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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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celebrate... =kris/live= we )re live along the parade route with what you need if you )re heading to oakland this morning. =open= =kris/4shot= good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. =scottsh it's thursday, warriors parade day, i kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. let's talk about the weather we're going to have. it's going to be cool to start. you'll need more than shorts and t-shirt bus later today that will be all you need. let me show you where we begin. 57 degrees now in the peninsula, 57 in the east bay and san francisco, 54 degrees and 51 in the north bay. we are getting ready for the parade and nice weather today. we start out in the upper 60s at
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the time the parade starts rolling and we'll be in the upper 70s later today. more on this and a look ahead to triple-digit temperatures coming up but mike is hearing about a car fire in the east bay. >> you're talking about hotter temperatures but not like this. a car fire reported, no injuries reported and the freeways are moving well. this is just off the freeway in san leandro. but washington the onramp and just by 880 we hear about a car fire on the surface street. i don't have much detail other than that. watch out if that is your onramp or exit. there may be complications off of 238 but traffic is moving well off the castro valley y, the off ramps are still open, we'll talk about which ones are closing as well as looking at travel times for the bay bridge. no problem, back to you. 5:01, breaking news overnight, investigators are looking into a suspicious fire at a south bay school once again. san jose firefighters were called to caroline davis middle
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school around 1:30 near monterey highway on the south side of the city. now when we arrive, we talked with a security guard at the school and he said that the door to the teachers' lounge was burned, something authorities will be looking at. bay area is pumped ahead of the warriors victory parade that takes over the streets of oakland. more than a million warriors fans are expected to line this parade route. you can see the traffic winding there through the city. it will start on broadway at 11th street, go around grand and then end at the kaiser convention center. it's looking lovely, blue and gold. quiet but in a few hours it will be backed. today in the bay's pete suratos live in oakland with what you can expect.
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good morning to you scott and chris, it will be an exciting day here as fans celebrate the warriors second championship in three years. your 2007 nba champions. i want to show you these fans in. the past half hour, we have seen folks lining up. they have the lawn chairs set up, they're ready to go. that parade started at 10:00 a.m. ending at the henry j. keiser convention center with that big rallies and now to see these families lining up, we're hearing cool stories. i spoke with a mom who drove with her kids from los angeles. she said it was an eight and a half hour drive getting here. she's excited because her kids are excited, they're big steph curry fans. here she is talking about that and we also heard from one of her kids. >> i'm pretty excited because i'm going to be excited to see steph curry, draymond green, klay thompson and all those other people. >> this is going to be their team, like the lakers were my team. they're going to grow up fans and to be here with them.
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>> reporter: i'm sure l.a. fans don't want to hear the warriors are going to be those kids fans growing up. you can see a large security presence as the parade gets under way at about 10:00 a.m. now we're talking to these fans as they're out here. in the next half hour, i'll speak to a gentleman who was at the parade last year and he telling me he lost his voice screaming at the parade last year. we'll talk to him while he still has those vocal cords. live in downtown oakland, pete suratos, today in the bay. >> we won't be able to talk later. thanks, pete. the streets of oakland are about to be jam packed with excited fans and that will mean road closures you need to know about. >> mike has more on how you can maneuver around the parade if you don't want to go.
