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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 31, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a major back up on the bay bridge. we are following breaking news right now. a major backup on the bay bridge. we have reports of a man standing on the ledge of the bridge on the san francisco approach right after the treasure island tunnel causing a huge traffic jam leaving the east bay. here's a look at the situation from nbc bay area skyranger. we're not showing it to you live because we don't know what the intentions of this man are. we do know what the traffic impact is and mike inouye is following that for you. >> reporter: that's right. you showed that video from skyranger and it showed the approach to signs, fremont over on the right lanes and harrison over on the left and approaching san francisco. that's right about where all the activity is blocking the left two lanes. over here is our camera from emoryville. you see the traffic jammed up coming out of that treasure
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island tunnel and yorba linda tunnel as folks make their way around the bend. this is where lanes get all jammed up here coming out of san francisco and it's jamming up and they have really brought them slow. look at the effect of the bridge traffic flow on the sensors. it's jammed up getting past the tunnel itself and backed all the way back into the berkeley curve and approaching on 580 and backing up coming down out of berkeley just as the morning commute was starting to ease and we saw that sensor change and jammed out of the maze over to where two lanes were blocked westbound into san francisco. as you're saying, kris, staying away from the live shot because police are addressing the situation on the bridge itself. we're looking at the san mateo bridge and it has options for you, as well as b.a.r.t. the bay bridge jammed up from oakland as well as san francisco. we although continue to follow this. we certainly will follow that. meantime, thank you so much for joining us on this wednesday.
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i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. >> a lot going on right now. other top story. convicted killer waiting for his sentence. will antolin garcia-torres face death row for murdering sierra lamar. that decision could come at any moment. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the hall of justice where jurors are deliberating. the murder conviction came in awfully quickly. any clues as to how long this decision could take? >> reporter: none whatsoever. good morning, sam. the jury deliberated a little bit yesterday afternoon. they are expected back here at 1:30 here at the hall of justice behind me to decide whether antolin garcia-torres should spend the rest of his life in prison or be sentenced to die for the kidnap and murder of sierra lamar more than five years ago in morgan hill. yesterday both sides wrapped up closing argument. prosecutor david boyd reminded jurors of the suffering the lamar family has been through, especially not knowing where her daughter's body is located.
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boyd is arguing for the death penalty. the defense attorney countered garcia-torres had a rough childhood, lived in poverty and neglect, had a father who was drink and violent and was exposed to pesticides. the defense also pointed out that garcia-torres still has two young daughters and should be allowed to live. it took the jury less than five hours to find garcia-torres guilty of his crimes. not clear how long it will take whether he lives or dies for those crimes. the jury will continue to deliberate this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon if need be and they are taking friday off. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob. thank you very much. as we await word here, we'll bring you that decision when it comes down on the air and online. make sure that you download our nbc bay area app so you can get our alerts right to your smartphone. >> several media outlets are reporting that president trump is expected to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. they are cite being white house officials. administrative sources are telling nbc news that trump is leaning towards leaving that
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historic climate accord but has not yet reached a final decision. the president himself suggested in a tweet that he may not make an official announcement until later this week. it took nearly two decades to produce that agreement back in december of 2015 and it requires nearly every country in the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. if trump pulls out, the u.s. would join syria and nicaragua as the only developed countries in the world that are not part of the paris climate agreement. syria, of course, is mired in a civil war. nicaragua didn't think the agreement went far enough. a man was arrested at trump international hotel in washington, d.c. for having an ar-15 assault-style weapon. investigators say he also had dozens of rounds of ammunition in his car. the man is a military veteran from pennsylvania and also a trump supporter. investigators do not believe he intended to harm the president, but a tip led officers to him, and he was arrested for
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violating washington, d.c.'s strict gun laws. investigators believe the man suffers from ptsd. 11:04 right now and this just in. comedian kathy griffin has been fired from cnn's newyear's show after criticism poured in from this photo shoot where griffin was seen holding a bloody mask we have blurted. clearly it's grotesque. it was in the likeness of president trump. the comedian admits she went too far and after widespread condemnation she issued an apology on social media. >> hey, everybody, that's me, kathy griffin. i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i moved the line and cross it had and i went way too far. >> while president trump responded to her commentary, tweeting, quote, kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. my children, especially my 11-year-old son barron, are having a hard time with this. sick. the secret service right now is
