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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  June 18, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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right now at 4:poshgs a crime scene on the bay bridge that stopped traffic for hours. the early morning string of events that led to an officer opening fire. and plus, tragedy overseas with reports of 60 people dead as raging forest fires rip through portugal. >> and tracking the heat at the peak. tracking temperatures across the bay area today. >> the news starts right now. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at 4:30. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney and it is the hottest day of to year. and temperatures soaring and stepping outside with the tower cam looking out over dublin, and
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you can see some smoke or smog it looks like in the air, and almost everywhere beyond triple-digits. >> everybody doing what they can to beat the heat, which includes the beach. these hot temperatures are bringing many concerns with them and for people's health and fire danger. >> team coverage of the heat advisory and the effect on the bay area. and we go to our meteorologist rob mayeda who is trabing the latest. >> this is a record that was broken since 1988 and 1981, and the upper 90s. and in sfo, the record was 86 and now recorded 88. oakland d san jose, the hottest temperatures in june since 2008. you have to go bk qte a ways to find the temperatures as hot in june as we saw outside today. and the looking at the cool temperatures if you want to call
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it that this morning. starting the day in the mid-70s and we hit the ground running with these temperatures and as quickly as noon, we were approaching 100 degrees in concord and santa rosa and check out the temperatures that we are seeing right now with 107 in concord and 104 in livermore and 102 in santa rosa and cooling here in san francisco. here is the issue, the heat advisory is continuing, and now it has been extended through thursday. so while the inner bay gets a little bit of the cooling, the valley is in the 90s and likely seeing 100s and watching a second spike in the temperatures in the seven-day forecast which could be breaking more records this week. we will have a closer look at how long the heat will be sticking around in the full forecast in 12 minutes. >> all right. incredible heat, rob. thank you so much. as rob mentioned, much of the east bay tripped triple digits. and christie smith is live at the alameda bay fair in pl
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pleasanton, and yesterday five people treated for heat issues? >> yeah, that is right. i did check in with the division chief here a short time ago and it is looking like slightly f fewer people treated for medical issues related to the heat today and spokesperson for the county fair says that when it is hot like this, the crowd the tends to thin out in the heat of the day with those crowds returning as the sun starts to go down. >> reporter: at the alameda county fair, the misting the tent is a popular spot where the firefighters say they have treated three people heat-related illness. >> it is certainly hot, and everyone is taking care of themselves, and lot of people stopping by to use the mister tent to get a break. everyone walking around seems to be hydrating. >> reporter: anne strickland and her son from idaho and they did not expect the heat. >> going inside of the exhibit and the ice cream of course. >> reporter: and over at walnut creek, more people are coming over to cool off in the pool,
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and there are mister stations now for the lifeguards. >> we tell people to drink some water and cool off a little. by even the lifeguards are cooling down and i will tell them to jump into the water to cool off. >> i planned it back in january. >> reporter: louisa held her spot in the park to host a group of dads on father's day, and not what she predicted. >> well, it is just like easter with the rain or whatever, you go with the flow and hang in there. >> reporter: a spokesman for the kocounty fair says that they ar looking forward and getting ready for the next round of heat making sure they have the provisions and mister s as are working and the air conditioning is working properly. reporting live in pleasanton, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. as the mercury is rising many people are scrambng, somethg, anything t cool them
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off. maryann favro ive in los gatos with what is flying off of the store shelves. maryann? >> well, terry, here at the los gatos ace hardware where it is a lovely 105 degrees which explains why so many people are coming here to purchase one of these kiddie pools. you can see somebody there looking at it right now. so far, they have sold about 20, but fans were the hottest tekt. one father of twins bought two to keep his twinsle cool. the manager at ace says they sol sold over 70 fans, but they are buying up other things as well. >> we have been selling umbrellas, and so we have a number of beach umbrellas for sale, and also for kiddie pools for the can children or pets to keep themle cool. >> reporter: the race is on in
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millwood where they say that 58% of the customers today came in and purchased or asked about getting fans. back here at los gatos hardware, it is ace hardware, in addition to people buying up umbrellas and coolers, they were walking out one other eitem to keep coo, ice cream, always a good call. reporting live in los gatos, maryann favro, nbc bay area news news. >> thank you, maryann, and that is a good idea. you can keep track of the changes using the nbc bay area app and u it is free and you ca see how high it is or about to get when you reason to go. >> and overseas, dozens of people are dead and dozens more dead after raging wildfires roared through southern portugal. looking at the video, you can see how desperate it is there. a lightning strike is believed to have sparked this blaze and claimed the lives of 61 people so far.