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>> you wonder how i got out here so quickly? this is a chroma key. you saw people already lining on the streets, bart is going to be one of your saviors to get there as it was two years ago. let me give you a warning. folks from all over the bay area in fact probably farther than that are going to be coming into town for this parade if they're not there already on the street corner at 11th and broadway they will be along this route by the time this starts. at 7:00 this morning, chp is going to close down off ramps, broadway obviously, that's the parade route. that will be closed. jackson and so will oak, those are two major downtown off ramps closing at 7:00 a.m. you're going to take the parade route over here which take you past three bart stations. the lake merritt bart station is over here. last parade two years ago, it was flooded with fans going to
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either the parade there on that route or over here toward the rally and the areas around lake merritt. so avoid that. use the 12th or 19th-street stations. those will take you on to the main parade route. the local street closures have already started. back to you. show us your team spirit at we have a slide show of our favorite fan photos and we would like to add yours to the bunch. we also want to see your parade photos so tag us on facebook or twitter, send an e-mail to isee we'll have live coverage from beginning to end. our nbc bay area team of anchors and reporters posted along the parade route to capture your favorite basketball stars and nbc bay area sky ranger will be
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overhead. you can watch it with us at 9:30. new clues are being revealed in the deadly u.p.s. shooting in san francisco. we know the identity of the suspect, 38-year-old jimmy lam. police say he shot and killed three fellow u.p.s. employees before killing himself. lam was a u.p.s. driver who filed an overtime grievance in late march. authorities believe he may have been upset with his boss. we learn more about the victims in the tragedy as well. today in the bay's chuck coppola live where the shooting rampage began. what's the latest? >> reporter: a lot of people at u.p.s. are trying to catch you have from yesterday. we've seen trucks moving in and out of this facility. behind me you can see the police have still blocked 17th avenue for one block distance along here as these workers are going about their business. the two doors are open. in front of where i'm standing
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is a small memorial to the victims who were killed yesterday including a man known as big mike. mike lefiti was 46 years old, grew up in daly city, lived in hercules. other victims include 56-year-old wayne chan and 50-year-old benson louie, both of san francisco. in addition to lefiti. now, last night friends put together a memorial in diamond heights near the safeway store. that's where lefiti regularly made deliveries. to many there, he was more than a husband and father. he was more than a u.p.s. driver. >> the way he made you feel like you were part of something, he was just an awesome person. i just want his family to know how much he was really loved outside of the family. police say the gunman, 38-year-old jimmy lam, a u.p.s. employee, turned the gun on himself when confronted by police. police recovered two guns
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including a mack 10 assault pistol and several clips of ammunition. teamsters say lam had complained about being forced to work excessive hours of over time. we'll talk about that more in the next segment. i'm chuck coppola, today in the bay. maybe you're not going to the warriors victory parade and you want to go golfing. let me show you these temperatures around the bay area. in the tri-valley it's going to be heating up so if you're going golfing, hitting the links, go early before you see those temperatures reaching into the mid-80s but a nice cooler spot. it will be at half moon bay, high temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. make sure to bring lots of sunscreen and bottled water. as we head over to mike, you're saying the freeways are clear. >> we had the earlier car fire reported over there in san
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leandro. that has cleared, not affecting the washington onramp and we heard about no injuries or any other problem. the freeway is itself, the sensors clearing up. as we move north of the bay bridge we see the upper east shore freeway moving well. this crash north 101 at the center san rafael off ramp, just about cleared, final stages, no delays out of the tri-valley and altamont pass. just 22 minutes. an easy drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, the blame go on, the show of unit and strength from both democrats and republicans this morning following yesterday's shooting in which a congressman was shocked. speaking out. what we're expected to learn from the family of the man just released from north korea.
