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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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investigation under way as we speak after a killing in san jose. a popular fast food restaurant where this all happened. >> and an early morning crash shuts down an on ramp in the east bay. we're monitoring the impact now on your commute. today in the bay continues right now. all right busy friday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're happy to get you going here, and it's always easier to get out of bed on a friday morning. you made it through the week. way to go. now we have a very hot forecast in store. >> yeah, for some spots. now, you can drive a little bit and cool down, and around the coast, in san francisco, it will be a very nice weekend. and take a look at these numbers. san francisco, to 73 today and tomorrow. 74 on sunday. not bad. take a look at the inland valleys, in the 90s, reaching 95 with the peak of the temperatures on sunday. then it gradually starts to come down. we'll break it down, show you what that means where you live and take a look ahead to the
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weekend and a few events going on. as we head over to mike, tracking a number of crashes. >> that's right. a couple of those are our big news stories as well. showing you the south bay and $zm5uáuhe slower sensors.e we the south bay, because of a crash and debris and possibly sleeper trucks that may have arrived in the last few minutes. more slowing heading into sunnyvale and in toward 237. that crash blocking one lane. debris reported across all. sweeper trucks have just arrived. that could mean better news in the next 20 minutes. we watch this as well, one of the stories morning, the crash affecting the on-ramp from fremont boulevard. you can't use it getting on to the freeway, and the flashing lights might be visible and that could be why we're seeing the slowing. freeways, this crash in the redwood hills. you have reports from the scene. >> we're getting new information on that crash.
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thank you. we begin with breaking news we have been following in the oakland hills where crews have pulled a group of people out of an overturned car. >> 15 minutes ago, we showed you the first pictures. today in the bay's pete suratos just arrived on the scene. this point, pete? >> good morning to you, sam and laura. just getting new details on the crash. we're here on redwood road. you can see that bmw, when it went throughxl that fence goin downhill, when this crash took place. but we are getting new details. this is according to oakland fire, they're saying it happened around 3:30 a.m. it was driving downhill and crashes through this fence. we're told four people were inside the car, two got out on their own, two had to beat extricated. they're in critical condition. as you get a look overhead of the crash scene in the oakland hills. this was a challenge for
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firefighters rescuing these folks. we just got new sound. this is new sound from oakland fire explain some of the challenges earlier this morning. >> primary challenge was how the car came to its final resting location up against a tree. it uprooted the tree and the tree actually had moved and it was clean up against the tree. it was pretty significant sized tree uprooted against. we had to work around that and eventually we had to move the vehicle away from the tree to get the final extrication. >> take you back out here live. you see the bmw, the hazard lights flashing after that crash. this was a challenge as they mentioned. i want to talk about traffic concerns here on redwood road. from where we're standing at cre crestmont boulevard to skyline boulevard, this will be shut down as oakland police conduct the investigation to see what caused the crash so they can directly affect skyline highway which isn't too far from here. we'll have another update in the
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next half hour. >> thanks for the latest there. let's hope the people are okay. >> 6:03. in the meantime, more breaking news that we're following out of the south bay this morning. where there's been a deadly shooting at a wienerschnitzel in san jose. bob redell has been live on the scene at first street. do they say what led up to this killing? >> reporter: no, that's still a mystery to the san jose police department, laura. the san jose police sergeant we spoke with earlier this morning while they were processing the scene here on first street said their biggest challenge is trying to figure out who is the person who shot and killed this man last night. this happened just after 10:00 last night. the 911 call came in as shots fired. when police arrived, they found a man in his 30s suffering from at least one gunshot wound. they sent him to valley medical center where he was letter pronounced dead. san jose police had been interviewing a person who was
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with this man when he wasúf$ sh. >> does this appear to be random? >> don't really know that either, to be honest with you. >> tell me about the specific area of san jose, known for gang activity. >> yes, it is. >> does that play into the investigation? >> it could. it's certainly something we'll look into. >> police have not released any information, any description about the suspect, though they just issued a media advisory in the past three to four minutes and did indicate they had identified the victim and notified his next of kin. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> tragic news this morning. thank you very much. >> more breaking news. this one is a high-speed police chase in the east bay that ended in a crash and a mangled car. >> kris sanchez joining us live right near i-880 in fremont to tell us how it happened and the impact for drivers. >> reporter: well, the good news here is that the fremont alvarado on ramp onto 880 is now reopened.
