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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  June 8, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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a tragic accident in the east bay. what investigators say led to a teen )s death. right now at 8:00, a tragic accident in the east bay. what regulators say led to a teenager's death. the news at 8:00 starts right now. good evening, i'm janelle wang. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. raj and jess have the night off. we're live in prime time because of the finals in the bay area. what appears to be a tragic accident in antioch, this morning a group of friends were playing with a pellet gun. a 15-year-old boy was hit. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us live with what police and neighbors are saying. scott? >> reporter: yes, terry, the
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neighborhood is quiet now. things were frantic earlier when police tell us one 15-year-old got another 15-year-old with a pellet gun. the accidental shooting happened this morning, we're told at around 10:00. officers say one of the teenagers had a pellet rifle, and they believe he accidentally shot and killed the other teenager. neighbors here say it all happened too fast to save the young man. >> as soon as i got in there, he was on the ground. my mom was trying to see, get something out of him. but he wasn't responding. we couldn't do anything. we didn't really know what to do. >> reporter: officers and first responders rushed the teen to the hospital. but they were unable to save him. neighbors here described the 15-year-old as friendly and say what happened today was a tragedy that should not have happened. reporting live in antioch, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> so sad, thank you, scott.
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today the most highly anticipated congressional here in more than a decade. fired fbi director james comey testified about his conversations with trump, and in a stunning declaration, why he leaked his contemporaneous notes of the meetings to the press. >> reporter: comey said he had a gut feeling after his first interaction with president trump that he needed to keep the memos to one day protect himself and the fbi. with countless cameras and the world watching, fired fbi director james comey explained why he kept detailed notes on meetings with president trump. >> i was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting. >> reporter: comey made the stu stunning revelation he ordered those memos leaked to the press. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of that memo with the reporter. i thought that might prompt the
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poi appointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: the president's personal attorney claiming victory after comey confirmed the president was not under investigation. >> the president never in form or substance directed or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone. >> reporter: comey testified he was not fired because he had lost the confidence of the fbi, as the president claimed. >> by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader, those were lies plain and simple. it's my judgment that i was fired because of the russia investigation. >> reporter: a focus for republicans, the president never explicitly told comey to drop the investigation into michael flynn. >> i took it as a direction. >> you may have taken it as a direction but that's not what he said. >> correct. >> reporter: and the president's tweeted threat suggesting the
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conversation had been recorded. >> lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> reporter: he said russians were coming after americans and will try again. today the president's personal attorney refuted two claims, saying the president never asked comey for loyalty and saying he never asked comey to end an investigation into michael flynn. on capitol hill, blaine alexander, nbc bay area news. it was billed as one of the most exciting dramas since watergate. >> joining us, larry gersten. did comey's testimony change any minds today? >> probably not. the comey folks said he was fired for doing his job. trump supporters say, look, it's the president's right to fire somebody especially if the president doesn't think he's doing his job. did it move the needle?
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no. not today. maybe tomorrow. maybe next week. maybe next month. but not today. >> so you watched the entire hearing. what surprised me the most was that he leaked the notes he had with president trump to his friend to leak it to the press. does that surprise you? what else surprise you? >> there are three things, you touched on one of them. one, trump may in fact have obstructed justice. even though he wasn't under investigation at the time and comey were having their little chat, the fact is he may be under it now because of the way he was fired. the second thing, comey walks away, to your point, with a tarnished reputation. why? because comey went ahead and leaked his notes to new york professor in law school and that person leaked to "the new york times." it might not be illegal, certainly unethical. finally, the third point, get ready, this investigation is going to widen. it's going to wide ton tn to th president, it's going to widen to kushner, it's going to widen
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to jeff sessions. it's going to widen to all kinds of people. this thing started out as an investigation about russia and the elections. now it's broadened out to what role the president and his people may have had in that whole process. >> what is the next thing that is going to happen down the road? what's the next thing that goes down? >> get ready. the two major committees in congress, intelligence and judiciary, in both chambers, they're going to continue with their hearings. occasionally they're going to have open hearings, closed hearings, all that kind of stuff. we'll get leaks. but the real guy to watch, and you won't see anything, is robert mueller. he's the guy whose team will meticulously, slowly but surely go through all these veins to found out where the action is, who may have done what. you won't hear anything perhaps for months, maybe more than a year. sooner or later, mueller will come up with that report. that's what we have to wait for in the long run. >> he's heading the investigation now. we'll see what comes out of it.
