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tv   Comunidad del Valle  NBC  June 25, 2017 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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to "comunidad del valle," i'm damian trujillo. and today, once again, wine country comes to silicon valley. sabor del valle, on your "comunidad del valle." male announcer: nbc bay area presents "comunidad del valle" with damian trujillo. damian: sabor del valle is back, and ray castaneda is kind of the inspiration behind sabor del valle. he's back on the show to talk about the 8th annual. and you corrected me there during the break. we are in wine country. talk about that. ray singh castaneda: we are in wine country. i mean, we've had wineries here that have been here over 100 years, and-- damian: the paul massons and everybody else, right? ray: the paul massons, and the--we have guglielmo's that have been here 75-80 years, and there's others, but northern california is wine country, you know? i'm kinda bias. everybody talks about paso robles, santa barbara, and temecula.
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i remember temecula when it was watermelon country, and i was there working. but--but i'm bias toward our vintners in northern california. we've got--for our event, we have vintners coming from, of course, napa, sonoma, mendocino, santa cruz. damian: and that's pretty amazing. you're talking about 8 years of partnerships that you have developed over the years. ray: yes, yes, it's a great thing, you know, to have all these vintners. this year, we'll have around 22 to 24 vintners. most are latino vintners. we have boutique vintners like joseph george, fortino, guglielmo's, testa rossa, and even travieso. damian: and here's some great images that we got off your website of last year's event, and you pair these with some great food, and how can you go wrong? ray: oh, the food. and then this year, we have, you know,
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rudy mason's falling off the bone ribs. damian: ha ha ha ha. ray: you know, ronnie lott owns tracy toyota, and every time he has an event there, rudy is from tracy and he does his barbecues for him. i said, "you've gotta cut those things a little bit smaller," 'cause they're huge. and then we have mint and basil, vietnamese vegan and vegetarian food, this year. and we have luna mexican kitchen which is, oh my goodness, my good friends john and joe lopez own that. they just opened it 2 weeks ago and they're--lobster, brother. damian: wow. ray: it's a really--it's in the rose garden area, but the food is great. so, we'll have them, zona rosa, plaza garibaldi. it's just a great event. and several chefs, four or five chefs that we'll have there. damian: and the upside to everything--i mean,
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everything is great, but the beneficiaries. who benefits by-- ray: oh, the beneficiaries. we had--i was telling damian earlier that i was counting up and we gave to about 14. and someone said, "wow, ray, that's too many." i said, "well, there's just a great need out there." and we give 'em not a lot, but we give 'em what we can. and throughout the year, if we have a dinner or something, someone will ask us for--like, the new one is "a breath of kylie." it's for terminally ill children out of gilroy. so, that one they mentioned to us, and robert "the ghost" guerrero is the founder of that one. so, there's a great need. mexican heritage plaza, school of arts of culture, cristo rey, sacred heart, teen challenge's women and children center, latinas contra cancer. i can go on and on, but there's a great need and i feel
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that we all should be a part of this giving back to the community, you know? damian: absolutely, and they've been doing this for all this time that sabor del valle's been in existence. again, there is the date, there is the time, and there is the place. we'll be back and talk more about sabor del valle when we continue here on "comunidad del valle." stay with us. ♪
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by nancy rosales. she's with pepito's paletas. she's back on "comunidad del valle" because she too is a big supporter and organizer of sabor del valle. welcome back to the show. nancy rosales: thank you. damian: well, talk, first of all, about pepito's paletas. you brought some samples here. nancy: so, yeah, we're really excited. actually, ray has given us the opportunity to display and give our product at the event, and so this is an opportunity to kind of study what people like, what they don't like, the flavors.
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and so, it's like the research for the past few years. so, finally, here we are, obviously to donate and to help the organizations, but also kinda to explore this vision that we have about sharing and keeping traditions alive with the flavors, the traditional latin flavors. and so, we created this pepito box, which is a 7-hour frozen box for barbecues and any event that you like. so, super excited, and we'll be featuring it at the sabor del valle. damian: well, we were talking about pairings and how you pair food with wine. talk about pairings with ice cream. is that once your done with your wine tasting, or can it go in-- nancy: this is perfect either before, because it'll buzz up the palate. we're talking about no artificial colors or flavoring. i mean, you're talking about a clean fruit. so, if we have kiwi for example, we'll do kiwi and poquito de limón for the flavor, and then you can put some chile on top, and it'll buzz up the palate so that you can experience all of the restaurants that are gonna be there and then you can really taste the wines. or you can do it after, right?