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we have a clear sunrise as we take a look outside at 5:30 and we start out with cool temperatures in santa clara, looking at the temperature trend for the day. it will be in the mid-70s by late morning. lunchtime temperatures 77 and look at how those temperatures rise into the upper 80s today fairly quickly. well above the average high of 78 degrees. heading into the weekend, we're talking about 90s and triple digits in parts of the bay area, more on that coming up in five minutes. westbound is your typical
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commute. no delays across the bridge. but we're talking about the folks coming to the east bay. there's a little parade going on. we'll talk about that and more coming up. developing in washington, we're learning new information about the gunman in yesterday's shooting at the congressional baseball practice. democrats and republicans coming together in unity. the team decided to move forward with this annual game, that's tonight. today in the bay's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the obvious security questions. tracie, has anything changed today? >> reporter: not really. they will go forward with the game. lawmakers are asking more questions about not only their own security but more questions about gun control. >> it will be play ball tomorrow night at 7:05. >> reporter: tonight's game between democrats and republicans is on. >> we decided that we're not going to let incidents change
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our way of life. we must play this baseball game. if we don't play this baseball game and we go home then they win. >> reporter: unexpected gunfire at a practice wednesday left four victims wounded. congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition this morning. washington hospital center says a bullet to the the hip will require more surgeries. president trump visited scalise and one of the capitol police officers protecting him. >> many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capitol police officers who took down the gunman. >> had he not been there, his detail wouldn't have been either, it would have been a disaster. >> reporter: lawmakers recent lid asked for more security outside the capitol. >> i fear for my security. after seeing the carnage -- >> we can't help him. we're helpless. we have bats versus rifles. >> reporter: the shooting prompting something washington hasn't seen in a while -- civility. >> we will use this occasion as
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one that brings us together and not separates us further. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [ applause ] >> reporter: the alleged gunman, 66-year-old james hodge kin son was killed. authorities believe he'd been in the d.c. area a few months. they're scouring his illinois home and social media for a motive. and while they don't know yet, the fbi is still investigating, there has been indications that this could have been political. some of the posts on the suspect's facebook page and other social media and also a couple lawmakers said they ran into him just before the incident and he asked whether they were democrats or republicans practicing on the field. scott, chris? >> thank you very much, tracy. happening today as well, the parents of 22-year-old otto warmbier plan to speak out in
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their ohio hometown. a comatose warmbier was returned this week from north korea after he was arrested 18 months ago. that's when he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for anti-state acts. warmbier is being treated at the university of cincinnati medical center. in business and tech news, wall street poised to open lower following the fed's decision to hike interest rates for the second time this year. markets ended mixed yesterday. the dow closing a record high of 46. nasdaq down 25. a six week low on continued concerns about a global supply. other news, a number of complaints by passengers on u.s. airlines rose sharply in april, up 70%. this follows a series of high profile incidents accusing a man being dragged off the united flight. congress may take up the issue of passenger rights when it considers a bill to reauthorize the faa but the complaints and incidents haven't hurt airline
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stocks, united near an all time high. apple wants to turn your iphone into a one stop shop for medical information. cnbc says the company is working on creating an itunes for health data. that would be centralized management system for everything from medical records to prescriptions. apple reportedly in talks with hospital and i.t. health firms. happening today, kellogg's will announce its first ad campaign for fruit loops cereal in a half century in part to target millennials, not the toddlers. "usa today" says only baby boomers eat more cereal then millennials and that kind of demographic doesn't limit themselves for breakfast with 18% eating cold cereal day or night. i think they'll need a different campaign. >> my favorite is fruity pebbles. >> oh! >> look at you guys. i'll get a box. >> rice crispy treats and fruity pebbles. well, kari is here with the
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forecast, mike is at the bart station, we teleported you later. >> it was great. >> and kari, we may need sun screen. it will be bright and sunny today, make sure you're prepared for all of that sun and not only that, the warmer temperatures in oakland as well as the rest of the bay area. look at this sunrise this morning. just getting that graphic together for you. you see it's all clear and the temperature is 56 degrees as we get a look at the view. and the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see how hot it gets. we're at 55 degrees looking live at please san ton and from the tri-valley for the north bay. san francisco once again starts out in the mid-50s and the east bay at 57 now heading up to 76 degrees today in oakland, soesz up to 88 degrees, 90 in napa, 93 in concord. so if you want to escape the warmer temperatures, heading to
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santa cruz today as we start out this morning it will be in the upper 50s then low 70s by 1:00, only reaching 75 degrees today so it will be very nice. if you're about to hit the road for the weekend, here's a live look outside in heavenly and the sierra will be very warm this weekend. today up to 74 degrees but low 80s for the next couple of days and mostly sunny skies around quickly melting snow. while the snow is melting, we're in for extreme heat starting out tomorrow extending through sunday with the excessive heat watch in effect and you'll see why as i go to the seven-day forecast for the inland areas? >> the mid-70s and for the valleys it will be up to 101 degrees. dangerous heat continuing into next week, make says the freeways are moving well. >> yeah, including 101 which i saw on your temperature chart there. 101 moves along the peninsula, no problems for the south bay or east bay. freeways are moving well. it's off the freeway s we're
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worried about because of the parade. there's not a lot of slowing coming out of the altamont pass a smooth easy drive right now. as we look at your mass transit take bart if you're going the parade or rally today. avoid the lake merritt station. we'll talk about that more coming up but ac transit will have reroutes. if you're out of pittsburgh taking bart, you will find fewer trains because they're diverting some towards that oakland crowd. if you want to drive from pittsburgh to the area you can, it's light traffic and there's your obvious choices. make your choices wherever you're driving. go to your phone and check waze. waze will help you share information, get traffic reports and if you're a member of the team, nbc bay area wazers, join the team and do that so we can share information back and forth. back to you. coming up, a chaotic crash caught on camera.
