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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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delany walked up to the lady and stuck her finger in her mouth and gave the baby meth fooen. >> terrifying moments an east bay park. a stranger approach as toddler in the park and does the unthinkable. drugging the child. the news at 11 starts right now. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre, raj matthai is off tonight. that story in a moment. first, revenge was-his tonic a cancer patient there the central valley arrested miles from his doctor's home here in
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the bay area. his plan, to kill the doctors who he says didn't cure him of cancer. nbc no. ian cull joins us from the santa clara county jail where that gentleman is this evening. what a bizarre story. >> reporter: indeed. police reports show the man claims he was treated like a lab animal and allegedly drove nearly 200 miles here to the bay area to kill his doctors. tonight police say quick detective work across the state may have prevented a murder, police say it started with a frantic phone call are the family. 58-year-old yu chen missing from his visalia home, along with two guns. chen is battling stage four cancer and police say he blaems his doctors for not getting better. police say his family found notes at his home telling his family he planned to kill his buy area doctor. >> i she was saying he was not doing well at all. he was not feeling well. going downhill.
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>> reporter: visalia police connected investigators in palo alto, where one or more of the doctors lived or worked. they coordinated a search with other agencies. police reports so they pinged chen's cell phone tracking him along 101 to the south bay where chp stopped and arrested him in san jose. the report shows police found two loaded semiautomatic weapons a mask, and the doctors' addresses in chen's rented suv. >> we feel confident what his intent was. if we hadn't been able to in a time sensitive way coordinate our efforts we would be investigating at least one homicide if not multiple homicides. >> reporter: sources confirm one doctor worked for stanford health care. another at ucsf. doctors that are safe tonight. >> hard work boy a lot of different agencies prevented bloodshed here. >> reporter: tonight chen is being held without bail here at the santa clara county jail. he faces three attempted murder chaij charges. reporting live in san jose, ian
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cull, nbc bay area news. >> thank you ian. police don't no though tonight what drove this woman to give a 2-year-old a powerful and illegal stimulant. she is now facing attempted homicide charges and in custody. cheryl hurd joins us live from the uc berkeley campus. tell us more about what happened. >> reporter: well, police here tell me that the suspect is being held on a psych hold and the toddler was take tony the hospital. how did this happen, and why is a parent's worst nightmare. >> the baby and the nanny were playing on the playground. >> reporter: jameson agreed to talk to us as long as we didn't show his face. on monday afternoon he says he came face to face with a potentially deadly situation at people's park in berkeley, involving a park resident and a 2-year-old boy. >> she just walked up to him and grabbed him. >> and then what? >> then she stuck her hands in his mouth. >> reporter: his nanny
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immediately checked inside his mouth and saw it was empty. she frantically called uc berkeley police. they responded with officers and paramedics. 36-year-old saidina thomas was arrested on the spot. >> she is not a good person. she steals everybody's stuff. >> reporter: on this day police say she came clean telling paramedics she gave the toddler methamphetami methamphetamine. the toddler was taken to the on the in oakland where police say it was confirmed he swallowed the drugs. >> i feel like he has seen her before. >> reporter: matt mcbrian lives nearby. he walks his dog here daily, rarely sees children play here. >> it's not the cleanest place and not a good place the tack your family or not really a place to have your kids. >> reporter: no word yet on when the suspect will be arraigned. reporting live in berkeley i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you cheryl. at this hour one of the men facing criminal charges for the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire is on his way back to the bay area. max harris is being transported from southern california to the santa rita jail tonight. derek almenna, we learned his wife and his attorney will hold a news conference on friday to talk about if case. almenna who was the master tenant at the warehouse was arrested yesterday with harris. after six month long investigation, each man facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. new at 11:00, inappropriate and offensive, that's how a tweet inviting people in hayward to discuss sanctuary city protection is being described. why? boughs it used a taco pun to promote it. the tweet says let's taco about it. it's culturally insensitive give that the topic was giving