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this is where the car ended up. drive, though, the high-speed chase happened on southbound 880. there you see behind me, the driver was headed south. the chp was in pursuit. the driver was trying to take the exit ramp but missed, failed to negotiate, plowed through all of the grass and ended up on the on ramp. that's why both of those ramps for a moment were both impacted. you can see from the video here that the suv was mangled as it was being towed away. you might not be surprised to hear that the driver is at an area hospital, but once he's checked out, he's likely to end up in handcuffs. the officers out here tell me they tried to stop that driver for a traffic violation, which they would not say, specify what kind, but the driver took off at unsafe speeds. the chp pursued the driver until he lost control and ended up here on the on ramp. we know that the investigation is ongoing, but the good news again is that the traffic impact is starting to die down. in fremont, kris sanchez, today
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in the bay. >> thank you so much. all new this morning, sweden's top prosecutor is dropping the rape investigation against wikileaks founder julian assange. that announcement came over night. he was accused of rape by two swedish women. prosecutors say she's dropping the case because there's no way to get assange to sweden in a reasonable timeframe. assange, who has denied the allegations from the beginningerse has been living in the ecuador embassy in london for the past seven years. he's also wanted here in the u.s. for publishing leaks military intelligence. jt for a missing 15-year-old girl. rene gray left home wednesday morning for school, but shy never made it. she tends hercules high school. her family fears she may be a victim of human trafficking. she's 5'", about 160 pounds. call richmond police if you have any information. an alert now for san mateo county homeowners, if you have homes that were damaged by winter storms, you until today, the deadline to apply for
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disaster assistance to the u.s. small business association. that offer covers those who experiences any storm related property damage between february 1st and february 25th. homeowners could be eligible for loans up to $200,000 at lower rates. >> 6:08 on this friday morning with a clear sunrise and cool temperatures. our highs today will be very warm. up to 91 degrees in the tri-valley today. looking live at palo alto and the peninsula. 88 degrees will be your high temperature there. 81 in the east bay, and 90 today in the north bay. you can see there will be a wide range in temperatures. i'll break it down and give you the temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. now mike has a new crash and a closure. >> that's right. a very active day for a few key incidents around the bay. the volume of traffic is very light, so most of the bay sees a good speed sensor read. we'll take you out to fremont. kris told you the on ramp for southbound 880 has reopened. at the same time, we hear about this closure of niles canyon
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road between sunol and fremont, so that crash and the closure as a result of that will cause more traffic to flow on 680 and mission. fortunately, it's a friday. we'll see the impact, but be aware you can no longer cut through sunol to fremont. over here, a crash and debris north of 85. approaching 237 as well. a lot of slowing has started to clear up a bit. more detail, one lane still blocked by the crash and plastic tubing and nails, it sounds like, across the roadway. you definitely don't want to get through that area before the sweeper does. back to you. >> that could lead to flat tires. >> 609. six people injured after a fire breaks out at the google developers conference. >> more on the cause, a kitchen aplienls that might have started the fire. >> plus, five years since facebook hit the stock market. we have fun home video for you as well when today in the bay continues. [ whistles ]
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6:12. with a clear sunrise looking live at san jose as you get ready to head out. we have temperatures starting out in the mid 50s and heading up to 87 degrees today. all of that sunshine will warm up our temperatures quickly, the low 60s at 8:00 to 85 degrees by 2:00. and we'll take a look ahead to a very toasty weekend inland that's coming up in five
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minutes. >> and these travel times are great because rr friday. lighter volume on the freeways, but i have a crash in mountain view and also another in fremont. really tracking the slowing there. >> thank you very much. >> 6:13. six people are recovering this morning after being injured in a fire at the google developers conference. that fire broke out at a cooking facility at the shoreline amphitheatre yesterday. we still don't know how it started, but firefighters say kitchen staff were working with a deep fryer at the time of the fire. >> paramedics running to the amphitheater area and then a whole lot of the kitchen staff started coming out. then fire trucks. >> fire was put out and the developers conference was not interrupted. >> continuing coverage now, today, testimonying in the sierra lamar murder case is going to take a pause. it will be resuming next week. it comes after a heart wrenching day in court yesterday as lamar's parents talk about the
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pain they still five years after their daughter vanished. >> the first time i heard her speak live a video, so that was really hard because i had been avoiding that because it's been so painful. >> painful for the family. also painful for the jurors. several of them were moved to tears when prosecutored played a video of sierra singing in her bedroom. antolin garcia torres looked straight ahead the entire time the video was played in court. >> apple's ceo tim cook has been spotted around the company's campus test driving a device connected to his apple watch that tracks his blood sugar. sources tell nbc he's wearing a glucose tracker that could lead to future applications and make the watch a possible must-have for people with diabetes. in february, he told students in scotland about the device. >> if you have the foresight to buy some shares in facebook the first moment it hit the stock market five years ago, you have a pretty good return on your
