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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sfo. today in the bay continues right now. >> and a good monday morning. we hope you had a great weekend and we're glad you're with us here on this monday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. today, we were all in different spots around the bay area this weekend. some of us were much cooler than others. you were in santa cruz, you were cool. >> it barely made it to 60 yesterday. >> lucky. >> it was so cool, as the fog rolled by all day long. so it's been all about where you are, and then look at these temperatures today. 95 in livermore. 62 in half moon bay. we will see more of this wide range in temperatures as we go into the next couple days, and i'll talk about that coming up. mike says there's delays in the tri-valley. >> of course, a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's where the metering lights are on, and light down the east shore freeway, but building. a crash between sunol boulevard, i would say closer to cougman by
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the speed sensors. chp says it may take a half hour to clear that and that would be bad for the ln interchange. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. >> breaking news to get to. police in san francisco right now still investigating a home invasion that led to a police shooting. >> this happened in the city's bay view neighborhood, and within the last two hours, police called off the search for suspects. >> pete suratos has been following all the developments for us since we came on the air at 4:30. he joins us to bring us up to speed on the investigation. what's the latest? >> good morning to you, sam and kris. we moved to the location where the home invasion took place on the 2100 block of quesada avenue. we're going to show you, this is the home we believe the home invasion took place because we have seen police moving in and out of it in the past half hour since we have been. we can report according to san francisco police, they detained at least one suspect, but they
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called off the ground search for the others. we'll show you video from the scene from overnight, and according to police, this home invasion took place roughly around 11:00 p.m. and when they showed up, they perimetered off the area where we're standing and several suspects tried to get away through the back of the home, jumping over fences and into backyards. it's at this point one of the suspects shoots at officers and an officer returns fire. there are no injuries to report to either party, but police tell us it was a very close call. >> no suspects were shot. sorry if i didn't make that clear. at this time, there are no known injuries, luckily, as a result of the exchange of gunfire. from what i hear, though, it was very harrowing. very, very close call for the officers that were in the backyard. >> police say this appears to be a targeted home invasion, and the reason they called off the search is they're pretty sure the suspects were able to get out of the area, but there's still a search for suspects on the ground. if you have any information to
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help out with this case, contact police. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, for today in the bay. >> all right, pete, thank you very much. that's what's happening here at home. we go abroad now. a live look from israel where president trump is continuing his first overseas tour since taking office. >> he traveled from saudi arabia to israel where he's mixing diplomacy with tourism. jay gray is live with what we can expect throughout the course of day. >> good morning. yeah, this is the second stop president trump's nine-day overseas tour. right now, he's behind these walls here around jerusalem's old city touring some of the historic holy sights there. he will meet with both israeli and palestinian leaders in his two days here. air force one on the ground in tel aviv. president trump greeted by benjamin netanyahu before making a brief chopper ride to jerusalem. 10,000 israeli officers will be
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a part of the security detail as the president begins the second leg of his trip later this morning in jerusalem. the normally crowded old city will be locked down as mr. trump and first lady melania tour the church of the holy septalker. it will come between meetings between benjamin netanyahu and the president ritalin. president trump's first overseas trip began in saudi arabia. draped in modern ceremonies and traditional celebration, but defined by his sunday address to the leaders of more than 50 muslim nations across the region, urging them to unite in the global fight against terror. >> drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this earth. >> the president stepping back from the rhetoric of his campaign where he lashed out against islam. instead offering to be a partner in what he calls not a fight between religions but a battle between good and evil. >> and that visit, we reached
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historic agreements to pursue greater and greater cooperation in the fight against terrorism and its evil ideology. >> the fight against terror, one of the issues that president trump is expected to discuss during his time in israel. >> president trump will close out his stay here tomorrow. he'll visit the west bank and bethlehem he'll see holy sites there and spend time with mahmoud abbas. that's the latest here live in jerusalem. back to you. >> all right, jay. thank you very much for that report. and stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the president's first foreign trip. lester holt will anchor live from jerusalem tonight, that's at 5:30. >> an unruly passenger forcing a united flight from shanghai to newark to make an unexpected pitd stop at sfo this weekend. >> lock him up!
