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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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if anybody messed anything up, wayne would fix it. >> right now at 11:00, stunned by the news as word spreads. memorials are growing for the victims of the ups shooting rampage. tonight, we are learning more about them. and more about the man who killed them, their coworker. the news at 11 starts right now. good thursday evening. thank you for joining us. i'm janelle wang in for jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj matthai. it's not business as usual and it might never be for this ups
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facility. let's tell you what is happening at this hour. tonight deliveries are being made at that ups facility in san francisco. they are also using drivers from other locates to cover for the san francisco drivers who are taking much needed time off. the flag you can see it there at half staff as a tribute to the victims. it's now been nearly 40 hours since that rampage and we have inside information how the killer might have chosen his targets. we are also learning more about the very men, the victims, the coworkers of the gunmen, all ups drivers, michael afeety, benson louie, and wayne chan. jean elle begins our special coverage. they are all special men. >> that's right. we are learning all three of those ups drivers killed in that shooting are well loved in their communities. mike lafiti was called a gentle
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giant. and this memorial continues to grow. tonight about who the victims are is spreading. so is the grief. >> this morning i was walking to work and i saw the ups drivers around the block and i was like i can't wait to see wayne to make sure that he's okay. and then -- they came and told us the news. >> reporter: replacement ups drivers told customers in the haight-ashbury today 56-year-old wayne chan was one of the drivers killed in the shooting at the districts center yesterday. >> he was just one of those people that was so genuine. >> reporter: heart broken merchants set up a memorial for chan, a friend and a family man. >> like oh, i'm doing a stay-cation with the family. next weekend i'm taking the family to the beach. proud of his family. >> reporter: catherine roberts says chan connected with people. >> he was a really caring guy. so of course he's going to get involved with everybody. and we're going to get involved with him. and it takes a piece of my
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heart. >> reporter: a community is also grieving for driver 50-year-old benson louie. he was a devoted volleyball coach and father figure. >> the biggest thing was the size of his heart. he was always there for us. >> reporter: those three men had such an impact on so many people. and tonight they are being remembered. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle nbc bay area news. >> thank you jean. we are also learning chilling new details about the begunman, 38-year-old jimmy lam, he appeared to have specifically targeted his victims and told others to run away. nbc bay area's serge grow quintana is live at the ups center with more on the possible motive. >> reporter: last night this place was actually pretty quiet. you can see tonight the big bay door are opens. that's because they are driving delivery trucks in and out. tonight we are learning exclusive details about the way things unfolded yesterday morning. the husband cell and bustle of
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the brown delivery trucks has returned. ups has brought in the extra workers from across the bay area to get customers' packages delivered. just inside the massive bay on the third floor is where the shooting rampage started. according to witnesses, drivers just started a weekly morning routine called wellness wednesday. law enforcement sources tell the news just before 9:00 a.m. jimmy lam walked into the meeting carrying a pistol, a handgun and a backpack full of 578 anything. at least one of the weapons was unregistered. we are told lam may have been told that some of his coworkers were belittling him. he told some coworkers to get out and then he opened fire. >> bop, bop, bop, bop, circumstances seven shots. fired five or six more outside. >> reporter: killed, benson louie, wayne chan, and mike lafiti. two other drivers were also
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shot, edgar perez and xiao chen. they were treated and released from the hospital. lam was confronted by members of the s.w.a.t. team. he broofly raised a gun at then and then took his own life. police searched lam's home yesterday looking for clues. according to the workers union lam had recently filed an overtime grievance and he had a history of alcohol use and dui. fellow drivers we talked with say they would have never mantle he could do this. while the activity has returned to this distribution center, everything is not back to normal. that right there is one of two different memorials that is set up at this distribution center. and we keep seeing people coming by to leave flowers and mementos and pay their respects. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. remembering the victims there. also here in the diamond heights neighborhood of san francisco,
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another live look at a growing memorial for mike lafiti. this is one of the neighborhoods he would go on his dily routes, ups routes, every day. stay with us for new developments on this story on air and on line at our website, facebook, and twitter feeds are being updated 24/7. let's change our attention and talk about the weather. a big change is come to the bay area. it will impact your father's day weekend. dangerous heat is on the way. it is a mild night in san jose this even. but enjoy it while it lasts because 24 hours from you no it's going to be a different story. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us. bottom line, when does it start? when does it end? >> tomorrow is when we are going to really notice it. we may still be dealing with this heat a week out from right now. the thing we are watching right now is the hot air across the desert southwest. this is going to start to push off towards the west, impacting the bay area, again, beginning tomorrow, likely with some of
