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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 31, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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note some of the carmichael show's family humor is adult family humor. because of the giants game on nbc bay area, you can catch the season premiere of the carmichael show on cozi-tv at 9:00 p.m. >> right now, mid-flight emergency. san francisco bound flight forced to land in michigan after a laptop battery caught fire. it comes as the white house looks to expand its ban on laptops on flights. >> plus, breaking news. a rush hour suicide bombing in a highly secure neighborhood in the heart of afghanistan's capital. the terror group that says it had nothing to do with the attack. >> and settlement approved. the hefty price the city of oakland agreed to pay amid a sex scandal plaguing the city's police department. today in the bay continues right now. a very good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us on this wednesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'll sam brock. you might want to make sure your windshield wipers are working before you head out to work. sprinkling, rain, which is starting to move out. >> it's all moved out.
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we're seeing clearing skies around the bay area. it was earlier this morning we had wet moving through. as you get ready to step out now, we're seeing still some wet roads in spots, especially in the south bay. here's a live look outside, and you can see that it's all nice and quiet downtown san jose with highs later today up to 73 degrees. it's doing to be a very nice one. some sunshine and some low 60s along the coast, and in san francisco. coming up in about seven minutes, we'll take a look ahead to slightly warmer temperatures in time for the weekend. mike is checking in on a crash in concord. >> we're talking about folks who drive to concord, looking at most of the bay, an easy drive. the road weather index, damp roadways in the eastern portion of livermore, so be careful if you're heading into tracey. commute direction, westbound highway 4 slows a bit heading past willow road. an earlier crash may still have activity on the shoulder.
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there's also a crash on the shoulder, a visual traction, but no problems as you come across the benicia bridge. heading toward the bay bridge, a smooth, easy drive. now, 26 minutes until we start to build on the east shore freeway. a live look at the jam here, the berkeley curve. slowing on the approach to where the signs are slow into the maze as well. >> thank you very much. let's get to that breaking news out of kabul, afghanistan, this morning, where we learned at least 80 people are dead and more than 300 wounded in a suicide bombing that detonated only hundreds of yards away from the german embassy in a packed part of actually considered to be one of the safest in the city. the diplomatic quarters. employees from the german and japanese embassies were injured although none seriously. >> most of the people killed in the attack were civilians, mainly women and children. it was a powerful blast, blowing out the windows of buildings a half a mile away. the taliban issued a statement saying it had nothing to do with the attack.
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so, no word from isis. >> new this morning, passengers on a san francisco-bound flight were forced to land in michigan after a mid-flight emergency. finally, they're now back home this morning. >> the jetblue airways plane was heading from new york to sfo but it to land in grand rapids after a laptop battery caught fire. >> bob redell is joining us live with new reaction from some of the people who witnessed the fire, bob, and heard or smelled the fire on the plane. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. what one passenger on jetblue flight 915 described to us was unnerving. a crew member getting on to the p. system mid-flight to announce there's smoke coming from a storage bin in the back of the plane. a flight attendant opened the bin and that the source was a backpack with a laptop inside. that flight attendant started to put out the fire, according to a passenger we spoke with. the faa blames the smoke on what
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appears to be the computer's lithium battery. the pilot immediately diverted the plane to the airport in grand rapids, michigan. firefighters there did respond, but the fire was out by the time that the plane landed at around 8:00 last night. >> at 35,000 feet. all of a sudden you hear an announcement, and we look back and row 25, we saw everybody standing up and smoke coming around. we didn't know what was going on. >> it was a scary, calm situation. it was like you're in shock, but you can't really do anything. that's how i would describe it. >> none of the 158 people onboard that plane was hurt. maintenance workers in michigan inspected the aircraft before allowing it to on here to sf orb. that flight arrived here around midnight, about three hours later than initially plan. reporting live here at sfo, bob redell, today in the bay. thank you very much, bob.
