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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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elderly. we hear this all the time, health leaders say the elderly people or people with chronic health conditions are most vulnerable and should be heading to the county cooler centers or go somewhere where there is air conditions to prevent this from happening. >> very good reminders. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff . >> it does appear temperatures will get hotter into thursday's forecast. we'll step back for a second to see how hot it got today and the warmest temperatures overall in contra costa and alameda counties where we've been urging you to remember to stay hydrated up to 107 in brentwood. 105 in livermore, 105 in danville and concord hot 104. as we push ahead into the forecast to prepare you for tomorrow, warmest weather and possibly some deadly heat if you do not heed the warnings. contra costa and alameda.
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we can show you a profile how fast things will warm up as we hit thursday's forecast. 84 at 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m. a sweltering 94 and 106 at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. we'll tracking cooling. i'll let you know exactly when it gets here. >> we're waiting for the cool. thank you. you can track the temperatures and the latest on by downloading the free nbc bay area app. it's a great local resource right to your phone. tense moments on the san francisco bay this afternoon. three men had to be plucked from the water after their sailboat capsized. a passenger ferry pulled one man to safety and a coast guard pulled two more from the water. they were in the water for five to ten minutes and experienced mild hypothermia. none of the men were wearing life jackets. no word on why their boat capsized. a lunchtime jolt in the east bay. did you feel it?
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3.3 magnitude earthquake. the quake originated from the hayward fault in the albany area about three miles from berkeley. no injuries have been reported. we did talk to several people at local grocery stores near the epicenter and they say it was quick and nothing fell off the shelves. >> the reputation of oakland city hall and the police department took a big hit today after a court-ordered investigation found leaders delayed and mishandled last year's sex scandal involving up to two dozen cops and a minor. robert honda joins us live, robert? >> well this -- >> reporter: oakland's top leaders including the mayor and police chief showed up at city hall to face the music. a critical report issued today by a count appointed team investigating the city's response to alleged officer sexual misconduct involving teenage sex worker. the investigation blasted former
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police chief sean wintz after finding out several officers had sex with the minor and several officers also failed to follow up. although subsequent investigations by opd and the da's office implicated about two dozen officers and led to four criminal convictions, the report credited the court's investigation being the only real reason progress was made. >> i accept that criticism. those months we were very focused on the gohost ship fire recovery and unboarding the new police chief. >> reporter: jasmine's attorney called the report devastating. >> none of it works and soon to be a concerted effort to demonize the victim and at the same time protect the officers. >> reporter: now burris and his legal team are demanding the city say every officer involved in this and say what punishment, if any, will be taken. now as we reported before, the city counsel also proved
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$989,000 to settle the claim against the city. we'll have more at 6:00. live in oakland, robert honda, nbc bay area news. a fourth and final suspect was arrested from an attack in march. a group of dirt bikers boxed in the driver's car on 101. here is cell phone video. they allegedly beat the lyft driver and ran over his leg. one was taken into custody on monday. they all pleaded not guilty. >> we've seen it over and over in recent months in europe, terrorists using cars as weapons to plow down and kill pedestrians. the attacks prompting golden gate officials to consider changes in next month's san francisco marathon. christie smith is live at the toll plaza to explain.
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christi? >> reporter: a spokesperson for the bridge district said they don't know of a specific threat here but they have been paying close attention to the events since attacks overseas where vehicles are being driven into crowds so they are looking at making a change here next month during the marathon this is the traffic configuration drivers may be used to seeing when thousands of runners cross the golden gate bridge during the marathon but this july the bridge restrictions may look different. >> in light of recent world events, we want to make sure we're cautious. >> reporter: spokesperson for the golden gate bridge district. she explains whey the board is looking at separating runners and vehicles. >> there is several instances around the world in which vehicles have harmed people recently and we don't want to see anything like that happen here. >> reporter: she didn't name any specific incidents but recently vans were used to run people down in london and a truck in nice, france last year. jim dudly is a lecturer at san
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francisco state and former deputy chief. >> in a situational awareness of current events influences how the events are run, and so, when we got 15 years past 9/11, we tended to let our guards down when right after 9/11, we were doing things. >> this was a concept that was developed by our bridge patrol office in concert with our security coalition partners to include the chp and department of homeland security and fbi. >> she says there is is no specific threat here. for runners, the pattern would remain the same but the lane used for northbound traffic will be used for security from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. >> if the board votes to approve this, the southbound traffic will be allowed to continue. it's only the northbound traffic that will be impacted. >> reporter: and they say during that time, traffic is expected to be light only about 4500 cars. the board is expected to vote on this on friday.