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the hottest weather since 2013. as we get a closer look at friday's forecast for the interior valleys we will up to a warm 79 by 10:00 a.m. in concord. hotter 98 by 4:00 p.m. as you mentioned, the weekend numbers continue the increase. that's why we have a heat advisory in effect from saturday right through next monday. but notice this, the one spot out of the heat advisory will be the coastline i i'll talk about this drastic extreme in our temperatures. that's coming up in about 15 minutes. >> half moon bay might be very crowded this wooigd. thanks jeff. remember now to track the heat as it rises in your specific micro climate with our free nbc bay area app. download it tonight it a great resource for the upcoming summer. the weather was perfect in oakland today. assault quiet now, but a much different scene earlier today. this is what it looked like. more than a million people packed downtown and the parade road to lake merritt to celebrate the warriors and their championship trophy. ian cull is live near lake
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merritt now. no more parade no, more fans there, but city is still buzzing tonight snoor. >> reporter: oh, yeah, janelle. it was interesting, about a sixth year called in sick or had a random shurs out. there were massive crowds. crews are he can braing down the site of the rally. it was day for the team, and the town. the cleanup closing down the fun filled day of the warriors' parade. >> warriors! >> reporter: but the appear continuing into the night on telegraph. >> the whole we can man, who knows. might go for the whole we can. >> everybody is coming together because we all rock with the warriors. we have been doing this since they were paying us to go to the game. >> reporter: some who couldn't come for the parade stopped by on their way home. >> i wanted to take a picture. >> reporter: about 1 million
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packed the parade route waiting to see the stars, still refusaling tonight. >> very exciting. the energy was uplifting. it a peace of mind. >> this vendor is still is heing. he has been to 12 championships across the country. >> there was a lot of people out here. >> reporter: tonight, eight miles of barricades headed back to the warehouse. perhaps they will come out next year. and confetti would be the only rain on this parade, tonight toting the town in the colors of champions. >> and those colors illuminated on the county courthouse tonight. how much did all of this cost? no word on that yet, but the warriors very publicly said today don't worry about it taxpayers, we are picking up the tab. reporting leave in oakland, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> that could be a hefty tab. between the giants and the warriors we have now done this five times in the past seven years. we are getting pretty good at rolling out the red carpet or in this case the gold carpet.
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whether you watched on tv or on line or each in person there is a few things you didn't see. take a look. >> where are you at right now? >> cloud 9, baby. >> that's how he rolled, atop a double decker bus. kevin durant rolled past the thousands of fans like a conquering hero. but the spirit of this parade wasn't on the buses. it was on the streets. steph curry brought the bling to the fans while steve kerr, showing no signs of back pain, jogged part of the parade route and answered emphatically about his status for next season. >> will i see you next year? >> hell yes. >> this is for every person in the bay area who loves basketball and enjoys thecalture here. this is what it's all about, right, yeah. >> the personal of this fan base and these players was on full display. we'll remember this for long
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time and never forget klay and dre. this was a bay area dance party with that oakland vibe. we have all sorts of video and clips and pictures from the players and fans on our home page. we posted it all so you can relive it for a long time right there on our front page at i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. all-time june records range anywhere from 109 to 113. i'll let you know if we get anywhere close to this. my forecast at 11:20 on the. also, a blimp burst into flames at major sporting event today. the move the pilot made moments before the explosion that may have saved his life. a recent investigation uncovered the plight of deported u.s. military veterans. >> we found hundreds of u.s. veterans. >> just beyond the border wall. >> anyone willing to die for their country should have a country willing to give them citizenship. >> and now, governor brown
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recently granted columnentsy to three deported u.s. veterans. >> pardon from the california governor? wow. >> at nbc bay area, we are holding the powerful accountable, for you. nbc bay area, we investigate. yesterday )s shooting ambush
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during a g-o-p practice game a perfect night for baseball in the nation's capitol. yesterday's shooting ambush during a gop practice game did not stop the annual republicans
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versus democrats charity baseball game. tonight lawmakers united to honor house majority whip steve scalise one of four people hurt in yesterday's shooting. nbc has more from tonight's ball game. >> reporter: pregame, players knelt at second base, that's where steve scalise would have been playing. and where he was when he was gunned down on a practice field in virginia. a lot of players wore purple and gold a nod to the louisiana congressman's beloved lsu tigers. after three surgeries, scalise remains in critical condition at a d.c. hospital. but never far from the minds of colleagues and the crowd. injured capitol police officer david bailey threw out the first pitch. then as the game got underway at national park, the teams were a little older, a little slower than fans are used to seeing here, but no less determined. >> it's baseball. it's america.