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investment. >> though at the time, it looked like a terrible investment. >> awful, just awful. the first day of trading, five years ago, was absolutely horrible. started out fine. five years ago yesterday, big celebration at facebook headquarters. then all kinds of hiccups and technical problems left investors wondering if their orders went through. historically bad day for the nasdaq and terrible for facebook's stock. things got better over the years. i don't think we could have guessed how good, from an opening day of $38 on its first day to $148 a share today. the markets recovered a bit thursday. don't be fooled. there's still a lot of worry out there. the economic policy uncertainty index, which is an index created by professors at stanford and northwestern, says economic uncertainty is as high now as it was during the great recession. as you might have guessed, they're pointing their fingers at washington. in fact, the index has only been hieing twice before. once during the fiscal cliff fight of 2011 and then the
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september 11th attack. let's go back to facebook. to celebrate the big five-year anniversary, mark zuckerberg's father is showing off home video he shot as his son opened the e-mail to city if he could get into harvard. >> all right. you want me to open this? >> i don't know. >> does that sound like it is? i think it is. >> what does it say. >> pull it away for a second. >> i can't see it. >> oh, man. yay. >> what? >> i got accepted. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> wait for it. >> dad had to see it for himself, just to make sure. i remember getting those envelopes. thin ones were bad, thick ones were good. what a celebration that is for kids and parents as all that hard work in high school paid off. >> then he ended up dropping out. >> which saved his dad a lot of
6:17 am
money. >> made his dad a lot of money. >> kid is a genius. by the way, if you get into one of the top÷ ranked schools in te country, like i always state, or harvard, you think you would say more than yay. >> well, he sounded nervous. he said turn it off for a second. that'sable. you know? 6:17. if you're looking to beat the heat this weekend, we're going to need it. a lot of new moviesing theaters. ridley scott returns for alien covenant. a ship filled with couples sent toinize a new planet, but there's terror in space and they have to fight to escape. it's rated r. >> amanda steinberg is on lockdown in everything everything. the actress who gained fame in the hunger games portrayed a teen with a grave illness. she'll die if she leaves her house, but the boy next door has her testing outboundries. >> if you're looking for something kid friendly, check out diary of a wimpy kid, the
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long haul. it's the latest chapter featuring an all-star cast making a family road trip. it's rated pg. >> does that look familiar? >> that's my life. >> get the devices out. treats, snacks. >> stop moving around. >> usually they're telling me to stop singing. >> they did that. it will be a weekend for road trips because you'll wand to drive to find the kind of weather you like because it vary greatly across the bay area. let's look at san francisco. it looks like a beautiful start to this friday morning. nice cool temperatures. it's 53 degrees there. and looking from tiburon, the beautiful sunrise and a little cooler in the north bay. but look at how hot it will be this afternoon. we're up to 90 in santa rosa, napa, as well as livermore and morgan hill up to 80 degrees. look at half moon bay, 78, while concord will be 93. today, it's all about location.
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we start out with cool and clear weather as you get ready to head out for school this morning. taking the kids to school or to the bus stop, it will be a morning for long sleeves. then with all that sunshine at recess, the temperatures warm up, and this afternoon, taking off the jackets, most likely needing the shorts and short sleeves as it will be a very warm day for the valleys. looking live at the coliseum, 55 degrees. a nice sunrise there as well. if you will be making plans to head to the coliseum for the a's yam this evening, it will be perfect. it doesn't get better than this. a lot of sunshine, low 70s at first pitch, and then in the mid 60s by the end of the game as skies stay clear. making plans also ahead to the north bay on saturday for the rose parade, and this draws a huge crowd. so everyone making plans to go there. needs to prepare for some hot temperatures. it will be comfortable to start, as the time to parade starts rolling, but then look at how
6:20 am
the temperatures climb into the mid 80s by early afternoon. upper 80s as we go into the day. and san francisco stays nice. our high temps in the low 70s over the next few days and then it starts to cool down in the middle of next week. inland valleys, the cool down will be a lot more gradual. we're looking at highs in the 90s for the next four days. and then some 80s and some upper 70s will bring it back close to where we should be for this time of year. and mike's tracking more on that crash in nole. >> i just got world that we have our chopper overhead. we're looking at this, the first time i'm seeing these pictures. wow, we're told this is sunol. looks like the causeway over the sunol river there. i see where that is. we have two vehicles involved in that. that's why they have completely closed off sunol from fremont and using the niles canyon area. this crash and investigation currently going on. choppers overhead. you see the wires, it gives you a reference over the water there. no word on the extent of
6:21 am
injuries. we have that absorbant spilled out over whatever has leaked from the hood of both vehicles. from what i'm told, it was a head-on collision. this is a problem for the commute. let me show you where this is on the roadways. overall, things are moving well because it's a friday, a light friday commute. over here, alvarado -- niles canyon, is closed. both directions, we have heard, are closed. that's no longer a cut through. 680 will see more traffic. and we're also tracking this crash in mountain view. northbound 85 starts to improve. i think they may have cleared more than one lane now heading up toward 237. let's take you to waze. i want to show you you can get options around the slower drive through mountain view. a couple different routes. sunnyvale saratoga is the best according to waze, but you make your choice. wherever you're going, whenever you're leaving, check your phone, your iphone, your an dried, and check the waze app. join nbc bay area wazers. back to you.
