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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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trend. a loser look at the temperatures coming up. mike has word of a traffic break. >> i have, so i thought i would pass it on since that's my job here. we're looking at the speed sensors and the bay looks great. taking you to the bay bridge. getting to the bay bridge from the east bay is not a problem. easy drive. let me show you the span because getting out of the city onto the lower deck, reports of a traffic break. they're removing cones from a construction zone, but we can't see any of the activity because of the low clouds. the cones pick up and the low clouds, that's the issue between san francisco and oakland. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. >> back to that breaking news we're following in san francisco where a neighborhood was on lockdown overnight after a home invasion turned into a police shooting. within the last half hour, we learned police called off the search for several suspects in the bay view neighborhood. today in the bay's pete suratos is live with what police are telling us about that investigation and why, pete, they say that the public at large may not be at risk at this point. >> yeah, good morning to you.
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as you can see behind me, the crime tape has been taken down in the bay view district. we know at least one suspect has been detained but the ground search for the other suspects has been called off. let's show you some video from the scene when it took place. according to san francisco police in that media briefing, they tell us it took place at 11:00 p.m. on the 2100 block of quesada avenue just a few blocks east of where we're standing. we're told they perimetered off that area. that's when several suspects exiting through the back of the home, jumping over fences and even through back yards in the area trying to get away. at that point, that's when one of the suspects shoots at the officers and an officer returns fire. there were no injuries to report to either party, but police say it was a close call. >> no suspects were shot. sorry if i didn't make that clear. at this time, there are no known injuries, luckily, as a result of the exchange of gunfire.
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from what i hear, though, it was very harrowing. very, very close call for the officers that were in the back yard. >> as i mentioned, one suspect has been detained, but police say this appears to be a targeted home invasion, and they're pretty sure the suspects got out of the area. that's one of the reasons why they called off at at least the ground search. they're still looking for the suspects. if you have information to help out with the case, contact afpd. live in san francisco, pete suratos, today in the bay. >> thank you, pete. >> all right, let's take you across the world right now. happening at this moment, as you see, president trump is speaking there. an address before the israeli government and country. you saw rex tillerson and his wife melania in the first row. president trump right now mixing some diplomacy with a bit of tourism on this first trip abroad. this is the second stop on president trump's first foreign trip. jay gray joining us live from
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jerusalem with what the president is already saying and he spoke not too long ago with the israeli president. good morning. >> reporter: he did. speaking about what he has called the ultimate deal here, bringing peace between the israelis and palestinians. not the focus of this trip, but surely, he would like to lay some groundwork toward that. as you talked about, this will be a mix of diplomacy and sight seeing. he'll go behind the walls of jerusalem's old city, see some of the holy sights. he'll visit with palestinian and israeli leaders. air force one on the ground in tel aviv. president trump greeted by benjamin netanyahu before making a brief chopperroid to jerusalem. 10,000 israeli officers will be a part of the security detail as the president begins the second leg of his trip later this morning in jerusalem. the normally crowded old city will be locked down as mr. trump and first lady melania tour the church of the holy sepal kirk
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also the first sitting president to visit the western wall. the sight seeing will come between meetings between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the president. president trump's first oversees trip began in saudi arabia. draped in modern ceremonies and traditional celebrations but defined by his sunday address to the leaders of more than 50 muslim nations across the nation, urging them to unite in the global foyt against terror. >> drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this earth. >> the president stepping back from the rhetoric of his campaign where he lashed out against islam, instead offering to be a partner in what he called not a fight between religions but a battle between good and evil. >> and that visit, we reached historic agreements to pursue greater and greater cooperation in the fight against terrorism and its evil ideology. >> the fight against terror, one of the issues president trump is
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expected to discuss during his time in israel. >> yeah, and president trump will close out his time here tomorrow with a visit to the west bank and bethlehem. they'll spend time with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. now back to you. >> jay gray reporting for us from israel. thank you very much. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage on president trump's first foreign trip. nbc's lester holt will be anchoring live from jerusalem tonight at 5:30. >> it's 5:05, and an unruly passenger forced a united flight from shanghai to newark to make a pit stop at sfo this weekend. >> united says that man tried to take another passenger's seat while boarding in shanghai. he allegedly refused to move and grew increasingly disruptive. everyone had to deplane while local law enforcement dealt with the matter and the flight had to stop over in san francisco yesterday as a result to recrew.
