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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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world is mourning with manchester as police ramp up their efforts to find all the people responsible for the bombing at the ariana grande concert. the raids under way right now as police for additional suspects. >> an historic meeting. president trump meads with pope francis. the symbolic gift the two leaders exchanged. today in the bay continues now. we say continues because we have been on the air 4:30 this morning bringing you your latest overnight news. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. feels like the coffee is kicking in. we have a pick-me-up sort of energy going on. wednesday, but closer to the weekend. >> and cooling down, too. >> that will get you out of bed knowing it's a beautiful day, even though it starts out with some clouds. that's what we're seeing all around the bay area. let's get a look at view from mt. hamilton, and this is the only way you can see the sunrise right now all around the bay area, and also looking at sunol, you can see the clouds kind of
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settling there in the east bay. and it's 53 degrees as you get ready to head out the door. low 50s, but heading into the upper for those inland valleys, seeing the temperatures dropping from the low 90s yesterday to 79 today in concord. in napa today, 75 degrees. land, 69, and still a nice cool 63 in san francisco. we'll take a look ahead to the memorial day weekend forecast coming up in about eight minutes. mike now has a new crash in san jose. >> do, but i like your philosophy, when clouds are low, we'll show them higher. we're looking to the freeway where the speeds are coming down just a tad bit. pretty much the usual patterns. at oakland road, you see it on the map before you get to 880, a new crash shows up. chp will let us know which lanes are blocked. the traffic pattern shows a pretty typical backup forming. but this is the time where it gets crowded and a crash will not help things. let's get you to the bay bridge
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where the metering lights are on. just 24 minutes, but the maze also moves well. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:01. we continue to follow breaking news. police in south san francisco investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. it is still a very active scene this morning. today in the bay's pete suratos live at a news conference that we brought you just about 30 minutes ago with new information. police -- pete, what are police saying led up to this man being shot? >> good morning to you, laura. as you can see behind me, a very residential part of san francisco on the 3700 block of cork place. they're still working scene as we're learning the deadly officer-involved shooting involved a man holding a shotgun outside of the home that you're looking at. let's show you video of the scene earlier. this is information we got from south san francisco police. they got a 911 call roughly around 12:00 a.m. for a disturbance on this block where we're standing. when police arrived, they were
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confronted by that man holding a shotgun. they repeatedly told the man to drop the weapon, but apparently, he did not comply. at that point, officers shoot that man. that man dying from those gunshots. it's under investigation. i asked them this, if the man pointed the shotgun at the officers or if he fired shots beforehand, but that's allinate investigation. we did get a chance to speak to the residents moments after the press briefing about the incident. here's what she had to say. >> i have been here for about 25 years. you know, i grew up here. it's really shocking. >> they say a man was in the middle of the street with a shotgun. >> oh, god. thankfully we were not out here. that's scary. >> fairly shocking for residents, indeed. you're taking a live look at the scene behind me. we're told one officer had minor injuries, but there are no outstanding suspects at this time. despite all the activity we see
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here, we know the neighborhood has been deemed safe by south san francisco police. when it comes to the investigation, you'll have south san francisco police and san mateo county sheriff's office handling it. they're going to be out here for the next several hours conducting that investigation. we're live in south san francisco, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you very much, pete. we do continue to track the latest out of manchester this morning. a look now at the memorial site that continues to grow as flowers and mementos have been placed down in honor of the 22 victims killed in that unconscionable terror attack on monday. >> with manchester, the world is in mourning from the empire state building to the eiffel tower to the coliseum in rome, and the tallest skyscraper in the world in dubai. the tributes to the victims continue to grow. >> in the last two hours, manchester police announced they identified all the victims, the youngest only 8 years old. >> in the meantime, police in manchester have arrested three more men in connection to the bombing.
