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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. this is a situation we have been following here for the last couple hours. vianey arana in for mike this morning. it's counter commute but still very problematic for drivers. >> definitely, and a very sad situation. this happened overnight, and chp did report this at about 2:27, 2 kwlk 28, and we did get the sig alert issued at about 2:51. it's been in effect for the last two hours. on scene at the area earlier. right now, we are still seeing the four left lanes blocked. four out of five left lanes blocked. right now, they haven't given us an estimated time of it being opened. it appears four vehicles were involved. one did catch on fire. we aren't seeing any major delays at this hour, but definitely very tough. i'll send things back to you. >> thank you very much. and now let's check in with kari. >> certain parts of the bay area dealing with fog as you get ready to head out. also, cloudy skies with mild temperatures. here's a live look outside at san jose.
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all cloudy now. we'll see them clearing out as we go through today and the current temperature at 56, heading into the upper 60s and low 70s by early afternoon. we'll talk more coming up in the forecast in about seven minutes. >> thank you. 5:01 now. breaking news in solano county. vacaville police are investigating a deadly shooting involving officers there. that incident left one officer injured. it happened early this morning on nut tree road near orange drive across the street from an outlet mall there. police say officers exchanged gunfire before shooting and killing the gunman. we don't know what kind of injuries the officer suffered. we're trying to find out but we can tell you the injuries are not life threatening. >> a brand-new water park and already a major problem. investigators are going to be in dublin after a 10-year-old boy tumbled off a water slide and fell onto concrete over the weekend. >> this is video that was very hard to watch as a parent. but it has been seen around the world. in case you missed it, you can
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see the child zipping down the slide, then eventually flipping over the edge at the bottom. tossed off like a rag doll. today in the bay's bob redell is live at the water park that just opened this past weekend. the boy expected to be okay, but this is a scary incident and a lot of folks still planning to get outside, so what should they know? >> reporter: absolutely. good morning, kris and sam. the slide in question is that three-story green plunge right here behind me. it's called the emerald plunge, and today, the slide right next to it, it, and a third slide at the brand-new wave water park are shut down after the 10-year-old boy got shot out of the emerald plunge early saturday afternoon. you can see, the boy got spit off the slide in the so-called run off designed to slow down riders after the three-story plunge. he lanted on the concrete about two feet below the slide's edge. we spoke with dublin's assist want city manager who said the lifeguards immediately provided the boy with first aid.
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>> out of an abuddance of caution, his parents took him to be examined. they did that and he was released and is at home recovering. >> the city of dublin, which owns and operates the wave water park said it extensively tested all of its slides before saturday's grand opening. cal osha had permitted the specific slide, now inspectors are expected out here some time this week. the manufacturer of the slide is supposed to be arriving today to meet with the city to figure out what caused this boy to get launched off the bottom. the city did shut down the slide next door just to be on the safe side. the third slide i mentioned, that was shut down because of a fault ay water gauge. >> thank you very much. 5:03 right now, and we move to politics. and washington. where president trump is back in the united states this memorial day, facing difficult questions
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about his bung budget and new developments in the russia investigation. tracie potts joining us live from capitol hill with what's in store. jared kushner and back channels to russia. we expect to hear more about that. good morning. >> we probably will. good morning, in fact, already this morning, sam, president trump has told "the new york times" that he has total confidence in kushner, and the white house is said to be setting up a war room to deal with that whole issue. for the first time since inauguration, president trump places a wreath at arlington national cemetery. later this morning, fresh off his first overseas tour. >> really missed a lot of opportunities to add to the security or add to the important urgency we have in meeting russian aggression. >> the president returns to new questions about russia, with
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multiple sources confirming his son-in-law and adviser jared kushner is under scrutiny by the fbi. >> he's not a target, and so i think i would just wait. sounds like he's more than glad to talk about all of these things. >> according to "the washington post," kushner tried to set up back channel communications with russia. >> i don't see any big issue here relative to jared. >> the review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful. >> the trump administration is also chasing another leak, intelligence about the manchester bombing. >> i think it's darn close to treason. >> and with the fight against isis ramping up -- >> this is going to be a long fight. >> -- the president is proposing more money for defense and less for diplomacy. >> destroying power does not make us safer. >> president trump tweets his budget promises big benefits for all. tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. new this morning at 5:05, a home intruder is reportedly in custody after deputies say the elderly couple who live at a home there fought back and restrained her until authorities arrived. the mercury news reports this happened last night at a home on mckie road near east side drive. deputies say the intruder came around the back of the home and struck the woman homeowner with a stick. the male homeowner jumped in. their struggle carried them to the front of the home as deputies were arriving. >> a safe ending here to what was a very traumatic experience. a father and his young girls and their dog all sleeping safely right now one day after being rescued in the east bay. helicopter crews mobilizing to rescue a dad and his two daughter, ages 6 and 8. family got lost on the rocky ridge trail in an open space area right near danville.