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ray: before or after. damian: people have done both. ray: do 'em both, whatever works. damian: i asked you this last year, but talk about kind of the no-brainer in partnering with ray, and sabor del valle, and making this a joint effort here. nancy: it makes sense. it's about giving back. it's not about us, it's what we can do for everybody else to make this successful. so, just give, give, give, and god will let you--hook you up. damian: absolutely. we showed some pictures of some of the vintners, ray, and this is also--here we're looking at some of the pourings and tastings if you will. but you brought a bottle of encanto. talk about encanto. ray: well, encanto vineyards, they're from napa. enrique lopez is the owner. started it maybe 15 years ago. he's from michoacán, makes some great wines. by the way, that one's yours. damian: oh, absolutely. ray: that's a cab, an excellent cab. but we have--there's several others. i mean, gustavo brambila, he's known as the godfather
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of latino vintners. he started making wines in '74. damian: isn't it--i mean-- ray: and he's the one that's featured in the movie, "bottle shock." damian: now, i mean, a lot of these vintners, they themselves--it's what's inspiring me. they themselves used to pick the crop, used to pick the berries when they were recently immigrated or not, but they went from farmworker, to grower, to vintners. ray: yeah, exactly. and majority of 'em did and it's a great story, just like the other immigrants, the italians and others that came here, and their wines and so forth, make their wines. so--but the latinos, because that's us, you know, just the one out of lodi is vinedos aurora. gerardo espinosa's grandfather came here in the bracero program, 1944. today, they own over 200 acres of vineyards in the lodi region. i mean, what a story, you know?
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and there's others, many others, and we have some new ones this year. mario bazan, and he makes a great cab. miramar from san martin, he's a plumbing contractor. damian: isn't that something? ray: yeah, and beautiful, right here. right here, makes some great wines. damian: as a businesswoman, how inspiring is it to hear those kinds of stories and how does it empower you? nancy: you almost made me cry, because my parents came here. my grandparents came here in la bracero program also, and then my parents obviously took on the picking of the berries, you name it. they worked over la lechuga, you name it. and then i'm picking up from there what they did for me, so they've given up and worked so hard so that i could do something with it. so, i'm taking the strawberries my mom and--i'm gonna start crying--my mom and everybody, all my uncles, everybody that picks, so that i can create something like this. so, it's pretty deep for me. damian: when you go to mexico, i mean, they make their ice cream themselves and it's all natural, and basically
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that's what you're doing as well. nancy: yeah, and i'm taking it a step further by doing agave honey, so sugar-free, because we do need a healthy treat, especially for our kids. and we just need to empower our own community to make sure that we have and we can call not just any paleta, but a healthy, high-end paleta, you know? and something that you are proud of, and so i'm really proud of this and i'm proud of all of the things our family members, and our grandparents, and our parents did so that we can create things like this. damian: that's awesome. well, again, sabor del valle is coming back to silicon valley. it's happening on july 22 at the mexican heritage plaza, the school of arts and culture. ray: twenty-first. damian: twenty-first, there it is. so, the date is wrong on there, but it is on the 21st, on the friday. and we'll be back to talk more. we talked about the food. we talked about the wine. we'll talk about the music and the entertainment when we continue; stay with us. ♪
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talking about sabor del valle. we talked, again, about the food, we talked about the wine, what about entertainment, ray? i mean, it's gonna be another bash this year. ray: well, i've always believed this, that you go to an event, and if you're gonna pay x amount of dollars, you wanna have a good time. you wanna go back and say--you wanna leave and say, "man, i wanna come back here again next year." and a big part of that is the music, so if you're attending, you are attending, bring your dancing shoes, because we're starting out with atrillo--not atrillo, but johnny saldivia and ligia lopez now, and they'll be singing for the first 45 minutes. then we'll have some mariachis, and then--which are really good, mariachi tequila. and then we'll have orchestra latin heat. it's a 12-piece band orchestra. they're just fantastic. you know, we just have--we're trying to do everything. you know, we may change it a little bit next year, but for this year, there's a nice break in between, but the music, it's
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a big part of it, you know? and one of the things, being also from the indian culture and also from latino is when we would go to events, we would always bring the children. my son got married in november in cabo and i danced all night with our grandkids. we, my wife and i, danced all night with our grandkids. there is no experience like that when you're there dancing with your grandkids. damian: so, i've been there without my kids and with my kids, and it's a lot of fun with the kids. i mean, you are wine tasting, but at the same time, there's face painting. the kids are having fun at the same time. ray: yeah, yeah, there's a lot of food for them, drinks, there's ice cream, there's different things. like you said, the face painting, they'll have fun with that. but once the music starts, i mean, it's a beautiful thing to see grandparents or parents dancing with your kids and grandkids. you know, that's a big part of it. damian: talk about pepito's paletas. i mean, you're kind of-- nancy: wanna try some? damian: well, yes, absolutely.