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investigating. well, if you were up early enough this morning you may have seen a little bit of rain that made my hair frizzy. >> you got all this volume to begin with and a little extra poof. >> i looked like a chia pet. >> i do remember those things. i had one. kari hall is monitoring the changing conditions. the golden gate bridge looks very different than it did this morning. >> yeah. we're seeing a lot of changes around the bay area. take a look at this view from mt. hamilton looking over the south bay where we did measure .01 of an inch of rain this morning, so it was a very light rain that moved through. we're also taking a look at clear conditions from berkeley looking across the bay and the temperature there now at 65 degrees. now, as we go into this afternoon, it is going to be very nice and comfortable. enjoy the sunshine for the rest of the day and the rest of the forecast for that matter. we're going to be into the upper 70s in napa and concord and lower 70s for most of the east bay and south bay and along the coast we have upper 50s to lower
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60s. heading into the weekend we'll be a little bit warmer, and i'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks very much, kari. scary moments for flyers on the way to the bay area. their plane had to make an emergency landing after the laptop started a fire on the plane. it happened on board that plane that was heardled for sfo from new york city, but the emergency diverted the flight to grand rapids, michigan. they blamed the lithium battery. they were able to put the fire out before the plane landed. here's how one passenger described that moment. >> i kind of smelled it, and the stewardess was trying to like -- she had like maybe a storage bin and she was trying to get the backpack and trying to basically put the fire out. you could see smoke and smell it. >> none of the 158 passengers on board was hurt. the flight did eventually make
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it to sfo but not until midnight. >> kris, as you're talking about there. those are concerns about the battery catching fire. there are also concerns about laptop batteries and terrorism. new developments now in the debate over a potential ban on laptops on overseas flights. the homeland security director now saying terrorists are, quote, obsessed with the idea of bringing down a plane. that means there is reason to consider a full ban on carry-on electronics that are larger than a cell phone. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in atlanta with the very latest. >> this morning the department of homeland security says an expanded laptop ban on flights from europe to the u.s. is still on the table despite a report that the u.s. had nixed the idea. >> still contemplating extending the ban. >> reporter: on a call with european officials tuesday, dhs secretary john kelly said he would implement any and all measures necessary to secure commercial aircraft flying to the united states, including prohibiting large electronic devices from the passenger cabin
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if the intelligence and threat level warranted. so why the delay? it would be no small change. a similar ban is already in place from similar areas and suspending this who affect 429 flights and 105,000 passengers a day. >> if this goes into effect, this will be an inconvenience for all passengers across the board. i mean, people's laptops and electronics are indispensable. >> reporter: perhaps most impacted business travelers. >> it would be challenging because you're working on your laptop the whole way. if i'm not able to bring my laptop back, my work product, that would be a problem. >> and parents would need to find another way to entertain their kids on a 7 to 12-hour flight. talks between u.s. and european officials are ongoing. the final decision on any potential ban could take weeks. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. >> all right. 11:09 now. we're learning now details about this really frightening water slide accident in dublin. the video by now you have seen
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shows a boy sliding off the edge of the slide over the weekend. cal osha documents reveal that the slide had 17 problems before it opened and that included maintaining water quality, and it also had exposed bolts. on friday cal osha did a follow-up inspection and signed off on the opening. then yesterday cal osha investigators told us there appears to have been a puddling of water which caused the boy to hydroplane. the video was shot by "the east bay times." the 10-year-old, you'll remember, was not seriously hurt. that is perhaps the biggest shock of it all. >> really amazingly lucky for that young boy. up next at 11:00, we're monitoring breaking news on bay bridge. this is a developing situation as there is a man standing on a section of the bridge, really on the ledge of it, on the san francisco approach past the treasure island tunnel. the lane has been closed down. there's a major backup all the way to berkeley. we'll update the situation next. >> and first it was a soda tax
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and now the city of berkeley is setting its sights on straws. the new possible ban that could be coming your way. >> and is it a case of ault correct? the questionable tweet that president trump send out overnight that you've definitely seen at this point that's gone viral. certainly was by the time you woke up this morning. what the president is saying. >> reporter: plus, a supreme court decision about ink coming up. >> and a live look right now. at&t park this morning. the giants wrapping up their series against the nationals in san francisco tonight. you can catch the game right here hon nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 7:00. the first pitch is at 7:15.