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6:04. a follow-up now. this incident comes in the midst of ongoing deliberations in the white house to expand the ban on laptops to include all flights from europe. the ban currently covers ten airports in the middle east and africa and requires laptops to be placed the cargo hold. one report yesterday indicated the white house may be pulling back on the idea. but homeland security later responding, calling that a false report. all new this morning, the oakland city council did approve a large settlement with a woman at the center of the sex scandal that has plagued the city's police department. the city council meeting lasted into the early morning hours of this morning. today in the bay's pete suratos joining us live outside city hall with details on the settlealment and what council members had to say after the vote, pete. >> good morning to you. sam. a long city council meeting behind me at oakland city hall. the vote taking place roughly around 2:00 a.m. the vote may have taken a while, but when the vote took place, it
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was a unanimous one. >> all in favor, say aye. >> that's oakland city council voting unanimously, 7-1, in favor of a settlement with a teenager at the sex abuse scandal, 19-year-old jasmine abuslin, who will be paid $989,000 from the city as part of the settlement. she's the daughter of an oakland police dispatcher who accused officers at agencies around the bay area of having sex with her when she was a minor. those claims were brought to light in 2015 when an oakland police officer killed himself, leaving bemind a note detailing her sexual encounters with fellow officers. we had a chance to speak with rebecca kaplan weighing in on last night's vote after the meeting. >> it is time to pay the settlement agreement, to let this young woman get on with her life and her healing, but also
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oakland to step up and change the culture in the police department, to change how we recruit and train our officers. >> now, a number of officers in that police department surrounding the bay area have been connected to abuslin. her lawyer may consider lawsuits against all of them. we're live in oakland. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you, pete. 6:07. remembering the lives lost in a horrific crash in alameda. today, grief counsellors will be on hand at two bay area schools as students cope with the loss of brianna and simon, both killed on memorial day. they werane truck along with five other people when that accident happened. there's a memorial dedicated to the students, flowers, candles, stuffed animals all taking over the street corner in alameda near the crash site. >> everyone should take something out of this. you know what i mean? love yourselves and love those around you. and just do the recognize thing,
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man. >> five others in the truck survived were injured. >> 6:08 on your wednesday. happening in san francisco, a community meeting to talk about a deadly stabbing last week in a park. 33-year-old giovany alvarez was found dead in bernal heights park with multiple stab wounds. police have not said much about the details of how the homicide happened, but tonight's meeting is at 6:00 tonight. >> let there be light. after months of debating contentious meetings, san marin high school will soon have stadium lights. novato unified school board voted to approve the controversial $1.2 million plan last night. hundreds of people attended the packed meeting. while students are excited to play in a home game at night, opponents say friday night games will violate noise ordinances. >> we're against it for environmental reasons. a lot of noise. >> playing under it is so much
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cooler than playing in the heat. >> trustees hope managing night game schedules and limiting hours will help address neighbors' concerns. if all goes as plans, lights will be on by the fall of 2018. >> road crews will begin what will be months of storm repair work on about a quarter-mile stretch of mt. hamilton road in san jose. it will involve one-way traffic control, so be aware of that. repairs are expected to continue through the end of october. >> it is 6:09. since you can't get up to mt. hamilton easily, let me show you the view as the sun rises this morning. gorgeous over the south bay after early morning light rain, looking at the temperature trend and the planner for san jose. expect it to start out in the upper 50s at 8:00 this morning. into the low 70s by early afternoon great day to get outside. and we'll have more of this weather heading to the weekend, so a look at that coming up in a few minutes. mike's tracking the commute as
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it starts to build. . it's building pretty pleasantly as far as patterns go. we're looking at the earlier crash we had in san jose completely cleared and all signs of it have cleared. we see a little slowing for the bay shore freeway and capitol expressway and just north of 680. a tiny tad bit of slowing, north 87, pretty typical pattern there. also 680 south through pleasanton. 880 down through hayward, no surprises for the build through these sections as well, and no problems as far as mass transit. bartd having a much better morning than yesterday. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> plastic straws could soon be a thing of the past. >> coming up in three minutes, the reason an east bay city is considering a total ban on straws. >> and at least one news agency this morning reporting donald trump has made a decision about the paris climate accords. we'll bring you the latest when today in the bay continues.
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. 6:13 on this wednesday morning. let's take a live look outside at palo alto. things looking good as you get ready to head the door. it will be nice and comfortable throughout the day, starting out in the mid 60s. by late morning, into the low 70s. early afternoon with mostly sun askies. we have more sun in the forecast heading into the weekend. a look at that coming up in about six minutes.