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more raids are under way right now as police search for more potential suspects. police say the suicide bomber, 22-year-old salman abedi, was born and raised in the very city he attacked. nbc news has also learned his family is from libya. he received training abroad by a terrorist organization. though his allegiance isn't clear. police also arrested his brother, but they have not ruled out the possibility he had help carrying out the deadly attack. while questions still surround the horrific attack, the city of manchester is sending out a powerful message. >> manchester comes together and stand strong. >> as for this morning, the people of england waking up to the new maximum terror level, critical, which means increased police presence and soldiers are being deployed at key locations. stick with today in the bay for continuing coverage of the manner bombing. coming up at 6:30, we'll see some of the photos emerging that
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allegedly show the suicide bomber. >> in the meantime, president trump right now on his way to brussels this morning after a visit in rome to meet with the italian president and prime minister and nato leaders. >> president trump in another high profile meeting while you were sleeping. he met privately with pope francis. before their meeting, he also greeted the first lady, ivanka trump and her husband, jared kushner. the private meeting lasted less than a half hour. as parting gifts thrk pope gave trump his papal letter on the environment. president trump gave the pope a set of books, including one written by dr. martin luther king jr. the meeting was much anticipated given how differently the two leaders view world issues. >> back at home, a driver working for exrr is behind bars as he's accused of burglarizing homes in the bay while he was on the job. >> new this morning, kris sanchez is live in menlo park with the accusations this man is facing. good morning. >> good morning to you both. he faces felony burglary charges, and he'll be in front of a judge around 1:30 this
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afternoon in redwood city. what we do know is this man is already a convicted felon. menlo park police say he has a history of theft offenses. now, we were -- are here on trinity drive here in menlo park. the third home that was allegedly burglarized by 57-year-old kevin baker of hayward as he was working as a delivery contracted by fed ex. two days later on may 5th, and then on may 17th, he came here to menlo park where this home was burglarized on trinity drive. he does have a history of theft. i have not heard back, but when i do, i'll be sure to post it on twitter and facebook, and also will send it to the web team so
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you can find it at kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thanks for the latest. it's 6:07 right now. new details back to the drawing board for dublin school leaders who late last night voted down the current plan for a new high school. the plan called for a campus right across from the east county hall of justice about half a mile from the santa rita jail. parents and students packed a board meeting to voice their concerned about the plan. some parents also believe the site would not large enough to fit the new campus. >> they're going to come to the other side of dublin? >> the district is hoping to have a school built in the next six years. >> mild weather for the south
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bay, 68 degrees. we will have another nice, cool day. but some clearing after the morning clouds and highs reaching into the low 80s in the tri-valley. compare that to the 90s we had yesterday. our temperatures heading in the right direction. 76 degrees will be the high in the peninsula today. east bay up to 69 degrees. 63 in san francisco. and after the clouds roll out of here in the north bay, you're up to 72 later today. we're taking a look ahead coming up in a few minutes, and mike is still tracking a new delays that may slow you down. >> may slow you down. no big deal. as welic at the map, the speed sensors great. just that build for the tri-valley, east bay, and typical for san jose as well. again, northbound 101, tracking the reports of a crash right at oakland road. as that vol oum of traffic builds, slowing for traffic into downtown san jose. we just heard about this shift. a ten-minute delay reporting out
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of the station, some sort of equipment problems there. sounds like it's in the vicinity of the same issue. ten minutes reported there, but check your b.a.r.t. time. >> thank you. a lot of people planning on swimming in northern california rivers for memorial day weekend. >> in three minutes the streps search and rescue crews are taking to make sure they're ready to help people who are caught off guard by the dangerous conditions in the water. >> meanwhile, in washington, is the budget dead on arrival? we'll go through it when today in the bay continues.
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it's 6:13. we have some clouds to start, but it will be nice and sunny today. a day to get out there and finally get some yard work done. and in los gatos, our temperatures will be in the mid 60s to start, reaching into the upper 70s today. still a little above our average high, but heading in the right direction. i'll have a look at cooler temperatures in the weekend forecast. that's coming up at 6:18. >> just after i reported it, we got the update. b.a.r.t. said they're recovering from the earlier equipment problem outside of the station. still have an issue out of daley city. minor delays. >> 6:13. a lot of people are expected to head to northern california rivers this memorial day weekend. but rescue crews say swimmers are not prepared for frigid temperatures, fast flows, and a lot of hidden currents. members of the drowning accident rescue team or d.a.r.t. have
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been out training ahead of the long weekend. because of runoff on the sierra, the water at places is dangerously cold and moving quickly. rescuers say the conditions could be even more dangerous the best swimmers. >> when you get a real cramp, if you ever notice, your legs are almost paralyzed. the same thing happens in this cold water. >> crews will be patrolling the american and sacramento rivers all weekend. no one has drowned in that area since the mid summer of 2015. >> and laura, you mention it's a holiday weekend coming up here. sometimes when you save money, don't even ask questions. just be happy. the best weekend to plan a road trip, it turned out, because research data shows going into this memorial day, gas prices have dropped, they're more than 20% cheaper than the annual average going back to 2005. all things considered, they're still pretty high in the bay area. according to aaa, we're still paying $3.28 on average for a gallon of gas in spran. a little slower in san jose,
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$3.19. >> it's 6:15 right now. one san francisco supervisor has a plan to fix the congestion problem in the city. jane kim proposing a ride share fee. she's proposing 25 cents per ride. it would apply to lifrt ander rides. circling and double parking is causing a lot of that congestion. >> uber did have a bit of an epiphany. it disovered they're not paying drivers enough money. >> uber will pay millions to drivers in new york city as the company discovered it had been underpaying drivers for years. each driver will get on average $900. this is not the first time uber has discovered that it was underpaying drivers. >> you remember that scandal that hit volkswagen cheating customers and regulators with software thatted emissions data?
