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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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airian a superstar splayed multiple times in the bay area. the last time she was here was late march mat sap center in san jose. her publishist reached out to media outlines to say the singer is okay. want to show you theaúw÷no carr
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here on on air. nightly news will be covering it and we'll have the latest tonight on nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> other headline. a bizarre kidnapping attempt in san francisco aed toler nearly snatched from his mother tp to your thanks to the good samaritans a safe ending. >>. workers wrestled a to the ground as she tried to take theed toled toler. >> janelle police are telling me the woman appears to be homeless and mentally unbalanced may have believed the 2-year-old she tried to take was her own child. police have in the yet goven this woman's name but she is 33 years old and being booked into jail for suspected kidnapping. witnesses say she tried to grab a 2-year-old boy from his mother. >> and then the woman, the suspect swooped and tried to
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take the little boy. and within seconds -- i mean there was just -- other people were after the suspect. it was just a huge -- people on the. >>reporter: the woman and her son hurried way. >> we're trying not to traumaticize him if that's okay. >> police are reviewing surveillance video from inside the ferry building main prommen aid. >> it subject the had attempted and grabbed the child there was a bit of a struggle. >> there are an estimated chronically homeless people living on the streets of san francisco. mental health professionals i say slightly more than half suffering from a mental illness. i'm told the percentages have held steady pretty much over the past couple of years. earlier this month the tipping point organization, community non-profit has pledged $100 million to get at the root causes of homelessness, including increased mental health services that's
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$100 million over the next five years. reporting from san francisco, be o, mark matthewss nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it's been a destructive eight months now the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy turned herself in she is accused of a deadly drunk driving can case. police say she was driving under the influence last september when she crashed into a car killing a 3-year-old boy from sand ramon. today malihan was turned into the center. >> the report was submitted? january. and it's pretty extensive report. obviously they want to do the due diligence and do the best that they can. >> bail is set at $3 million another layer to all this. just last we can malihan was arrested for public intoxication. >> the heat is still hanging around another hot day for many spots in the bay area. we're talking about highs in the mid-90s for some cities, this warmup, heat also impacting our air quality.
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chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with a look on the big cool down around the corner. >> as hot as 7998 degrees in concord. san jose 89 and then quite a bit cooler in san francisco with 65 degrees. the air quality today again was the worst where temperatures were the hottest in the east bay and south bay. spare the air continues into the tonight. limit outdoor exposy yur if you suffer from erlg as or respiratory prmts a big change in the air tomorrow goes to low moderate category, a lot better. a big difference here in just 24 hours. the main reason why is the fog builds at the coast hien is going to import cooler and careener air we'll tell how much over the next three days coming up in 15 minutes. >> thanks jeff. >> stay on top of changing weather by downloading the free nbc bay area app you can get a personalized.
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report. >> inside a local deny's distribute. vikt rub yes faced a judge this afternoon he is accused of dousing several people including a child with flanlable substance believed to be gasoline inside a den innies. he tried to light the victims on fire when the lighter failed the spark several people were able to hold him down. today customers at the denies grateful to hear no one was hurt. >> i don't know what kind of mine people have to do this horrible thing toward other people. >> rubio is facing several felony charges, including assault with chemicals and child abuse. he is scheduled to be back in court this friday. the trump administration came through it has approved nearly $$650 million to help electric tri fie kal pran. president obama initially prufrd the money but the trump white house balked at signing the final documents delaying the transition for months. congressional pressure may have helped free up the money.