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>> a look at the travel times. we are seeing a smoother drive for the castro valley y, i did just hear about a crash. it's coming through berkeley. >> mike, kari, thank you very much. >> 6:14. new this morning, the city of berkeley is talking right now about banning plastic straws. city council discussed a proposal to do just that last night. three city council members right now are on the record as supporting it. it would require restaurants and coffee shops to use bamboo or other sorts of straws that are biodegradable. americans use about half a billion straws every day. >> city of san jose appears to be willing to cover the cost for a block party permit when the fourth of july weekend rolls around, but it's reportedly coming with a big catch. the catch, fireworks. block party permits usually run about $175. going to waive the fee for the first 50 applicants this year. >> the co-creator of the android operating system is jumping into the crowded smartphone market
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with his high-end device. andy reuben designed the essential foam when costs almost $700. it's made of titanium, which he says can withstand being dropped on concrete. he said he wants to make a phone that doesn't require an update every year and isn't installed with pre-installed apps. >> we can all use an indestructible phone, i think. reuben making that announcement in the recode conference in southern california. >> this morning, we hear from hillary clinton. >> part of the last hurrah as he retires, we should point out, nbc is a major investor in recode. clinton will appear at noon our time. you can watch on it's not a speech. it's an interview. we can't exactly predict what the subject is going to be. uber is expected to wrap up its investigation into sexual harassment and discrimination at the company some time this week. that investigation led by former
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u.s. attorney general eric holder. uber meantime has fired the engineer in charge of the automated car program. he's suspected of stealing secrets from google. herefused to testify in court about the case citing his fooifgth amendment right. uber said explain what happened or lose your job. well, he lost his jab. the last day of may. the nasdaq will extend its winning streak to seven months in a row despite falling a few points on tuesday, the dow lost 50, it gets a big jobs number on friday. just a few moments ago, the news braug axiose announced donald trump will pull the united states out of the paris climate agreement. if that's the case, there will be three countries not taking part, syria, nicaragua, and the united states. 194 other countries did sign on to fight climate change. the republican right wing wanted trump to pull out. major corporations have urged the president to stay in. a few moments ago, president
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trump tweeted that he had not made a decision, that he was going to announce it soon. again, axios says he has made a decision. we were talking about axios, who had heard of them until this election cycle. they have gotten several things right so we'll see. >> one to watch. >> take a look at this, 12 years helping disabled people navigate public spaces. alexander came with the ability app. it's like yelp for access. the free app provides information about wheelchair ramps, disabled parking, braille menus and more. alex came up with the idea a couple years ago after seeing a man in a wheelchair struggle to open a heavy door. >> i wondered if there was an app or a website that could have told him what stores around the area had automatic doors. >> the idea is now getting national attention. alex was on the ellen dejen show last week. degeneres surprising him with a check for $25,000. look at him. alex hopes the money will help him finish the app and get more
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people who need help. >> that kid is precious. i love his reaction. >> you have to check out which banks will take a check that large. >> can they cut it down a little to size? we're looking for the million dollar forecast. let me say this, that we're definitely waiting for some sunshine to break through. >> yeah, that's happening right now. on the nbc bay area app. and we're going to have some sunshine in the rest of the forecast after some early morning rain moved through parts of the bay area. and as you get ready to head out the door now, this is what it looks like. look at this view from sunol. that gets your wednesday started off right. it is gorgeous out there. and it's 54 degrees. so it does feel mind. looking at today's high temperatures, we're going to be in the upper 60s for oakland. upper 70s for napa, and san francisco seeing a high of 63 degrees. in morgan hill today, 77 degrees. and looking live out there at at&t park, it's still breezy and
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you still see the clouds overhead. if you're getting ready to head to the giants game for this afternoon, it will be very cool in the upper 50s. and those winds will be kicking up, too. make sure you're dressed in some layers, and stay nice and warm as we drop back to the mid 50s. we had some rain that moved through the bay area this morning. it moved into parts of the central valley near modesto. it is really throwing down there now. and this is moving over towards the sierra. as we get a live look outside at squaw creek, we can see the clouds starting to roll in. and look at how warm it is. it's 53 degrees there. and there will be a chance of thunderstorms the sierra. for us, it's all dry. looking at san francisco and the forecast for the next seven days, we'll see a gradual warmup in our temperatures heading into the weekend. just a few degrees each day. for the inland valleys, up to 74 degrees today. 75 tomorrow. and low 80s for the weekend. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. and there are so many events going on to enjoy.