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fiat chrysler has now been accused of the same thing. the justice department says chrysler has used software in more than 100,000 cars to cheat emissions tests. the company says it has not. the dow gains again tuesday. the fourth day of gains in a row. nasdaq just in the positive. we'll get the minutes from the latest fed meeting later this morning. the house republicans get the cbo score on their health care bill today. the nonpartisan assist sesment of how much their plan is going to cost. this is super important because if the congressional budget office says the bill adds to the deficit, it changes the math you need to get enough votes to pass. instead of a simple majority, which republicans have, they would need the help of democrats to get their health care plan passed, and democrats are unlikely to vote on something that undoes obamacare. washington also examining the president's budget which has lots of interesting details, but neither side loves it. even republicans lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell have given it a thumbs down.
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but budget director mick mulvaney said it will help people take charge of their own life by cutting the number of people on government assistance. it cuts $190 billion from s.n.a.p., supplemental nutrition assistant program. a lot of people on s.n.a.p. already do work. the other thing is two thirds of the people on s.n.a.p. are children or the elderly or disabled. >> people who need it. >> the most vulnerable population. >> a florida man opened his pantry to a slithering surprise. that was a four-foot python. an orlando man spotted the snake yesterday morning. firefighters had to use a pillowcase to capture the snake. the homeowner describes the startling discovery. >> i thought i was hallucinating. i told police, don't laugh when i tell you this. they told me it was somebody's pet, number one. and number two, you have to leave the windows and garage
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door closed. >> lenny will never forget that lesson. doesn't he sound like rodney dangerfield. the pylon was taken to a local theme park and animal reserve. i'm sure they'll have like a naming contest. >> his own twitter handle. you know why he can take care of business there? because he's a new yorker. new yorkers know what to do when you see a python. >> just in time for breakfast. let's change the subject. it's going to be a very nice day. we're in for some morning clouds, but some afternoon sunshine, and it's wednesday, so we're almost to the long holiday weekend. this is the way we begin. looking live at the golden gate bridge. you can see the clouds and the fog there, and we'll see that once again moving out of here, and we start out at 54 degrees, heading up to 63 today. and it will be cloudy and drizzly to start for the morning in san francisco. and a cool day, highs once again
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only reaching the low 60s there. the rest of the week, we'll see a repeat of this pattern with foggy mornings and sunny afternoons. we are now all in the low to mid 50s as you get ready to head out the door with high temperatures in the south bay up to 56 degrees in morgan hill. it's so much more comfortable today, compared to yesterday in concord, you were hitting 90. how about 79 degrees today? and 69 in oakland, and for the peninsula, we'll still have the low clouds and the fog at half moon bay to go right on the other side of the hills and in belmont, it's 73 degrees for the high. the embarcadero up to 63 degrees. pretty much like yesterday. point reyes will be at 59, while we'll have 75 in napa today, and feeling very comfortable. so if you're plan to spend the day with an early afternoon game at the coliseum watching the oakland a's, it will be at 63 degrees. then rising to thuper 60s. you need a hat, maybe some sun
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block as the temperatures will be very nice. we stay in the low 60s over the next several days in san francisco. you see that pattern repeating over and over again. and for the inland valleys today, 80, but 77 tomorrow and the coolest day will be on friday, 74 degrees before a beautiful memorial day weekend. and mike says the commute is holding steady. >> holding steady, which means the bay bridge toll plaza still has the metering lights on and still 24 minutes from highway 4 to that scene up there. no major prizes for the east bay. tri-valley looks good as well. we'll zoom in to slowing in san jose as well. get you to the map where we see 680 holding steady south from pleasanton to sunol and over there for the castro valley y. as we look at the waze system, waze reports it's about 56 minutes if you're driving from castro valley to palo alto, across the dumbarton bridge as you cut through hayward, but add a couple more minutes and you can take a couple more routes if you want to and have the time.