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>> we're seeing pretty bad accidents out there. be careful as you head out the door. >> keeping your pets safe. after the÷ the most common dog park related injuries that dog owners should be aware of. the service offers to connect you with a professional contractor. some consumers say they were connected to crooks. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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can actually be a little fierce. 6:24 right now on your friday morning. pet friendly dog parks that can actually be a little fierce. there's new research that is showing the most common dog park related injuries in 2016. nationwide, recently sorted through the databases of more than 600,000 insured pets and found that the most common medical claims were either sprains or soft tissue injuries. second on the list, lacerations or bite wounds. and the most expensive injury turned out to be hypothermia and heat stroke brought on by hot weather. >> nbc bay area responds to homeowners who relied on a popular website to find a repable contractor. >> they got the exact opposite. chris chmura joins us with a closer look. >> this service promises to connect you with contractors you can trust. that's not always happening. karied the website thumb tack to hire a landscaper. after paying him nearly $8,000,
6:26 am
he bolted before finishing the job. kari was shocked to learn he was unlicensed. so was the second contractor she hired from the site to finish the job. >> these services are not giving you pros, as i would call a pro. i think they're giving you people that are like a craigslist. kind of like anybody can list there. put their name up, hang a shingle, and there you go. >> thumb tack disagrees, tellis us in a statement when professionals sign up on thumbtack, they agree to abide by the law, including licensing laws. we wondered how many unlicensed contractors are on the site. we posted jobs. got dozens of bids, and checked for licenses. >> what you found by going on online is what we're finding too often. >> tonight, we take our findings to thumbtack as well as the state's contracting board to find out what they have to say about consumers getting ripped off. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-996-tips. or
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i'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, chris. >> we look forward to it. >> growing health concerns out of the south bay. on today in the bay, the rising number of norovirus cases and where it peers to be spreading now. plus, several breaking news stories right now including in the bay. want to check in with pete right now at the scene of a crash. >> we're live in the oakland hills where several people had to be pulled from this car. what investigators just told me about how they made their rescues. you're watching today in the bay. [ whistles ]
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we )re working several breaking news stories across the bay right now at 6:30, we're working on several breaking news stories across the bay area. in the south bay, and the east bay, on your left, a live look from oakland in the hills where crews were able to pull out a group of people who were trapped in an overturned car. on your right, a live look from san jose, where police are continuing to investigate an overnight killing. a busy friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i'm sam brock. you mentioned breaking news out of the east bay. a portion of niles canyon road closed after a head-on collision. >> that's right. rr take you over to niles canyon which is typically nice, pleasant cut through from 680 to sunol and in toward fremont. right now, wee hearing and we have our chopper overhead showing us pictures over niles creek. a head-on collision between a van and a sedan. there was nowhere to push the vehicles out of the roadway because they were over the creek itself. so they have to continue the
6:31 am
investigation and whatever work needs to be done, so right now, you cannot use it as a cut through. 680 and mission are your longer way around. fortunately, it is friday. so aside from those involved in the crash, the others can get by easier because it is a lighter flow of traffic around the bay. we do have one other issue that i'll watching as far as the route through the south bay. we still have slowing approaching 237. debris there all morning. sweeper trucks may be continuing their job. but it is friday, so i'm going to hand it over to kari because a lot of folks want to know about the weather. >> a big warmup on the way with sunshine and starting out with some cool temperatures. as you get ready to head out the door, let's look at the mic microclimates. cool in the tri-valley, only 49 degrees 47 in the north bay and san francisco now 53 degrees. highs today reaching into the low 90s for the theland valleys. south bay, 89. 81 in the east bay, and san francisco will see a high today
6:32 am
of 73 degrees. coming up in six minutes, a look at some weekend events. i'll help you make plans with the forecast. for now, back to you. >> thank you very much. let's get back to breaking news we have been following out of the oakland hills where a rescue operation went down this morning. a group of people had to be pulled out of a car. >> nbc bay area sky ranger has been overhead as well as pete suratos live on the ground talking with investigators. it took the rescues some time to get to the people, get the people out. >> good morning to you. yes, plenty of challenges just getting the folks out of that car. we're on redwood road. i want to show you the scene behind me. over my right shoulder, you can see the hazard lights blinking on the bmw as it crashed through the fence and into a tree. we'll show you video from our sky ranger, give you a birds eye view. they said it happened roughly around 3:30 a.m. when the bmw crashes through the fens near the home and into the tree.