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nice to have you here, thanks, larry. for political junkies on the west coast, watching the comey hearings meant getting in front of the tv at 7:00 a.m. the horse shoe bar in san francisco served bloody marys to observers. most people said they simply wanted to tune in for what could be political history in the making. we continue our coverage of the comey hearing on our website. click on the top story box and it will take you to raw video from today's hearing, that's at turning now to our weather. and what is this? it looks like rain. and it is, on 280, coming down the peninsula. >> did you shoot that? >> i might have. the person in the car with me did. >> okay, good. you were driving. >> live in san francisco, the rain has stopped. clouds are still there. jeff ranieri is here to explain it all. >> he with did have a little bit
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of a drizzle and shower activity lingering in san francisco right now. the bulk of the storm system that brought us to rainfall is continuing to push off towards the south. we're not looking at any major ack accumulations now. mill valley .23 images, santa rose is a .22 inch. it was impressive when you look at it from a june perspective. doppler radar right now shows not much left, a little spotty activity near the coastline. what we're tracking as we head throughout the next two- to thre three-day period is another wave of some activity building in the pacific. i'll have details on that coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right, jeff. our nbc bay area weather app will give you alerts by enabling
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push alerts. south bay police are bracing for potentially heated protests. an organization some claim is an anti-muslim hate group is set to protest on saturday. a counterprotest will be right across the street. nbc's robert handa is at the place where the two sides will converge on saturday. >> reporter: people in this area know this intersection is a popular place for local protests because winchester boulevard is the border between santa clara and san jose. protesters often step on one side or the other depending on which police agency shows up. this saturday will be different because both police agencies will show up, with extra staffing. the national group act for america through its website announced numerous marches across the country this saturday, including the one here in santa clara.
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organizers emphatically deny being an anti-muslim hate group, as it's called by the southern poverty law center. their march, they say, is a protest against shariah law, a part of muslim law which they say oppresses women. counterprotesters aren't fooled. >> there has not been an outbreak of shariah law in the area. the reason they chose santa clara is because we have a strong, rich, vibrant, and respected muslim community here. >> reporter: 75 other groups signed on to co-sponsor the counterprotest. they say it's important not to perceive it as anything other than bigotry. >> our partners didn't think it was okay for these hatemongers
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to come into our city and not have their message challenged. >> reporter: now, i did contact act for america. and officials said organizers might be too busy planning the marches to get back to me. in fact they did not call. i'm told, though, that san jose and santa clara police did meet to discuss strategy. and again, they will be beefing up staffing as well as coordinate any enforcement if needed. robert handa, nbc bay area news, live in santa clara. not an accident. an apartment complex under construction catches fire twice in the past year, both now ruled arson, and a huge reward for information on the suspect. plus in court for the first time. we're there as the master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. say is responsible for the
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deadly ghostship warehouse fire appeared in court one of the men investigators say is responsible for the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire appeared in court for the first time today. derick almena faces 36 counts of
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involuntary manslaughter. among those in the audience, families who lost loved ones in that december fire. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez was at the court hearing and spoke with those families. >> reporter: max harris, the second man facing charges in the deadly fire, arrived at the jail from los angeles late this afternoon. meanwhile, the leaseholder of the ghost ship warehouse made his first court appearance today. and some of the victims' families made sure they were there to see him. >> i wanted to see the expression. i wanted to see if he had any remorse. >> reporter: the parents of a ghost ship fire victim came to court to see for themselves one of the men prosecutors say is responsible for last december's deadly fire. warehouse leaseholder derick almena appeared in court for the first time on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> this case is one of the most profound tragedies to strike the bay area in living memory. >> reporter: almena's attorneys call the charges a miscarriage of justice. and a distraction from the real