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as you can see, the man is wearing a bright red america america great hat, hence the shouts to lock him up when he came off the plane. >> it's 5:06. bay areas leaders getting public input on the region's long range transportation plan. the association of bay area governments are hosting two meetings today. one is in santa rosa. the other one is in san jose. each meeting is designs to generate feedback on the draft plan called plan bay area 2040. a long-term look on integrating transportation and land use, and that would be for all nine bay area counties. just in time for memorial day. happening today, the chp is launching its click it or tick it campaign. reminding drivers and their passengers to always buckle up. the national campaign runs through june 4th. chp will be out in full force, cracking down on those who violate the law. it takes two seconds to buckle up, maybe even less than that, and it could save your live.
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more than 97% of californians we're told, do buckle up. >> it's so automatic, i feel weird when i don't have it on. >> with a win tonight in san antonio, the warriors can once again punch their ticket to the nba finals. >> they haven't lost yet in the post season. the suio is looking good. you see kd laughing it up on the sidelines. the ws have a 3-0 lead over the spurs. they have not lost once during this entire playoff run. should fans be worried about the warriors getting complacent? klay thompson said they're not going to be worried about looking ahead. >> right now, we're worried about a good spurs team. we're not looking to the finals just yet. >> see lebron there against the celtics. there's been no doubt the ws are on a collision course with cleveland, but it does not look like the celtics will have something to say about this. a last-second shot last night from avery bradley that rattled home gave the celtics a
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surprising three-point win over the cavs. king james and the cavaliers now lead the eastern conference finals two games to one. >> it is 5:08 now. a clear sunrise beginning to happen, it's under way as we look live at san jose. you step out the door, it's not really that cool. then look at how hot it's going to be today. up to 88 degrees in san jose. 85 in palo alto, and santa cruz, going to be up to 72, while 92 in morgan hill. and in concord today, up to nodegrees. it's going to be hot today as well as tomorrow. then it starts to get much more comfortable. i'll talk about that coming up in about three minutes. mike has a better drive now on the bay bridge. >> that's right. you might want to head there and get relief from the heat because there's still fog there. an issue getting toward the bay bridge, but the earlier traffic break has cleared. they picked up the construction zone. look at the speed sensors, looking great from the south bay over to the city and the upper east shore freeway and there's
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the north bay. no major delays there or on the transit lines. a smooth flow for all of these. let's take a quick look at palo alto to show you the bay shore freeway, light traffic, as you would expect. >> thank you very much. coming up new this morning, changes at a bay area landmark. the new addition the painted lady in san francisco. >> plus, talk about getting an up close and personal view here with nature. a sea lion dragging this little girl into the water right there. the viral video right now, and the warning that comes with it.
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it's 5:12, as you get ready to head out in cupertino, let me show you the temperature trend for today. it will be at 66 degrees at 9:00. low 70s, very quickly by early afternoon. and later today, heading up to about 86 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. more sunshine, very warm weather, but we will catch a break from the air conditioning later this week. more on that coming up at 5:17. >> a little fog across the golden gate bridge. not a problem for drivers as you see from the drive times but it will greet you as you travel south from the north bay. mike, kari, thank you so much. as we head here to the memorial day weekend, you can expect gas
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prices to spike. prices at the pump recently rose about a half a cent for a gallon of regular, but expect it to go much higher than that as the cost of crude oil is jumping. a look at some of the local gas prices in the bay area. san jose averages $3.16 a gallon. in oakland, $3.14. lastly, in san francisco, no surprise here, the most expensive of the group. average price of a gallon of regular gas set you back $3.23 per gallon. well, the wait is over. on wednesday, san francisco's famous alamo square is opening to the public again after a bit of a $5 million remake. >> tough to get pictures in that time. the park isn't the only thing in the neighborhood making headlines. one of the iconic painted ladies across the street from the square has taken a big step into the future. original painted lady built in 1892 is now supplying its own power. solar panels were added allowing the historic home to produce 90% of its own electricity.