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i'll have a look at that forecast coming up in about 20 minutes. and mike now has a crash in berkeley. >> i do. we have seen the traffic volume shift a bit over past the university, cal being one of those universities. zee a smoother drive because of the lighter flow as colleges let out, soon the grade schools will let out. we're seeing a slowing drive for westbound 880 past university. i moved the camera to see if we could see the crash, and we can. just after the 880 interchange, we had one lane blocked and then i turned away, i guess they have moved it to the shoulder in the last minute. that's great news. a smoother flow, but still slow past the distraction, and of course, the volume of traffic. let's take you to the waze system because our waze partners will show you have a slower drive across the san mateo bridge. from san leandro to palo alto, take the dumbarton bridge. 48 minutes. 15 minutes longer if you take the same east-west connector
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over the san mateo bridge. make your choice as well from your phone or wherever you're leaving whenever you're leaving around the day. we're looking at the profile, check your profile and make sure your team is nbc bay area wazers. so that we can share information with you wherever you go. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> right now, we saw angry teams on the field a couple days ago. a giants player right now out of the game after this week's brawl at at&t park. not because the player was suspended, though. the reason one of the giants outfielders won't be playing for at least a cup days. >> plus, reaching the surface of the sun. the ambitious mission nasa is set to announce today as scientists try to learn more about outer space. live-stream your favorite sport,
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6:24 on your wednesday morning. contractor disputes commonly cross the desk of our responds team. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has a vital piece of information that could help you prevent a problem. >> california law gives contractors who might redo your kitchen, for example, zero wiggle room to demand a lot of money up front. they can take 10% of the cost of the job or $1,000, whichever is less. so if they ask for more money, ask yourself, do you really want to business with a company that's willing to break the law? send us your consumer complaints. the number is 888-996-tips. or visit
6:25 am all right. knocked out by his own teammate giants outfielder michael morris is out for the next week. it turned out he was concussed during the brawl at at&t park. you can see morris, and there's jeff samardzija coming into the frame. they collide heads as they're rushing in to try to fight harper. the giants placed morse on the seven-day concussion protocol list. samardzija is okay. he pitched in last night's game, but not well, which the giants lost. hunter strickland and bryce harper had both been suspended for the fight but they're appealing the suspensions. strickland is facing a six-same spension. harper, a 4-game. quite the scene there. a live look right now at at&t park this morning. giants wrapping up their series again the nationals in san francisco tonight. you can catch this game right here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 7:00 p.m.
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>> 6:25 right now. happening today, nasa set to announce new details about what may be the most ambitious unmanned deep space mission ever. the mission's solar probe would launch next summer. the goal is to touch the face of the sun. a new nasa probe will try to fly 93 million miles away to the sun's atmosphere and then to the corona. the temperature reached 27 million degrees at sun' core. nasa hopes to collect data to help forecasting of space weather events which could impact life on earth. >> wow, you know what they say about flying too close to the sun. >> coming up next, a kidnapping hoax. now a lot of questions remain after police say a san jose student made up a story about being abducted. the elaborate lie that she told authorities. >> the jury that convicted antolin garcia torres of murdering sierra lamar will begin debating his punishment again today.
6:27 am
i'll show you what his lawyers want the jury to consider in that decision. you're watching today in the bay. live-stream your favorite sport,
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she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. oh, and right now, save $200 on our queen c2 mattresses now only $699. ends sunday. go to for a store near you. this morning... where good wednesday morning to you. it is quickly approaching 6:30. let's take a live look outside this morning. the buses are going to leave at any moment there. you see the crowds gathering. they're heading to sacramento today. it's santa clara county's annual sacramento bus trip for education. board of superers president and members of the silicon valley
6:30 am
education foundation are heading to the state capitol to meet with state legislators. every year, they cover that event. nice morning for it. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. that's a cool services lesson in how government works first-hand in sacramento. plenty of school buses go to school today as well. >> it's a mild morning with clear skies around the bay area at 6:30. look at these temperatures. in the peninsula. 57 degrees. we're getting clearing after early morning rain. the may still be wet spots on the sidewalk and streets as you get ready to head out. in san francisco, mostly sunny skies, and it's now 52 degrees. as we go thru the day, we're going to see the highs reaching into the low 70s. in some spots, just a little warmer than it was yesterday, and the winds will be kicking up, too. you're seeing that in san francisco, in the north bay on the map, up to 74 degrees in the north bay. the east bay up to 68 degrees.