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the man lucky enough to be alive after this terrifying wreck. that truck that you see is going
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the wrong way. it appears out of nowhere and then clips the side of the other . look that the scary crash, a truck just comes out of nowhere, clips that side of the car sending both vehicles spinning. amazingly, nobody hurt. the driver of the truck took off
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running, drug paraphernalia found inside that truck. again, going the wrong way down the highway. >> shocking. new this morning, if you think consumer prices around the bay area are going up faster than usual, those facts reportedly back you up. nationally, inflation has been slowing but according to the "mercury news," bay area consumer prices went up in april higher than any month since 2001. the main reason for that surge is the skyrocketing price for fuel and electricity. natural gas costs alone went up nearly 20% compared to a year ago. that has a ripple affect on other goods. happening today in time for the bay area warmup, environmentalist unveiled their environmental report card that grades beach pollution level. heal the bay assigns letter grades to hundreds of location statewide and the grades are -- the lowest grades are part of their beach bummer list. we'll hear that list at 11:00
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a.m. it's 5:25. coming up, searching for answers. the clues that investigators are revealing about this deadly u.p.s. shooting rampage in san francisco as families come to grips with the loss of three victims killed in cold blood. as fans arrive in downtown oakland this morning to celebrate yet another warriors championship. i'll explain why you have to be prepared to lose your voice. that's all coming up next. first the victory-- now the
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party.. the countdown is on this morning.. scott/live we )re live in oakland wi w first the victory, now the party. the countdown on this morning. live in oakland, what you need to know ahead of the warriors parade. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. they're not here because they're already in oakland getting ready for that huge party where a million people are expected to line the streets around lake merritt. >> we better check the weather, find out if it will be a comfortable parade. let's get the latest from kari. i think so. high fives all around, celebrating the victory and the weather. it's cool to start right now, 57 degrees with clear skies and, of course, for the parade we've got some nice weather. reaching into the mid-70s later today but we start out at 65 degrees. doesn't get better than that.
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i'll have a look at events going on this weekend after the victory parade. that's coming up in about eight minutes. mike gets us to oakland. >> i just heard from as weer laura garcia-cannon who says there are many more cars on the roadway at 5:00. a smooth drive, more cars as she's used to. there will be closures through broadway, jackson and oak closed at 7:00 a.m. you cannot exit the freeway to downtown oakland at that point. we'll talk about how you get there but right now traffic flows smoothly. a developing story we are still following, that tragedy in san francisco and this morning still a very active investigation under way at a u.p.s. facility where a gunman opened fire and killed fellow employees before killing himself. >> we now know the identity of
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the suspect. we're learning lam used a mac-10 style pistol and had a backpack full of ammo. authorities believe he may have been upset with his boss. meantime, we're also learning more about the victims. three fellow employees shot dead in cold blood. 56-year-old wayne chan, 50-year-old benson louie, both of san francisco as well as 46-year-old mike lefiti of hercules. today in the bay's chuck coppola is live at the u.p.s. facility where the shooting rampage began. chuck, business goes on. you said delivery trucks were coming and going already this morning. >> reporter: [ muted ] a. >> we appear to have a little trouble with chuck's audio.