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issue behind the tragedy. a lack of affordable and safe housing in oakland. >> despite the strong emotions, we do not feel that the public good will be served by prosecuting our clients. >> a lot of emotion, i can tell you that. >> reporter: this victim's parents say seeing the man who prosecutors say created a death trap was tough. and they don't buy almena's defense attorney's claims at all. >> i think what he said was nonsense. >> reporter: almena will appear in court with his alleged co-conspirator max harris next week. again, max harris was booked into the santa clarita jail late today. he's the man who investigators say was the creative director of the ghost ship and helped almena to collect rent. he's expected to be in court sometime next week. in dublin, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. it is official. two massive fires at an east bay construction site have now been ruled arson. now a six-figure reward is being
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offered to help find the suspect. this under construction apartment complex in emeryville burned for the second time last month. it was formally ruled arson. police released photographs of someone they believe may have started the fire. it destroyed what would have been a mixed-use five-story building including a hundred apartments. the city and developer say they will rebuild. >> we believe we can make ourselves into a more livable city by growing our population. this incident will not call into question our overall direction of the city. >> atf also says the previous fire at the very same building last july was also intentionally set. but they don't know if the same person did both. there's now a $100,000 reward for information on the fires. after of that from authorities, half from the developer. if you know anything about how the fire started, you're asked to contact the atf or emeryville
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pd. the mother of a 5-year-old girl abandoned at a beach will face a jury tomorrow. she drove off after leaving the girl. paramedics spotted the little girl. the mother faces felony child endangerment charges. a woman faces felony charges for allegedly placing drugs in the mouth of a toddler in a park on monday. she told police it was a tootsie roll but later admitted it was meth. she has a lengthy criminal history. court records show she's been arrested or cited more than 20 times since 2002. the toddler was taken to the hospital and will be okay. police at uc berkeley believe they have arrested an assault suspect. the attack happened just off campus.
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berkeley police say the man grabbed a 19-year-old abruptly. she was hit in the face. she was able to get a picture of him on her cellphone. police recognized him and tracked him down this week. allegations of shady transactions concerning the state's new gas tax. tonight an assembly woman claims several lawmakers were bribed in change for their votes. melissa melendez says five lawmakers received a billion dollars worth of state funds from the governor's office in exchange for their votes. the money was to be used for products within those lawmakers' districts. the governor's office says this type of thing was simply business at usual but melendez says a line was crossed. >> you can't say i will give you this if you give me that in exchange. that's illegal. there's no getting around it. >> she sent a letter to california's attorney general several weeks ago. so far, no action has been
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taken. the governor's office has also not responded. california gas tax was passed in april and imposes a 12 cent per gallon increase which will be used for road repair projects across the state. you may not know berkeley's north bray neighborhood, but you're probably aware of a famed landmark. unfortunately so are vandals. the fountain known as the bear cub fountain, these days the bears are dry. the frustrated residents are angry because vandals keep dumping soap in the fountain. that sounds like a harmless prank about the bill to clean it is $1,000 each time. residents don't want to install surveillance cameras but now they say they're not ruling it out. for now they're seeping a close eye on the structure. it seems like we're drying out. i ran out and got some dinner, no raindrops. >> it's slowly starting to push
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out here. sprinkle action in san francisco, that's about it. however we're not done with chances for showers. we'll have an update on the weekend forecast. >> announcer: now nbc bay area's microclimate weather. >> a little bit of rainfall today did not stop these graduates from heading out and having a good time. this sent in on twitter from larry carr, raining at graduation. #gobulldogs. congratulations, we wish you all the luck. down in south bay we do have the cloud cover across san jose. and a few sprinkles at times. nothing in terms of measurable rainfall. right now, 64 degrees. and the cloudy skies. but things will start to be gradually clearly out, as you can see by 2 and 3:00 a.m. with temperatures in the low 60s. so in terms of what we're seeing right now, the storm system again pushing well off to the south. nothing in terms of any measurable rainfall here across
