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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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after losing last year )s finals -- tonight -- they stake right now at 11:00, redemption for the warriors. after losing last year's finals, tonight they stake their claim as the 2017 nba champs. >> we're champions. amazing doing it on our home floor. >> that's kevin durant, he and his teammates raising the trophy in front of a crazy crowd at
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oracle. party spilled out into the streets. police are out in force just in case the celebration gets out of control. the news at 11 start right now. good evening, everyone i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm janelle wang. jessica and raj have the night off. the warriors and the fans celebrating right now, celebrating their second nba title in three years. that calls for champagne, lots of it, in the locker room. [ cheers and applause ] fans, meantime, may not have any voices tomorrow, oracle arena living up to its nickname, the haracle. >> the party goes on and on. a live look from the nbc sky range he. fans taking to the streets. that's a good sized crowd. right now, a big crowd, and very peaceful. let's start with nbc bay area's collin refresh, who is courtside. >> reporter: this is hot off the
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presses. this is your championship t-shirt. get them when you can. looks pretty sweet, doesn't it. revenge, well it never tasted so sweet. the warriors exor sized the demondays from a year ago. they won their second championship in three years. kevin durant down broadway for the last of his 39 points here in the forecast. moments later, steph curry's signature three puts it on ice. 36 for steph. warriors a hard fought nine point win, 129-120. the embrace, one of pure joy, relief, and exultimatation. stev kerr, how sweet this is for him. let's hear from the champ. >> they call us a super team. but there have been a lot of super teams that hasn't worked. and we came together and we continued to believe in each
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other and we sacrificed and we champs now. >> that last three minutes was a blur, pure emotion and energy. you could feel it. for us to be able to do it in front of our home crowd, something i'll remember for a very long time. >> so much more to talk about coming up later in sports, including the key run that shifted the momentum in the warriors favor tonight. also a celebratory locker room. we'll go in there as well. here's the hat. there's the championship hat, everybody. get them while' they are hat. nbc bay area, collin refresh. >> that's my hat. >> we are going to be fighting for that hat. lots of great championship gear. another look from nbc bay area's sky ranger. this is a live look at 14th and broadway in oakland. several hundred people gathered there. they have been there for a few hours now. so far, very peaceful. just a lot of people celebrating
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in the streets. of course we'll keep an eye on the situation. if anything happens, we'll keep you posted. but a lot of fans just really happy that the warriors won -- >> again! >> i can feel it! >> fans going wild inside roraclcal. to see the warriors win on their home turf -- it's been 40 years plus since any bay area spots teams have won the championship at home, last time 1974 when the a's won the world series in oakland. >> i remember that. i do. >> cheryl hurd is live at oracle with the fans. it seems like it's quieting down, cheryl. anybody left there? >> reporter: it is quieting down just a bit. but the fans, you know, they obviously wanted a sweep. but a game five victory was good enough. some fans are still hanging around, janelle, be greating some souvenirs, but this is something they've been waiting
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for. [ cheers and applause ] as the clock ran out, fans hugged each other, giving out high fives. the warriors are this year's nba champions. >> yeah, woo! woo. >> we've had a very strong feeling it was going to happen. that's for sure. >> knew it was going to happen. game five, at home, warriors win, 2017, the champ! muk we are are the champions ♪ >> happiest we've ever been. >> history is what we're talking about. >> the warriors lost the championship to the cavs last year. for these fans, it's revenge. >> i've been a season ticket holder since '86. >> wow. >> it's been a long run. >> this is amazing. i can't believe they just won. this is the greatest day of my life. >> reporter: as fans soaked up the victory inside, they poured outside the stadium. it was party that's going to
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last until next season. >> we came to end it, we came to end it all, and it's over. >> i'm excited to pay almost $4,000 to witness the championship and to pay almost $3,000 for a ticket to fly all the way here. >> what a great privilege for oakland to bring it back. ♪ ♪ warriors, warriors >> reporter: the feeling of victory will continue on thursday. i can actually say the word. a parade, will happen on thursday. and thousands of people will show up for that one. reporting live in oakland i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> i will see you there. thanks very much, another look at the fireworks over oracle arena. i mean, this is really something special shooting up over the arena why they won it. for the people who rooted for them all year long, and for many
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many years. a spectacular fireworks display. anybody in oakland could see it. you could see it from san francisco. you could see it from long ways away. for all warriors fans to the east and across to the san francisco bay. wow, spectacular. not all fireworks were legal. this is the unofficial fireworks show. 14th and broadway, downtown oakland. couple hundred people turned out to celebrate that and watch those illegal fireworks. but they were still good-looking, to be honest about it. they were very nice. live look from sky ranger right now overhead. looking at tcrowd now. they seem to be middle, no problems. having a good time. >> nobody wants to go home. peaceful. >> jean elle spent the evening with fans in oakland. she is live in downtown right now. jean? >> reporter: no one is going home. people are still pouring in.