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and when america gets punched, america punches back. >> reporter: they are not playing for a pennant here, but instead, a purpose, one shared by thousands of fans who showed up for tonight's charity game. >> like to see some good baseball but i think people are coming together after a tragedy. >> reporter: a unity that many hope hope willinger in the nation's capitol long after the last out. >> doesn't matter if you are republican or democrat, we are all americans. >> reporter: reinforced on this night, as players and fans from both sides of the aisle come together to enjoy america's pasttime. jay gray, nbc news, washington. >> the democrats won the game 11-2, as for the shooter in yesterday's attack he was killed by capitol police. the motive still under investigation but james hutchinson of illinois had voices anger toward american policies on social media. friends and family of an antioch boy killed during an accidental shooting last week
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gathered this evening. a vigil was held at the home of the 15-year-old, marcos garcia. he was shot in the chest with a pelt rifle by a friend. police say it appears to be accidental and no charges have been filed. garcia was a freshman at deer valley high school. those who knew him are simply devastated. a viewing is set for tomorrow at holy cross cemetery in antioch, and the funeral saturday at the immaculate heart in brentwood. it was a gruesome crime scene seven years ago and now closure. the body of a woman was found stuffed in a suit case and toss booed i about. today a jury convicted her boyfriend of murder. lee bell, seen here, was found guilty of first-degree murder. he was with perla lewis when she was last seen alive in 2010. the suit case containing her naked body washed up near the ferry building in san francisco. badly beaten and strangled. her death gained notoriety
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because at the time officials were push informing ar crackdown on domestic violence. orders to -- the victim, his estranged wife. she's not happy with the punish men. earlier this year, abhishek gatanni faced counts for beating his wife. during plea barringaing those charges were reduced. most of the terms were accepted which included a 30 day jail sentence. the wife expected more. >> they are stronger than us. they are actually weaker, we are the stronger ones, able to take the abuse and still survive. >> in addition to a monday in jail he was sentenced to five months of community service and three years probigs. they struck a deal at the state capitol, lawmakers just
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sent a spending plan to the governor's desk, the $183 billion package raises school funding raises a tax credit for the working poor. expands medi-cal to cover dental services. >> it is warming up. the sierra still has mounds of show. yosemite posted this on social media. crews plowing roads around the 10,000 foot elevation. park rangers are saying road crews are being cautious there are three active avalanche zones in the area. >> while we are looking at all that snow we are talking about 100-degree heat coming our way. jeff ranieri is here to give us the answers. >> in the sierra the temperatures have gradually warmed up. we are expecting 80s up there. a lot of snow melt. be careful heading up to lake tahoe. for us, not just one day of 100. we could have a few days of
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triple digits. >> now, nbc bay area's micro climate weather, certified most accurate in the bay area by weatherate. >> when high pressure moves in we tend to get temperatures warming up. that's what we're seeing right now. but the added components that's going to boost our temperatures up to possibly some of the warmest levels since 2013 is the bubble of heat sitting across the desert southwest. it's going to migrate the hot air right towards bay area where it could park itself for maybe eight to ten days in the forecast. also draw your eyes down to the scrolling seven days to the bottom of the screen. you will see quite a few triple digit days in the next few days. tomorrow morning i expect things to be milder in the trivalley. 66 under clear skies. 63 for the peninsula. and south bay at 62. san francisco, little bit of cloud cover and 58. and plenty of sunshine for the north bay, and 65. yes, things do begin the warm up for tomorrow.
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no 100s in the south bay just yet. starting to get uncomfortable for gilroy, 93. morgan hill, 92. when you get closer to the bay, numbers will be slightly cooler here with 87 in cupertino and 88 in mill paidas. contra kossa the hottest. past pleasanton at 29. oakland looking good at 81 degrees. for the peninsula a little bit of everything. 88 in palo alto. 66 in half moon bay. and 80 in san mateo. san francisco, real interesting story tomorrow. it is a split picture. we still have the ocean breeze in place. that keeps the outer sunset and ingle side in the 60s. head over to the mission and it will be a warmer 77. that's the thing you want to remember. over the next several days with the heat the immediate coastline should remain cool. we have a spot to go to if you can't deal with the interior valley heat. up to 97 tomorrow here in napa.