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the bay area. that will set us up with increased sunshine for tomorrow. i think after some morning clouds to start, we're looking at more of a partly cloudy to mostly sunny sky by the afternoon. 72 in santa rose is arosea, 62 francisco. i want to push thing ahead toward the weekend shower chance. for most of saturday it's going to be dry. we start off with mostly clear skies. a weak disturbance could produce showers at the coast at 9:30 p.m. i'm calling for the chance of maybe some scattered showers for saturday evening. we'll likely also hold on to just a very slight chance as we head into sunday's forecast. so i wouldn't cancel any plans this weekend over it. again, 10:00 p.m. on saturday, a chance for some showers return, and we'll hold onto a slight risk into sunday. next week, check this out. temperatures go from 70s on monday all the way up to a hotter 91 on next thursday.
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i'll have another update on our forecast and a closer look at our microclimate coming up in 25 minutes. >> jeff, thanks a lot. confederate flags as gifts? the stunning accusations in a legal action a former employee is taking against a pleasanton construction company. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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watch as rescuerers bait her with a turkey sandwich. the solution to save a dog hiding on the site of a busy highway. watch as rescuers bait her with a turkey sandwich. it all happened and was caught on a patrolman's dash cam. the dog refused to come out but with a little patience and someone's lunch, the officer got her to munch her way out. her owner said she ran away after being confronted by burglars at a friend's house. a former employee of an east bay construction company is suing her boss for harassment and racial discrimination. nbc bay area's christie smith
8:25 pm
has the story of confederate flags, president trump costumes, and big accusations. >> reporter: sachet wright complained how she and another female employee were referred to by a boss. then she said it came to a head when she received a gift at a christmas party. >> i think it was hateful. >> reporter: wright says co-workers were allowed to select a gift. hers was specifically given. >> it made me sick to my stomach. and i felt like dirt. >> reporter: with attorney christopher dolan, they outlined a lawsuit against her former employer, southland construction management incorporated. the owners also are named. >> they dressed as president trump and took pictures with a
8:26 pm
confederate flag. they gave me that as a gift, the only black girl that lived there. this is not a joke. this is very serious. >> reporter: we reached out to the company but did not get a response. the complaint alleges racial and gender harassment. she was employed from june of 2015 to 2017. she says she was subbed subjected to racial harassment. >> she was sworn at, denigrated, made to do jobs others weren't because she's a woman, because she's african-american, and because she said this is not okay. >> i want accountability. i want people to know that they do not have to stand for anything like this. >> reporter: the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. christie smith, nbc bay area news. brits head to the polls with
8:27 pm
before he c brexit looming. and a string of fires that has investigators very concerned. arsonist in san jose...after
8:28 pm
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half a dozen overnight fires. fire fears. growing concerns tonight about a potential arsonist in san jose after half a dozen overnight fires. they were all discovered in the same neighborhood, just east of willow glebe glen. >> nbc bay area's damian trujillo shows us what burned and what investigators are saying. >> reporter: this fire was called in late in the morning. it would make it seven fires in eight hours in the same neighborhood in san jose. this is a liquor store on vine street. >> we don't know anything at this point. they're all open and active investigations. >> reporter: the owner says he got a phone call just before
8:30 pm
5:00 a.m. saying his building was on fire. >> i feel bad. the first time in my life. i don't know why whoever did it. >> reporter: officially there were six fires within a half mile of each other, including this small trash fire that charred the bumper of this car. among them, this dumpster fire on willow street. >> i wake up, and it was right there. but i didn't have any idea what was going on. >> reporter: are you concerned there might be a fire bug out there? >> there's always a concern when you have simultaneous fires. that's not an everyday occurrence. >> reporter: later this morning we spotted firefighters mopping up the seventh fire, four blocks from that dumpster fire. investigators are still trying to determine if it is related to the others. >> it is crazy.