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right now kal dran is run on diesel fuel plu but electric try fieing the train will not only be ecofriendly but commuter friendly too. >> we we electric tri fie and modernize kal tran that allows for more trains per day they can run closer together because they can accelerate and deaccelerate faster be and it means longer train cars. >> so intd of one engine pulling four cars once electrified an engine can pull seven cars. within four years kal tran says it can double current capacity. governor brown praised today's fun a a shovel ready project that will expand service on a already congested corridor. improve air quality and put thousands of people to work. up first tonight for a sitting ugs president president trump visitored one of the jerusalem's holeiest sites the western wall israel is the second stop of the president's first official strip overseas
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nbc jay gray is following the president he is live in jerusalem with plor. just after 3:00 a.m. your time in jerusalem thank for joining us a busy day for the president. >> reporter: yeah absolutely it was janelle. quiet in the old city at this point in the overnight hours as you talk about. been a lot of work on the ground here for the president during the day. reconfirming the strong relationship between the united states and israel, laying the groundwork for what he calls the ultimate deal. in taking a swipe at reports he shared confidential information with russian officials. >> for the first time on the foreign tour president trump goes off script. >> pressed on allegations he shared classified intelligence information with the russian diplomats fl trump said this. >> just so you understand, i never mentioned it, the word or the name cerebral. never mentioned it. during that conversation. they're all saying i did. you had to know the story is i don't think. >> medium reports didn't say mr.
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trump named the israelis during the oval office meeting the ally confirmed the oximeter to the war on terror. mr. trump calling out again iran. >> the united states and israel can declare with one voice that iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, never, ever, and must cease deadly funding training and equipping of terrorists and. >> the president clearing push to lay the groundwork for the ultimate deal what he culled called the ultimate deal peace between the israelis and paltens. >> i look forward to working close with you you to advance piece in the region. because you have no noted so succinctly that common dangers are turning former enemies into partners. >> i've heard it's one of the toughest deals of all. but i have a feeling that we're going to get there eventually. i hope. >> between meetings today the president and first family
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visited jurm's old city, touring the church of holy sebpulchre mr. trump it. the first u.s. president to pay respects at the jewish holy site. president trump mr. wrap up the israeli trip tomorrow with a brief visit in bethlehem and meeting with palestinian president. latest live in jerusalem. >> jai thank you. coverage of the had this historic continue attention on nightly news. lester holt is in jerusalem as well with the conversations with president trump plans to have with leaders coming up at 5:30. we continue to follow breaking news overseas in england. at least toou 20 people people dead at a concert in manchester england. authorities telling nbc news this appears to be, the explosion was the work of a suicide bomber. we'll have more details coming into the newsroom in just a few
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minutes. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri fog building back in the coastline right now n 55:20 i'll tell you who gets a 25 degree cooldown this week.
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update on our breaking news. explosion at the ariana grande concert tonight in mancesther, england. we have an update on our breaking news. you're looking at pictures inside manchester arena after a
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deadly explosion during airian grande concert. we are receiving information at this hour that it could be the work of a suicide bomber. at least 20 people dead, hundreds injured. nbc news just spoke to authorities in manchester which is about 200 miles outside of london. that the explosion appears to have happened just outside the arena near a transit station also part of the greater arena complex. of course the yirn has been evacuated as you see police are on scene, they have secured the area. and they're conducting an investigation at this time. again, explosion at the airian grande concert could be the work of a suicide bomber no one claimed responsibility yet for the attack but of course following latest developments and of course nightlily news has the latest as 5:30. back at home will her words spare her son's liver the mother of antolin garcia torres took the witness stand today in the penalty phase of the sierra
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lamar trial. grars torres has been convicted for killing the morgan hill teenager. nbc bay area marianne favro following the case from the beginning and joins us from the hall of justice in san jose. marianne. >> reporter: laura torres cried on the witness stand this afternoon as she told jurors her son antolin has always been good to her. laura torres headed into court to testify about what her son's life was like at a child. she told jurors antolin torres the lived with a father who drank a 12-pack every day hit her while pregnant and threatened to kill the entire family. >> what the defendants wants to do is set the stage for the psychologist to testify about his upbringing and how that's impacted his life. but also a mother's plea to not be ignored. >> laura torres also said antolin was raised in a tiny home in sand martin and had no