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sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, many from mexico. a representative had this to say. >> we are glad that the mayor and the council repudiate those expressions of hatred against immigrants. >> city council leaders told the crowd they are upset and embarrassed. the social media team did follow up with a series of apology tweets as well. the man accused of killing an australian tourist in san francisco pled not guilty today. david marieo pled not guilty in front the judge. he got into a confrontation and the victim died. a bay area pastor accused of sexual assault is now in the custody of i.c.e. he was arrested last week by menlo park police after several
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victims accused him of sexual assault. he did bail himself out but there was an immigration hold. i.c.e. moved in and picked him up. max gomez was the pastor of a church in menlo park. police say his youngest victim was 14. it is not known if the victim are members of the congregation. a mother who police say shoved her 5-year-old daughter out of her car near ocean beach and abandoned her is in police custody tonight. the 5-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy are now in protective custody as well. nbc bay area jean elle joins us live from san francisco. do we have any idea why the mother would leave her child like that. >> reporter: we don't. this story is still developing. in the past half hour police say that mother turned herself in to authorities. police say the father of the baby boy helped investigators find his 1-year-old son at a sitter's house in oakland. tonight two children are in protective custody after their
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mother left one them, the 5-year-old girl alone abandoned near ocean beach. >> they were just talking about we're trying to reunite a child with her parents. >> reporter: guests at the ocean park motel say the san francisco police officers were looking for a man and a woman last night a couple police say abandoned their 5-year-old daughterer. >> the grace highway and slope boulevard. >> i think it's tragic. >> police say an ambulance girl parked nearby saw the girl left behind and brought her to safety. sources say the 5-year-old is from arkansas and they are in touch with her father after he called the device she was left with. sources say investigators are trying to arrange a meeting with the mother and father. at ocean beach, parents are stunned. >> abandonment. they will probably remember that the rest of their lives. >> reporter: guy gephardt can't imagine why anyone would leave a 5-year-old girl alone a busy street near treacherous ocean beach. she is relieved she's alive.
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>> with them being curious they are going to go close to the water. luckily there's people on hand and they saved the little girl. >> reporter: police say they don't have a good description of the parents' car but are reviewing video that may provide clues. the sfpuc says it handed over video from a camera at the west side pump station. >> reporter: late tonight police say the father of the little boy was leaving the car at ocean beach when the mother shoved the girl outside of the car. police say it doesn't appear the man knew the girl was on the street. he didn't know what happened. police are interviewing that mother. >> so many questions. thank you, jean. a disturbing piece of evidence from the terror attack in manchester last month has ties to the bay area. investigators say they found this sports bag near the scene at the ariana grande concert. check that out. do you recognize it? it is a san francisco 49ers logo on that bag. tonight the team released a
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statement saying the 49ers were disgusted to learn a a gym bag with the logo was part of the evidence found at the scene of the tragedy in manchester. 22 people died in that terror attack. paris and one of its most famous landmark is the most recent target in a wave of terror to strike the area in recent weeks. a man launched a li czar assault on a police officer using a hammer outside the notre dame cathedral while screaming, this is for syria. police shot the unanimous as tourists ran to safety. >> reporter: chaos in front of the world famous notre dame kathy tlal dral. terrified tourists running from the sound of gunshots. an algerian student armed with a hammer attacking a french police officer. >> we were at the front and people were running towards us.
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we had to run but didn't know what the gun shot, what the cause of it was. >> reporter: the suspect after being shot by officers screaming this is for syria as he launched the attack, carrying kitchen knives in addition to the hammer. holdups of visitors were locked within the cathedral. at times told to sit with their hands up in the air, one of them a former u.s. terrorism official on vacation. >> they searched us apparently looking for potential perpetrators. that's when everyone got frightened and realized we might be at risk ourselves. >> reporter: three days ago she was in london where terrorists used a van and i have been. >>s in another attack on a tourist site. >> it is an effort by isis to get individuals to conduct an attack anywhere at any time using any means. >> france already, under a state of emergency after a string of jihadist attacks, some hit tourist spots.