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what i want to show you next -- it's not just the bay area with the hot weather. it's also the interior valley of northern california under a heat advisory this weekend and into next monday. the central valley down towards los angeles. for the bay area, you know the drill. remember to drink lots of water and don't forget those pets. let's take you to san francisco. it's going to be in between here. temps in the 70s through next week. for the interior valleys this is where you have to watch out. we start into the triple digit on sunday at 1:02. stay with them right through next wednesday. we could see 90s to 100s maybe into next friday. possibly next saturday. and then we should start to see a cooldown after that. >> getting hot thinking about it right now. >> i know. hand on. >> thanks, jeff. >> thanks, jeff. up next, the unwanted houseguest found at a california home. and what experts think is to blame for all these bees. and we have gjimmy.
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>> hey guys, lorde is here the talk and perform. plus, ethan hawke. tash tag, and we shave my beard. coast guard pulled two adults out of the voyage island strait. no one was hurt. we posted that story on our facebook page. officials say the point will send close to 4,000 additional forces to afghanistan. the official announcement is expected early next week. more news in a moment. ♪
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a blimp flying over the event crashed into an open field -- a frightening scene near the u.s. open golf tournament in wyss wachls blimp flying over
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the event crashed into an open field then as you can see burst into flames. the 350i89 was the only person on board at the time. he parachuted out before the crash but suffered serious injuries including severe burns. no one on the ground was hurt. not just one but thousands of unwanted houseguests in a southern california home. take look. thousands of bees swarming inside a couple's home in huntington beach. they were infesting the chimney all around the windows and scattered across the floors. experts think the swarm was caused by a heat wave since bees are more active during the summer. no one was stung. giants and the a's in action. it's ugly. but the warriors are pretty. we will tell you about steph occury and his soup to be happening pay rise. it is a big deal. stay with us.
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either way...oakland is basking in the spotlight... what now? maybe another tiling at the oracle and a parade next year. >> either way, oakland is basking in the spotlight. so is steph curry. the face 69 franchise is about to get paid. >> in a big way. he will likely sign a new contract this summer getting $10 million in a year, that's underpaid in the nba for him --
11:29 pm
he will sign for up to $40 million a year. think he is something fun. >> he is having a great time. >> walking the streets like we showed you earlier in the swarm of fans. later in the double decker bus with his wife. two daughters were with them at some point in the parade. nice to see curry enjoying the sunshine today. >> it is a so nice to be back up here in front of you guys. waited two long years. i remember exactly where i was this time last year, and it wasn't a great feeling. >> it is this time, though. summer vacation plans, maybe disneyland with the family, and golfing with the boys, including his teammates and former president obama who is an occasional golf buddy for steph curry. baseball tonight. it is a been rough to watch the giants this season. tonight, more frustration. you might have seen the game right here on nbc bay area. giants in denver against the colorado rock east, back and forth.
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typical game at coors field. a ott of runs. seventh inning, two run homer by buster posey starts a giant comeback. good news. top of the ninth inning the comeback continues, a sack fly ties the game. the giants were looking good for a while. in the bottom of the ninth inning the giants get out of a bases loaded jam. the rockies win though, 10-9 the final. the giants continue to struggle. rockies win this game. the a's are playing right now in extra innings against the yankee. they are losing by one run. a couple outs in the of the about om of the 10th. we'll be back in a moment with more warriors coverage. just ahead. or your exhausted. parades can
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two options root about now. either you are still wired and wide awake about the warriors, or you are simply exhausted because parades can be tiring. >> yes. we leave you with some of the coolest sights and sounds from today's parade. good night, folks. >> maybe they think i'm zaza pa choouch chulia. there is a resemblance.
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>> that's mc hammer: >> kevin durant. and his mom, wanda, the real mvp as we hear him say. hi, mom. hi. >> got a wave from wanda. that made my day right there. >> it is amazing, man. the fans support us. we have got to support the fans. i came down here. i have got to feel the people. you know what i'm saying? >> i have been plblessed in my a career to go through a few of these championship celebrations, seven, to be exact. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ethan hawke, lorde, mustache experts allan peter


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