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a major back up on the bay we'll take you back out to that breaking news that could compromise your afternoon commute. the bay bridge is very much backed up into the east bay and heading towards san francisco because the man has climbed out of his truck. initially it seemed like he just
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needed a tow truck but then he climbed on to the ledge of the side of the bay bridge and now the chp is trying to ask him what it is that he needs and why it is that he won't come down. meanwhile, skyranger is overhead because this is something that is also going to impact traffic in the area. we're going to continue to monitor this for you. mike inouye is watching the traffic part of it. >> the construction you just showed extends down into the water. that's where all activity has your left two lanes blocked. a critical point on bridge as folks are approaching san francisco. they are choosing the harrison speed offramp to the left and fremont street to the right. folks are changing lane which constricts traffic and has it backed up all the way to the approach to treasure island. a look at the map and we see the sensor reads all the way back to the toll plaza and the east shore freeway and choose the san
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mateo bridge right now. back for you. >> thanks, mike. new york stock exchange this morning, as we do a quick check of the markets, the nasdaq had hit a record. it's now down 28 points. the s&p has dropped about 7.5 and the dow is down 62 points at 20,967. >> so you know that the supreme court has to rule on all kinds of colorful cases, but this time, scott mcgrew, it was printer ink. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. the highest court in the land says it's okay to refill. the decision counts for all pink core triple digits. here you see the epson, but the case was about lexmark printer cartridges. they are protecting the cartridges even after they sold it to you and the company wanted to control what happened to the cartridges including prohibiting third parties from gathering up old cartridges and refilling them but the judges disguess agreed. chief john roberts compared it to cars saying carmakers can't
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tell you how to repair your car after you bide t.uber fired its engineer in charge of its automatic car program. anthony anthony levan doufrky said to uber explain what happened or lose your job and he lost his job, and they are expected to wrap up the case into sexual harassment. that investigation is being led by former u.s. attorney general eric holder. and take a look at this patent filed by amazon. a shipping label that also contains a parachute in the label. amazon can drop your packages from drones on to your doorstep, but, sam and kris, i think they maybe never heard of trees. >> listen up, amazon customers. you might be getting some money coming your way. this is after the federal trade commission decided that amazon has to set up a refund process for unauthorized in-app purchases made by children. the ftc says that consumers
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eligible should have been notified by amazon by mail or e-mail. consumers have until may 28 until next year to submit their request for a refund. amazon has made changes in how in-app purchases are made. >> the city of berkeley is talking about banning plastic straws and discussed a proposal to do that just last night. three city council members are supporting it it, and it would require restaurants and coffee shops to use bamboo or other straws that are biodegradable. americans use half a billion straws daily which they say would help the animals and environment. >> a major development in the congressional investigation into russia's interference in the presidential election but this comes as president trump is lighting up the internet right now with an overnight tweet and a lot of people trying to figure out what is that covfefe.
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here's nbc's pete alexander with more. >> reporter: fired national security adviser michael flynn is now expected to provide the senate intelligence committee some personal and business documents related to the russia investigation. that according to a source close to flynn. and this morning the inquiry is expanding. congressional investigators requesting information from president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen and former campaign spokesman boris epstein. cohen telling nbc news i have nothing to hide. i'm more than happy and willing to testify, but they have to be specific. epstein's lawyer says he's waiting for more information before responding. as president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner remains silent white house officials are not denying reports he sought to set up secret back channel communications with top russian officials in the weeks before president trump took office. >> you're asking if he approves of an action that's not a confirmed action. that being said, in general terms back channels are an appropriate part of diplomacy.
