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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, summer begins tomorrow. but the heat is already here. this heat wave triggers firing power outages and other problems live with the updated forecast. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thanks for being with us. >> and janell wang for jessica aglier we have multiple reports this evening let's begin with jeff. >> just in case you didn't see
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this from earlier today. it got as hot as 110 degrees in brentwood. am low mm walnut creek 103 and lass the alt ohs 97 hottest. we are starting to see a little bit of a change i'm sure you felt it tonight. the ocean sea breeze starting to build back in dropping us down 5 cool ner santa rosa. 3 cool ner hayward and 12 degrees cooler? san jose. but despite the breeze that is building it's still going to be hot here throughout tuesday's forecast. the morning a little bit of relief 3771 degrees at 6:00 a.m. process by 10:00 a.m. already fast warming at 84. hot 99 degrees by 2:00 p.m. for the interior valleys with this dangerous heat across the bay area air-conditioning repair shops are overwhelmed with that part of the story nbc cheryl herd joins with us mar. >> it was scorching here in the south bay and things are finally
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starting to cool down tonight. while many people are getting creative on ways to keep cool a lot of folks are sweat going out hoping for this week of heat to be over. 74 degrees at 9:039 tonight. as you can see the asphalt is still hot from the sun. . the ace hardware general manager still breaking a sweat at lowsing because he knows fans are running low. >> about friday they started rolling in everybody was making preparations because they were putting out the news it was getting hot. >> 93 degrees in lass gatos at 6:45. pg&e reporting outages. >> i get the text message from pg&e and hopefully soon. >> what are they telling. >> you there is a power outage about 5990 some odd people affected. >> the heat advisory till in effect in the inland areas. john gardener is the owner of d
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got g heating and air-conditioning in san jose. he has close to 40 calls on his machine this morning. for his small business that's a lot. >> it probably started last week we started getting a lot of estimate calls. then it turned into people started buying right off the bat. >> demand for his business is high right now. so high that his workers are reporting to calls well into the evening. jeff dozier ac went out on friday. this weekend he had to head to the beach to keep cool. >> last night up to 92 inside the house we're thankful to be back up and cooling off. >> right nows it 11:0 and 74 degrees. the heat wave is far from over. reporting live in san jose. cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks cheryl. after meyer is 00 contained the sky ranger over the scene ornd around 4:00 this afternoon on this road next to camp o
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lindo high school. there are a number of homes in the area. >> and you're going to see the smoke and its getting close like about 1500 feet away. and it's looking like it's getting closer and closer. >> some scarey moments 16 acres total burned good news no homes bundrant. >> the unprecedented heat starting fires across the bare. along 680 in the city of cordellia. the grass fire broke out at compost facility even with hot crews crews were able to contain the flames. and it's not just hot here. extreme heat is forcing american airlines to cancel close to 40 flights in and out of phoenix. temperatures there expected to be near 120 degrees. when it's that hot air densedy changes. making it harder for planes to take off. you can keep track of the the heat by downloading the bay area
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app free temps across the bay for gror neighborhood. >> nearly seven months after the tragedy in oakland chilling new details are emerging about the fire. a 50 page report outlines what firefighters encountered when they entered the warehouse and where they found the bodies. 36 people died. terrie mcsweeney joins from us the warehouse in oakland with more. terry. >> reporter: according to the report officials know exactly where the fire started but so burned out they may never know the cause. they've been trying to find a witness to tell them how it started. the report by federal and local officials says at first firefighters had no idea how many people were inside the warehouse or that it was a site of a concert that night. or there were so many flammable objects scattered throughout the building that had been turning into that a living compound ppt report said as firefighters arrived nobody seemed competed
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or distraught. . families several of the represents represented bid this woman. >> having to read the report and reminded how tragic and horrific the deaths were. >> firefighters entering the building zone blienlded by smoke had to follow the house hoses out. the the five glashd out the soukt side and three windows blew out. at this point they all pulled out and went defensive seven bodies were found on the second floor. 29 on the ground floor in clusters some yund neegt the collapsed roof. >> we are suing the owner, the master tenant as well as the producers and performers that evening and the others that had worked on the he electrical equipment. >> primary tenant derick almena and his associate max harris who put together the concert have been charged with involuntary manslaughter for creating the fire trap. getting back to the cause for a second there are some possibilities listed it could have been the electrical wiring. could have been a cigarette could have been a candle.