6:33 am
we're told that four people were inside of that car. two of them got out on their own. two had to be extricated. that took about an hour and a half. those two are in critical condition. here's some new sound from oakland fire telling us the challenges of rescuing the driver. >> last person to be extricated was pinned, legs were pinned underneath the dashboard. the driver of the car. the car was up on the side against a tree, so it was difficult to work on the vehicle. so it required us to dismantle the car around the patient so we could free the legs and get him extricated and to the hospital. >> take you back out here live. you can see the car there behind that fence following the crash. as i mentioned, we're here on redwood road. between kraes crestmont drive and skylive boulevard, this will be shut down as police are still on the scene to conduct the investigation as to what caused the crash in the first place. the areas will affect skylineway which isn't too far from here. this is still an investigation.
6:34 am
>> thank you very much. as that investigation continues, another one as well. this is breaking news we're following from the south bay. a deadly shooting at a weans schnitzel in san jose. bob redell has been live on the scene since we came on air at 4:30. what are investigators saying there? >> reporter: well,éuz actually just spoke with a man, a friend of the victim who was just here in the past minute at this wienerschnitzel to pay respects for his friend. and i asked him how are you doing? he said, it's just unreal that his friend would go like this. his friend is now the 12th victim of homicide within the city of san jose this year. the police department within the past half hour notified us that they did identify this victim, this man, a man in his 30s, and were able to notify his next of kin. this murder happened here just after 10:00 last night. the wienerschnitzel at edwards on 1st street in downtown san
6:35 am
jose. the report came in as shots fired. when the police arrived, they found the victim suffering from at least one gun shot wound. they send him to valley med, but he was declared dead a short time later. he was with somebody. police have been interviewing this person about maybe what led up to the shooting. as far as motive, that's something they're not clear about. the san jose police sergeant pointedous this area is know for gang activity, so that will be part of their investigation to see if maybe the shooting was gang related. reporting here in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> a lot of that investigation still to go there. bob, thank you very much. 6:35, and a developing story. there's real concern this morning that the norovirus outbreak in the south bay could be spreading to other counties besides just santa clara. nearly00 students fell ill at 14 different san jose schools. now, santa cruz county also reporting cases in its school
6:36 am
system. the stomach bug can cause things like vomiting and diarrhea along with other flu-like symptoms. >> more breaking news coming in to the newsroom on this friday morning. just a few hours, anthony weiner is expected to plead guilty for sexting with a 15-year-old girl. "the new york times" reports the former congressman and estranged husband of hillary clinton's aide huma abedin, will be in a manhattan courtroom today. he was investigated by fbi agents who found thousands of e-mails from abedin. then james comey held a news conference weeks before the election to announce the discovery and its possible link to the clinton investigation. it later turned out agents had reviewed those e-mails. >> some people living in eastern contra costa county right now are so concerned about inadequate fire funding they are reportedly trying to pay for a billboard to make a point here. the east bay times reports that a brendwood bases coalition is tries to raise enough money for a highway billboard to warn
6:37 am
people about that area which they say will be a pub safety dangerous zone. voters have shot down several tax hikes measures that were put on the ballots over the years. they want people to be aware that the cost of inadequate funding can have great consequences. >> tracking a couple major crashes. sky ranger is over the creek, niles creek, and there's the bridge. you see the reference, the niles canyon railroad there, the tracks. we're looking at this head-on crash and the effects of that on the roadway, completely closing it as chp continues to take measurements through the investigation. absorbant on the roadway, and they can't clear it until they have measured out everything. that closes niles canyon road. we'll show you where that is on the map, your cutthrough between sunol and fremont. then that effect on the map, so 680 to mission, that's your longer route, but being friday, we have a lighter of traffic.
