, you have not changed. >> well, i got some hair conditioner. >> and a baby. >> how old is your son? >> a 6-year-old son. can you believe it? >> isn't it the best? >> 6 is the sweetest.
9:41 am
there's my sweet kid, hamming it up on the red carpet. >> is he here? >> that's the first suit he bought. we went to his first broadway opening. as we were walking down the red carpet, he got more and more confident. and excuse me, can we get a solo shot of your mom? and he's like, can i get a solo shot, as well? >> the apple did not fall far. >> he's ready. >> third season, "kimmy schmitz." each season, it seems like it's a little more out there. has season three -- >> i think so. what's so unique about "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt," it has a dark underbelly but the humor gets higher and the frantics get higher. i love that. it's an unusual tone for a show. i'm so thankful to our loyal fans, with this netflix situation, they have to wait so long for the new season to come out. and it's finally coming out on friday. i'm thrilled that people seem to
9:42 am
be excited and anticipating what sit's going to be. >> i find myself binge watching. i save it up. i stay up way too late watching. you have the most amazing guest stars. >> amazing guest stars. we're so lucky. we have laura dern. and josh, unbelievable. ray liotta. maya rudolph. tina fey makes some appearances. we have the "30 rock" kids came back. like judith freelander. >> i'm talking with tony. i'm fascinated -- do you not know in advance, how far in advance doyen? >> i don't know how it works on tony's show, but we get them less than a week out. >> you do the same thing, where the table read is the first time you read it together. >> that's my favorite thing. >> we do the same thing. so much fun. >> major cliff-hangers and twists, it comes from the offices hot. it's hot off of the xerox
9:43 am
machine. we read them. it's an unusual experience for us. the actors are trying to perform it as characters. and they're elated and showing that for the material they're getting, as well. even on "30 rock," one of the most favorite times we have. once every two weeks we do that. >> very much like our show. we get this -- it's still warm. >> still hot. >> unbelievable. that's right. jane krakowski, it's so good to see you. as we called her earlier, the krakster. "unbreakable kimmy schmidt" we've got a lot of sunshine as we take a live look around san jose. our temperatures still comfortab comfortable. we're at 59 degrees, 57 in oakland. we'll start to see those temperatures warming up over the
9:44 am
next several days but still saying very nice, and with some sunshine in san francisco, we're only going to see those highs today up to 62 degrees. 73 on saturday, and sunday will also be comfortable. while the inland areas will get hot, highs in the mid-90s by sunday. of our ultimate cookoff. our viewers going head-to-head with our summer salads, perfect for summer. it's not a quick fix. it's my decision to make beauty last. roc® retinol, started visibly reducing
9:45 am
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9:48 am
all this week we've been holding "today's ultimate cookoff." we've had viewers compete for the best breakfast and appetizer. now, let us talk about salads. >> that was good. >> look who i got here. special sous chef, miley cyrus. >> salad tossing in the morning. that's my style. our two finalists, are kylie lawsen, a mom of two. and a military spouse. she's going to make a thai salad. we have robin from connecticut, a busy mom of four, including, get this, 10-year-old triplets. >> whoa. >> grows s her own veggies. our judges today, tony goldwin and jane krakowski. we've never had a cooking segment bigger than this. miley, you're the guest sous chef. >> i'm not great at handling the meats.
9:49 am
but all right, al. >> what do we do here? >> this is my authentic thai. we're going to add these ingredients to into the bowl, once we mix them together. some of the ingredients are cilantro and lime, salt, fish sauce, a little msg, toasted rice and ground chili peppers and some chuck steak. lemongrass, green onions and lime and chili peppers. >> how do we start off? >> you want to cook the chuck steak until it's slightly pink. once that's cooked, you add it into the bowl. it's honey comb tripe that we eat. but you can omit it. >> and you can use steak instead. >> exactly. miley, if you want to stir? >> here we go. >> how am i doing? >> what do we add next? >> add the spices first, please.
9:50 am
and then, some lime. >> oh, snap. and some fish sauce. >> it's not made out of fish, is it? >> they just call it that for fun. >> once that's all mixed together, add the vegetables and make sure it's combined. and that's your dish right there. >> boom. >> our judges are tasting. guys? >> we're eating now. >> how did i do? >> we'll now in a minute. >> how did i do? >> let's come down to robin. miley, you go over here. robin, what are you making here? >> i'm making an avocado bacon, cilantro and fresh corn salad. there's also mexican cheese in that. that's close the parmesan cheese. or eliminate the cheese. >> i like it. basically, i will have lettuce. >> and avocado oil to mix in
9:51 am
here. and fresh lime juice, cumin and salt. >> that's the dressing? >> that's the dressing that you whisk up. can you whisk this for me, please? thank you. a little pinch of salt. how much you thinking? a big pinch. >> here we go. >> all right. >> and whisk away. >> in the meantime, you have corn -- can you use frozen corn? >> it's not as good. i like fresh -- fresh corn, on the grill, a little charred. tastes delicious. >> sounds good. >> chopped cilantro, chopped off avoca avocado, the cheese. >> really colorful. >> very colorful salad. you can see by the plate, it's colorful. you want to toss this? >> all right. yes, i do. al, would you like to poor the
9:52 am
dressing in? >> we have to open a restaurant, miley and al's. >> you can sing for your supper. >> that would be perfect. >> and some lettuce. toss that. >> you mound it up into a bowl and let everybody go. let's check in with our judges to see what they think. >> well, this is kind of -- both are great. >> i love bacon, from anything from a doughnut to a candle, frankly. >> we're feeling that the thai salad is so unusual, right? are we leaning toward the -- because it's so unusual. >> congratulations, kylie. >> they both were delicious. >> the judges have spoken. come on over. you're our winner. you're going to go home with a william sonoma, professional stainless steel ten-piece
9:53 am
cookwear set. and robin, for you, we have got a william issonoma, signature touch blender. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate that. we're back in a moment. first this, is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
three worlds. best segment ever. >> i like that. >> we want to thank tony goldwin, jane krakowski and miley cyrus for being here. and you're going to sing for us next week. >> up next, kathie lee and hoda. ray le oay owe to, nice. after local news and
9:56 am
we're in for a lot of sunshine today. it's going to be perfect, most likely the best day of the week as far as the comfort level with these temperatures. we're going to be up to 63 degrees in san francisco and 77 degrees in napa, oakland up to 69 degrees and 73 degrees in
9:57 am
livermore. san jose expect a high of 73, and we will keep these temperatures for just a little while longer before it ramps up in time for the end of the weakened to the weekend. now let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> but it does look like the best day of the week, i think i agree, kari. looking at the roadways, not bad, not the worst day of the week. we have a new crash on the 101 over on the shoulder at the lawrence expressway. not providing much of an issue. east bay across the bridges moving well. san matheo bridge starting to lighten up. bringing fast track a little faster. breaking news out of the north bay. we're just getting word two people were found dead inside a home in navato. the marin county sheriff just confirmed this a few moments ago.
9:58 am
our crew is headed to the scene to give you a live report in our midday newscast. within the last hour, health care confirmed to us that it was the norovirus that shut down several south bay schools. we posted those details on our home page. we also have more news for you in 30 minutes.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is today with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> all right, everybody. hump day. hump day. wines day wednesday. all those things. so much going on, may 17th. that's boom clap by charlie xex. listen. ♪ the beat goes on and on and on and on ♪ >> it's an actual song, what a nice surprise. another great show today. we're going to get up and close and very personal to ray liotta. he's the "shades of blue" star. he has a big weekend


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