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rescuers say they walked several more miles, once dad realized they had no idea where they were. by 1:30, the man used his phone for help and it took rescuers about two hours to find nem. >> lucky they had a signal. >> the coast guard called off the search for a man who jumped off his boat this weekend. the 55-year-old man went into the water saturday and has not been seen since. sunday's effort to recover his body focused on the east side of the bridge. the sacramento sheriff's department said the man jumped off an anchored boat to get a hat but never came back up. the accident happened on the same weekend law enforcement agencies teamed up for a boating safety operation. >> you need to ask lots of questions at the marina where you put in. just know, local knowledge and that sort of stuff. you need to have spent some time before you get on the water to look at a chart to determine where the sand bars are. you need to know if you break down, who do you call? >> the sheriff's department says they're also watching out for
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drunk boaters this holiday weekend. and a lot of people are headed to the water, as memorial day weekend wraps up. the coast guard is reminding people just like that man did, to follow the safety laws. >> especially after this story we just reported on. life jackets, so important when you're in the water. that is rule number one. for each person who is onboard, make sure you have a life jacket. kids under the age of 13 always need to wear a life jacket while on a boat. you have to be at least 16 to operate a power boat, and always have an emergency kit with a flashlight, warm clothing, cell phone, and a radio just in case. >> 5:08 right now. cal fire reminding everyone who plans to enjoy the outdoors to be aware of the fire danger. right now, generally speaking, bay area fire levels are comparatively low. conditions today will be pretty mild. but because the region is emerging from a drought, there are still many dry areas. cal fire urging everyone to use caution and check for local fire restrictions. >> a live look at the lafayette
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crosses on this memorial day. it's just one place that you can visit to honor our veterans and service members. it may not be the most formal of memorial day events, but it is a very visual one. also today, the presidio trust in san francisco will hold its annual memorial day ceremony. this year will mark the 149th commemoration. thousands of people are expected to attend, to honor the americans killed while serving the united states armed forces. today's event starts at 10:30 this morning. >> we do have some delays and changes for b.a.r.t. riders this morning. the transit agency is using the memorial day weekend to get track work done. the lake merritt station has been closed all weekend long and will remain closed through today. as crews finish up doing am planned work on the tracks. no service between the lake merritt and fruitvale stations. riders should expect up to 40-comfo40 40-mnltd delays in that area. >> we're coming up on 5:10 now,
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and starting out with low clouds and fog as we get a live look outside at san francisco. maybe misting as well. and we're dealing with the patchy fog for now, but we will see them turning into low clouds over the next several hours. heading out to at&t park, first pitch at 1:05. we'll see temperatures then at 60 degrees. mostly sunny skies, but still pretty chilly along with gusty winds. coming up in three minutes, i'll have a look at theture trent for cupertino. as we head over to vianey, update on what's happening as you head out for this morning's driechb. >> we're still seeing four lanes blocked and this is due to a fatal crash overnight. we're still seeing a lot of activity. they still only have one lane open. no major delays at this hour, but the sig alert has been in effect for the past two hours. overall, the remainder of the bay area still seeing holiday light traffic.
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we are seeing some slowing along northbound 280, but at the moment, nothing else to report on. 101, it looks like a few commuters on their way to possibly work, just like us. back to you. >> from jobs, thank you very much. >> from commemoration to tragedy. the fleet week demonstration that ended with a navy parachutist accidentally plunging into the water. the investigation now under way to find out what went wrong. plus, the melting sierra snow making for some gorgeous views. stunning waterfalls forming in the tahoe area coming up. >> a look at some of the memorial day celebrations across the bay area. these in different parts of the bay area. mike traffic tea
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5:14. and the temperature trend for cupertino, it was such a nice weekend. that weather continues today. as we start out at 9:00, we'll be add 60 degrees and upper 60s by lunchtime. low 70s later on today. nice weather for no matter what you're planning to do, and we'll see that as we go through the week, with temperatures inching up a bit. more on that in the microclimate forecast at 5:19. >> we do have an update on that fatal crash overnight. all lanes have been reopened along eastbound 580 near first street. all lanes are now reopen.