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you make the time to take your choice for waze. check that and make sure you're part of our team as well. go to the profile, click your name. you know the drill. tired of hearing me say it, but i know there are some who haven't joined nbc bay area wazers, especially longtime users, you have to change over to our team. >> it's easy to do, too. >> breaking news we're just getting word into our newsroom. major delays out of sacramento's airport. airport officials say computers are down because of a power outages, a network outage, i should say. this photo is from our sister station showing people waiting near the ticket counters. a airlines are having to check bags manually, the tsa checkpoint is however open. we're getting word of one-hour delays for arrivaling flights at sfo due to fog. >> up next, talk about the need. now a new blue print that could bring more affordable housing to one of the bay area's biggest cities. >> plus, when prizes rise
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rapidly, we feel like we're being gourjed. we ask chris mora what we can do about that? >> when a store suddenly doubles the price of an item, it sure feels like gouging, but it probably isn't. state law says gouging only actually takes place during a state of emergency. that's after a disaster. now, if you see a price hike then, take pictures with your phone and report it to the attorney general. report your consumer questions to us, 888-996-tips. or -- they can build higher only if
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they include affordable welcome back. it's 6:25. san francisco supervisors making a deal with developers they can build higher only if they include affordable housing. the board passed the legislation yesterday, allowing developers to build up to 20 feet higher in 30% of the units if they are affordable housing. supervisors say the move could add about 5,000 new affordable units over the next 20 years. some consumer news to get to. a recall for parents to look out for this morning. thousands of dynacraft ride-on toys are being pulled from shelves. the company is recalling the toys as the acceleration pedal can stick. can cause a child to fall or crash as a result. take a good look at these. dynacraft has received 19 reports so far of pedals sticking including seven reports
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of injuries, most are minor like cuts and bruises. >> a smartphone wars appear to be heating up. apple launching a new campaign to lure away android users. a new section on the website is trying to get people to make that switch. it features the headline, life is easier on the iphone. by the way, globally, android devices outnumber iphones by about three to one. >> it could be a case of a breaken the case of an uber driver. >> the developments in the search for the missing man. a flight to sfo evacuated due to an engine near. the questionable behavior of some of the behavior of the passengers trying to get off the plane. you're watching today in the bay.
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we )re waking up to foggy conditions and cool right now, 6:30 on your wednesday morning, we're waking up to foggy conditions and cooler temperatures across the bay area this morning. pretty welcome relief after the heat we had in parts of the bay area earlier this week. taking a live look outside downtown san jose. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. those appear to be equal opportunities clouds. we have them in the south bay, in san francisco, and it's making for a milder start here. >> but we'll still see the spread in temperatures today as the sun starts to break out and clear. those clouds as we go into the day. let me show you the high temperatures. the south bay will be at 78 today. peninsula, 76. and still a little warm for the
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tri-valley, up to 80 degrees. a cool 63 in san francisco. and the comfortable 69 in the east bay. north bay looking live from tiburon. today, your high will be 72 degrees. i'm getting you ready for the long holiday weekend. a look at some events going on. or maybe your getaway forecast. that's coming up in eight minutes. mike says right now the commute is relatively. >> relatively light, yes. but we do have a commute still. we showed that in a peek at the san mateo bridge. i'll show you the speed sensors aren't really a problem. they show slower drives where you would expect them. north 87 shows slowing from capitol to curtner. san jose, the live camera, it will show you the volume of traffic. starting to bog down a tad bit. looks like someone tapped their brakes harder than you would like and it backed up this area. 101 farther north, palo alto
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with an easy drive. past the shopping center and up into san francisco, both stretches of the bay shore and 280 are clear. to you. >> nice to hear that. new this morning, some of the passengers on a san francisco-bound flight that was evacuated after the engine fire on the runway in newark, new jersey, have returned to the bay area this morning. >> we were at sfo early this morning as the passengers finally arrived. we're hearing from an injured passenger and also fining out that the person who noticed the fire wasn't even on the plane. bob redell live at sfo with reaction from passengers this morning. bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. united flight 1579 finally did make it back to sfo early this morning. about five hours later than planned. we did speak with a woman of oakland who was on that newark flight when one of the engines caught fire on the tarmac. you can see she's nursing a sore ankle, which she twisted after the pilot ordered an emergency evacuation of her airplane.