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many of the victims were trapped in their cars on the road. they couldn't es a cape as the flames spilled over the roadway. and portugal's prime minister said that it is quote the biggest tragedy of human life that we have known for years. portugal like many southern european countries prone to for est fires in the summer months. chp says that officers were at the scene of a crash near the buena tunnel when the driver did not follow commands to stop. one officer opened fire, and one vi victim was hit and taken to the hospital with injury, but not clear how badly he was hit. the pas ssengers in the car wer not injured. the crash kept the traffic at a standstill for five hours. some people were stranded on the bridge for three hours before being allowed to turn around. >> and today, police got a tip of a body in daily city near the
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jefferson city high school headquarters. the person calling in the tip said that the person had been murder and the police are not saying how the person died or whether it is being treated as a homicide. police will release more information sometime today. nd the president is not under investigation. that is at mr.rump's lawyer is insisting despite a tweet saying that i am being eek investigated for firing the fbi drirector, witch hunt. jennifer johnson has the latest now, and new questions surrounding the confusion, and if the president could face obstruction of justice charges. >> yes, the president is not -- >> reporter: president trump's lawyer pushing back on the tweet saying that he was being investigated for firing the fbi drirector, and his lawyer says that is not true. >> the president is not and has not been under investigation, and the tweet was in response to the "washington post" story with no named sources whatsoever. >> reporter: the post reported that special counsel robert
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mueller was looking into whether the president obstructed justice. again sunday, president trump said that to a make america great agenda is doing well despite the witch hunt. they say that the investigators will get to the bottom of it. >> the fbi is going to do the job. they don't sit around and read tweets. he is going to do the job, and moouler is going the do the job. >> reporter: and allies have urged the president to stay off of twitter. >> it does not serve him well, and the tweet does not help him, but that is who he is, he is a fighter his whole life. >> reporter: and the senate intelligence community said it is 20% into the investigation. >> a lot of people have said when will you be done and we have said maybe the the end of the year. this is complex involving th thousands of pages of intelligence documents. >> reporter: and the president has deny nid dealings with russia in the election or that he tried to block the ifer johnson nbcews, washington. well, the house and senate intelligence committees are
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continuing the investigations this week. the former homeland security secretary is expected to testify in a private meeting. now, continuing coverage for the latest in washington will be come up on "nbc nightly news" when president trump is returning to the white house after visiting camp david for the first time in his presidency. the reaction no the presidential tweet, we have more details coming up on nightly news starting at 5:30. >> we are starting a breaking news out of west africa and two people are dead after an attack by suspected jihadists in mali. they say they took hostages at a hotel popular with the westerners. security rescued 32 guests trapped in the hotel. one person killed was a citizen of france and gabon. one of the gunmen escaped. back in 2015, there was another attack on a mali hotel that left 20 people dead. at the tower, the temperatures are 107 degrees at
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concord an livermore 104. many spots as much as 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. how long will this the bay area heat advisory stick around for the work week when we come back. >> plus, mother nature is caught on camera. spectacul spectacular sight right under the golden gate bridge. >> and a popular icon, and what fans are buzzing about with the queen.