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we are going to continue to follow this developing story, we have the latest on the investigation. we'll get back in touch with chuck. in the meantime, we are posting all the information you need to know at nbc bay let's talk about politics this morning. in washington, special counsel robert mueller is now investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. that is new reporting from the "washington post." the report says the investigation expanded to the president days after he fired days after fbi director comey. president trump's team says fbi leaking information is the real problem but keep in mind the post never said the information came from the fbi. let's get back to chuck in san francisco at the u.p.s. facility where we saw that active shooter situation developing yesterday. chuck, what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: this morning you can see behind me one of the many u.p.s. trucks that have been coming and going from this
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distribution center. the activity here continues the work of moving packages in and out as well as the investigation work done by police detectives trying to figure out what set this gunman off. meanwhile, in front of this truck going inside the facility you can see there's a memorial here to the four people killed, including the gunmen, three people were killed, two more injured trying to escape the mayhem. the fatalities include 46-year-old mike lefiti of hercules, a husband and father who grew up in daly city. others include 56-year-old wayne chan and 50-year-old benson louie both of san francisco. workers at the u.p.s. dr distribution center were about to hold a health meeting when the gunman identified as 38-year-old jimmy lam, a u.p.s. employee, began firing, lefiti's
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cousin spoke with nbc bay area last night. >> good nature. not a negative bone in his body, at least i don't think so, i never seen it. i just know that i loved him. >> reporter: lam killed himself when confronted by police. san francisco police searched his inner richmond district home and took 12 bags of evidence as well as a computer tower. he had complained he had been forced to work excessive overtime. a teamster official said that this is common practice when teamsters are asking at the u.p.s. facility to work nine half hours more than three times a week. reporting live from san francisco, i'm chuck coppola, today in the bay. >> chuck, thank you much. we'll continue to follow that story but the big story here at home today is one of
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celebrati celebration. the excitement is living on, the warriors are the champ as you well now and now is the time to celebrate. the parade is coming up in a few hours. folks are lined up along the route. >> that spot right there is mine! >> these folks have been there since we got there in the 4:00 hour so you can imagine how jam packed it's going to get. >> record crowds expected to be there. more than a million. people suratos is one of the million. he's in oakland with the preparations under way. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i wasn't sure if you wanted to get a shot of the fans but that parade starting at 11:00 a.m. we'll show you the fans that are here, excited, ready to go. they're just waking up, i guess they're waiting for their coffee. expecting at least a million people if not more for this big
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warriors parade. you can see the security presence already in place and we're really seeing the set up starting to go under way here in downtown oakland and i spoke to a fan over here who said he was here two years ago when the warriors won that championship in 2015. says he lost his voice, let's go to his interview. >> it was surreal. it didn't seem real. the fans were just exuberant. it was so loud you couldn't hear yourself think. it was like thunder. it really was just emotionally overwhelming for a lot of fans. >> and tell me about that. you said you lost your voice. you were screaming the whole time? >> screaming the whole time. when i got home i still felt like, you know what? i can't talk but who cares? >> reporter: here are the fans lining up once again, the steph curry jerseys. five time champs. they are ready to line up and celebrate the warriors second championship in three years and
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there will be a big police presence. you don't want to bring lawn seats, glass containers and this will be a drone-free area. they have a list of all that on the warriors web site of things that aren't permitted but the fans already will have more on this in the next half hour. we're live in downtown oakland, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> pete, before you go, explain what lawn seat is? lawn chairs are prohibited? >> you know, on the warriors web site it said lawn seats and lawn furniture that they wouldn't want here at the parade but i'm seeing some people already setting up hear what that so that's something we'll have to check in on. >> get back to us and make sure everybody is following the rules. thanks, pete. >> we can't all be pete and the rest of the fans lining the route so we have you covered if you are headed out from beginning to end and we have been been planning this since before they clinched it. our nbc bay area team of anchors reporters are posted up along the route to capture your
5:38 am
favorite basketball stars. you can see folks at the fremont bart station getting ready to head to the route. you can watch it with us. if you're stuck at work. just tune in, we'll have a live stream, you can wash it on your mobile device. nbc bay area starting at 9:30 this morning. light traffic right now. the bart station is very busy. we're hearing bart has 5% more on their tickets going into the bart system than in 2015. that means more ridership, maybe they're heading in early but maybe there will be more folks. that's what i think. a smooth flow of traffic. a we'll continue to show you this map. that's where pete is, 11th and broadway. that's the entire circuit along the purple area. broadway has a lot of clouds yours, at 9:00 they'll seal down the whole route. you can use broadway, jackson and oak until 7:00 a.m. then they close that.