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the owner is telling us he hopes the historic status of the home will inspire others to go green. >> despite a well known historical home, it's possible to go with a clean energy solution, and it's something that everybody can do. it's not difficult. we probably had one of the most difficult houses to get solar onto, and we did it. >> i bet. you can't touch those things without a lot of permits. solar company sun run had that daunting task of installing the solar panels on the steep roof of the house. i think it looks just as great. >> fantastic. we now know the ladies are in charge there. the head company sun run also has a tough task ahead of them now, explaining themselves to investors. >> scott mcgrew, accusations it's not being honest about the numbers. >> it's one of the toughest accusations you can face on wall street. the "wall street journal" sis this morning it talks with former managers of the solar start-up who tell reporters sun run manipulated sales numbers
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ahead of the company's ipo here in 2015. specifically the managers claim they were told not to report customer cancellations which had the effect of boosting sales numbers. the journal says sun run's ceo declined to be interviewed for the article but in a written statement, she said she turned up no evidence of wrongdoing. that ceo stands by sunrun's workplace culture, she says, of values and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the principle of integrity upon which our company was founded. the nasdaq hit a record high again friday. dow gains 141 points. overseas plarkts are stable, except for brazil, dealing with another political scandal. we'll see our president's full budget today. >> a monday morning surprise out of detroit. the ceo of ford is out. mark fields who helped lead ford into industries like ride share and automated cared will step down, according to several news agencies. ford has not confirmed the news. now, ford is a notable presence
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in the bay area, as it works to compete with google and tesla. it has an advanced research lab in palo alto where they're working on cars of the future, and a purchased chariot, the small private bus system that runs routes in san francisco. we expect those efforts will only grow bigger because the person in charge of those efforts will be the new ceo. more automated cars. more electrics, more in palo alto. if the name jim hackett rings a bell with 49ers fan, he used to be the interim athletic director of the university of michigan. he's the guy who brought jim harbaugh to michigan. a nice hug from harbaugh. that is not jim hackett, by the way, on the right-hand side. >> i was going to, he looked kind of short. >> jim harbaugh, by the way, who was the last time we had a winning team with the niners, was when that guy was on charge. >> he knows winning employees. >> yes, he does. who can hack it and who can't. >> thank you, scott. >> a warning this morning about
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sea lions in case you haven't seen this video. very scary moments caught on camera near vancouver. a little girl sits down, maybe getting a little too close, and the sea lion just yanks her into the water. a man then jumps into the water immediately after to help the girl out. manages to get her out. we don't know if she's hurt because her family whisked her away. experts say though it happened far from the bay area, it is a reminder that sea lions are powerful and they're animals, and they need their space. >> these are animals that are hunters. they're sometimes as may be the case here, attracted into wharfs or harbors where there are either fishing communities or fish markets. and sometimes unfortunately, are fed by the public. >> again, the little girl made it off safely. took off with her parents. the gentleman who jumped in to help her, it appears he was
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uninjured as well. please remember this as you head out to the water. >> i had heard a rumor, someone said tons of people were feeding the sea lions before. >> as you're out and about, you see people in santa cruz surfing, and the sea lions are just swimming among them. you never think of them as being dangerous. >> but they're wild animals. they're animals. >> that was almost like a whiplash scenario. the speed with which she was yanked to the water. >> be careful. a lot of people are heading to the beach because it's been so warm. and we will have some cooler temperatures. you can enjoy if you just take a short drive or just stay where you are. if you're in one of those areas. we're going to start out this morning at 60 degrees as we take a live look at our tri-valley camera at pleasanton right now. it's 55 degrees looking outside at fremont for the east bay. sdi 50 degrees in san francisco. that's the golden gate bridge and the north bay right now, 49 degrees as you get ready to head out with highs today up to 85 in
5:19 am
the peninsula. so still very warm. 81 degrees in the east bay. san francisco will be up to 75 degrees and looking at all of the low clouds and the fog at the north bay. that will clear out as our high temperatures today headed back to the low 90s. we can see the fog along the coast. visibility at half moon bay cut down to a mile and three quarters, and down to three quarters of a mile in the north bay and santa rosa. with a patchy fog, we start out this morning. it all clears out and temperatures in san jose will be up to 64 degrees. already at 8:00 in the morning, and then up to 81 degrees by noon. now, our normal high temperature in the mid 70s. we're going up to 87 degrees at 4:00, and still very warm this evening. but it will be cool in santa cruz, so in the morning, we will be in the mid 50s. patchy fog, and then temperatures staying in the 60s until early afternoon, reaching up to 68 degrees by 3:00. and then we will have some cooler temperatures in the