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>> reporter: sean spicer repeatedly saying the president is frustrated with the focus on russia but not offering any explanation for why back channel communications would have been necessary. >> mr. kushner has volunteered to share with congress what he knows about the meet. >> during the transition josh ker did neat with sergey gorkov, a russian banker and close soeshlt associate of putin. mr. trump tweets russian officials must be laughing at the u.s. and how a lame excuse for why the democrats lost the election is taking over fake news. >> putin in an interview calling the accusations of russia affecting the election fiction. >> the most animated i've seen putin speaking in a long time. we were talking about that rain. kari, you said it's .01 of an
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inch and all of those drops fell on me. >> i love that tweet. >> very early in the morning, and it was wet for some, but then most of the bay area walked out the door and had no idea, so we did have some quick moving rain that moved through here earlier this morning, and now it is all clear. this is the kind of weather we'll see the rest of the day so our temperatures getting a little bit milder. we're in the upper 60s in the south bay peninsula and tri-valley. looking at three more microclimates. we're right now at 65 degrees in the east bay and in san francisco 61 degrees with some mild weather. also in the north bay it's now 73 degrees. so as we get a closer look at today's high temp two, we will be in the upper 70s for the south county, and most of the south bay into the low 70s while the east bay will be up to 79 degrees in antioch and oakland will see a high of 68 degrees and some breezy winds.
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half moon bay up to 59 degrees there and right on the other side of the hills up to 72 in mattiello. some low 60s in san francisco today with all of that sunshine and some mid-70s for much of the north bay while napa will be in the upper 70s today. as we get a live look outside at san francisco, all clear blue skies and if you're planning to head out to at&t park late they are evening it's going to be cool and breezy. the first pitch at 7:15 and while it will be cool and windy out there, you can watch it from the comfort of your couch. it will be right here hon nbc bay area. those temperatures drop back into the mid-50s later on tonight it will also become mostly cloudy and we'll start out tomorrow like we started out today. as you're starting to make plans for the weekend you can start it out with the filoli flor show happening in woodside. in the morning we'll be in the low 60s, reaching into the upper 60s by early afternoon. it's going to be a beautiful day for walking the grounds there and taking in all of the flowers and the scenery.
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heading into the weekend also for santa cruz it will be in the low 80s on friday and then turning a little bit cooler between saturday and sunday with the stronger ocean breeze, but we will have the afternoon sunshine moving in. we ear also going to see more of the same in san francisco. just our temperatures are warming up a couple of degrees each day heading into sunday and we'll see more of the same for the inland valleys. mid-70s today with gusty winds and low 80s for the weekend and it continues to warm up early next week. i'll have another look at what's going on around the bay area, and zoning in on that weekend. that's coming up. >> our microclimate forecast. >> with laser focus. >> thank you. how about not sitting in traffic for hours on peninsula. relief could be on way for a slow moving stretch of highway 101. what transportation officials are considering doing to decongest the busy freeway. but first happening now, russia ordering some estonian
11:23 am
and moldovan diplomats to leave the country. coming as russia is responding to unfriendly actions and countries like india and spain are officially expressing their commitment and support for the paris climate deal as president trump decides whether to pull out. that statement was just made jointly in madrid. we're back in two minutes. who are these people?
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==kris/cu== helping some congestion--- on what )s a crowded commute sttc happening today. how about cutting some of the congestion on what is a crowded commute stretch that you might take to work. caltranz will consider a busy corridor for its next tollway project. a live look at 101 in palo alto, spot we're talking about. the proposed lane would cover high what 101 from interstate 380. the interchange there in san mateo to santa clara county. it would free for carpoolers and fellow drivers would have to bone you up for the faster ride. transportation leaders believe the express lane would free traffic through the heavily congested silicon valley, and some people we talked about agreed with that. >> we can do some widening here and there, but mostly it's getting most efficiency possible out of what you have. >> help people get together or carpool more to cut down on being stuck in that kind of traffic situation. >> how if you want to weigh in on this, there is a public meeting tonight.