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brush fires in southern california. well, despite the heat, firefighters are gaining ground on two brushfires in southern california. the fire, this first one here is north of l.a., and it has burned about 1,000 acres at this point, and destroyed two out buildings, and it 10% contained there. hundreds of firefighters are work on this fire, and a much smaller one is burning in the brightwood area of san bernardino, and it is 50%
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contain and there only 11 acres have been burned so far. and a look at that golden gate bridge right now, and people are getting a show this weekend. humpback whales are spotted near the bridge. one of the viewers captured about eight of them last night. you can see the water spraying out of the blow holes. >> that is so cool. >> and they have a pod, and chasing food, maybe anchovies. they like them, and maybe a lot of people don't, but humpback whales do. they are on the annual migration to northern alaska for the summer, but like most tourists, they had to stop to get something to eat. >> and maybe it is like a summer trip. >> yes, what i did last summer. and the dangers that the hot temperatures are causing, and the soars temperatures in some places. >> our recent investigation uncovered the plight of deported military veterans. >> we found hundreds of veterans beyond the border wall. >> anyone who is willing to die for their country, should be willing to give them
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citizenship. and now sh, governor brown e pardons to three u.s. veterans. >> wow. a pardon from governor brown. >> we are holding the powerful accountable for you. nbc bay area, we investigate. you can see the haze from the
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hot weather in taking you outside now. this is a a live look from the tower cam over oakland. looking at the haze there and all of the hot weather bringing in the haze there, and some people call it smaze with a
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little bit of smog and haze. >> smaze. >> and areas like oakland and san francisco are dealing with higher temperatures. >> you mean like purple smaze? >> yes. >> at the shore, swimmers and kay kayakers are trying to stay cool. once you get into the wear, the it is easy to stayle cool. temperatures outside are reaching around the century mark in alameda. and now, the nbc bay area microclimate weather. >> what about it, rob, wrong with the smaze? >> anything unpleasant. >> is that a word that you teach in the classrooms? >> no. that is you. you can patent that one. >> oh, thank you. >> we had air quality issues, and spare the bay in the valley due to the high temperature, and the time the approaching 5:00, and still above 100 degrees in
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hillsberg. and notice flag at 78 degrees in up, butcisco, and the sea it is hot in the areas around the the east bay. half moon bay is 68. that is the coolest that we are seeing right now on the opposite send of the spectrum, concord at 107 degrees. there you see san jose spider cam right there. wow. that is really unpleasant, isn't it? 102. moderate air quality from the east bay, and south bay and the coast tomorrow, and stay tuned, because we will see another spell of the temperatures rising as the high pressure is strengthening, and spare the air d days is likely as we go through the week. no signs of low clouds, but looking a uf to the east, getting the big clouds towering out there, and a steeringing of the storm, and that is coming towards the bay area around 11:00 tonight. in the meantime, not a lot of help from the sea breeze. and turning on shore to san francisco and as we go to the next few hours, we will be
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watching for those high clouds passing by to the east. we don't believe they will bring us showers late tonight, and most of it stays off to the east of the bay area, and the clouds will be hopeful to return to the coast, because it may provide a little bit of brief cooling for the bay. but the valleys hot and lots of 90s and 100 degree temperatures for the mondays and notice the low clouds, but a it is the coolant for the ocean ac and make s makes a little comeback from the coast and giving some relief to oakland and san francisco tomorrow. warm start to the day, and places like lvrmore and tri valley again, you will see the highs from 100 to 105 again tomorrow. and numbers around san jose, you will see the cooler from the mid- to upper 90s. and it is still going to be hot outside is, and especially in the east bay, and tri valley and the numbers are going to go to the triple digit, and half moon bay over to san francisco, and not the upper 80s around
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downtown, but closer to 80s south of downtown, and up towards the north bay highs and upper 90s, but notice the seven-day forecast bringing the temperature temperatures up again. that is san francisco temperatures for you, and upper 70s to low 80s on thursday and slight cooling as we are heading into the next weekend and that is why the heat advisory is extended through thursday, and notice how the temperatures are spiking upwards to the second half of the week, and i have left friday in the upper 90s and slow cooling for the weekend, and this heat advisory going to be extended. and right now, plan on the hot weather for the valleys through thursday. >> do you expect the bad air to continue? >> we could have spare the air days through the middle part of the week. >> and still to come, taking a difficult road that is certainly worth traveling. >> if they from out of town, i say, you have to understand this
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road, and it is hard. these guys are working hard. >> how it has fostered a close community and a story that is going to make you bay area proud.