5:20 am
forecast for san francisco, it still will be fairly warm today and then much cooler the rest of the week, and then for the inland areas, that cooldown will be much more gradual. still up to 93 today. 90 tomorrow, and then 82 degrees on wednesday. a nice little breeze that will keep our temperatures close to average for the rest of the week into the weekend. now, make, you're just hearing about a b.a.r.t. delay. >> just got word of a ten-minute delay. some sort of equipment problem on the warm springs line. it's somewhere along the stretch between the city and the south bay or coming east of the south bay, let's say. that is the note from b.a.r.t. the rest of the systems, no major problems. again, some sort of equipment problem. they usually fix those quickly. it's coming down into this area. no major problems along the peninsula, getting to the bay bridge. a little build-up at the plaza. we'll see that change in the next ten minutes. let's take you to waze. we got early word of a crash from our waze system right here through pleasanton, southbound 680. no details just yet, but let me
5:21 am
show you the three routes they're showing yorb wru getting to the south bay, you have your choice. 680 is still the best. oh, thank you. looking at this as a choice you can make. it may change in the next few minutes. make sure you check your app and that you're on our team as well. we did get the early warning from our waze system. we can share that on the air or throughout the waze app. hit your profile and select your feel which is nbc bay area wazers. >> you're always careful about finding those cool wazers. coming up, a hiccup months later, the new problem athletes are discovering nearly nine months after the rio olympics. "should old acquaintence be
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forgot for auld lang syne." trt=11 ==kris/contvo== the final curtain call .. ♪ ♪ maybe you're thinking it's not new year's day. well, that is the song for the final curtain call for america's longest running circus. perhaps better known as the greatest show on earth. ringling brothers last night performed its last ever show. you might say folding up the tent for good after a performance at the coliseum in new york. ringling cited a decline in attendance for its demise. >> even nine months after the
5:25 am
rio games, brazil still can't seem to get a break. this time, the problem involves the medals earned by those athletes. you know what they say. once a medalist, always a medalist. as for the medals themselves, it turns out more than 100 were returned because they were rusting and chipping. the games committee says it may have to do with temperature differences. brazil is replacing all of the defective medals. >> how would you like to be an olympic athlete and find out your gold medal is chipping away. >> new this morning, numbers that back up what was the case, that transgender surgeries are becoming more common. the group has been closely tracking the data and it found that last year, gender confirming procedures increased by about 20%. along with changing attitudes in society, doctors attribute the increase to insurance companies that have extended coverage for transgender procedures. while patients are mostly adults, as our bigag shiban
5:26 am
recently reported, doctors say they're seeing a rise in younger patients too. >> it's fairly common to have individuals 17 years old to under go mastectomies as they under go the next stage of their life. >> most cases involve females transitioning to male. many patients have also gone through years of hormone therapy first. >> they came by the thousands. many of them to run. those are like the legit runners, but just as many crashed the front decked out in colorful outrageous costumes. we're talking about bay to breakers. this happened yesterday in san francisco starting at about 10:00. that looks like the winner there, those taking part in the famous 12k race enjoyed a beautiful day. the men and women's champs finishing the race in under 40 minutes. this was the 16th running of the race. >> they were fast because they ditched the costumes. >> i want to know what the first
5:27 am
costume finish was. >> a brawl in downtown san jose, a fight that left a san jose state football player paralyzed or rather hospitalized. students are feeling extremely concerned. a man in jail here in the south bay for allegedly stabbing four people, including a baby. the harm he was causing to himself when officers arrived to arrest him.
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keep on going, america. keep on giggling... and goofing. keep on grooving... and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too. scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll. the search underway for at least a chaotic situation
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unfolding in san francisco, even now this morning, the search under way for at least one suspect after a home invasion turned police shooting. we'll take you live to the scene. >> thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez, in laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. what a weekend we just had. about the only place you could go to escape the heat was san francisco. everyone else was sweating it out. >> i went to santa cruz and struggled to make it up to 60 degrees yesterday. it was crazy. the fog just stayed overhead all day long. >> i thought it would burn off. >> it did not. we were hoping it would. >> i bet it was crazy. >> it wasn't too bad. i think a lot of people saw the fog and were like, it's a little too cool here. but we left san jose in the low 90s. all about where you were. that's the kind of weather we'll see again today. it's going to be bright and sunny. let me show you these temperatures as you get ready to head out in fremont, all clear at 55 degrees and also seeing
5:31 am