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heat. he had little supervision because she worked two jobs. she said when she worked in strawberry fields the family was exposed to pesticides. later they testified if he is sentenced to life behind bars she is committed to bringing his young daughters to see him. >> what they're saying through the mother's testimony is that he could still have a relationship with his children. he would be behind bars, but the qualities that he has a father could be sfeextended to the kid they want to see if you execute him think about the children. >> in a new development today the defense team indicated they may add a leet converting in the seer la lamar case testify in the sentencing phase after a judge overturned a murder verdict in another case saying the sergeant gave false evidence. . the judge in the sierra lamar trial will decide on wednesday whether the snlt will be allowed to testify in the sentencing phase of in trial. the reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne thank you. another video showing a conference on april this time it's a san francisco man. >> you cannot prove my leg is function willing. >> no i don't know how to show. >> tim surd toll told us via skiep that he paid extra to sit in the emergency kprit rot on the flight gnome beijing he sat there many times he said since he lost his leg to cancer as a child. he was stunned to be removed from that emergency row because he was, get, not normal. and couldn't respond properly in an emergency. >> itkind of frustrating. i also didn't think so many people still believe that people with disabilities are not as capable as people without disabilities. >> he says he is athletic and very capable. he eventually took a seat in the back of the plane.
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he says he asked for an apology for asian airlines but the airlines has yet to respond. it's a video that has change the way people look at sea lee lions a young girl snatched and pulled into the water could it happen mere peggy bunker is riff at the best place to see sea lines in the bay area. >> are. >> reporter: is certainly the best place to maybe mot the best place to report because they aren't quiet. one of the good things about the location they are 100 feet away from people here to flock to see them that's what experts say should be a good distance between sea lions and humans also don't feed them which is what the girl in canada was doing. they're cute. and fun to watch. but experts are now using saturday's near miss as a teachable moment for emmanuel people who don't raeltz how
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dangerous sea lions could. >> i didn't know they did. >> to it pier 39 people pack the board wak as they play bark and doze in the son but many saw the video of the sea lion snatching the girl. >> i think everyone that is a new refrlgs of what they are capable of. >> the family and the girl were feeding the lion after it pulled it over. >> they were just enabling the sea lion i'm not surprised. >> these from alaska say they would have known better. >> i've seen stuff like that before and i know they're meanly extremely aggressive. >> they're wild animals. >> yeah. i thought it was kind common sense. apparently not. >> now canadian officials at the harbor where the girl was pulled into the water say they are splifrp shocked that that family was feeding the sea lions. they are 1,000 pound wild names equivalent of giving a bear in
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the woods a ham sandwich. >> that was a scarey site. >> we keep thinking they're so cuddly and friendly but they're wild animals. >> i'm be staying away from the rails. >> jeff is with us now looked boufrl at the pyre but here come changes. >> yeah dramatic changes through the next two three days some areas will be down 25 degrees colder. >> and a live look right now across the east bay you can see nothing but blue sky here in concord. and it was a hot 98 dreelgs today. humidity down to 27%. but already seen numbers drop to 92 right now and eventually 60s once we hit 11:00 p.m. there is a key reason we're gradually seeing the numbers drop. it's about the fog at the coastline. this can't come soon enough for those who are temperatures near
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100 degrees process here is relief. the marine layer building back up currently dropping tufrmts anywhere from three to five degrees cooler. could have impact on tomorrow's morning forecast. mainly bringing back clouds through the peninsula and 59 degrees. start off sunny in the south bay and 63. the tri valley a mild 66. san francisco also areas of fog and 51 degrees. so as we take a look at the microclimate forecast for tomorrow we're going to go about three to six degrees cooler. noticeable in the south bay. 84 in downtown san jose. 86 in morgan hill. for the east bay notice the wind it's coming out of of the west, cooler direction. pushes most areas out of the 90s we have 89 in danville. 74 oakland. also a cooler in the palo alto. san mateo, 72, san francisco 60s across the board from the embarcadero towards the ingleside. north bay 75 in mill valley and still warm 87 in napa. down a few degrees for tomorrow.