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>> people started shouting, fire, evacuate. then people were just running and jumping. and the stewardess was screaming. it was very traumatic. >> people started grabbing their baggage. i'm like, okay, no. don't grab your baggage. get off the plane. so i stopped, i don't know, 10 or 15 people from reaching into the overhead bin and getting their big bags out of the overhead bin and all of this stuff. >> the united flight attendant deployed the emergency chutes to get all 124 passengers and 7 crew members safely off the aircraft. only five minor injuries. newark liberty international was temporarily closed as a result. the pilot had just announced they were number 18 for takeoff when some passengers started to smell jet fuel. no one we spoke to saw smoke or fire. the pilots weren't even aware until air traffic control alerted them they saw flames
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coming out of one of their engines. >> tand by, over 100 passengers standing on the taxiway. >> they were advised the right engine was on fire. they had no indication inside. right now, no visible fire. we're going to use the heating lamp, the heating gun, to see if there's hot. >> remember, flight 1579 was already experiencing a regular flight delay. one passenger we spoke with wondered if the flight had taken off on time, would that engine have caught fire midflight. reporting live at sfo, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thanks for the latest there, bob. >> 6:33 right now. remembering the lives lost in manchester this morning. a look at the growing memorial in england where flowers have been placed down, candles continue to burn, in honor of the 22 victims of monday night's attack. >> we have some developments to report to you this morning, within the last two and a half hours, manchester police announced they have identified all the victims but more work is sneaded before all the families
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can be notified. >> also overnight, three more arrests in connection to the suicide bombing at the ariana grande concert. more raids are under way as we speak. investigators say they're still trying to determine if the bomber worked alone. >> in the meantime, british newspaper the guardian and the sun are both publishing photos right here allegedly of the suicide bomber, 22-year-old salmon abetty. he's a manchester native of libyan descent, and he received terrorist training abroad. police officers raided abedi's home, they detained his brother although it's not clear if the brother is linked to the attack. for many the reality of this attack still sinking in. >> i just feel sad for all the people who did die. >> i'm heart broke. >> just doesn't feel real, but then when you see it here it's just horrendous. >> as the country mourns, the terror alert in the uk is at the
6:35 am
highest possible level. critical. theresa may is warning another attack may be imminent. stay with today in the bay for continuing coverage of the manchester bombing and coverage will continue right after today in the bay with team coverage on the "today" show. >> all new this morning, a surprise overnight geyser greeted some folks in the east bay and required extended cleanup along a busy commuter stretch. it took two hours to stop the water spewing from a sheared off hydrant. for a time, that water could be measured in inches. you see it gushing down the road. it's off now, but there could be residual lays due to the cleanup. >> 6:35. we have developing news from san francisco this morning. a potential break in the case of the missing uber driver there. the 45-year-old, last night, investigators served a search warrant at a business right around the corner from where his
6:36 am
car was found friday night near ingle street in the bay view. crime scene tape was up and there were dogs on the scene. he disappeared on mother's day. police are hoping to release more information this morning. >> happening today, north bay teachers stuck in a bitter labor dispute are walking off the job. teachers in the petaluma school district are holding a one-day strike across all of the district's schools. it starts in about 25 minutes now around 7:00. teachers have reportedly been working without a contract for almost a year now. the district is expecting a big drop off in student attendance today as a result. >> the north bay's new smart traint service is reportedly making tweaks to the schedule even before the official launch. new this morning, the marin ij reporting they made revisions after feedback about gaps during commute hours. some as long as 90 minutes. they revised the schedule. >> all right, good morning, folks. a very pleasant morning as far as the drive goes. your speed sensors not really showing the typical dip we see,
6:37 am
but also showing lighter traffic as the colleges and students from elementary schools get out on summer break. looking at a nice, pleasant drive. show you the pattern toward the bay bridge. the upper east shore freeway shows slowing through richmond and no problems through berkeley. a crash reported around the bay bridge itself. let's check with the live camera. we don't see major problems as we look over there, the approach looks great off to the left approach, no major problems, and no mage crashes on the overpass either. that's good news. getting out to the map system, we want to talk about the transit agency. unfortunately, we still have a minor delay at the daly city station. maybe a ten-minute delay, but it has not grown. >> that's good. we'll take the good news where we can get it. >> let's talk about something fun, like i don't know, the weekend. your weekend just got more fun, no more championships. >> we're going to have a nice
6:38 am
weekend. >> a nice weekend. we're enjoying some cooler temperatures. today, we're feeling those temperatures coming down in some parts of the bay area at least ten degrees. i think we're making some progress. let me show you that weekend forecast. as we go to saturday on the coast, it will 63 degrees. mostly sunny skies, and also some sunshine inland. the bay will be up to 68 degrees and 74 degrees inland. on sunday, it is also going to be just as nice at 65 degrees for the coast, for the high temperature, the bay, 71 degrees and the inland areas up to 77 degrees. if you're planning to head to bottlerock this weekend, i really don't think i could make some better weather for you. on friday, it will be 72 degrees. on saturday, 76 degrees. and sunday, 82 degrees with some sunshine. if you're planning to head to the sierra, here's a live look outside at kirkwood. that will make you want to hop in the car. as we look at the temperature