5:39 am
use the 12th and 19th street station because last time they had it closed down, that lake merritt station, it's a small station and it got flooded with folks. that's the busiest station on the route so barlt says avoid the lake merritt station. use the 12th or the 19th station. ac transit will also have reroutes. the parade route going to be a major factor toward the bay bridge. your normal commute is just fine, this is a atypical but we're hoping to make this a pregnant practice. >> we would like that annual celebration. not like the san francisco giants every couple years. and not too hot. it's going to be hot but not too hot for the parade. >> it's going to be very nice in oakland. as we head into the weekend, look how hot it gets. the coast will be nice and comfortable. it becomes dangerous when you're out there during the hot test times of the day so make plans
5:40 am
to stay somewhere where you can stay cool. for sunday father's day will be in the mid-70s, the bay up to 84 and look at the inland valleys, up to 101. so let's look at some events going on. on saturday we had the soy and tofu festival in san francisco and we started out with temperatures in the low 60s in the morning into the low 70s. that will be a nice and comfortable event but if you are planning to go to the juneteenth in the park celebration, it will be really hot. and being out there in the middle of the day, make sure you're sitting in the shade. we will be in the low 90s throughout the afternoon and by 7:00 it will still be very warm in the upper 80s. hitting the road heading to shasta lake, we will see temperatures reach in the mid-80s and 99 degrees sunday. cooler temperatures in santa cruz for today. we're up to 19 and for tomorrow
5:41 am
81. on saturday 77. napa valley is going to be sizzling this weekend. on friday up to 97. 98 on saturday and then look at father's day, 103 degrees. we can see more triple digit temperatures in the forecast. i'll have a look at that coming up in a few minutes. kris and scott? >> kari, thanks. coming up, fire officials in london say they still have no idea how many people died in this horrific apartment building fire. they are still looking for bodies today. we'll have the latest? >> and we'll continue to watch the growing crowds in oakland. bringing you the latest so you know where to go.
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it's 5:44 as we take a live look outside at palo alto. more people on the roadways heading across the bay toward oakland. in sunnyvale, at 9:00 temperatures starting out in the mid-70s and a quickly warming temperature as we go through the day and into the upper 80s by early afternoon. grab a bottle of water and keep
5:45 am
refilling. we'll talk about scorching temperatures in the forecast coming up at 5:49. looking at travel times for the tri-valley. slowing out of the altamont pass but a note, one of the busiest bart stations is at dublin pleasanton, the other pittsburg bay point, both at the end of the line likely heading in toward oakland and the parade. we'll talk about that and your commute coming up. 5:45 right now. the death toll stands at 17 from yesterday's massive high-rise fire in london. that number did change overnight and detective change again because there's still an undetermined number of people unaccounted for. firefighters say they don't expect to find more survivors in the burned out shell of the tower. witnesses are talking about amazing rescues including one of a baby who was caught after someone dropped the baby from the ninth floor.