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reporting live at the golden gate bridge, christie smith, bay area news. we have a developing story in flint, michigan. the main airport there reopened this evening after a violent attack. the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. canadian citizen is charged in the knife attack of an airport police officer. the officer was stabbed in the neck. he's listed in fair condition after undergoing surgery. witnesses say the suspect praised god in arabic as he attacked that officer. when police handcuffed him, he asked why they didn't kill him. republican leaders appear to be moving ahead with what many call a rush vote on health care reform bill. so far they haven't revealed what is in the bill and lawmakers on both sides are getting i'm npatient. blaine alexander has more, blayne. >> reporter: they promise to have a draft of the bill
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tomorrow but it comes down to the question of the time. a lot of people are asking is there enough time to have a thorough discussion on this before an expected vote next week? some republicans say absolutely not. [ applause ] >> reporter: at the u.s. capital toll a protest outside. >> health care is a right, not a privilege. >> reporter: the gop leaders on the plan reveal a first draft tomorrow a score of how much the bill will cost early next week and a vote next thursday. >> they are trying to do this as quickly and secretively as they can because they know this bill is terribly unpopular. >> reporter: republican leaders energized by last night's special election win in georgia want to keep the momentum going and vote before the july 4th recess. >> i think all of the concerns people have had about the process will evaporate because i think there will be unlimited opportunity for people who read it and understand what is in it.
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>> reporter: the white house boosting its case with the youtube video. elsewhere on capitol hill in two separate hearings, a focus on russian election hacking. >> in 2016, the russian government at the direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated cyber attacks on our nation for the purpose of influencing our election. that is a fact plain and simple. >> as of right now, we're targeted. >> no evidence understand scoring the need to stop russia from striking again. senate republicans are expected to receive their copy of the bill during a closed door meeting tomorrow morning. raj? >> thank you. six months into his term, president trump is thinking about a possible second term. nbc news is confirming that mr. trump will hold a reelection fundraiser this thursday at his
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hotel there in washington d.c. he's raising money for the 2020 presidential election. uber and what comes next after the ceo resigns? just ahead, rumors and names. >> and come g ing up the alamed square. a dangerous 104 in concord today, right now dropping down to 100. i'll let you know about a hotter day tomorrow and where it hits 107 in about ten minutes. late last night -- the embattled
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c-e-o of ober -- was forced out. today -- the big question. okay, $70 billion soap opera. the battle of ceo uber was forced out. what will take over? sheryl sandberg? our business and tech reporter scott budman is with us. big deal, uber valued at $70 billion. what happens now? >> lots after edof advice, who should hire as the next ceo? he started deals with claims of sexual harassment, travis is leaving the company. >> reporter: what is next for uber now that the head driver is gone? >> opportunity -- >> reporter: with ceo travis
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cale la nick out, will it change and the directive leadership ethics at santa clara avoided uber in the past, she says she has an idea what the company needs to do right away. >> they should hire a strong female ceo with a sterling reputation for building great culture. >> reporter: any ideas? >> well, cheryl sasheryl sandbe get bounced around. >> they have to see this some s leave for uber and the culture to turn around. >> i feel like uber was getting ready to fall off a cliff and with the ceo taking a break and leaving, this actually means that uber might survive. >> uber is losing money but revenue is steadily climbing. it was recently the subject of a
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report from eric holder and federal investigators are looking into uber's technology that stopped inspectors from seeing if it was operating illegal illegally, janelle? acquisitions of police brutality. activest group critical resistance provided this video claiming that he were harassed after protesting a counsel vote to extend the so-called urban shield program. that focuses on first responder training however critics say it militarizes police officers. during last night's protest, berkeley police arrested two people who tried to rush the stage. those protesters claim officers went too far claiming they hit a 73-year-old man who bent down to get his glasses. >> he was bleeding. there wasn't a concussion or anything but i have to say i was shocked by the level of aggression. >> we reached out to berkeley's mayor for comment but he refused
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our request to talk. he did release a statement saying he believes the urban shield program withdrawal cannot happen without first identifying alternate training programs for officers. back to our heat wave taking a toll at the fair. >> the horse races are being postponed. nbc is live in pleasen son wian details, sharon. >> reporter: raj and janelle, it got to 101 degrees out here and boy, did we feel it as it gets cooler, a lot more people are coming out tonight but if they want to see the horse races, they have to wait until friday. these horses are cooling down opening day races were supposed to take place tomorrow but instead, they will race on friday when it shouldn't be as scorching hot. >> forecast is 105 degree weather tomorrow so we're trying to make sure that our horses and our jockeys are safe. >> reporter: organizers say they had hot days at the fair in the past but not on race days, so
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fortunately the horses have been fine. when you walk by the track today, you can feel and see the heat. it's not just the horses cause for concern. fair goers need to be cautious. there are so many fun things to do but you're urged while here to make use of the missing station and drink lots of wider, wear wide brim hats and sunscreen. >> heat related illness can come on suddenly. doesn't take a lot of time in the sun. it depends how hydrated you are before you show up for the day. >> i'm very uncomfortable. >> reporter: we found many inside the exhibit cooling down. we saw a blue ribbon wearing a long-sleeve uniform. >> if you try hard enough, all of this hot weather and hard work will pay off. >> reporter: that's what many are hoping as they cross the finish line. and great news, a fair spokesperson told me that because the temperatures will