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not seeing any major delays in that area. thank you very much. a fleet week demonstration that turned tragic in new jersey over the weekend, and navy parachutist plunged into the water near liberty state park near a regular demonstration. >> it was supposed to be a highlight of fleet week, the parachute team defending information near the statue of information, but one of the s.e.a.l.'s chutes failed to open properly. >> i ask for all of your prayers for the navy s.e.a.l. community who lost a true patriot today. >> an investigation has been launched to find out exactly what went wrong. >> horrifying. >> 5:15 right now. remembering the victims from last week's deadly terror attack in manchester. last night, hundreds of people turning out for a vigil for one of the people killed in monday's suicide bombing. this is a show of respect for a man who many friends and family members called inspirational. the 29-year-old martin, his mother called hin an absolute
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legend and said he would have loved this tribute. >> he was an absolute legend. he was a pain in the butt sometimes. he was passionate and full of life. anybody who knows him i'm sure will agree. >> so far, 16 people have been arrested in connection to that terror attack. we have seen two were released. 14 others are being questioned about the attack. in all, 22 people were killed and dozens of others injured. north korea reportedly launched another missile for the second time in two days. u.s. military officials tell nbc news it appears north korea fired a short range ballistic missile. it flew roughly six minutes before landing in sea of japan. the latest test prompted south korea's president to call a security meeting. >> some new rules that could affect what you're bringing onboard the plane the next time you travel abroad. the homeland security department right now is looking at the
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current laptop ban affecting flights from ten international airports and could be widening it to include all u.s. international flights that ban prevents travelers from bringing laptops and certain other electronic devices in their carry-on bags. appearing on fox news sunday, john kelly said he is now considering broadening that ban, not to a specific threat, but to broader terror concerns. >> back online, the british airways flights out of england are back to normal after a major computer system failure. the airline canceled all flights and into and out of heathrow airport saturday after a power supply problem disrupted flight operations there and then worldwide. british air says all flights at g gatwick are back as are most flights at heathrow. >> at sfo, crews began work on a lengthy repaving project. fortunately, the work is not expected to impact flights today. right now, workers are trying to
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meet an early deadline to fix the runway after recent weather related problems. >> we know how awfully difficult it is to afford a house around here. if you do and have been building up value, we have good news. as prices soar, so does spending on home improvement projects. as home prices increase, homeowners have more equity to work with and that means they're willing to down more money on home improvement. this phenomenon is boosting home improvement businesses around the country. >> raising temperatures are melting all of the snow in the sierra and the run off is creating new waterfalls in the taw hi area. some are falling and rushing near highways causing people to hit the brakes to stop and take a look. this comes after the sierra snowpack measured 200% of average last month. the water falls are expected to peak between now and three weeks from now as high elevation snow melts and lakes defrost.
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officials say do need to be careful while checking out the waterfalls though. >> there's more extreme chances of hypothermia, slipping on rocks. so if you can, stay out of the water. >> the u.s. forest service says the last time there was runoff like this was back in 2011. >> we know people go out to tahoe to see the beautiful lake, to do a little skiing which is still going on, and to see the snow-capped mountains but that's a new development. >> i would worry about erosion, too. >> yeah, and then some of the places you just have to be careful. you don't step on where that water is rushing. but it looks beautiful. >> truckee river, by the way, also is gushing at this point. >> we have been talking about the flooding there and some of the concerns we'll have along a couple of the rivers as the snow melt continues but temperatures have been really warm. we'll talk about that, but i want to show wru what it feels like right now at 5:19.
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we're going to see the temperatures in the low to mid 50s to start out the day. sgoifrb in the peninsula as we get a live look out there at the palo alto camera 52 in the north bay and san francisco and the east bay looking live at oracle arena in oakland. sdpo 55 degrees with clouds overhead. we'll see the clouds rolling out for most areas except for right along the coast where we do have more sunshine inland today. the temperatures will be warmer. the tri-valley up to 78 degrees. it will be a little warmer than it was yesterday. going to see those high temperatures in the east bay and san francisco reaching into the mid 60s while the north bay today will be up to 77 degrees. the wings of freedom tour will be happening today in livermore, checking out some of those memorial day events. we're now at 53 degrees but then going to see the high temperature today up to 75 degrees. and with that starting out later this morning, we'll be in the lower 60s, but we'll see the temperatures quickly making it into the mid 70s by early
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afternoon. and we talked about what's going on around tahoe. this is a live look at heavenly this morning as the sun rises and a law of beautiful sights to see. keep in mind there will be a slight chance of thunderstorms there later on this afternoon with high temperatures reaching the low to mid 70s and then look how warm it is. a chance of rain on wednesday. no chances of rain here. we're looking at the seven-day forecast for san francisco with some low to mid 60s and to the upper 60s by the end of the week and low 70s this weekend. and for the inland areas, we're also undergoing a warming trend. we'll be in the upper 80s by saturday. vianey, what's happening as you head on the roads? >> we have been following that deadly crash overnight in livermore. it appears that chp over the past minutes has canceled that sig alert, which means all lanes are now open along eastbound 580 just near 1st street, and of course, counter commute, but we were seeing slowing early on.