5:46 am
>> the baby just dropped in a straight line and the guy ran forward and the baby fell into his arms. >> what a miracle. the cause of the fire is not yet known. firefighters are still looking into claims the tower had no central fire alarm nor sprinkler system. contra costa county's district attorney is out. mark peterson resigned after being charged with 13 felony counts including perjury and grand theft. the charges stem from $66,000 in campaign funds which peterson used for personal expenses. his attorney made the deal plead nothing contest and agreeing he would resign. the board of supervisors must appoint a new district attorney. legal pressure mounts on san francisco's park and recs department to throw a summer of love 50th anniversary concert. the department has refused to allow the show over safety concerns but organizers say the department is throwing similar concerts with dozens of other
5:47 am
musicians in golden gate park. so later this month attorney angela aliota will present an appeal to allow the anniversary show to go on. lots of kids in palo alto are choosing not to take a state test. they're allowed to skip it with their parents' permission "the palo alto weekly" points out students in the unified school district skipped the smarter balance assessment consortium test at a far greater rate than almost anywhere else. only 21% of students at gunn high school sat down for the optional test. at palo that number is 13%. by comparison, 93% took the test in los altos. students tell the "palo alto weekly" they've been told the test isn't important so they don't bother. the state budget is threatening to withhold $50 million from the uc system if it does not reach recommendations from a recent state audit. that april audit report revealed administrators didn't disclose $175 million in the president's
5:48 am
office fund even as tuition was going up. uc president janet napolitano committed to keeping clearer budget plans and records but disputes the audits charge. education secretary devos is going after an obama-era rule that forgave student loans due to fraud by universities. devos calls the rules "burdensome and confusing" and is calling on a committee to streamline them. the rules did allow students to ask for lobe forgiveness if they were defrauded by for-profit colleges. this happened back in 2015 when $247 million in student loans were forgiven because corinthian colleges which includes some here in the bay area were found to have misled 15,000 students. >> let's take you live to oakland where that's the warriors arena. it all start ed and the parade preps are under way. if you're planning to get to the
5:49 am
parade, start now. more than a million warriors fans are expected to line the parade route. that's the route there. broadway at 11th street up to grand around lake merritt before ending at the kaiser convention center. we know bart numbers are already up. mike will be talking about that in just a moment but we want to make sure you get your sunscreen because kari it's sunshine today. >> don't leave before you get the forecast and the traffic because we want to get you ready for the day and we start out with sunshine. nice and cool now but it will continue to warm up, especially for the valleys today and the next several days. here's our high temperatures this afternoon. in san jose it will be up to 88 degrees. 84 for the peninsula and tri-valley. 86 as you get a live look there. looking at san francisco, up to 69 degrees today and 75 in oakland for the high. we are going to continue to see warm weather over the next few days going up from here and as
5:50 am
you look at the seven-day forecast in san francisco, it stays nice there but you'll see the difference between san francisco and the valleys. looking out the window, don't forget the sunglasses and if you're going to be somewhere where you're going to be in the hot weather, make sure to wear sandals or something nice and comfortable to help keep you cool. that will be the rule into the next several days. san francisco will see the highs in the upper 60s. 57 by sunday and early next week we keep it cool, just enough of an on-shore flow to keep temperatures down but ramping up for the inland valleys. triple digits from sunday through wednesday of next week. make has an update of a car fire. >> we hear about no major injuries. therpd be clearing but we see mild slowing for san jose. in san francisco we have red showing up with highway 101 getting over toward the interchange and the en 80 skyway toward the bay bridge.
5:51 am
let me show you what was reported on waze as well. we're going to send this person a thank you and talk about that traffic flow there. you can join our waze team and get us more information like that or benefit from more information, also talking about the crowd coming out of pittsburgh and bay point because of the slower drive but also one of the most popular bart routes. over here, join your team, the parade of wazers, nbc bay area wazers. that's the team who can help you out. back to you. coming up next on node the bay, remembering tv's adam west. the special batman tribute for the late actor. but first, happening now, summer is fast approaching but there's still snow covering the highways in yosemite. highway 120 is still closed as workers dig out from snow piled as high as 20 feet. double check your plans if you're headed out there soon. happening in oakland. pg&e crews are hanging balloon
5:52 am
arches. other banners and warriors-related decorations along today's parade route so watch out for workers if you're in the area. we're back in two minutes with more now. ==kris/live==
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. taking a live look along the warriors victory parade just a few minutes before 6:00 and we are looking live at part of the route of the warriors victory parade through
5:55 am
oakland. we're off to a cool start this morning. you saw those folks in short sleeves but it's going to warm up this afternoon, temps in the 80s and 90s in some spots. kari hall will have the full forecast in just five minutes. a special tribute today for adam west. the bat signal will shine over los angeles in memory of the late bat man actor. west played batman in the 1960s series. he died saturday at 88. the iconic bat signal will be lit up tonight at los angeles city hall. l.a. mayor and the police chief will do the best. jury deliberations continue in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. the jury has been deliberating since cosby's lawyers abruptly ended their case monday after just six minutes and calling one witness. the judge spoke to the sequestered jury after deliberating 12 hours, he spoke to them last night. jurors should be returning to the court any minute now this morning.