8:31 pm
i don't think of it, that a normal person would do something like that. >> reporter: investigators say they'll be studying surveillance video from several of the fire scenes for evidence. arson investigators are asking anyone who lives east of willow glen to check their cameras to see if they may have captured the culprit. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. we're getting our first look at a man accused of killing a tourist with a punch in san francisco. police say he got into a fight with matthew bates outside a hotel last friday. bates later died from his injury. the suspect has pleaded not guilty. his court date is set for next week. investigators are trying to figure out who opened fire on two young men in sunnyvale this morning, killing one, leaving the other fighting for his life. police got calls about shots fired in the parking lot of fair
8:32 pm
oaks plaza. police say they think it was some kind of altercation, and that's when the suspect or suspects started shooting. >> it does not appear that this was a gun fight. it appears these two victims were the victim of a shooting. >> investigators are gathering surveillance video in hopes of identifying possible suspects. the jury at bill cosby's sexual assault trial has heard from the comedian. prosecutors read his testimony from a 2005 civil lawsuit. cosby could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of drugging and molesting andrea constand. yesterday she testified she rejected his advances. in 2005 testimony, cosby admitted giving her pills, saying as he touched her she was silent, so he described proceeding into an area, quote, somewhere between permission and rejection. his attorneys say later constand did not break off contact with cosby because she phoned him the following month on valentine's
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day. british voters are going to the polls today in an election about the looming brexit negotiation. after recent deadly attraterror attacks, the focus has been shifting. nbc's lucy kafanov has more from london. >> reporter: voters continue to cast their ballots in an election that was supposed to be all about brexit, britain's divorce from the european union. prime minister theresa may called for the vote in april. back then her conservative party was up 20 percentage points and she was banking on a landslide victory for the upcoming brexit negotiations. but two terror attacks and 30 deaths later, the opposition labor party closed in. its leader jeremy corbyn framing the vote as a choice between hope and fear. conservatives are still expected to win, but even a narrow victory would be a huge embarrassment for theresa may.
8:34 pm
security is very much on voters' minds. when she was home secretary, she oversaw cuts to the police force, which was a big issue for her party. whoever wins will get to decide the way in which brexit will happen, the way in which britain will leave the european union. polls were notoriously unreliable in both the brexit vote and in donald trump's election. so we'll have to wait until the polls close here at 10:00 p.m. local time to get the early results. lucy kafanov, nbc news, london. u.s. sanctions against russia will remain in place. that's the word tonight from the white house spokesperson. the sanctions first imposed by president obama included seizing two russian compounds in maryland and new york. there was speculation the trump administration was considering lifting the sanctions. national security adviser
8:35 pm
michael flynn resigned after being found to have lied about the commitment. in washington today, the republican-led house voted to undo the dodd/frank act. that act was put in place by the obama administration to head off financial meltdown. the democrats say wall street's interests are being put ahead of consumers. republicans say they're taking away burdens on businesses. a new plea to president trump and congress to protect federal land and other historic landmarks. environmental advocates gathered at the capitol at the 111th birthday of the federal antiquities act. it allows presidents to dedicate national monuments. president trump asked federal officials to review the designations of several monuments, several of them here
8:36 pm
in california. >> the work we do to preserve national monuments will be appreciated for generations to come. it's our duty to make sure that happens. >> lawmakers voted to pass a resolution in support of the antiquities act. the only homeless shelter in vacaville will shut down soon unless someone provides the cash to keep it open. most of the people living in that shelter are children. opportunity house is the only shelter in vacaville, one of three in the county. people who stay in the home are required to have a bank account and save at least 75% of their income so they have some money when they move out. the shelter is in danger of closing because they gave up federal funding. the federal funds would have required the shelter to take in people with issues with drugs and alcohol. but the shelter wanted to maintain a safe environment. >> i don't want to be in a shelter that allows drugs and
8:37 pm
alcohol and stuff like that, because it scares me for my kids. >> 13 of the shelter's 21 residents are children. supporters say they're organizing a series of fundraisers in hopes of keeping that shelter open. problems getting a warranty honored on broken furniture. a san jose man calls our consumer investigative center. nbc bay area responds, next. slowy erode.