11:27 am
it the gets under way at 6:30 at san mateo city hall. you remember the field trips when you were a kid. happening right now, more than 100 students, parents, teachers and elected teachers from santa clara county talking to lawmakers about public education. three full buses left santa clara county early this morning. our cameras were there as everybody was loading up and getting ready. listen to what one student says that he plans to ask lawmakers. >> i want to show lawmakers why it's important for schools to get more funding especially for electives. i feel like while our school has electives like band and choir and art and pbl we can also add more electives like computer science and robotics and language. >> it seems that when the students speak to our legislators they seem to have a little bit more pull, if you will, because it's coming in their heart. it's kind of a civics lesson combined with a mobile town hall
11:28 am
meeting. you know, when we go up there, we don't run all over the capital. the legislators come to us in a town hall format. >> that's pretty cool. supervisor dave cortez from the last sound bite. he went as well. this is the 15th year for that trip, and these kids clearly know their budget. >> yes, they do. breaking news on the bay bridge. we'll take you back there. a huge backup right now as chp tries to talk a man off a ledge. they are trying to understand why he's up there and how they did get him down safely. in the meantime, if you are headed from the east bay into san francisco, you'll want to find an alternate route r. >> hey, nokes, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. let's got to your waze app either on iphone or android, and in the bottom corner there's going to be a magnifying glass when you fire that up app. you click on that and then you click at your name at the top. that's your profile and scroll down and pick ours. nbc bay area wazers.
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that's how you join the community. that's how we help each other out. we'll get back to you right after this break. a major back up on the bay
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bridge. we are still following that breaking news on the bay bridge. this morning a major traffic tie-up there. reports of a man standing on the ledge of the bridge on the san francisco approach right after the treasure island tunnel, and, of course, that's causing a major traffic jam. we're looking at the situation from afar from nbc bay area skyranger. >> right, and now you're going to see it from a water perspective. see how bad this backup gets. it actually began when a red pickup truck stalled in the number one lane. a tow truck driver arrived on scene and the driver of that truck jumped out and as chris just showed you and climbed on to the ledge there. chp officers are on scene. negotiators were told they are en route and they are trying to establish a line of
11:32 am
communication with that man. meantime, the number one and two lanes are closed in the westbound direction near the center and, mike, that's backing things up all the way to berkeley and beyond. >> this is right here. this is university avenue and this is westbound 80. the east shore freeway. it's supposed to be thing out now, but it's actually stopping up, and so is that frontage road as folks are coming down from richmond past the ration track and, of course, to the berkeley curve. here's what i think happened has you look at the map. the two left lanes are blocked as you approach san francisco because of that activity you just showed and then they slammed down the speed keeping the traffic held up over on landside because they don't want additional traffic if it can be managed across the bridge so because they are slowing traffic across the bridge everybody is jammed up here and the alternate instead of going through berkeley going north. that's clear. it's a longer ride but at least it's clear and if you want to go south head to the san mateo bridge. both of those routes are great and so is b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. is reporting no delays
11:33 am
over to the water and into san francisco. unexpected for folks and we'll track the situation for traffic flow. it's a scandal that rocked the east bay. a woman says she was paid to have sex with several police officers, some of them while she was younger than the age of consent. >> early this morning, this debate went on within the oakland city council for hours, and they ultimately did approve a nearly $1 million payout. nbc bay area pete suratos has more from oakland. >> reporter: good morning to you back in the studio. this vote talking place roughly around 2:00 a.m. >> all those in favor say aye. >> reporter: voting 7-3 in favor of a settlement with the teenager at the center of this sexual abuse scandal. 19-year-old jasmine abuslin who will be paid $989,000 via the city of oakland as a part of this city of oakland.