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>> united says the man tried to take another passenger's seat as they were still boarding in shanghai. that's what started all of this. he allegedly refused to move and grew, according to people there, increasingly disruptive. everybody had to deplane while local law enforcement dealt with that matter. the flight had to stop over in san francisco as a result to change out the crews. as you can see, the man is wearing a bright red make america great again hat, hence the shouts as he was getting off the plane, lock him up. >> bay area leaders are getting public input on the region's long range transportation plan. the ntc and association of bay area governments will host two meetings today. one in santa rosa, one in san jose. each meeting is designed to generate feedback on the draft plan called plan bay area 2040. a long term integrated transportation and land use plan that brings in all nine bay area counties. >> with the win tonight in san antonio, the warriors can once again punch their ticket to the
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fin finals. >> that didn't take long, because they haven't lost a single game yet. the scenario looking very good for the ws and kevin durant. they have a commanding 3-0 lead over the spurs. they have not lost wurns in the latest playoff run. should fans worry about them getting complacent with an embarrassment of winning. klay thompson said they won't be caught off guard looking ahead. >> right now, we're worried about a really good spurs team. they won 60 games in the regular season. been great this playoffs. we're not looking to the finals just yet. >> they're focused. they have king james awaiting them. the ws on a collision course, it looks like, with cleveland, although the celtics put a road bump in that. avery bradley sinking a three pointer, giving the celts a surprising win over the cavaliers. the cavs now lead the finals two games to one. >> we're coming up on 6:08 on this monday morning. and it's a mild start on what will be another hot day.
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we're at 57 degrees right now in the peninsula. 49 degrees, and you can see that fog as we look at san francisco this morning. also low clouds over the north bay. it's 49 degrees there as you get ready to head out. then look at these highs, again today, very hot inland. up to 95 in the tri-valley. the peninsula, 85. and 88 in the south bay. we'll also see 90s in the north bay. san francisco will be much cooler. and nice 75 degrees. we'll take a look at the temperature trend for evergreen in about four. mike has a new crash in san jose. >> unfortunately, because we have so many traffic cameras, we're able to find the effects. north 101 right here, it was south 101 onto north 680 where seconds ago we had traffic backed up. there was a quick traffic break. a car hit one of the side walls there. fortunately did not go off the edge. looks like it might have cleared. we'll show you where that was in the south bay. counter commute down here, so no problem for south 101 or 680.
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we're tracking the ripple throughout the area in the next few minutes. we have this which will continue for a few minutes, at least. a tad bit heading down through the tri-valley. highway 84 also possible. i'll be tracking this crash here, upper east shore freeway, we just got word of a crash which may be in lanes and cause more slowing between the carquinez bridge and richmond. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> hey, now. coming up next on today in the bay, the reason gas prices are expected to jump as we head into the memorial day weekend. >> plus, stepping into the future, the upgrades to one of san francisco's iconic painted ladies. [ whistles ]
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it is 6:12 as the sun rises over the south bay, this is a live look at san jose. and you see nothing but sun out there. the temperature trend for evergreen is going to start out nice and then at how hot it will be by 2:00 this afternoon. another sizzling day, but we are going to catch a break. i'll talk more about that coming up in five minutes. >> and this is a tough drive. look at that, though, you saw it go from 49 to 45 minutes. improvement. hopefully quickly.
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south 6 through pleasanton. the earlier crash has cleared near sunol. we'll track the ripple effect. >> thank you very much. >> 6:13 on your monday, just in time for memorial day weekend coming up this weekend, the chp launching its click it or ticket campaign, reminding drivers and passengers to buckle up. the national campaign runs through june 4th and the chp will be out in full force cracking down on violators. just a reminder, it doesn't take much time to buckle up, but it could save your life. more than 97% of californians do buckle up. >> as we do barrel toward the memorial day weekend, you can expect gas prices to continue to climb. prices at the pump recentlyrosis about a half cent for a gallon of regular, but they're expected to go much higher as the cost of crude oil jumps. a look at where things stand. local prices in the bay area. san jose, the average price of gas is $3.16 a gallon. in oakland, $3.14.