6:39 am
trend, upper 50s to low 60s. notice a chance of rain. it won't be ron raining the whole weekend, so we'll have a slight chance, and heading back on monday just in time for the memorial day ceremony that's at the presidio, and the parade happens in the morning. the fog will start to clear out, and temperatures reaching into the mid 60s with some sunshine for the afternoon. and if you're heading south, heading to l.a. this weekend, it's also nice there. up to 66 degrees on friday and 69 degrees on sunday. i'll bring you back home, i'll have a look at the temperature trend for evergreen in three minutes. >> we will look forward to that. thank you so much, kari. we continue to follow breaking news from overnight. in three minutes, it's still a very active scene in south san francisco this morning where police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. the new information we're learning about what led up to that shooting. plus, the president just spoke about his private meeting
6:40 am
with the pope. we'll bring you the very latest. >> and despite everything else that's going on in the world right now, the markets have actually been pretty stable this week. the dow jones is looking to keep its win streak alive. so far, eking out gains. it's up over five points, more or less. the dow has a four-day winning streak going on. back with more news in two minutes.
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it is 6:43. as we get a live look outside at san jose, it's all cloudy as you get ready to head out. well, we're in for big changes as we go into the next couple days. i want to show you the temperature trend for evergreen. 8:00, it's still cloudy and 60 degrees. then we start to see that sun coming out by late morning. highs today reaching into the upper 70s with a nice little breeze. we're going to see more weather like heading into the long holiday weekend. that forecast is coming up at 6:49. >> and kari, looking at a great drive time. look at the top of your screen. west highway four, west 80 all the way to the bay bridge, under a half hour. i did spot some flashing lights at the toll plaza but they're out of the roadway so the earlier crash definitely is cleared. >> thank you very much, mike and kari.
6:44 am
>> this is a scene that we have been following all morning long, since we came on air at 4:30. this is in south san francisco, not far from skyline boulevard. police officers have fatally shot and wounded a man while they were responding to a call of a disturbance there, as you see, still an active presence. this happened around midnight on cork place, not far away from king drive and skyline. what started all this, police were responded to several 911 calls of a man with a shotgun. when officers arrived, they found that man holding the shotgun in the middle of the street. police say they told the man to drop the weapon repeatedly and he refused, which led to officers firing. the identity of the suspect so far has not been released. >> at 6:44, san francisco supervisors today plan to discuss the new blend many people there are drinking, but they say no one can really taste. in april, the city started blending its water supply with local ground water. the mix is being done in relatively small doses and experts say you can't really
6:45 am
taste the difference. today, a supervisor's committee will hold a hearing to talk about the testing results and safety concern. >> trouble on a popular highway in the south bay. they're calling it the dip. it seems to be sinking. caltrans says the winter storms seem to be the cause. caltrans is now shutting down part of the roadway overnight until the middle of june to make emergency repairs. >> palo alto has a bold new plan for improving some of its parks. the palo alto daily reporting there's a long list of improvements coming. amenityts that include new dog runs, bathrooms and sports facilities. also plans to add more green spaces to park deprived neighborhoods. the mayor of palo alto is proposing a funding measure to voters. >> despite objections from parents and students, the alameda school district has voted to shut down in a matter of weeks a school deemed seismically unsafe. enj noors say lum elementary
6:46 am
school could collapse in a catastropher earthquake. parents and students hoped board members would consider other options before closing the school, but now, roughly 500 students will have to transfer to other schools. >> we're learning more about the seconds just before a tanker truck crashed in merced county yesterday killing the driver. you see the fire in the distance, capturing the flames. this happened just off highway 99 in atwater. the driver took an exit too quickly and tipped over. the crash then ignited a fireball that left the truck almost fully disintegrated. >> to politics right now. outrage over the president's newly released budget is growing, and from both sides of the aisle. let's folk on democrats right now on capitol hill, who along with a coalition of anti-poverty, labor, civil rights, and religious leaders are protesting against the proposed budget today. the numbers released yesterday show trump's $4.1 trillion
6:47 am
proposed budget would cut $1.7 trillion of pave ate programs. cuts also for biomedical research and student loans. >> the president met with the pope earlier today. >> the two disagree on a lot of things. even the budget we talked about. >> that's right. the pope has not spoken specifically about our actual budget but he said in the past he thinks one of the key economic principles, the president's attempt to balance the budget relies on, trickle down economics, is morally wrong. it's just one issue the two disagree on. the pope believes climate change is a major threat, for instance. the two leaders had a cordial meeting. here's the president shortly after his visit with the pope. >> he is something. he is really great. we had a fantastic meeting and a fantastic tour. it was really beautiful. i'm liking italy very much. the prime minister, everybody.