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but i think the largest changes this week no doubt happen on thursday. that's when a cold front is moving in. no chance of any big time rain. but may produce some drizzle in the morning hours. and bigger thing is the 15 to 25 degree cooldown see opinion the extended forecast san francisco is already starting to cool. but increase the clouds on wednesday and thursday with possible i drizzle on thursday morning. then dry right into this upcome weekend with low to mid-60s. the inland valleys as promised a much more dramatic change coming our way. go from 89 tomorrow down to 77 on thursday. and then we'll keep the mid-to upper 70s heading into the upcoming weekend. i know the fire danger has been way up there and a lot of folks want things to cool down. again by thursday big big changes coming our way. >> okay thanks. >> quite a drop. >> up indemnity breaking news from the apparent suicide bombing at the arian grande
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for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. who got sick eating nacho happening now on the website a man from antioch died high pressure he was one at least ten people got sick from eating nacho cheese from a sacramento area gas station. health officials say it appears to be caused by botulism no words how the other nine victims are doing. still a lot of new information from the apparent suicide bombing at the ariana grande concert. tweeting updates right now. updated numbers on the explosion
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in manchester, england. authos we have an update on the breaking news. officialing telling nbc news the death toll has been confirmed at 19 right now. 50 people injured. that the number could still change. all this still preliminary. happened during of an ariana grande concert in manchester england about 200 miles outside of london. the singer is okay. confirmed by her officials and spokes people. the arena has been evacuated. right now it appears to be the work of a suicide bomber. at this time no one has claimed responsibility. the explosion appears to have happened just outside the arena near the transit center. of course we're following this keep you post-ed online and
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bring you any information coming into the newsroom. after a tour of duty in the middle east a navy veteran returned home to face the battle of his life against the u.s. government. senior investigative report stephen stock is with us joins us with updates stephen. >> raj jauquin says the navy promised him u.s. citizenship. and then deployed him to the middle east. he admits that when he left the military and came back from the war zone he broke u.s. law. after serving his sentence he landed in u.s. immigration court. and the u.s. government says it has no record of his citizenship application and insists on deporting him. >> once in the country you assume this country is going to look out for you. . and the system it has failed. >> he has small charge and worry his deportation could come at any time. >> it's like a cancer, you know it's haunting me. >> our investigation found hundreds of u.s. veterans have
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been deported for committing even minor crimes but he has for now found a way to stay here in the united states. coming up at 11:00 i'll show you how he was able to stay in the u.s. for now and what that means for others facing deportation in u.s. immigration court. we'll see you tonight. >> okay stephen thank you. another update on the breaking news when we come back. we continue to track that
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breaking news in england. well a lot happening at this hour. tonight at 6:00 we're going to continue tracking breaking news in flend. here is what we know right now. 19 people died. and dozens more hurt after the explosion at ariana grande concert. a suicide bomber near the end of the concert as people were exiting the arena. the 23-year-old pop star was rushed to safety. no word about the world tour he was in the bay area a few months ago. no word yet who is responsible for the apparent terror. our skut bodman is tracking details and rejoin with us updates at 6:00. keep in mind it's close to 2:00 in the morning in the manchester and investigation in full swing.
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>> nightly news has the latest coming up next lester holt joins us. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, folks. tonight, from jerusalem, trump in israel. the first sitting president to visit the western wall pushing peace and taking a hard line on iran. taking the fifth, fired national security advisor michael flynn refusing to cooperate with a subpoena and late word a powerful democrat says flynn lied to investigators about money from russia. was it a hate crime? a campus in shock as a soon to be graduate is stabbed to death. why the fbi is now investigating his accused killer. hearing loss help for millions of all ages. tonight a new push for an over the count er option at a much lower cost. and sea lion scare, the frightening moment a little girl is yanked under water. what the man who shot that heart-stopping video was


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