6:38 am
still, the head-on collision, a big concern. we'll track the conditions of those involved as well. we see a smoother drive, a light backup through hayward and a smooth flow of traffic. we show you the south bay as well, and in the oakland hills, you showed that video of that crash that closes redwood road just past skyline over to 580. that's probably a clearer route over towards the warren highway. >> busy morning. >> really is. especially for a friday. if you have made it, it's time for a check of your weekend weather. >> time to try to find a place to cool down with the anticipated heat coming up. >> all about where you are and the type of weather you'll experience. today maybe you'll start out your weekend at the coliseum for the a's game and we'll have awesome weather. the temperature at first pitch, 72 degrees. a lot of sunshine, and it really doesn't get better than that. for tomorrow for the coast, we'll be in the low 70s.
6:39 am
the bay up to 86 degrees and inland valleys up to 93 degrees. really started to sizzle with the peak of the heat on sunday. up to 95 degrees. so you'll want to make sure you bring extraals of water and try to take some breaks in the shade if you can, if you'll be outside. the bay will be up to 80 degrees and 74 at the coast. looks like a beach weekend. maybe you plan on heading to oakland to spend time at san antonio park for the jazz and arts festival. it will be at 72 degrees at 10:00 in the morning and then quickly warmingtures before you know it will be in the mid 80s. also bring the sunglasses and some bottles of water there. for yosemite, it will be a nice weekend there. 59 degrees today. up to 61 tomorrow. and then most likely as you're heading back to the bay area on sunday, it will be the nicest degrees. santa cruz will also be very comfortable with some mid 70s today and nice little breeze, up to 79 degrees. bring the cooler, relax on the
6:40 am
beach with some highs in the low 80s on sunday. and then if you want some hot weather, head to russian river valley. also enjoying some cool wine with highs up to 86 degrees tomorrow. and on sunday, expect a high of 90 degrees. we'll take a look at the temperature trend for evergreen, that's coming up in three minutes. >> we'll look forward to that. the heat, not so much. thanks, kari. >> 6:40. cracking down on campus crime. coming up in three minutes, the new tool available for stanford students so they can report if they were sexually assaulted. plus, the president is ready to get on with his very important historic trip. we'll fill you in coming up. plus, we got a welcome sight right now on the big board. green this morning. the dow jones has risen 52 points in early trading. it's sitting at 20,715 after some pretty big stumbles earlier this week. back with more news, weather, and traffic in two and a half minutes. there's a place like no other...
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(mike ad libs) it's 6:43. you're waking up to clear skies and a nice cool start. live look outside at san jose, and it's also a busy friday. our temperatures will be going way up this afternoon into the upper 80s. bring the bottles of water and the sunscreen. you'll need it for not only today but the weekend. we'll talk more about that in the forecast at 6:50. >> look from sky ranger over
6:44 am
niles creek and the bridge, affecting niles canyon road. that's why the road is closed, head-on crash. investigation continues here. we'll talk you through your alternates and the other crashes we're tracking. >> 6:44. victims of sexual assault at stanford now have a new online tool to help time stamp their assault. palo alto weekly announced the university is launching a three-year pilot that would allow victims to save their reports for. the website was created by a former college student who was the victim of sexual assault. >> do you recall this? a 55-foot-high sculpture of a naked woman that caused quite a stir when it was unveiled last year neither the san leandro b.a.r.t. station? how things have changed. now she's becoming a social butterfly. according to the east bay times, the city is starting monthly gatherings at the sculpture which is titled truth and beauty.