6:31 am
we'll take a look ahead to the weekend. that's coming up in about seven minutes. mike has a report of a rock slide. >> i do. this is not affecting the freeway, but it is affecting the train coming through the altamont pass. that's the altamont commuter pres. the ace train, train number three reports delays because of a rock slide. we don't know the extent or whether it will affect the rest of the trains coming in or outbound for the day. that's the latest we have for ace train. b.a.r.t. and the rest of the agencies report no delays. a great morning for b.a.r.t. no problems for the roadways as far as major issues. i am tracking this delay for westbound 92. that crash at 101 has cleared from the roadway. we have some slowing on the high rise. a quick look at the camera from the tolla side. the commute does slow on this section. we could have a tougher drive. maybe consider the dumbarton if you can. >> thank you very much, mike. >> 6:31. breaking news of kabul, afghanistan this morning. at least 80 people dead and more than 300 wounded in a suicide
6:32 am
bombing that detonated just hundreds of yards from the german embassy in a packed part of town considered one of the safest in the city. employees from the german and japanese embassies were injured, although none seriously. >> most of the people killed in that attack were civilians. mainly women and children. the bomb detonated during the morning rush hour and at least 50 cars were destroyed as well. it was such a powerful blast that it blew out the windows of buildings half a mile away. taliban issued a statement saying it, quote, had nothing to do with the attack. no word so far from isis. in the meantime, in paris, the eiffel tower went dark at midnight in honor of the victims killed in bomb attacks in baghdad yesterday. we brought you that as breaking news in today in the bay yesterday morning. those two car bombs killed add least 20 and injured 80 others. >> new this morning, some sort of overnight police activity in
6:33 am
san jose happening in the area of brandm lane east and monterey road in san jose. it's not clear what it's connected to although we have reached out to the department for more information. it appears police officers were surrounding a car in a parking lot of the edenveil branch library. once we have more information to report, we'll bring you an update. >> jury deliberations will begin in a few hours in the sierra lamar murder case. jurors are considering whether the man convicted of killing the morgan hill teenager should be sentenced to the death penalty. kris sanchez live outside the hall of justice in san jose where the arguments lawyers made to jurors. good morning, kris. >> good morning to you, laura. lawyers for antolin garcia torres pleaded with the jury to show him some mercy. and to allow his two young daughters to grow up with their father, though that might be behind bars. now, those calls for mercy were among the last things the jury heard from the attorneys before the judge gave them their
6:34 am
instructions explaining what they needed to consider as they decided between jail for the rest of antolin sea torres' life or sending him to death row. our legal analyst was there as the defense painted a picture of a man shaped by violence and poverty, but he also says that the prosecutor for the district attorney's office painted a different picture of a family in pain. >> what the prosecution tried to do in this closing statement was remind the jury of the horror that the sierra lamar murder case involved and the horror that continues with her family not knowing what truly happened to her and the fact that they do not know where she is. >> now, it took the jury just 12 hours to decide that antolin garcia torres was guilty of the kidnapping and killing of sierra lamar. when they reach their decision on the punishment, we will have one hour to be here at the courthouse to bring that to you,
6:35 am
and we'll be here. in san jose, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you so much. 6clerk 34 right now on your wednesday. we have just learned from police that they came up empty after a lengthy stand-off following a deadly shooting in oakland. that standoff started yesterday afternoon on international boulevard near 51st avenue. police were outside an apartment unit where they believe a suspect tied to a shooting yesterday was barricaded inside. a short time ago, officers called it off, saying suspect is still at large. >> new details, authorities so far not saying if a san jose state student will be charged with a hoax involving an abduction that never took place. we learned the student was treated at an oregon hospital after she said she was forced at knifepoint to drive north last friday. she said she escaped her kidnapper when the car ran out of gas. after interviewing the woman, san jose police last night announced she made the whole thing up. we spoke to fellow students who were both relieved but a bit
6:36 am
puzzled. >> this campus is a community. and for all of us to stick together for each other. so i feel like everyone felt that hurt. and then when it turned out not to be true, everyone maybe felt a little betrayed. >> the student has not been identified. all the school is saying this morning is they're glad the is safe. >> happening today, helping out some congestion on what can sometimes be a crowded commute stretch you take to work. caltrans is considering a busy peninsula corridor for its next express toll lane conversion project. a live look at 101 in palo alto. the proposed lane could cover highway 101 from the nrlt change in san mateo to the north all the way down to santa clara county. it would be free for carpoolers, but solo drivers would have to pay for a fast ride. transportation leaders believe the express lane would reduce traffic through what is a heavily congested part of silicon valley. some folks we spoke to agree. >> we could do some widening
6:37 am