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8:39 pm
now city leaders want to take steps to make sure that a prominent san francisco beach continues to slowly erode. now city leaders want to take steps to make muir that doesn't happen. ocean beach wants to close part of the great highway to make changes, specifically between float and skyline boulevard. the city plans to pay the trail to help protect the eroding shoreline and the lake merced tunnel. public works plans to break ground on the project early next year. area activists are fighting to end the dog meat trade halfway around the world.
8:40 pm
the bay area has been welcoming dogs rescued from asian kennels. the humane society has been actively involved in helping to end the practice of farming dog meat. the activists say they can change the culture because they've done it before. >> we've been eating shark fin soup for a long time. we ended that. we just had to ban it, because it was unhealthy for our oceans' ecosystem. >> chinese-americans in the bay area have formed a group to support those in china working to take domestic animals off the table. this weekend on our emmy award winning documentary series "bay area revelations," we're profiling the stories and people who lived and survived the summer of love. it's been 50 years since that historic event in the height. many legendary bands came out of it like the grateful dead. >> you really had to watch out for the grateful dead,
8:41 pm
particularly their road crew. they would take acid, lace it around the lip of a coke can, or they would take a hype determindetermin hypodermic needle and put it in the cork of a bottle of wine. jeff ranieri is joining us now, strange days. >> high humidity out there. >> southerly wind ahead of the storms brought in the humidity. it kind of felt a little like florida outside. >> it did. >> kind of sticky. we'll see things drying out into tomorrow. beautiful shot there from downtown san francisco. we'll talk more about a slight chance of showers this weekend in about five minutes. =runs 9= he waits five months to get his new sofa fixed, then calls us. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife.
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and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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couldn )t get his broken furniture fixed-- even though it was under warranty. nbc bay area responds to a san jose man who says he couldn't get his broken furniture fixed even though it was under warranty. >> he dialled up our consumer team to help. investigator chris chmura is here with how we took action. >> darren went to living spaces. six months later, he says the recliner part of his sofa broke. it was still under warranty. living spaces sent out a technician who told him he wasn't operating the sofas correctly but said he would order a new part and come back and fix the sofas. darren says he never heard from the tech again. he says he repeatedly called the store and couldn't get any help, and this went on for five months. he finally reached out to us.