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it is memorial day weekend light traffic and the rest of the bay area is also looking pretty good out there. we're not expecting to see too much heavy traffic early on today, so i hope everybody drives safe out there. you shouldn't have too bad of a commute. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, terrifying moments caught on camera. two kite surfers clinging to life in the bay. the daring rescue coming up next. and before you fire up the stove this camping season, an alarming recall you need to know about. scary moments in the bay this
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weekend.. a kite surfer and an instructor on a jet ski had to be rescued by scary moments in the bay this weekend. take a look at the screen there. you can see a kite surfer, an instructor on a jet ski. they were rescued by the coast guard. they were hanging from a buoy near oyster point marina saturday night. neither was wearing a life jacket, but they did hold on to the buoy where they were eventually rescued. and more problems at the benicia valero refinery. yesterday, black smoke up in the air again, looked like this video from may 5th which is when a power outage at the refinery triggered so much flaring and smoke that people were forced to evacuate. no evacuation orders for this weekend's incident, but a spokesperson said that smoke release this weekend was part of the process of getting the refinery's operations back to normal. heads up now if you're planning on doing a camping trip anytime
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soon. kris, i know you do many of these. u-haul is recalling a one-pound propane gas cylinder. they were recalled over safety concerns. they are been sold at u-haul locations across california since june of last year. if you have one, stop using it right away. and return it to a propane certified u-haul location. >> that's scary. >> it really is. a lot of people use those for their stoves. >> memorial day weekend seen as the start of the summer vacation season. travel experts predicting that long weekends like this one will be the most popular getaway times this summer. >> security concerns are keeping many american americas from vacationing in europe or over seas locations. most people will head to what they call microadventures. >> a burst of vacation packed with experiences rather than a long haul get away we have been used to perhaps in the past. >> microadventures, they say. gas prices are expected to surge
5:27 am
nationwide this summer, just so you know. >> coming up next, four officer involved shootings this month alo alone. the new details about san jose's latest police shooting. the reason officers said they were forced to open fire. a system being developed to save lives in the event of an earthquake. why the president's proposed budgets to eliminate its funding.
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welcome back. almost 5:30 on your memorial day monday. a look right now at arlington national cemetery. the final resting place for u.s. military members and those who have served our country, and you see the flags in front of the gravestones there certainly a day of gratitude for anyone you know who has served in the armed services. good morning and thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon today. we want to get to your forecast in case rr going to one of those remembrancemonies or you have other plans on this memorial day. >> we start out with low clouds and fog, even drizzle in san francisco, looking live at our camera. looking the transamerica pyramid. you can see the low clouds. we do start out with temperatures in the mid 50s, heading up to 64 degrees today. here's what to expect. after the morning with the low clouds and fog and the mist, we will have some clearing. and also some cool temperatures
5:31 am
today. breezy winds. we're in for a slow warming trend throughout the week. coming up in a few minutes, also getting you ready for the weekend. that's in about six minutes. mike, rather vianey in for mike. >> i am channeling my inner mike. i want to be like mike, especially for today. memorial day traffic is looking very light out there. speed sensors aren't picking anything too crazy up out there. we're not seeing a lot of slowing either. east bay drive times right now looking good. westbound 80 toward bay bridge, about 12 minutes. westbound 580 towards the bay bridge, about 16 minutes. we're definitely not seeing any major slowing throughout the bay area. back to you. >> vianey, thank you very much. >> 5:31 right now. new out of the north bay, look at this video just coming in to our newsroom of flames ripping through this house in sonoma. sonoma valley fire and rescue tells us at least ten people are displaced. that number includes people living in two other cottages as well as the flames clearly
5:32 am
spread. we are also being told right now that some neighbors had to be evacuated of a gas leak which crews were having trouble getting under control. a lot going on here. not clear how the fire started. nobody was hurt. >> so a system that is meant to save lives in jeopardy of having no money. >> president trump's proposed budget for the next fiscal year would end funding for an earthquake alert system that could have a devastating impact here in the bay area. new this morning, today in the bay's pete suratos is live near usgs's office in menlo park after speaking with scientists. what are they saying about the impact of this of funding and what it could mean for those of us who a little time? >> yeah, good morning to you, sam and kris. it's that proposed budget is finalized, it would eliminate all funding for the earthquake alert system. this is under development by usgs, so it's yet to go public. the system relies on seismic instruments along the west coast, so those seismic instruments are in oregon as