here and there. mostly, it's getting the most efficiency possible out of what you. >> help people get together or carpool more to cut down on being stuck in that kind of traffic situation. >> tonight's public meeting gets under way at 6:30 p.m. that's at the san mateo city hall. carpool away, mike. >> first, we'll cover the carpool lanes as well as any of the other lanes. looking to the bay, and overall, wow, we will talk about this because this is the worst slowing we see in the tri-valley and over here in the east bay. southbound 680 through pleasanton and southbound 880 through hayward. the build is on for a typical pat. across the san mateo bridge, we have the earlier disabled vehicle and a crash. two incidents in the area both cleared so a slowing drive here. this is the dumbarton bridge, a little better here. the east shore freeway, i want to show you what's going on. we're looking at westbound 80. that's the headlights underneath
6:38 am
university. an earlier crash did clear to the shoulder pretty quickly. i heard about another crash, but i don't see anything. we may have another incident. i'll keep tracking that. there's the haze. >> there you go. >> we can see the weekend coming up here. it's already wednesday. >> which is great. a lot of people had monday off and now we're looking forward to saturday morning. >> this week went by so fast sore it's going by fast. i didn't even have monday off. yes, we're looking ahead to the weekend. temperatures will be warming up a few more degrees from today. we're going to get more sunshine in the too. a lot of the coast on saturday, expect the high to reach 69 degrees. for the bay, up to 77 also more of the same on sunday, up to 78 for the bay and inland up to 82 degrees. as you make plans for the weekend, in napa valley, it's going to be in the lowiates. on sunday, a lot of live music
6:39 am
going on. if you're going in that direction, keep in mind the temperatures will be nice and warm. on friday, we'll also have a lot going on in woodside from friday into sunday. we have a flower show, and it will be in the low to mid 60s throughout the day, eventually hitting 70 degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. cherry festival in san leandro, and it starts out with some cloudy skies on saturday morning. then as the sun breaks out, our temperatures reach into the upper 60s. if you want some cooler weather, well, it won't be that cool in heavenly. we're taking a live look now, and look at how warm it will be. we're talking some upper 70s for friday. and more clouds moving in for the end of the weekend. we'll be in the low 70s by sunday. and all clear there. al valley will be cooling down heading to the end of the weekend, starting out in the low 70s and then to 66 degrees for the high on sunday. i'll show you the temperature trend for evergreen. that's coming up in about three
6:40 am
minutes. >> we'll look forward to it. thanks so much, kari. 6:39. a mid-flight emergency. coming up in three minutes, the electronic device that caught fire during a flight from new york to san francisco. >> it looks as if the united states will pull out of the paris climate accords. we'll bring you the very latest. >> and how will the markets react to that news? that's a big question this morning as we take a look right now, and the dow jones industrial average down early, at 21,025. the nasdaq actually just hit a new record high. keeping an eye on things this morning for you. back with more news, weather, and traffic in two minutes.
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it's 6:43. still cloudy over the south bay as we get a live look outside at san jose. everyone is heading northbound, where we will have some temperatures in evergreen in the mid 60s by 10:00 this morning. mostly sunny skies throughout the day. and highs reaching into the mid 70s, which is about where we should be for this time of year. slightly warmer temperatures in the forecast heading into the weekend. more on that coming up in about five minutes. >> northbound 280 in san jose, westbound train number three is moving once again for ace train. a rock slide, apparently just a couple little rocks. not a big deal but about a ten-minute delay. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. >> it is 6:43 right now.
6:44 am
bringing you live pictures from sfo this morning because a jetblue flight headed to the airport from new york city had to make an emergency landing in michigan last night. a laptop caught fire, which forced the to land right away. the faa blames the computer's lithium battery. flight attendants were able to put out the fire before the flight landed. here's how one passenger described what they called scary moments. >> i kind of smelled it, and i noticed that the stewardest w was -- she had a storage bin and was trying to get a backpack and put a fire out. you could see smoke and smell it. >> quickly, none of the 158 people onboard were hurt. the flight eventually made it to sfo at midnight. >> rr learning new details about this water slide accident in dublin. the video, of course, showing you the video who flew off the
6:45 am
side of that slide over the weekend. what we just read the calosha documents associated with the investigation. they reveal the slide had 17 problems before it opened. that included maintaining water quality and exposed bolts on the slide. on friday, calosha did a follow-up inspection and signed off on the opening. yesterday, cal so should oshas say there were pools of water. the 10-year-old boy was not seriously hurt. >> new this morning, pleel in vallejo has identified the victim of a deadly hit and run accident that happened 9:30 last night north of tennessee street there. the car going southbound on columbus struck a 51-year-old man, earnest howard of vallejo, as he was crossing the street. police right now are looking for that driver. >> palo alto unified is asking students, parents, and alumni to help rename jordan ann truman middle school. it will be part of a new comidy
6:46 am