8:45 pm
we contacted living spaces and it invited darren to exchange the two sofas, which he did. living spaces didn't respond to our request for a comment. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. call or go to ever wondered what it's like to live on an island? thanks to a brutal winter, people in the big sur area are getting a chance to find out. >> storms cut off virtually all traffic into the tourist town. joe rosato jr. shows us some creative solutions. >> reporter: this restaurant starts the day with a buzz. the sizzle of a new day. >> under regular circumstances, we would be filling up the restaurant when we open at 11:30. >> reporter: these days, when the doors open at big sur's
8:46 pm
famous nepenthi line, there is no line. few to admire its spectacular views. >> the doors are open right now. we're awaiting our first guest. >> reporter: the humble turnout has become normal since the pfeiffer canyon bridge to the north collapsed in february and recent landslides closed highway 1 to the south. >> it's very disorienting to walk in and say, how many guests will we have today? it might be zero. >> reporter: curt's grandparents founded the restaurant 40 years ago. >> normally a thousand guests a day. >> reporter: rather than close its doors, it opens each day sharply at 11:30, keeping some staff working and some residents fed. >> we set up the restaurant just as if it was a 450 lunch day. >> there's no way to get into big sur except for hiking. >> reporter: for the 400 people living in big sur, there is no alternative for getting in or out of town other than a
8:47 pm
two-mile hike down a dirt trail. >> everybody has gone through that trail. groceries have to be packed on your back. >> reporter: the hardship demonstrates that when cut off from the rest of the world, creativity takes off. to generate business, nearby post ranch in began offering packages where guests could arrive by helicopter. >> we're trying to be as creative as possible to create as much energy here. >> reporter: the few guests that do find their way to nepenthi are treated to a tranquility not seen in decades. >> the beauty is still here. >> reporter: for now, the grill is hot. the ping-pong table is in full swing. and until the bridge opens in september, life goes on. >> but everyone is finding ways to pick themselves up and realize, you know what, we're going to get through this. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> it's too bad. some businesses, i did a story on this, have lost business by
8:48 pm
50 to 75%. i talked to a lady at the desk there, people are paying big money to fly in on that helicopter. >> did you enjoy your weekend there? >> i never went there but i would like to. i should be joe and do a story there and fly in and stay overnight, because i don't want to hike the two hours out. >> then you can bring the two of us. >> yes, i do need assistants. >> and that weather has been certainly very wacky the past six to seven months across the bay area today, it was just kind of another round here of this wild weather. we're still tracking the showers this upcoming weekend. now, nbc bay area's microclimate weather, certified most accurate. >> with, you know, all the changes we've had most recently, i definitely thought it was a really great idea to take a look at something we have a high demand for in the weather department, that is our long range outlook. we can tell you exactly what we're seeing in terms of the
8:49 pm
next three to six-month period. now, at least right now, there's no he willel niño or la nina. we still get asked about that. we're currently in a neutral phase. through this weekend, possibly a spotty shower chance. this summer, potentially above average temperatures. by fall, a 55% chance el niño could return. we'll watch it closely. but right now it doesn't look like any major impacts for wet weather into fall or winter. but that is definitely something that we're going to be keeping a close eye on. in terms of our rainfall, the latest round this morning, which brought a quarter inch to the north bay, now brings our total for the water year, which starts october 1, up to 60.32 inches. that's an all time record for santa rosa. san francisco, 138% of normal. and san jose, 118%. we really think the chances of any kind of rainfall for tomorrow starts to diminish. we may get a little bit of drizzle near the coastline.
8:50 pm
as far as accumulations, not going to happen. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds returning to the south bay at 58. for the north bay, 56. we'll hang on to overcast for the east bay and 67 degrees. as we head throughout our friday forecast, we'll have sunshine building in by the afternoon. temperatures warming up 3 to 6 degrees. that will put us at 70 at san jose, 73 in morgan hill, 75 for gilroy. east bay, 72 in livermore. 74 in concord. towards the bay, 68 in hayward. half moon bay at the peninsula, 58. up into san mateo, 66. san francisco, our usual cooler weather. the outriger sunset, 59. napa valley, that's the spot to be if you have a three-day weekend. nevada, 78 degrees. i wouldn't cancel any plans over the weekend shower chance.
8:51 pm
the possibility of maybe a few showers by 10:00 p.m. on saturday. and then a very slight chance of an afternoon shower on sunday. we're dry as we head throughout the extended san francisco into next monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. inland valleys, keep your eye on that weekend shower chance. and also the temperatures, from 69 on sunday, way, way back up to 91 on thursday's forecast. >> wow! sorry, that's like a 22-degree jump. >> i know. you better enjoy this weekend because i know you do not like those 90s. >> i don't do well in the heat. thanks, jeff. one win away. the warriors may be on the eve of their second title in three years. colin resch joins us from cleveland, next in sports.