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in san francisco, no surprise, the highest of the group, the average price of a gallon of regular gas will set you back $3.23 a gallon. >> for years, tesla offered owners a nice perk. they could charge their cars for free at any of their super charger stations. in january, the company said it was going to phase the program out. tesla says now new users can take advantage if they get a driver to give them a reffral code existing owners can give free unlimited charging up to five friends. current owners can still get free charging if they decide to buy another tesla model. if somebody is friendly, you know why. >> you have to make those friends. >> a new look for some very old and storied ladies here in san francisco. on wednesday, san francisco's famous alamo square opening up to the public again after a $5 million makeover. >> the park is not the only thing that looks different. the neighborhood also makings. one of the iconic painted ladies across the street from alamo
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square has taken a big step into the future. the original painted lady built in 1892 now supplies her own power. solar panels were added to the roof, allowing the historic home to generate 90% of its own electricity. the homeowner tells us he's hoping the fact he was able to do it will inspire other people to also go green. >> despite a very well known historical home, it's still possible to go with a clean energy solution. and it's something that everybody can do. it's not difficult. we have probably had one of the most difficult houses to get solar onto, and we did it. >> solar company sunrun had that daunting task of installing the solar panels on top of the steep roof of the house. >> the was good p for sunrun. however, the company also has a daunting task ahead explaining itself to investors. >> there are accusations this morning about the accuracy of its numbers. >> yeah, and that's one of the
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toughest accusations you can face on wall street. the "wall street journal" says this morning it talks with former managers of the solar start-up who tell reporters they manipulated sales numbers ahead of the company's ipo in 2015. the managers claim they were told not to report customer cancellations which had the effect of boosting sales numbers. the journal says the ce oh declined to be interviews for the article but in a written statement, she said the company turned up no evidence of wrongdoing. a monday morning surprise out of detroit. the ceo of ford is out. mark fields who helped lead ford into new industries like ride share and automated cars will step down. ford just confirmed that just a couple minutes ago. ford haa notable presence in the bay area as it works to compete with google and tesla. it has an advanced research lab in palo alto where they're working on cars of the future. including a self-driving ford fusion, and it purchased chariot, the small private bus
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system that runs routes in san francisco. we expect those efforts will grow bigger because the person in charge of the efforts, the new ceo, is jim hackett, who used to run the palo alto effort. so more automated cars, more electric cars, more in palo alto. and it sounds as if uber is staying in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, not going very well. uber, you remember, moved its automated cars out of san francisco after it was discovered uber never got permission from the state of california to drive them, so they did allow their testing in pittsburgh. the mayor of pittsburgh says uber has backed out of promises to provide free rides and backed out of help with a $50 million grant application. pittsburgh is kind of finding out what it's like to do business with uber. >> you know the tory about the frog and the scorpion? >> yes, tell us. >> i don't have time to tell you. you have to google it. basically, frog and scorpion. >> yeah. thank you very much, scott. and pore flooding is
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expected in alabama today after report-breaking rain led to flooding over the weekend. montgomery was hit with more than eight inches of rain. saturday into sunday. no injuries reported, no road closures reported, but a lot of folks say their homes were damaged. this weekend rainfall broke a 37-record. >> those streets aren't supposed to look like rivers but they do right now. we have not seen much rain in our forecast recently, but that has not prevented rivers from getting more swollens, as we see. >> that's because of the snow melt in the sierra. that's over toward truckee river and the merced river. those are the areas we're watching for flooding. here in the bay area, let's look at the anderson reservoir, which was overflowing throughout the winter. and now it looks nice and calm. as the sun rises this morning with some sunshine, looking at pleasanton, a beautiful start to this monday morning. and we've also had some clear visibility inland. as you go along the coast, we have seen some fog rolling by.
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and visibility down to about three quarters of a mile in half moon bay. a half of a mile in santa rosa, and napa also seeing light patchy fog this morning. this will also keep some areas cool along the coast. as we start out in the upper 40s to low 50s right now, we'll see the high temperatures for the south bay and los gatos up to 90 degrees. 87 in gilroy. and 93 in danville today. fremont, 85 degrees for the high temperature. san mateo, 77 degrees. and 67 in ingleside, and 86en santa rosa, while point reyes will be at 67 degrees. you see the span of the temperatures. in san francisco, as we go through the day, this is how it breaks down. 58 degrees at 8:00, then up to 70 degrees by lunchtime. another day to take the lunch outside and enjoy the nice weather. if you're planning to head the short week over towards the sierra, we talked about the snow melt. here's a look at heavenly. still a lot of snow on the
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ground and our temperatures in the 70s over the next couple days. so more of that snow melting. you better get there and enjoy it. san francisco, we're going to see the temperatures dropping back into the low 60s. thursday will be the coolest day of the week, but it's still going to be very warm inland for the next couple days, reaching into the low 90s. then we catch a break the air conditioner up on full blast, more sunshine the rest of the week. as we head over to mike, you're tracking what's happening on the roads and also using waze to help us out. >> that's right. betters on the roads, and we have early reports of a crash in pleasanton from our waze system. that's great. wazers out there helping us out get the information, even though chp is working hard, they can't do everything. we're looking at the south bay, a crash cleared and no delays for the peninsula. recovery now, 680 as we had sued, is clear. i saw a change in the sensors. some improvement now already because of a lighter springtime traffic flow heading into the summer for schools.