50s for most of the bay area, starting out, but then we see the temperatures spread out from 62 at half moon bay to 95 in livermore. we'll talk more about this and look ahead to the weekend coming up. mike is starting out with a b.a.r.t. delay. >> we're talking about an issue on the b.a.r.t. system. a ten-minute delay reported on the line heading down to warm springs so that will be one issue. looks like the maps are frozen, but we show you the one incident besides the b.a.r.t. delay. this is the crash south 680 at sunol boulevard. it was first reported on our waze system, we just got confirmation from chp that it's there, and the bay bridge plaza, yeah, it's for. and the metering rights are on. >> we continue to keep our eye on breaking news this morning. we have been following this since 4:30 irn the morning when we first came on air. you're looking at a crime scene near a home invasion in san francisco's bay view neighborhood that turned into a police shooting. live pictures just a couple
5:32 am
blocks from the scene. pete suratos who is on the ground there is reporting that police have called off a sheltper in place for the neighborhood that was in effect early this morning. it began about 11:00 last night. police say when they got to a house, they saw several suspects running from the back of a a home. that's when one of them fired at officers and the officers fired back. nobody was struck or injured. police were able to detain one suspect, but the search for the others continued. that is what forced the shelter in place as they went yard to yard looking for the suspect or suspects. as we mentioned, pete is there. he'll join us live in about a half hour with more information on the victims. >> our tragic story in the south bay. a man behind bars this morning, accused of stabbing his own wife and children. >> just an utterly heartbreaking situation here. bob ridill joining us live from thea clara county jail with the charges he's now facing. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
5:33 am
you. man faces several charges including attempted murder, child endangerment and domestic violence. his name is eduardo ramirez. he's 36 years old. according to morgan hill police department, a neighborhood called 911 about a man and woman yelling at each other. when officers arrived, they said they found ramirez in the parking lot, repeatedly stabbing himself in the neck and shoulder area with a pocket knife. officered him and placed him under arrest. in the home, officers found a woman, two children under 14 and a baby all suffering from stab wounds. all four taken to the hospital. ramirez is scheduled to be in court this wends. reporting outside the main jail in san jose, bob redell. >> thank you, bob. >> the defense is now up. they'll be calling their first witness in the sentencing phase of the sierra lamar murder case. this follows last week's emotional testimonial from the
5:34 am
missing 15-year-old's parents and friends. they'll try to kwish the jury that antolin garcia torres who was already convicted of killing lamar, does not deserve the death penalty. that sentence is moving forward despite new information that a lead detective and a witness in the trial gave false evidence in another case. a hearing is scheduled to discuss those new developments separately on wednesday. 5:35. a developing story here on your monday. a san jose state football player is in the hospital still with serious juries after he was stabbed only a few blocks from campus. chad miller is a junior at san jose state and also the starting safety on the football team there. the school said he was stabbed late saturday night while hanging out with friends. witnesses say it happened when a group of people got into some kind of brawl on post street. reportedly about a dozen people involved in the brawl. we spoke with other students who said recent off campus violence is leaving them uneasy. >> a shooting by one of the bars
5:35 am
on second street about a month and a half ago. it's not surprising to me at all. >> the school put out a statement saying they expect miller to fully recover. police are going through surveillance video from nearby businesses. happening now, the search continues for two men who led police on a wild chase in san jose this weekend. police say the suspects are wanted for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. it happened just before 6:00 saturday night that the suspects led police on a chase that ended off blossom hill road. police thought the suspects were holed up inside a home and had it surrounded in a standoff that lasted into the morning hours. officers say when they finally got inside the home, the suspects were not there. >> happening today, divers may have to make adjustments in hayward to accommodate a police training exercise. hayward police will conduct a drill on b street between fourth and fifth street, and the department is getting the word out that this is only a drill and poses no public danger.
5:36 am
though the drills sometimes look very real. the closure starts at 9:30 and will be in effect for four hours. >> despite the fact that we just finished with one of the worst rain seasons in recent memory, a south bay flood control project still reportedly is in danger of being halted due to unforeseen costs. the mercury news reports a ballooning budget threatens the flood protection project for two miles of the creek south of milpitas. work on the $35 million project did get under way in october, but we're told it's now in limbo. the water district right now is appealing the new requirement and is actually threatening to sue. >> happening today, the start of several weeks of closures for drivers usingway 85 to connect to 101 in san jose. the closures are only through the overnight hours so at least some good news there for commuters in the afternoon. caltrans are going to be closing the northbound and southbound hov connectors linking 85 to 101 to repair damage from the aforementioned winter storms.