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they may never know. efforts to get hailed of city of oakland for their response to the report were unskefrl 50/50 live in oakland terrie mcsweeney nbc bay area. >> it is just a stuffed animal but it symbolizes so much pain and tragedy inside this apartment. police say this is where a father killed his 18-month-old son and 6-year-old daughter before killing himself. tonight a who north bay neighbors is stunned after getting word with the father's day visit that ended horrifically. jean is live with more. . >> reporter: janelle neighbors living here said the kids played outside with their father process the 6-year-old was well-known for lieding her bicycle and well liked in the neighborhood and now police are trying to figure out why a father would kill his children and himself. >> santa rosa police searched for clues to tell them why a father kwo kill his 6-year-old daughter ab18-month-old son and himself.
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neighbors say the 40-year-old is alf row they say julianna and julian seemed like happy kids. >> she was happy and rode her bike. and he was good to those kids from what i could see. >> yeah she was very well mannered polite seemed adjusted cute as a bug's here. >> neighbors say they moved in about about six months ago some heard him fight wg his estranged wife and recently he seemed tense. >> we noticed offense a little anxious the past couple days. and the police had been here a lot off and on but he was always really good with the kids. he was a nice person. >> he was in a custody dispute with his wife. police say she dropped the kids off for a court ordered father's day visit sunday. the wife called the sheriff sunday night when she cot couldn't find him and the kids at the 7:00 pickup time. the deputies found the bodies monday morning. >> this is awful. they're like family because we
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live so close together. >> julia pontty is angry a mother will never see her children again. >> now she has to feel guilty the rest of her life because she licensed to what the court order said. i'm very upset about that. >> lots of emotion in this neighborhood tonight. now police say the sphere was found hanging in a bedroom. they are not yet saying how he killed his children. reporting live in santa rosa, nbc bay area news. >> very sad for the family and community thank you jean. a former pe teach ner san francisco has been arrested for sex crimes against a minor. donovan harper of novato is found darjd of two felony counts of lewd acts with a clield under 14. the 35-year-old worked at multiple school campuses in the rmt san francisco unified district. . harper no longer works for the district. police are investigating if there are any other victims. a doctor in santa cruz charged with multiple sex crimes against children will be allowed
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to post-bail. dr. james is a wran surgeon who faces up to 165 years in prison. today a judge he will not set the amount of bail until next week. the droer and his wife are in process of divorcing. and in the process of dividing their assets. it was revealed in court that he had written a suicide note in jael jail but his attorney says he is no longer on suicide watchman. days after being release four-door a north korean prison a university of virginia student has died. otto warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after caught taking a propaganda hofrt from a north korean hotel in january 2016. but north korean officials returned him to the u.s. last week splngs in a coma. >> i knelt down by his side and hugged him and i told him i missed him and so glad he made it home. >> his family blames his death on the mistreatment he received in north korea. north koreans claims he
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contracted botts you'llism but u.s. doctors didn't findny evidence of that in haddis system. the cause of his death is not known doctors say his brain injury is usually seen when blood supply to brain is cut off. for a period of time. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri after a hot 103 in concord today we're down to 73. well talk about the heat wave and when day time temperatures will cool down 10 to 20 degrees. the forecast at 11:20. using technology to improve safety, the latest baifr police department to be equipped with body cameras. a woman picking up what she thinks is a dog toy but what it really was gives her a scare of a lifetime. whoa!