6:45 am
the events are called truth thursdays the fourth thursday of every month will feature live entertainment and beer and wine. >> some call memorial day weekend the unofficial start of summer. people will flock to bay area beaches. some unaware of the dangerous rip currents. an oceanographer who worked as a lifeguard plans to demonstrate the dangers of rip tides today. he's leading a demonstration at ocean beach at 10:00 a.m. >> california jumping onboard to fight a lawsuit challenging funding for the affordable care act. house republicans sued the obama administration seeking to strike down insurance subsidies for low income americans. now more than a dozen democratic state attorneys general have agreed to intervene in fighting that lawsuit because they have no faith in how the trump administration will defend the case. well, president trump is getting ready to leave on his first overseas trip as president. his first stop, saudi arabia. >> then, scott mcgrew, another
6:46 am
critical u.s. ally, israel. >> yeah, an important trip. good morning, sam, good morning, laura. shows how important obviously the middle east is to america's interests. we have video just in of the president boarding air force one at joint base andrews. he'll make a about islam during his visit to saudi arabia. from saudi arabia, he will go to israel. a little trivia. as best anyone can figure out, there hasyi never been a flig from to israel ever. not commercial, not political, any ever. continues on to c;ñitaly. he'll meet with the pope in rome ch quit congress, but now we know when as well. he madeñ)q announcement from his home nearúcñ salt lake city. he's quitting at the end of june. chaffetz is the head of the oversight committee and the investigation into donald trump. we learned more about that incredibly awkwardant between the president and then fbi
6:47 am
director ji1uí comey back in february when the president blew him a kiss and then said comey was more famous than he was. "the new york times" says people close to comey said he didn't even want to be at this meeting, fearing he would bey./ singled by the president. so comey, who is very tall and wearing a blue suit, intentionally stood in front of those big blue curtains in an attempt to blend in. comey's always been worried about appearing too friendly with presidents. barack obama used to invite him to play basketball, but comey thought it was inappropriate for a president and the head of the nominally independent fbi to hang out together. i want to leave you with one thing, a video of comey's testimony back in may. take a look. >> is the attorney general or senior officials at the department of justice opposes a specific investigation, can they halt that fbi investigation? >> in theory, yes. >> has it happened? >> not in my experience because it would be a big deal to tell
6:48 am
the fbi to stop doing something that, without appropriate purpose. >> this seems toa5 contradict at leastt( in conflict with wha we learned lately that comey was pressured or may have been issured by the president to adjust or get rid of that fbi investigation. i think this is probably what congress looking more into this and asking that question one more time. >> and of course, one we'll continue to follow. scott examines our president's tweets, executive orders and speeches every morning on today in the bay. he would like to hear from you. you can share your thoughts with him on twitter, @scottmcgrew. >> the warriors are in san antonio ahead of game three with the spurs tonight. >> they had time to rest up. here's the team leaving oakland )járyesterday. two more wins against the spurs and the warriors would advance to the nba finals for the third straight ñryear. kd and mike brown the acting coach, they're feeling pretty
6:49 am
good.t( even steph curry said winning is not going to be easy in san antonio. >> game three, it's going to be a pretty hostile environment. they're going to come out fighting. playing really aggressive. you can expect that. and we just have to be ready for and everything. >> that's why steph curry has his game face on. >> right now, it's friday. a lot of people celebrating that. hope you like the heat. it is coming this weekend. yeah. really starting to ramp up. when you think about the way this week started with low 60s and now we're talking about 90s around the bay area, so a big change here. but at least it's cool now as you get ready to head out the door. 56 degrees in the peninsula south bay, tri-valley at 49 degrees. and 55 degrees looking live at the coliseum. for the east bay, and in san francisco, it's 53 degrees there. high temperatures today up to 91
6:50 am
in the tri-valley. 88 in the peninsula. and 81 degrees in the east bay. while san francisco will be at 73. we'll have some low 90s for the north bay. you can see that wide range in temperatures so you're probably thinking how do i get ready for this day? looking out the window into thet, it will be a day for a light jacket with a cool start we'll have, but also short sleeves because our temperatures will be warming up quickly. then later on today, you'll need the short sleeves and shorts and sunglasses, too. don't forget those because it will be bright for today and the next several days. and getting the kids ready for school, we do start out with some clear and cool weather. but lots of sunshine at recess will help warm things up and they'll enjoy the time outdoors. by this afternoon, heading home, the air conditioner will be on with shorts and short sleeves once again. this weekend, we unofficially kick off summer,0ñ with the bay breakers in san francisco. and some of those runners may enjoy the warmer weather because of the lack of clothing we sometimes see.
6:51 am
it will be in the mid 70s, especially as we head throughout the day. francisco, and we keep that weather until the middle of next week when it starts to cool down. but that cooldown will be much more gradual for the inland areas in the next four days hitting some low 90s somewhere in the valleys and then back to 86 degrees on tuesday and 77 by the end of next week. heading over to mike now with another update on the crash in niles canyon. >> and this will be the problem for hours, we justt( got word tt the two vehicles involved as a result of this head-on crash, two people been taken from the scene to the trauma center. that will be the issue. presumably the driver for each vehicle, but i still haven't gotten that e1confirmed. that's what i'm assuming because of the early area it happened. this has closed niles canyon road, making the connector no longer possible. we'll show you what we're talking about. overall, traffic is light, but here, that is closed.