6:21 am
84 still seeing more traffic. let's check with waze and they'll show you if you do use that blue route, that's a slower drive. you cut across through stanley, that might help you out more than 680. that will continue to change. make sure you're joining our team. one of the wazers in the east bay told us about the crash on willow that did clear from the upper east shore freeway. if you join our team, nbc bay area wazers, you help us out and we'll help you. >> thanks. preventing obesity and health issues at a young age. >> after the break in two minutes, the new dietary guidelines from doctors that impact anyone with young children. the big, bulky part of a furniture delivery arrives on time, but the accessories don't. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds, next. president trump is at the
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it is 6:24 right now, and happening right now, president trump is at the western wall in israel. he's the first u.s. president to visit the jewish holy site. you can see him there in a moment of quiet reflection. we apologize for the signal breaking up, but we are very far from jerusalem this morning. >> of course, we're keeping an eye on president's trip. in the meantime here, interesting medical news for moms out there. babies under the age of 1 should not be drinking fruit juice. that's according to the american academy of pediatrics and it
6:25 am
deviates from past guidelines which had advised against juice for baby under 6 months old. but doctors are concerned about childhood obesity and dental health. fruit juice is full of calories and sugar is is not a good substitute for fresh fruit. they recommend only four ounces of juice a day for toddlers and six ounces for preschoolers. ♪ >> that is the final curtain call for america's longest running circus, perhaps better known as the greatest show on earth. ringling brothers last night performed its last ever show, pulling up the tenlt for good after a performance in new york. ringling cited a decline in attendance for demise, which became more pronounced when it ended its controversial elfephat act. >> nbc bay area responds to a
6:26 am
san jose woman who paid for home accessories she said she never got. >> our consumer team stepped in and helped her out. chris chmura is here with her story. >> margaret bought some new furnitures and accessories from ashley furniture in milpitas. everything was delivered just fine, except for a $75 accessory set. margaret says she asked the store to either deliver the accessories or give her a refund. neither happened. after five months of trying to get this resolved, she reached out to us for help. we contacted ashley, and it issues margaret a refund for $75. in a statement, it said we take these matters seriously. we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. 888-996-tips. or logon to >> thank you, chris. coming up next, a video we have been talking about that is all over social media. a sea lion snatching a young girl from a dock. all of this caught on camera.
6:27 am
how one man jumps in right away. might have saved her life. >> a man is in jail here in the south bay after allegedly stabbing four people including a baby. the harm he was causing to himself when he was placed under arrest. you're watching today in the bay.
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♪ ♪
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♪ we )re tracking another warm day for some parts of the bay right now at 6:30, we're tracking another warm day for some parts of the bay area. but then things are going to cool down later this week as we
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look live at downtown san jose. thanks for joinings on this monday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's been an action-packed last couple weekends. bay to breakers this weekend. bottlerock this upcoming weekend. maroon 5 and macklemore, bring them on. >> i have the forecast for you, but that's in seven minutes. you have to hold on and wait for that. let's talk about today because it is still to be very nice. and then look at this view from twin peaks looking at san francisco. 52 degrees now as you see the low clouds there. it's not cloudy everywhere, and then we'll get some sunshine. a wide range in temperatures from the low 60s along the coast to the mid 90s for the inland valleys. napa today up to 90 degrees. we'll talk about that weekend forecast coming up. mike has a little bit of a slowdown parts of 680. >> two portions of 680 seeing slower drives. the rest of the bay looks great.
6:31 am
the south bay just starting to build, and the peninsula not seeing any problems. we have southbound 680 through pleasant hill. we talked about the interchange, but i'm talking about the debris that causes slowing. traffic is lighter in the area now and we're able to see recovery. the dublin interchange crash did clear from sunol. you can continue to see that ripple back to the 580 approach coming through livermore and dublin. now, the san mateo bridge does see more traffic. you see hayward right here, and let's get a live look across the span. no major problems and a clear view here, but low clouds at the golden gate bridge and portions of the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you very much. back to breaking news that we have been following since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. you see there is still a police presence there in this neighborhood in san francisco's bay view. which turned into a crime scene last night. and a police shooting. you're looking at live pictures,
6:32 am
police called off a shelter in place for the neighborhood in effect early this morning as they were going yard to yard looking for suspects. it began around 11:00 on qusada avenue. when they got to the house, they saw several suspects running from the back of the home, what they believe is a targeted home invasion. that's when one of the suspects fired at police officers. the officers fired back. no one was struck or injured. wi know for a fact that police have detained one suspect and the search for the others continues. >> it's 6:32, and now we head to the south bay where a father is behind bars this morning, accused of stabbing his own wife and three children. >> truly a horrible story. one of those children an infant. today in the bay's bob redell joining us live outside the santa clara county jail with what police say led up to the incident. >> good morning. this man faces several charges. he's now in jail here in san jose, but those charges include attempted murder, child endangerment and domestic violence. his name is eduardo ramirez.