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common: where they live, or what school or church they attend. ==terry/2== communities are often built around something that people have in common and it might be where they live or what church they at the end. >> or which relative they live near. garvin thomas joining us for a one of a kind party in this bay area proud. >> reporter: she is a nanny by trade and twins are the specialty, and so she is good at handling the stress, but this last winter's wieather gave her
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so much pressure, and she handled it with grace to help others. >> reporter: she has been doing this so long, that she measures the daily routine in terms of years. >> 18. yeah a long time. >> reporter: 18 years commuting from santa cruz to south bay and back again. and each trip braving the twists and turns of perhaps the bay area's most notorious stretch of high w highway, number 17, which is this past int wither managed to exceed even its ooutsized reputation. >> certainly, it was this past year that was the worst by far. >> reporter: mudslides and fallen trees and oh, so many accidents. >> i think that i w stuck in every time there was a long, long time. so a few hours. just sitting in the car.
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yesterday was a terrible commute. >> reporter: it would be enough to frustratet the most patient drivers, but if there is the opposite of road rage, it is what began to grow in her, and began with road crews fighting against the nature to keep the roads safe. >> they are in the rain jackets and the pouring rain, and they have the lights set up and huge equipment, and i just thought, wow, i wish i could say thank you to those guys, and you know, certainly not safe to get out of the car and actually do that. so i thought, well, i wonder if there is something that i can do for them. ♪ >> reporter: three them a party is what erin came up with. >> you will get the free lunch and free beer. >> reporter: this past sunday, erin and a team of commuters welcomed anyone who had a role in keeping the traffic moving in highway 17 to take off the
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refl reflective vests and pick up a plate or grab a beer or get a massage. dozens took her up on her gracious offer. >> it is magnificent. yeah. >> reporter: i want them to feel like, wow, this community appreciates what i do. >> reporter: and if that was ultimately the message that erin wanted to send, it like so many drivers this past winter safely reached its destination. >> good. thank you for coming, and thank you for all of your help with it. >> reporter: the work over highway 17 over the winter was not just difficult, but dangerous. one worker died there while working there over this past wi winter, and erin's gratitude picnic raised money for a fund to help his family as well. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. and we are still seeing the temperatures outside as hot as 107 in concord and as the temperatures are rising, humidity levels are dropping increasing the fire danger around the bay area.
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how long the hot temperatures will stick around and the forecast coming around. that is right. the temperatures keep rising. coming up, precautions being taken to keep people safe for the hottest part of the day at popular spots. triple digit temperatures are sending people on a mad dash to buy fans. i'm maryann favro, and find out what other items they are purchasing to stay cool. temperatures soaring in the bay
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area. record breaking heat creating dangerous conditions -- as many areas are in the triple right now at 5:00, the temperatures are soaring in the bay area. and heat-breaking conditions in the bay reaching triple digits. >> the news at 5:00 begins right now. thank you for joining us on the nbc bay a area news. i'm peggy bunk. mcsweeney, andu can look at the haze over dublin
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and inland, so many places into triple digits. >> and so many people doing what they can to beat the heat, and heading up to the the beach. this is robert crown beach in alameda and many hot temperatures bringing the concerns along wit for people's health if they are overheated and the fire danger. >> to look at the effects on the bay area, we start with our meteorologist rob mayeda. and the temperatures will cool down and then go back up? >> yes, it looks like many of the records have been falling out at san francisco and sfo/oakland airports, up to 97. san jose airport is up to 102 and sfo and oakland and san jose airport, this is the hottest day in june since 2008 is the last time that we saw the temperatures quite this hot this time of the year. and notice the morning, and instead of the mid-60s we started the day in the low 70s and we had moisture in the air to help to retain the heat from the day before and we had a


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