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but you're envisioning bigger and better things i would imagine. nancy: oh, of course. damian: like you said, you're kind of getting a feel and polling people, if you will, at this event. nancy: of course. this started as a kid project to do birthday parties for kids and it turned out that adults order this product because it's a fun product with the frog. we have a mascot also. we might bring him this year, ray, if that's okay with you. we don't know, we're still thinking about it. but yeah, coloring books, and we just have a lot. we also donate a lot of this ice cream and a lot of these paletas to middle schools and junior highs. if they attend every single day at school, we go ahead and give 'em a box for that class. so, there's, like, a lot of things that we've been doing to not only get the product out but also to give back. so, yeah, you want some? damian: yes, absolutely. nancy: okay, you ready? so, we have mexican hot chocolate and we also have mango. the mango is just fruit. just, literally, we put mangoes in a blender, we blend it, we put some honey and some-- damian: i wanna try that one 'cause i've tried the chocolate. ray: mango here, man.
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nancy: and then--oh, you've had the chocolate. this is not ice cream, this is a paleta. damian: oh, i see. 'cause i had the ice cream. nancy: the last time, yeah, it got a little complicated, so we--so this is what it looks like. so, you just come on in, grab one, and here's your chile. mexican hot chocolate or mango. ray: mango, mango. damian: and ray, you've kind of also, at the same time, you've created a network. because i mean, the latino vintners, they're well-organized and they're cohesive, but by bringing 'em together in something like this, now you're talking about them mingling napa county, sonoma, south bay. ray: yes, and that's how i always believed it should be, you know? last year, i remember pedro ceja and ramon rios from tracy. pedro is from napa. he has his own beer now, besides the wines. they were up until 5 o'clock in the morning. they're both from michoacán, i believe. but anyhow, it's just unity and working together, and just like
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our event, i really believe that, from day one, it's in diversity, and that's why we have a vietnamese restaurant here. i think we're gonna have a vietnamese bakery here too, mint and basil. and her food, cindy ho is the owner, and she has four--three locations, opening up another in saratoga. her food is unbelievable. damian: i bet. i'll let you open up your-- nancy: you want some chile? damian: no, you know what, actually, you know what, let me--i'll taste some. now, you have a variety of flavors and they're all unique, verdad? nancy: correct. let's put it on the plastic. damian: you can put it on the paper. talk about the uniqueness of your flavors. nancy: we're trying to--we're trying to make sure it's just the fruit, but we focus on the latino flavors. so, we do have caramelized sweet potato or caramelized fried banana. like, we just go all out when it comes to latino flavors. the mexican abuelita chocolate, it reminds you--it takes
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you back to christmas. and tequila ice cream, that's one of ray's favorites. ray: agave. nancy: agave. damian: and you just put tajín on this? nancy: tajín, a little bit of chile, lime, salt, y puro mango. so, it's like the traditional vasos with a lot of fruit. same deal, except that it's frozen so that--for the summer. damian: very good. well, sabor del valle, again, is back in silicon valley. and there, we fixed the date. thank you, corrine. july 21 at 6:30 there at the mexican heritage plaza in san jose. latino vintners and some not. come and enjoy their wine. any final thoughts from both of you before we let you go? ray: sabor del valle, a taste of the valley. you know, join us. you'll have a great time, for a great cause. nancy: yes. damian: that's the bottom line, great cause. nancy, any final thoughts? nancy: it's gonna be hot. damian: verdad? nancy: wear your summer dress, ladies. ray: that's one thing about, excuse me, the mexican heritage plaza. we were there the other day when it was 100. you get this nice, cool breeze through the plaza. damian: and there's a lot of shade there también. ray: and a nice, cool breeze.
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damian: all right, well, thank you so much and good luck. we'll see you there. all right, thank you very much. thank you for the paleta. and up next on "comunidad del valle," we'll have a little bit of the latin legends of latin rock, stay with us.
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