5:33 am
well as california. they're able to detect earthquakes as it's happening, not to predict them, but detect them, and a broadcast alert would go to the public. a new budget would only fund things currently in use by usgs, that includes the hazard maps and real time monitoring of earthquakes. i did get to speak with a scientist who said since the budget isn't finalized, we just have to wait and see what happened. >> the shake alert system is obviously very important. it can save lives, property. something that everyone wants to have for the western. but it is yet operational. the public emergency responders don't yet rely on shake alert. >> now, usgs received $10 million for the shake alert system last fiscal year. $2 million more than the previous fiscal year. for now, they're going to continue to work on the system until the president's budget is finalized. live in menlo park, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you very much, pete.
5:34 am
>> 5:33 right now. new this morning, police in the north bay are investigating a shooting that sent two people to the hospital. santa rosa police say both victims were shot just before 10:00 last night in what they consider a gang-related attack. the victims were walking on a bike path near martin luther king jr. park. one victim was found on grand avenue. authorities found the other victim on colgon avenue. both are said to be in serious condition this morn. some questions to be answered as well. a man facing battery charges after authorities say he bunched a b.a.r.t. train operator over the weekend. it happened on saturday night around 6:30 at the pittsburg bay point station. no word on what led up to the violent behavior. >> a developing story out of portland where a community is coming together following the loss of three brave men who were stabbed after coming to the defense of two young women this weekend. hundreds of people gathered for a vigil this weekend to remember a 53-year-old army veteran and a 23-year-old recent college
5:35 am
graduate. they were stabbed to death after confronting a man shouting anti-muslim slurs at two young women on a light rail train. a third victim did survive that attack. all are being hailed heroes. the suspect who was arrested was well known in the community for his racist and extremist beliefs. >> new this morning, locally as well, bizarre allegations of racism right now being reported at a south bay high school. los gatos high school leaders are reportedly investigating two recent prom invitations that came with racist overtones. in one of them, a female student of color was asked to the prom by a male student reportedly wearing black face makeup. the chronicle reports that the other invite involved a racist poster. both of those incidents were reported first the school newspaper. now high school administrators are releasing a statement to the school paper saying the behavior will not be tolerated. >> first, the conviction and now the sentencing. tomorrow, closing arguments are set to continue in the penalty phase of the sierra lamar murder
5:36 am
case. jurors convicted antolin garcia torres of first degree murder for the morgan hill teenager's death, with an enhancement of kidnapping making him eligible for capital punishment. this week, the jury could announce his sentence. last week, the defense delivered its closing arguments, and prosecutors will have their chance tomorrow. meantime, jurors will continue deliberating tomorrow in the trial of three santa clara county jail guards accused of beating an inmate to death. prosecutors say the 2015 death of michael tyree was an abuse of power by the three deputies. the defense, though, is questioning much of the evidence in this case. the guards face life in prison if they are convicted. fans of a popular east bay garden are organizing an event next weekend to repair recent vandalism. the gardens at lake merritt offer seven gardens of themes on the facebook page, they say vandals came along last week and
5:37 am
caused about $50,000 of damage to water and electrical systems there as well as plants. they're planning to hold a work party to make more repairs. >> today is the last of three straight days of vta light rail station closures. might be a relief to you if that's your method of commute. a stretch of eight stations closed for rail construction work. now, there have been buses covering those stations instead, but we all that takes a little longer. vta recommends checking ahead if you plan to use light rail today. and now, a live look at the crosses in lafayette. today, america honors military members who made the ultimate sacrifice, and there are memorial day evens happening all around the bay area today. >> some of those, a memorial day ceremony at oak hill memorial park at 11:00 this morning. james livingston is scheduled to speak there. also at 11:00, a wreath caster
5:38 am
ceremony. has a full listing of more bay area events on this memorial day. and it is 5:37, and as expected, we're not seeing heavy, heavy traffic, especially on this memorial day, but we are seeing slowing along northbound 280. it looks like this is due to a fender bender early on in the day. we're expecting to see fairly clear conditions throughout the roads, at least the next couple hours. tri-valley drive times right now, we were following that fatal crash overnight along eastbound 580, which was countercommute, but right now, all lanes are reopen, and we're not seeing delays. 12 minutes, but just a quick reminder for mass transit, b.a.r.t. does have the lake merritt station closed due to track work, and of course, we're seeing caltrain that is going to operate on a sunday schedule today and then no ace train service on this memorial day. just a quick reminder, you don't want to get caught off guard and head to one of those locations and realize the scheduling is different. >> all right.