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last july a deadly isis truck rampage in nice killed 86. and the 2015 coordinated attacks in paris, 130 dead. more than 350 injured. whether this was an attack directed or inspird by islamic extremists or a man acting alone is the focus of police here. no group has claimed responsibility. but the french prosecutor has opened a terrorism investigation. keir simmons, nbc news, paris. frightening moments for young girls in the south bay. they are caught on camera. a man she says followed her home from school. tonight that neighborhood is fighting back. an expansion plan in the works for south bay. what we've learned about a plan to bring jobs and better shopping to san jose. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. it might be june. we are tracking a rain chance. i'll let you know when this storm moves in this week and how much rainfall we'll get. that's at 11:20 tonight. oh, dishwasher,
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a south bay neighborhood is rallying around a young girl tonight to protect her after a man was caught on camera following her home in his car. nbc bay area damon trujillo talked to the girl about those frightening moments. >> reporter: this is home surveillance video of alexa alvarez she is on her phone saying she thinks the driver of this car was following her home. >> he followed me like halfway, and then he parked his car. and then he didn't stop staring at me. and then he rolled down his window and started reaching for something on the side of his seat. >> reporter: san jose police are calling it a suspicious circumstance. >> it was scary for me. >> reporter: fighting back tears alexa's mom says she have at the grocery store and wanted to jump through the phone to help her daughter when she got the call.
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>> she was really scared. but she can understand a little bit more how dangerous to be outside. >> i would say, you know, think about -- think twice about coming here, for sure. >> reporter: alexa's dad says the man came into the wrong neighborhoods. neighbors banded together to fortify the area with cameras on street lights, warningities signs, and vigilant neighbors who immediately got on the next door app to spread the word. neighbors are vowing to keep a united eye out for the same vehicle. alexa's dad said he had a talk with his 13-year-old what she can do if there is a next time. >> take a picture of the license plate. do a facetime live if you have to. so everybody can see what's going on. having that conversation with your kids and letting them know how to approach the situation is important. >> if i walk in a group i feel fine, but by myself i don't feel
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comfortable walking by myself. >> reporter: damion trujillo, nbc bay area news. a potential game change fo e the city of san jose. they could transform downtown. 6 million square foot development would be in the parking lot right next to the deriordan station. office space is expected to create as many as 20,000 new jobs. >> we have worked for several years with our surrounding neighborhood and with the downtown community to reimagine these 250 acres and the development that will surround what will become the busiest high modal station in the western united states. >> the city council will zid on june 20th whether to enter into an exclusive negotiating agreement with google. uber fired 20 people following charges of sexual harassment. they say they expect more
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action. the firings are the first of several changes inside the company. the move comes while uber attempts to change its culture while dealing with various charges of sexual harassment. when any claims from prove, swift action was taken. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff rainy ey. it's been nice. not so nice on thursday? >> big changes coming our way. every forecast model is pointing towards the possibility of reign rainfall. >> now, nbc bay area micro climate area certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> the big thing that's changing it out as we head into thursday will be this trough of low pressure. that brings up the potential of rainfall. i want to he show you a current look at the satellite radar picture of it's not totally unheard of to get rainfall in june. ing see how impressive this moisture plume is out in the pacific. i definitely think it's going
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weaken a little bit but we still have the chance of getting measurable rainfall in the mix. tomorrow, mo, no chance of any rainfall coming our way. a mix of sun and clouds. it will be a nice start on the morning commute. 58 for the peninsula, 54 for the trivalley. fog coming back to san francisco, and 51. for the north bay, a little bit of sunshine and 54 degrees. throughout the day tomorrow we are going for more of a partly cloudy. temperatures near average. looking all good in the south bay. 76 in san jose. maybe up to 80 here in gilroy. for the east bay, 77 in pleasant ton. cooler 68 for oakland. near the peninsula it's chilly as normal near the beaches. 60 at half moon bay. over towards palo alto, 74 degrees. up frards san francisco not a whole lot of differences from the ambiguous at 66 to the marina at 62. in the north bay, mill valley, 73. and as warm as 77 in napa. depend, beautiful here as we head throughout wednesday. once we hit the evening, i think
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by about 8:00 at night we will start to see high clouds increase throughout the bay area. that's the first noticeable change. in terms of rainfall we probably will not see that drop down here until 8:00 in the morning. that's for the north bay. notice the color intensities. we haven't seen rainfall in a while showing up on the yellow is possibly moderate rainfall. and that darker green like shower activity. 8:00 in the north bay. san francisco and the east bay by 1:00. falls apart once it hits san jose. what are we talking about in terms of rainfall? not a big storm system. find your city on the map, check out the key. you can see up in the north bay this color of green means we could see about a quarter of an inch. blue down here especially throughout the south bay. that's good for trace amount to 15/00ths of an inch of we are watching this closely. any change in the numbers we will be the first to bring it to you. in san francisco, drying out on
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saturday. maybe a little very slight chance for saturday. a spotty shower and 60s. inlands valleys, we'll see temperatures in the 70s hate to through sunday. more 80s coming back next week. i did a facebook live on the, i didn't have one complaint about the rain coming in. everyone was excited about it. a nice change. the warriors stock rising on and off the court. how much? one of the most valuable teams in the nba is now worth. and we have jimmy. hey guys. tom cruise is my guest tonight. plus, we have kate mara, and music from bleachers. it is a great show. do not change the channel! >> and happening now on our home page, the former first lady has choice words for what the white house needs right now. ish innel obama was featured speaker at apple's worldwide developer's conference in san jose. mrs. obama also said the country
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needs problem solvers who believe in the value of immigrants and who quote, believe that global warming is real. pack in a moment with more news.