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this party started around 9:00. this crowd has now grown to hundreds of people. we are lots of singing and dancing and fireworks as you mentioned. a marching band just showed up which has energized this crowd. it really is a peaceful party at this point. police are out here just in case. they have shut down the area. no cars are allowed. they have given this intersection to warriors fans to celebrate. warriors fancy rupt, pouring into the street into downtown oakland celebrating another championship. >> you know, it feels great. >> reporter: at the tribune tavern, strangers are now friends, united in basketball bliss. >> it feels like a holiday. >> reporter: even good mother art gallery got in on the sports action. open passion for their team on full display. for many, payback is sweet. >> this is unfinished business
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fulfilled. after last year, real bitter taste in everybody's mouth. this was definitely way more satisfying than the first one. >> reporter: the victory so many warriors fans were waiting for. oh, i just met a man who was wearing an apron. he says curry cooked them tonight. there is a lot of spirit out here. a lot of smiles. everybody wants to say, go warriors. who knows how long this party will last? right now it's peaceful and seems to be a lot of fun for a lot of people. police are here just in case. reporting live, jean elle nbc bay area news. not just oakland. crowds gathering in san francisco. they gathered at 24th and sound van necessary in the mission district. so far there everything still calm. a tweet from the golden state warriors announcing a victory parade, thursday, 10 a.m. flew downtown. begins at broadway and 11th
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going to end at the kaiser convention center. fans withk line up as early as 5:00 a.m. we have the full parade route on our website, check out this video into our newsroom. dub nation lining up moments after the win to get their championship gear. this was the scene at dick's sporting goods in san jose. they opened up after the official win. official hats and t-shirts were all must-buys for the fans. >> i was so excited. everyone is like let's go get a shirt. and i was like me too. >> if you didn't get it tonight, the store will open bright and early tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. look at the sneak peek at the front page of tomorrow's edition of the san francisco chronicle. the headline reads "champs again" and you can see kevin durant and steph curry basking in tonight's win.
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>> fan photos and more information about thursday's parade on stay with us we'll continue to monitor the celebration still underway right now. stay ranger over oakland. a big crowd. but a very calm crowd. very nice. if anything changes we'll let you know. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, i'll have the warriors victory parade forecast. plus dangerous heat is on the way. i'll let know when had been brings temperatures near 100. plus, maked and holding a hammer in her hand. tonight a man describes a face to face encounter with a woman accused of killing his neighbor. an alarming discovery at a south bay high school. students who called themselves the kill spree masters. the alleged hit list is sparking community outrage.