6:48 am
we're liking italy very, very much, yeah. it was an honor to be with the pope. >> what's extraordinary is that the president's traveling all over the middle east and europe, but it's news back home that's really making the big headlines. tuesday, the former head of the cia said american intelligence knew as early as last august members of the trump campaign were talking to the russians and that the russians were trying to influence the presidential campaign. republican trey gowdy kept trying to get brennan to admit there was evidence of collusion. that seemed to just cause brennan to dig in. brennan testified intelligence revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trump campaign. we also learned that the cia briefed the gang of eight, four top senators, four top members of the house, in august of last year that the russians had been in contact with trump's
6:49 am
campaign. they knew as early as august. the republicans get the cbo score on their health care bill today. the nonpartisan assistment of how many people will lose their insurance and how much the plan is going to cost. this vealy important because if the congressional budget office says the bill adds to the deficit, it changes the map on how many people need to vote yes to get it passed. we examine the president's tweets and executive orders. speeches. everying as you well known. what do you think of our coverage? you can me on twitte twitter @scottmcgrew. >> 6:49 right now. $5 million and nearly a year later, the moment has finally arrived. today, the famous alamo square in san francisco reopens. most of the money went into a new irrigation system to save water. the paths were repaved and gardens spruced up. >> a little fancier with all the tourists and stuff that come around. but you can spread out once all the fences are down, we'll be
6:50 am
able to spread out and create your own little space and actually relax again. >> we wanted to hang out here and spend some time, but we found it was kind of closed off. it's still nice, but it would have been nice to have a bigger kind of area to hang out. >> the park reopening with the fanfare and ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:30 this morning. >> back on their home turf, and all smiles about it. the warriors in the bay area this morning sporting some new bling as the western conference championship trophy. teams wait on the winner of the cavs and celtics. either cleveland or boston will be coming to oakland for the finals. more importantly, what is the status of steve kerr? he was with the team in san antonio, kind of in the background, not on the floor. coach kerr said he's taking it day by day as he's still recovering from complications after back surgery. a live look at oracle arena where the nba finals will start on june 1st. >> you can tell outside this morning, a little hazy. some clouds and in some parts. maybe for a cooler day across
6:51 am
the bay area. >> that will the change. we start out with fog and clouds. maybe even be drizzling where you are. i want to show you some areas around the bay as we start out with that fog. here's a look at the anderson reservoir. morgan hill, visibility is low there. you may have to watch out for that as you go out for your dive drive to work or school. looking from sunol above the clouds. a beautiful shot there, and it's 53 degrees. we're also feeling some 50s all around the bay area. starting out this wends morning, but it's a little cool, and then we'll see the high temperatures in oakland today up to 69 degrees. now concord yesterday, you were 90 degrees. how about 79 today? and 75 for napa. half moon bay keeping that temperature in the upper 50s there, and the fog along the coast. so you're looking out the window. you see the clouds, you're getting ready for the day, but don't forget the sunglasses. we will get some sunshine later on today, but because of the
6:52 am
cool start, probably make sure you grab a jacket and short sleeves for later today once the temperatures become much more comfortable. also getting the kids ready for school, it is cloudy and foggy with our temperatures in the 50s to start this morning. taking them to school, you don't need the air conditioner, but maybe later on today, heading back to pick up the kids, it will be a very nice day and a lot of sunshine, too. looking at this forecast, we will be in the low mid 60s for the next several days in san francisco. and pretty much every morning, you can expect some fog and some sunshine during the afternoon. for the inland valleys, up to yalth degrees today with some sunshine and our coolest day of the week will be on friday, but still some nice weather for some barbecues this weekend for some upper 70s and sunshine, you can expect that also into memorial day. heading over to mike, you're tracking slowing for san jose. >> i am. not a major issue. we had a lighter volume of traffic all around the bay, as we expect as we slide towards
6:53 am