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you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the new video tonight
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showing what's left after a dump truck crashed into a senior center in sand bruno happened around 4:00 p.m. near crystal spring road and parkside intermediate school. there were nearly 50 seniors ke the truck came crashing through. no one was hurt. the driver arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. >> police in one ens peninsula city said to be the latest bay area police department equipped with body cameras. tonight city leaders will sign off the deal they approved last year mp they will close to $$700,000 on the program. >> google h-s is in mountain view but the company wants to make a major footprint in san jose. a megacomplex on 250 acres near the sap center. tomorrow san jose city leaders will decide whether to enter an exclusive agreement with google. the city says the project could
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create 20,000 new jobs. but community groups are speaking out. they delivered a letter to the mayor's office today concerned that google will squeeze out low income workers and drive up the rental prices. >> we want to make sure the city negotiates a deal that's good for the whole newtown not just goingle. we want to make sure that the -- the deal to bring the google project here includes affordable house sfloog the mayor says regardless of any deal the city is planning to build more affordable housing if the deal is made community groups are asking the city to use local labor for the project. >> help is on the way for victim of the coyote creek flooding in san jose. the new bojt includes more than $5 million to help people forced to evacuate in february after a series of heavy storms the money will go forward toward house repairs and supportive services earlier this morning assembly member thanks the state for securing the funds he initially requested. >> i'm very pleased the budget
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request was approved by the legislature, a critical step forward in san jose's continuing recovery from the flood. >> nearly 300 people still cannot return to homes. >> take a look it's the most colorful week of the year in san francisco. beautiful city hall lit up ton in the rainbow lights. bride week is officially here. now earliery today mayor ed leeann congress kwonl nancy pelosi raising the lgbt parade. the parade draws visitors from around the world. flag lining market sfreet this evening. organizers say in this current political climate it's more important than ever to be seen to educate and fight for lgbt rights. >> we need to have full equality kwaernted by the civil rights act in every category. of course all that have been named already but now to include the lgbtq community it can be done. >>s it a special week in the bay area. this is the first pride since
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the passing the of the rain bureau flag designer gilbert baker >> it is not a toy warning watch this the woman in picks up what she thinks is a dog to you. oop it's a baby rattlesnake she got in the jacksony with her husband. they dropped it immediately and then runs away with the dog. the fire department was called in and removed the snake. >> oh, man. >> she who said away pretty quickly. >> i like how the dog was -- it's not my toy. don't pick it up. >> totally. >> look at that. my goodness. >> pretty fun to watch. >> squirms in her hand and she knew it wasn't a dog toy. >> jeff back with us we're talking about the heat how we can get through it in a nondangerous way. >> it's been exhausting guys. we are seeing good news near the coast and the bay. temperatures heading downward. but still not done with the heat inland just yet.
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>> nbc bay area microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> and that's what i want to start off with the fog beginning to build back at the immediate coastline and that's producing the ocean breeze which i'm sure you felt tonight. we are down five degrees cool ner santa rosa compared to yesterday. downtown 13 coolers in hayward and down 12 in san jose. as we cautioned we are for the done with the heat waive tleet right now np we're under the advisory until thd at 9:00 p.m. so please remember to drink a lot of water. it catches up on you fast. any coined of heat ilds and dehydration you can't drink enough over the next couple of days. into tomorrow's morning forecast a little bit of relief not too hot in the sought by 74 degrees the peninsula 67 and tri valley 75 in cloud clover noosh the covert line and 36. the east bay 67. you see the microclimate forecast heading throughout tuesday numbers are down a couple of droegs especially as
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you get closer to the bay. so it will be he is slightly more enjoyable but still hop. 10 to 15 degrees above average. 94 in los gatos. 9 in san jose and 97 in gill roy. the real big danger comes from contra costa counties still 104 in antioch, 103 in concord and 101 in danville. back towards hayward a lot more enjoyable ab83. peninsula we have 93 in palo alto and the ocean breeze in effect that brings us 68. san francisco we have 60s up against the immediate coastline back towards the embarcadero and mission we have mieltder low 70s. the north bay hottest temperature is napa at 98. 644 in point reys. what we to know the kwoolg and when we get out of the 90s and low 100s. by sundays forecast. the hot area of high pressure high pressure you'll forecast
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models show it moving to the south. that's the key changes heading into sunday. a jeemt moves closer and weal get some cooler air getting a little bit near the california organ border and that should be good enough to drop temperatures 10 to 20 degrees. ? san francisco two things we want to point out, warmer 84 still online the with i by thursday's forecast but then down to 69 once we hit sunday. and 66 for monday's forecast. the inland valleys, low 100s for the interior valley noose thursday but keep your eyes on sunday and also monday. it looks like a lock on these 80s coming on back. so those of you without air-conditioning we know it's a lot in the bay area, do whatever you can. i heard from somebody on facebook live tonight that they took the bed sheet and put it in the breezer for like five or ten minutes. >> my goodness. >> creative. >> they said it was like 90 that's the only way to stay cool and it worked. >> i've never heard of that that is a good idea.