5:56 am
during closing arguments, cosby was portrayed as someone who was a trusted mentor who drugged and sexually assaulted andrea constand in his home in 2004. the defense says there are inconsistencies in statements made by constand and argued her relationship was romantic. cosby has repeatedly denied all allegations against him. 5:56. the head of michigan's health department facing involuntary manslaughter charges stemming from the investigation into the flint water crisis. the city's tap water was contaminated with lead after the city started using water from the flint river in 2014 as a cost-cutting move. the water may have also contained legionnaires' disease, a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria. a hundred people contracted the illness and 12 died. new detail this is morning in the search for two escaped inmates who are accused of killing two corrections officers in georgia. police recovered this green honda civic which they say was stolen by the inmates. now authorities are looking for a stolen white two door ford
5:57 am
f-250 with silver tool boxes on both side rails. police say the two inmates also broke into a home, ransacked the place, stole food and clothing and police think they are still in georgia. a live look from our at&t park camera and even though the giants are on the road today you don't to misany action because though the giants are in colorado, you can catch the game on nbc bay area. our coverage starts 59:30. first pitch is 5:40. >> still an active investigation as police try to figure out why a man went on a deadly shooting rampage at the san francisco u.p.s. office where he worked. new information we're learning about the victims and a possible motive this morning. =kris/vo= and... that warm weather sd >> and we are feeling a weather warmup. kari shall tracking extreme heat coming up. first she'll talk about the forecast for the warriors
5:58 am
parades. and that warm weather should be nice for the tens of thousands of fans lining up for the voirs victory parade. the parade route with the information you need to know before the big event. node the bay continues right now. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for sam. they are at the parade getting ready for live coverage. they need to know about the weather. >> it's going to be nice. perfect in oakland but the inland areas, that's what we'll start to see problems as temperatures get hot. looking at san francisco, not bad, 9 degrees today. 71 tomorrow and mid-70s for the weekend. as we head into the valleys for the weekend look at that, 101 on saund and it continues next week so i'll have more on that coming up. mike says there is no surprise right now. >> not right now but i want to warn you as well because there
5:59 am
may be some changes that -- there will be changes coming up for the warriors parade. we'll talk about your commute, i'll talk about the parade in just a second but you saw speed sensors looking standard around the bay, very light on the summertime traffic flow. looking for west 580 coming out of the altamont pass. the bart station at pleasanton, dublin, that's one of the busiest bart stations. we'll look at the slowing we saw in san jose, northbound 101, saw that first burst of traffic just starting to ease up so the silicon valley. we'll talk about oakland in just a couple minutes. back to you. breaking news overnight. investigators are looking into a suspicious fire at a south bay school. san jose firefighters were called to caroline davis middle school around 9:30 this morning on the south side of the city. we talked with a security guard when we arrived a president scene. he said the suspects may have tried to burn down one of the doors.
6:00 am
we have calls out to the fire department to get more information. we'll let you know when we get it. warriors pride reaching a fever pitch because just a few hours from now the parade will take over the streets of oakland. >> more than a million people are expected to attend and a lot of folks are trying to get a good spot along the route. the parade starts on broadway. goes up grand around lake merritt and ends at the kaiser convention center. >> a live look at the end of the route. we'll have photographers all over this parade. yule eel be able to spot every player because we have cameras everywhere. today in the bay's pete suratos is at the beginning of the route with what fans can expect from the beginning. we're already at 6:00 a.m. that parade will start at 10:00 a.m. b


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