5:39 am
thank you very much. and meteorologist kari hall now joins us with a look at the forecast. looking forward to next weekend. >> yes, because we're coming off of the weekend, and you may already be making plans for what's to come. so we are having some very mild weather. let's take a look at saturday's forecast. it will be much warmer than the weekend we just had. 69 degrees along the coast. and 77 for the bay. inland areas up to 85 degrees. so we had a nice cool weekend. this weekend coming up will be even warmer. 72 degrees along the coast. the bay will be at 82 degrees. and 87 degrees inland. let's check out a few spots where you may be heading. russian river valley will be in the upper 70s for friday and then low 80s for the weekend with some sunshine. heading to the sierra, a live lookicide at kirkwood and temperatures for the weekend. it will be in the mid to upper 60s, but by sunday, we'll have a chance of rain most likely when you're driving back home.
5:40 am
i'll have a look at the temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. >> thank you, kari. coming up, a shooting rampage. >> i'm so sorry. >> he killed my sister, my niece. >> a tragedy that hit a mississippi town this weekend and caught on camera, the gunman confessing to the killings. the intense audio coming up. also, protecting a bay area landmark from a natural disaster. how the golden gate bridge fare when it's put to the test. test. >> before we go to break, a look at some of the memorial day remembrances happening across the bay area. these in hillsborough and los gatos. live-stream your favorite sport,
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vianey traffic tease good monday morning and memorial day. we're going to take a live look outside at san jose. right now, cloudy skies as we get ready to start, and the temperature trend will be starting out in the mid 50s. reaching into the low 70s today. a little warm than it was yesterday. we will take a look ahead to somen warmer temperatures as we go through the week. that's coming up at 5:47. >> hey, there, kari. this is what the road looks like on a memorial day, only one to two cars out in palo alto.
5:44 am
talk about a smooth commute. coming up in about four minutes, i'll have an update on the changes to your mass transit for this holiday schedule. that was amazing. i counted two cars and one bird. thank you very much. 5:44 right now. are investigating the fourth officer-involved shooting in san jose this month. a chaotic scene unfolding in downtown san jose over the weekend at the donner loft apartments on east st. john's street. police responding to a disturbance on the second floor there, some time around 1:00 in the morning on sunday. police chief eddy garcia says the suspect was carrying an ax and charged at officers. garcia says that officers had no choice but to fire. >> this is tragic for the suspect and the suspect's family. but what often gets lost in these cases is the impact on the officers. >> well, police say that that man also had a history of mental illness. >> a violent protest erupted on the las vegas strip this weekend. ten people were arrested at a
5:45 am
black lives matter protest. it happened in front of the venetian hotel, and police say it started peacefully enough, and then it escalated. protesters are angry over the recent death of a las vegas man killed in police custody. >> investigators say a deic dispute is what triggered a shooting rampage at three different homes in mississippi. ultimately, eight people were killed including a sheriff's deputy. investigators say the shootings happened early saturday morning, and according to witnesses there, this all started with a gunman and his estranged wife getting into a fight about their children. he opened up fire when a deputy arrived on scene. 35-year-old willy godbolt was arrested. a reporter captured him after the arrest confessing to the killings and saying he wanted to die. >> suicide by cop. was my intention. i can't live, not after what i done. not in your eyes and nobody else's eyes.