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>> the you toul on the back of the neck works. >> home remedies from jeff ranieri. tiger woods breaking silence. what he is now doing following his recent arrest. and we have jimmy. . fortunate. and happening now the colorful desert home used to belong to zrmt kwaelz the four bedroom four bath home in palm spring was on ail for $89,000. but sold for 865. you can check out pictures on the home page. more news after the break. ♪
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ton we're learning new details about carrie fisher final days. the l.a. county coroner release the the toxicology report saying she is had cocaine and morphine and opiates along with trace amounts of ecstasy and heroin. but the coroner says it's how much of a role the drugs played is unclear. the cause of the death is sleep apnea. >> tiger woods says he is getting professional help. trying to manage pain medication as he deals with pain issues and the sleep disorder. vyeio twiert he thanked people for support and upper back understanding following his dui arrest near home on in florida sflp police found him asleep at the wheel of his sobriety appear he took a admitted to taking a mix of sleep and pain
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medication. up next we'll show you which member of the warriors threw out the first pitch. >> k.d. >> almost. almost. stay with us.
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after a few down years things are starting to look up
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for the a's. they'll be announcing the site the new stadium. >> also on the field they have a lot of promising young players. we'll take to you coliseum tonight. guess who? javale. >> javale mcgee throwing out the first pitch pch one of the young guys we are tug daniel making his second career start looks sharp most of the game except for the one big mistake fifth inning troas. they beat the a's tonight 4-1, the final .. .misery continues for the giants cover your eyes if you're a giants fan. giants fan now lost 16 of the past 20 games. if you were back around in 1985 this is recommend nissan of the that season. in flant tonight the giants got blown out braves win 9-0. >> kevin durant is trying to be the ultimate teammate he plans
11:29 pm
on opting out of the current contract to to re-sign for less money. the goal is to improve the team he is chances of team siej attention in flu player. et cetera holding the players technology summit bringing together leaders in tech veteran you are capitol and sports world. it's a chance foreign different communities to share ideas. the summit runs from august 14 wgt through 16th. >> could we get invited str. >> back in a meemt with the live check on the heat wave. ♪
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a live look now in san francisco. it's just looks cool. muchle:much cooler than it was throughout the bay area. jeff back with us to take us out on monday night. >> yeah you can see the fog in the center of the screen right there. the ocean breeze is helping to drop tufrpts temperatures you'll be able to see on the weather map anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees across the bay area. so the sea breeze will drop temperatures a few degrees tomorrow. but it's still going to be hot inland. talking 101 on tomorrow for the inland high. as summer officially begins tomorrow 901005 on wednesday 106
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on thursday. but keep your eye on next sunday and monday back down to the 80s. don't let your guard down we're not done yet. and with the heat come in we've heard all kinds of tips and tricks how to stay cool. someone was so grit without ac was their bed sheet went into the freedser for 15 minutes they said hey it worked. another way is of course to stay hydrated, drink water put a cool towel on the back of your next frequent breaks from outside and don't forget the hot carry danger it's not worth it takes kids and pets to the store. the window/8 up can make it 30 degrees hotter and remember the pets as well. back to roundup of the seven-day forecast one more time come to the tv if you stepped away a second 1010 for tomorrow. low 100s through 30s and 80s by sunday and monday. >> that's where it's supposed to be at the 80s for this time of
11:34 pm
year. >> low to mid-80s. i mean this is all-time record setting heat in some cases but some of the warmest wiefrmds widespread weather since 2013. >> and the summer sol sis. >> enjoy the last night of spring before we get to the real heat. >> tomorrow is the longest day of the year. lots of sunshine enjoy it, people. >> stay cool thanks for joining us here at 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye, folks. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will ferrell. alison brie.


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