6:33 am
he's 36 years old. it was late saturday afternoon when a neighbor called 911 to report that a man and a woman were yelling at each other. when the officers arrived, they parking lot repeatedly stabbing himself in the neck and shoulder area with a pocket knife. officers tased him to get him to drop the weapon and placed him under arrest. inside the home, officers found the woman, two children under 14 years of age and a baby, all suffering from stab wounds. all of them taken to the hospital. ramirez is scheduled to be in court this wednesday. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> all right, thank you very much, bob. new this morning, into our newsroom in the last few minutes, really, hayward police releasing this mugshot of the man they say tried to set several people on fire at a denny's. the man was eating at a restaurant on industrial parkway last wednesday when police say he threw lighter fluid on several people, including a child. when he pulled out a lighter, employees and other customers
6:34 am
immediately jumped in and tried to restrain him. nobody was hurt. >> the defense is now up and they'll be calling their first witnesses in the sentencing phase of the sierra lamar murder case today. this follows last week's emotional testimony from the missing 15-year-old's parents and friends. today the defense will try to convince the jury that antolin garcia torres who was convicted of killing lamar, does not deserve the death penalty. the sentencing is moving forward despite new information that a lead detective and witness in the murder trial gave false evidence in another case. developing this morning, a san jose state football player in the hospital with serious injuries after he was stabbed over the weekend. just a few blocks away from campus. chad miller is a junior and a starting safety on san jose state's football team. the school says he was stabbed late saturday night while he was hanging out with friends. witnesses say this happened when a group of people got into some kind of brawl on post street in san jose. we spoke with other students who said that recent off campus violence is leaving them uneasy.
6:35 am
>> there was a shooting by one of the bars on 2nd street like a month and a half ago, so it's not surprising to me at all. >> san jose state did put out a statement yesterday saying that they do expect miller to fully recover. police right now are going through surveillanceio from nearby businesses. >> south bay flood control project is reportedly now in danger of being halted because of unforeseen costs. the mercury news reports a ballooning budget threatens the flood protection project for two miles of the upper creek south of milpitas. work on the $35 project already got under way. that was back in october. but now it's in limbo because of the costs tied to an added wetlands restoration project. the water district is appealing the new requirement and also threatened to sue. >> also happening today, the start of several weeks of closures for drivers using highway 85 to connect to 101 in san jose. those closures will only affect overnight hours, so some of us, right?
6:36 am
caltrans will close both the north and southbound hov connectors linking 85 to 101 to repair damage from winter storms. on week days the connectors will reopen just in time for the morning commute. crews are expected to finish this job by mid-june. >> all right, now we're going to show you video being watched around the world this morning. terrifying moments caught on camera as that sea lion lunges and grabs that girl, pulls her into the water. this happened near vancouver, british columbia, and that girl was quickly rescued by a man. >> that was hard to watch. i have to say. "today's" miguel almaguer is in vancouver with a closer look at the story he's working on for us. >> good morning. it is shocking and scary video, a sea lion here in vancouver jumping out of the water and pulling a little girl into the water as her family watches. >> oh! oh, my god. oh, my god! >> coming up on the "today"
6:37 am
show, you'll also hear from experts and what they warn. we'll have a full coming up. back to you. >> pretty amazing rescue. thank you very much. 6:37. today is harvey milk day in california. san francisco's first openly gay politician would have turned 87 today. born in 1930, milk was elected to the board of supervisors in 1977, but ten months later, he waw assassinated by a former board member. to mark milk's birthday, san francisco's lgbt museum offering free admission. >> they came by the thousands, many came to run, but some also just came to party. they were decked out in colorful, outrageous costumes and oncies for the bay to breakers in san francisco. a lot of the folks taking part in the famous 12k race enjoyed a beautiful day in the city. the winners here on your screen, you can see, they're serious about it, not wearing the costumes. the man and woman's champs finishing the race in under 40 minutes, sam.