11:34 am
abuslin has accused several law enforcement agencies around the bay area of having sex with her when she was a minor. the claims were brought to light in 2015 whether officer brendan o'brien left behind a note detailing her sex youth encounters with fellow officers and we spoke with rebecca kaplan weighing in on last night's vote after the meeting. >> it is time to pay the settlement agreement to yet this woman get on with her life and healing and also have oakland step up and change the culture in the police department, to change how we recreate and train our officers. >> reporter: now a number of officers at police departments around the bay area may be connected to abuslin, and her lawyer may consider a lawsuit against all of them. in oakland, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you very much. happening right now, it's day four of jury deliberations in the trial of three santa clara county jail guards caused of beating an inmate to day. michael tyree died in 20 is a, and prosecutors say the three deputies abused their power, and
11:35 am
that is the reason that he's not alive today. now the defense is still trying to question the evidence in this case or did anyway. the guards face life in prison, if convicted. just a few minutes ago san jose police got back to us of an overnight incident that happened in the parking lot of the edenvale branch library. officers found a vehicle that was carjacked last month. the person inside the car refused to get out and they were forcefully removed and then arrested. this started about 2:00 this morning. so far that is all of the information that san jose have chosen to share at this point and released to us. >> police are looking for a suspect after a lengthy standoff following a deadly shooting in oakland. a standoff started yesterday afternoon on international boulevard near 51st avenue. police were outside where they believe the suspect was tied to a shooting and was barricaded inside. a short time ago officers called
11:36 am
it off saying the suspect is still at large and police in vallejo identified the victim in a deadly hit-and-run accident. it happened about 9:30 last nights on columbus parkway north of tennessee street. investigators say a car going southbound an columbus struck 51-year-old ernest howard of vallejo as he was crossing the street. police are now looking for that driver. >> remembering the lives lost in a or high-risk crash in alameda. today grief counsellors are on and at two different bay area schools as students cope with the loss of brianna ortega and simon sotelo, both killed on memorial day. they were in a truck with five other people when the accident happened. there's a memorial set up to the students. flowers, candles taking over the street corner near the crash site. >> everyone should take something out of this, you know what i mean. love yourselves and love those around you, and just do the right thing, man.
11:37 am
>> five other people were inside that truck but survived and were injured. happening today in san francisco, community meetings to discuss a deadly stabbing last week in the bertel heights park police have not released a lot of details about what happened, but tonight the meeting at 6:00 at bernal heights neighborhood center on courtland avenue will hopefully provide folks with more answers. now an update to a developing story we've been covering all morning. the death toll continues to rise after a massive suicide truck bombing rocked the highly secured diplomatic area of the afghanistan capital today. right now officials say at least 90 people are dead and another 400 hurt. it is one of the worst attacks that kabul has seen since the drawdown of foreign forces at the end of the country in 2014. nbc's richard engel reports. >> reporter: the bomb exploded at a strategic junction in kabul's diplomatic quarter, the
11:38 am
heart of international efforts to support the afghan government. first responders were quick to arrive. this is, after all, supposed to be the most secure part of kabul. the massive bomb in a vehicle detonated by the gates of the german embassy, the american embassy shaken but undamaged. it's just a few blocks away and so is an entrance to a fortified military base that served as the headquarters for american and nato troops. the base wasn't breached. the blast went off around 8:30 a.m., just as embassy and base employees, mostly afghans, were heading to work. the trump administration is struggling to come up with a new policy for afghanistan. the country is more unable than it's been in years, and bombing alone isn't fixing it. after recently dropping the so-called mother of all bombs on what the u.s. military called an isis tunnel network, u.s. officials say the u.s. administration is considering spending up to 5,000 more
11:39 am
american troops to the country. that would bring the number of american troops to well over 10,000 fighting a war once said to have been all but won. so who is responsible? there are multiple militant groups that operate in afghanistan including the taliban, al qaeda and isis. the taliban quickly denied responsibility for the attack which were make isis the most likely suspect. richard engel, nbc news, london. >> all right. we want to get a look at that forecast. it was a little whack they morning, but now normal. is it going to stay normal, kari? >> it will. we'll start out with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and it will be warming up just a few degrees. cooler today, cooler than average, as we get a look at the temperature trend for fremont and looking ahead to the weekend, that's coming up next. >> nbc bay area responds, we've recovered over $750,000 for our viewers. if you want help, call us or visit nbc bay area
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on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation.