5:37 am
on week days, they'll reopen for the morning commute. crews are expected to finish some time in the middle of june. >> just got word of a fire over here in oakland just off 880. if it's where i think it is, this is close to the freeway. may be visible as far as smoke. since the fire, sounds like things are under control, we may see the smoking in with the low clouds. we'll track that right around downtown oakland. from what i understand on initial reports, we're tracking that. we're also tracking this slowdown which really kicked in in the last ten minutes as the volume builds, south 680 through sunol, and maybe one lane blocked. that's an early start, and some folks may be heading to 84 as you cut through and that could be a problem for pleasanton and livermore. and we're looking right now, the only declared delay for the b.a.r.t. system, they're moving well, but getting to warm springs, there may still be a ten-minute delay because of
5:38 am
earlier equipment problems. thought that would be resolved by now, but so far, no updates. warm springs was appropriately named this weekend. >> i think it was called that before this weekend. i'm not positive, but you make a good point there. >> it's monday. a lot of people have a difficult time getting out of bed, but let's check out the weekend forecast. >> that's how we get people out of bed. >> a long holiday weekend. many people are already making plans and looking forward to that. today, we will have temperatures that are still going to be warm. look at saturday's forecast. much cooler, especially along the coast. inland areas also feeling much more comfortable. looking at sunday for the coast, 66 des. the bay will be at 73. and inland areas up to 78 degrees. so it's going to be perfect. and maybe you're making plans to head to bottlerock. i have a friend who may be going. seeing the forecast for this, it's going to be perfect this
5:39 am
weekend. a little warm during the afternoon, if you're heading to l.a. for the weekend to visit friends and family, enjoying the long weekend, it will be in the mid 60s for both friday and saturday. and sunday, not bad either. 70 degrees. looking at the forecast for kirkwood as the sun rises this morning, we're going to see the temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s for the weekend. i'll have a look at the temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. >> thank you very much, kari. >> as the temperatures continue to rise, a warning for anyone who's planning to hit the water. the dangers lurking in california rivers after one of the coldest, wettest winter on record.
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it's 5:42. good monday morning. all clear as we look at the sunrise over san jose. although we are seeing some clouds, low clouds near the coast. it's 58 degrees. heading up to 88 degrees today and the temperature trend shows it will be comfortable to start, but then we'll be turning on the air conditioners once again as we see the temperatures rising into the 80s. about 10 degrees above average. we will have a cooldown in the forecast, and we'll take a look at that coming up in five minutes. >> and looking at the tri-valley, normally see an early build, but early slow for 680 today. a crash near the sunol exit. that's why highway 84 is a better cut right now.
5:43 am
>> we mentioned the holiday weekend, and as you make your plans, you should know that there is a warning that waterways and rivers are running very full and they are dangerous. that warning comes as a fairfield father remains missing after a boating accident near the pittsburg marina on saturday night. he was out fishing with his young son when the boy fell into the water. father went in after the 9-year-old boy, getting him out safely but then dad wasn't able to get back on the boat. he's still missing this morning. >> just ahead of the memorial day weekend, the coast guard is trying to get the word out about boating safety as well. this week marks national safe boating week. they want to remind recreational boaters you have to wear your life jacket at all times. you should have a working radio onboard. you have to monitor the conditions before you head out, and file a float plan with your family and friends so they know where you are. >> california democratic convention is any sign it's not just the republican party right now in major upheaval.
5:44 am
the convention wrapped up three chaotic days in sacramento yesterday and this meeting did not have a unified front. party members were quite split on who the next chair person should be. the decision favoring eric bowman was bitterly fought and protested by supporters of the other candidate, kimberly ellis. scott weiner talked about trying to have a global perspective. >> the president continues to push his america first isolationist perspective, which is dangerous. america is strongest when we are active in the world. >> so bowman is a southern californiaen while kimberly ellis works for the city of richmond. she was supported by a lot of bernie sanders supporters who talked about feeling like they had when sanders lost his bid for the presidential election. >> president trump is in israel this morning. >> another country, another
5:45 am
speech. >> mr. trump's speech in tel aviv just ended a short time ago, just before 4:00 in the afternoon there. in the speech, mr. trump talked about the common goals shared by israel. and promised expanded trade. the president on his way just arrived, in fact, at the holy church right now. that's the church that stands on where it's believed jesus was crucified and they believe the location of his tomb as well. now, over the weekend, the president gave his most anticipated speech. a speech about islam, to islamic leaders from around the world. this was in saudi arabia. the speech was notable mostly for how middle of the road it was. as president, trump said he thinks islam hates us. he'll meet with benjamin netanyahu. tomorrow, he'll meet with mahmoud abbas, the palestinian leader. wednesday, he goes off to rome to meet with the pope, and then thursday to brussels. it's a big trip. the other important thing happening today is happening
5:46 am
back here in america. in washington, congress will get the president's full budget. we expect there will be very big cuts to medicare and to medicaid. we're talking about the full budget. we saw a version of the budget earlier, but this is a big one today. it includes not just the military and other spending but entitlements. remember, you can cut money out of discretionary budgets but if you're trying to balance the budget, you have to cut money here especially if you're going to give the rich tax breaks. we're talking about cuts in medica medicaid, food stamps. removing 10 million people from aid over the ten years. here's cand tump telling a reporter from the daily signal he would never do such a thing. >> i'm not going to cut social security like every other republican. i'm not going to cut medicare or medicaid. >> you know, you have a lot to say about president trump and the media. i like hearing from you. you can contact me through twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thank you very much, scott. >> it turns out american politics these days, pretty good for nbc's "saturday night live."