6:38 am
this was the 16th running of the race. >> sure, anyone can run it in shorts. try running it in a banana costume, right? >> well, i ran it, no costume. i did have clothes. >> whew. >> in the south bay, everybody was relieved that, kris, thank you. >> the south bay, a little build. and as we approach the summer months, we have already seen graduations for many colleges. that's why we're seeing a lighter flow of traffic on the earlier commute. good recovery as well, 35 minutes, ten minutes better because the crash has cleared through the sunol area. that's been improving through that stretch of the tri-valley and build in the east bay as well. as you get to hayward and approach the spaan mateo bridgea lot of company but no problems on the peninsula. a quick look, a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is very clear as far as traffic flow, i have been watching through this mist to see if there are any windshield wipers. i haven't seen anyone use them, but it's still there.
6:39 am
>> for the record, i was just worried about your being cold. >> oh. >> so he was wearing clothes. hopefully they breathe because it was really hot. >> it was. san francisco is one of those places where it was nice comfortable, and as we head into the weekend, we are going to see the coast a lot cooler. 64 degrees. that will be the high temperature on saturday. i know it's early, but it's a long holiday weekend. let's go ahead and make plans. for the bay, up to 68 degrees, and 75 for the inland areas. a big improvement over this past weekend, right? 78 degrees on sunday for the inland valleys. 73 for the bay, and 67 along the coast. and sam's really interested in this forecast. i wonder why. bottlerock this weekend in napa valley will be in the upper 70s on saturday. 83 degrees on sunday. so it won't be too bad. as you make plans to hit the road, maybe you're going to l.a.
6:40 am
to spend time with family, it will be in the mid 60s. a lot of sunshine, and up to 70 degrees on sunday. if you want to check out some snow, here's a live look at kirkwood this morning. and this weekend, we'll see the high temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. we'll bring it back home, take a look at the temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. >> all right, thank you, kari. wild video just in to our newsroom showing the moments a burning gas station roof collapsed onto a firefighter. >> there's a fireman down. >> coming up in just three minutes, the quick thinking that saved that firefighter's life. >> the president continues his worldwide tour. he's in israel right now. the latest video, we'll show it to you coming up. >> we also have the latest on the big board here, scott, as wecopy an eye on your markets morning. the dow jones industrial average back up 91 points this morning at 20,896. we'll have more news, weather,
6:41 am
and traffic in two minutes. there's a place like no other...
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it's 6:43 as we take a live look outside at san jose. a clear sunrise, and it's going to be another hot day. it starts out nice and comfortable, 58 degrees with a high of 88. let me show you the temperature trend as you make plans for the day, nice and cool. get out for the jog before noon.
6:44 am
as we go into later today, it will be reaching into the mid to upper 80s which is at least ten degrees above average. it cools down this week. more on that in the microclimate forecast at 6:49. >> we have one color for three routes. top of your screen, 680 continues to improve after the earlier crash near sunol. bottom of the screen, 880 continues to slow because of the build. we'll compare the routes coming up. we do have dramatic video to show you. this is a firefighter that was trapped under a burning wall in michigan, but it could have happen anywhere. the rescue that follows is truly amazing. >> oh, my god. oh, my god! oh, my god! >> you hear the screams there, and then the collapse. you can actually see the firefighter battling that gas station fire when the entire wall dislodges and comes down, consumed by flames. it collapses right onto him. two firefighters rush in to help out but they cannot pull him out. that's when more firefighters,
6:45 am
paramedics and people nearby all join in. it took several seconds, but they were able to drag the firefighter out. you see him standing up there. just a short time later. luckily, he and some of his rescuers only suffered minor injuries. >> unbelievable. no routine fire. >> palo alto is moving norward with its plans to get ready for the high-speed rail system. they report city officials are holding meetings with the community on possible designs at railroad crossings. one of those meetings happened over the weekend. the city is considering creating new crossings. >> happening today, drivers may have to make some adjustments in hayward to accommodate a police training exercise. hayward police are going to be conducting a drill on b street between 4th and 5th streets. the department is trying to get the word out, but this is only a drill and it causes no public. the closure starts at 9:30 this morning and will be in effect for about four hours. >> graduation doesn't often get political, but it did yesterday at the university of notre dame
6:46 am
as students walked out on vice president mike pence some boos greeted the vice president as he took the podium. but as he started to speak, dozens of graduates just left their own commencement ceremony. hundreds of students signed a petition asking the university not to invite president trump. the school then instead invited vice president pence. one graduate from san francisco said he will never regret his decision to walk. >> so my mom last night was asking me, you only have this once, aren't you going to regret this? and to all the people that are booing us and so on, yeah, i only do have this once. how do i want to look back on this? for me, i want to look back on it a moment where i was able to stand up for what i believe in. >> protesting graduates cited the trump administration's stances on immigration and lgbt rights. >> a court hearing in washington that could impact the future of the affordable care act. usa today reports that federal judges will hear an argument
6:47 am