to come up with six new names by december. the schools are being renamed after a student discovered david starr jordan and lewis tureman's connection to eugenics movement. jordan was the founding president of stanford university and tureman taught there. >> one of the greatest events in sporting of the year, preliminary rounds getting under way right now. it is a sport. the annual scripps national spelling bee. >> this is a very popular spelling contest taking place right outside of washington, d.c. it's really fun to watch. 291 young spellers from across the nation taking part. there all two bay area finalists this year we'll be watching. the final round takes place tomorrow. >> just don't make us spell the words they get correctly. >> pentagon says it has successfully shot down a mock warhead over the pacific ocean. this is widely seen as the u.s.'s power to counter the missiles norlg korea is testing itself. here's video of that missile
6:47 am
killing interceptor heading to its target, which was another missile fired from the marshall islands aimed at waters near san diego. this is all a test and comes two days after the latest north korean missile launch and nine already this year. former acting rcia director says american military tests won't stop north koreans from making nuclear weapons. >> the test will underline our seriousness about stopping their program, but i don't think it will actually stop their program. they will see it as yet another challenge to overcome. >> back to the u.s. test now, the defense system has kind of a mixed record. only successful in 9 of its last 17 attempts. yesterday was the first time the military tried to shoot down an actual ballistic missile traveling four times the speed of sound. >> the president says he will announce whether or not the u.s. will stay in the paris climate accord very soon. >> scott mcgrew, at least one news agency this morning says
6:48 am
he's already decided. >> i think if you pick apart the president's tweets, it's also pretty clear he's already decided. here's what the president tweeted just a few minutes ago. i will be announcing my decision on the paris accord over the next few days. make america great again. if we're saying again, that would to indicate a change american policy. there are 194 countries who signed on to the agreement to fight climate change, including china. two did not. nicaragua and syria. >> axios is reporting a few minutes ago, trump has made a decision to end america's involvement with the accord. this despite the fact that most big u.s. corporations including exxon have asked the president to end the agreement. the good news if you believe in fighting climate change, is the president changes his mind. the classic example, he was going to tear up nafta until leaders of canada and mexico called him and convinced him not
6:49 am
to. he promised to label china a currency manipulator and decided not to. the president had an angry tweet this morning about carter page after fox and friends said the former trump adviser might not testify before the house. the president said page should be allowed to testify. you may recall, mr. trump once said he didn't know who carter page was. he now says page has information that will, quote, blow away investigators. it's not clear how the president knows what mr. page will testify. and certainly claiming he does know indicates that mr. trump is in contact with mr. page. former national security adviser michael flynn has changed his mind. he will turn over documents to a senate investigation into the trump campaign connection with the russians. flynn, as you'll recall, wassed for not telling the truth about his own connection with the russians. we examine the president's tweets, executive orders and
6:50 am
speeches on today in the bay. we love hearing from you. you can share what you think with me on twitter @scottgrew. >> 6:gift right now. new this morning, comedian kathy griffin admits she went too far when it came to criticizing president trump, and this morning, the president is responding. during a recent photo shoot, griffin was seen holding a bloody mask in the likeness of the president. after widespread condemnation, she issued an apology on social media. >> hey, everyone. it's me, kathy griffin. i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i moved the line, then i crossed it. i went way too far. >> within the last two hours, president trump tweeted, quote, kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. my children, especially my 11-year-old son, are having a hard time with this. sick. the secret service is investigating. >> all new this morning, check
6:51 am
out this picture of a hayward police officer giving a young man a little haircut. the department posted this on facebook. turns out the officer was looking for the boy because was reported missing by his family. the boy was hiding because he gave himself a haircut and he didn't like how it turned out. the officer who got very emotional over this story picked up the clippers, took him in front of a mirror, and gave the boy a whole nice new look. >> i would like to see the after. >> it's a process. >> caring officer and maybe a new profession for him. >> have you ever had a bad haircut? >> more than we would like. but not now. kari hall, let's get a check of what's going on. it seems like things are starting to clear up. >> things are looking good heading out the door. we had light rain that moved through earlier this morning. now, everything is clearing out and drying out, too. so as we get a look at three of our microclimates, before you step out the door in the tri-valley, you can see from our camera in pleasanton, we're getting some sunshine there. it's starting to clear in the
6:52 am