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
you saw it right here on nbc bay area. game five of the stanley cup final between the predators and
8:54 pm
penguins. it wrapped up an hour ago. let's be honest, it wasn't much of a game. penguins dominated the entire way, going on to the 6-0 onslaught victory. penguins now with a 3-2 series lead. game 6 sunday right here on nbc bay area. >> let's talk about the other finals. the nba finals. a win tomorrow night and the warriors are champions for the second time in three years. >> yes. could they do it? game three will long be remembered as the key to the series, thanks to some unforgettable late game heroics. here is colin resch in cleveland. >> reporter: a play here, a play there. that's usually what decides championships. it's true the warriors dominated in oakland. here, when the cavs had to defend home court, a late flurry put the warriors on the precipice of history. >> a great look and synergy. >> he's been an amazing player in this league for a long time.
8:55 pm
i think he's -- you know, he senses this is his time, his moment, his team. >> reporter: for three-quarters, kevin durant like a snake in the weeds. then in the fourth, he struck. >> durant for three. it's good. kevin durant from downtown. and golden state takes the lead. >> glad i was able to knock that down and try to stay disciplined in my shot and my follow-through. it went in. to come down and take a shot like that on the road, you know, in the finals, you know, supreme confidence, shows you what kind of player he is. you know, we're just glad we got him on our team. >> reporter: 14 of his 31 points, seven of the team's last nine. when it mattered most, in money time. 30 seconds later, at the other end of the floor, andre, the ultimate risk/reward play. >> kind of a situation where he owns it. i'm the worst player in the
8:56 pm
series. it took a little from kevin durand to try to have some guts. >> it's kind of one of those things where he does it so much, even if he does foul right there, andre, you can't do that. >> reporter: the warriors are on the verge of a fourth straight series sweep, one win away from exacting vengeance from a year ago. in cleveland, colin resch, nbc bay area. if you can't make it to cleveland, game four, no worries. you can get a game-like experience at oracle arena. tickets to watch the game at warriors' home ground, $20 apiece. doors open tomorrow at 4:30. in milwaukee, the giants took it to extra innings against the brewers. 5-5 at the end of the ninth. giants scored four runs.
8:57 pm
and the giants win it, 9-5. giants return to at&t tomorrow night. a live look from our exclusive ballpark cam in center field. watch tomorrow night's game against the minnesota twins right here on nbc bay area. first pitch, 7:15. tonight at 11:00, drivers beware. getting to thahoe could be troublesome this weekend. highway 50 will be closed for several days. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> a weather problem up there? >> i don't know. the rain wasn't that heavy. but, you know, it's already so saturated there, anything could trigger a mudslide. we've got to get the details. we'll try to get it before 11:00. >> our forecast goes on tomorrow, 72 degrees and partly cloudy skies. and so again, definitely clearing out. by this weekend, a chance of showers by 10:00 tomorrow, or saturday night, and 70. sunday, a slight chance of a
8:58 pm
scattered shower for the afternoon. then we'll start to see temperatures warm up as we head throughout next week, going from 74 on monday all the way up to 91 by next thursday. >> 20-something plus. >> a lot hotter. >> jeff, thank you very much. thank you for watching this special edition of nbc bay area news. >> we'll be back at 11:00. hope you'll join us. bye.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
the "seinfeld" snub that's gone viral. >> no, thanks. >> jerry talks for the first time about dissing casha. the red carpet meeting that went south fast. >> no thanks. >> we've got seinfeld today, finally explaining why he wouldn't give casha a hug. >> oliver stone versus megyn kelly. the oscar winner's shocking slam over their putin interviews. new year's eve with anderson and andy? >> cohen answers the rumors he could replace kathy griffin. >> you know what -- >> "extra" in nashville with country's biggest stars for the cmt awards. blake, luke, car


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