from the trump administration attorneys on whether or not to delay an appeal filed against a recent ruling over the payment of health care subsidies. attorneys may argue to delay that case until august after insurers have filed proposed premiums for 2018. today's hearing is tied to a larger lawsuit filed by house republicans seeking to eliminate those subsidies all together. >> the administration also plans big cuts ahead for the poor and for the elderly. billions of dollars that could come out of medicare and food stamps. >> scott mcgrew, the white house releases the president's proposed budget today. >> "the washington post" got a sneak peek at that budget due out today. the post says that budget includes $800 billion in cuts to medicaid over the next ten years. we knew that was coming because that was part of the republicans' major cut to health care, and an enormous cut to food stamps as welt. we saw the discretionary budget
6:48 am
a few weeks ago. republicans both want to balance the budget and give people tax cuts, but there's just not enough room in the discretionary spending area to do that. particularly if you're trying to grow the military. you can find money in the biggest part of the pie, right? where you're to find things like medicaid. here's candidate trump, though, telling a reporter he would never do such a thing. >> and i'm not going to cut social security like every other republican or medicare or medica medicaid. >> while washington looks over the budget, president trump is in israel right now as part of the big overseas trip. video from a short time ago, as the president and first lady visited a holy church, an important spot in the christian religion. the church built on top of the police it's believed jesus was crucified and the location of his tomb. then he walked to the western wall, at the foot of the temple mountain.
6:49 am
planning for this part of the trip did cause controversy when the american delegation ahead of the president said benjamin netanyahu could not accompany the president because the area was not part of israel. it's part of the west bank, according to those planners. president trump will spend two days in israel and the west bank. he was in saudi arabia over the weekend, then he'll go to rome to meet with the pope. brussels, and then back to sicily. we'll cover it all. we examine the president's tweets and executive orders and speeches every morning on today in the bay. we would love to hear from you. you can share thoughts with me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> 6:49. we have been seeing local water levels rise as the temperatures heat up. now, just ahead of the memorial day weekend, the coast guard trying to get out the word about boating safety. this week marks national safe boating week. the coast guard wants to remind boaters to wear life jackets at all times, to have a working radio onboard and monitor conditions before you head out
6:50 am
and create a plan with family and friends. >> and those rivers and waterways are kind of high right now, kari, because the heat is melting the snow pack. >> that's been the issue, especially as we go into the next couple days. going to see more of that snow melt happening in the sierra. and for the bay area, we're going to have some cooler temperatures here. it's been so hot. but at least it's mild as you get ready to head out the door. 50s, upper 50 for the south bay. bay at 55 degrees, and 49 in san francisco and the north bay. you see all the low clouds and the fog? that is going to help us out as we go into the afternoon, keeping the coastal areas cool. the valleys, no help at all. up to 95 degrees today. we're taking a live look outside in pleasanton, up to 81 in the east bay. nice in san francisco, as you get a little more sun, but the north bay valleys will still make it up to 90 degrees. as you get a look out the window this morning and looking alt the
6:51 am
closet getting ready for the day, don't forget those sunglasses. we needed them every day. also, short sleeves as our temperatures will be very warm heading into this afternoon. as you get the kids ready for school, it feels nice this morning. at recess, so keep in mind as the temperatures quickly warming up, the kids outside most likely peeling off some layers, and you probably don't even need to bother with the jacket today. it will be another hot day, looking at the high temperatures, especially inland, reaching into the 80s 90s. if you have today off, heading somewhere nice and cool, enjoy some time at santa cruz where the temperatures will only be in the mid 60s today. i was just south of santa cruz yesterday and saw the fog rolling by pretty much all day long. as we look at san francisco's forecast, it will also be foggy during the morning. high temperatures cooling off and only reaching 62 degrees on thursday. the coolest day of the week. still hot, though, inland, reaching into the low 90s today and tomorrow. then it looks very nice as we head into the long holiday
6:52 am
weekend. mike is saying that the commute is starting to kick in. >> that's right. as we proomp the summer months, we have seen colleges get off for graduation. we just talked about one in particular. we're seeing lighter traffic flow earlier in the commute. 6:52 and just starting to see the san jose commute build for the northbound direction. and folks moving across the san mateo bridge getting to the peninsula with no major problems for 101, the bay shore freeway. a smooth drive for the walnut creek interchange, and this section right here, it's about 35, under 40 minutes as you get over to the bay bridge toll plaza. let's take you to waze and kumg pair the tri-valley route. we have had a couple problems for 680. all crashes are cleared now. if you're going from castro valley to fremont, 680 or 880, the purple. or the green routes. and there's about a five-minute difference, but they're slow in both sections and building. waze will help you make your comparison and we're looking to your profile, and you'll join the team. make sure you join nbc bay area
6:53 am
wazers. we can share your reports. we had help from folks all morning. >> keep mike on your phone at all times. >> coming up, a look at the top stories making news across today in the bay, including continuing coverage of an overnight police shooting in san francisco. we'll tell you what led to the shooting. >> first, happening right now, no word on whether or not an orange county beach will be reopened, this after lifeguards cleared the waters after 25 sharks were spotted yesterday near the pier. that will keep you out of the water. plus, thousands of convicts are hoping to wipe marijuana charges off their permanent records. the provision of prop 64 allows some felony convictions related to pot to be reduced down to misdemeanors. we'll be back with more news in two minutes.