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a warning tonight from the dea to first responders. be careful responding to crime scenes where opioids are involved. they could be at risk for an overdose just by doing their job. >> a sprinkle of fentanyl was all it took to take down these two men. fentanyl is an opioid 40 to 50 times more powerful than heroin. faces of first responders
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accidentally breathing in the drugs at crime scenes has been an epidemic. >> we inhaled it. >> the dea released a video warning first responders. features have catapulted the golden state warriors to become one of the most valuable teams in the nba. it's valued at $2.6 billion. that makes them the third most valuable team hyped the new york knicks and the l.a. lakers. seven years ago the owners bought the team for a mere $450 million. it's the eve of game three of the nba finals. the warriors trying to make history. could they be the first team to have a perfect postseason? a report from cleveland is up next for you.
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any okay. it is going to be nerve-racking. game three of the nba finals is less than 24 hours away. the warriors are looking to keep that perfect postseason streak alive while the cavs have a different agenda. a win tomorrow will give the warriors a 3-0 lead in the series. here's nbc sports with a preview. >> we are here in cleveland one day before game three of the nba
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finals. and monte, the warriors are two wins away from a championship. potentially two straight wins away from going 16-0 in the playoffs. how possible do you think that is? how much do you think the warriors care. >> i think it's doable. i still think the cavs may be able to earn a game at home here. they are really good at home. but the warriors won't say something i about 16-0 because it's disrespectful to the opposite. >> locker room material. >> but trust me, these guys would love it because no team in nba history has ever gone 16-0. no team have gone up 3-1 in the nba finals and lost like the warriors did last year. >> i'm grad you brought that up. the warriors head into game three up 2-0. last year, it felt different.
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last year's game three did not go well for the warriors. what are you expecting for this game three in cleveland this time around. >> this year around, i think what's different is that the warriors are a different team. the cavs are a different team. most of the cavs players there there is one dementiality on that team, they can shoot but can't defend, or can defend they can't shoot. if they start fast they should be able to take game three. >> game three. let's keep our fingers cross-ed. back in a moment.
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you have probably seen them. drones are buzzing over your heads every day. now nasa is trying to make sure when they do so they don't actually run into each other. a team at nasa is constructing a new way to manage air traffic for drones working with the faa and other partners to come up with what they call a ecosystem for the drones. >> this system is a new system. and it's complimentary to the existing air traffic management system that we use for passenger airplanes. >> eventually, the system could
11:34 pm
make it easier for drones to deliver products to your home. but you certainly don't want them running into you. all right. couple more days we have make of the through, then we are almost at the weekend. that's going to look better? >> yes. ert that. seven-day forecast, tomorrow partly cloudy. 78 inland. cooler on thursday. rain chance starting in the north bay for the morning commute. south bay by the afternoon. trace amounts in the south bay. there is that weekend. a few drops on saturday. it looks really nice both days. >> yes it does. thank you very much. >> sure. >> that's going to do it for us. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tom cruise. kate mara.


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