6:52 am
use 680 and mission as your alternate all morning and possibly into the afternoon. looking to the rest of the bay with a smooth flow of traffic now that that crash is also cleared from northbound 85. on our waze system, waze reports a nice drive if it's taking you through sunol. castro valley to fremont, an easy drive for 680. the other giving you 15 minutes longer but it will change over the course of the morning. before you plan your getaway and through the ekd woo, keep us with you. join our team, nbc bay area wazers, hit your profile and join our team, nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> can't miss it. thanks. coming up next, a quick look at the tawpies on today in the bay. that includes three breaking news stories and a crash that mike was just talking about. our crews are panned out across the bay area as we follow an ear early-morning rescue and a car crash. >> two fighter jets have puzzed
6:53 am
a u.s. plane. the u.s. air force said it was on a routine mission in international air space. >> and talk about expensive tastes. a basquiat painting of a skull sold at auction for more than $110 million. that is the highest price ever paid at auction for a work by an american artist. a lot more ahead. stick around. before you head out the door -
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the tst welcome back on your friday morning. it is 6:56 right now, before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay. >> we begin with breaking news, live pictures from the scene we have been following in san jose since we came on air at 4:30 this morning where police are looking for a shooter who killed a man outside this wien wienerschnitzel on south 1st street near washington elementary school in san jose. happened about 10:00 last night. police say they received 911 calls about several shots fired. officers found the victim who later died at valley medical center. this is san jose's 12th homicide of the we're. >> let's take you back to oakland this morning where we have been bringing you updates all morning long on a rescue operation involving that car. two people were pulled out of the crashed car after it slammed into a tree overnight. firefighters had to reposition it before they were able to get out the driver and a passenger.
6:57 am
both are considered in critical condition. as to where this all happened, redwood drive at crestmont drive. redwood road, excuse me. two people inside the car were able to get out on their own. all four people were taken to a hospital. firefighters say that crash was so forceful, as you can see there, it uprooted the tree. >> more breaking news. traffic on 88 in fremont is starting to recover after a high-speed chase ended in a crash. it started when chp started to pull over the driver of the suv for a traffic violation, but the driver sped off, eventually losing control and crashing at the exit. the driver was taken to the hospital and will be arrested. new this morning, sweden's top prosecutor is dropping the rape investigation against wikileaks founder julian assange. the announcement coming over night. assange was accused of rape by two swedish women. the prosecutor said she's dropping the case because there's no way to get assange to sweden in what she could
6:58 am
consider a reasonable timeframe. assange, who has denied the allegations from the beginning has been living in london for the last seven years. he's still wanted here in the u.s. for publishing leaks military intelligence. >> thousands of runners and nonrunners for that matter are getting ready for one of the world's wildest races. bay to breakers takes place sunday morning. they're expecting some 40,000 runners. that's just the people who register. you can be sure it will be very busy along that route with a lot of street closures. some of the closures start on saturday in preparation. the race begins at the embarcadero. a lot of fun at 8:00. the finish line 12 kilometers away at ocean beach. >> caltrain will be running some extra service on sunday for bay to breakers. three special trains will leave station at 5:30 in the morning. the final special train will leave palo alto at 6:10. all those trains will get into san francisco's king street station by 7:40 at the latest in
6:59 am
time for your run. >> weather and traffic right now, many ways, it's good that this event is in san francisco because it's one of the few places it will be in the 70s, and those costumes can get hot. >> it's going to be nice and cool in the morning. 8:00, it will be great. it will be hot inland today and all about location. up to 91 degrees today in the tri-valley. 88 degrees in the peninsula. you'll see in the east bay, a high of 81 degrees, and 90 in the north bay. while san francisco stays at a comfortable 73 degrees. >> all right, looks good. not so good on the roadways. you're still tracking that head-on crash in nole. >> yes, sunol is the big one right now. sky ranger is over niles creek. this bridge over niles creek, closes niles canyon road. two taken to the hospital. dublin chp sent out a tweet saying they hope to open one of these lanes in next 20 minutes but we have not seen tow trucks or cars on theroid. >> we'll be back in a half hour. >> busy weekend as well from
7:00 am
baseball to bay to breakers. we hope you have a great one. we'll see you for the news at 11:00. good morning. traveling with baggage. president trump leaving on his first overseas trip today dogged by mounting controversies at home. the president taking on many of them during a news conference. russia's interference in the election. >> believe me, there's no collusion. >> the special prosecutor now running that investigation. >> i respect the move, but the entire thing has been a witch hospital. >> even talk of impeachment. >> i think it's totally ridiculous. >> as the white house moves closer to naming a new fbi director as early as today. surveillance video shows the moment a car smashes into a crowd killing one person, injuring more than 20 others. >> multiple people


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