6:54 am
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comcast business. here are the top stories on today welcome back. 6:56 right now on your monday before you head out the door, here are the top story right now on today in the bay. >> we begin with breaking news we have been covering since 4:30 when we went on live. live at the scene where there was a home invasion in san francisco's bay view neighborhood. it turned into a policing. it started around 11:00 last night in bay view. when they got to the house, they
6:57 am
saw several suspects running from the back of the home. one of the suspects then fired at officers. one officer fired back. no one was struck or injured at this point. police have detained one su, but the search for the others continues. a live look now from morgan hill. or i should say the santa clara county main jail you're looking at where authorities yesterday arrested a man they say stabbed his own family members before stabbing himself. it happened in morgan hill. police there say that officers yesterday arrived to the apartment complex after getting calls about a man and a woman who were yelling at each other. investigates found 36-year-old eduardo ramirez here stabbing his family members with a pocket knife and then repeatedly stabbing himself. thes a woman, two children, and a baby. all of them are now in the hospital. we do not have an update on their condition. lock him up! >> this was the fallout after an
6:58 am
unruly passenger wearing a make america great hat forced a united flight to make a pit stop at sfo. onlookers started shouting lock him up as he came off the plane. united airlines say that man tried to take another passenger's seat while boarding in shanghai and then became disruptive. the plane was supposed to go on to newark but had to stop in san francisco to recrew. >> coming up next on "today," the team coverage of president trump's trip in israel following an important speech to muslim leaders. >> and lester holt will also anchor live from jerusalem tonight. you can watch "nbc nightly news" right here on nbc bay area at 5:30. >> the playoff push for the warriors getting them almost to the chirps. they're looking for the sweep tonight when they play in san antonio against the spurs. want to punch that ticket to the nbaals. the ws leading the series three games to nothing and they're undefeated so far in the
6:59 am
playoffs. the ws could meet the cleveland cavaliers for the third year in a row in the finals. the cavs are up in their eastern conference series two games to one after the celtics stole one last night. the warriors take on the spurs tonight in san antonio. tip-off at 6:00. >> i guess we know how we'll stay cool, inside watching the game. >> another hot day for the inland valleys. we're still talking about 90s here, while san francisco will be at 75. it does cool down for the week and then take a look at that valley forecast. up to 93 today. >> all right, thank you very much, kari. pretty tough commute right now for folks going through the tri-valley. we're hoping there's some recovery. we'll look toward the map and overall, a lighter commute, as we often have this time of year. school starting to vacate for summer. no class. looking over hereering southbound 680, a smooth flow, but more slowing toward the dublin interchange because of earlier crashes. all lanes are clear. >> sounds good. that's what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back with you at 7:25
7:00 am
with live local news, weather, and traffic. >> also join us for the nbc bay area news alt 11:00. have a great monday. we'll see you soon. good morning. breaking news. >> a very warm welcome to israel. >> president t good morning. breaking news. >> a very warm welcome to israel. >> president trump arrives in tel aviv this morning with bold ambitions for middle east peace. >> we have before us a rare opportunity, to bring security and stability and peace to this region. >> but will there be tension after revelations the president passed israeli intelligence to the russians. and here at home, notre dame students walk out on the vice president. new threat. after yet another test launch, north korea now claiming it's ready to deploy a missile capable of reaching major u.s. military bases. this morning, our exclusive


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