5:47 am
>> the hit show's just concluded season had its highest ratings in six years. dwayne johnson hosted the season finale on saturday, which happens to be their highest rated finale since 2011. in case you missed it, "snl" got a big boost this season from alec baldwin who appeared several times as president trump. >> with all due respect to alec baldwin who was hysterical here, i think melissa mccarthy is what brought this to a whole new level. her sean spicer. driving through the streets of new york. >> the podium that drives around. >> maybe a news desk that drives around, kari. where theed we park it if we want to stay out of the heat? >> san francisco or somewhere along the coast. that's where it's been nice and cool thanks to the fog this morning as we get a look out there now. and as you wake up, we're going to see that fog slowly clearing out, but it's all clear as we get a look at the view from mt. hamilton, over the south bay, beautiful sunrise there. but then you can see the low
5:48 am
clouds over the castro right now, as the temperatures are at 52 degrees, and it's 48 degrees from sausalito. you can see it's clear there, but look at the clouds rolling across the city right now and the bay. so are going to have some low visibility to start and then once all that clears, our inland areas will be warming up. look how hot it will be again today. up to in cupertino and san jose. east bay will see a high of 94 degrees in antioch while hayward be up to 82. 77 in san mateo, and half moon bay, 82. 75 in the mission district and the marina at 70 degrees. 87 degrees in novato. we will have a wide range in temperatures as you're getting ready for the day. for the inland areas, a day for short sleeves and also sunglasses. it will be bright and sunny again today, and then we'll start to see some weather where you may need to put on more layers as we go through the week, as it cools down. it starts out comfortable as our temperatures have been in the
5:49 am
low 50s, even around 60 degrees. then as it quickly warms at recess, the kids will have a lot of sunshine and more comfortable weather, but it will be another hot day by the time they get out of school, maybe some reading time indoors or hanging out at the library. it will be cool for san francisco over the next few days. this will be the warmest day of the week, reaching 75 degrees. inland valleys will be up to 93 degrees today. 90 tomorrow. and then we'll start to see the cooldown under way. and thursday will be the coolest. looking very nice with some sunshine and not a bad weekend headed our way either. we'll talk more about that, but mike has more updates on the b.a.r.t. delay. >> still talking about the ten-minute delay. at least it's not growing. that means they're holding st d steady. the delay reported toward the warm springs. it sounds like things should be clearing up. we're looking to the roadways and things moving well on the peninsula, the south bay. the only issue right now we're
5:50 am
following aside from the roadside fire off 880 in oakland which sounds like everything is under control, we're looking to decision 80 and looking at this crash that caused early slowing through pleasanton and sunol. sunol boulevard is where we have that incident and activity, but clear once you pass the merge to 84 which is your good cut through over there. let's take you to the waze system. we have seen a change and now waze is saying you know, it's not a whole lot worse getting over there to the castro valley y, but it is a slower drive if you take foothill road here. that's a better side road, parallel to 680. i hope i didn't give anybody's secrets. get to your phone before you part from your house in the morning or wherever you're living and make sure you're part of the team, anthony waters happy is one of our wazers who confirmed that crash at that location. >> i like that little handle.
5:51 am
>> thank you very much. >> if you do not look after your pets and you know who you are, the city issing after you. coming up on today in the bay, the steps that a san francisco supervisor is taking to crack down on dog owners who are not cleaning up after their pets. >> i am sorry, i didn't hear what you said. those dogs were too cute. >>enning now, no word on whether orange county beach will reopen today. lifeguards cleared the waters after 25 sharks were spotted yesterday near the pier there. plus, thousands of convicts are hoping to wipe marijuana charges off their records. a provision of prop 64 allows some felony convictions related to marijuana to be reduced to misdemeanors. so far, more than 2500 requests have been filed. we're back in two minutes.