summer and vacations around the bay. looking at the south bay, and outstanding on the map for the last two minutes is northbound 87 from capitol to curtner. i have been scanning the chp reports and checking sources. no crashes reported but a sudden burst of traffic there. the rest of the south bay pushed through san jose making its way into the rest of silicon valley. south 6 yalth ho80 holds a nice drive, and a smooth dry for hayward and across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. quick look at waze to give you options out of san pablo into the san francisco area, and looking at pretty much a 15-minute difference if you take the richmond san rafael bridge. you make your choice. check your phone or make sure you check your team as well when you join waze, you have to pick our team by going to your profile, select your name, not mine, of course, and team. select our name, nbc bay area wazers. we can help each other out. it's light traffic today, but not always the case. back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> team player there, mike. >> coming up next, we take a
6:54 am
look at the top stories on today in the bay, including the continuing coverage of the attack in manchester. what we're learning about the arrests just overnight. >> first, happening now, an update to breaking news we brought you about a half hour ago. major delays at sacramento's airport. officials say computers have just come back on after a network outage. flights are arriving and departing, but expect residual delays. >> former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is meeting with the seahawks. he flew in last night. you'll recall last year's poor performance from kaepernick and the rest of the team. we'll keep following that and a lot more news. we'll be right back. live-stream your favorite sport
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here are the top stories and welcome back. it's 6:57 on your wends morning. here's the top stories right now on today in the bay. >> we begin in manchester, england, where police are announcing they have identified all of the victims of the attack. they still have to notify the families. three more men were also arrested in raids overnight. in the meantime, british newspapers publishing these pictures allegedly of the attacker, salman abedi. >> a live look from menlo park and one neighborhood that authorities say a contracted fedex worker burglarized homes
6:58 am
while he was on the clock. that's a picture from our camera there. menlo park police arrested 57-year-old kevin baker of hayward and said he targeted at least threes, including two in atherton. the suspect has been district convicted before on theft charges. >> back to the drawing board for dublin school leaders who late last night voted down the current plan for a new high school. that called for a campus right across from the east county haul of justice, a half a mile from the county skral. parents and students packed a school board meeting to voice their concerns about the plan. the district is hoping to have a new school ready to go in the next six years. >> a live look at sfo where travel weary passengers arrived following a major scare last night. air traffic controllers in newark noticed an engine that was on fire as the plane was waiting in line on the runway to take off. passengers this morning told us chaos ensued as the emergency
6:59 am
chutes deployed. everybody evacuated from them. five people suffered minor injuries in the evacuation. the fire also shut down newark for about two hours. >> 6:59, quickly approaching 7:00. we keep talking about the cooler temperature because they're a welcome change. >> that's what everyone is talking about, how hot it was the past couple days. and san francisco holds steady in the low 60s and the fog really helping to cool things off. it's finally going to have an effect inland we start out with clouds this morning. we're up to 80 degrees, and then we see the cooler trend under way as we head to the end of the week and the holiday weekend. >> perfect barbecuing weather for this weekend. thank you for that. mike, you're going to call out a few delays. >> also lighter traffic. schools are ending for many colleges and before holiday weekend, we often see this as well. you have to look at the overall map. northbound 87, still slow. a boost of traffic between capitol and curtner, no crashes there and a minor delay for b.a.r.t. >> that's what's happening today in the bay.
7:00 am
we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00, halfway through your work week. hope you have a good one. good morning. breaking overnight, a historic meeting at the vatican between president trump and pope francis. their very first. this morning what the two leaders with very different views had to say to each other. and the moment between the pope and the first lady that lightened the mood. breaking now, three more people just arrested in connection with that horrific concert attack as nbc news learns the suspected suicide bomber had ties to not one, but two major terror groups and received training overseas. and britain raises its terror threat to the highest possible level amid fears of another attack. massive plume. a tanker truck loaded with fuel goes up in flames near a


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