5:46 am
but god, you know. >> he is facing capital murder and first degree murder charges. >> happening now, firefighters continue to battle flames in los angeles this morning. the fire erupted in mandville cannial yesterday afternoon and now has charred more than 50 acres so far. at last check, the fire was about 70% contained. >> well, golden gate bridge engineers are reportedly thinking small scale when it comes to the latest phase of what could be a big long-term problem. seismically up grading the bridge. engineers plan to build a small scale model of the bridge to insure that planned seismic upgrades for the span hold up in high winds. engineers want to insure the changes don't lead to any kind of catastrophic failure most dramatically seen when the tacoma narrows bridge collapsed in the 1940s. >> that makes my stomach hurt watching that. >> when you see the video, it's
5:47 am
hard to believe the race car driver involved in a crash yesterday walked away unharmed. >> it happened in the indianapolis 500. jay howard's car hits the wall, makes contact with scott dixon's car sending him airborne. it car breaks apart. amazingly, dixon climbed from the car uninjured. shocking. in a matter of days, the warriors will come back, competing for the nba title. the ws will take on the cavs for the third straight year. the series is already making nba history. the warriors and cavs are the first team to face off for the nba title three times in a row, and the warriors come in a perfect 12-0 in post season play. the first team to ever come into the finals with a perfect record. >> a team full of stars there. >> speaking of which, check this out. the northern lights dancing across the night sky above bismarck, north dakota this
5:48 am
weekend. spectators were greeted with this lovely vision, shades of blue and green early sunday morning. the photographer there captured 500 pictures and pulled them together to ultimately create this product, a ten-second time lapse video. that's just incredible to see. >> i don't think it's even possible for us to have the northern lights here, but we wouldn't see them if it happened now. >> it's all cloudy now. >> bridge lights. >> we can definitely settle for that because it is doing to be very nice. especially temperature wise. as we go through the day, so yeah, we're starting out with some clouds and fog, but we'll see it clearing out for most of the inland areas too. as we get a live look outside at san francisco, 53 degrees as you get ready to head out. a little cool and also seeing some drizzle there. looking live at sunol, also 53 degrees. but you can see that it's clear here, but the fog has settled into the tri-valley. and the low clouds. so that's what we're seeing, all of that moving outads we go through the day.
5:49 am
sunshine, here's a look at the high temperatures for the south bay. san jose up to 74 degrees. 73 in milpitas, and danville, up to 78. for the peninsula, upper 50s along the coast and in daly city, san mateo will be at 65 degrees. and ingleside today looking at a high of 59. mill valley, expect a high of 73 degrees, and upper 70s as you head farther to the north. those temperatures will be really heating up, even farther north from santa rosa. looking outside and you're getting ready for the day, we are going to have a day where you do need some long sleeves, especially starting out. and maybe a hat, too, to give you a little shade from the sun that will be breaking out later on today. we are in for some very nice weather. looking at san francisco over the next several days. ours will stay in the low to mid 60s and then into the upper 60s by the end of the week. look at this weekend's forecast. 72 degrees on saturday. it's going to be pretty warm.
5:50 am
and even hotter for the inland areas, up to 87 degrees by the weekend. so we do start out the week with some very nice, comfortable weather in the 70s. but you can see those temperatures going up a few degrees each day, and it peaks on saturday. as we head back over to vianey, what's happening on the roads? looks pretty quiet. >> thankfully, not much, and the speed sensors are definitely showing that. no major concerns out this hour. we are seeing a little bit of slowing along northbound 280. it appears to just have been a fender bender that might be causing people to kind of slow it down. so even though you have all of that space in between the cars with this light memorial day traffic, remember to slow down. northbound 101 to 87, about 13 minutes. northbound 87 to highway 101, 10 minutes, and if we take a live look right now at the south bay right where 280 and 80 meet, look at this. when has it ever been this light at 5:50 in the morning?
5:51 am
i'll tell you when. on a memorial day holiday. back to you. >> that is true. that and maybe christmas day. i don't know. >> pretty surreal. for the few people who are out there or planning to head back to wherever your home is after this weekend, you might notice that it's going to be more expensive at the pump. gas prices are starting to pick up ahead of the travel season. in san jose, the average price is $3.21 a gallon. in oakland, a gallon of gas will cost you about $3.19 a gallon. and not surprisingly, san francisco, the most expensive of the three, sitting at about $3.29 a gallon. >> coming up on today in the bay, more trouble at the uc board of regents. the new report that said they,000 of dollars on party while at the same time voting to raise tuition. >> first, happening right now on our digital platforms, hollister police investigating a deadly shooting that happened last night just before 7:00. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead.