11:41 am
pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
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-- a major back up on the bay bridge. the situation on the bay bridge continues right now. looking at video from earlier when it first started, it was a pickup truck stalled on the side of the bridge, but then when a tow truck arrived a man got out of that truck and climbed one of the alleges there on the bridge, and the backup has grown ever since then. you can see it. nbc skyranger is watching over that part. mike ennui is watching the maps because there are a lot of detour routes that advocates are taking and those are getting
11:43 am
clogged. >> reporter: and the detours to suggest. this is westbound 80 underneath university. it's jammed at richmond all the way to the berkeley curve. we'll show you on the map, as kris said. the speed sensors are jammed up. two lanes, as kris showed you, blocked on the center anchorage getting over to san francisco forcing folks over from the harrison street side over in towards the fremont street exiters, and then they have to sort themselves out again so be very careful. we don't want a trash to deal with in addition to the chp activity they already have. we have traffic slowed at the bay bridge toll plaza and through the maze as well, 580 and 880 bogged down. more folks headed south to the san mateo bridge will help relieve the traffic flow. if you're in berkeley consider going across the richmond to san rafael bridge and down into san francisco. it's a longer route. two tolls, but at least you stay out of that backup. back to you. >> this has been going on for almost an hour at this point. no resolution yet. we certainly do hope that it's peaceful. mike, thank you very much. let's get a look at the forecast. kari, toys feeling a little bit
11:44 am
warmer, and you said it was going to be downright toasty by the weekend. >> yeah. it's going to start to warm up, especially inland. the coast really won't see much of a change here as we go into the next several days and then looking farther down the line, it looks like we'll have some warmer weather. maybe you're planning to head somewhere like the mendecino coast. we don't have the marine layer as the fog has rolled away. also looking at the golden gate bridge and also all of the sunshine overhead. some breezy winds as we've seen the tourists standing out there enjoying this cloud-free day, and it didn't start out that way earlier this morning. taking you farther south, all there as well as the temperatures are feeling milder and we're now in the mid-to upper 60s in the bay area as you get ready to step out. it's also fairly breeze reand the winds will continue to pick up today and because we did have a quick moving system that moved through earlier this morning and
11:45 am
now we're heading into some drier weather, we're into a little bit of transition, and we will have the winds picking up. onshore and you'll see it most. sustained winds at 16 miles per hour in san francisco with highs today reaching the upper 70s and for parts of the north bay as well as concord, livermore today you're looking at a high of 72 degrees and also 72 for the high in palo alto. san francisco 63 degrees and you're almost right there now. so as we're getting out and enjoying more time outdoors, the tree pollen is still moderate and maybe that early morning rain will help washing things out of the air temporarily but it won't do much to help things how the in the long run. we'll continue to see a moderate amount of tree pollen in the air, mostly all of them pine and if you're making plans for the week, one event you might want to help out. it will be cloudy to start during the morning this saturday as our temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s and then upper 60s for the rest of the
11:46 am
day, and over towards napa temperatures will be warming up there, and we go from bottle rock last weekend to some live music happening all around napa valley this sunday, and it will be in the low 80s with mostly sunny skies. a little bit warmer than the weekend we just, and looking live at heavenly right now, the clouds rolling in, but they will be clearing out in time for the start of the weekend and our high temperatures reaching into the upper 70s. a few more clouds and then cooling off to 71 degrees on sunday. looking at the seven-day forecast for san francisco, our temperatures are going up a degree or two each day. the warmest day in the forecast for san francisco will be on sunday, and then starting to come back down, but the inland valleys will continue to warm with that lack of an onshore flow. we'll see those temperatures going to the mid-70s for the next couple of days it and into the low 80s for the weekend. it will still be comfortable but then really starting to warm up by the beginning of next week. we'll be up to 87 degrees next
11:47 am
tuesday. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. kris and sam? >> all right, i think that qualifies as toasty. you were right on that one. wearing a costume for a good cause. the reason this man walked for 24 hours around lake merritt dressed like a kitty cat. that's today's bay area proud. hey, nokes, before we go to break i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. let's go to your waze app either on iphone or android, an in the bottom corner there will be a magnifying glass when you fire up the app. click on that and your name on the top, that's your profile and then teams, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community. that's how we help each other out. we'll get back to you right after this break. =daytime lineup omni!!= =cover shoin t = pretty sure -- you didn )t spend
11:48 am
11:49 am
it like one east bay man. no that's right what you did
11:50 am
over your memorial day weekend we're pretty sure like you did not spend it like one east bay area man. >> it's not what he did but how long he did it and what he chose to wear while he was doing it. garvin thomas joins us today with today's bay area proud. >> reporter: we recently told you about oakland's cat town. this one rescue group with their cat cafe is largely responsible for cutting the oeuthanasia rat by more than half. the director says it has a lot to do with their dedicated staff. just how dedicated? well, just watch. jay ruiz is not a psychic. what he is a volunteer coordinator for cat town, an oakland-based cat rescue group, so no, no psychic abilities for jay, but yet this past weekend jay had no trouble at all reading people's mind. >> yeah, people did think i was a little nuts walking around in
11:51 am
a cat suit. >> reporter: we are pretty sure he was correct on that score. for 24 straight hours, from noon on sunday all the way through the night until noon on monday jay walked and walked and walked around lake merritt. 17 laps in all, close to 60 miles, all wearing a cat suit and not as one group of young men he met along the way guessed as part of a fraternity initiation. >> i appreciated that they still thought i was 19 so that was good. >> awesome and i've gotten a lot of that. >> two more hours. >> reporter: jay was walking to raise money for cat town. the nonprofit is participating in a competition with other rescue groups this week. the ones who raise the most money can earn thousands of bonus dollars and cat town, thanks in part to jay, is well on its way to raising $60,000.