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what do you do when your basketball team wins the nba
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championship? you go out into the streets and you have a nice time. what's they are doing. we have got sky ranger flying over 14th and broadway in oakland. several hundred people out having a good time. as far as we know, no problems at all. the warriors, nba champs tonight. now to our other headlines tonight amount of mysterious death in a quiet cupertino neighborhood. and this is the suspect. tonight, accusations the elderly woman who is dead was attacked by that woman with a hammer. nbc bay area's wooen cole has the story. >> reporter: tonight, a neighborhood on edge, and saddened by the death of a 74-year-old woman, the victim found inside her home early saturday morning. >> she didn't deserve that are. >> this neighbor says he came face to face with the alleged killer friday night after the killing. it started with a knock on his door. i walked out to the edge of the steps and i screamed, hey, who is there? this naked lady comes jetting out of my backyard with a hammer
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in her hand, completely naked. >> reporter: he called 911 and saw her walk down the street. >> the cop was here in two minutes. they went down and arrested her. at that point they didn't know what she did. >> reporter: she is under suspicion of killing the elderly woman under a psychotic episode. >> i left because i thought i couldn't stay her. >> reporter: this woman says the woman who hasn't been identified was friendly and would give her vegetables. >> she was a quiet person, wouldn't fight with anybody. there would be no reason for anybody to harm her. >> reporter: she says a strange woman tried to enter her house the night before though it may be unrelated. tonight mourning her neighbor is gone. >> why they would go to this house and do this terrible thing to her is unknown. >> reporter: ian cull. nbc bay area news.
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school is out. but parents still have something to say. upset with bullying at menta vista high in cupertino. they want to stand in solidarity with a african-american student who was targeted last year. there was a kill list published which listed all the black students on campus. the district is said to have been aware of the problem. we reached out to them who said in part when it was first brought to the attention, staff immediately investigated and took immediately disciplinary action. ♪ >> one year later, survivors of the pulse nightclub mass shooting, their family and friends turned out tonight to remember those lost in the tragedy last june. that event titled orlando love, remembering our angels was held
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at an orlando amphitheater. >> i stand here tonight with my family, both my personal family, and my pulse family. there were musical performances in english and spanish, dance routines and special readings. one year #a gunman entered the pulse nightclub killing 49 people and injuring 58 others. tributes were held across the nation. tonight in san francisco's castro district at 8th and castro people gathered to remember those who lost their lives that night. a defendant in the deadly oakland ghost ship fire made his appearance since his arrest last night. cameras were not allowed inside. they will return to court thursday for a plea hearing. they were both tenants at the warehouse and face 36 counts of murder for the deaths that happened in last year's fire.
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attorney general jeff sessions will be testifying tomorrow about the russia investigations. he requested an open session. you may remember, sessions recused him from overseeing the russian investigation after he admitted having two meetings with the russian ambassador during the trump presidential campaign. the united way bay area kicked off a summer of volunteering. meteorologist rob may yesterdaya attended the event celebrate asking encouraging volunteerism. the goal is to provide 50,000 back packs for low income children. united way is partnering with neighbor neighbor and other non-profits to make sure it has everything it needs to help students start school. >> great job, rob. >> it's important to have a new backpack when you start school, all new, with school supplies. it gets you jazzed. >> hot weather on its way this week.
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it could be a prolonged event with two weeks of 90s to 100s inland. >> now nbc bay area micro climate weather. >> a mix of sun and clouds from the south bay to the trivalley. cloud cover in san francisco and 54. we will see some beautiful weather tomorrow even though it warms up three to six degrees. you are going to want to get outside and enjoy it. likely some of the coolest weather we will have for a two or three week period. tomorrow is the day. 76 in san jose. we will get up to 84 in concord. cooler 73 in hayward. pest weather throughout the peninsula, # 7 in palo alto, and 71 in san mateo. up towards san francisco, 65 for the embarcadero and sunny skies. in the north bay it warms up. just as hot here as 82 in napa. the heat starts to turn up once this area of high pressure builds in. it's going to be stubborn. it could stick around as it
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builds across the west forra a two week period no. doubt the warmest weather of the year it's going to bring a potential of isolated 100s. things start to crank up by friday. as this heat continues to build don't forget to remember to hydrate and bring your pets inside and give them lots of water. the one spot you can go to to escape the warm weather, san francisco. sick the next two days. inland valleys, we go to this dangerous level of heat by friday, 95:. i've cranked up the heat inland to 99 on sunday. monday, those 90s continue. this could continue into the next ten-day period once we start this on friday's forecast. so we are going to watch that closely. but to enon something that we are all celebrating about, the warriors victory parade, the weather couldn't be more perfect. sunny skies for the early-goers that will be waiting out in line, and 70s as all the action
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gets going right there in the late morning and afternoon. >> perfect. >> yeah. >> perfect for the parade. thanks jeff. up next, the graduation ceremony for just one student. why he walked alone. and why he received an apology from his prince. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey guys, testimoniy moore, demetrius shipp, nathaniel rateliff, and a tribute to chuck berry it is a great show. do not change the channel. happening now, former nba star dennis rodman is in north korea as tensions rise with the u.s. he describes the visit as basketball diplomacy. this is his fourth visit to the country. the east bay.