5:52 am
plus, the russian president is in right now. he's meeting with emanuel macron. macron is the first western leader to speak with vladimir putin after the g7 summit over the weekend with relations with russia were a key topic. back with more news on this holiday in two minutes.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. it is 5:54 right now, and we're looking live at san francisco this morning. we see the ws flag flying in the distance because it's breezy out there. can't quite see the tops of the transamerica pyramid, though. going to be cool and cloudy all around the bay area this memorial day. >> so soggy out there. >> 5:55. thousands of people are hitting northern california rivers for memorial day weekend, but heading out on the water comes with warnings. rafters on the american river are dealing with cold temperatures and debris that can cause dpaj to rafts and injuries as well. rescue crews say if you head out on the water, bring a life jacket with you. that's the most important thing. and try to stay out of the water if possible. >> hypothermia can kick in so quickly that even the strongest swimmer can sometimes be in over their head. if you do get in the water, hold on to the raft or stay upstream
5:56 am
from it. >> the water is running twice as fast as last year. rafters need to remember that the river is an alcohol-free zone for the holiday weekend. >> scary moments on a break wall on the east coast as a high tide trapped dozens of people. coast guard rescued 44 people trapped by high tide on the break wall yesterday in massachusetts. two kids and their mother were knocked into the water during that incident. another family member jumped in to but they were all caught in a strong current. a former water polo player and his father then jumped into the water and then pulled that family to safety. >> we helped them get out and get to the shore, pulling them sideways so they weren't in the current anymore. >> the coast guard said a few people did suffer minor injuries but were very lucky. >> the uc board of regents facing more scrutiny after reports surfaced they spent 10s of thounls of dollars on parties. that included more than a $17,000 banquet the night before
5:57 am
they voted to raise student tuition. janet napolitano's office reimbursed the regents for more than $225,000 spent on dinner parties since 2012. >> senator kamala harris will be touring different parts of california this week to talk about the impact of the president's budget plan. harris is going to be at the port of los angeles on wednesday talking about how the budget would impact transportation, goods movement, and work force development. then on thursday, she's going to be visiting the martin luther king jr. outpatient center to talk about the republican health care plan. >> memorial day marks the unofficial start of the summer driving season. this week is also national tire safety week. if you don't keep an eye on yours. at least one end up being underinflated and that increases the risk you'll get a flat tire. the national highway traffic safety administration recommends checking your tire pressure at least once a muth and also check your tire tread. you can check the tread, putting
5:58 am
the penny into the tread and making sure it goes over lincoln's head. now you know. >> u.s. airlinesing ready for a record breaking summer travel season. airlines expected to carry 234 million passengers from june 1st through august 31st. that is up from the record of 225 million a year ago. airline ticket prices are increasing, but they are still relatively affordable. it helps that major airlines like ued are also trying to lure customers back with lower fares after a video surfaced showing a passenger being dragged off a plane. all right, we were celebrating a birthday over the weekend, kris. a live look at the golden gate bridge which celebrated its 80th birthday over the weekend. visitors in town and you're planning on taking them to see the bridge today, make sure you plan ahead because you will not be able to park your car at the bridge's south welcome center parking lot or vista point on the north end of the bridge. this is a case every single holiday weekend since there's typically a huge surge of visitors. today is the last day of those
5:59 am
parking restrictions. it lasts until 5:00 tonight. >> nbc's summer hit america's got talent returned tomorrow night, but this season will be followed another competition, the world of dance. >> jennifer lopez, jenny from the block, is on this, ne-yo, derek hough, they're all on the judging panel jenna dewan tatum is host. dancers are in three categories broken down by age. you can see break dancing going on. in some cases a single dancer could go head to head with a team dance. >> amazing. like oh, my gosh, then this little girl walk out. i'm like, poor thing has to follow that. then she blew us away. >> that's saying a lot because those guys are impressive. the potential payoff is $1 million for the winners. you can catch the world of dance premiere right here on nbc bay area 10:00 tomorrow night. right after the season premiere of "america's got talent." >> right now, at 6:00, breaking
6:00 am
news. a man is dead. a police officer injured after a shooting in salono county. we'll show you what led to that deadly encounter. >> plus, an early morning crash that turned deadly in the east bay. the impact this is having on commuters. >> and a horrifying accident. a young boy goes flying off a water slide in the east bay. you may have seen the video by now, but he does walk away with only minor injuries. the steps investigators are taking today to figure out how that happened. today in the bay continues right now. thanks so much for joining us on this memorial day. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. of course, the big thank you to everybody we know who has been in the armed services or has served our country. very important to take a second today to do that. we'll talk about the ceremonies coming up as well. >> also want to get a look at the forecast. looks very cloudy and cold outside behind us. >> that's to start out. and in san francisco. we will get clearing innd


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