5:52 am
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welcome back. it's 5:54 on your monday morning. after fighting in the middle east, a navy veteran returns home to face the battle of his life against the u.s. government. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock has been following this case very closely. >> good morning. joaquin tells us that the u.s. navy promised him citizenship, and then deployed him to the middle east. he admits when he left the military and came back from the war zone, he broke u.s. law. after serving his sentence, he landed in u.s. immigration court
5:55 am
and the u.s. government says has no record of his citizenship application and insists on deporting him. >> once you serve the country, you assume the country will look out for you. and the system has failed. >> he has small children and worries that his deportation order could come at any time. >> like a cancer. it's hunting me. >> our investigation found hundreds of u.s. veterans have been deported for committing even minor crimes, but sotelo has for now found a way to stay here in the united states. we'll have the complete story, including how he's able to do it, tonight at 11:00. with the investigative unit, i'm stephen stock. back to you. >> stephen, thank you. if you have a tip for our unit, the phone number on the screen, 888-996-tips or you can send an e-mail to the unit at >> one person is dead and another in critical condition after a boat went airborne
5:56 am
during a race on the jersey shore. those boats were competing in a preliminary event at the point pleasant beach grand prix. one of the boats went airborne during a turn and then also crashed into another boat. the race was canceled after that accident. >> this morning we're hearing from the family of an alabama man who died. he made it to the top of mt. everest but on the way back down, he did not make it. the 50-year-old died on his way down from the summit. this happened in an area called the death zone that's known for having extremely thin air. his daughter spoke with nbc about her father's love of climbing. she said he tried to climb everest in 15 but he had to turn back because of an earthquake, so he was determined to make it this time. >> he wanted to accomplish this dream. and i guess be a hero for his family and everybody around him, show them you can do anything you set your mind to. >> he is now the third climber to die on mt. everest this year. >> so young, just 50.
5:57 am
>> happening today, jury selection in bill cosby's sexual assault trial begins and it will happen in a courtroom 300 miles away from where the actual trial will take place. cosby's lawyers demanded that jury selection be moved to find jurors who had not been influenced by these publicity of that trial. >> conta costa county officials are asking for public input as they work on bicycle and pedestrian improvements. that goal is to encourage people to walk and bike more along treat boulevard, i-680 corridor near the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. the public workshop starts at 6:00. if you want to go, it's at the contra costa county transportation authority building. >> you go out, walk your dogs, they're doing their business. apparently not enough people are following up after that.
5:58 am
san francisco supervisor katie tang launching a new program called the pet owner outreach program or p.o.o.p. is the acronym. i'm not making this up. people who adopt a dog from animal control are getting a free set of dog waste bags and a bag dispenser. as for the tennis ball and the collars and leashes, you're on your own. >> i think we need to make this a graphic story. just put some information on the screen. we can't look at the dogs and think at the same time. >> another season of the outdoor reality adventure series, running wild with bear grylls, launching tonight on nbc. the first celebrity to take that wilderness excursion is sterling k. brown from "this is us." he goes for a wild ride through the mountains of colorado and then an extensive ground hike which introduces brown to situations he's never faced. >> i'm excited about seeing how game i can be.
5:59 am
like i don't know exactly what i'm made out of. i'm probably going to have to, like, repel off something, maybe jump off something, catch some wild animal or something, thing yz have never done before in my life. i'm looking tasee if i'm game for the challenge. >> running wild airs tonight at 10:00 right after "the voice. "another episode will air this night as part of nbc's red nose event. we know his nephew. >> anthony was here for a long time. we have to get the inside scoop on that trip. at 6:00, breaking overnight, police in san francisco investigating an officer-involved shooting. the crime that led up to this incident. >> and all eyes on jerusalem this morning as president trump visits israel as part of its first overseas trip. what we can expect from the president today. >> and another day, a passenger who forced a flight to land at
6:00 am
sfo. today in the bay continues right now. >> and a good monday morning. we hope you had a great weekend and we're glad you're with us here on this monday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. today, we were all in different spots around the bay area this weekend. some of us were much cooler than others. you were in santa cruz, you were cool. >> it barely made it to 60 yesterday. >> lucky. >> it was so cool, as the fog rolled by all day long. so it's been all about where you are, and then look at these temperatures today. 95 in livermore. 62 in half moon bay. we will see more of this wide range in temperatures as we go into the next couple days, and i'll talk about that coming up. mike says there's delays in the tri-valley. >> of course, a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's where the metering lights are on, and light down the east shore freeway, but building. a crash between sunol boar


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