11:52 am
the money will go to doubling in size its already incredibly popular storefront adoption center and cafe, which is the reason why no matter how much jay's feet hurt. >> ow. >> and the answer was a lot. he wasn't going to quit. >> knowing that every step was a chance to possibly save a cat in the shelter, in the end totally worth it. >> this really hurts. >> reporter: it's the kind of dedication any nonprofit would love to inspire along their staff, and jay says. >> thank you. >> he'd do it all again tomorrow if he had to. >> i'm going to fall into your arms. >> i'm strong. i'll catch you. >> for the moment he's glad he doesn't. >> you did it. >> this is actually the second long walk jay has taken on cat town's behalf. last year he walked from san jose to oakland but not wearing a cat costume. we'll find out what he has
11:53 am
planned for next year. good afterno garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> when he sat cat suit, i think it would be slinkycality suit. >> not an actual cat costume. >> one person is giving him a big hug at the end there. we'll be right back. a major back up on the bay
11:54 am
11:55 am
bridge. we have reports of a man st we are continuing to follow that breaking news, that major backup on the bay bridge. reports now that negotiators are
11:56 am
either there or enrout to ta rok to the man on the ledge to cause him to calm down off the ledge. we have skyranger over the scene and we're monitoring it that way and some of you have places to go and mike is monitoring that part. >> one of the places to go is not the bay bridge itself. look at the toll tlaplaza. it's 11:56. let's show you the map. it's jammed up across the span to treasure island, a jam for the east shore freeway and an approach out of the maze because of that. folks, avoid getting to the bay bridge throughout the east bay. instead go north towards the richmond and san rafael bridge at the top of your screen and san mateo bridge west are the other options. look how clear it is through oakland and hayward. 92 farther south is a good alternate and b.a.r.t. is a good option as well.
11:57 am
>> thanks, mike. and we're getting ready for the ramp-up in temperatures that kari has been telling us about all week. >> this won't be a huge heat wave moving into the bay area. you can see how the temperatures in san francisco go up a degree or two each day up to 70 degrees on sunday, and then for the inland areas, low 80s this weekend. not too bad, but it does continue to warm up next week, and we'll continue to see those temperatures heading into the upper 80s by next tuesday. >> all right. the unofficial start of summer was this past weekend. >> sure. >> got your barbecue in and it was overcast and now like the yuckiness is gone. it actually looks like summer. >> not a holiday weekend so you can actually go places and not be -- >> enjoy it. >> got it right, kari. >> you never got to taste your barbecue either. >> i'm going to post a picture of my husband's chicken. >> invite me hover for dinner. >> you have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> monogamy is a very tough order. there are periods of time in a woman's life hormonally, in a man's life hormonally, where it's very edgy and precarious. it really runs the risk, if you will, if you're not aware that you could maybe screw up a really good thing. >> goldie hawn talking to "people's" jeff cagle. fascinating what she has to say about monogamy at 71. >> does she look fantastic? she's the most youthful person out there. when i think of her, i think of that smile, and i feel like everything in her life is --


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