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get so hot tomorrow, before 5:00 tomorrow night will get in for free. reporting live, sharon katsuda. >> free fair admission before 5:00 and ice cream and churros and rides. >> and the horses are being taken care of, which is the best news. >> extra, extra water as a lot of you know, if you feel thirsty, you're probably dehydrated and tomorrow it will be hotter. so some simple tips here as the heat wave has turned deadly if you're not taking it seriously already you just need to remember these to help keep you safe. stay hydrated, if you find yourself becoming way too hot too fast to cool towel on the back of your neck can cool the bod body temperature. take frequent breaks if you work outside and don't forget a parked car with the windows up
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can be 30 degrees hotter inside. please, take your kids, take your pets into the store with you and do not leave anything into the car. tomorrow morning we're expecting a little across the peninsula and 70 for the south bay and 77 degrees. for san francisco, a little bit of early patch of fog and 61 and 60. the morning it will be the most comfortable, so let's take a look and in place through thursday and impacting the forth bay but most importantly the heat will be the worst in contra costa and alameda county. 101 to 110 degree range. the corridor alone, dublin and pleasanton and discovery bay, in
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terms of our temperatures, it goes up. even for the south bay. check it out here. down towards san jose 97. 102 in gilroy and 101 in morgan hill. the dangerous heat of course continues back into the east bay. hottest temperature in my forecast will be antioch. 107, 106 in livermore so please stay hydrateed to danville 106 degrees, as well. for the peninsula, not as hot. we have an ocean breeze keeping half moon bay. and up towards the north bay 88 in the valley. 93 in sonoma and 101 in napa. cooling weather is on the way. it's going to be slow to get here but we definitely think everybody is going to notice it once we hit sunday. that's because the hot area of high pressure moves off towards the south and then we get cooler
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air from the jet stream. so on the seven-day forecast, san francisco back to the 60s overall by sunday and we'll stay with the cooler trend into next wednesday's forecast. for the inland valleys, two things i want you to notice here. temperatures back down to 88 by sunday but notice the increase in cloud cover as we head through the weekend forecast and also some thunderstorms we're watching just off to the east on sunday, as well. the good news, i don't see any 90s or 100s in next week's forecast. we got to get through tomorrow and we'll be good to go. >> seeing the 80, we need a warm jacket it looks so cold. >> i know. >> thanks, jeff. so no to the colonel. why people in the east bay are calling for a makeover at this local kentucky fried chicken. he went from social media sensation to the wrong side of the law. today a judge handed down mayjo decision involving the hot cop of the castro. famed street art.
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you can learn about which murals happening now on our website, look at san francisco's famed street art. you can learn which murals date back to the original summer of love in 1967. on our facebook page of southern california gas worker pleased a hero after getting people out of their home just before it exploded. we posted that video. back in a moment. ==vo==
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"christopher kohrs" -- is facing hit & run charges -- stemming from a 2015 crash that injured o the so-called hot cop is headed to trial. stemming from a crash that injured two pedestrians in north beach. first gained notoriety in 2015 with a picture in his uniform went viral. people on social media gave him the nickname hot cop of castro. a judge will set a trial date. the paint apparently is going to have to go. a kfc in the's bay is turning a lot of heads. we're talking at the kfc in alameda and red stripes, well, i got to go. the new paint job in violation of an approved color palate agreed upon years ago.
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they have some conflicting opinions. some say it's an eyesore and some say it's a modern update for alameda. >> like the old character of the alameda. >> if anything, it makes it look a lot cleaner and friendlier than what it looks like before. >> yeah, finger looking good, right. kfc needs a subtle resign. the bay area and it was based unsuon surveys. an approval rating and facebook google also placed in the top 20. okay. how about this? a cool way to celebrate the summer of love and it's free. we'll explain, next. ==anim== ==raj/rail== tonight at 6. a motorcyclist arrested -- after riding right toward a san
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francisco demonstration ==take vo== why those protesters say he was motorcyclist arrested after riding right toward a season fran demonstration. why those protesters say he was trying to run them over that
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story and more coming up on the 6:00 newscast. finally at 5:00, we want to celebrate a cool part of bay area history. >> tonight golden gate park is is marking the 50s anniversary of the summer of love with a light show and concert. we got a sneak peak during a test run on monday. the show making its grand debut tonight with the free concert and celebrating the summer so solstice. the excitement starts in a half hour. >> everyone heading to the park. 10,000 people is literally and figuratively the coolest place to be in the bay area. >> they are lucky more enjoyable weather from the east bay you are breathing a sigh of relief. it's already turned deadly so please take it seriously tomorrow 107 inland then we drop down eventually to 92 by saturday with an increase in afternoon clouds and watching thunderstorms off towards the east eventually cooling going to
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begin. >> thanks, that's going to do it for now. as a reminder, lester holt is next with "nightly news. >> we'll be back here at 6:00. tonight, airport attack. an officer stabbed inside the terminal. now the fbi's investigating it as a terrorist incident on american soil. we have late details. states of emergency. a tropical storm turns deadly as up to a foot of rain overwhelms the gulf coast. a powerful system steaming toward landfall. what's in the bill? high drama and healthcare for millions hanging in the balance. we could be just hours away from finding out what senate republicans have planned to replace obamacare. the textalyzer. as distracted driving crashes soar, a controversial new way police could start analyzing your phone after an accident. is it an invasion of privacy? and a billion dollar deal. a surprise


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