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a deadly crash on interstate 680 in walnut creek. breaking news going on in the east bay right now. a deadly crash on interstate 680 in walnut creek. this is northbound lanes. they are all shut down right now because of a traffic accident. it happened just after 10:00 at the 680/highway 24 split. chp officers confirming one person is dead in the traffic crash. northbound traffic backed up for miles. no word when they will reopen. we will keep an eye on the situation. let's go to sky ranger. it's over a bondfire at the intersection of 88th and international in oakland. celebrations there getting a bit out of hands. but police obviously still there. nobody around. so they have got the situation under control. this is about ten miles away from another celebration that's very peaceful that's been going on for a couple of hours at 12th and broadway. sky ranger over the situation. we'll keep an eye and keep you posted on this as well. it was graduation day for only one student at liberty high school in brontewood.
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as we've been regarding since saturday, the army reservist wanted to wear his army reserve uniform at graduation and the school said no. today they held a ceremony filled with congratulations, apologies and forgiveness. >> we should all learn to stand together as a community, a state, and as a nation so that this doesn't happen in the future to anybody. >> he says he is also happy that with his graduation he can start looking forward to a career in the military or some type of public service. >> congrats to him. congrats to the warriors. >> yes. >> we will hear from steph curry and kevin durant when we come back. stay with us. whoa!
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brought the warriors back home. the golden state warriors are the 2017 nba champions! >> a night to remember at oracle arena. the warriors with their third nba championship since coming to the bay area. that's a strange way to say it. first was in the mid '70s now two in the last three years. >> exactly. collin refresh was there. he witnessed it all.
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escortside. we are going to hear from the players including mr. mvp. hi. >> reporter: if at first you don't succeed you try again. that's what the warriors did. a bump this the road at cleveland. it offered them a he would goen opportunity tonight at home in front of their home fans to do what they didn't do last year, complete their mission and win the nba championship. 27-4 run shifts the momentum in the warriors favor. finals mvp, kevin durant, he gave golden state a 15-point lead. cavs get as close as three in the fourth then the warriors pull away. dagger three from steph curry. he had 34. 129d-120, warriors take the series 4-1. their second time in three years. celebrationtime. 14 years, and david west gets his title. >> the emotion going through you a right now is because of the
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journey. >> absolutely. you recall all the different times people said you weren't good enough, couldn't play at this level and the reason that we won is the group of men that we had the character people that we had. it is a battle and we champions, man, that's all it is. >> right now, just to be here with these guys, man, it's amazing. >> reporter: got to feel good for david west, zaza pa actualia. veterans who came to the golden state hoping to get a ring. they won it tonight. they were the best team in the nba all season, the best team in the finals. they will celebrate with a parade on thursday. that's a wrap from oracle arena, collin refresh. >> back in a moment with more from downtown oakland.
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downtown. a live look from skyranger- well, the party is over. >> it's really over. >> this was 30 minutes ago at 14th and broadway. several hundred people gathering there since 9:00. >> and now -- >> celebrating the warriors victory, nba champs. now the crowd has dispersed.
11:34 pm
we just had video earlier. things are definitely dying down. here's a live look. the crowd has gone. everybody going home. but they will probably be there for the parade on thursday. >> the cast of hamilton sang the national anthem before tonight's game. check it out ♪ ♪ oh, say >> hamilton runs through august 5th at the orpheum theater in san francisco. they can sing it next year at the warriors final at that point. i'm getting ahead of myself. >>ities let's bask this the glory right now, the current championship. >> lot of glory to bask? >> we'll be here tomorrow. and thursday for the parade. hope you will join us. : from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- demi moore, demitrius shipp jr., musical guests,


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