south bay and, too. temperatures in the upper 50s. low 50s now in san francisco. it's 52 degrees as you get ready to head out. and as we go through the day, we're going to see some more comfortable weather with highs in the low 70s. in the peninsula, the winds will start to kick up. 72 degrees and 74 in the north bay, looking live from belvedere to san francisco. you can see what it looks like there in san francisco now. we're going to see the high up to 63 degrees. looking outside in san jose, and getting ready for today. you might need a jacket stepping out to start out, but then as we go into the rest of the day with all of that sunshine, you'll need the sunglasses. we'll have more sunglass weather as we go into the next several days. getting kids ready for school this morning, our skies are clear and temperatures are nice and mild this time of year, we have a lot of outdoor activities like a field day and also field trips. at recess, we'll also have sunshine andy winds and temperatures warming up into the 70s inland heading home from
6:53 am
school. we will have some upper 60s for san francisco by the weekend. and not a lot of rain in this forecast, although we may start out with low clouds and fog and maev even drizzle. inland valleys will be in the mid 70s for the next couple days. and not too bad heading into the week. looks like a really nice one to get outside and do more yard work. now, mike is showing some slowing now for the south bay. >> i am, kari. also for the east bay. we'll talk about what's going on for berkeley and ace train number three. wanted to make sure errand knew it is running once again, earlier rock slide sounds like it was minor. smaller rocks, not a major issue. we're looking toward the altamont pass,ing of the south bay with the northbound routes. north 85, 87, and 101 all starting to show more traffic, so more slowing through san jose and pushing up into the rest of silicon valley. over here, pushing into the peninsula, westbound 92 recovering from the earlier issues right at the 92/101 interchange. the dumbarton bridge picking up a little slowing as you approach
6:54 am
the menlo park side. slowing for the east shore freeway. we have all this slowing showing up around golden gate fields. so waze tries to give you an alternate, but we have a slow drive there. it's still quirker, about ten minutes quicker to take the east shore freeway. you join our waze team, you can find the quickest route wherever, whenever you're leaving your house, or wherever you're leaving from. looking at your profile, stay with our team, nbc bay area wazers. join that team, folks. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> coming up next, a look at the top stories this morning on today in the bay, that includes a major development in the sex scandal that has plagued the oakland police department. the large settlement the city council voted to approve late last night. >> but first, happening now, good news california students. lawmakers want to give them a little more sleep. a measure is working its way would push school start times back to at least 8:30. not yet, though, kids. >> jetblue airline is going to be the first airline to test facial recognition.
6:55 am
passengers traveling from boston to aruba will be photographed at the gate instead of checking in with boarding passes. jetblue will check the images against the passenger's passport or visa photo on file. back with more news, stick around. before you head out the door -
6:56 am
6:57 am
here are the top stories on today in the y. welcome back to you. 6:57 right now. before you head out the door,
6:58 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay. >> we start overseas. breaking news out of kabul, afghanistan, where at least 80 people are dead and hundreds other wounded in a suicide bomber near the german embassy in the diplomatic quarters. employees from the german and japanese embassies were injured but not seriously. the taliban says it is not behind the word. so far, no word from isis. >> a live look at oakland city hall where city leaders decided to settle a sex abuse scandal. they approved a nearly $1 million payout to jasmine abuslin. she was at the center of a scandal that led to oakland police officers being fired. officers in other agencies were accused of having sex with abuslin, some when she was just a minor. >> a live look at san jose's hall of justice where jurors this morning are beginning deliberations in the penalty phase for the man who murdered sierra lamar.
6:59 am
he could receive the death penalty for sierra lamar, who was kidnapped on her way to school. >> taking a live look outside in san jose. off to a cool start. remember when the hills used to be so clean with all the rain. it got hot. that's what happened. and we'll see a little warmup as we head into the weekend. >> yeah, no warmup a few degrees, and it's going to be still comfortable. we're still able to leave the air conditioners off as we go into the rest of the forecast. going to see highs in the 60s for san francisco. and mostly sunny skies, inland areas in the mid 70s for today as well as tomorrow. >> thank you very much. mike, it looks like there's a potential problem in fremont. >> potential problem. overall, pretty pleasant commute. we have slowing across the san mateo bridge and north through san jose, but southbound 680 out of fremont and in toward milpitas, heard about a roll of fencing so that may be an issue. >> we'll be back with a local news update in half an hour. >> in the meantime, we'll be
7:00 am
there for nbc bay area news at 11:00. busy news morning here. "today" show coming up next. >> have a good morning. the rush hour suicide bombing in a highly secure neighborhood in the heart of afghanistan's capital. at least 80 people killed, more than 350 wounded. the taliban denying responsibility. so, who was behind it? >> controversial decision. new reports this morning that president trump will pull the u.s. out of the landmark paris climate agreement, fulfilling a campaign promise despite warnings the move could harm the economy and threaten security. overnight, a garbled tweet by the president left up for hours causes confusion. what he's saying abot


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